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discovery ads specs

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

In May of 2020, Google Ads announced the availability of worldwide discovery campaigns. These campaigns allow for expanded reach and use Google's machine learning to focus on user intent. In this article, we will explore the setup and differences of discovery campaigns.

Where Can Discovery Ads Show?

- YouTube Home Feed

- Watch Next Feed

- Gmail Social and Promotions Tab

- Discover Feed

How to Setup a Discovery Campaign

1. Click on the blue plus button and select new campaign.

2. Choose a campaign goal objective: sales, leads, website traffic, or create a campaign without guidance.

3. Select the campaign type as discovery campaigns.

4. Name the campaign and choose specific locations.

5. Choose a target CPA bid strategy or maximize conversions bid strategy.

6. Enter a daily budget and adjust ad schedule and tracking options.

7. Choose which conversions to set for the campaign.

8. Allow Google to apply content exclusions to the campaign.

9. Create an ad group and target using audiences such as detailed demographics, affinity audiences, life events, or in-market audiences.

Discovery campaigns offer a unique way to expand reach and target users based on their intent. By following the setup steps and utilizing audience targeting options, advertisers can create effective discovery campaigns.

Google Discovery Ads Tutorial 2022: Step by step guide for beginners

Let's build some display ads and discover some helpful links and resources for successful Google ads campaigns. If you already know what Discovery ads are, skip ahead to the time stamp where we go straight into the campaign settings.

Differences between display and Discovery ads:

- Discovery ads allow us to show up in Gmail and YouTube, as well as Discovery feeds.

- With Discovery ads, we only need to deal with three ad variations, compared to the 12 variations needed for display ads.

- The big advantage of Discovery ads is that, like responsive display ads, we don't have to make multiple ad variations.

Building a Discovery campaign:

1. Inside your Google Ads account, click the blue plus button and select new campaign.

2. Select a campaign without goals or guidance to open up all options.

3. Select Discovery as the campaign type.

4. Set up conversion tracking using tag manager for your specific conversion goal.

5. Choose the language your website is in.

6. Set a target cost per action, ideally based on a rough estimate of how much it will cost to get a new signup or lead.

7. Set a budget of at least 50 dollars per day to ensure at least three to five conversions per day.

8. Set an end date for the campaign to avoid overspending.

With these steps, you can successfully set up a Discovery campaign and take advantage of its unique benefits. Remember to keep an eye on your budget and end date to avoid overspending.

YouTube TrueView Discovery Ads

- TrueView in-stream ads are common for video campaign testing in Google Ads

- TrueView discovery ads are a better fit for high-quality user engagement

Benefits of TrueView Discovery Ads:

- Expands reach and saves budget

- Capitalizes on higher intent from search results

- Provides highly engaging ad experience

How to Set Up TrueView Discovery Ads:

1. Create a campaign without a goal's guidance

2. Select video option and create custom video campaign

3. Choose network selection for ad appearance (YouTube search results or videos)

4. Set up targeting options (demographics, audiences, keywords)

5. Create discovery ad with custom thumbnail, headline, and description lines

6. Monitor view-through rates and adjust ad variants for better engagement

TrueView discovery ads provide a valuable opportunity for video marketers to reach high-quality users and provide a highly engaging ad experience. By following the steps outlined above, marketers can create effective discovery ads and monitor their success for continued improvement.

YouTube Discovery True View Ads: The Ultimate Guide to Strategy + Implementation

In this video, the speaker discusses how to set up TrueView YouTube discovery ads and the different places where they can be used effectively. The speaker explains that YouTube discovery ads can be used for retargeting audiences and to warm up old audiences by showcasing longer form content. Additionally, the speaker shows how to set up the ad for best success and how to edit the video description and cards. The speaker also highlights the importance of split testing and choosing a clear headline and thumbnail for the ad. Finally, the speaker recommends retargeting website visitors, email lists, and YouTube viewers as the best ways to use discovery ads.

In Feed Video Ads Tutorial [Formerly Discovery Ads]

In this video, we will be discussing how to set up in-feed video ads on YouTube for building brand awareness and growing your channel quickly. These ads were previously known as YouTube discovery ads but have now been changed to in-feed video ads with added features. Let's dive into the details!

- In-feed video ads are great for building brand awareness and growing your YouTube channel quickly

- These ads were previously known as YouTube discovery ads but have now been changed to in-feed video ads with added features

How to set up in-feed video ads on YouTube:

1. Start by creating a campaign in Google Ads

- Choose the product and brand consideration option

- Select the in-feed video ad format

2. Fill out the different sections of the campaign, including the campaign name, bidding strategy, budget, dates, network, locations, languages, and inventory type

- Use a campaign name that makes sense to you for easy understanding

- Choose maximum CPV bidding strategy

- Set a budget that you can afford

- Choose the networks where you want your ad to appear

- Target specific locations and languages if necessary

- Leave inventory type as standard

3. Create your ad set and ad

- Choose the video you want to use for your ad and write a compelling title and sales copy

- Set up targeting options such as demographics, interests, and topics

- Choose where you want your ad to appear, such as next to related videos or search results

- Set a bid for your ad

4. Launch your campaign and monitor its performance

- Keep an eye on the metrics such as views, clicks, and conversions

- Make adjustments to your targeting, bid, and ad creative as needed

Benefits of in-feed video ads:

- Place your ad at the top of the search rankings

- Great for brand awareness and subscriber growth

- Good for remarketing to people who have watched your videos before

- Target specific demographics, interests, and topics

In-feed video ads are a powerful tool for building brand awareness and growing your YouTube channel quickly. By following the steps outlined above, you can set up your own in-feed video ads and reap the benefits of increased visibility and engagement.

Get Subscribers Fast: YouTube In-Feed Ads Full Tutorial (Discovery Ads)

Accelerate Your Channel Growth with YouTube Discovery Ads

In this YouTube ads guide, you will learn how to use YouTube discovery ads to grow your channel. You will discover how to connect your YouTube account to your Google ads account and set up a campaign to target your audience.

Steps to Set Up Your Campaign:

1. Connect Your YouTube Account to Your Google Ads Account:

- Inside your Google ads account, click on tools and settings, then click on setup and linked accounts.

- Scroll down and click on YouTube, then click on details and add your channel.

- Give the ads account a name and leave all the options checked.

- Click on link and refresh the page to see your channel connected to your Google ads account.

2. Build Your Campaign:

- Create a campaign without goals or guidance, select video, and leave it at custom video campaign.

- Name your campaign and skip the bid strategy.

- Choose a daily budget and set an end date to avoid overspending.

- Target your audience by selecting locations and types of videos.

3. Set Up Your Ad Groups:

- Choose one YouTube channel per ad group to target your audience effectively.

- Select three top-performing videos per ad group to run as ads.

4. Upload Your Ads:

- Re-upload your top-performing videos as ads.

- Keep watching for tips on how to choose the best videos for your ads.

By using YouTube discovery ads, you can accelerate your channel growth by targeting your audience effectively. With the right campaign setup and top-performing videos as ads, you can drive more views and subscribers to your channel.

YouTube Discovery Ads - What Are YouTube Discovery Ads

In this article, we will be discussing how to set up YouTube discovery ads for video marketing. Video marketing is currently the hottest trend in marketing and advertising, and you will hear it everywhere that you need to incorporate videos into your marketing mix. We will be exploring the two ways to grow your YouTube channel or drive traffic to your website: paid ads and organic views.

- Video marketing is currently the hottest trend in marketing and advertising

- Two ways to grow your YouTube channel or drive traffic to your website: paid ads and organic views

Organic Views:

- Pick a niche

- Quality of content must be high

- Don't be afraid to give out your best content

- Building organic views takes time

- It's like a boxing match - the strongest and fittest stay on top

- Consistency is key

- Progress not perfection

Paid Ads:

- Instant traffic to your website

- Useful for promoting a specific message quickly

- YouTube ads are a great way to drive traffic to your website

- Incorporating videos into your marketing mix is essential

- To grow your YouTube channel, you need to be patient, consistent, and produce high-quality content

- Paid ads can be useful for promoting a specific message quickly, while organic views take time to build up.

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