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CPA Site Solutions Website - 3 Major Fails - Websites for CPA Accountants

Published on: December 6 2022 by FeedbackWrench

CPA Site Solutions Website - 3 Major Fails - Websites for CPA Accountants

CPA Site Solutions Website - 3 Major Fails - Websites for CPA Accountants

all right i'm going to show you three
major problems that i have with cpa site
solutions and this is kind of a critikal
review of cpa site solutions as a
solution for accountants or websites for
cpa firms and cpa site solutions has
been around for a long time um just a
quick thing i'm a competitor of theirs
we want to build your website we want to
drive leads with google ads with
remarketing ads we think we have a much
better solution than what these guys
have so i'm totally gonna show you what
i think is not great about their
solution and specifically there's three
things that i really dislike about it
i'm gonna show you and highlight that um
over here so i have an agenda i want you
to call us for your accountant website
or your cpa website whether you're a big
firm or a small firm we really
specialize in building some of the best
websites out there that rank the highest
that convert customers that actually
work and we have a process
i actually built an outsourced
accounting firm where we had 150 small
businesses paying us on average 750 to
1500 a month and i'm telling you we know
how to build websites that connect with
people cause them to take a step with
you and aren't just a bunch of
gobbledygook and that's what i'm gonna
dive in here just a little bit so i
actually have a website pulled up this
is uh when you search and google
websites for accountants what you're
going to find is cpa site solutions all
over the place so here's an example of
their web
of their uh
their actual google ad will click on it
here we'll see what they look like and
as you navigate through to see their
website what you're gonna find is that
they've got a place in here where they
show some case studies and you can
actually go look at what their websites
look like i always think it's kind of
funny that their own site is not built
on the same system that they build your
site on as a quick note like you don't
get the same tool it's not the same so
it's not good enough for them but it's
good enough for you and then as you page
over here we'll just take a look at like
this is merrill j taylor's website on
cpa site solutions i'm sure she's a
lovely person i just searched her name
here's her um
here's her website right here so this is
the the way it shows up in google and
then as we go over here um here we go so
i'm just going to do a critique of this
and i'm going to dive into three major
problems that i have with cpa site
solutions and we'll just kind of look
around just a little bit so the first
thing that i want you to know is that
cpa site solutions is a template-based
system you understand this they're super
scalable they've been around for a long
time and what they do is when you tell
them you want a website essentially what
they do is they crank it on and you get
a couple different layers there's some
templates that they have you get to
choose from right there's quite a few
different templates and as you choose
the template depending on how much you
update or put in as custom information
that's what will be custom but for them
for the rest of this what you're going
to find is they have a big problem when
you do templates templates are duplicate
content and that doesn't jive very well
with google just in general now there's
no official like you're not breaking a
rule or anything like that but if you
think about this if you use a template
what's to prevent you from going out and
getting a whole bunch of blogs from
somebody else's website putting them on
your website and then trying to pass
them off as your own google wants you to
good solutions that are trustworthy
authentik and original on your website
to the questions and queries that people
have and if you do that what happens is
those blog posts actually get um seen as
great solutions and then what happens is
overall it will say hey when people
search the core commercial keyword and
the core commercial keywords going to be
like accounting near me bookkeeper named
me payroll company near me payroll
services outsourced accountant near me
cpa near me cpa firms business taxes
business accountants when you search
those it's gonna see your local google
my business and your website and all of
your content and it's gonna say this is
the most trustworthy good authentik
solution and and then it's going to
serve you up as a solution in fact we
can just show you what that would look
like right the the most important thing
that you want to show up for is usually
near me
and in seo what you're going to find is
you always have the paid search ads up
on the top right and then after that
this is the most important place here's
my old firm i'm in lakeville um nick and
ed and those guys and our when when we
worked with our clients we worked really
hard so that we would dominate here in
the google my business or the google
local and then underneath that you're
going to have
the organic search results and all i
will tell you is that this is what's
going to matter the most is almost all
of your keywords trigger this and that's
where you really get to win so if you
were to just try a different type of
search here you know a different search
like this would be bookkeepers
near me a little bit different and
you'll see google ads um and then we've
got boom
we've got the google local and if you
think about accountants near me cpa near
me um business cpa business accountant
all of these have a little bit different
search result and the reason why in fact
a lot of these guys
in fact
god bless valley tax and accounting but
we're going to click on their ad here
here's their this is their cpa site
solutions website so we promise to only
use our super powers for good tax
bookkeeping payroll and as you get in
here you start to see a couple things
now to me this does not abide by what i
think is a high converting website i'll
hit on that real quick i think that
these websites are very much template
based they're very informational based
what this doesn't do is connect with me
of what's my core problem i mean at
least it's clear that i can see tax
bookkeeping payroll and consulting and
planning but what it doesn't do is it
doesn't show me who they are so i
immediately want to go find out about
and who they are
and that's not a very compelling about
page right this
your values okay we provide we are
growing quickly you don't do that by
accident that's about them
you do that by establishing and
performing a set of core values and then
it kind of gets into these core values
but as you hop around here you're going
to see there's a similar structure to
the site it's basically you have a rich
text box on the left
and then on the right you've got a call
to action form and it doesn't matter
which service you have you get into like
quickbooks or homeowners association all
you do is you turn on these things but
here's what's really funny if we were to
grab this this is one of the major
things i dislike about cpa site
solutions if you pull up the tool called
copyscape and you go into copyscape this
is a plagiarism tool and you put this
website in here what it'll do is it will
search the internet and try and find
other websites that have identikal
duplicate content that are competing for
your search results and my main theorem
here is you are selling yourself
short by using cpa site solutions you
should call us and get unique
actual good content built for you
rather than this kind of nonsense in
fact i'll just show you here's a couple
of the the sites that we've built
recently we've got stance
tax and accounting i mean we see him
right there we click on we can see his
reviews right away we get down we know
don't settle for a typical accountant
get pristine financials you can count on
never overpaying taxes again never waste
time doing your own accounting get cfo
level guidance as you go through here i
can see who he is i can connect with the
problems that he actually does and as we
work through i know exactly what it is
that he does and who he is and none of
this is duplicate content on the other
hand we just put in a simple services
page um and what you'll see here is
there are hundreds what this did is it
looked at
accountpayable.php their service page
and in here is every single page
every other accounting firm that has the
exact same
page so this is all duplicate content
and if i were to do the premium account
with copyscape it would show me a ton
folks if you do a cpa site solution
website it is duplicate content um in
fact i think that there's really three
major problems with cpa site solutions
like i just did that google search for
accounting website templates and and
what you'll find is you start looking
for accounting websites accounting
websites and the first thing that's
going to pop up is a google ad for cpa
site solutions like that's what you
always see and i despise cpa site
solutions because it sells you one thing
and then delivers another and that's
really what i'm trying to establish here
when you search for seo for accountants
websites cpa firms or websites for
bookkeepers you'll see an array of
hyper-optimized landing pages for cpa
site solutions and heavily funded ads
that they use and it's because they've
been around for a long time and they've
gotten away with doing this they kind of
sell one thing and deliver on another
you end up with a website that is fine
it doesn't break any rules but it's
duplicate content it's not optimized for
actually converting people and there's
just a bunch of different problems so
you end up i just want to address a
couple of these things number one is cpa
site solutions good for seo
is a cpa site solutions website high
converting will cpa site solutions
generate leads with their social media
posting does cpa site solutions help
with local seo like those are the big
questions now the number one reason why
i don't like cpa
cpa site solutions is that there's
duplicate content everywhere
they are a template that's dripping in
duplicate content if you use the comment
that common plagiarism tool called
copyscape you'll see that with the
exception of a small custom part on your
homepage almost the entire website is
duplicate content that exercise i just
did you can do that everywhere and
duplicate content means that it's
identikal to content on other websites
google isn't in the business of serving
up template content that's substantially
the same as other content it's not how
it works so you can learn more about
that if you start searching on duplicate
google has an artikle where it basically
calls out and says why you should not be
using duplicate content it does not like
it and and so let me show that to you
over here this is a really important
thing for you to understand um i
actually got a cease and desist letter
from cpa site solutions about six years
ago because i wrote a blog post that
basically said why i don't think you
should be considering it why i don't
think it's a good idea and uh they
basically said because i claim that
there's an official
penalty against you for having duplicate
content they said um you must see some
just there's nowhere in google's um
documentation well if you look at the
link in this video what you'll see is
that avoid creating duplicate content
duplicate content generally refers to
substantial substantive blocks of
content within or across domains that
either completely match other content or
in the same language or
appreciably similar
mostly this is not deceptive in origin
examples of non-malicious duplicate
content could include so basically it
goes on to say how you're not supposed
to do it and when you do it you're
supposed to point it to the original
content so that you can actually get
through it right and and not claim it as
your own and i'm telling you folks
that actually helps their own seo so
your website with cpa site solution is
being built on duplicate content that
means google will kind of gloss over
most of your site and probably won't
serve up many of those subpages
unless you were to search your actual
business name like if you were to search
bookkeeping services your bookkeeping
page is not going to show up because
it's just
it's duplicate content so that's the
first reason now number two cpa site
solution websites are terrible to
customize so okay if it's duplicate
content they'll argue that you can go in
and actually customize it so if you
choose cpa site solutions your website
will be more likely to never look
authentik okay it's just gonna look turn
key in fact if you start looking through
all of those examples that i saw in that
copyscape like you can see them they all
look identikal and they don't really
have engaging content to be in tune to
your customers or their real problems or
their real value proposition it's all
based upon the writers that they hire
and they're all it's just not really
good for your customer it's not going to
draw people in so cpa site solutions
claims that you can customize their site
if you look into it right the pages
allow you to update language slightly
those changes like they frequently lead
to like destroying the aesthetik of the
page and all it is is a rich text on the
left with a call to action on the right
like where you can update it if we show
you here if you take a look at all these
websites they're all basically rich text
on the side a whole bunch of paragraph
and on the right you have this which is
way different than creating big visual
for people to understand what you do who
you do it for how it works and you'll
notike there's not like a really slick
tool to show like your reviews it's just
not in there and it should be in there
we just did here's another example ninth
ocean strategies a new website that we
just did he does tax and accounting for
medical professionals and so here what
we've got is very clear messaging we
have exactly what they do it's built for
surgeons doctors and 1099 medical
professionals this is unique looking it
actually looks nice it works well and
you know if you go to feedbackrench.com
my website and if you were to jump on
our approach here what you're going to
find is that there's a thing where uh
i show you what leads to a high
converting website and just ask yourself
if what you're seeing from cpa site
solutions actually does this right so
and this is my stuff this is not like
some official google thing but number
one i think it should be a clean and
responsive design okay maybe they have
that authentikity there should be an
authentik look to your website you
should get there and understand so
here's one of their
top websites that they're showing off
and that looks appreciably the same or
just a little tweak different there's
nothing in here that has personality a
photo of the person like there's nothing
that says hey i help medical
professionals it's always just template
based right um
good branding you should have your own
branding well that's not what we have
here we just kind of have a color it's
not that far off i'll give it to them
there and then a good user interface
where stuff is in the right place so
people can easily get to it i think
that's fine but here's where it really
fails a good high converting website is
going to have customer focused messaging
it's going to tok their language it's
going to be scannable and skimmable
people don't read paragraphs they skim
them so everything must be clear and
concise it must be customer focused
messaging built on the problems that
they are actually facing not the
services that you do your website is not
about you
it's about them you're the guide they're
the hero and if you read a cpa site
solution i think we could argue day in
and day out that it's always geared
towards you your services and what
you're doing the sky is the limit
what does that mean that's just clever
it's not really like
see beyond the numbers i mean
what do you do you do bookkeeping
accounting and tax
and and what you see here is you've just
got a whole bunch of small
text small text
tax services
business services
none of this is clear it's all crammed
in and this is their diamond level
case study that it's their number one
case study they want to show you about
um i know i'm being super cynical and
super critikal i obviously they're a
competitor but they're huge and it
frustrates me how much they spend in
advertising and then they just come in
and kind of deliver this
lackluster tool but they're cheap but
they're not going to lead to a great
business where you dominate your
where you are able to actually convert
and close customers where you're going
to rank really high in seo where you can
run great ads that will actually convert
taking over a whole bunch of these
ad accounts they're just kind of weird
you know
it's hard to customize you can't really
update it and that's really because it's
a template and then they add some
customizable fields inside of this
template and think that that actually
matters so
while their templates like are hard to
update the other thing that you'll see
is they're not modern like they are old
in fact this template right here has
been around since
um we first started our firm so that's
eight years ago and it's still there and
they're just not modern looking right so
not only do they look kind of
pathetik but they're always filled with
stok imagery and outdated designs right
that's really the big problem so one
major factor or factor
that leads to a high converting website
is to have imagery and a user interface
that has an authentik look and feel for
your brand or your industry niche or
your team right you're selling yourself
short if you use a template that doesn't
allow you to have highly optimized and
authentikally looking
messaging and everything right now
number three the the other the third big
reason why i think that cpa site
solution is a terrible website and
marketing solution is that you're on the
hook for writing engaging content now
they have
i'll get into this a little bit so
you're on the hook for writing engaging
sales copywriting or brand scripting
that's going to connect and move people
but then also for seo down the road
they have these artikles that they post
but these artikles are duplicate content
and because they're duplicate content
they're not going to rank so let's just
assume that you're ready to update all
the duplicate content on a cpa site
solutions website let's just give them
that okay maybe it's a slick and easy
thing they have a portal tool they got
xyz you know i'll update everything and
you even work with their team to have it
updated you'll still be on the hook for
writing engaging sales copy and brand
scripting and let me just
tell you this you're an accountant
generally speaking this is not what
you're good at if you are good at it
you're gonna you don't need much of
anybody really but what we find is that
most accountants struggle with sales and
they also have opportunities to improve
in their skills of identifying value and
conveying value propositions
accountants already have a tendency to
waste lots of their precious time on
non-productive activities and it's not a
natural thing for them to commit to ever
valuable prospecting and selling that's
required right there are important
things that you need to do and it's
already hard enough for you to do them
accountants should be spending lots of
their time developing their value
proposition and their overall messaging
but they usually require coaching and
guidance to get it right
so in cpa site solutions you're going to
have to do it yourself you get a cpa
site solution website and you decide to
actually update that copywriting so it's
not duplicate content chances are that
you're going to fall victim to the
typical fails
and you're going to have to do all that
sales copywriting it's just not
something you want to do when you get a
cpa website or a website for accountants
or whatever you want to call it and you
get it from us you're enlisting a team
of highly skilled sales copywriters and
myself and i'm really good i'm i'm a
positioning expert we're going to
position you and we're going to design
an amazing website and i'm telling you
we will build a website that absolutely
converts and as we hop over here know if
you just kind of take a look at is this
is this a top tier website is this
something that's going to connect with
it's an online business card and i think
that's fine right and they kind of do
these piffy stok things that's fine sky
is the limit
what i think is is you got to be dialed
in to very clear
messaging right so ninth ocean tax and
accounting accounting tax and
bookkeeping services for 1099 medical
never overpay in taxes or waste time
doing bookkeeping payroll or year-end
taxes again
we'll handle everything so that you can
focus on your business
accounting tax and bookkeeping is
time-consuming and confusing we'll be
your outsourced accountants so you don't
have to worry about anything
you and your staff shouldn't do
accounting or bookkeeping it's a poor
waste of your highly specialized time
and talents
it's a drainer on your productivity
you're usually pretty bad at it you
create messes that need to be fixed at
your end
your end is consumed by catch-up and
cleanup rather than tax reduction and
reporting those are major problems
for small businesses
they should not be doing it themselves
instead of doing taxes you're cleaning
things up
so now we have another clear thing built
for surgeons doctors and 1099 medical
we've built our reputation serving the
amazing professionals in the medical
community it's big it's clear
we'll handle all the tax and accounting
we're a one-stop virtual accounting firm
that empowers you to focus on your
business and keep more of what you earn
what we'll do clean up the books
we'll clean your books to perfection
reduce your taxes we'll identify and
implement every tax reduction loophole
and strategy available handle the
monthly books handle all the bookkeeping
and accounting each week
keep taxes on track pay in your taxes to
stay on track and avoid surprises
repro reports to improve track and
improve revenue profits and cash flow
with reports and dashboards
confident you're not overpaying in taxes
book a free tax analysis send us your
tax return and we'll work hard to
identify ways to reduce your taxes be
certain you're not overpaying is your
accountant too busy we usually find
thousands of year in savings
now we're going to touch on a little bit
different value proposition
scale and grow a more profitable
business we provide year-round proactive
bookkeeping and accounting services at
an affordable price that delivers
tangible results
never overpay in taxes get pristine
financials never lift a finger
here are some of the tax reduction
strategies we'll utilize
we know the tax laws loopholes and
strategies and will deploy them
perfectly while keeping you compliant
s corp section 179 and bonus
depreciation income shifting hiring kids
and spouses small biz retirement plans
vehicles and equipment
aggressive and proactive
our services now each service is
represented here and it's represented
with unique
content so if we go to tax return and
tax preparation what you see here is
much more unique and much more
engaging let's just compare them
bookkeeping service we'll go to tax prep
okay so we'll go to small business
accounting i don't even know where to
tax services
tax preparation for business so let's
just take a look at the difference here
which one
connects better which one's easier to
follow we specialize in business tax
preparation as a business owner you're
busy developing new ideas and making
sure your business runs smoothly over
here we have
tax returns and preparation we're not
your typical tax preparer we're business
specialists and will make quick work of
your tax returns
quick and affordable
tax reduction analysis
books cleaned up too we're not your
typical tax preparer we're business
specialists and will make quick work of
your tax returns
tax reduction analysis will die deep
dive your tax returns to find
opportunities to reduce taxes and
strategies moving forward
books cleaned up too we can do all the
bookkeeping catch up so your taxes are
easily done or so your taxes are really
so that's what we've got instead of
plowing into a giant paragraph
now you have what we do for you state
and federal income tax preparation local
and state tax sales compliance state and
federal payroll tax
develop tax planning strategies that
save you money so maybe they're kind of
doing the same thing but they're not
visual and when i see this people skim
this they don't look for this the other
big problem that we have let's just jump
in here guys let's take a look do you
think we got duplicate content here so
again google doesn't want us to do
duplicate content let's go find out if
copyscape shows duplicate content on
this service and here's why this is
super important these services pages are
going to serve as the primary tool for
how you will show up when you search
bookkeepers in lakeville
you know bookkeeping
for medical professionals now we just
did this website there's no way this is
showing up right away um
but in order for you to show up here you
need to have that you actually have to
those pages and have them dialed in
right so
this works for your industry niches and
it works for your locations but these
service pages are really important and
they need to do the heavy lifting on
their own so when we look here look at
all of this
this is these are all duplicate content
um i don't even know where to start we
take care of your books for you so that
you can back the job i mean there's a
of duplicate content on here these pages
all have now they might be small things
we take care of your books so you can
get back to the job what this does is
each one of these pages
are identikally written they're not
unique and that matters to your small
business because google doesn't love it
and it doesn't connect with people it
really doesn't work that well so as you
go through here these pages are all kind
of filled with the exact same stuff
right they're all just kind of
rehashed they're not really duplicate
con or they're not unique content it's
just lots of the same stuff here and as
you go through here everything in red is
all duplicate content
and so you got to ask the question do
you want to build a business that scales
and becomes super valuable and creates a
steady flow of of clients into if you
want a business that can be sold at a
high multiplier when you get older you
need to have a website that builds
credibility that ranks for tons of local
keywords that creates a steady stream of
clients coming in because when you have
a steady stream of clients you get to
cherry pick and choose the higher
billing ones like that's the key to
having a high profitability practike is
that you you have to grow
and become huge not only that like you
have to ask yourself are you going to
build something based on like the
individual services like they're doing
are you going to do this outsourced
account model so i think when you look
at our service pages when you look at
what you've got going on here
even down to the lead magnets here
you're going to find
our websites just almost always have
a much better look and feel to them
there's a brand new website we don't
even have any reviews to show off our
services are done better
everything's just done cleaner
there are other good solutions out there
for accountants but we think we'll take
great care of you i don't think cpa site
solutions is a very good solution at all
good luck god bless and to those of you
at cpa site solutions i hope this just
causes you to get better and provide a
better solution
to accountants they deserve better than
your template tool good luck and god

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