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dell black friday ads 2015

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

Top 20 Black Friday Deals of 2015!

hey guys, how you doing. this is pole and black friday is just a few days away now and it can be kind of overwhelming flipping through all the catalogs to find the best deals. so today I've compiled a list of what I think are the best black friday deals this year. I've broken it up into five main categories, so that's going to be TVs, game consoles, laptops, tablets and smartphones, and then at the end I'll also give you guys a few miscellaneous items that don't really fall into any of those categories, but there's still awesome deals that you should check out. so first up with the TV's, we have probably the best deal of the year. it's a 49 inch 1080p TV for just one hundred fifty dollars at best buy. this is an incredible deal and they're definitely going to sell out insanely fast. so if you're planning on picking one of these up, you're going to need to get to the store really early and probably camp out for at least a few hours. however, there is a little bit of a loophole with this deal for people with discover cards- kind of shady- but it should work out just fine. what you need to do is go to bestbuy before black friday and buy the TV for the full retail price of four hundred thirty dollars and then, once Black Friday comes around, you can file a price protection with discover and get your money back, except for the text, so you might be paying just a little bit more, but it's definitely worth it because you won't have to wait in line. so some people are kind of mad about this, how some people are kind of taking advantage of this deal. but if you have discovered, you might want to jump on this opportunity now. if you're looking for a similar deal on a TV, but you don't want to wait in line, don't want to camp out, amazon has a 50-inch 1080p TV. the brand hasn't been announced yet, but it's just one hundred fifty dollars as well. but the important thing to remember about this one is that it's only available through the amazon app on your smartphone. and finally, if you want to go all out and get the bigger smart TV, walmart will be offering a 55 inch 4k smart TV from hisense for just four hundred fifty dollars and, considering this, is listed for 750 on amazon right now. this is an amazing deal. moving on to the game consoles, kohls probably has the best ps4 deal of the year, with a $300 uncharted playstation 4 bundle plus a $75 kohls cash gift card. so a lot of other stores like Walmart, best buy, gamestop are going to be offering the $300 bundle, but since you get a $75 gift card from kohls, I'd say that's the best deal if you're looking for a ps4 this year. on the Xbox side, Dell is offering an unbeatable bundle of a 500 gigabyte Xbox one console with gears of war Ultimate Edition and fallout 4 and an extra controller for just three hundred dollars. so that's over one hundred fifty dollars of savings. if you need some extra controllers, best buy and walmart will have both ps4 and xbox one controllers for thirty-three percent off, so that's just forty dollars per controller. moving on to the games themselves, walmart has all the newest sports games, so that's fifa 16, NBA 2k16 and madden 16- all for just twenty seven dollars. and they'll also have grand theft, auto 5, the witcher 3, batman, arkham knight and many more games for only 25 dollars. for laptops, best buy is offering a dell inspiron 15.6 inch touchscreen laptop with an intel core i3 processor, 8 gigabytes of ram and a terabyte hard drive for just three hundred dollars. and if you're more of a macbook person, then you can get the newest macbook pro retina with 256 gigabytes of storage for just one thousand three hundred forty nine dollars at Best Buy- still pretty pricey, but that is one hundred fifty dollars off what it's selling for at Apple stores. best buy will also offer the 12 inch macbook for 1149 dollars, so that's one hundred fifty dollars off as well. for a higher end laptop convertible, best buy has the yoga 3 pro with an intel core m processor, eight gigabytes of ram, a 256 gigabyte SSD and a qHD touchscreen for two hundred fifty dollars off. the yoga 3 pro is one of the best convertibles of the year and for that price it's definitely a steal. they also have an 11.6 inch acer chromebook for ninety-nine dollars, but it's even cheaper at office depot and officemax where it's just $95. so if you're on a really tight budget or just need something to browse the web or type a few notes on, that is an amazing deal. moving on to tablets, staples is offering the ipad air 2 64 gigabyte model for four hundred fifty dollars. that's over one hundred fifty dollars off- the best tablet on the market, right now, at least in my opinion. staples is also cutting one hundred dollars off the ipad mini for, bringing the price down to just three hundred dollars for the 16 gigabyte Wi-Fi model, and if you're looking for something really cheap, then best buy has you covered with an Amazon fire 7-inch tablet for just thirty five dollars. as carriers have mostly transitioned from two-year contracts to leasing phones, the Black Friday deals are going to be a little bit different this year. they might be more expensive than what you're used to, but keep in mind that you won't have to be locked into a two-year contract like in previous years. so, that being said, best buy will give you a two hundred fifty dollar gift card with the purchase of any samsung galaxy s6, s6 edge or the s6 edge plus. you can also pick up a prepaid Moto e bundle for just ten dollars. that's over fifty dollars in savings, and you might think that a phone that cheap would just be awful, but the Moto e is a surprisingly capable smartphone. just look up some reviews on youtube if you're doubting what it can do. and for that price, the Moto e would be a perfect Wi-Fi only device, kind of like the ipod touch. unfortunately, i couldn't find any great i phone deals. best buy has an offer where they'll give you a two-hundred-dollar gift card with the purchase of any new iphone, but the catch is that you'll have to trade in an iphone 5 or higher with your purchase, so that's not really that great of a deal. moving on to the miscellaneous category, you can get the Apple watch sport or the Huawei watch at best buy for fifty dollars off, or you can get a fifty dollar gift card with the purchase of any new Moto 360. also, some sony wireless headphones are fifty percent off, bringing the price down to just one hundred dollars, and i've personally never tried these headphones myself, but they look really nice. so that's pretty much it, guys. I hope you enjoyed this video. hopefully I could help you guys find a deal that you might want on Black Friday. just remember that a lot of these deals are going to sell out really fast, so get to the store early if you're planning on picking any of them up. that's pretty much it. thanks for watching and subscribe for some more content coming soon. thanks,

Black Friday - Best Xbox One Deals, Games, Controllers, Dell, $180 Console Value

if you're considering getting an Xbox one this holiday season, might I recommend the cheapest ones and the best deal ones. so that would be Dell. Dell has the best deal for an Xbox one this Black Friday. they have the fallout 4 bundle for $300, with an extra controller with the Gears of War. I added up the math. I do the reverse value, what it's actually worth- it's actually worth 180 dollars just for the console itself- is how I figure the math out to be. so you would take off, you would take off 40 for the controller, you take out 24 game Gears of War and you take off 60 for Fallout 4, thus making just the wrong console $180. know my opinion. if you need, if you want an Xbox one, the the absolute best deal is the Dell one by [ __ ]. fall are not even close, dude, that's what I would recommend. then I give you the rundown. if you don't have a, if you don't want a quarter for on online you got the best buy deal for the Xbox Lego bundle and the 40 inch samsung TV that deals back for $500, which is I eat, but it depends on how good that TV is. I didn't do much research because I'm just not [ __ ] caring and there's launched. a place has got some decent TV / monitors on sales Black Friday for like $100 or maybe 200. there's always the woods LG TVs on Black Friday always have it like $300 for like 40 summons. I always thought those are interesting by anyways. so you got Toys R Us for $300. you get the Lego of the bundle, you get the lego movie bundle. Walmart has the third best deal, so they got the gears bundle for $300 and a $30 gift card. those making a $250 value. Barry met last year Black Friday. well, woman had the second best deal, in my opinion. this year they drop down. I can't believe [ __ ] Dells deal, but whatever target's got second best. if you've got a target, you don't feel like ordering online. you want it that night and you don't wait for shipping. the target's got $300 gears bundle and a 60 dollar gift card, thus making it a $220 value. so you can take that $6 gift card and do whatever. and then you've got Gears of War, which is only worth about $20. so it's a decent deal. HH greg has a $350 Xbox one fallout for one terabyte bundle. this is decent. it's still a little meh to the memory. it's Black Friday coming up, you can get like three gigabytes of RAM for $100 easily, so it's not really worth it. but if you won't fall out for in a bigger console and not have to do much shopping or thinking or research or anything and go with that. some side notes: Xbox one controllers $40 on Black Friday. so just know that in the back of your pen. if you want an extra one, you can go to Walmart or Best Buy. I have found in my research. as a funny joke I want to tell you Game Stop has an exponent for $300 to the gears bundle. Game Stop is [ __ ] trash. all their deals are trashed. everything in my game stuff is always [ __ ] trash [ __ ] game saw. leading up to Black Friday target is doing by two games, get one free. they did this last year. so if you just want to buy games and get free money, if you just want to buy games, go ahead. there. the math will come out to being $40 per game. and their new games too is that you can go get fallout 4, halo 5 or Tomb Raider or any of these new games. whatever. whatever they may be, you can get them in. the math will be $40. so that's interesting. also, SanDisk has USB is 128 gigabytes for $20. it's [ __ ] insane. another company has- I think it'll be memory stiks, maybe this, but I don't remember. now it matters how it acts me in the comment section, if it matters. they have memory stiks that are 16 gigabytes for the $3.00, which adds up to be a little bit less of value than the 128, but it you know you have more stakes if you me more. so well, this is [ __ ] amazing deal. I always get laugh when I'm at my work and they have USB stiks for ten dollars and only gigabyte. so I'm like Black Friday is a joke compared to these prices. but I even bought like a [ __ ] micro SD card. that's like [ __ ]. I forget how big. yeah, this is big, and I paid like half the price of the. the data always pay half the price. session or old thumb if the, if the memory is eight, then pay $4 anyway. that's all topic anyways. so a little disclaimer one: I did black party research last year so I took my knowledge that I already had and brought it here. that's why I'm doing this video. I'm not an Xbox fanboy. if you want PlayStation over Xbox, get that. and if you want my opinion on which PlayStation 4 is the best one, I can do the research for that if anybody is interested. game same thing, but getting a little make the target one might be the best deal. tartar, car, Goliath- yeah, the target violin by the games- get one free is far the best deal for that. also, targets doing on Black Friday by 160 lore game, get a $15 gift card- that's making a 45- are still not a better deal than their buy two, get one free. who? there's no gangsta 7, peace out.

More:$0 - $10K In 7 days On A BRAND NEW ECOM FUNNEL! Clickfunnels Dropshipping


youtube. how the heck are you a decipher? hope you guys are enjoying your day. I want to do a quick video just telling you guys about some black friday deals that I've been seeing all over the net that have been confirmed that will be at retailers, it looks like in North America. I'm not sure about Europe or anything else, but these are US dollars and North American prices. if you guys have any other informations that you find out that are legitimate and real for black friday, you know, please leave them in the comments or whatever. you found this on social media and things like that. what we have so far that it will confirm is that best buy, sam's club and target will have the 500 gigabyte xbox one, Gears of War bundle for 2 99 99. dell for 2 99 99 will have the 500 gigabyte xbox one with gears of war, fallout 4 and a second controller, which is a pretty good deal. Best Buy 43 49 99 you get the one terabyte Xbox one with Tomb Raider definitive edition, rise of the Tomb Raider and a second controller. and for people who go to kohls besides just buying socks, I guess for 2 99 99 you can get the 500 gigabyte Xbox one with the lego movie videogame, if that's your thing. for playstation 4, best by kohls, Sam's Club, Target and Walmart will have the 500 gigabyte PlayStation 4 with the Nathan Drake collection bundle for 299, which is a pretty good deal. and Sam's Club is also offering the 500 gigabyte playstation 4 bundled with star wars battlefront and a second controller for 389, so it's actually a really good deal as well. now for people who wanted maybe a Nintendo Wii U or other Nintendo products: Walmart, Target are gonna have the wii u deluxe edition with splatoon and smash brothers, the 32 gigabyte edition for 249. if you're looking to pick up the older Nintendo 3ds XL, Walmart's can have it for 129 dollars and if you want the new Nintendo 3ds XL, best buy and target will have them for 179- 99. now getting into actual games and things like that: target has a bunch of deals I have going on. they're gonna have a rock band for basically the rock band in a box, Xbox one and PlayStation 4 4- 199, Guitar Hero live for Xbox one and ps4 for fifty nine dollars and each. these games will be 35 bucks. for playstation 4, need for speed, rivals, metal gear solid 5, Assassin's Creed, syndicate and destiny, the taken King, and for Xbox one they're gonna have madden 16 and NBA 2k16. for thirty-five dollars each, 34, 99, you can get Disney infinity 3.0 and Skylanders supercharger starter pack and for 25 bucks for ps4 you can get Mortal Kombat X, batman, arkham knight and the witcher 3, which is really cool. now let's see other places: Sam's Club. if you go to sam's club for 3788, you can get Disney infinity 3.0 and Skylanders supercharger starter pack and you can get Guitar Hero live on different platforms- 469, 98. now if you go to best buy, best buy is gonna be really busy, but if you do get in there for 1999 you can get gears of war for Xbox one. for ps4 you can get MLB 15, dark souls 2, ultimate, see diablo 3, reaper of souls, project cars for 1999. for the 360 you can get GTA 5 and black ops 1 and 2 combo pack. for xbox, money for you can get madden 16 and fifa 16 for 2999 and for 3989 you can get the ps4 dualshock and xbox one- one of those controllers if you guys are really big into that. so if you guys could just leave this video like. if you guys have any other deals that you guys have notiked, please make sure to leave them in the comments and YouTube. thank you so much for being here. make sure the shares be with your friends or if your kids shirt with your parents, so maybe a little bit entike you to get you some new video games or a new system this holiday season. so hope this video was informative. i hope this video helped out. if you didn't hear everything, go back, watch it again, write it down. sorry if it was too quick. anyway, i hope you guys enjoy this video. thanks for the thumbs up. thanks for the support. youtube, I'll catch you later.


Black Friday App Deals, Ads, Circulars, Coupons, and discount codes in one app

carry around and clip 40 page ad circulars for black friday. we have an app that will keep all of those deals with you right in your pocket. tiknology consultant Francie black is here to tell us what we need to know ahead of the big shopping day. thanks for coming in. oh, thank you for having me. we need to be organized, or so many deals- how do we keep track what's where? oh my gosh. well, if you look at these circulars, some of them are 40 pages long, 50 pages on. it's crazy, and so, of course, there's an app for that, and there's a whole bunch of black friday apps, by the way. so some of them offer different features, some of them just all for the circulars, but this one's pretty comprehensive. it's by company called cease, so if you're searching for it, you might definitely go to the website, my website. I've had wisdom calm to get the direct link to this one because there are multiple, but in this one I'm an action. it's pretty flexible, and so that's why I picked it. has a lot of features in its flexible, but if you go into the home page, it features some of its top stores here, so Walmart, Target, all of our big retailers, best buy, etc. now if there's one that's not here that you want to shop there circular, you can go to stores and you'll see that they literally have it for just about every store you could ever want- Balki, etc. so we're going to go into the walmart circular and this one, I think, is about 30 some pages, but we'll look at that just a second. I did want to point out in the page it tells you when the doors open, so you know if they're an early one or not. I'm. you can also get other coupons and their location information and the shop now actually teach you to their website. so that's what those do. but if you want to look at the circulars for Black Friday, you can tap on it and it this partikular app. Apple offers a couple of different views which are really helpful. so this is kind of small, kind of hard to see all that stuff going on. but they actually take every section of this and break it down, so every item feels exactly what you're buying, exactly. we're looking too much? yes, exactly, and so you can flip through each page and every single page will do that, and so it changes based on the page. you can see that this one's 32 pages, so, or you can tap on it and get that close up view that you like. so if you like that, like the layout, you can do that. you can click on any item, tap on it and you can get the details that way. so it's flexible, depending on how you prefer to shop. tap the plus sign. it does have a wish list. so if you're going through all these different retailers and you say, hey, I'm interested in that, add it. hey, what did this retailer offer? what did that one offer on the price? just add it to your wish list and we'll look at that in just a second so you can compare. shopping cart actually takes you out to the retailers app. you can also search by category, which is great. so if you want to hit tablets or any category- there's tons of different categories- it'll actually show you tablets across many different retailers. oh, that's helpful, right that? one thing that's going to be on the wish list: yeah, where's the cheapest price exactly? so you can sift through all of those and then, if you go out to your wish list, this is everything that you've saved from all your different retailers and then you can sort it. I like this. you can sort of by a couple of different ways. I'm going to sort it by store and so you can see everything that you've got at walmart. so if you're shopping at Walmart, you got your walmart list together, you got your target list together, you got your best buy list together. so it's super quick, super easy. you can take something off. if you're comparing between the two stores. you could tap on the item, take it off your wish list and narrow it down. so it's way faster than clipping, cutting, sorting, circling, carrying around, working out and getting those. I mean, you're still. a lot of people were just going to go online and still have to go through all the ads, online submission. just get the app and be done. yeah, and you have it with you. so you have your shopping list with you. so when you get target or walmart, you got it bare, all right and real quick. you've also in years past- yes, told us about some other things are really helpful for the holidays, yeah, so last year covered in detail. it's on the website. butterball has a fabulous app for thanksgiving: all kinds of turkey recipes, menu planning, conversion charts, pretty much anything you need. they've toked to them just this week and they have added a bunch of new recipes, so you might want to check those out- of butterball. and then for all those travelers- we heard about all that crazy traffic I hit some coming in ways is a great app for traveling. so there's your full weekend suite of apps. hey, you got to travel, you've got the food and you get the shopping. what else do you need? if you want to learn more about those apps that frenzy showcase today? go to WS com. click on tik time. that's where you can sign up for her free e-newsletter and get those links. also, you can do it at ipad wisdom calm.

BestBuy Black Friday Haul: 2015

so, as the title of this video says, these are all of my best by Black Friday purchases. now, if you're not familiar, Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving here in the United States and, as I understand, it's kind of bleeding into other countries. now, if Thanksgiving is a holiday that we have here in the United States, that's the last Thursday of November and the Friday after is Black Friday, and they call it Black Friday because all the businesses get in the black, because everybody's doing that Christmas shopping, and typically black ink represents good, red ink represents bad, so Black Friday. that's where it gets its name anyway. so I purchased quite a few things from Best Buy- everything you saw in the intro of this video- and I'm gonna go over what the deals I got now. I'm not gonna actually unbox everything individually, I'm just gonna tell you the deals I got for Black Friday from Best Buy. I will have another video about the Black Friday deals I got from Amazon. although Amazon really doesn't do a whole lot of Black Friday deals, they do price match on certain things, so we'll go into that in the next video. anyway, what you see in front of you here is a PlayStation 4 gold wireless stereo headset, and this is the top-of-the-line first-party headset that you can get for your PlayStation 4. now, typically, I am NOT a headphone gamer and I don't like headphones. in general, I don't like things in or over my ears. however, I do want to maybe do some online play here and again, and this headset will allow me to do voice chat and it's wireless, so I wanted to try it out. if I don't like it, I can always sell it, like I always do with everything pretty much. but I got a good deal on this again a Black Friday deals, probably some of the best deals you're gonna get throughout the year. normally this runs about $100. I got it for 60 dollars and 95 cents. now what I like to do here on this channel is I like to tell you the outdoor price that I pay for everything. so when you see in the intro of my video, you see the out-the-door price that I paid for it and my cats are kind of getting into it with each other. so if you hear a little hissing, that's what's in the background. but again, I got this for $60.95. that's including tax and shipping and everything, even though I did get free shipping. so that's a good deal- about a forty dollar, a little over $40 savings on this headset here. so up next we have a SanDisk Ultra - 480 gigabyte internal SATA SSD. now if you're familiar with my channel, you might know- although you probably won't know because I didn't do a dedicated video on it, but if you have an eagle eye or if you really follow this channel closely, you might know- that I updated my editing rig in the summer of 2015 and I updated it to a Dell Precision T 7500. and if you know what a Dell Precision T 7500 is, it's a workstation, it's a Xeon workstation and it's pretty powerful. it's an older workstation but it's more power than I need for the editing that I do on this channel. now in that computer I put an SSD, my first SSD, my crucial SSD, and it's a hundred and twenty eight gigabyte SSD. so I wanted to expand the capacity, not only the SSD I have in there, but the hard drive, and we'll get into the hard drive part later. but this is going to be the SSD that I do put into my Dell Precision T 7,500, and I've never tried a SanDisk SSD before, although I have had SanDisk memory cards, SD cards and micro SD cards, and it's a well known brand. now, the thing about my dell workstation is that it only has SATA ii compatibility on the SATA ports on the motherboard. again, it's an older computer but because it's a workstation that they use for oil drilling and things of that nature- big number crunching machines- it's still a relevant machine for what I'm gonna be using it for. but you know the Santa. I'd like the saddest feeds to be a little bit higher, so I want to increase it to SATA 3. the SSD I have in there currently is a SATA 3 Drive and this is a SATA 3 Drive. but the reason I bring it up is because I didn't go with an industry-standard high speed drive in this application, even though this is going to be probably faster than I need. but the reason I didn't go with, you know, maybe a Samsung drive or an Intel drive, is because the computer in its current state is not going to be able to even take advantage of those feeds because SATA to computer using SATA 3 Drive. I won't go into the details of it there, but just know that there's a difference there. if you're not familiar, I will be upgrading that computer with a card. I'm gonna put an expansion card in the computer that will give it SATA 3 speeds, and the next time you actually see this drive is when I do that upgrade. but this is an excellent Drive at an excellent price again: 480 gigabytes- it's gonna be great for my primary drive. I'm going to couple it with a 4 terabyte hard drive so I'm gonna have more than enough space for my video editing here on this channel. and this SSD cost me out the door again. all out the door prices: 111 dollars and 75 cents. now this drive will vary in price. you can get it around $200, maybe a little bit less or whatever. but I got a great savings on this drive again. the capacity is gonna be the biggest solid state capacity drive I have and it costs less than any solid state drive that I purchased brand-new. so that's a good deal in my book up next I have a couple of PlayStation 4 games and I don't really have a whole lot of time for gaming, but I've come to the point in my life where I realize that I still do enjoy playing video games from time to time, so I want to make time for it in my life when I can, and this is a great time to get a hold of some deals on Black Friday again. Black Friday is a great time to purchase pretty much anything. pretty much anything you want from a store you can get at a good price on Black Friday, but especially video games at Best Buy. I'm part of the video games Players Club, or whatever they call it. it's basically a club that you pay $30 for and I believe you get two years of membership out of that and basically you get 20% off of all of your video game purchases from the store. so that, stacked with the already good Black Friday deals, gave me a lot of good deals on these brand new Playstation 4 games. the first one up is held. purrs & Helldivers is an isometric gauntlet style game, Baldur's Gate style game, Diablo style game. I got this game for $16.25 out the door and it includes a PlayStation 4 version, obviously this one PlayStation 3 version and PlayStation Vita editions, all expansions, 11 DLC packs and bonus weapons and you kind of get an idea of what the game looks like on the back again, if you're familiar with Baldur's Gate Diablo gauntlet. it's that isometric style game and it's a multiplayer game, so should be fun. now, typically I don't open up PlayStation 4 games or any video game that I buy or even any movie that I buy until I'm ready to watch it. that way, if I want to return it or if I want to turn around and sell it, I can sell it as brand new because I haven't opened it. so whenever I play, this is when I will open for the first time. up next, we have dishonored the definitive edition. now. I've heard a lot of great things about this game, and I really like stealth games for the most part, and I hear that this is a good stealth game, or at least it can be played that way, and it has a dark atmosphere, which is typically what I do like in my video games. now I do have this for the Xbox 360. for those of you who do follow my channel closely, you'll know that I got it as a pack in game on an Xbox 360 II set that I purchased off of ebay and that game was in mint condition. now I haven't had time to play it, but since this is the definitive edition, it's gonna have the best graphics because it is on a modern console. even though it might not be that much of a difference, it is gonna be the best version of the game out there and I thought for the price you really couldn't beat it. so I got this game for twelve dollars and 18 cents- brand new, so that's a great.

Cyber Monday Deals 2015, Top 10 Best Cyber Monday Deals ► The Deal Guy

Today, your top 10 Cyber Monday deals. Hi, I'm the Youtube deal guy, Matt Granite. Welcome to your one stop shop for daily savings, not just on Cyber Monday, where I give every deal I find away for free. In fact, all of the items you've seen over the past few days are all gonna be part of these huge giveaways If you're subscribed. that's all you need to know Before we get to the deals. a lot of you asking how does it work in terms of winning? We gather data from Epoxytv and vidIQ to highlight our most engaged subscribers to people that are commenting and giving videos thumbs up. You'll get hooked up and be notified in the comments section. we're gonna continuously notify you through other videos. Many of you already got a video from me on Saturday and that video had all of the big deals attached to it. This one has an updated right under this video window. click that show more tab. I'll hook you up. Now let's showcase the top store: wide sales and then the deals: Your best bets at 80% of today: photo canvases, which I'll show you in a moment. re-upload your favorite photo. it gets printed. bed sheets, outerwear, boots and select tik items. Those are all located right under this video window, where you also find links to the top store wide sales from Snapfish to Express, Ann Taylor, Loft, Reebok and The Body Shop, where 50% off site wide is standard this Cyber Monday. And the best of the 40% off retailers: Lands' End, Eddie Bauer, Old Navy Gap, Banana Republic, select items at J Crew with the rest 30% off. Now for the huge deals. Let's start with the top rated tablet deal from Lenovo, way better than anything we saw Black Friday. none of these are paid products, but this is an insane deal. Top rated power banks are down to under $30 from 100, insane savings. Beats Mixr headphones back at their Black Friday pricing, under 130 from 250.. Skechers GOwalk watches are under $20 today. Store wide fashion sales are huge, including $20 dog boots with free shipping. Smart watches are $39, down from over 100. Hoverboards: 50% off today, free shipping special for Cyber Monday: 80% off. canvases down to $25 with free shipping. and for all of the people that have subscibed to my deal guide channel on Youtube, thank you. - Hey guys, it's intern Amy. there are Razor Scooter deals, but they will be better after Christmas. - We are continuing to hunt down deals as we speak. A full volunteer effort where no one makes any money. Right, Andrew. - Right - Yeah, there you go. Free labor, free labor. We really appreciate you being here. your views rock my world. - I love everyone who loves this channel and watches all our videos. - [Matt]. For free stuff, click the subscribe button you see on your screen right now. you'll be signed up for that and all of my biggest daily deals. To turn on your alerts, you're gonna see a wheel beside the subscribe button. On a mobile device it looks like this: Click the box, turn on your channel alerts. that will ensure your emailed every time I upload a huge deal And remember you want to buy any item I feature. There's a link right under this video window. click the show more tab and every link I have for every deal is right there. There you go. you are awesome. thank you so much for watching.