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commercehq vs shopify

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

Dropshipping With CommerceHQ | Better Than Shopify in 2020 ??

hey everybody, how's it going today? scott hill c here with you today bringing you a review on what could be the shopify replacement, at least for drop shippers, as i'm sure most of you heard of this software called commerce hq. the really powerful thing about this is, first of all, it's simple- and you guys know how much i like to simplify things- but second of all, it's built by drop shippers for drop shippers, as how shopify was built, more for just the all-encompassing, like e-commerce person or uh, what they've been really focusing on lately is like brick and mortar stores listing their inventory online. that's why, when you sign up to build a drop shipping store, you're kind of left at your own devices. there's no direction. it doesn't really tell you how to set up everything. conversation is a little different, and that's why i've been fiddling around with it a bit, but this is going to be basically my first impressions review of it. i've heard a lot of good things about this, specifically a lot of good things for dropshippers who do single product stores, voila, so let's just hop right into it. before i hop into it, though, if you guys could do me a great, huge favor, hit that like button right now, just one little click, i'd really appreciate it, and then, as you see below, i answer any and all questions in the comments, or at least as many as i possibly can, but nonetheless, let's hop right into it. so this is the dashboard right here, and it's essentially everything you would expect from a dashboard: your conversion rate trends, your revenue, all that, the latest orders, the top products and top referrers. okay, so nothing too special about there. this is when i notiked it got pretty special. so, say, you just signed up for commerce hq and, whether you're an expert or a newbie, this is just incredible that they have this, because my number one least favorite thing about drop shipping stores is building the drop shipping stores doing the same thing over and over and over again: commerce hq. you go to their app store, which, again, their app store is amazing too, because all those apps that you're paying for- like 10 a month, 20 a month, sometimes hundreds a month- it's all built in right here. so i'm not going to go through each one, but, as you can see on the screen, it's basically every app that every drop shipper puts on their store, but from from reviews to currency converters to email marketing, it's all right here and it's all free if you, if you still have an app that you want to use, you can integrate it by clicking this add a private app tab up here. but this is beautiful because you have to worry about what apps you need to download, nor do you have to worry about how much those apps are going to cost. yeah, i have to worry about when is my free trial over? no, okay, you have to worry about any of that. so you're going to come here. you can get this accelerator app and click configure and then, right here, it takes you step by step in a process like it's not even just step by step, it's step: here's the- uh. here's a stone. step, here's a stone, here's step, here's a stone. and it breeds stepping stones. i just made that up. so you go here and you click register domain. you can buy domain right now. continue, uh, i recommend going through google domains personally, that's all. they've always been great for me, uh, but i'm gonna skip that for now. you can see. next, you're gonna select a theme, so i'm gonna go ahead. i'm gonna go ahead and skip that too, because you guys got to see the visual builder. it really takes shopify and clickfunnels, takes the best of both worlds and combines them. it's great. so here are the done for you pages here. the faq, the returns, the shipping pages are. you don't even need to copy and paste this, this is already pasted. all you need to do is just uh, put in your name and everything right here and adjust accordingly to what needs to be adjusted for. again, i'm just going to keep skipping this because i'm not. this is not going to be. let me build a source commerce hq video. absolutely not. this is just my first impression because, to be honest, i've never even gone through this yet, actually, so i'm seeing this all the first time. say, your payment processor. so yeah, you can set it as usd and then you assign a set up stripe, paypal, and you actually set up a different payment processor if need be. it's that simple. shipping rates is very simple. it's not like: um, oh well, actually i just i think i just kept that one simple. it's like: kept it, keep it simple, and it said something. so to the shipping rates on here: i love the shipping rates platform, so it seemed like that autofill, but you can actually go in and very easily adjust your shipping. shopify shipping stuff is very confusing. i never liked their shopify thing and then set up the facebook pixel. next you're going to set up your email address for for support here, and it apparently has this video taking you through that guide as well. and then there you go, guys, it's like one. if you actually did that- unlike me, if you actually did that- you just built a store like that. look how cool that is. and that's essential for when you keep building these stores over and over again, and especially if you're testing, like several one product stores, like that's gonna be killer, because instead of spending, you know, an hour, two hours setting up the inner workings of the store that we just built right here, you're spending literally a couple minutes. like that is awesome. and then, before i proceed any further, i just want to mention one thing: if you guys do want to try out the software, it's completely free for two weeks using my referral link in the pin comment and description below. that is a vip referral link. you get the two weeks for free, but with that referral link you get 99 a month still, but you get three stores under that plant instead of just one. so that alone, right there, is really really powerful, especially if you're gonna be testing multiple single product stores at once, which i recommend you doing. you're gonna have three stores for the price of one, right off the bat, included with all the apps you'll need. remember that's including all apps, so you're not paying for the same app on four different stores that you own. it's all encompassing. right here we may have found the all encompassing software for drop shipping. i'm not. i'm not calling it yet because i'm gonna need to really dive deep. i'm gonna need to start launching stores conversation, put it through the ringer before i can really make that claim, but i just i'm really liking this software. so next, when you build a store, you need to find your product next- and this is really cool, guys, because they, as if you didn't think they could pack anything more into here, they literally packed product research. you're going to come up here, click add product to access the product library. you need to buy and connect a domain first. we are looking for action takers, okay, well, that was really nice, actually. so to connect the domain, all i need to do is type in the domain and it's connected. apparently, i don't know. that's really cool that there is another feature. there's another feature: shopify makes you go through all those things: loop, loop, loops you there, loops there, loops there. that was way simpler than i thought it would be. so, yeah, apparently now we can go ahead and check out this product list and look at the ads. so up here we can search by niches. you got cars, fashion gadgets, toys, crochet, cooking, all that. let's just go with cooking and you can see what's selling. i think when you click on it it'll actually give you the aliexpress link. apparently this aluminum coffee pot costs nothing, so the profits on this one are limitedly endless. okay, so it's really seven to 17 dollars. um four thousand views available, 839 orders. so, yeah, it shows you decent analytiks. it gives you a little description on the bottom too- that's cool. gives you the reviews- uh, pulled all from aliexpress, okay, guys. so i actually forgot to mention this when i was going through this accelerator product finder. they actu.

CommerceHQ Vs Shopify Review Which is the Best ? Full Comparison

hello guys. how are you well? I hope you guys are doing well. in today's video, we are going to tok about why commas HQ is better than Shopify and why you should make your next ecommerce stores on the commas HQ. okay, so stay tuned to. my video will go step by step by. commas HQ is better than Shopify. ok, so let's jump over to my screen and see how commerce h qs work. [Music] come to like. welcome back to my review for commerce HP versus Shopify. so before diving into the review, I need to tok about that. why ecommerce, a industry, is booming each and every single day. as you can see the graph, in 2014 there was a 1.3 trillion dollars. the industry was, and it is expected that by 2021, the industry will grow four, four point five trillion. so right now, like, there is a huge potential of e-commerce industry where people are creating a lot of stores on the Shopify. okay, and like, like, they are using a Facebook Ads to drive the traffic on their Shopify stores and adding the sales from it. okay, so, so let me get into the proper review. like why commerce HQ is more better than Shopify. because, as you all know that in Shopify, whenever you log in, like, whenever you like. sign up for a 14-year stride. we will charge a twenty nine dollars from you, but after getting into the store you need to pay a lot of money for the applications: applications like. you can go with the timer- okay. like upsell lap, like a checkout tap, timers- okay. and like the product catalog I ABS. and then, like you can go with like a as a scarcity bar, but in but like putting commas. HQ, you will get everything at the one place. you don't need to go anywhere else. okay. like like and and and. for a whole ninety nine dollar plan every month, you will get all inbuilt apps plus a visual builder you like. you can like start creating the stores from scratch- okay, you just need to put according to yourself what actually you want in the website, like a header, like a slider and the call to action buttons. it's completely depend upon you and this is the only. like Hamas HQ is the only place where you can build your own store from a scratch. Martina Shopify and in a like to get a D same theme in a Shopify. you need to be at least 200 bucks for it, but easier. like commerce HQ, you will get the pre-made templates: okay, that are very high quality and sleek and design that will literally help you to just go and put your products and start selling on lieutenant. okay, so let me get into the commissary website. I will tell you something more about it. this is a commis HQ platform, ok, and here you can get a foot Indies free trial. ok, you just check out the link in description that I have. I have put for a 14 days free trial and with this 14 days free trial you are getting a three stools. you can start click. like in Shopify, you only get one store at a $29, but in commerce HQ you can create a three stores at a time. if you want to start with the three shows, you can create a three store in different, different issues like dog, cat, anything. whatever you want the products that you have. you can start creating in those leashes, as you can see the everything you need all in one place. these are some features of commerce HQ that you will not get in Shopify. it's like exclusive apps. these apps are inbuilt, weather and shall be fine. you need to pay for it: upsell campaigns, power order management, visual show builders, zero processing fee. you know Shopify charges 2% for every transaction. every customers buy from the store. but in commerce HQ you don't need to pay anything. they are charging zero processing fee. so this is the biggest. Edwin is suppose you are selling for a ten thousand dollars every month and you are paying a 2-person to the Shopify, so it will be a loss for you. but in commerce HQ all 10,000 will like all $10,000 will be awesome. you don't need to pay any processing fee for it. as you can see, the features like one-click upsell, as as you can see in the example, this kind of one-click upsell and the scarcity bar. you can just show in front of the customer that this, this predict, is going to expire in next-gen minutes, so you need to grab up soon before he'd get over upsell campaign builders. like you can see, you can allow the customer to buy the same related products while they are going for a checkout. okay, and in the third you can see this is a scarcity bar where you will find this bar will be under up Add to Cart, Add to Cart button where you will find these kind of taps and like here also there is a one like scarcity that they have been only seven left in the stok. but for those kind of things you need to install a different, different apps in Shopify, but in commerce HQ it is completely inbuilt. you just need to go and plug in according to the checkout wheel here, like this is a kind of checkout page you will find in commerce: SEO, other features, abandoned cart recovery. I would encourage. recovery means, suppose, if someone's like comes to your store and but they're in, bought a product, so what you can do, you can just send them a meal. you can tell them that you have forgot something in the cart. you need to come back and buy it. okay, so this will help you to get a more your customer back into your store and it will also increase your sales. exclusive partnership in the automated gift cards you can here you can create a like open code, discount codes for a customers, like a 20% discount or a 30% discount coupon code so that you can get a more serious from it by attracting them. unlimited products you can upload. file stories are file storage is completely unlimited and you will get a free SSL also with it, okay. advanced reporting: who like hole reporting: how much sales you are getting, how much you are going to supply as, how much profit you are generating, how much margins- everything you will get in this advanced reporting, SSL secure checkout, because this is the most important thing. while if, if you are buying something like like- let's take a example- you want like like you're buying something on Amazon or you are buying something on a Walmart, what you guys do, like, wherever you go for a checkout, you you just look for a SSL secure lock, because without this, actually you not going to buy, because this actually generated trust in user mind that you should like. this partikular platform is secure and and you can put your credit card or debit card details without worrying about getting hacked. okay, inventory management: you can see how many entries are left, unlimited bandwidth and even, like like you can download, like whole report of a month at how much like you need to have sold, how many customers have written back and how much profit you have got from this. this is a whole report that you can take out from it, okay, like from your source and like store in your computer and here you can go and just start. you put in this free trial, okay, and if you go to the Shopify, let's go to the shop. if I let me tell you what actually the Shopify is. Shopify, this is a pricing. okay, just one surprising and see they are also giving footing. this free type. okay, they are giving for a $29. ok, staff account is to. number of products are unlimited, but here you won't find the applications that is given by a comma, such, because this is after getting into the Shopify store. I'm telling you: there a lot of apps that you need to buy to make it work successfully, your stores, so that you can automate your stores properly, and you need to pay every month. actually, the problem is not a. if you're buying for a one-time, that is fine, but but you need to pay to continue with those apps. you need to pay every month. so I highly recommend it. if you are looking to start a Shopify stores or a e-commerce business, you just go and plug into the commerce HP bar. I'm telling you, this will literally help you and this will save a lot of money for you. okay, and if you liked this video, don't forget to subscribe my channel. okay, like the video and I just want your comments. what actually you liked about the commerce HQ and the Shopify? okay, and I, yeah, and even if you're looking to just get,

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Commerce HQ vs Shopify. What's the difference?

hey, this is Justin, and if you're looking for commerce HQ versus Shopify videos, what's the difference this video is for you? so we're gonna be going over the five main differences as to why you want to choose commerce HQ / Shopify. and the first thing is the commerce HQ is really like an evolved version of Shopify. it's Shopify's like the first thing that came out, along with a few other platforms that really broke the barrier for entrepreneurs to sell online. and then now commerce HQ has developed some abilities in some add-ons that people have normally had to figure out, but is increasing conversions for people who choose commerce HQ. and so let's get into these five main differences. really, the first thing is that you are able to have multiple stores. you know, if you buy commerce HQ through the store formula to funnel- go ahead and click the link below in the description to find out more about that- you can also get commerce HQ off 50% for a whole year. so if I'm able to do that for you as well, then the link will be below. so you're able to have more than one store with- and you actually have six stores. so this means that you're able to build one store and see what products work and then build out five additional stores and really scale up your main store without having to upgrade your plan. so the next thing is optimize themes. with Shopify, you're able to customize your store a great deal. however, with commerce HQ, they've created a bunch of themes that are optimized for conversions. so why not use these themes that have been tested through millions of dollars in advertising and sales? so you know, why not just leverage those? so the next thing is that you get up sale campaigns with commerce HQ. this means that, like with Shopify, you have to figure out things and figure out how to build these things onto your store. but with commerce HQ, they've built out conversion campaigns and upsell campaigns that allow you to create additional sales in specific areas that weren't possible with Shopify or that we're very hard with Shopify to figure out, and so you got upsell campaigns. and then you've got built-in apps. so with Shopify, you had to like. so you, if you've been in e-commerce any amount of minutes, you probably realize that you have to- you know- ship orders and that your business relies. you know that's the business you're in is shipping orders. well, with Shopify, you have to pay for an additional app that allows you to auto fill these orders with commerce HQ. it's already built in. so, as you can see, commerce HQ is just having things built in and done for you as you go, rather than Shopify being more bare-bones- and you know you get to customize it. you get to customize shop commerce HQ as well, but it's more built for, already done for you and already tested and proven conversions. now the last thing about commerce HQ is that it's- you know it's- a drag-and-drop, easy for you to build type of platform. there's not really much coding, although there's the option to use coding, but it's really built for the modern style of what people are used to now, which is the drag-and-drop templates and things like that. so commerce HQ has really five main big benefits over Shopify. it also has, in my opinion, you know, the main benefit overall. this is really the training that John Mac you know goes through in this enough store formula too. so if you're looking for commerce HQ, make sure to get store formula two along with it. it's not only you get the 50% discount on Commerce HQ, but you also get the proven you know products and training and everything along with um. you know how John Mack is able to build his ecommerce. so thanks for watching this video on commerce HQ vs Shopify. feel free to comment below on what, on what, the main benefits you're seeing from each of these platforms. maybe you know your Shopify fans. go ahead and throw some comments- comments down there on the new Shopify things- if you feel like they're able to compete with commerce HQ and just you know, use this video to shoot some ideas back and forth. thanks for watching this video. make sure to like this video and subscribe. it really helps me out with this channel. my name is Justin temple. thanks for being on here and watching the difference between commerce HQ and Shopify. again, like and subscribe. have a great day.

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Shopify vs CommerceHQ Pricing 2020 | How To Choose An Ecommerce Website Builder

hi william here, and if you're thinking about starting an online store, i want to share with you a brief comparison between shopify and commerce hq. i'll show you the, the pricing structure, some of the apps that they have included, and then you can make up your own decision which one you want to choose. so you can see right here we're on the shopify sign up page, where you can get a free trial for 14 days, and they have. you can start off with three shopping plans. they've got the basic shopify plan, which is 29 a month, the middle shopping plan shopify plan, which is 79 a month, or the advance shopify plan, and you can see on this page they they don't give you any information on. you know the comparison: what. what do you get, what do you not get between the different plans. they just show you the three different pricing, which is very frustrating. so i did a little research for you and i'll show you the comparison right here. so right here they have a breakdown on this page between three different plans. so i'm going to cover these three and tok about what's missing on the, on the, the less expensive plans, and tell you that you know there is a time when you will want to pay more and i'll share with that with you in just a moment. so right here you can see they have the three plans laid out here in this nice table you get with each one of these plans. you get one store you can sell on. you can add the store to your social media profiles. it's the same checkout on all three. you can add unlimited products, of course. you can do coupons, discounts, gift cards. you can integrate with google and facebook for running your ads. you can add your. if you have virtual assistants, you can add virtual assistants. or, you know, you know, if you have a partner, you can add them in there. so the the base plan is limited. so if you have more than two people you're working with, you will want to upgrade to the middle plan, but you know this. for starting off, this base plan is fine. the the locations is only if you have different uh store locations or different warehouses where you want to track inventory. if you're doing drop shipping, you do not even need that. the professional reports is not included in the base plan, which that is very useful, but you can get by without it. the advanced report builder is only available in the most expensive plan. the apps are on a separate store. we can go in and the apps are paid separately. so you do have to pay in addition to your base store cost. you do have to pay for the extra apps, and i'll be showing you a few of the apps that you probably want to add to your store right away. and here is where i decided when i was going to go from the base plan to the next tier up. so if you look at this, when you're processing credit cards online and you have so many sales, you're going to be paying 2.9 percent of each transaction plus 30 cents for each transaction. so the total cost is going to be based on the total of the customers order, right? the whatever order that the customer places on your store, that's the 2.9. so let's say they spend 100 on your store, you're going to be paying 2.9 percent of that. so two dollars and ninety cents plus the thirty cent for the transaction. so it'll make it three dollars and twenty cents, right. so when you are like below a thousand dollars a month, then the base plan is fine, but the more you make, the more, if you like. if once you get to a thousand dollars a month, it's actually you'll make more money if you increase your plan to this middle plan and pay the 2.6 percent. just the way you can do it- something like a thousand dollars a month around there. so you can do the calculation and see- and maybe in another video i'll do that calculation for you and show you that- that point where it is actually beneficial for you to upgrade, even if the base plan does meet all of your needs. so the third party payment processor: so if you're not using shopify payments, if you're using something else- maybe you're not in the united states or you are somewhere where you can't use shopify payments- you are going to pay this extra transaction fee on each order. so that's just something to keep in mind there. and of course, they have multiple payment methods and in another video i'll show you the different payment methods that are available. the shipping discounts: if you know, if you're shipping these products yourself from your warehouse or something like that, you can get a discount directly through- uh, you know- usps, when you're shipping products, sometimes with fedex, and they do give you, you know, they show you right here- dhl, express, ups and usps. but this isn't that big a deal, especially if you're drop shipping, then this does not even matter. but if you're shipping your own products, then this is something that you could use. but i'll show you another method where you can save even more than this. and then a point of sale. so this is for anyone who is going to, uh has maybe has a, a store, a brick and mortar store- where people you know you have customers that walk in- you can have a- you've probably seen those devices that you can put on your phone- and swipe credit cards and things like that. that's called point of sell, so you can take payments from someone, say, you're at, you're having a garage sale, for example, or a flea market. then you can sell things and process people's products, uh, process their orders right there. and that's basically the, the three, a breakdown of the three pricing structures here for shopify. now let's take a quick look over here at commerce hq and you see, here we are on their home page and they have the same 14-day free trial and they do not show the pricing here on the on the main page. they just show some of the features right here. but if we go right over here to their pricing page, you can see that they also have different payment tiers. so the first one is one store, one store. it's 99 a month. it includes everything, all the all the features that are available in the store are the same across all- uh all- the plans. there are no transaction fees, like in in shopify. so even if you use a third-party payment processor, there still are no transaction fees. you only pay the transaction fees to the third party processor. so that's already one one big advantage there. i mean, it is seventy dollars a month more, but in a moment i'm going to show you why. shopify is actually going to cost you more. for the similar pan plan, for the base plan, you can update, you can upload unlimited products and files and it has the same security settings as shopify and this plan. you can make up to thirty thousand dollars a month in sales at this plan. before you'd want to upgrade, now they do. when you upgrade, they do have upgrade plans that are less expensive than this. this plant, the pro plan, includes six stores. so, like on shopify, if you wanted to open six stores on shopify, you'd be paying 29 for each store and same thing for the apps you're gonna be. if you have an app on one store and paying for it, you can't use that same app on another store. for most apps, most apps- you have to pay that separate fee for each one, and i'll show you that in just a moment. just some of the most common apps, and on this one you can do up to eighty thousand dollars a month in sales. and then you have the enterprise if you're going to have 30, 30 or more stores. but they have another plan for that and you do. they do custom packages. so, unlike shopify plus where you're paying 2 000 a month, this would be a similar plan with the enterprise plan. and then every plan with uh commerce hq comes with a visual store builder. so it has- it has some custom themes which i'll show you back over here. so some of these themes right here that are custom themes that you can choose, high converting themes. i've actually used each one of these and they also have this, a version of each one of these- that you can actually create visual builder so you can actually restructure everything here that is on on your page, all right, so you're not stuck with just these themes you can actually create yo.

CommerceHQ Review | Better Than Shopify in 2020 | Extra Store Bonus + Training

hi william, here. in this video i'm going to review commerce hq and show you some of the features, like the visual builder, the accelerator app, the app and some of the features that are included with commerce hq, and then in a moment, i'll tell you how you can get the pro plan that includes six stores and the accelerator app and the facebook training, for the same price that everyone else is paying, just for the startup plan, just for one store. so i'll show you that in just a moment. now commerce hq has been around since 2016 and i moved from shopify to commerce hq because i was tired of shopify going down. i kept having issues. i would be sending a thousand, spending a thousand dollars a day on ads on facebook, and they were going to shut my shopify store and there was nothing there. so i found commerce hq and i switched over to them and i wound up moving all of my stores over to commerce hq. i have nothing left on shopify now. normally, you have the regular commerce hq plan that includes one store and you can find it here- ecommercehqcom- see, they have. it includes the apps, so you pay nothing extra for the apps. you have your order management, your upsell campaign- normally for your upsell campaigns in shopify you have to pay extra fees for the apps. for your upsell app and commerce hq, you don't pay anything extra. they even have this visual store builder built in. so you and i'll show you that in just a moment- and there are zero processing fees. so if you want to use something like paypal, or if you're not in the united states and you're someplace where you can't do stripe, you know you want to use to check out or payoneer or something like that, you'd you'd have to pay fees to shopify. well, on commerce hq, you do not have to pay those and when they say 99 uptime, they mean it. i haven't had any issue with my store being down, not once in the in the four years now that i've been using it. i'm going to click here on all these features. i just want to show you a few of these apps that are built in. you've got the, the one click upsell. so once someone, after someone, purchases, you can have this pop up right here and show them, give them a discount or, if they add another product to, you know, to their order. that's a neat feature. you can pick up a lot of cells with upsells, just like that you have an upsell campaign builder. so if you want to create special bundles or give a a special discount, if they buy one item, give them another discount, or if they buy two products, you give them a third one free. they have that kind of upsell campaign builder built in, which is really nice. they also have this one here. this is the, the store-wide discount with the timer. so after they check out, you can give them a discount if they place another order within the next 15 minutes, for example. so it's a little bit different than the one click upsell where, if they, it will add it right to the cart to the same order. this is if they place a next another order. then you have the the scarcity app. so if you are running a special on a product, something you're running facebook ads to, and you want to put a an end time on there, you can put an expiration and set the hours, minutes, seconds, even days if you want, and you can even control the quantity that are left to add. you know social, you know scarcity to the product. then you have the option on your checkout page to set it up in multiple steps if you want, so you could have everything. you have. step one: they fill in their, their contact information. step two, their shipping address. step three, then their payout, or you can have just everything show up at once. another neat feature: you test those out on your store, see which one works best. that's something that you cannot do on on shopify. then you have- you know you have- the visual store builder so you can make your store look however you want. you don't have to go buy expensive apps. everything you know you can build your own if you want. plus, there are plenty of apps that are built into to commerce hq. they have the abandoned cart recovery app already built in. like i said, they have the zero processing fees. they have an exclusive partnership with uh custom cat. so you know if you want to add a custom cat to your shopify store, you have to pay a monthly fee. well, not with commerce hq. so if you want to sell t-shirts or mugs or hoodies- you know caps, anything like that you- you can set that up and sell your print on demand products from custom cap. they have some very nice products and that even set up even be automatik. so when you get orders come in for your print on demand products, you can set them to automatikally process the very next day at 5am in the morning if you want. so that's great. if you are taking vacation and you're not going to be there to process the orders, the app will take care of it for you. you can even set up gift cards, just like shopify coupon codes. you can create unlimited coupon codes, give those you know for, like quantity discounts and things like that. give them to customers if they message you and ask for a discount and things like that. or create coupon codes to share on the different social media platforms so you know where they come from. or if you want to set up, you know if you're using influencers and you want to give them a special code. that way you can see all of the orders that they placed, especially if you're doing some kind of revenue share with them, based on the orders that you could just pull up: all the orders that used a certain coupon code. you see the, the dollar amount of the sale, so you could give a percentage to your influencers, which is nice. and they have the unlimited staff accounts. you know that you can only get in the more expensive. the 300 a month plan will shopify. you can add unlimited products. you get unlimited file storage. so if you want to upload, upload videos, uh files, images, things like that- you can upload those. you have the advanced reporting. that's something you only get in the more expensive shopify plans. you have the related products app built in. you get the free ssl certificate. you have the inventory management, so if you are shipping out from a warehouse, you can control the inventory. you have the customer profiles- the same thing. you have that in shopify pixel management. it's just like shopify. you've got one field where you just copy your facebook pixel and paste it in there. very easy to do. plus, they even have an area where you don't have to go into the code. so if you want to put your, your google analytiks, your pinterest, um, any any other code that you want to put in, there's actually a place inside the admin area. we just copy and paste it in there. you have the csv export builder so you can export your files. if you're using a supplier that will take csv files, like cj drop shipping, does you just download the orders every day and send those to your supplier and they process them for you, just like that. very easy to do, and that is. those are like the major things. i'll just show you the, the themes that are installed. so you have all of your themes and they are optimized for mobile devices. so you can see on here they. they look beautiful on mobile devices and run. if you're- especially if you're- running facebook ads, you get a lot of people coming on their mobile devices and you want it to look good, so they look fantastik when they when they get there, they have all these different um, this is the blizzard theme, which is just a pre-built theme that you can choose, and it's very easy to to swap out these images and make your store look exactly like this- i mean you, as soon as you install it. this is actually what the theme looks like. this is the montserrat theme. you've got your railway theme. you have your- uh, i think this one's called the americ america. i can't remember the name of this one. it's not called america's shirts, i can't remember the name of it. then you have the vintage theme and another montserrat theme and we're back to blizzard, and all these themes also have a, a visual builder version. so you have the standard them.

Why I Think CommerceHQ is better than Shopify

yo, hello, my name is Alan Young and in this video I'm going to share with you why I think Commerce hates you is better than Shopify. so, yes, so in this video I'm just going to go through some some of the things, some of the reasons behind why I've been conversating- definitely the platform to go for and why is better than Shopify- and I'm not gonna sit and say, like Shopify is that everyone, it's terrible platform because it's not. a lot of people have done a lot of good stuff with Shopify. but you know, the new, the new kid on the block is commerce HQ and, believe me, once you see all the features and all what you get with commerce HQ, you're gonna want to make the move from Shopify to commerce HQ. or if you haven't even got a store and you're just trying to test out or trying to find out what is the best platform to use, then have a listen to me here I've got to say and make the judgement for yourself. so, before we go any further, if you do decide after this you want to check it out, you can get a 14 day for each. I'll just click the link below. it's up to you. I leave that to you. and also let's become friends as well. so click on subscribe and you know you can see any more my videos and we can stay in contact and yeah, and hopefully you enjoy my videos. so so, about any further ado, let's get going. let me show you why commerce HQ is the best. so, firstly, I'm going to start off with this drag and drop feature that commerce HQ has. so we've Shopify: there's no drag and drop features. so this is completely new and revolutionary to ecommerce platform. so I don't. there's no other e-commerce platform that has drag-and-drop builder tiknology. so there is another. you've got click funnels, but that is mainly for building funnels and it's not an e-commerce platform like commerce HQ is. so this is completely new and and it's not available for anyone else. so you know this is. this is just coming to be released now and this is, you know, a feature that you can completely build your own. you know pages out, build your store out and have the store looking exactly how you want is. so you know there's. when you get themes for Shopify, you know they be very basically gone for a free theme and then you're gonna have to actually buy all the extras to get your female oook and how, how you want it, or if you want to make any kind of alterations or any kind of you know, just tweak to your site, you have to pay a designer to do that or a coder, and and they don't have to do that for you. it's gonna cost money. so with this new you know bit of software, you are literally better: create beautiful pages, beautiful size, exactly how you want it, all you know, all through simple drag-and-drop tiknology. so, as you can see, you can make, you just drag stuff over. you'll be able to, you know, add things, take things away, see what works, see what doesn't work, you know, just completely play around with it so you get it right. so that feature alone is worth its weight in gold. and you know, if I were, if I had a choice of, everything was both the same with Shopify, commerce HQ in every way, except for I had this one thing. it would obviously be, you know, a reason why I'd want to go to commerce HQ, and it's not just the only thing that compensates you why it's bad, because there's a lot more things to come, so all for me to tell you about. so check that out. this is going to be released about now, so hopefully, if it should be released as you watch this video and if it's not, it's coming out in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for that. so let's go to the other stuff. so we've got the apps for the features. so a thing with Shopify: and compensates cures: shop before you have to pay for all your apps or you have to get them through phone pies so you can get some apps for free and some apps you have to pay for. all the apps that I've been with to commerce HQ are free and, believe me, if you used to get all of those apps from Shopify, you would definitely rack up extra money on top of your monthly bill just be paying for apps. and another thing is that, cuz you're messing up loads of different third-party apps, you know you have a risk of them slow down your store or even crashing your store. so nice about commerce HQ: it's all built in and all the apps are built to convert. the two guys who created this platform are both on my markers. they both had ecommerce store, some Shopify and, and they just wanted to make it better and have everything built-in. said, this is why they create this new- you know Ellucian arey- ecommerce platform. so let's go through some of the apps that available all for free with commerce HQ, so with conversation - you get the one clip up, one click up sales and that's like you've got the timer timer coming down. so I've just actually had this page open for a minute. so that was that. he's you know, counting down. give me an example so you can have someone buy something. then they get like 15 minutes to you know, get a 5 percent discount of 10% discount or five dollars off their next car or whatever is you can create you know, your campaign upsell campaign builder. you can have recommended product campaigns. so basically, underneath your products you can have, you know, recommended products. so people might be looking at our watch and then they see another watch which is, you know, similar and they might go and check that by that as well. you've got the buy eggs, get y3 or percent off. so once someone is going to buy, you might say some socks for sale and in me, like I'll buy two, get one free, or buy two you get 50% off. so that's going to increase your cart value. then you've got the store wide discount timer, which is this the one I like, using you literally: someone, someone's, part of something. all their details are saved into commerce HQ so literally they they just need to click one, one click upsell, so basically they, they have the timer counts down. they give 15 minutes to China, you know, to apply that discount and buy something out, and once they do it, they just click buy now and it just all goes through. they don't have to put all the details in again. so that that's amazing. that's built in again for free with Commerce HQ. you've got the scarcity timer apps, so you've got this. countdown timers, the quantity left, it's all built in. there's no apps built in for shopper. you all have to go through third pi. so this is another reason why commerce HQ is their superior. you've got the accordion style checkout- okay, so basically you've got a full step. you can either have it on one, two, three or four. step for step isn't, in my opinions, better, and a lot of people- I know it's the you know in their opinion- is better as well. so give me the reason. someone starts off at point one on the accordion style checkout. they put their email in and next then it opens up. the next bit on here is the shipping address. but what you've done is you captured their email so safe when. so they put their email in, go next. they get free shipping address to go next, and then something distracts their attention. they think they come back later, and you know what it's like. they probably don't, at least. then you've got their email and then you can set up an abandoned checkout email sequence to try and get them back and and to convert them into a customer- and again, that's free, all built in to commerce HQ for at no extra cost. so then you've got what else you guys? so you've got the visual store build. I've toked about that. you've got the abandoned cart recovery app all built in so you literally can set up some amazing campaigns to try and we get those. you know people who've come in your store but the ban and check. I can get them to come back and then purchase from you. then we've got- this is a big thing- zero processing fees on Shopify, doesn't matter which one you have, basic up to advanced. there's still some. you know credit card rates and fees that you have to pay. you mean you start adding that in when you're doing ten, twenty thousand a month in sales. you all adds up, then you've got external payment going. so if you have stripe which I use or PayPal.