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difference between marketplace and dropshipping

Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

I Tried Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace for One Week (Does it Work?)!

i tried drop shipping on facebook marketplace for one week. there were some lows- nothing's going exactly according to plan here some highs. this actually works and i'll be showing you all of it in this video, plus how much money i made after just one week. if you're here then you've probably heard about drop shipping before and if you follow my channel then you've probably seen some of my videos about drop shipping on ebay or amazon. but for the past six months the number one most requested video i've been getting from my viewers is one all about drop shipping on facebook marketplace. and because i love you guys, want to make you happy, here's that video, day one. now, getting started with facebook drop shipping seemed easy enough. i'd use facebook marketplace in the past when i sold some old junk when i was moving, and i had a ton of experience drop shipping on ebay and amazon. so combine the two- how hard could this really be? but i wasn't sure how scalable facebook drop shipping would be. but you know what i felt like i had nothing to lose. i already had a facebook account and since i already had a facebook account, i also had access to facebook marketplace. so i started to poke around on facebook marketplace to kind of get an idea of how it worked, and i also wanted to see what people were actually buying, because in the past the stuff i sold on facebook was just old junk i didn't want anymore. but what i'm more interested in now is what people actually want to buy. once i felt a little bit more familiar with facebook marketplace, i decided to just get right into it and start listing up some items. now i wasn't really sure what to sell at first, so the first items i listed up were just some items that i had already sold on ebay and amazon, and honestly, some of the other items were just amazon's best sellers, which you can find right on amazoncom and wouldn't you know it? less than one hour later i made my first sale and honestly, i could not believe how fast that happened. honestly, i can't believe how fast that happened. i made my first sale after just one hour. this actually works. facebook drop shipping does work. let's see how much i can scale this up. so, if you couldn't tell, i was pretty excited at this point. so i hopped back on my computer, bought the item from amazon, shipped it to my customer on facebook and i was done for a total profit of eight bucks- not too bad. i spent the rest of the day listing more items. i did get some more orders, so i fulfilled those orders. so i ended the day with a total profit of 26. day two: good morning everyone. so this is day number two of my drop shipping on facebook challenge. this morning we parked over here on this beach in titusville, florida, because late tonight there's going to be a rocket launch. so i'm just going to sit here all day listing items, hopefully fulfilling some orders, and then tonight we'll watch the rocket launch. i already checked my phone, so we have a couple of orders, so let's jump on the computer and see what it's all about. i started out by fulfilling the orders that had come through overnight and was pretty happy to see that they were all still in stok on amazon and walmart. i then spent the rest of the day just adding products onto facebook and i really concentrated on items that i had already been selling on ebay and amazon, because those were the ones that were selling the fastest for me on facebook. all right, guys, it's 4: 30 pm on my second day and i've been sitting here listing items all day long. i've been getting some sales throughout the day, maybe like once every hour, every two hours. but in the last 20 or 30 minutes, like holy moly, i've been getting a ton of sales, like just five or six, like right after another. a lot of people send me messages asking about items as well. so i'm definitely feeling a little bit overwhelmed, definitely feeling really excited as well. i'm doing this all by myself at this point, so i definitely have to get to work to get all these orders fulfilled and kind of put this to rest for the night so i can go watch that rocket [Music] launch day three. on day three i was so blown away by the rocket launch the night before that i didn't record any videos. but i pulled another 12 hour day just listing products, fulfilling orders, and ended the day with a total profit of 94 to date. day four: what's up guys? it's the fourth day. it's actually saturday morning, around seven am. i'm already up on my laptop doing work because i got a bunch of orders last night. it's kind of the reality when you're starting your own business even got to work on the weekends, but that's the best time to hustle. it gives you the most amount of time, especially if working a nine to five job. so let's get these orders done. [Music]. so that is a wrap for day number four. total profit for facebook drop shipping so far is over 250. i think it's 263 and it would have been more than that. but i did sell some items that were out of stok from my supplier, so i had to find them somewhere else and order them at a loss, so i actually lost some money on some sales. but overall we're up by a lot, because yesterday we were at less than a hundred dollars profit. now we're over 200 profit. so we're definitely scaling things in the right direction right now, and the crazy part is that about one third of my listings are actually selling, which is a huge chunk of them, and i think a big reason for that is because i'm really focusing on, as soon as i sell an item, listing up a bunch of similar items to that one, so that it's just kind of full of these items that i know people are interested in, and that's that's been working really, really well for me. now, one big struggle i had today was just how overwhelmed i started to feel with all the orders coming in and just being able to keep up with that while still adding products into the store as well. so tomorrow i really need to focus. i really need to find a way to automate this some more, whether that's using some software or hiring a virtual assistant- because i'm not gonna be able to do this sustainably- i don't think and run my other businesses- unless i find a way to automate this. so that's gonna be my focus for tomorrow. hopefully that works and yeah, that's a wrap for tonight, day five: when i woke up on day five i was really excited to find a way to set up my facebook drop shipping automation and i spent the whole day setting up the software connecting it to facebook. but on the very last step i ran into a big issue. all right, so nothing's going exactly according to plan here. so first, the automation: to set it up, it was a lot harder than i thought it would be. i did manage to get it despite all the moving parts. it did take me a full day to do it. but i'm not even sure if it's going to work because there's one final step that facebook has to approve and they say it could take up to a week for that to happen. so maybe it works, maybe it doesn't. i don't even know yet. what i do know is that it wastes an entire day setting it up. that was the day i could have been listing more products and since doing that, i've definitely notiked that my sales slowed down. i think you constantly have to be adding products into your store, especially this time of year. i'm doing this right before christmas and a lot of the more popular items are now selling out, so i think that that factored into it a lot as well. i'm not sure what the exact numbers are, so i'll just put them at the bottom of the screen what they are right now. but my focus right now i'm going to put the automation on the back burner while i wait for facebook to approve me, and i'm instead going to just double down on listing more products and really put the focus in that, because i know that works and i can always set up the automation later. so i'm trying to keep this. seven days of drop shipping: i did kind of lose out on an entire day for the automation, but i still have a couple of days left, so i definitely want to make the best of it. day six and day seven: over the next few days, nothing really new happened. i just

I Figured Out What Makes My Sales EXPLODE (Dropshipping On Facebook Marketplace and Shops)

what's up, guys? it's Cameron here and in this video I want to tok about the number one free piece of information that everyone has access to with the shop that you're not using to utilize and get more sales, and at the end of the video I'm going to go over three top selling products that I'm currently selling so that I can share them with you and you guys can hopefully get sales from those as well. those three products actually came from a list of 15 products that I just posted in the new VIP Facebook group. if you guys haven't seen me post about that, there will be a link down in the description to get started with that. it's a paid subscription group. it's ten dollars a month right now for those of you who want to get started. so far we got people rolling in. we're really excited because it's going to be way more useful. all the benefits are down below and I'll tok about it more at the end of the video, but it's going to be an all new group, all new experience and a lot more value, so I hope you can join me there right now. I know everyone's shops and marketplaces are just low sales, really bad, and there's really no avoiding it. I'm being affected by it and so is everybody else, from what I can tell, and if they're not, they're probably lying to you. no, I don't know. some some people do have like shops. I have a few shops that are going normal, but most of my other shops and Marketplace accounts just suck. so I wanted to try to revive a crappy account that I haven't really been selling on lately and see what information I could glean from that and see if I can change some stuff up. so what did I decide to do? I decided to do what you've probably done 100 times, which is look at your insights and I I wanted to look at it a little bit differently. I wanted to see the age range, because some of us just list. you know- I've told you for over a year now, or however, how long I've been doing this- that do inspiration from whatever you see, and I still love to do that. I still love to go out and shop and do all these things and just kind of be like, oh, I bet I could sell that. I don't see that listed ever. that's an interesting product. I take pictures of stuff in little boutique stores and try to get inspiration from those things and sometimes those things sell. but the more I think about it, I was like man. what is most of my stuff that cells have in common? and a lot of it is, you know, things like gardening and and hobbies and stuff like that, and a while ago I was even selling a lot of like compression, knee brace type things. I'm like man, a pattern starting to emerge and I looked at my insights. and what? what does my insights tell me? when I go go to age range and I see my demographics, well, my biggest sellers are the age between the age of 45 and 65 years old and that's most of my buyers. I mean, I said sellers, I'm going to go. I mean buyers, so that has to correlate. I mean, obviously the insights are right there. it says that's what the buyer's age range is. so why don't I just list things that have to do with that buyer's age range? so what did I do after that? I went to Google, as we all do, and I started looking up most common hobbies for 65 year olds and most common hobbies for 45 year olds and I would just- I would just check different like Decades of of age range within there and most of the lists all look the same. they would say things like gardening, writing, Sports, and most of the sports were like low impact, very easy to do sports for somebody who's younger. but you know, these people are active, they want to do things a lot of older people do. I got a lot of lists like a common highways to do in retirement and I started looking at those things and pretty quickly I realized a lot of these things on these hobby lists are what I've been selling for the last year and a half and that's what most of my sales came from, and they were accessories, like what I always mentioned around gardening and around Hobbies like that. it's very vague but you'll see that if you go look, a lot of your people might be in the same age range or, for some reason. maybe you've always listed stuff that people in their 20s buy and you just happen to have different insights than me, but I imagine a lot of us are going to have the same similar results because of what I'm about to tell you. we always wonder why the hell would anybody buy something from us on Facebook? also, why wouldn't they search it into Google or Amazon and try to find it for a cheaper price anywhere else? well, this same age demographic doesn't think that way, or at least not everybody does. of course, some of them are going to. it's not the rule. again, don't start commenting hate, but there's a lot of people who just don't understand how it all works. they're like: I mean, I haven't really started buying anything online yet anyway, I always just go to Home Depot to buy gardening stuff. but man, my friend started buying stuff online and it just gets sent straight to his house. I didn't have to go anywhere, whatever. like they're. they're just some people are very resistant to change. I mean, you know how long somebody that's older in your life took to get a smartphone? smartphones have been out for like a decade and then they finally got rid of the flip phone. the same kind of concept, I think, at least in my opinion, is happening with online shopping. I think a lot of people are very hesitant. they're in the cat. there grew up in the cash days. writing checks was there like big transition out of cash, and then they finally started using credit cards after a while for not writing checks, and then they really didn't want to put any banking financial information into an online retailer because that seems sketchy to them. just like you know, we have things that seem sketchy to us, but I think they're finally doing it. I think they're. they're getting there's. more and more are adopting buying on Facebook and, if you have realized, Facebook is more and more the older generation social media. now you don't really find as many younger people on Facebook as you used to, because older people have felt comfortable and have navigated to this space and used it kind of like how we used to use it when we started using Facebook as well, because they haven't become tainted as much by it. basically, the older Generations are now getting comfortable buying things online, but they're still gaps of knowledge for them. they might know about Amazon. some people absolutely just hate Amazon and refuse to buy it from it, so they will use other platforms. and a lot of these older Generations, since they are hanging out on Facebook and they're starting to enjoy it, they're starting to see things they can buy on Facebook, which is the good part about Facebook. that's why we do it is because it puts this stuff in front of people's eyeballs. it gives them, it gives us traffic without having to pay for it most of the time. so it's putting these products that we sell in front of these people and these people every once in a while again, since it's a numbers game. you've got millions and millions of people, and then you've got a fraction of those people using Facebook, and then you get a fraction of those people using Facebook buying things from Facebook, or at least biting the bullet and just testing out buying from Facebook, and then you get a fraction of the people who would buy on Facebook without price matching anything and you got the the little fraction of people left over that follow through with the whole process and those are our customers and that's where we're profiting from. so that's, that's your audience, if if I haven't made it clear yet, the older generation is my audience, and I imagine they're your audience as well, and we need to start thinking about that when we product to research and find things to sell. now let's get to those top three sellers I was toking about in the beginning of this video. again, these were posted in the VIP group with a list of 15, but I'm gonna show you three right now that prove my point for the older generation theory that I got.

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The Best Facebook Marketplace Software | Side by Side Comparison for Dropshipping

if you drop ship on facebook marketplace or facebook shops, chances are you either use fbm fox or you use z drop. or if you're new and you're looking for the best listing software or the best software to manage your- your drop shipping business on marketplace or shops, chances are you're looking at one or two of these and you're trying to figure out which one's better and which one's better for you. so in today's video i'm gonna grade both z drop and fbm fox on a number of different parameters. we're gonna grade them on price, marketplace lister, shops, lister, stok pricing and monitoring and like stok changing and price changing, their customer service and their auto ordering. and then on top of that, we're going to put all that together and i'm going to give you my opinion of which one is better and why, for beginners but also advanced people alike. so the first thing that we're going to grade these two on is price. so z drops price currently is 16.99 a month. it also comes with a seven day free trial so that you can try it out now. that is a very good price for everything that it does. it's only 17 a month. pretty much everyone can afford that. and if you can't afford 17, you know dollars a month, you shouldn't be starting a business, let alone, you know, a drop shipping business where you have to spend money. okay, so the price is very advantageous for z drop. now fbm fox also comes with a free version of their lister, but their lister specifically only lets you list, for the free version specifically only lets you list 50 products and then caps- you have 50.. so it's really not free. it just kind of lets you get your feet in the door to test the software and then, once you obviously start listing, you hit that 50 cap. you have to pay for the software. now that's not that big of a deal because the pricing here comes in at 29 a month for the bare minimum plan. now 29 a month only gives you 200 products and this is really where z drop comes in and crushes fbm fox. in my opinion, the original version of z drop, where you're paying 17 a month, comes with literally everything. there's no up charges, there's no, you know, hidden fees for you know capping you out of certain products, whereas fbm fox, yes, their base plan comes in, you know, free, obviously, and then when you upgrade, their base plan comes in at 29 a month. but then as you add more products. and if you watch this channel or even if you don't, one of the biggest and best things that i do to scale my business is list products consistently. every day on my marketplace accounts i list a hundred and forty products, everything. well, my va's list 140 products on each marketplace account every single day. so we mix it- quality products with quantity as well- and we take some shots in the dark, right, it's literally like the same analogy as like baseball: if you have more swings at the at the plate, you might as well take them. why wouldn't you? and marketplace lets you list 150 per day per marketplace account. right on shops we list as many as possible after that's done- and i also have a va that does that after their processing orders, so for it for the day. so really, the quantity thing is massive and that's why, in my opinion, z drop blows them out of the water here, because if you start listing 500, a thousand, 10 000 products, it really gets up there really fast. so let's say, hypothetikally, you wanted to list a thousand products. that's seventy dollars a month, not that big of a deal, but still a lot more expensive than than z drop. right on my one store i have upwards of twenty five thousand uh products and, honestly, on on my marketplace accounts, i don't i don't know how much it is because i can't count, but like, if i counted i would assume it's at least ten thousand, maybe closer to twenty thousand uh. so let's just take the one shop, for example, and say that we are listening to that one shop, well over twenty five thousand product- would be seven hundred dollars a month for this software, okay. now if you go upwards of a hundred thousand products, it can run you three thousand dollars a month, okay. whereas z drop just charges you a base fee of seventeen dollars and they don't ever up charge you. there's no hidden fees for, you know, going up the pricing tiers like that. so in my opinion, here z drop wins on price hands down, no questions asked. now with the marketplace lister, they both do pretty much the same thing: listing wise. with facebook marketplace personal accounts, you can literally just use it. it's like a copy and paste software. they both both work very well, in my opinion, and really nobody has the edge. so for the marketplace lister specifically, both z drop and fbm fox have a tie there. they both can get the job done. you need to keep in mind that if you're listing more on fbm fox, that even with the marketplace lister- like, the more you list, the more the price is going to go up- okay, so keep that in mind as well. but the functionality of the list are on marketplace. they both tie okay now with the shops lister. fbm fox has a beautiful shops lister. okay, you can literally just add products to your fpm fox store and then integrate that in the back end of your shop so it automatikally updates with those products. you don't actually have to add them in every single time. it will just automatikally do that. i believe it's like every hour. you can set it up. it's very, very good. now, the issue with that- even even though it's good- the issue with that- just like the lister and just like the pricing- is: add you as you add more and more products. what they don't tell you, obviously is that you're gonna slowly, you're gonna have to upgrade to maintain that right. so, even though you can add products super fast and super easily, you're gonna have to pay for that privilege, okay, and so, whereas on z drop, just like i said, they charge you that base 17 fee and, yes, that might go up, you know a dollar or two here and there every couple months, but it's still very, very minimal and it doesn't go up, like as you add more and more products on z drop. with the shops lister you can add literally hundreds and thousands of products a day. just export the spreadsheet on the actual uh z drop, like on zdropcom on their software, and then upload it super fast to your fbm shop or your to your facebook shop. i have an entire tutorial on this. even though fbm box has a better integration with their shops lister, z drop does a beautiful job with it as well, and the price for the actual amount of products that you're able to list- literally thousands- is still that 17 a month and you can do it just as fast, in my opinion, and it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg. literally, you're not handicapping your business by paying thousands of dollars a month. uh, you know, just for the privilege. okay, now shops- uh, the shops lister z drop wins, in my opinion, there with the stok monitoring and the stok changing and the price monitoring. the price changing z drop doesn't do that fbn fox does, and while they do do the stok and the price changing, so they automatikally get the w there because z drop doesn't even compete with them there. but that's reflected in the price, right? because fbm fox has to do the stok monitoring- changing of the stok- and do the price monitoring and changing the stok. their software requires a lot more- i don't even know what the actual like like term is, but but like a lot more bandwidth or a lot more um like server like space, i guess. right. so they have to pay for that and that's reflected in the price because they're managing so many products and monitoring so many products and then actually changing that with their software in the back. because of that, yes, they win because z drop doesn't compete with them there, but that is reflected in the price and that is reflected when you're listening to shops, when you're listening to marketplace, and just reflected in your monthly price overall. okay, so keep that in mind while i'm giving them the w here. it really isn't all that advantageous because in my opinion- and i've created a video on this in the past- i'll drop it.

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Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping UK vs USA 2021 - What are the KEY differences?

[Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. hi guys and girls, i hope everyone's doing okay as the summer draws to a close and the awesome season commences. today i wanted to address the uk and usa marketplace debate and what the key differences between the two are, namely, the shipping option versus the local pickup option here in the uk. so, before i begin, don't forget to like and subscribe to this video and also sign up to my facebook marketplace dropshipping uk facebook group. it's fast growing- faster than i expected actually, but it all helps- everyone helps- to collaborate with each other and share ideas. so don't forget to join the group and subscribe. so thank you. so getting started with this video. so what are the key differences and how can we best utilize the location we are currently in here being the uk, and versus the shipping options over in the usa? currently? so, here in the uk, we're faced with local delivery or pickup option for every item that we list on marketplace, meaning that we have to be very strategic with where we are placing our location in the uk. one moment i'm located in the heart of london, for example, and the other times i'm located in southampton, portsmouth- portsmouth specifically, because it's actually quite local to where i am and it's also the most densely populated city in the uk, so quite a lot of my sales have come from there. due to the nature of facebook, using a radius function- for example, 15 miles- and it utilizes all the people that are within that radius. so what does this mean for you in the uk as a seller on facebook marketplace? well, it means limited visibility to the rest of the country, so anyone outside this 15 to 20 mile radius won't have visibility of your product unless you've got it around different locations across the uk. so it's the case that's outside that radius, they're not going to have visibility of this one product. also, the mentality of facebook marketplace is different. by this i mean people are using facebook marketplace as a virtual garage sale. you see items, you message and you essentially visit the item before you buy it. covid definitely helped a lot with this, as people expected delivery, but this is a bit of a communication prowess that you can kind of use. you can still find multiple ways of getting them to buy as opposed to them visiting your front door. so it's also a very manual process when having the same, yet different conversations with people interested in the uk, so trying to negotiate the date they wanted delivered and whether or not they even want delivery or want it, uh, want to pick it up? um, it's a very manual process. you have to input their address. you have to input their specific details of delivery requirements. so if you were to look up how to sell items on facebook marketplace through usa location, um, it would actually say this: so when you buy or sell an item on marketplace, with delivery and check out, you can buy and sell things from people all over the continental united states, not just near your location. the seller delivers the item directly to the buyer and you can pay and be paid securely with check out on marketplace. so this is, as opposed to paypal, this is done through facebook marketplace. they can ship across the entire united states. i still think that's a massive benefit. so to my first point: um, instead of local delivery, usa can ship to anywhere in the united states. so that's a whole 50 states. uh, each 50 state is at least the size of the uk. so instead of a 20 mile radius, that we can do in the uk. so i think there's a clear winner on that side. going to my second point, it's not so limited in terms of visibility compared to the uk, um, someone could be in california and they could order something from florida, as long as shipping has been sorted. i could wake up tomorrow and have several orders from washington to california, to new york, if, if, someone was interested in my items. so that's, um a clear game changer as well. and then, finally, going to my third point, where the mentality of facebook marketplace is completely different. so the mentality in the usa is essentially to all the things with a click of the button, so going straight through to check out, you can wake up, you can have several orders and all you have to do is fulfill them, compared to in the uk where you'd actually wake up to maybe five messages- and that'll be five messages- that you have to go through the buying process of trying to persuade them to not come to your door, try to persuade them to get you to ship them the item straight from dvd or ups or just the, the uk post office etc. and just trying to persuade them not to look at the item until you can send it and also hand over the money over paypal or bank transfer. so, um, there's multiple ways that you can go through this buying process, but that, once again, there's a clear advantage when it comes to the usa shipping option. so, in summary, i know we're based in the uk and my videos are dedicated to people that are based in the uk, but also to provide value outside of the uk, because i'm sure that there's other countries out there that don't have the shipping option, that are yet to receive that. we have exciting things to come within the uk and with the shipping options, so i'm highly confident that the uk and other countries are going to get the shipping option, because it's just a source of revenue that facebook will be stupid not to utilize. um, usa are selling absolute thousands every single day through facebook marketplace, so it's a another stream of income that they'd be stupid not to utilize in the uk. because we're building a legacy right now. we're there, we're here very early in the game and i'm trying to teach you as much as i can in terms of the do's, the don'ts and the what's to come. so i'm doing research all the time. i'm trying to forward this research to you so that we can best utilize it for our futures. so that's enough information for this video. i just wanted to get across the key differences between the usa and the uk at this present time, in september 2021. throughout the year, there's going to be so many different products that are the hot selling products and hopefully by 2022- this time in 2022- i'll have best-selling products to share with you throughout the entire year. that will be not only profitable for 2022, but the years forward. we're toking about product categories specific to each month of the year. we're toking about product categories specific to each season of the year, so i look forward to hearing everyone else's journey in the comments below and within my facebook group, but i'll provide a link to down below. don't forget to like and subscribe, and i really appreciate you watching this video all the way through. a lot of information to share today, but, um, please feel free to comment. let me know in the comments below. uh, if you have any questions, i'm here to help. i'm here to provide you value, and thanks again. have a great day. 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drop shipping on facebook marketplace. now, i've seen a lot of people start drop shipping on facebook marketplace recently, so i thought i would try it out. but before we start the video, please make sure to join my discord if you want some free information on how to start drop shipping or trading. we also have a great community. so i watched some videos on how to drop ship on facebook marketplace and i'm gonna start by picking a product and putting it up for a listing. now, a lot of people actually just suggested using amazon instead of aliexpress and everything, because they're way faster and, even though sometimes they are more expensive, um, they don't take 30 days to ship and everything. so i we could, we could up market on facebook marketplace, because people definitely don't want to wait that long. so a product that i was looking into a lot, um, was actually coolers and i know it sounds kind of stupid, but you know, facebook marketplace is kind of an online garage sale. so i wanted to get something that people buy and, um, that's useful to people and i'd obviously say it's brand new, because it's literally brand new. they're just getting it shipped to their house. so, uh, yeah, so we're gonna look through the products here and um, just find one that's not very expensive and it's pretty cheap, like a hundred, geez bro, 150 bucks, 160 bucks, 250 bucks, um, yeah, we're just gonna try to find something cool. i think we could put it in the. uh, oh, up to 25. this is great, all right. so there's a. there's a cooler right here. i'm not sure how much money people would really pay for a cooler, um, i don't know why they would go on facebook marketplace if they could just pick it up at a garage sale or, um, even cabela's- you know just the freaking walgreens at walmart. so, yeah, i don't know, but i'm really just trying to find a quality one that is definitely prime, um, because if ships to them in like two days, then they'll definitely be happy with it. so, uh, i think we're, i think we're gonna have to go with one of these up here, even though they look kind of dollar tree, all right. so what's so cool about this one? let's see, uh, coleman's sword. yeah, you can definitely just pick this up at walmart or something. um, i'm not sure if it's prime or anything like that, but let's just, let's just check it out, all right. so i've been doing a little bit of research and i think i found a better product, and it's actually another type of cooler. so i looked in a three-in-one portable cooler unit, which is just, you know, a cooler you plug in the wall or something like that, whatever- and um, i found this one for 36 dollars that could definitely sell for at least 50 dollars. i mean, look at it, bro, it's like it's really nice. i'm sure they probably got it from aliexpress or something, or they build it themselves, i don't know, but, um, it looks like a really, really good product and i think we could sell it. i'm pretty sure it is primed too. um, there's free returns and everything. so that is, it's just great. it's for outdoor camping and everything and stuff. and then i don't even know if it plugs in. i think you just add water and it does something. it either plugs in, it takes something, i don't know. but anyway, we're gonna go and list it on facebook and let's go create our account, all right. so i created my account and here's my profile picture. i know it looks great, it's for one of my thumbnails, i just put it there because i don't know what to put. and um, yeah, i said i'm from new orleans, louisiana, louisiana. and um, yep, so we're gonna go ahead and try to set something up, and i know you can't, you know, put a lot of listings on the new account and i didn't really have an older account, so we're gonna have to stik with this, which sucks, with only one to two listings, but we'll try it. i also have no idea how to like do everything. i think there's an app called z drop or something which i'm gonna try to get and um try to use with facebook marketplace. so i'm gonna go ahead and try to do that, all right, so this is z drop and i'm not sure how to like set it up and everything start. now let's see what this does. um, oh, what? first, seven days free than 17 a month. well, i'm not sure what this really does. um, i think it just like copies everything that's on amazon or whatever supplier onto facebook marketplace, which is pretty easy. but i think i could just do that for myself, since we're only doing one product right now, so i'll just do it by myself. so i'll just do it all right. so i think we go up here to marketplace listing. oh, wow, okay, okay. so i think we have to copy all the photos and the description, everything of the other one and, um, okay, i'm hoping we get a lot of listing views, because i'm really not sure how to like get a lot of listing views. um, my friend actually does this a lot and he's made over like five figures or something like that, which is crazy on facebook marketplace drop shipping. but, um, he's got over like 10 000 views on one listing and that's just crazy. like, how do you even do that? i don't know. i don't know, but anyway, um, without boosting it too, so whatever, but i'm gonna go ahead and fill this all in and i'll be right back, all right, so i literally just copied every picture and just put him in. i'm not sure if he's supposed to do that or whatever, just i don't know. but anyway, let's put the title in, which is: i'm not gonna put this huge title in because you know, nobody's really gonna do that- um, i'm not sure how everything works on facebook marketplace with keywords and seo and everything like that. so i'm just gonna try to do what i do with everything else and make people want to buy it, all right? so i put it as three in one portable air cooler unit, which i think is pretty good. you know i i would click on it if i was looking for a cooler or something cool like that. um, the price i think we're just gonna put. you know, i'm not sure. i'm really not sure because, okay, it costs 36 dollars, um, and everything like that. uh, okay, i'm gonna try to sell it for about uh, six, uh, sixty dollars. we're gonna try to do sixty dollars, definitely six dollars. um, category: air conditioners. i guess. condition is a new description. i'm just gonna fill out a quick description, real fast, all right. so i just filled in the description. i only just copied the amazon one and, um, i know someone's gonna watch this video from my server or something like that, my discord server, and say i'm doing everything completely wrong, which i'm probably doing some things wrong. you know, it's my first time ever drop shipping on facebook marketplace, but you know, i hope i'm doing some stuff right, all right. so location: uh, let's, let's put new orleans, new orleans, louisiana. um, and, yeah, boost listing after publish. i think that's what a lot of people do, um, they boost it so more people can see it. but i'm not gonna do that right now, um, if we don't get a lot of, you know, views or impressions on our listing that i definitely will probably try that out. but, uh, yeah, let's click next [Music]. all right, so we just listed the uh the cooler, and here it is. i'm not sure how much more listings we can do. um, i'm gonna try to do some more, but you know, it looks cool. like who would not click on this, bro, it looks so cool. it's freaking portable cooler, everything like this. um, no comments or anything yet, zero clicks, holistik. well, um, yeah, whatever. anyway, i'm gonna update you guys in a little bit and tell you if anybody's clicked on the list. all right, so it's been about a day and um, i've come back with some news. we're gonna check everything right now. um, how many clicks we got, all the analytiks and everything like that. and i was toking to my friend who does this a lot. he's made multiple five figures, as i said before, and she told me i need to do over 150 listings daily. when i heard this, i was surprised, honestly, because, um drop shipping- normally you don't really have 150 products a day. you normally just drop one product and advertise it and everything but um facebook marketplace. you're supposed to use that z drop thing just to find products and it puts them on facebook marketp.

Is One Marketplace Account Better Than Five Accounts? | Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping

is it better to have one account or five accounts on facebook marketplace? [Music]. how's it going? welcome back to the channel. if this is your first time on this channel, this is your first time seeing me or the channel, and definitely feel free to go down and click the subscribe button. but, like i was saying, in this video we're going to be toking about whether it's better to have just one account that you're selling on or if it's better to spread that out between multiple accounts, up to even like five, six, seven accounts, and we're going to be going over the pros and cons to all that. but before we do get into that, if you are someone that is struggling with facebook right now, maybe you're just not getting as many sales as you want, or you're struggling to get those first couple of sales to get to get started, or you're struggling getting a shop approved or whatever it is. if you are someone that's struggling in some aspect of facebook, then we can definitely help you guys out with any part of that and our subscription website link down in the description and then you can just click on the yearly or the monthly plan- whichever plan that you want to sign up with, and once you get inside of there. we have community group chats. we also have courses that we're releasing a new one every single month inside of there. on top of that, we do zoom calls so you can go on there, book a zoom call with us and we can tok about whatever it is you need help with. then we also have live q and a's where we can hop on there and interact with all you guys and be answering any questions you guys have, so we can hit a lot of you guys at once. however, if you are someone who's looking for a more automated process and you don't want to be doing everything by yourself, then you can definitely go book a zoom qualification, call down a link in our description with our guy andrew or e-commerce university and they've been getting their clients massive results over there. so i definitely recommend booking a call and checking them out. but let's actually get into the video and let's get into the topic that i want to tok about today, which again, is whether it's better to have the one account or the five accounts. now i just want to put a quick disclaimer out there. i don't want to get anyone confused, because i know we always are telling people have multiple accounts and the reason for that is to have multiple shops, multiple marketplaces. is you definitely want to do that? just for the fact you want backup accounts? if you do get locked out of a marketplace or you get locked out of a shop. if you don't have any backup accounts now, if this is your full-time income, you're going to lose all that money. for it could be a couple days, it could be up to a week. who knows? with facebook now, it's always such random things and weird things will happen with these lockouts. so we always we used to kind of take the approach of: let's try to find out the reason why we're getting locked out and avoid getting locked out, but you're never going to get an answer to that, because facebook has said themselves they're not actually ever going to tell you the real reason you get locked out. they'll try to kind of lead you down a path and be like: maybe this is why, but they're never going to tell you the exact reason why you get locked out. so don't try to stress about that. just kind of handle the things that you can actually control, which is you can make multiple accounts, so if you get banned off of one, you have something to fall back on and keep that revenue coming in and that income coming in, because when you, when that halts to zero and you have nothing coming in because you had only had one account and that one got suspended, that's really going to suck. so that's why we always recommend having backup accounts. so that's different from what i'm going to be toking about today, though that's just strictly you- everybody- should have backup accounts, no matter what you're doing. you need to have backup accounts just in case something gets locked out. but what i'm toking about is kind of- i guess you could say- spreading the wealth across accounts or focusing on in on just one account. i'll tok about the benefits of of having the one account, and what's great about going like just like all in on one account is you can scale that up and for marketplace specifically, when you get like 300, 400, 500 reviews on account, you're just gonna keep seeing the sales go up and up and up, because now you're with with more sales and as time goes on, you're you're getting viewed as more of a trusted seller. for the for one, you're looked at as a trusted seller and then, on the other hand, you also have so many listings up on that account, because they're all going into that account and they're just compounding after listing, after listing and especially if you're getting anywhere from 20 to 40 up on that a day and you're just focusing on that, then that marketplace is going to grow a lot. so it's kind of the debate on whether you going and posting 40 on one marketplace is better than posting 10 across four different marketplaces. so that's kind of what i want to tok about right now, because if you post 10 across four different marketplaces they're all going to be worse marketplaces, but could that lead you to more sales and could they perform better? so i kind of have different answers whether it has to do with marketplace and shops. when we're toking about marketplace specifically, i actually think going all in on one account again, make sure you have backups, just to let that be known. always have backups. i'm not saying not, but in terms of how much you're posting, i absolutely think putting 40 on one is actually going to pay off more because, like i said, you're going to get reviews in that account. you're going to be looked at as more of a trusted seller. your listings are going to get boosted and pushed out there more with facebook's algorithm. so i actually do recommend on the marketplace to be going with just one account and really going in on that one account instead of trying to spread it out between three or four different marketplaces. and with marketplace it's hard to get social security numbers because they only allow one on the same account. but that's just kind of another reason why you actually might want to stik with one on marketplace. so if you have been debating on what you want to do on there and if you have multiple accounts and you're wondering should i be spreading these posts out or should i be keeping them under one, i actually do think with marketplace, keep them actually on one and then have backups. or you could do like maybe let's say, you're posting like 40 listings a day. if you at least want to keep those back account backup accounts like kind of kind of still like running and doing something, then i would cut back post 30 on one account and then five and five on like the other two. or if you have only two accounts, 35 and five on another account, just to kind of keep that one flowing and keep something going on with that one. i think if you leave it for so long and then come back to it. that might be a little weird with facebook's algorithm. so you definitely want to keep them active. just in case one does get locked out, you can move to that one. but i definitely i wouldn't, i don't recommend, i don't going with the 20 listings on one, 20 on the other, or spreading that out 10, 10, 10. i think definitely putting a lot onto one. build up the reviews, be looked as a trusted seller, have those listings compound one after another, get more hot products on one account. i definitely think you're going to be able to make the most amount of money going with that route. now, facebook shops: that's actually a different answer, and with facebook shops i might actually side on the side of creating multiple different accounts, because with facebook shops, especially, especially if you're bulk listing, this is huge. if you're bulk listing, it's already like off the rip, it's a no-brainer. you need to be putting those feeds. i