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craigslist hookup ads

Published on: December 31 2022 by pipiads

How to post hook up ads for free | 🔥 newest update 🔥

hey what's up guys in this guide I'll be,teaching you exactly how to post Google,part the same hookup pad that a lot of,people might have seen that you have,paid for two back page I will show you,how you can post art for free without,paying attention and you still get,results let's dive into it on a quick,one just come here click on post hearts,then you see login sign up right sign in,with your Google account,um,let me choose one account here,okay let me choose one,so guys it's loading when you see this,page this partikular page will appear,guys Chase it credits now this is where,your stoked right like you want to pick,and you might not really have you know,enough for BTC or dollar to pay what you,need to do is just come to this place,post add click on post hat let me show,you guys,you bypass it to post free Hearts click,on poster guys when you click on it,when you click on it on a quick one,you see post free hard this same side no,some some people don't know it honestly,Goldust always give you the best updates,just to make it easier for you guys,if you're enjoying this video give me a,like sharply and if you're new to my,channel subscribe now free okay so click,on post free art,now what location do you want to touch,it,Okay click on us,see let's click on whatever state is in,Mississippi let's click on let me say,Colorado,uh which um city which area let's just,click on the first one folder,um see,depends on what you really want yeah,okay guys,come over to this section and you see,bar slash clubs people psychologically,you know say people with uh this uh,Behavior or going to bars and club or,like nothing we like you understand a,hand you like to be with a woman so this,is psychology nobody taught me I,sometimes you just have to be creative,and this is work for me that I'm giving,out this free updates for you guys,instead of paying,you know look for strategy so I look for,a way to bypass it to get to into the,free section now free Hearts just click,on bars and Club okay so when you click,on bars and Club,you see you'll be brought to this,section then you write your heart,you understand write your heart,so guys yeah you know the tights you're,gonna put now just put,um I am available for you know one or,two things there's some things you know,we don't we wouldn't want to see because,of YouTube or go reading you understand,so this description too you write the,description perfectly well okay you,write it well make it tight as well,is for the each section you can just put,like 24 25 depending on what you want,the location is there then you put your,your contact email then you put your,contact phone number and maybe your,Google Voice number if you need one you,can actually eat me up,and um whatever you choose image,you choose your image,as you can see I've choose you have to,choose a very very sexy image even if,you have one that is hotter than this,you can actually choose it you,understand so when you choose this kind,of sexy image what you want to do is,click on by placing ad I am not a robot,if I continue guys right now these ads,will be placed,you understand and then you start,getting results you start getting,massive results is as simple as that,guys so you can actually ask me for some,title and all of that then if you have,got inclined now how do you get formats,to get format that has not been casted,because this partikular,um uh update I'm giving you right now,the bar and restaurant stuff that you,have to Target those guys those clients,there you know what happened on that,list you need to give them some,partikular format that they are not,really used to okay because men they are,will definitely pay they have money to,go to Bar they are looking for you know,um sexy ladies who spend their time with,and you know do one or two things with,so this is an advantage for you guys,so I have already,gotten it to this is a tool that you can,get any type of format you want so I'll,leave the link in the description below,it's actually going for,a little price okay going for a little,price for all my subscribers,all right so that's what I have for you,guys today so enjoy and have and keep,cashing out bye

Latest Yahoo Update 2022 The Fastest Cashout for Yahoo Boys and Sure Site... For Yahoo Beginners !

and this update is what I call fastest,paying cash out like if you want to cash,out early without disturbing yourself or,feeling the client and the clients,posting you and your billing again and,the client is still posting you this,update is for you bro but before any,other thing please please I'm begging,you I'm kneeling down I'm crying I'm,appealing I'm I don't know I'm doing,everything please subscribe just please,subscribe so that you get the update,early and you won't miss out on this,because the way YouTube distributes,these videos is kind of strange,sometimes the YouTube will not show,those that have built the videos already,just messed up so if you just don't want,to miss any of this of this consider,just clicking that I don't know whether,it's white or black now it says black,just click that subscribe button and,let's jump right into this update okay,okay guys the latest Yahoo update right,now is what they call Craigslist Craigs,sorry Craigslist scams now this,Craigslist comes is what I call perfect,like please if you're loving this video,don't subscribe and if you have,subscribed,thank you thank you thank you thank you,now this Craigslist scam now is sure as,hell like you can't see even cash out,you will cash out that one is show that,one is so darling crash out but first of,all you need a Craigslist account then,you will need to say you want to buy,let's say a pet you understand you will,say you want to buy a pet then the,person will tell you okay you want to,buy a pet okay how much are you paying,then you print a fake check,I don't want YouTube to take down this,video I'm putting it low you pick you,print a fake check now that fake check,is what you you send to the person that,you've paid for this thing the person,who said oh you paid for it just you,know yes I've paid but I overpaid that,overpaid now is where the money will,come from and that that you work in a in,an office you understand and that office,demands the money this is like let's see,a day after sending the picture call,like within shall I just try and be fast,about it that's what I do once you just,send the feed check to the person you,want to buy debates from usually pay,people that this thing works for it does,not work for any other person I do is to,put that sell pets you understand,so I'm giving you a short update all you,can just do for me if you are a news you,are and if you are old viewer don't say,thank you for subscribing but if you're,a new viewer please just hit that,subscribe button it helps the YouTube to,understand what kind of videos I'm,posting please and for those that let me,hit 600 subscribers I just want to say,thank you like I just want to say thank,you this update is sure and let me just,resume what else,so without further Ado let me continue,now once again replies if the person,will tell you oh wow sorry sorry now,overpayment is one thousand dollars,remember you look for or even look for,cheap cheap pets like pays that are like,a thousand dollars then the check will,be of a thousand dollars in one thousand,like two hundred dollars you understand,instead of sending 200 back you,understand now these are different ways,you can make there are many other ways I,use to,I'm really encouraging you to do it I'm,not saying educational purposes or,anything like that you can do this this,show update and I believe you cash out,so this December if you want to,understand anything don't chat me on,format underscore boy I'll see you in my,next video don't forget this December,you must cash out this November I was,sorry you must cash out this November,don't worry just chat me on format,underscore boy don't forget if you're,chatting me you know how it is I can't,just be spinning like spilling up this,for you without you even if it's,anything you have just you understand so,I'm not desperate here you know I have,the updates I have show up this I,actually get my updates from someone in,Dubai they are addressing those loss of,scams quickly scams different different,Craigslist scams that you bring ways to,scam on Craigslist on eBay there are so,many ways so if you love what you're,hearing if you if you like what you're,hearing and how simple and how even it,sounds to make sense for you to,subscribe and if you don't understand,after everything I said just chat me on,format underscore boy,foreign,[Music]

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How to post hookup ads,drug ads,apartment ads and other type of ads..My whatsapp link in description

hello guys welcome to my youtube channel,please kindly subscribe if you have not,subscribed to my channel,so guys in my last video,um i showed you guys,a website to post drug cards uco pads,apartment ads i know,so now this is another website,this is another website to post code,pads and drug cards and all type of ads,and this ad even reach africa,that means you can post in egypt if you,if you are the type that deals with,arabic people,as you can see saudi arabia people other,things,you see them there,so guys if you want to post that on this,on this website,it's not free,but it's just ten dollars that's for key,and that's the premium of this website,just ten dollar that ten dollar oh my,god that ten dollar,will fetch you,multiple because,it will be premium and one client to,charge one client about 300 to 400,dollars,hope you are getting me so guys,if you want to post on that you can just,come here,if you select post free ad,i won't advise you because most times,you will not see,you will not see,texts but let's just go like that just,to show you that this website is legit,so now you pick the location you want to,post the ad,okay let's go for united states,okay let's go for,alaska then city okay let's go for,alabama then we'll go for birmingham,and understand as you can see now,okay,let's see we want to go for,job birds,jobs,you picked up,you pick the type of job you want to,post let's just see,um you see medicare else yeah,yeah,so you see,you post it you post everything,you enter the number the email,everything,the age,everything,then then you post it,you post it,so when you post it you receive text,you receive text,more you want to go for or you want to,go for um,okay let's just say you want to post,let's just say let's just say,you want to post hook up hearts,press here look up places,you see,the embarrassing club as you can see if,you want to go to corporate you press,bars and club,then you write that they can find you,in social bar and social club i'll give,you the format if you come to my dm,you just write it then,the post for you,once you post it,you receive text this website is very,legit my people very very legit,so please note that this website is not,free if you come to my dm and you're,asking for this website for me to give,for free i can't give you for free,you understand it's not free i didn't,get it free too so just be free to feel,free to enter my game we can negotiate,you understand but just know that it's,not free you can negotiate my telegram,link will be in the,description below thank you guys,subscribe to my youtube channel


Best Hookup Sites and Apps to get down with [Get Laid!]

are you sick of the dating and quarter,game and just want to hook up,well then you should keep watching hey,welcome to online for love your number,one resource for dating by the numbers,today we're going to be going over a,list of online dating websites that are,best for those looking for hookups now,right off the bat,this doesn't sound like the perfect list,of online dating websites for you,no worries you got a great solution for,you and that's why taking our online,dating website quiz,so chris is going to ask you some,personal preference questions as to what,you're looking for in an online dating,experience,and at the end of the quiz gonna let you,know what the perfect online dating,website is for you,personally if you'd like to take this,quiz you can do so by jumping down into,the description down below or by,clicking on the link it's popping up,above my head right here,now after you've taken that quiz be sure,to check out our deals page,our deals page hosts multiple different,online dating website discounts for,multiple different online dating,websites so if you'd like to save,yourself some money,who the heck doesn't be sure to again,check out our deals page in the,description down below or by clicking on,the links popping up above my head right,here,so without further ado let's jump into,number one on my list which is ashley,madison,starting with the user demographics,although ashley madison was originally,made for secretive dating it has turned,into one of the most popular casual and,hookup dating websites,where people have the best success for,quick flings discretion is what ashley,madison pays special attention to,i'd say that this site is an excellent,choice for all those who want to have,some fun,but don't want to brag about it,everywhere it's also a great,site for those who are a bit shyer and,new to the whole thing but still want to,see how,the casual form of seeing people works,and yes what i really do like about,ashley madison is that the whole site,looks so classy and elegant so the,overall atmosphere looks way more,sophistikated than let's just have sex,most of the users come from the us and,then brazil,and then canada when it comes to the age,distribution the situation is the,following,the majority of consumers both male and,female belong to the age range of 25 to,44 years old,but you will also find plenty of men who,are 55 years old or older using this,network so now that we've toked about,the user demographics let's move on to,the ease of use,one of the reasons why ashley madison is,still among some of the top hookup apps,out there is its user friendly and,intuitive interface,people don't like being confused with an,overly complicated page or a lengthy and,complex signup procedure and ashley,madison did its best to simplify,all of this to the max you can always,create a basic profile but the more,effort that you put into your profile,the higher the chances are that you will,find somebody who is compatible with you,so you might be wondering what makes,ashley madison discreet,well you can't actually take photos of,yourself and add an augmented reality,mask on top of your face,you can also set the blurriness of your,photos as well so that other people,would not recognize you in these photos,outside of that contacting people does,require payment but for men specifically,women can contact people on the website,for completely free but for men you will,have to purchase a credit system in,order to contact with users on the,website so this is going to move me onto,number two on my list but first i wanted,to ask you guys to be sure you are,hitting like and subscribe,seriously it really does help us out,with that youtube channel and we super,duper appreciate it so this is going to,move me out to number two on my list,which is okcupid,starting with the user demographics,okcubit is certainly a dating app that,one would call inclusive,with an extensive amount of gender,options an algorithm that makes matches,based off of answering 45 000 plus,optional personality questions and,options for being in a monogamous,or non-monogamous dating structure,there's really something here for,everybody,this is especially so if you're looking,for other users who are like-minded to,you,so if you're looking for hookups and you,set your profile to be that way it will,show you users who are looking for the,same thing,let's go over some stats real quick it,is an international dating app with over,50 million users and,most of the users are coming from the,united states of all of the members 65,of them are men and 35 are women the,largest age group that is active on this,website,are those who are aged 25 to 34 years,old so now we've toked about the user,demographics let's jump into the ease of,use,if you've never used okcupid before,let's tok a little bit about,registering your profile,one of the best things about okcupid is,its matchmaking algorithm,this is driven by a very in-depth,questionnaire that you will have to fill,in as part of the registration process,and while that can take a lot of time,it's useful in helping you match up with,the right people,also it's something that you can return,to once you have your profile set up,that's because like i had said earlier,there are 4 500 plus questions in total,for you to fill in,if you want to during the registration,process they do require to answer just a,few of them,questions you can expect to answer,include things like what you are looking,for in another partner,what you like and dislike generally your,habits your hobbies and more,during the registration process you can,set your profile to be geared towards,different sexualities different dating,types such as monogamous or polyamorous,or you can even link you and your,partner's account together if you are,non-monogamous as well,all of this means that you are only,going to get search returns for only,those partikular types of users of which,you set your profile to,this is going to make life far easier,and trying to find the right kind of,hookup,the other excellent thing about okcupid,is that it allows for all types of users,as well,from their sexuality to their gender,including all lgbtq plus options,as for messaging people well you will,have to like them first,and then they will have to like you back,and then you are free to message them,so this is gonna move me on to number,three on my list but before i did that i,did want to ask you guys our question in,the day,and our question of the day today is,what is the most successful hookup app,to you,let us know in the comments down below,with that being said let's move on to,number three on my list which is be,naughty,starting with the user demographics this,platform is just like the name says,a fine choice for those who want to be,naughty who are looking for somebody to,share his or her hidden desires with,so people are eager to explore casual,dating with,like-minded personas and embrace their,sensuality are more than well welcome to,join,knowing that younger generations are,more open to exploring their bodies and,minds it doesn't come to a surprise that,the majority of users are age 25 to 34,but there are also many visitors who are,age 35 to 44 as well,most of the users are coming from the,u.s and then canada and then japan,so now we toked about the types of,users who are using this website let's,move on to the ease of use,even those who are not so internet savvy,won't have problems navigating and,exploring through binary as everything,is structured in a user-friendly way,registration can be completed in a,couple of minutes but the downside is,that many people skip it so their,profiles remain not so,informative the great thing about this,site is that it performs verification,processes,so this will minimize the number of fake,profiles leaving only genuine ones,having in mind that everyone can set,their criteria and preferences there's,no beating around the bush when it comes,to users desires here,so on binary like on

yahoo update + 5 Best sites to post🔥 Hookup ad🔥( the 5th one pays me $10,500 last 3 month)

hi guys the fourth side on my list today,is unclassified hearts,classifyhearts.com is the perfect site,for you to post hookah pads,it shows any type of Hearts you are,willing to,to post even employment,Hearts is available here you want to buy,you want to sell you can do all sorts of,stuff here guys on classified Hearts you,get it so classified heart is number one,on my list on how to possibly post,hookup ads even blackmailing herds there,are ways to go about this okay you just,have to be creative and if you are,finding it difficult to sign up or,of course had possibly on what to write,on your heart and the type of picture,you should use you can actually drop in,the comment section before so guys,welcome back to my channel,this is good all to life,we are yet for cash out no time to waste,time no time to hide updates Everybody,Must succeed I like but let me drop out,for comment section Everybody Must,succeed and I disclaimer here all the,sides are actually used for legit scenes,guys so it depends on what you want to,use it for so this these things we don't,use our cash Crews Sheena gets now feed,me so,you say of course your cruise catch your,money not only do you guys might,understand she understands so whatever,is it to do is left for you you need to,do good here to do that,the responsibility okay,make your responsibility,so I hope you get it so classify has,very simple you know just click on,whatever you want to do here and then,you can just post your heart for free,you can click on this post you have for,free and then you'll be brought to this,interface okay then you click on this,select category then you choose the,category you want to it's as simple as,that okay so click on a quick one the,next one on my list is true backpage.com,so guys this one mad gone you understand,you can just call me a post-hard you see,that adjective traffic here for you guys,United States these are top tier,countries you can use to run your local,pass guys this is Canada this is Europe,This is Asia Australia and oceans,so you can come just right here and do,what pulls hard it's as simple as that,guys just come here you find it,difficult to do anything just reach out,to me I'm putting my WhatsApp number,just whatever I don't need I don't call,okay that's what's up on my screen okay,you can't reach out to me very easy if,you know say you never cash out or you,need buy you need money I have all this,for you guys it's just to do it you are,ready to work it is easier to make money,and I want everyone training like these,guys and this training go mad gone,at least you don't make money until five,kids you think in 30 days must drop and,I must drop the title of this training,around must drop must drop except you,know the work even though they do you,must drop,with the different updates but,I'm gonna just keep keep updates okay,and uh the second one is working back,page okay guys come here you can sign up,you know we are your Google account and,economy you just decomposed that okay,after you've signed up okay you can see,you can post an idea guys so it's as,simple as that then you come here you,sign in with two two backpage.com okay,another one is Snapchat uh this one is,really really you know Snapchat is very,very popular guys so here you say grow,your business you do your own part you,understand guys grow your goal past grow,your updates for a year gonna send any,traffic from all over the world okay see,it on average,347 million people using SnapChat every,single day guys you know it's very very,simple launch ads with just five dollar,a day so guys if you run a couple pass,from here you'll definitely get results,those are this platform they are crazy,and you know crazy in the sense that,when you do shits with their platform,they can easily block you or knock you,out but at the end of the day you know,if you find your way around about it the,kind of words you should use how you,place your statements your heart then,you're still you know bypass some,certain,um laws okay so that's the third one,I'll be listing five years guys another,one is Facebook Okay Facebook ads to is,really really working okay if you don't,know how to run Facebook either so you,can just chat me up it's very very easy,okay this thing is don't stress yourself,if you see someone already know how to,do the stoks then you,you see foreign,[Applause],[Music],too,[Music],[Music],people,so thank you you must draw for 500,people,you don't have phone I don't last year,but not only 200 people and you will see,happen this year again,somebody,Cash Out receiving cash out on the low,she understands even though it is black,[Music],don't need to run on this,scatter upside,so guys remember I disclaimer once again,I need to use it to do yay we're just,crashing Crews to understand and if you,like easy to do and I used to do good,things to do bad things think the,responsibility the guys I hope you,understand my point and say hey I'm,going to that level three things okay so,another one is um Craigslist,Craigslist,guys you guys use your VPN before it,deals,because I don't refresher so that's how,the problem,[Music],s,accordingly choose with your post and,then click on continue children and then,you push your ads now you just say ID so,you can see because,one two three four five I can't give you,my hate a day when I love sha all I just,need for you guys to do is comment,subscribe subscribe the more this is,subscription I receive lives guys trust,me I will drop off the back to back all,this update will drop for free when I,just when I don't know about the wrong,hands each did they type in 20K and the,eagle painter because no one cash out,you will thinner they teach you crazy,killer tissue classified at 20K and so,guys we do you know when you say you be,sure it will cash out so that's when you,cannot freak anymore so guys I've come,to an end of this um tutorial,on um the best list of sites you can you,know run your hearts your uncle paths,and whatever joggers and all that so,enough for you guys to choose the right,thing to do and then make money okay so,I had to make money so that's not going,to frustrate mostly for a night so I,understand so that you're not going back,for food but then uh We're Not Gonna Die,you'll never die for food we make,everybody saw sex to everybody okay so,don't forget to subscribe see you on the,next one love you guys,[Music]

How to post ads on Craigslist

hello Internet today is going to be a,video on how to post ads on Craigslist,I'm not only going to show you how to,actually post the ad I'm also going to,give you little tips and tricks that,will help sell your item faster now here,we have the Craigslist main site for the,San Francisco Bay Area that's where,we're gonna be doing this video but no,matter where you live as long as you,have a Craigslist in your country or,state you will be able to follow the,same instructions as you can see here,Craigslist is all over the place,all over the world you can go ahead and,click on the area that closely relates,to your area or you can use the map view,here and click on it and find the area,before we get started with actually,posting item I want to show you some,best practikes ok best practikes for,Craigslist number one make sure it works,I actually had a cell phone once I was,told it was unlocked I thought my,carrier unlocked it they said it was,unlocked I went to sell the cell phone,the person who bought my cell phone,could not transfer ownership with the,phone they were really upset so make,sure that your phone is unlocked or if,you're selling your car make sure you,have the pink slip that you don't need,another signature make sure it's paid,off in full things like this make sure,your item is ready to transfer ownership,otherwise buyers will be pretty pissed,off,number two clean it and take a photo,before you even go on Craigslist and,post your item you should have the photo,already taken so when you post your ad,you already have the photo ready to,upload number three find all the things,related to it so if I'm selling an,iPhone 6 I'm gonna look for the original,box if I have it maybe I have the,receipt to show how long I've owned it,for maybe I have the charging cables,maybe I have a case you want all those,things together,so when you take the photo you can get,all those things in the photo as well as,you could charge a higher price now that,you have a complete bundle or package,number four product information or other,ads I'm gonna tok about that in just a,second number five leave your phone,number you're more likely to sell an,item if people can send you text,messages or call you some people might,think like you're gonna get bombarded,with calls or texts you will not,occasion you'll get like a spam text but,it'll be very apparent that it's spam,you could just reply back with stop and,that should stop anything number last,but not least is a be safe don't meet,people at night look for things like,Starbucks gas stations public places and,do it during the day if you're concerned,bring a friend with you never give,somebody an item until you have cash,Hanne or you have their ID in your hand,just in case something does happen you,have some sort of recourse I've never,had an issue with this but it's always,just better to play on the side of,precaution now the number four I said,Google product information or other ads,so as you can see here I went on eBay,and I just searched the iPhone 6s,because in this demonstration we're,going to be selling an iPhone 6s but if,you scroll down here they've already,written a great description about the,iPhone 6 and about the battery life and,about the cameras so find something you,like if it is correct you might have to,edit it a little bit but I can just go,ahead and copy this and I already have a,lot of the text done for my ad now it,saved me so much time so go ahead and,Google that and you can get information,the other thing I wrote in here was that,if you if you don't take a photo you can,use a stok photo so just go ahead and,Google search the iPhone success go over,to images and find an image that look if,you have the rose gold one find the rose,gold you know just find the phone that,mostly relates to yours I don't like,this as much as you taking an actual,picture of your own phone but it's,better than no photo at all so if you,don't take a photo just go online google,it and download a stok photo now there,were in Craigslist the first thing I do,search your item on Craigslist like,you're pretending to buy the item,because this is a great way to find a,similar ads that maybe you can copy,their ads as well as find out what,category it is you want to post in once,you're here you can go to post your ad,two ways you could just click here up to,post I'm just gonna go ahead and open it,in a new window to show you where it,takes you or if you're just on the home,page you go to post to classifieds it,takes you to the same place you know,these websites look exactly the same,same place so it doesn't matter which,way you go you're gonna get to the same,place now on this screen what type of,hosting is it's for sale by owner unless,you own a business than it be a dealer,remember we already found out that it's,going to be cellphones where we want to,post our item and you're gonna want to,put a glow keishon the reason you're,gonna want to put a location is when,somebody goes to buy your phone for,example they can go ahead and type in,their zip code and see how far they want,to drive to and if you don't put your,location then you're not going to show,up when somebody does that kind of,search so at this point you should see a,blank ad and I've already gone ahead and,prefilled this out you're probably,thinking like oh my god is so much work,it's actually not very,work the first thing email you're gonna,want to type in your email if you don't,want people emailing you you can click,this button here and no-one will reply,to your email and that way they can just,do phone or text if you do want to do,email though don't be scared nobody can,actually see this email address here,when you actually post the ad it'll look,something like this and when people go,to reply Craigslist automatikally,camouflages your email address so,although you're typing it in here it,will actually not be shown when people,go find your ad so don't worry about,that so type in your email remember I,told you you're more likely to sell your,item quicker if you do by phone and text,so I like to click that and go ahead and,type in your phone number the contact,name is optional whether you want to use,it or not with the title I like to post,a really long title and put and make it,really positive like why they'd want to,click like almost new no blemishes the,best deal around trying to sell quickly,to get people to click on your ad so you,want the title to be entiking you'll,notike in the list view that the shorter,titles don't pop as much as these really,long ones in all caps so mess around,with doing caps abri vehicle amatory,marks dashes you want your title to pop,having a good picture and a good title,is what's gonna pop your ad out against,the competition especially when you're,selling that iPhone which is gonna have,a lot of other people selling as well,now when it comes now the price I like,to do ninety nine I always put a dollar,cheaper than I actually want to sell it,for the people that do $1.00 and then,they ask something different I think,that's messed up don't do that as far as,your postal zip code you can enter that,in that'll just tell them where it is,and again you want to do that now the,first part of my ad I like to just do a,brief like what it is you're buying,what's the condition what's the model,number really easy and then I say call,text or email me basically saying you,can contact me any of those ways and,then I do the price and then remember we,copied all this information from this,other ad I want that all this ad in here,because for example if somebody's,looking for a TD LTE band you know when,somebody searches this you know they're,gonna find my ad or this one other ad so,by having more text in your ad you're,adding to your search engine on search,engine optimization which is how likely,you are to do a keyword search match so,the more tik,you have in your add the more likely,you're gonna come up in the search,result the only downside I see is like,it makes y