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Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

How To 2x Your Shopify Sales With Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

you can have the most amazing ads in the world and have one of the best products in your Market, but if you have a terrible website, you will see the worst performing ads in Roi on your ad spend that you'll ever see. so today I want to tok to you guys about how to double your sales by improving your Shopify conversion rate in 2022.. I'll be going over 10 exact steps that you can take, with examples that you need to apply, and, at the least, have these 10 apply to your product as work for any industry that's selling online and really happening to Showcase you these guys, because it's really going to make a massive impact in your Revenue. it's your business. so, that being said, if you don't know who I am, my name is Nick Terrio. I run a Ecom ads agency. we manage roughly around 750k to a million dollars a month on Facebook ad spend and, yeah, I don't have anything to sell you guys. all I say is, if you're you love what we do and everything like that, apply it to your business and once you hit around 50 to 100K a month and revenue, then click link below to a call with me, my agency, and we'll help you. actually, you know, take over the ad side and scale up your business. so everything I put on YouTube completely free, fully, no, you know, pull the curtain back in that aspect right there. so, that being said, let's dive into the video: [Applause], [Music]. so how to double your Shopify sales with converter and optimization 2022? again, we give you guys 10 exact steps, with examples that you guys seem to take now. first thing is: why is conversion rate is important? okay, so, for example, say your current scenario: right now, you're seeing a 1x return on your ad spend, and you're like Nick, I've tried a dozen different ads. can't figure out how to improve roast. okay, cool, nothing wrong with that. so how do we know, though, if you've done a lot with just ad side? have you tried convertrate optimization? if you haven't tried a conversion optimization, then you could be missing out on a big pool of money. so, for example, you spend 100 bucks- 100, and we have a cost per click of a dollar, so it's going to send, roughly, you know, 100 people to our website. we have a one percent conversion rate, so out of those 100 people, one person will convert, and we have an aov of 100. so we basically made one person that converted with 100 aov, that's a hundred dollars in revenue of a hundred dollars in spend. it's a 1x row ass. okay. now what if we only change? change the conversion rate? it's going to happen: right, there is: now you're converting two people out of 100 while maintaining everything else, and all of a sudden you're a 2X row ass. okay, because now you're converting two people out of a hundred dollars. so you're making 200 in Revenue, 100 and spend, and then CVR three percent. basically the same thing. you're just converting three people. now, okay, uh, typically we see on average for a brand of an average aov of like 75- 80 bucks. you're looking for somewhere around like a three to four percent CVR. for lower aovs, anything like you know, I don't know, let's say, thirty dollars to fifty dollars. you want like a, you know, six, seven X CVR. uh, one of our clients have like a 8X CVR on a 45 aov and then if you have anything over like 250 dollars, three hundred dollars, uh, you're gonna look at something lower, around a 0.75 to 1.5 x CBR. so, as you have a high array of your CVR drops and that's totally okay. okay, so you want to make it relative to what you have now and then, as your aov drops down and goes lower, then you want to have a higher CVR because it's a less of an ask an aspect right there. so, as promised, I have 10 key things that I'm going to show you guys that you need to be implementing. all 10 of these can be applied to your business and you need to apply all 10. this is like a must, the bare minimum you should be doing, okay. so now that you understand how important is for conversion operate optimization, let's look at a few different things. so I'm actually using Rose skin Co their Lumi IPL hair removal set for this partikular video. so they have a perfect demonstration of a really good landing page. okay. so number one is site speed, and I like to use GT metrics to measure site speed because it shows me at what key points the website is loaded and at what of those key points right there is actively inner, like people can actually see. so if people click on your ad and they just see a white screen for three to four seconds, you're going to think it's not working and exit out. okay, so that's a big thing. so just improving your site speed, it plays a big impact. now here's the key thing here with rose skin care right here, they actually have a bad overall grade for their their website. but when we look low or lower and see the speed visualization, we can see that okay, and within the first two seconds they're seeing a website. so what's taking it so long to load is these other key factors right here. okay, so like maybe other like, for example, fully loaded time is 20 seconds, because after 20 seconds is when this pop-up shows up right here. so you really want to make sure that in this speed visualization, the first two seconds, there's something people have to see. if you can at least do that, that's the biggest key takeaway from that. okay, within the first two seconds people see the product, people see the page, because some of these tools, like, for example, the Facebook pixel, can make a site speed have a bad grade, but people have a fully active website within the first two seconds. okay, it doesn't slow the spike speed down. it slows down the reporting tool right here to measure. that's all it does. so that's why I like to look at the speed visualization and make all of my adjustments based off of this. can people see a website within the first two seconds? yes, okay, cool, that's fine, and then that's complete. you know, also, too, it's cool about GT metrics is that, below GT metrics, right here, below this like little screen, if you scroll down a little bit more, it gives you a full report of things that you need to do to improve that speed, if that makes sense right there. so GT metrics free tool- absolutely amazing. we love it. and you can forward all that data to your developer to basically go ahead and edit the website and fix that. next thing is product photos. um, you know, Rose Kinko did an absolutely amazing job. their product photos and I think a lot of people like this. they'll have, like, for example, just this one photo right here and that's it. they actually have a variety of different photos: a few photos showing off the results, a few photos showing the product in use and a few photos are just kind of like you, you know, like right here where it shows like the product and you know, two wine glasses. it really just kind of like you could say lifestyle an aspect right there. so lifestyle photos, how to use photos, results photos, and then just close up to the product as well so people can clearly understand what the product is. number three: demo the product. so further down their landing page right here they actually have like kind of showing off the product in different use cases and stuff, also showing off the before and after and everything like that, so just demonstrating the product, um, how it works, and some of the benefits of the product itself in in another way, outside of just the main product photos. number four: common questions. a lot of people go wrong with this. if you see common questions in your inbox, see common questions on your Facebook ads and the comments and things like that, you need to answer it. I said: look at a lot of people's facts section and it's horrendous. it's like: how long does ship intake? is there a warranty? like just the most basic ass facts that any business can put. okay, these are specifically tailored to what people think of first thing in their mind. when I first saw this product, I had these exact things in my mind: is it safe? does it hurt? when I'll start seeing results? results, permanent. where can I use my limit? okay, but why have I heard or why I've never heard this before? that's something new. righ.

How To 4X Your Shopify Conversion Rate in 2023

so what you're about to learn is not just the framework for Shopify conversion rates that has generated hundreds of millions of dollars on Shopify, but has generated billions of dollars on shopbot. it's more than just a four-phase step process that shows you how to add an extra six figure, seven figures or more with your shop by store. instead, these are the tikniques that will disrupt your Market, turn your shop by store into a cash converting machine and only make your competition envy, and today I'm going to show you how to take full advantage of that. so let's get started. so now we're going to be covering the Shopify conversion rate optimization course. the first thing we want to focus on is simplifying the user experience. it only takes .05 seconds for a customer to form a first impression of your website. that is less than a second and less than a point one second- in fact, that's 50 milliseconds only for somebody to decide whether or not they like your website, trust it, feel that they want to shop on it or not. so you have to be able to capture their attention quite immediately in order for them to be able to be willing to click on other links on your site to actually purchase, and 86 of all website visitors want to see information about your products on the home page. lots of you don't even list your product to be purchased on your home page and it's not very visual or you can't even see your products on your home page in some cases. that is definitely hindering performance. and then 88 of consumers Trust online reviews. so if you don't have reviews on your website, you're definitely going to want them, and user generated content results in 29 higher conversion four sites with it than those without it. essentially, what that means is is having content of people who've actually purchased your product on your website. this can definitely help with your conversion rate and your conversion rate is essentially when somebody visits your website purchases. you want to know what that conversion rate number is and, on average conversion rates for e-commerce sites, around 2.86 percent on Shopify and for new store owners, it's normal to be around a 1 to 2 percent conversion rate, and that is because, initially, you don't have all the information about your product listed yet. maybe you haven't added any other conversion rate factors that increase that. you might not have reviews yet. these are going to be things that we're going to be covering today so that way you can understand exactly what you need to add to your website so that way you can increase the overall sales and conversion rates. so some of the things you want to focus on are having a banner at the top at all times. this is where you can have important call outs around free shipping. we know free shipping is an offer that people love and if they can get free shipping- whether it's free shipping after fifty dollars or after seventy five dollars or after a hundred dollars- as long as you're offering free shipping to some degree- whether it's incentivize or if you apply it across site wide- it's definitely going to help increasing your conversion rate, because when people add your product to cart and then they find out they have to pay for shipping, they're less likely to convert, thus decreasing your conversion rate. it's also a good spot to house your special offer, so in their case, all birds put, for limited time, up to fifty percent off select style. this is the banner at the top at all times. it is a super valuable way to deliver information and it's definitely going to help you increase your shop by conversion rate. then you're going to want to add reviews, if you have them. this will definitely increase the trust. it's going to make it easier for people to you know, be able to see exactly what others are saying, so that way they can purchase. then you're going to want to make sure that if your product has sizes, colors, selections, you want to make it easy to use. you want to have color swatches that are visual. you want to make the sizing very clear, your size guides all compact, very understandable, on one line if possible, and then keep your description concise and clear, describe exactly what you're selling, include all the information necessary for somebody you want to purchase. if you only have one or two bullets, that might not be enough information. or if you have 50 bullets, that might be too much and there's probably a better way to organize it and make sure to have additional details. so many people miss out on a product description. they show their product but sometimes they don't even understand that. the consumer might not even know what it is or how to use it. so you're going to want to put additional information in there. this is also where you can share you know the size guide, if you have one. this is where you can share your shipping information so people know how long it takes. the return policy, the refund policy, the policies that are important for people to make a decision to purchase, because they want to know what happens after if they don't like it. and then having special offers to capture email. these are through form pop-ups on your website where you can enter in your email and get a special offer. this is how you build your email list. another factor for increasing Shopify conversion rates: an inconsistent branding throughout. a lot of times, people have a very Base website: it's just on a white background, which is totally fine, but their branding is clashing. it has different colors that just don't mix together. they have, you know, colors all over the place. nothing really flows. images are different sizes, their logo is in random places and and they just really don't have a cohesive brand that flows through. wow. and then, finally, you're going to want to have automatik geolocation for language and currency if you sell to different countries. this is important because a lot of times, people in the UK will try to Target the us, but then they don't know that the location is different. so therefore, when somebody pulls open their website, it shows their UK pricing when in reality it should show the US pricing. vice versa, if you're in the US and selling elsewhere, you're going to want to make sure you have a way to automatikally know where their location is, to show that Dynamic currency. and here's an example of what it can look like over the course of a few months when you're optimizing to increase your conversion rates. let's say, for example, on month one, you make your branding very consistent, you add product descriptions, you add in shipping information about how long it takes, what they can expect, how to contact you, trust badges in the form of payment, in the form of actually listing secure checkout. these types of things definitely help increase your conversion rate. and an example of this would be: you're averaging a 2.7, six percent conversion rate, which isn't bad. and then, by month three, now that you've had some customers and you're getting product reviews, you're able to list those and that's going to help lift your overall conversion rate. and now, because you have enough people adding to cart, you're sending out email sequences and SMS cart recovery. and because people signed up for special offers, but maybe they didn't purchase, they just gave you your email- well, you can send out a blast email to get them to buy, thus increasing conversion rates even further. and now that you start to understand your sales data, you're able to analyze it and say, hey, we're going to run a specific offer that we know is going to convert on this day, which increases your conversion rate, and then cart goals, which is free shipping after 75 dollars. so maybe they add multiple items to cart, they get the free shipping and now they're more likely to go through and having a skip card. a lot of times people take people to a page, a cart page, and it's just friction, rather than having a drawer cart or slide cart, and then, let's say, by month six you're getting a 5.62 conversion rate and now your product tagging.

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How To 4x Your Shopify Store Conversion Rate In 2022

the biggest problem you're going to face with shopify drop shipping is not your ads not performing, and it's actually way more important to have high converting store. if your store right now converts like one percent, just by increasing that number to two percent, it's instantly gonna double your revenue. and in this video, i'm gonna share with you how i managed to 4x my store conversion ratio from one percent to four percent and sometimes even five percent. for the longest time, my stores conversion ratio was like one percent, one point five percent, but just by implementing small little strategies. i'm gonna share with you. today my storage conversion radio went up to four percent. also, throughout this video, i'm gonna share with you an app that helped me to do this, and this app is completely free and only few of shopify store owners knows about this app. it's really great app to increase your conversion ratio and this app pretty much doubled my conversion ratio once i started using it. so, but that being said, let's get straight into the video: [Music]. now there are three main important things that gonna help you to increase your cro, which is your conversion rate optimization on your store. first is the quality of your traffic. if you're getting a low quality traffic and people simply not interested in your product. they just get needed to get to your store. they're not gonna convert, doesn't matter how good your product page is, how good your funnel overall is. second one is your product page, and once you get in good traffic, this is the most important thing. once you're getting a targeted traffic, your product page is the most important thing, right, and this includes everything from displaying your product the right way, having good product pictures, having good product description, having all faqs, having testimonials and having good pricing, having good offer. and third is going to be your overall funnel. but i mean, what happens after a customer adds your item into the cart? what happens after that? okay, guys, so if you're gonna be using organic tiktok, keep in mind that your traffic most of the time is going to be low quality. right, there's going to be a lot of people coming to your store if your tiker starts going viral, but your commercial radio like could be even 0.5 percent. sometimes i saw that happen for me it was like one percent, 1.5 percent. it's still good, since the traffic is pretty much pure organic and not paid. but keep this in mind: organic tik-tok traffic that if your video starts going viral, your commercial radio is not going to be that good, even though if you have a good, good product page, of course you can boost it up a little bit, but the traffic is not really targeted, so it's not going to be such amazing conversion rate. now, from my experience so far, the best converting traffic comes from seo and google ads. me myself in the past month, i spent about 100 euros on my brand's google ads and it brought me back over 1.5 000 euros in return, which is crazy rawas. now let's go into second most important thing, which is gonna be your product page. and how do you get your product page on point so it converts as much people as possible? and keep this in mind: it's never gonna be perfect, right. you're gonna be constantly tweaking and like improving it, sometimes even making it worse, and getting back to where it was is just a process. but here are some things to keep in mind when building your product page. first, most importantly, have high quality pictures of your product. have a short description that cuts to the point and also educates people about your product. people need to be educated about your product, about the features, what it does, about the benefits. also, you want to have all faqs, everything straight to the point and straight to their people faces so they can see everything answered, all the common questions they might have about a product. answer it straight into the product page. you want to add testimonials and people using the product and people have been happy with the product. and on top of all of this you want to have a no-brainer offer. and but no-brainer offer i mean something that is too crazy to too good to be true, right? so, for example, buy one, get one, buy two, get two. by three, get three. something in your product page needs to be so stupid and so good to be true so people think that they're taking advantage of your brand, not the other way around. now let's tok about an app i mentioned at the start of this video. now, this app is called video wise and it allows you to have a ugc or any sort of videos under your product page. so you know, once you have your product page, you have your product. you have your description under that product pictures. under the description you can add about five or even more. no, you can add more videos than that i can. i have six videos right now under that and it's in tiktok format, right, so it's 1080 on 19 19, 20.. it looks amazing. for example, what i do on my own brand is i do have a ugc content of other creators who made content for me, for my brand, with my product, using the product. and- the best part about this- you can even tag that product on that video. so once the customer is watching that video, he instantly can click add to cart and it goes straight to the checkout. right, so you not get distracted. this app is called video wise. it's free, absolutely free. they have some paid versions of it as well, but you can start using for absolutely free and not get charged. so, guys, if you're not using this app, you must start using it. it's a next level tool and once i installed that app in my store, i immediately saw that conversion rate is going through the roof and it got really way better. right, because you have like, if you do not have ugc content, add some sort of videos with your product. but if you have ugc content, which is user generated content, for example, from influencers, and you have them right above that product page- look, sorry, not the product page, but like- right above the description and your product images, you're just gonna kill it. you're just gonna have way better add to cart ratios and way better conversion ratio ratios because you're increasing the trust so much. and i completely forgot to mention the third point, which is your overall funnel. and with that what i meant is that you never want to charge people twice. so when a customer comes to your store, adds the card, goes through the whole checkout process and they see that the shipping is like something like five dollars, right, you're gonna have way less of conversions with that strategy. never charge them twice. so, instead of that, just add that price into the overall product price. so if your product 30, make it 35, but just don't charge shipping. trust me, it's way better to do that. so, guys, but that being said, i hope you learned something new and thank you so much for watching the video and i catch you in the next one. [Music]. [Music] you.

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How To DOUBLE Your Shopify Conversion Rate in 2022

one of the most underutilized ways to increase your sales on shopify is by increasing your actual conversion rate. in fact, cro is a big thing and being able to actually increase your overall sales volume and make your ads convert even better. so many people really focus on their creatives, they focus on their targeting, but they never think to focus on the actual landing page that is going to be converting the individuals through the actual funnel, and that's exactly what we're going to be covering today. so let's go ahead and get into the video now. if you're new here, my name is chase chapel and over the last seven years, we've grown over 250 different brands and businesses and so many different niches and we've collectively generated over a billion dollars in sales. and that's all through managing facebook ads, tik-tok ads and even google ads, and we've gained a lot of experience through the agency, after having advised on over 200 million in ad spend across facebook's products and spending 600 000 in the last 90 days on tiktok. so let's go ahead and jump into the video so that way we can go over the conversion rate optimization for your shopify store, so that way you can 2x your conversion rates. so we're going to be covering how to 2x your conversion rates and to 2x a shopify store conversion rate isn't as hard as you think. there's a few key actual designs and items that you need on your actual landing page to increase trust, to actually add authority and, you know, drive more individuals to be able to convert. just by making the process super simple, in fact actually lowering the number of clicks somebody actually has to make from an ad like facebook or tiktok, you're actually going to get better cpms, because the faster somebody can actually check out, the quicker they can get back to scrolling on their social media feed, which is what these big tik companies want, especially if you're running ads. so you need a very fluid process to bring people through your funnel and that is through your shopify store. and so when we're looking at the landing page, some of the things you really need to focus in on- and these are some of the top things that we always see convert best and what actually makes a big difference in your overall conversion rate, we're toking about like, if you're actually spending, you know, a thousand dollars and you're getting back 5 000 in actual sales, well, if you actually double your conversion rate, you're quite literally going to see a huge increase in your overall sales without spending any more money. so you know, the practikal thing to do here is to maximize the overall conversion rate growth so that way you can get as many sales as possible. one of those first things is testing your website on both desktop and mobile to ensure the most important information is always appearing above the fold. and essentially, above the fold is whenever the actual website loads on your mobile screen or desktop screen. above the fold is everything within view upon the load, and that's really important because you want to have the actual product. you want to actually have the name of the product. you want to have all the relevant information above the fold so that way people can see what they need right away without having to scroll to find it. and then the main thing is you're going to need to create a strong and clear, bold header title, and that is having a strong, clear, actual header here with your actual product name. sometimes people make really thin text for their- you know- product titles and it's really hard to read. you want to make sure it's very clear and bold so that way people can read immediately and know what it is that you're selling. the other thing is you want a direct product image. if you have models showing off your- you know- clothing or you have a model showing off the actual item or doing a how-to, it's good to have those in the second, third, fourth, fifth image or video on your actual product image page rather than showing it as the first one. you want to make sure the first image is always super direct and focused on the exact item itself. that way there's no confusion and people can see exactly what it is that they're purchasing right away and know that they made it to the right landing page. if you're running ads and then the next thing is we're going to need a strong call to action button and full color add to carts is really increasing overall add to cart click the rates, which is driving more people through your actual funnel. so having a full colored added cart, it makes it bold, it stands out. if you have an outlined, you know- add to cart where it's white and then you have to buy it now that's full, you know. a full color add to cart is actually going to really increase your overall add to cart conversion rate, which is going to help you get more people to actually, you know, make it to the checkout process which you can then get them to actually make it to the purchase. and the next thing is having your contact details, and you want to have that in the actual footer of your website. you want to make sure people know how to contact your brand. you want the shipping information so that way they know how long it takes. you need your policy. information makes people feel more comfortable because they like to read these things to ensure that you know who they're buying from, they're going to receive the product, that's going to be safe and they understand all the terms down there. and if you're actually sharing that information, it just makes it easier for somebody to actually make a purchase, whether they read it or not. just having it down there just gives them a visual, so that way they know that you know there is information. if they want to look at it, it is there and they can find it easily. and then some other items here that are really, really important: the banner at the top at all times. so many stores i see that are just recently launching and they don't use this banner, and the banners are huge in terms of actual conversion rates. this is where you have a special offer. call out whether it's free shipping over a certain amount of money or it's just free shipping. in general, cuts is doing free shipping over 150. this is where you call out if it's us shipping, international shipping, or if you want to tok about a special offer. that's you know it's day. only sell 20 off, get use code. these are the types of things you have in this banner here and that's really important to have because it has a distinct call out so people know immediately. okay, if i buy this item, i'm not gonna have to pay for shipping. if it's over this, or if i buy this item, i know i get this percent off. or here's what i know based off that banner. it's where you want your big special offer callout to be immediately, so that way people know, you know what the actual offer is in addition to what they're buying. and then you're going to want to have reviews. if you have them, this will increase trust. a lot of stores that are just starting out they don't necessarily have reviews, and that's fine. you can turn them off and then, when you get some sales later on, you can add an app, send out an email and get all the reviews and then activate them. but if you do have your reviews, you want to make sure it's very visible so that way people can actually check out all the reviews, and the more reviews you have the better, because it increases overall trust and allows people to see how other people have experienced the product. people like to read reviews and it builds trust and really gains a higher conversion rate for your overall store. if you're just starting out, it's okay not to have them initially, but eventually you're going to want to add them, because it only gets better when you do, and then you want to make sure that your sizes, colors and selections are easy to see. specifically, you want to have it on one line so you can see here that the actual staple colors that they have for this product are all on one line and then their seasonal colors are on another.

How To Increase Conversion Rate On Shopify (In JUST 24H!)

if you are a shopify store owner in 2022, i'm gonna show you how to increase your conversion rates in these next 24 to 48 hours- and i know that's a bold claim, but listen- a lot of you right now who own shopify stores. you're sending traffic to landing pages like this that don't have a lot of copy, don't have a lot of social proof, don't really hone in on what people want out of the product. you don't know how to sell high tiket ecom. you don't even know how to sell mid tiket econ. and i'm going to go over the difference between what people are running traffic to, which is default product pages just like this, with a little bit of copy, some features and a couple of reviews to what they should be running to make sure they're hammering home on their ideal customer and persuading them to spend more money and buy, and what these little changes can do to your brand over these next couple of days. okay, so this is what people are usually running traffic to: a shopify default landing page. there is an app called zipify. it's called zipify pages builder and this is what it looks like. okay, simplify pages builder and editor. you can get a free 14-day trial. that is 67 dollars a month. if you're not willing to spend 67 a month to get a better conversion rate than this is not for you business is not for you. running a business you just go get a nine to five, okay, um, but i want to get back to this. so this landing page right here, um, it has been, you know, not converting. well, client came to us said: hey, listen, like this is not converting. i've tried other ad agencies and they can't get this thing to convert. and i'm like: whoa, you're trying to tell me that other ad agencies had the balls to charge you and they're not even going to make you a custom landing page. they're not going to write copy for you, they just send traffic to this. she's like: yep. the other thing is, is that if you go to her collections page, okay, she has the different bags, but in different product listings. so what she told me was that this agency didn't even care. they just, like ryan, traveled to the collections page and said it: basically- and that's the problem with running with crappy ad agencies- is that all they do is they just run ads. they don't focus on your offer, they don't focus on your conversations, they don't focus on aob, they don't focus on actually centralizing your offer. so what did we do? okay, we made a custom landing page for her. okay, discover, you know, yuma original bag 2.0. all-in-one vegan leather diaper bag- purple for modern day moms, giving you the style you crave, the functionality you need. insightful features. one bag, infinite functionality. yuma original bag 2.0, starting at- and we put the price here because what did we put underneath? we put: hey, you can get four free industry payments with kellarna pay over time option. then they have the bag here, plus free gift- oh, sorry about that- plus free gift included stroller straps. okay, they get this free, get the 29 value. that is harnessing a good offer. we hit him with that 30- 35 discount. we hit him with the pay overtime option and we give them a free gift included which is automated in their checkout process. so, just selling the bag at the price with no incentives, no value, no free shipping, none of that crap like that's not going to help you hone in on more high quality buyers. okay, as we scroll here, you know we go over the biggest features of it with pictures that support it. mom friendly- look at that. social proof. the mom's got it with a kid. we're going after those modern day moms. that's the exact modern day mom, perfect demographic. and then we hit him with the testimonial: okay, one of the ones that we took from the landing page. stay organized. here's another picture with all the things that you would usually put inside of a diaper bag: okay, and this stuff takes time. getting pictures like this and doing all this like this is what building a brand really entails. like this is stuff that business owners don't realize. and then we tok about other cool features. another testimonial: we're hitting them with that social proof as they go on the lander, vegan leather, lead leash style comes with five shades: one, two, three, four. there should have been a fifth here, but they didn't have a good person. but you get the point. um, another social proof here. and also, what do they do here? that was very important. they hit different demographics of mobs. look at each woman in this photo. also, there's a baby in it too. for congruency, you gotta think about how these things all congruently fit together. laptop friendly, perfect photo. it's all about the congruency. what our customers are saying. testimonial video: okay, and then another another, another testimony video, two of them. and then another: price push, feel powerful and styleable and take your original bag anywhere you go, designed with multi-faceted functionality for working mompreneurs. so now we're also targeting mompreneurs. so we're targeting modern-day moms and mompreneurs. brunch outings, look at this, because entrepreneurs are able to go out and take brunch. obviously, if you're working 9-5 you can't do that. shopping trips, because it's about the whole making money thing. picnic with the kids: another price push: school and work. three ways to wear. okay, three ways to wear. we got the backpack, shoulder bag, top handle. like we're showing all the different variations, highly acclaimed, all that social proof there. another price push and then each variation. and we're also pushing the four free industry payments of forty one dollars for florida and each one. we tell them how much they save. we can let them pick their quantity and if they pick their color, they go straight to checkout. so this is kind of how we increase the conversion on this page and then you know, you could put frequently asked questions down here. we're implementing that soon. but it's always about tweets, it's always about optimization. this is another client that was just running, you know, ads to this kind of landing page. simple, you know. obviously they have a lot of social growth. it's a very big brand that we work with um. they have just like random youtube videos here and just a bunch of copy here. but the problem is, is that like there's not enough here? it really solidified a customer? so we really hone in on the offer and social. find out why mlb players like harrison bader- written in nemo lewis brinson and thousands of select high school college players are switching to bruce bull batting clubs. that's a good headline because it sells that social proof, you know. and then we hone in on this tok about the features. we don't reveal the price yet. we don't want them to make a decision only on price for this because they're more about the branding. then we reveal the price: 70 bucks and free deliver. and now they can add arm sleeves as well to increase their average order value. you know we have nice icons here to go over the guarantees and all that. you know how we, how they support the us military, a video- that toks about how the 16 year old made the glove. you know better fit materials and crap and custom graphics here, toking about the wrist, the fingertips, all these things. what makes our gloves better? custom graphics. the whole brand in general is over 4500 five star reviews. other batting gloves they could select from in case they don't like white, but white is their best seller. free usps shipping- look at the picture, like that's so sick. and then a size chart should carry away that objection. a guarantee that's part of your offer. the bruce bold story with like that nice old photo that like really hits home. um, it's like a good way for people who are in baseball, like a lot of people like historic baseball moments. so using that black and white image like that's a great angle really hits a lot of older demographic as well, because older demographics have more money, they're able to have a higher alv. um, love your godzilla. make it right, join the team. are you ready to join team faqs? so that's kind of how we price push on this one. okay, here's another ex.

How To DOUBLE Your Conversion Rate in 2022 (4 Shopify Conversion Hacks)

in this video, we are going to be revealing the four major aspects of why you are not seeing great conversion rates with your online dropshipping store. [Applause], [Music], [Applause], [Music], [Applause]. not too shabby for my fourth day of guitar, not gonna lie. so it's still my first week, but it's really fun to learn a new instrument, especially with all this time during the quarantine, because it's always business, business, business, business. but it's also nice to have some other hobbies and other alternative things that you can be doing with your time. so, before we get into the four major aspects, if you can leave a like on this video, because I know you are gonna learn some amazing tips that could take your conversion rate to the next level- I've had students. I've been able to get 10% conversion rates by implementing the changes you're gonna see completely for free in this YouTube video. let's get it now. the first reason why you're not seeing an amazing conversion rate on your store is usually predicated on the traffic that you're generating to your store. if I'm playing poker and I've been dealt a poor hand like a two and a three, I can't do a lot with that. it's not a lot to work with and for a lot of you you're generating very, very poor traffic from India, from third world countries, Africa, stuff like that, and there's not a lot that you can do with that traffic because these people don't have a lot of disposable income. and if you're targeting and only getting traffic from these third-world countries, you're not going to get sales because they don't have disposable income. how are they supposed to buy what you're selling? they can only buy stuff that's necessities for them, and for the majority of dropshipping products they're not going to be necessities. it's not water, food, shelter, it's usually like: hey, home decor products, gadgets, cool, interesting items that sort of catch your eye as soon as you see them. so keep in mind, you have to be generating traffic, but not just any kind of traffic, because bad traffic you can't do anything with. so you need to be generating premium quality traffic from the first world countries or a packet countries. so those are the ones I would primarily target, because they're the ones with the disposable income that can actually splash the cash a little bit on whatever it is that you're selling. so we've identified that you have a problem. you're generating traffic, but for some reason people aren't buying and in some cases they're not even adding the cart. so how can we fix this problem? well, that means your product page needs some fixing up and it needs a little bit of a makeover, and I know let's get into it. so, when it comes to product pages, a lot of people don't have systems for how they write it. now, if a product needs to be explained, it's a problem-solving product. you need to go in depth of what it does, how it works, all the details people need to know before making that decision to buy. however, if you're selling jewelry, clothing, home decor, anything that's very self-explanatory and isn't necessarily a problem-solver, then you don't have to do a lot with the product description. just throw in some images of the product, have two to three sentences about the product and how it's amazing, how it's perfect for whatever your target customer is looking for. at the end of the day, our job is to convince people that our product is exactly what they need or desire. now for problem-solving products. I really want you to focus on what I'm gonna say here. the three most important things to convey to people is that your product is fast, easy to use and affordable or different from all the other options on the market, which is why justifies the higher cost. now, when we're taking a look at this product page, the first thing someone is gonna see should be the major benefit. what is the idea, the real summary of what this product can do for you? well, this product can achieve a professional barbershop haircut in the convenience of your own home, and this takes on two birds with one stone. it tackles- oh, it's fast. you can get a professional barbershop haircut in the convenience of your own home and, especially, it tackles. it's easy to use. you can get this desired results in the convenience of your own home. you're an idiot if you don't take it. it's just a no-brainer. so it's a really great headline when describing this product. now, next, they have a gift, which is awesome. I do recommend having some gifts, some photos of the product in the actual product description, having a couple sentences. they really do explain why this product is a necessity. and they also have a great branded name, a top. so keep them out. your product name. that's also extremely important. with your product names, with your website, with anything that you do in business. it has to look branded, otherwise people are gonna go to your competitors who have done the proper branding. so if you're not branding whatsoever and you're not doing professional business names like home barber trademark. what are people gonna do? well, they're just gonna do: oh, professional hair trimmer son. let me just copy that. I'm gonna look it up on Google. I'm sure I can find ten of these that are going for cheaper. Hey look, thirty four, ninety nine, then $80, but these are all pretty much the same exact product, so I can just compare and find a cheaper deal. then going with prime palace. but prime palace does something smart. they call it the home barber trademark. that sounds extremely branded. it sounds like they all in the product and that they're the only place where you can buy it from. at the bottom, they have what's in the box, which is perfect, and they also have a call to action, which we'll get into a little bit later. and finally, at the bottom, they have great quality reviews. that third party social proof is so vital to convincing people that they need to shop now. and when you're looking at these reviews, these are really detailed. these are not oh, awesome product, great delivery came in 30 days, like that generic Aliexpress crap that no one actually believes is a real review. these are seriously beautiful and you can tell they're authentik reviews. it's just amazing. awesome job from Prime Palace on this one. so let's go into number three now. the third reason why people are not buying from your website right now, when you are generating traffic, is a lack of scarcity or trust. now, when you're selling anything, you always want to have a time--as Bowl as to when the deal can get done, and if it doesn't get done by this certain date, then there's some sort of consequence. so what is Prime Palace do? well, at the bottom of their product description, when people are coming down here, they see this: my fifty three percent off sale. so my fifty three percent off discount ends at midnight. I have to shop today to get this, otherwise I'm gonna pay a hundred thirty dollars tomorrow when I wake up now. obviously, are they actually changing the price? probably not. I doubt it, but it's a good way of adding some scarcity. I don't really recommend any other way. or saying: hey, fifty six people are viewing this product. that just looks incredibly spammy and unprofessional and this just looks incredibly authentik. it's just natural. it doesn't scream out in your face, it's just a simple call to action: hey, click Add to Cart before it's too late, otherwise you're gonna have to pay 130 now. if I were them, I wouldn't have a market price of 130, because that just seems unrealistik. maybe somewhere around eighty four, ninety-nine, ninety-nine, ninety-nine. that makes a lot more sense to me now if when it is over 50 percent off, usually people are more inclined to purchase, but in this case it is a case-by-case basis. you actually have to be able to justify that marked up cost of 130. like: are people actually gonna pay that much for this? probably not now. trust is a variety of factors and it starts with your color scheme. now, when we go to one of the competitors, manscape com, look at the color scheme. here we got white, black, gold and that i