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cosmetic dropshipping

Published on: January 3 2023 by pipiads

How To Launch A Makeup Brand & Sell Online: The Ultimate Guide

you don't need to be estee lauder to,sell your own makeup,but you do need to know how to make or,find good formulas,have great packaging and you need to,know how to market yourself,this video is for the makeup lovers that,are really in it and want to make their,business,work so in this video i'm going to teach,you how to launch a makeup brand and,sell online step by step,[Music],hi everyone my name is michelle bally,and today i'm going to take you through,how to start your makeup line from,scratch,with expert advice and real examples,from successful beauty brands,i'll teach you how to position your,makeup line in a crowded market,how to make manufacture or white label,your makeup,all about building your makeup brand and,everything that you need to know about,ingredients,packaging and labeling i'll teach you,how to source and develop your packaging,how to manage your inventory and how to,set up your online store,make sure you're stiking around until,the end of this video because i'm going,to teach you some tips on how you can,market your makeup brand online,sephora carries over 250 brands so you,might be asking yourself,is there really room for me and you know,how can my mascara get notiked among an,ocean of competitors,so i'm not here to sugarcoat things it's,a real challenge,but the good news is that if you were in,this game even 15 years ago,it would have been so much harder for,over a hundred years,cosmetiks were controlled by l'oreal,unilever,procter gamble and estee lauder,companies these companies took home,a whopping 81.7 percent of the worldwide,beauty revenue in 2019,can you believe this but luckily,ecommerce solutions and access to,manufacturers have made it super easy,for the little guy to come in,and take a piece of that pie so here's,how you enter the market,figure out what you're going to sell so,step number one,is figuring out what you want to sell,right up there with marketing this is,one of the most important parts,so if you need to take a few months to,figure this out just be patient with,yourself,and allow yourself that space brainstorm,ideas by answering these questions,first how is your idea different from,what's already on the market,so the cold hard truth is that if you're,getting a product on alibaba,and you're just throwing it online,without much thought you're,not going to do nearly as well as a,brand who's really taking the time to,differentiate itself,so maybe it's not your formula that's,all that different but maybe you stand,out because of your brand's story,or your ethos or your cause,can you identify a customer for your,products so,sometimes i hear small business owners,say oh my products are for every woman,of every age everywhere,if you're targeting everyone the result,will actually be the opposite you're,just going to end up speaking to nobody,in partikular,so to avoid this just be clear about who,your target audience is,this doesn't have to be this big fancy,document or anything but you'll want to,define who your audience is,what they like what they dislike how old,they are,and what kind of a lifestyle they lead,include relevant demographics and,psychographics,you'll also want to think if you're,speaking to customers that are currently,underrepresented by brands so for,example,vive cosmetiks is run by women who,wanted to represent latinas,they found a gap in the market and they,are now dominating that corner,so if you can clearly answer these,questions that we just toked about then,you are ready for the next step,finding niche markets once you've,figured out what you're going to sell,you've already done some of the legwork,it takes to carve out your niche,finding a niche means appealing to a,subset of a market,so for example sugarpill's,hyper-pigmented colors and extreme looks,appeal to a cosplay audience studio 10,targets an,older customer addressing the issues,specific to mature skin,or what about workout proof makeup sweat,cosmetiks sells this and they target,athletes,so once you've figured out what you're,going to sell and what niche you're,going to go after,next you're going to want to think about,whether you want to make manufacture,white label or resell what you decide,will depend on your time,skill level and how much money you have,available so here i'm going to explain,four ways to produce or procure your,products for your makeup brand,making your own cosmetiks some beauty,products like lip balms,face oils and bath products are so,simple that you can just make them at,home,you can find recipes on,makingcosmetiks.com,and you can find tutorials on youtube,you'll have to play around with the,formula until you find one that you're,happy with,you'll want to play with ingredients,measurements and methods,that give you the right texture color,payoff staying power,and overall look keep a record of the,ingredients and the methods that you use,so that your formulas remain consistent,throughout and you're also going to want,this for when you're ready to grow,and ready to pass off your production to,a commercial facility,even though your manufacturing facility,may be in your kitchen at first,you still want to make sure that you're,following local regulations,fda sets guidelines for air control and,surfaces,in the u.s so i'll make sure to leave a,link in the description box for you guys,to check out fda requirements,the diy method is a really great,starting point for new brands,factories often have super high minimums,like 20 000 units and,that might be unrealistik if you're a,brand that's just starting out melissa,owner of the lip bar started out by,making her own formulas,she said i had no idea how to make,lipstik but she learned the ropes,through research,and connecting with cosmetik chemists,eventually though she hit a wall,i realized there's no way that i should,keep doing something that i wasn't an,expert at she says,in order for us to effectively sell i,needed to be able to produce,end mass this freed up her time for,creativity and storytelling,i'll also drop a link to a step-by-step,guide on how to make your own lip balm,at home and i'll leave that in the,description box you might find it fun to,make your own formulas,but if it's not your strong suit or,you're not really interested in that,just know when it's time to outsource if,you're looking for a cosmetik,chemist to bring your formulas to life,check out a cosmetik chemist,the owner is named sherry she's worked,on well-known brands for years so,if you want to start a project with her,i'll be sure to drop her website below,in the description box,and that's for everyone located in,canada but for everyone else just simply,type in cosmetik chemist,plus your location into google to find,the right candidate,white label manufacturing white labeling,or private labeling,refers to taking a generically,manufactured product,and selling it under your own branding,so this can be customized slightly with,color or,fragrance but many brands will use the,same formula by the same facility as,yours,white label is an ideal option for brand,selling a novelty item,versus a unique product so for example,if you were to launch a unicorn theme,store,maybe you'd sell private label lipstiks,with unicorn packaging,and unicorn inspired names so really the,lipstik itself,is not as important as the branding or,the concept,white label is a really great way to,move quickly from idea,to finished product especially if you're,jumping on a hot trend,check out megan cox's white label,company called genie supply,so it's a beauty lab for entrepreneurs,that specializes in providing clean,cosmetiks,for small brands that are making their,first foray into private labeling,they also do semi-custom formulations,which can range anywhere from fifteen,hundred dollars,to seven grand and the timeline from,that is anywhere from two to nine months,to get one of those projects finished,complete custom formulations can be,anywhere from three grand to a hundred,fifty thousand dollars,it's quite a bit but this can

Dropshipping Cosmetics & Makeup (2019)

hey hey how's it going in this video right here right now I'm gonna show you,exactly how to dropship cosmetiks and makeup extremely profitably and how to,scale up your store efficiently so you can make a ton of profits and not waste,a lot of money like other people will show you how to do so you know I I do,this for a full time and you can see here I'm testing products all day long,so I actually have the data here to prove it and I'll actually show you,others data and show you some winning products that we have and I'll actually,give you winning products below I'll tell you about that in a second but you,know for all of this knowledge I'm giving out giving it out for free all I,ask is you throw a thumbs up a like on this video and if you do like this,content you want to learn more about Facebook Ads Shopify drop shipping all,that good stuff hit the like and hit that subscribe other than that that's,all I ask now again what I was saying is you know,I will give you some of my winning products because I test so many every,day I can't scale them all if you comment add chill winners below add,chill winners and on top of that I'm gonna give you a sales funnel that you,can plug and play any of your products into and you will get like a ten percent,conversion rate instead of a 3% on Shopify if you're great so add your,winners below and let's go ahead and get started so you may be in this situation,where you just want to crack into cosmetiks and makeup and I'm gonna show,you exactly how to do that here even if you haven't been able to do it yet or if,you're seeing other people who are you know profitably selling cosmetiks and,makeup and saying hey you know I'm crushing it why aren't you crushing it,well I'm gonna show you how to crush it so it's gonna be cool and maybe you've,tested a couple different makeup stuffs or cosmetiks and you just haven't quite,you know figured it out cracked it yeah well I have a strategy here for you and,when you're able to do this it's pretty awesome because cosmetiks have a high,perceived value but a low cost and they're consumable so you know women are,gonna come back and buy over and over and over again you know they run out if,they liked it they're gonna come right back to you and and buy again so it's,pretty awesome you know prior to to selling cosmetiks and and,you know I was I was having some success for sure with drop shipping but you know,my sales really exploded when I started selling these things because they're so,light they're easy to ship people are very happy with them and you know,nothing was the same so in this video the structure of this video is I'm going,to teach a couple of things you know I have about 3 4 points that I really want,to hammer home really quickly so you can you can step away and learn you know,have something to take away immediately in this video and then I want to go,ahead and actually you know launch the products and show you how I'm launching,products in five minutes per product and I'm toking you know finding the product,putting it on my store launching the campaign making the video finding the,target name doing the page post all that stuff instead of span an hour hour and a,half I'm able to do it in five or ten minutes that's why I'm able to launch so,many products every single day you might look at my account be like holy moly,what how do you do that well you know I have a process in the system and I'll,show you all that today right here right now all I ask is that like sub and,comment at your winners below if you want my stuff so number one is you want,to find makeup in cosmetiks that have high demand and what I mean by high,demand is people already want these products so I might type in I makeup,right in to Aliexpress because that's a sub niche of makeup you know I just saw,it up here there's none like related searches so when I do that I can then,search by orders and see okay well this is obviously the most popular one so I,might want to open it up that might be something I want to test that being said,if it's the most popular it's probably the most competitive so but this one,right here boom five thousand orders and you want to sell products that have high,demand five thousand orders that means people actually like the product right,so if they like the product that means they're gonna come back to you to buy it,over and over and over again so that's an easy win for you make sure there's a,lot of orders you can go all the way you know we make them cosmetiks you can go,all the way to the 2nd 3rd 4th 5th paid because really anything over a hundred,orders is probably good to sell so now the key is which ones do I sell right,so you kind of have to filter through these and test as many as possible and,like I said if you're taking a long time to test products like it's gonna be hard,to win but I'm going to show you at the end of this video exactly how to test,products in like five to ten minutes so you can win and you will win then you,want to make sure that the product is kind of unique so number two is find,unique products probably sit people aren't thinking like oh I can go buy,that on Amazon or I can go down to the floor or whatever they buy their,products you want to make sure there's not like a perceived value already,connected to it meaning hey I know that you know this eyeshadow right here cost,five dollars because if they know that and you sell it for 15 they're gonna be,like well I'm not gonna buy it here so make sure it's it's unique enough that,they don't have like a prezzie value then number three you want to make sure,there's really great pictures so you want to make sure there's like a person,in the picture like an eye you know try find like some good examples of good,pictures here like this is probably a good picture here it shows that it's,makeup it shows a couple eyes eyes are always good in pictures this is probably,a pretty good one here too this is a bad picture right it's just the the image of,the product this is a bad picture and the reason you want good pictures is,because it's gonna help sell your product right and then also you know,making videos off of bad pictures it creates a bad video so if you have good,pictures you automatikally have a good video so that's number three is find,good images so you can create great videos so test the products with good,images and you'll have great videos now number four is to test at least five new,cosmetiks per day you know different types of makeup and rapid test them,don't spend a lot of time like setting up your store and all that stuff because,what's gonna happen is a lot of them are gonna fail and that's okay because we're,looking for that 20% that does well you know 80/20 right if you test a hundred,products 20 of them are gonna be winners 80 of them are gonna be losers so it's,actually good when you find a loser because that means that you know you're,closer to finding your winner so always test you know at least 5 products per,day that should give you one winning product or one close to winner every,single day don't spend a lot of time like,said I'll show you how to do this really quickly here at the end so you know a,lot of people say it's tough to sell makeup because it's really really,competitive but I really just look at that as like a proof of demand right if,its competitive its competitive for a reason right like I don't care about,these big brands you know down they have stores Sephora and all those brands I,don't care about them because they're going to a business like it's so clear,that writing is on the wall their sign say buy one get one free their signs say,bye to get two free their signs say going out of business right like they're,going out of business eventually whether it's this year or in 20 years or,whatever the way of the future is buying everything online and you and I we have,the knowledge to do that you know we know how to run Facebook Ads we know how,to run you know set up our own store we can bu

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HOW TO Dropship Makeup in 2021

what's going on youtube wesley here and,today i'm going to show you the secret,to drop shipping makeup in 2021 whether,you have a physical or,e-commerce store so all you need to do,right now is to sign up below for my new,course starting at only 786 dollars,and i'm totally kidding guys i'm gonna,teach you guys the exact methods that,these so-called,gurus use to scale their stores but what,i'm not going to do is rip you off,i'm here to provide free content because,i want you to open a store of your,dreams and all i ask,is that you smash the like button down,below before we get this video started,and if you leave a comment below writing,at show winners i'll send you a list of,my favorite winning ecommerce products,that i update every week,and no it doesn't lead to a course yes,it's free so don't even worry,and maybe you're just getting started,and you're not sure what products to,post that will do well or,maybe you tried out some products but,you just weren't getting any sales and i,used to hate it also when i see the same,products in the competing store and that,little ringer showing who purchased it,just kept going off every few minutes,it drove me absolutely crazy but don't,worry,once you find out the process behind,finding winning products you'll already,have won half the battle and that's not,all i'm gonna show you my favorite,strategies for making sure that i'm able,to test,and scale my products for maximum,conversions,because hey i've been there back then,there wasn't any guys like this and i,kind of had to do a lot of trial and,error myself,and i would legit hit the books,sometimes but once i figured things out,my sales began to,absolutely skyrocket so to start off,we're going to be going on aliexpress,and this is where you're going to be,finding the inspiration for your,products and sourcing your products and,i like using aliexpress because,um there's such a large variety of items,that you're almost always going to find,something that,suits your brand your niche and things,such as that so,let's say we're going to be looking up,makeup today right so we can just type,in makeup,and then from here on out we can kind of,just um,look through everything and try to find,something that obviously,suits our business or brand and of,course you can kind of filter things,down to more of a niche here,if there's something you're specific,that you're looking for so,in this case maybe i want to focus more,on lipstik uh maybe,i'm short on lipstik in my store or i,want to find some new lipstik,that um what could potentially do well,so i,filter down to lipstik and then of,course one more thing i like to filter,is the,four star reviews and up i don't like,products that have like low quality,especially with something like lipstik,you definitely,want to be really careful here you want,product you want to check the reviews,for these products because,um you know you don't know um,what people are saying about it and,stuff like that so definitely check the,reviews see what people are writing,and you know you don't want people,getting you know bad quality products,and then,um it reflects poorly on your business,and your brand so definitely,uh especially with something like this i,would definitely you know click in check,the reviews and two things to look out,for here is you want something that has,high uh,quality so i like to do like 4.5 or,above and then a high amount sold,so those are your key uh barometers for,a quality,product you obviously be aware when you,look at this it looks cool but,it's 5 stars which might be great but,it's only 13 sold so there's obviously,an inherent risk involved because,with the amount sold it could,potentially be you know,risky just because there's not that big,of a,variable or number to really determine,whether this product,is legitly a five-star product or if,just because you know 13 people really,liked it which really isn't a lot if you,come here,and compare it to like the rest some of,these stores with like you know 4 000,or 6 000 right here so definitely keep,that in mind and then,also another thing is when you look,through it try to find something that,fits,um you know your business and your brand,don't just try to find like what's,trendy and things such as that um keep,in mind like,you open your own business for a reason,you have your business goals,so to do that you know just,keep that in mind when you create you're,finding products because you don't want,to just end up like,finding like i said finding the trendy,products and you end up being like a,mall kiosk guy,just selling what's trendy and it really,caps the potential on the growth of,your business and i get it you know you,want to make money fast but also,you know you want to grow your brand and,that takes time you know you have to be,patient and you have to invest,the time and work into it to build like,a quality brand and not just something,that you know potentially will die off,in a few months,so just keep that in mind when you're,looking for these products um obviously,it doesn't,i kind of got a little deep there but,yeah just keep that in mind um so we're,gonna look through these and try to find,a product that you know,fits that criteria and then go from,there,so kind of looking through here um this,looks pretty cool,and then it has you know a thousand,orders and it has you know,high reviews so it looks good and it's,kind of like like i said um,various colors which is solid and it,kind of shows you like what,the products they use so a lot of good,stuff here,and then that's good to see they're,making it in a lab,and things such as that so look at the,reviews,and then you know it has people going,showing images of the product working,so five star five stars cool just not,saying you know it's turning my lips,green or whatever,so perfect this is exactly what we would,need you know potentially add to our,store,so say you add it to your store then,what comes next obviously it's going to,be the marketing so in our case,we're going to be using facebook ads of,course you can use google ads if you,want but,i like using facebook ads and i have,videos explaining why i prefer facebook,ads,so if that's something you want to check,out check it down below but if you want,to do facebook ads just kind of follow,along here as well,so it's going to be auction conversions,and just,open this up for you guys so that's,creating a new campaign and of course,new campaign you have your new ad set,and your new ad and that's just one ad,set in one ad so to do this,i could do like broad targeting and that,would take me about five to ten minutes,or so and i could launch,one campaign but the problem with that,is um it's only one ad set and one,audience so,if i do a broad audience just say,everyone i'm kind of running up my money,really fast,and i'm not really having any idea of,like where that money is going that's,doing good and where that money is going,that isn't doing so good,so obviously i like to select multiple,audiences and to do multiple audiences i,have to create unique ad sets for each,and every one so you kind of see later,what i mean but,this would take a lot of time this would,take me about an hour or two depending,on how much of a big of an,audience i want so obviously to save,time because that's the name of the game,an hour two is pretty long that can be,spent doing a lot of other things a lot,of other,um creating a lot of other campaigns or,finding products so,what i usually like to do is use the add,chills one minute product launcher,and this is key here because it lets me,select my business manager account and,then it's let me select my business page,and say this is the product i want to,advertise so i just copy and paste this,in,and with that in mind we have it ready,to go,we have our images which will later be,compiled into a video but of course we,can,deselect and select various images if we,want,and then after that um of course you,don't want this,giant keyword magnet so i'm tr

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Top Trending Beauty Product for Dropshipping | Winning Products

The beauty industry's yearly revenue exceeds  50 billion dollars per year in the US alone  ,if you're a dropshipper this video is for you because here i'm going to go over, on your drop shipping  stores to really make a killing and get a nice  ,fat chunk of profit from this wonderful and  best selling industry ,quick intro and let's go  ,what's up everybody hope you're all having  a wonderful day today my name is Liran from  AutoDS,i'm the content manager and i've also  been dropshipping for the last several years  ,and in this video i want to share with you guys  the top 12 beauty products to sell on your dropshipping stores, so that you can really  profit from the beauty industry which is  ,selling a lot i've stressed it in the first 30  seconds of this video here's a small example  ,from Statista showing how much revenue the beauty  industry is making year by year in the US alone  ,so as you see we are at the average of 50 billion  dollars per year right now we're in 2021 ,let's see what's gonna happen but from what i can see this  industry is just going up and up and increasing  ,as time progresses so jump into this niche now and  enjoy the sales and profit let me walk you through  ,all of the best products that have been selling  in the past several months so that you can really  ,start selling these products too enjoy those  profits find similar products to the ones that are selling ,and continue multiplying your sales and  profits one second before we begin if you are new  ,to our youtube channel this is the part right now  where you need to subscribe to always stay updated  ,on all of the latest and all of the hottest topics  that we have coming out in the dropshipping world  ,when it comes to product research, suppliers and  marketplaces, new features that maybe you want  to see on AutoDS,anything and everything on our  youtube channel hit that subscribe button enable  ,those notifications check out our blog page too  because we've got so much valuable content over there ,updating at least twice a week hit that  subscribe button enable those notifications  ,and let's go ,the first product that i want  to recommend from the beauty industry niche  ,is IPL hair removal products so as you see here  this is what they look like let me show you even  ,a better example from one of my favorite  suppliers which is amazon and as you know  ,AutoDS supports over 25 dropshipping suppliers  giving you access to tens of millions of products  ,so here's the IPL hair remover i am personally  also selling this product on my dropshipping stores,there's no doubt about that it's selling a  lot and what i like the most about it is that it  ,comes with a medium to high tiket price range  which means you're going to make some great  ,profit selling this product and it is simply a  best seller has to be on your list if you want  ,to tap into the beauty niche that is number  one let's move over to number two, nail kits  ,so in nail kits you have so many different  variations and this is not a high tiket price  range,you can add more than the quantity of one  if you want to enjoy higher average order values  ,inside the shopping cart increase your AOV for  every order and make more profit along the way  ,because this is the type of product  where people like to buy more than one  ,so as you see we've got nail kits right here  in front of me using this time aliexpress  ,and i want to show you a neat little trick where  i can add all of these products to my store  ,so let's say you tested out this product you added  at least 20 of them to your store and you saw that  ,it's selling well for you now you want to add more  than 20. you want to have 100 200 and maybe even more,the best way to go about that is to download  and install the AutoDS Chrome dropshipping helper extension  ,once you downloaded that i'll leave a  link right below this video to it if you don't have it yet , what you want to do next is click  on the extension as you see i have it down here  ,so i'm going to left click on that and click on  extract all of the 45 nail kit products that i see  ,on this page have been extracted into the small  little extension the next thing that i'm going  to do is, click on export as CSV and as you see  a CSV file was downloaded onto my computer ,next i'm going to head to the AutoDS platform now on  the left side i'm going to click on add products  ,upload CSV and here i can drag and drop that csv  file that it just downloaded onto my computer  ,or i can click on it to open up my file browser  window navigate to that csv file double click on it  , and that is all there is to it processing CSV  and in just about a second file is uploaded ,i will choose AliExpress as the supplier choose the right  region where these products are coming from ,and that is how simple it is click add is a draft and  now all of those 45 products that we had in that extension ,will be added to the draft section of  my store where i can continue optimizing it ,before importing it to my store having it go live and  everyone will be able to buy it ,so that's a neat little trick to save so much time when you find  a niche that's working for you or if you want to  ,test a certain niche and add as many products as  you can from that certain search so do that save  ,your time let's move on with the product list  number two is nail kits number three we've got  ,hot air brushes we've notiked on our algorithms  that this has been a hot seller recently so let's  ,take a small example this time let's go to walmart  i want to show you guys that you can really find  ,products from using any one of our supported  suppliers we've got more than enough so walmart  ,seems to have some duplicates here different  sellers selling pretty much the same product ,that is fine that's what dropshipping is all about  we have no problem dropshipping from other dropshippers ,as long as we can make a sell in profit  that is what we're here to do so here are the hot  ,air hair brushes this is what they look like this  has been a hot seller let me just show you another  ,supplier because this one we're seeing pretty much  the same one that's repeating itself and that's  ,a good reason why you always want to work with  more than one drop shipping supplier you don't  ,want to get stuck or limited to what only one  can offer but sometimes one supplier can have  ,better results than others so you always want to  work with multiple suppliers and here on amazon  ,we're definitely not seeing the same listing  every time we're seeing different hot air hair brushes,this would be a good place to get it from  and there are so many coupons if you're looking  ,at the same places where i'm looking at we've got  15% 5% 20% 20% 9$ almost every hot air hair brush has  ,a coupon so if you're working in the 20% 30% profit  ranges whatever your profit margin range will be  ,here you're going to make so much more profit with  these coupon items so take advantage of what we are seeing here  , that's product number three let's  move on to product idea number four that's been  ,selling really well lately we're toking about  hair extensions this one is really selling way  ,more than i could count for let me show you a  small example the best part here is there are  ,so many different types of hair extensions so this  is one that you want to test around check out the  ,different variations maybe you'll find an audience  that wants the colorful ones maybe you'll find an  ,audience that wants curly hair straight hair wavy  hair there are so many different variations   ,as you can see here one listing does not look like  the next you really want to test this one out  ,just check out the number of sales that we  are seeing just from the supplier itself  ,1 200 on this one 1 500 here almost 2 000 here 1  300 here 6273 you see where i'm going with this  ,all you want to do is add it to your stores  optimize your titles optimize your product pages ,don't make

DO NOT DROPSHIP These 5 Items (WARNING - Products that Will LOSE You Money)

Hey guys.,Today I'm going to be warning you about five different items that you should avoid and,not dropship on AliExpress, especially if you are a newbie.,Now some of these items will lose you money because they convert horribly, so if you try,and sell them, you'll lose money running Facebook ads because they're basically doomed to fail,from the start.,And the other items will potentially lose you money because of the fact that they have,risky items that are basically begging to get your PayPal and Stripe accounts shut down,,due to disputes, refunds and chargebacks.,To find out what these five items are, keep watching this video.,Alright, let's start out by toking about the first item.,But before I do that, I want to make this video a little bit more interesting.,Now I'm going to show you this item, and I'm going to give you five seconds to think about,why you should not dropship this item and you should avoid it.,And if you get the answer right, you get 10 points.,Yay.,Alright, so here is the first product, this little pink dog paw necklace.,Can you figure out what is wrong with this product?,Five seconds, go.,Time is up.,Alright, so what's wrong with this product is that it is extremely risky and could potentially,be a massive trap.,Why?,Well because take a look at it.,While there are lots of orders showing that this product has plenty of sales potential,,there are very few reviews for this product.,I remember once being told a story about a new dropshipper that got burned, because they,took a risk on an unproven product that had very few reviews.,There was a super hot cultural trend happening at the time, but there were very few products,on AliExpress for it.,One of the products on there was a T-shirt, and again, it had very few reviews.,Well, this guy decided to take a chance, so he advertised it on Facebook and boom.,It started selling like crazy.,It was his very first winning product, and within weeks he was making hundreds of dollars,a day.,Pretty awesome, right?,Well it was for the first two to three weeks while the items were in transit.,And then four weeks went by, and five weeks went by, and six weeks went by, and each subsequent,week he was getting more and more emails from customers saying that they did not get their,T-shirts.,Now admittedly, this was partially his fault, because he had advertised his product as having,worldwide shipping.,And as I said in my video last week, "10 Things to Do Before You Start Dropshipping", that,is a very bad idea.,Shipping to all countries is not equal, and guess what?,As a newbie, he hadn't gone through the hundreds of countries that AliExpress suppliers ship,to and checked to see if their shipping options were fast and efficient.,But it was also the supplier's fault, because of the fact that they weren't experienced,at manufacturing and shipping out this level of volume for this product.,He took a risk on an unproven product, and he ended up paying a hefty price.,For months and months afterwards, he was giving out refunds.,Now luckily, this story does have a happy ending.,Today he is a successful six-figure dropshipper.,He has learned from his mistakes, and hopefully you will learn from them as well.,Alright, let's move on to the second product that you shouldn't dropship.,Remember, if you got this product correctly, you have 10 points.,To be honest, figuring out why the next product is a no-no should be pretty easy, so if you,get that one right, you only get five points.,Okay, so here is the second product, this coffee mug.,You've got five seconds to figure out why this product should be avoided.,Go.,Time is up.,Alright, so the reason why you should not dropship this product is because of the fact,that it contains a trademark from Star Wars.,As I've discussed before on this channel, and surprisingly one of my more popular videos,,"How to Not Get Sued When Dropshipping", selling products that contain trademarks is a really,bad idea.,Why?,Well because it is highly illegal.,These products sell like crazy, which is what makes them so tempting.,Products that contain trademarks from popular franchises and brands will always sell really,well.,But selling them is a really bad idea.,For one thing, these products get taken off of AliExpress really quickly because of the,fact that they're illegal, and so it is only short-term money.,And secondly, as I described in my video "How to Not Get Sued" -- and I do think that everyone,should watch it so I will include a link to it in the description below -- if you try,and dropship these items, you really risk the police coming and knocking at your door.,So even though it requires more testing and work, stik to selling items that don't infringe,upon copyrights and trademarks.,Okay, did you get it right?,If so, add five points to your total.,If you have no points, that's okay, because you can catch up.,The next product is worth 15 points.,Alright, so here is the third product.,You've got five seconds to figure out why you should not dropship this.,Go.,Time is up.,Alright, let's see if you got it right.,The reason why you should avoid dropshipping this item is it is really really boring.,It's just a white beanie.,I mean, it's a nice white beanie, but it's still just a white beanie that you can buy,basically anywhere.,Look, something I get asked a ton is "Why would people buy AliExpress products from,you for a mark-up when they can go direct to AliExpress or even Amazon and buy them,for cheaper?".,And that's a great question, and let me tell you why.,It's because good dropshippers know how to get their customers to impulse buy.,Impulse buying is extremely powerful.,There is a reason why supermarkets put chocolate bars at the checkouts.,It's so that when you see it, you think "Why not?", and you just throw it in with the rest,of your groceries.,You don't need that chocolate bar, and you probably shouldn't buy that chocolate bar,,but it's right there in your face, and so you impulse buy it.,To impulse buy something, you need to have a really strong emotional reaction to it,,where you think "Wow, I really really want to buy that".,So take this coffee mug here, a staple on Wholesale Ted.,It's got this cute little guitar as the mug's handle.,This mug sells like crazy on AliExpress and it doesn't take a genius to figure out why,that is.,It's because that mug is perfect for people that love playing guitar and also love drinking,hot drinks.,If you create a Facebook ad targeting those people, showing off this mug, then they're,going to look at it and think "Wow, I really want to buy that".,But that's not all.,Good dropshippers than combine this strong impulsive emotion with a sense of scarcity,,which is exactly what supermarkets do with their chocolate bars.,Think about it.,You're at the checkout and your groceries are going down the conveyor belt, and so you've,probably only got about a minute before all of your groceries are scanned.,And that means that you've got just one minute to make a decision.,Do you go ahead and buy that chocolate bar that you now really want, or do you leave,it behind and miss out?,And that is scarcity.,You have a limited amount of time to make a decision, and so you take action and you,buy that chocolate bar right now before the opportunity disappears.,And so what good dropshippers do is they run limited time offers, and at often times they,will use countdown timers to stress the point that yes, this is a limited time offer.,Not only does the customer now really want this mug, but they believe you when you say,that you've only got 12 in stok at 60% off, and so they need to take action right now,before they miss out.,And so what do they do?,They act and they buy it right now.,They don't go and price check it against AliExpress or Amazon, because they believe that they're,getting a great deal right now.,So here is the problem with boring products.,They do not create strong, impulsive emotions in the customer, and it's very very difficult,to create a sen

Dropship Cosmetics in 2021 (FULL TUTORIAL)

what's going on youtube wesley here and,today i'm going to show you how to drop,ship cosmetiks,in 2021 whether you have a physical or,ecommerce store,so all you need to do right now is to,sign up below for my new course starting,at only 478,and i'm totally kidding guys i'm going,to teach you guys the exact methods that,these so-called,gurus use to scale their stores but what,i'm not going to do is rip you off,i'm here to provide free content because,i want you to open the store of your,dreams and all i ask,is that you smash the like button down,below before we get this video,started plus if you leave a comment,below writing at your winners i'll send,you a list of my favorite winning,ecommerce products that i update every,week,and no it doesn't link to a course yes,it's free so don't even worry,and maybe you're just getting started,and you're not sure what products to,post that will do well or maybe you,tried out some products but you just,weren't getting any sales i used to hate,it also when i see the same products in,a competing store,that little ringer showing who purchased,it just kept going off every few minutes,it drove me absolutely crazy but don't,worry once you find out the process,behind finding winning products,you'll already have won half the battle,and that's not all i'm gonna show you my,favorite strategies for making sure i'm,able to test,and scale my products for maximum,conversions because hey,i've been there back then there wasn't,any guys like this and i kind of had to,do a lot of trial and error myself and i,legit had to hit the books at times,but once i figured things out my sales,began to absolutely skyrocket all right,so to start off we're going to go on,aliexpress and this is where we're going,to be finding the inspiration for our,products as well as sourcing our,products so today,we're going to be focusing on cosmetiks,so we can just type in cosmetiks in the,search bar right here,and then from here it's going to be like,a little broad arrangement of various,cosmetiks but if you want something a,little bit more specific,then of course you can filter down right,here but in this case,we can kind of go a little broad if you,kind of especially when you're looking,for inspiration you kind of want to,get an idea of like what products are,going to do well and i mean not,yeah what products are going to what,products are going to you know,potentially do well and this is where,you kind of look and then first things,first we have to filter things down so,of course,um we're gonna do four star reviews and,up and this is key here because a lot of,people give aliexpress a bad rep because,they're like oh these are high quality,items,um they're always crap when i get them,and blah blah blah but it's like most of,the time they don't filter and they kind,of just see the first thing and then,just,buy it but you definitely need to filter,down to four stars and up and of course,always check the reviews,so what i mean by that is two things so,check right here which is the rating i,always like to do 4.5,and up just because i like to have a,high standard and that leads to you know,less returns later on especially when,you're drop shipping,and then you want a high amount sold as,well so you definitely want the best of,both,horses somewhere it's like a five star,reviews but there's only 95,94 sold which you know it could be great,but,also there's a potential risk involved,as well but if you see something like,this and it catches your eye one thing,you can do is definitely kind of like,favorite it,and just keep an eye on it maybe in like,a few weeks or so you're seeing like the,sales are going up but the reviews are,uh the rating is staying the same or,maybe it drops like 4.9 which is,perfectly fine it's bound to happen so,it's another thing you can do,and then after that we can kind of look,through and then one thing i like to,always stress about is like,when you create your uh business you,have your,idea of like what you want your brand to,represent,uh what kind of aesthetik and style that,you're kind of going for for your,business,so keep that in mind when you go and,going to look through this you know take,your time,have fun um make notes of like what,products fit your business,and fit your design and feel free to,select multiple products you know you,don't have to test them all at once but,it's always nice to have multiple,uh ideas ready to go and then you know,later on maybe,you tried out a few that weren't working,you can go back to your list,and try that though the new ones out too,and you can always this is something you,always need to do this isn't like,do it once and you're good like check,this stuff every day and look for new,products look for potential unique,products that would fit your brand,and go from there so let's look through,and try to find a product that's kind of,popular,uh this is gonna be kind of interesting,it's a little bit more it's kind of like,a makeup bag so this could be something,that you know,it could be easy to sell it could be a,little bit more um,easier um point of entry especially you,know,for selling for only one sense which i,think is pretty insane,but uh so one sense obviously with,shipping might be a little bit more but,uh,you know this could be a potential,winner if you market it right you can,definitely get some crazy uh,rois on this so say you add this to your,store right so,what happens after you add it to your,store i want to do your mark you want to,focus on the marketing aspect after,that's how you drive,you know traffic to your store that's,how you get sales and,things such as that so when you do that,you of course want to use something like,facebook ads you can also do google ads,as well but i like to use facebook ads,and you know i have my reasons if you,want to know why,check the videos down check the videos,on my page but i always like using,facebook ads and usually you know when,you do a facebook ad you hit,auction um we always like to do,conversion you can also do traffic or,engagement but let's say we want to just,for example do traffic and you hit,continue,and boom there it is you have your ad,and you can go in and kind of filter,this you know fill it out the,traditional way add videos on that,but as you can see there's only one ad,set and one ad so what that means is i,can you know one campaign,with one ad set and one ad is okay but,it'll just be like,a really broad campaign and just take,like five to ten minutes to fully launch,but it would be a really broad campaign,it would be like,you know 18 to 65 all ages um,all of the united states or something,like that and um,i could select a bunch of different,audiences and interests but thing is,it's all compiled together that i'm not,going to be able to get that specific,data information that i want so to get,that specific data information up that i,want,i actually don't want to do this because,it takes a lot of time,what i actually am going to do is i'm,going to delete this first but i'm,actually going to use agile's one minute,product launcher to launch my campaign,and,you're going to see why in just a moment,why i prefer using this method so right,here i'm just going to select my,business manager and then right here i'm,going to select my business page,and then after that i'm just going to,copy the link,i'm not sure that's the right link let,me copy this link here,i'm going to copy the link for this,product and post it in here,and then once i have this as you can see,uh aliexpress just pulls,all the information from this i mean,agile just pulls all the information,from this aliexpress link,and as you can see you have your ad,right here so we can,have our images and then right here we,can just edit our headlines so we could,just say like,uh,let's say,uh cosmetik cases cosmetik cases,cosmetik cases um,look at the picture really quick,maybe something like fun design cosmetik,cases or something like that,uh obviously you could you could spend a,little