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Dear Resellers, Stop Doing This.

Published on: December 1 2022 by Bryan Guerra

Dear Resellers, Stop Doing This.

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Dear Resellers, Stop Doing This.

all right so in this video i want to
cover five mistakes that new resellers
and new drop shippers make that you know
obviously are costing them sales and you
know kind of holding their businesses
back so that they're not able to scale
faster okay
i actually have like this list of like
all these uh you know these video ideas
that i wanted to make and so this one's
pretty much done i looked it over it's
an older kind of template from when i
used to do a lot of reselling you know
reselling books on amazon fba
resell like wholesale which i still kind
of do a little bit because it's it's
easily automatable not fully well like
it's it's not that much hands-on work
you just do like the sourcing and
obviously i can hire somebody to do the
sourcing for me and then i just list
them and fba takes care of pretty much
all of it for me i just have to verify a
few things so uh wholesale obviously any
reselling in general doesn't matter if
you're reselling on ebay if you're
buying inventory ahead of time or if
you're obviously drop shipping which is
what i do more of now okay
so this was originally created for
resellers um but regardless all of these
i've gone through them there's five of
them here all of these mistakes are both
you know
things that i see within new resellers
as well as new dropshippers okay so
hopefully if you watch this video if
you're doing one of these you know
you'll know to stop or that it's a
mistake uh or if you're not or if you
you know you're already like an
intermediate reseller or drop shipper or
if you're a new person that's about to
get started
you can use it as like a good checklist
to avoid these mistakes in the future
so first and foremost is not being
patient enough and this obviously is
something that you know goes along with
reselling but it also goes along with
drop shipping as well okay so for
example with reselling like let's say
you're buying a bunch of inventory and
you're listing it well the more
inventory typically that you have the
more sales you're going to make right
and so you need to build up that kind of
you know
a bulk of inventory to start getting
consistent sales the same thing goes
with drop shipping the only difference
is you don't actually have the inventory
in your possession right so you gotta
list more okay this is one of the things
i see in the facebook group all the time
um not my facebook group specifically
but like just all the the drop shipping
facebook groups as well is like people
are like hey my sales are down or like
they're just starting and it seems like
they've listed 10 like 10 products a day
for a week and they're wondering why
they're not getting like you know 100
days for like you know multi-thousand
dollar months or something like that
it's like they're only getting like a
sale here and there
you need to list more you're not being
patient enough and more realistikally
you're not really working hard enough
which ties me into point number two
which i kind of just covered is not
having enough inventory okay
just the same as like not being patient
enough you also need to build up your
inventory because it doesn't matter if
you're drop shipping and you're just
listing other inventory that you don't
have or if you're purchasing the
inventory ahead of time and then listing
it's just a different approach same kind
of e-commerce
you know business model it's just like
it's not the same business model but
like it's the same overall idea except
one you're purchasing ahead of time and
probably getting a better margin on and
then you you know you ship it out
yourself the other one you're listing
other people's products and then kind of
facilitating the shipping to the actual
customer for the markup and profit
very very similar but ultimately you
need inventory and more inventory for
both okay the more inventory you list if
you're drop shipping the more listings
that you have the more sales you're
going to make typically obviously right
it's just the same with like with
reselling if you're buying like
liquidation or you're buying cash back
products or whatever it is wholesale
even as well right like the more
inventory the more listings that you
have the more sales you obviously make
all right and that leads me to the next
point which is sourcing poor inventory
okay it doesn't matter if you're
sourcing liquidation it doesn't matter
if you're even listing for drop shipping
if you're just listing a bunch of things
but like there's no demand for those
actual products you're to struggle it
doesn't matter if you have 10 000
listings there's no demand for those
products and you're not going to get the
sales to match that right and so you
should definitely be putting in work and
being patient listing more but you also
need to list quality things in quality
inventory that are in demand that people
are going to be looking for right now
the next one is not jumping like not
niche jumping in uh shiny object
syndrome and basically what i see it
doesn't matter if you're reselling or if
you're drop shipping is like you don't
get the sales if you're a beginner
obviously or if you're intermediate you
might not be getting the sales right
away because you're not being patient
enough and so you look across the board
and you get constantly hit with these
ads it's like well maybe drop shipping
isn't the right business model for me or
maybe i'll get more success if i move
over to like you know i don't know like
starting a tiktok channel or
something like anything out there
there's a million different business
models and so
you need to stik with something and
master it and keep working hard and
getting better at it right if you
constantly niche jump if you start drop
shipping and then you're like okay well
maybe i'll move to like fba wholesale
right and then maybe i'll move to like
shopify drop shipping and then maybe
i'll move over to like starting an
instagram page and trying to be an
influence none of that's gonna work you
need to stik with one thing it doesn't
matter if you're drop shipping it
doesn't matter if you're starting you
know to sell wholesale on amazon it
doesn't matter if you're flipping books
on amazon pick one thing master it get
better at it and then once you have it
kind of set up where it's systematized
and kind of automated for the most part
or you're hiring somebody else to kind
of manage it for you then and only and
then and only then should you add
something else to your kind of you know
diversification of of business models
right so don't get caught up with shiny
object syndrome and don't niche jump is
number four okay
and the last one is not continuing to
learn and prove and adapt and i'm
definitely you know
someone that falls prey to this as well
it's like sometimes i get set my ways
where it's like i'll be having like you
very very successful drop shipping days
right and like or or even back when i
used to do a lot of books like i'd have
very very successful purchases and then
like a bunch of successful days but like
if it doesn't matter if it's you it
doesn't matter to me like if i get
complacent i'm just like oh i figured it
out that's typically when you're kind of
on the edge of the cliff and it's like
about to go under and something's going
to go wrong right and so you should not
be getting complacent it doesn't
obviously matter if you're new and
you're not getting the sales that you
want because then you won't be
complacent and it also doesn't matter if
like you already successful and you're
getting you know very very successful
days over and over and over again you
should constantly be learning constantly
adapting constantly seeing what's next
and kind of antikipating where the you
know drop shipping business model is
going to go on facebook or amazon or you
know where you know your reselling
business is going to go on amazon or
ebay or walmart or whatever you should
constantly be learning constantly be
watching like new videos and even if
it's like from other people that like
you might think are below you or like
not necessarily at the level that you
are you should be learning from
everybody because chances are you'll
find something else out that you might
not have known right it doesn't matter
if you're drop shipping it doesn't
matter if you're reselling so constantly
stay learning
don't get complacent because
when you're the most vulnerable honestly
is like when you're you're starting to
have consistent days where you're being
successful because then you get stuck in
your ways and you think you figured it
out and chances are like a couple weeks
to a month from now you're not going to
be at that level again because you've
got complacent you stop kind of you know
adding new things to your business right
and so i kind of wanted to just touch on
these lessons this has been you know
just sitting here ready to roll for a
while now so that's five mistakes that
most beginner resellers make obviously
this applies to drop shipping as well or
any ecommerce business model really to
recap it's not being patient enough
sourcing poor inventory
not having enough inventory which is a
big one that i see
niche jumping or getting caught up in
shiny object syndrome and obviously not
continuing to learn and getting
complacent when you get successful okay
so i hope you enjoyed this video i hope
you got a lot of value out of it give it
a thumbs up if you appreciate the value
in it and i'll see in the next one

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