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display ads design

Published on: February 6 2023 by pipiads

The article discusses a workflow that drastically improves the speed at which social posts and display ads can be created using Figma and Illustrator. The following is a summary of the article:

Creating social posts and display ads can be a tedious and time-consuming task. However, by using Figma and Illustrator, this article will show you a workflow that can significantly improve the speed at which these posts and ads can be created.


1. Create Frames: Use Figma to create frames of different sizes, depending on the type of social post or display ad you want to create.

2. Create Component Set: Create a new frame and add each text layer, such as a category header, long and short headlines, body copy, and a CTA, that you want in your social post or display ad. Turn each of these text layers into a component by adding auto layout.

3. Organize Components: Create a social asset template in your assets panel and add your component set to it. Zoom out and work on the layout and template structure of the first frame.

4. Add Logo: Bring in your logo and adjust the text and layout of your social post or display ad.

5. Add Illustration: Create a frame for your illustration and add it to your social post or display ad.

6. Resize Components: Copy and paste your components into different frames and adjust the size of each component to fit the corresponding frame size.

Using Figma and Illustrator can significantly improve the speed at which social posts and display ads can be created. By following this workflow, you can create high-quality social posts and display ads in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods.

Google Display Ads Sizes and Responsive Display Ads Tutorial 2022

Hey everyone, welcome to the Surfside PPC YouTube channel! Today, I want to talk about Google Display Ad sizes and Responsive Display Ads. If you're running a Google Display Advertising campaign, you need ads that can run across the Google Display Network. In my previous video, I covered targeting options explained for 2022. Now, let's focus on creating Display Ads.

Firstly, you can copy existing ads from a previous campaign that you have run before. Alternatively, you can create new ads. There are 20 different sizes to choose from, including square and rectangle sizes, leaderboard sizes, and skyscraper ads. I generally prioritize sizes such as 300x250, 336x280, 728x90, 970x250, 160x600, 300x600, and the three mobile ad formats.

Supported formats include gif, jpeg, png, html5, and AMP HTML. Responsive Display Ads automatically resize to fit the Google Ads inventory, so they are a great option to consider. When creating ads, I focus on the main sizes and create a few variations to allow Google Ads to deliver the top-performing ads.

To create ads, I use Canva, which is a user-friendly tool to create different ad variations. Once you upload your ads, you can create different ad groups and campaigns. Keep in mind that the more data you give Google Ads, the better your campaign will run.

Overall, Google Display Ads are best for companies with high average order values and large average customer lifetime values. For me, I am running an affiliate website, so I am trying to drive traffic to my website and promote my affiliates. Create ads that promote seasonal promotions or awareness about a product. By allowing Google Ads to optimize your ads, you can ensure your ads are driving conversions.

Google Display Ads Tutorial (Made In 2022 for 2022) - Step-By-Step for Beginners

In this video, Ivan teaches viewers how to create Google Display Ads step by step.

The video is filmed in 2022, ensuring that the information is up-to-date.

To start creating Display Ads, head to adsgoogle.com and create a new campaign.

Select the countries and language you want to target, and choose your budget and bidding options.

Target your audience using audience segments, interests, and life events.

Create your ad and preview it before launching it.

Monitor and optimize your ad to improve its performance over time.

In conclusion, creating Google Display Ads may seem complicated at first, but following Ivan's step-by-step guide can help anyone succeed in creating effective ads that reach their desired audience.

Ad Design 101: The 8 Types of Ad Design

Back in the day, ads were created based on hunches and assumptions. Nowadays, with the constant bombardment of ads, it's important to differentiate yourself and your ads to capture your audience's attention. Advertising design is the intersection of marketing and design, specifically created to sell products and services. There are various types of advertising design that can be leveraged, from digital channels like email marketing to traditional channels like magazine ads. In this article, we'll go through eight types of advertising design to inspire your next campaign.

Types of Advertising Designs:

1. Video and Commercial Ads - Video ads are live everywhere, from YouTube to TV. They require a bigger investment but offer a higher return when done right. Brands tend to experience a 20-30% increase in their conversion rates when their ads are videos.

2. Display Advertisements - Display ads can be found on websites, apps, and social media channels. They often garner a higher volume of impressions but a relatively low volume of clicks due to banner blindness or poor design. Design visually captivating ads to grab your audience's attention.

3. Social Media Ads - Social media ads offer a massive opportunity to bring leads and sales to the door. Create visually exciting images and mix ads up between images and videos. Be consistent with your branding and latch onto relative trends.

4. Direct Mail - Direct mail is one of the more traditional mediums for advertising. Provide a discount code or share news about a new product. Ensure your brand colors are displayed correctly before printing.

5. Outdoor Ads - Billboards, street furniture, and transit ads are all different kinds of outdoor ads. Engage people to take action, such as buying a product with your promo code or visiting your website.

6. Email Marketing - Create visually compelling messages that drive your audience to take action. Study top companies and keep CTAs to only one.

7. Event Advertising - Connect with your audience face to face. Create a photo booth, hand out creative branded items, host a contest, or have a breakfast for your power users and high-value customers.

8. Newspaper and Magazine Ads - These ads can be extremely effective if done right. Make sure your design stands out and is visually appealing to grab your audience's attention.

In today's advertising landscape, it's important to differentiate yourself and your ads to capture your audience's attention. There are various types of advertising designs that can be leveraged, from video and commercial ads to newspaper and magazine ads. Design visually captivating ads to grab your audience's attention and drive them to take action. Remember to be consistent with your branding and latch onto relative trends to ensure success.

How To Design Google Display Ads [Canva Tutorial]

Hey friends, welcome back to Life Marketing, the channel for all things digital marketing to help small businesses grow. In today's video, we're going to design Google Display Ads.

Here are some important things to keep in mind while designing your Google Display Ad:

- Your key image must be visible.

- Your message must be eye-catching and visually appealing.

- Your CTA button must give direction to your audience.

Now let's jump into Canva and design our ad.

Steps to design your Google Display Ad:

1. Open Canva's homepage and click on the Create a Design button.

2. Click on Custom Size and make one for the display ad size 300 by 250 pixels.

3. Use colors, fonts, textures, and elements that suit your branding.

4. Make sure your design has the three key elements we previously mentioned.

5. Adjust the design for other sizes, such as 336 by 280 pixels, 728 by 90 pixels, 300 by 600 pixels, and 320 by 100 pixels.

6. Ensure your file size is below 150 KB.

And now you have a complete ad set of the top-performing Google Display Ad sizes.

In conclusion, designing a Google Display Ad can be a simple task if you keep in mind the key elements and adjust the design for different sizes. Follow these steps, and you'll be on your way to creating successful Google Display Ads. Thanks for watching, and don't forget to give us a thumbs up and follow our channel for more essential digital marketing guides!

Google Display Ads Guide 2022 - Step-by-Step Google Display Ads

In this video, the presenter will show the viewers how to create Google display ads for their businesses. Display ads are image-based advertisements that are placed in the Google display partner network. These ads are great for raising brand awareness and letting a specific geography know about an event or business.

What are Google Display Ads Used for?

- Raising brand awareness

- Letting a specific geography know about an event or business

- Capturing customers at the top of the sales funnel

What are Google Display Ads Not Very Good at?

- Bottom of the sales funnel actions

- Making sales or generating leads

How Much Does it Cost to Make Google Display Ads?

- A general rule of thumb is that 50 pounds can get around 100,000 ad impressions.

Steps to Create Google Display Ads:

1. Create a Google Ads account and select expert mode.

2. Create a new campaign and select display as the campaign type.

3. Choose the objective of your campaign as website traffic.

4. Select standard as the campaign type.

5. Input the URL of the website you want to promote.

6. Set up location targeting and language settings.

7. Choose manual cost per click as the bidding strategy.

8. Set your budget and bid.

9. Optimize targeting based on audience segments, demographics, keywords, topics, and placements.

Creating Google display ads can be an effective way to raise brand awareness and promote your business. By following these steps, you can create your own display ads and capture potential customers at the top of the sales funnel. Remember to keep your cost per click low and optimize targeting for maximum effectiveness.

GIF Animated Display Advertisement (Easy Google Ad Made With Canva)

Are you struggling to create a display ad that will grab your customers' attention? Look no further! In this tutorial, I will show you how to design, animate, and export your GIF ad in no time using Canva.

- In this tutorial, you will learn how to design a display ad using Canva.

Step-by-Step Process:

1. Open Canva and create a new design by clicking on Create a design

2. Choose Custom size and select the size of your display ad

3. Create a new color for the background

4. Upload your existing elements or design new ones

5. Add text and adjust the font, color, and spacing

6. Add icons and images to enhance your branding

7. Create a UI button from scratch using the rounded box element

8. Add a CTA heading to your button

- With these simple steps, you can design an eye-catching display ad that will captivate your audience.

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