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dj dropshipping

Published on: January 13 2023 by pipiads

How To Make Money With CJ Dropshipping in 2022 (For Beginners)

in this video revealing how to make money with cj drop shipping and how complete beginners are using this to earn a hundred to seven hundred dollars a day with no experience, more than after the intro. hey guys, how's it going? mike fasil here. welcome to this video. before we actually remind you that several spots have opened up for this week's free workshop, where it's the fastest and easiest way to make money online? sign up for it in the link below. we literally have a 62 year old woman go from zero to a hundred and sixty thousand dollars profit in 90 days. so check it out now. so one of the reasons why i got started in drop shipping was because i wanted to find a way to finally get freedom in my life. you know, growing up i never really had much and it seemed like everything that i tried to do to make money online required a lot of time, required a lot of money and required a lot of experience, which i did not have. you know, i was a broke college student living off of the dollar menu diet and the taco bell diet, right, but i knew if i could just find a way to make money with drop shipping, then i could, you know, like help my mom and dad pay the bills. i could pay off my credit card bills, i could pay for my student loan debt and i did not have to worry about, for example, in fear of never having the money available to go ahead and do the things that i wanted, to live the life that i wanted. so i literally dove deep into drop shipping. i had a lot of successes and failures, but the craziest thing is with my drop shipping story is i literally went from zero to 1.5 million dollars in sales my first 12 months using these methods that i'm going to share with you. but there were also a lot of mistakes that i learned that you know now you know, for example, with cj dropshipping, it actually fixed a lot of those mistakes that you know i had right, because before cj dropshipping- which essentially- if you don't know what cj drop shipping is- it's kind of like aliexpress. the only difference is it's a complete all-in-one done-for-you automation like service where they literally connect to like, for example, a shopify store, and when it connects to your shopify, so it's already literally like all turnkey right. so essentially what it is is it connects to your shopify store. when someone makes a sale on your shopify store, it literally automatikally connects with, you know, cj drop shipping and ships it out directly to your customer. it's more seamless. and the craziest thing is they have, like, all these print-on-demand services. they even have, like us warehouses, which is like a huge, huge, huge thing because, like, for example, when i first started, you know, we were just depending on chinese suppliers, right, and that was like brutal because, like, sometimes the quality would go down, sometimes the quality was inconsistent, sometimes it couldn't just straight up, like understand me, because it was a foreign language. right, there was so many different hardships. but, you know, utilizing both aliexpress and the research for male express, with cj drop shipping, it allows you to make better decisions, right. so this is exactly what i did back in the day. i remember, like one of the biggest things that i did was like, for example, i would sell grow mats, right, um, and i would literally come in here and start selling these like wildfire, right. the only downside with this was, i remember, like this was like 2015, right, so this is when grill mats weren't even that popular. so i literally sold all of the products literally from china. i know it sounds weird, but i scaled that hard and i sold so much where, even though there was no more available on aliexpress, i literally had to go to ebay and buy them a little bit more expensively from the us and actually ship them directly to the customer from ebay, because i sold everything away from aliexpress but little did i know when i, for example, sold some of these, that some of these people were us suppliers. that would actually give me a better deal if i didn't buy them directly through ebay, but i dealt directly with them directly. you actually got on the phone with them and you know they're like: yeah, we'll just plug in, you know our accounts to your shopify store. essentially what it is is you can just run your ads or do the marketing and we'll do all the back-end stuff. so it turned like almost like a quasi affiliate marketing approach where i didn't have to do the shipping or handling. i'd have to do the worry about the returns and all that stuff, and it only happened because i outsold all of like the grill mats from china, and that's essentially what cj drop shipping is. there's all these supplies that are even already in the us and in the uk where you actually don't even have to call them, like what i did back in the day doing the old method of just you know tok, finding them in ebay, literally going to dinner with them and saying, hey, can we do business together? cj drop shipping literally has all these warehouses and you know wholesale prices and they already connect to your shopify store. so maybe you could add in your own special images and pictures and maybe order some samples and take your own pictures so they're unique, right. but at the day when someone buys from your shopify store, it could literally ship directly from cj drop shipping automatikally. same way how these grill mats sold directly from and shipped directly from my us supplier. now the beauty about that is you realize how big that is because you know, when it comes from the us, your shipping rates go down, your uh shipping times go down, your refund rates go down, um, and overall your customer experience goes up, which allows you to scale even faster. the reason why i scaled really fast from 0 to 1.5 million is because we moved over from aliexpress to a us supplier from ebay, but no one really wants to tok to people from ebay. no one wants to deal with like the reach out. so cj drop shipping is really a good automated way to really like circumnavigate that, because they literally have so much supplies for literally anything, right like. i can even, for example, type in grill mat and i can literally come in here and start selling grill mats from cj drop shipping and it automatikally connects to my shopify store. so it literally cuts out all the things that i did in the past and makes it so much more simpler, which like blows my mind. like if this would have existed back when i was getting started, i would have maybe like doubled or tripled my revenue faster, right, um? which leaves me in the next step. okay, now that you understand the opportunity with cj drop shipping. it's basically an easy way. that took me from, uh, from china, to us. it allowed me to scale faster with even cheaper prices. like you would see, some of these are seven dollars, but some of these here, um, are literally from. you could see all warehouses, but you could even see from like the us warehouse and you can see that there's like us warehouses right here, or you can do from like all warehouses, right, so they literally have like us suppliers as well. you know, now all i got to do is focus on: okay, well, what products would do? well, okay, and that's the most important thing when it comes to drop shipping, it's the product research, because, at the day you know, anyone can create the website. anybody can go ahead and, for example, do marketing. right, the product is what will make or break the game and the product is the most important thing. maybe like 80 to 90 percent of your time should be in product research. so, because cj drop shipping has all these warehouses and manufacturers, you just gotta figure out, okay, where can i find winning product ideas? so here are the ways that i did product research. number one: i would literally go on to aliexpress and maybe i would go into any one of these things. right, say i wanted to go ahead and check literally all the categories and do, for example, jewelry. say i wanted to sell like, for example, trendy earrings. right, if i literally click on trendy earrings with aliexpress, i can really sort everyt.

How To Dropship On EBAY With CJ Dropshipping (Copy and Paste Method)

if you're looking to start ebay dropshipping from today. in this video, i'm going to show you a simple, step-by-step copy and paste method that you can use to find a winning product. let's go. [Music]. what's going on, people? welcome back to my channel if you're new. my name is sam and what i do here is break down various different tips and tricks to help you guys make money online. but in today's video, what i'm going to be doing is walking you through step by step, showing you how to find a winning product that you're going to be able to start selling from today, and i'm also going to be showing you how to find the winning drop shipping product that you're going to be able to get to your customers within one to three days, because, as you guys know, when it comes to drop shipping on ebay, you wanna be able to offer your customers the quickest shipping possible, and that's what i'm gonna be showing you in today's video. as always, i don't waste any more time. i want to jump straight into it. so if you find any value in the video, don't forget to press the like button. don't forget to subscribe as well. hit the bell notification. let's jump straight into the video. all right? so the first thing that you need to do to find a winning drop shipping product is start off on the ebay home page and at the top here you're going to see all of these different categories. now, once you get to this stage and you need to pick a category, it doesn't really matter which one you pick. you just need to pick one that you have some sort of interest in, just in case you get any questions about the product you want to be able to answer in the best way possible. so i'm going to click on home and garden and then i'm going to click on pet supplies, because we're going to be doing research down the line to see if the product is selling. at that stage you can pick any product you want and then, if the product doesn't meet the criteria that we're going to go through later on in the video, then obviously don't sell it, but if it does, then you can continue selling it. at this stage it doesn't matter what category you pick, because we're going to be doing more research later on. so now that i've clicked on pet supplies, what we're going to do is come to this section here and you can click on any one of these categories that you want cat supplies, dog supplies, whatever. i'm just going to click on dog supplies, and this is mainly due to the fact that i know a lot of people spend money when it comes to their dogs. so now that i'm on this page, what i'm going to do is scroll down and come to this section right here, so from this point, you can filter it from best match to lowest price, highest price, whatever you want. i'm just going to leave it at best match and, as we can see, the first product that comes up is this dog bed or pet bed. so now that i know that this bed for pets are selling well, what i'm gonna do is go over to cj drop shipping, which is the website that i like to use when it comes to drop shipping products on ebay. so let's go all right. so now that i'm on the main cj homepage, what i'm gonna do is come to this section here and type in dog bed, so we can see that cj drop shipping is currently able to offer us all of these different dog beds that they're able to drop ship to our customers. but because i'm based in the uk and i want to be able to offer my customers within the uk the fastest shipping possible. if you guys are in the same situation as me and you want to drop ship within the uk, what you're going to do is come to this section right here where it says all warehouses, and straight away we can see that cj is able to ship out orders from all of these different warehouses. there's a us warehouse, thailand, china, germany, indonesia, but if we just scroll a little bit more down, we can see the britain warehouse. now, the main thing that you guys need to know when it comes to all of these different warehouses that they have, is that the product availability is going to be limited depending on what warehouse you choose. so, for example, if you choose the china warehouse, there's going to be so many products available for you to drop ship to your customers, but with the china warehouse, you're obviously going to get longer delivery times. however, if you want to drop ship to customers within the united states, then you might want to select the us warehouse, because by doing that, you're going to be able to offer your customers quicker shipping. all right, so now that i've selected the britain warehouse, we can see that these are all of the pet products that they have available currently located within the british warehouse, but the number one product right here is this dog bed, so let me just click into it. there's a few key things that you guys need to look out for once you're on this page. first thing is obviously the price. the next thing that you need to look out for is the processing time, so we can see that it's going to take cj between one to three days from the moment that you buy it from them for them to process it and ship it out to the customer. you also need to make sure that you've selected the right information on the right hand side over here so we can see it shipping from. so we need to change that from the us warehouse to the britain warehouse right there platform doesn't necessarily matter, but you can change it to ebay if you want. and the next thing that you need to check is the shipping method and have a look at the available shipping options so we can see that cj is able to offer us her maze delivery as well as royal mail delivery. both of them are one to three days. normally, i like to select the royal mail delivery, and we can see that there's also tracking available for that as well. the last key thing that you need to look out for on the right hand side over here is the inventory. so we can see these stok levels in the britain warehouse is a lot. there's almost 2 000 units. it's very important to make sure that you have a look at this so that you know whether or not you're going to be able to scale your ebay store, maybe run ebay ads so you're able to get more sales, because you won't necessarily be able to do that if there isn't enough inventory in the warehouse that you've selected. but 2 000 units is definitely a lot and we can definitely work with that. so now that we know that dog bits is available for us to drop ship to our customers, the next thing that i like to do is jump back over to ebay and make sure that the top seller that's selling dog beds at the moment is able to sell minimum at least one every single day. the way that you check that is that you search for the product that you're researching. so in this case we're looking for dog beds. all right, so we can see that this seller sponsored, this one sponsored, and this one's the first one in the list that's not sponsored, so i'm going to click on it. all right, so we can see that this seller's been able to sell over 2 373 different units and they've been able to sell 10 in the last 24 hours. so if i just click on this link right here to double check if they've been able to sell one every single day, so today is the seventh. i'm recording this video early in the morning and they've already sold one today. yesterday on the six, they sold this many. i'm not even gonna count that. they sold a few on the fifth. they sold a lot on the fourth. so i think it's fair to say that this seller's been able to sell multiple, not even just one, every single day. so that's a great indicator for us to know that this product is doing well. so if you want to take it a step further and you want to do a little bit more research before you start listing a product from cj drop shipping onto your ebay store and you want to make sure that it's definitely worth your time, what i like to use is a product research software, and the one i'm going to use today is zeke analytiks. so i'm on my zeek dashboard right now. what i'm going to do is type in dog bed right here. i'm going to leave all the filters the same, because i'm shipping withi.

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CJ Dropshipping Tutorial - Lösung 2022 Zollfreigrenze | Shopify

ja, und herzlich willkommen für alle, die man vor jedes video nicht gesehen haben. da erklärt kurz alles rund ums thema dropshipping. ich kann ja das kurz mit, also ein infopunkt hier oben im video noch mitteilen. wenn du das video noch nicht hast, dann angesehen hast, dann zeige ich dir alle vorteile vorab, was sie zu drop shipping hat und warum ich sage, das dossier dropshipping nutzen kannst. ansonsten gehen wir jetzt einfach mit robin gemeinsam durch. ich mache so ein kleines tutorial mit dir. ich zeig dir, wie: suchst du produkte? besuchst du die produkte aus einer deutschen warenhaus zum beispiel, die dort verfügbar sind? einig, zeigte wieder sein etwa funktioniert wieder produkte kaufen, ganz traum wieder ein lager ist, wie du bestellungen, eben zuerst wieder so aussieht, wenn du mit deinen job verbunden ist, ja, wenn du deine bestellung und importiert, und auf einen klick. also ich werde einfach schauen, dass ich so gut wie möglich alles zeige, was, was, was dropping, dropshipping so zum anbieten hat. ja, und wenn gar nicht, viel weiter machen, damit das wieder nicht viel zu lang wird. das heißt, ich will jetzt einfach mal gleich auf meinem monitor und erklärte darin alles. so, jetzt befinden wir uns einfach auf der hauptseite von secret dropshipping. das heißt, hier zeige ich dazu eine kleine übersicht von gesamten startbildschirm und wurde, was findest beziehungsweise wie das so hier abläuft. beginnen wir einfach einmal: du hast hier oben ein paar kleine über menü. so kannst du natürlich nicht nur mit docke verbinden. du kannst dropshipping natürlich auch über ebay oder dass vielleicht eine webseite oder ähnliches. ja, das kannst du ja alles so verbinden. das heißt, du bist natürlich nicht nur in mit jockey verpflichtet, das zu machen, sondern mehrere möglichkeiten. in unserem fall interessieren uns natürlich am meisten. shop weiß selbst, wie man das so verbindet. hat ähnliches jahr wird. das zeige ich verdammt im dashboard für für deinen eigenen account. aber ging jetzt einfach mal da so die anderen dinge durch. du hast ja natürlich eine wunschliste, das heißt, du kannst dir verschiedener produkte in einer wunschliste setzen und kann sie nachher wieder aufsuchen. du kennst das vielleicht auch von alex presse, dieses herz weiterhin aufgibst, hast du, sie hat abgespeichert. dann hast du die möglichkeit, die verschiedenen warehouse, die warenhäuser, was sie haben- und du siehst ja mit einer durch china, deutschland, indonesien, australien, japan, und das haben wirklich eine menge warenhäuser- das tier dropshipping natürlich um einfaches erleichtert beziehungsweise den versand natürlich auch viel schneller macht. und hier kann man natürlich dann auch auswählen, ob ich möchte alle produkte zum beispiel aus dem deutschen warenhaus sehen, was sogar zur verfügung hast. du hast auch die möglichkeit mit bringt, optimal zu arbeiten. da gibt es mehrere möglichkeiten, sei es jetzt nicht nur t-shirts, es gibt also wirklich von- von kaffeetassen über über schuhe und unter kannst du alles mit eigenen logos oder oder bildern und ähnliches bedrucken. sourcing, das ist einfach der bereich. wenn du ein produkt hast, du, was du vielleicht schon verkaufs oder verkaufen möchte, was aber noch nicht auf sie zu drop shipping verfügbar ist, dann kannst du hier einen hand frage stellen. sie suchen das für dich in hausen, sagen: okay, wir haben das produkt für den und den preis vermisst. jetzt institute of shipping hinterlegt, und du kannst es jetzt für deinen job nutzen, und diese versandarten stehen auch zur verfügung. dann gibt es meist- sicher ist dann das portal, also deine band esport, aber nicht ein backoffice in sydney. das zeige ich dann auch gleich. du hast hier dann immer noch news, die hinauskommen. sie sagen halt: neue produkte oder gibts eigentlich versand, neuigkeiten und ähnliches. dann dein eigenes ding hast dein profil hat, und das ist aber jetzt nachher nicht so interessant. support center ist auch ganz nett, kann sein tiket hoffen. du hast ein help center, wurde sehr viele informative sachen findest. du siehst ja mal kleiner übersicht. man sieht hier zum beispiel: ich habe produkte im wert von knapp 71.000 dollar bisher gekauft, die ist aber noch nicht mehr versandt. inkludiert, das zeige ich dir dann- aber ein dashboard, dass man sieht, okay, du siehst du immer so und so viele dropshipping schon ausgegeben, und du bekommst dann eigentlich auch jährlich haben sie jetzt damit book bekommen? so wars ja. ich habe zum beispiel award bekommen. da habe ich anders dropshipping logo in seiner schönen chrome abzeichen, also in einen bilderrahmen, was auch mit glas nochmal überdeckt ist. das sieht man meinen umsatz. und konkreter: lady marian, und ja, diese, das solltest du gendorf, sie geladen, siehst du das ja auch, und das ist halt noch okay. was ist gerade im prozess? war es? welche zahlungen sind noch nicht durchgeführt? man sieht hier: knapp sind also stück sind kurz vor der lieferung, und knapp 7000 stück sind schon geliefert. trotzdem noch ein ganz kleines help fenster, also auto list, chipproduktion, motto: du kannst halt so weitermachen, dann kriegst du ein auftrag, sein kleines tutorial: dropshipping. da brauchst du nur im youtube eingeben, harte wochen tutorial auf youtube mit einzelnen videos sowie wirklich klick für klick gezeigt wird, wie du was machen muss. da- das kann ich dir nicht alles denn ist wieder überhand nehmen- das video habe. ich zeig dir natürlich die grundlegenden dinge dann auch im dashboard, und ansonsten empfehle ich dir einfach in youtube secret dropshipping tutorial eingehen, dann findest du alle videos dort. in einer playlist wurde wirklich von vom band, bevor du dich so wie du dich anmeldest, bis hin dann, dass du deine bestellungen tätig. ansonsten sieht dropshipping eigentlich von kategorien aufgebaut, wird es aus alex press oder oder amazon kennst und kann zum beispiel dazu unter tel borgers hineingehen und hast dann hier unterkategorien moden hab schon kannst, was es alles gibt, oder du kriegst einfach hier auf irgendetwas. dafür geht es zum beispiel einmal auf das computer, und dann kommst du weiter und zeigen wir gerade ein bisschen, was, was sie an produkte haben, also hier auf einmal keiner übersicht hast. du siehst hier jedes mal: okay, wie viele leute haben das schon gelistet? also das haben aktuell 19 leute in stores gelistet, das am 90 leute, 105 leute oder tja, das ist ein bisschen, was eben was es alles so gibt in diesem bereich. jetzt, du hast ja natürlich auch oben die möglichkeit, keywords oder so, wie sie als green it products speziell artikelnummer oder einen link von alex preistaube oder so einzugeben habe, und dann wird auch geschaut, ob etwas zu finden ist hier darin. aber es reicht natürlich mit jemand einfach mal nur dort heimisch. du wirst sehen, ist kommen dann einen haufen hundeartikel, und du siehst, du alle hier drin, und ja, das ist ja okay. du kannst dir zum beispiel halsbänder mit den namen und telefonnummer, und so machen sie nicht wirklich viele möglichkeiten, die du hier hast, um produkte zu finden, und wir haben wirklich eine menge. also das kann ich garantieren, sie haben eine menge. was sie nicht haben, bis sorgen sie meistens auch für dich. also das soll nicht das riesenproblem sein bei city dropshipping. du kannst sie haben. wir dort eingegebene können jetzt sagen: okay, wir hätten gern alles, was der deutschen warenhaus was hat, dort verfügbar ist, jetzt angenommen, jetzt, da das angenommen habe. und das ist okay. für hunde haben jetzt aktuell nicht ganz so viel, aber sie haben zum beispiel dieses, dieses geschirr für 100, was jetzt 48 dollar im deutschen wallenhorst zu haben ist, hier, das ist auch ganz, ganz nah. es ist also ein bisschen lego mit den 100 foto. kann er das gerne mal anschauen, und hattest du wahrscheinlich ein foto des hundes hoch, und dann hast, bekommst du seine lego figur, was irgendwie ganz süß ist, hast du dir auch? es gibt. dann heißt zum beispiel auch ähnlicher, ganz witzig auto. schießt ihr jetzt zum beispiel deutsches warenhaus? das produkt selbst kostet 6 dollar, 30 deutsche versand mit deutsche post drei bis sechs tage. du siehst es jedoch dsl verfügbar, 1000 ein bis zwei tage in dem fa.

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CJ Dropshipping Full Tutorial (2021/22)

one of the essential elements to running a successful dropshipping store is having a reliable supplier. we all know the problems with using aliexpress: long shipping times, suppliers running out of inventory, no branded packaging, amongst other things. so today i'm going to be giving you a full tutorial of what i believe to be the best drop shipping supplier out there at the moment: cj drop shipping. in today's full length tutorial, i'm going to be showing you how to connect your shopify and woocommerce stores to cj drop shipping. i'm going to be showing you how to import products to your stores from cj drop shipping. i'm going to be showing you how to set up branded packaging so that you can drop ship your products with your logo on without having a massive budget, how to source custom content for the products that you plan on selling using cj's videography and photography services, and how to fulfill orders using cj drop shipping. so if you've been looking for a more reliable drop shipping supplier that's going to allow you to offer faster shipping times- usually around 10 days- international shipping- and allow you to go and drop ship your products with branded packaging to give your customers that branded feel, then this is going to be the tutorial for you. so let's get started. so the first thing you are going to do is head over to cj drop shipping. so i will leave a link in the description and you should come over to the cd drop shipping home page now. from here, all we are going to do is click on register. all you then need to do is enter in your email and pick a password, then just go and agree to the terms and conditions and click on next. once you do this, you are now signed up with cj dropshipping. now, the first thing that we are going to do, we are just going to go over to my cj and we are going to go and connect our store. so firstly, i am going to show you how to connect a shopify store to your cj drop shipping account, and then i'm going to show you how to connect a woocommerce store. so if you are running a woocommerce store, you can just skip to the next part of the tutorial. i will leave the timestamps down in the description below. so once you click on my cj, you will come over to the cj drop shipping dashboard and from here we can go and connect our shopify store. so you will see these tabs down the left-hand side, so just go to the bottom one and then you're going to go and click on shopify now from here, just going to go and click on add stores. now, from here, you're just going to enter in your store name. but if you head over to your store, you're only entering this part of your name in. so just a bit where before it says myshopifycom. so just go and copy that. you don't need the https or anything like that, so we're just going to go and paste that in there and then you just go and click on authorize. once you click on authorize, it will bring you over to your store and from here it's going to ask you to install the cj drop shipping app. so just go and click on install app. it will then say authorization success. so now your shopify store is connected to your cj drop shipping account so you can start importing products from cj drop shipping and any orders that are made through will be connected so that you can go and fulfill them automatikally. so now i'm going to go and show you how you can go and connect your woocommerce store to your cj drop shipping account. for those of you using shopify, you could just skip to the next part of the tutorial, where i show you how to import products. so once again, i'll leave the timestamps in the description below. so, if you want to connect your woocommerce store once again, you're just going to head to my cj and from your cj drop shipping dashboard, you're going to go to the left hand side and you're going to click on woocommerce. now from here, just going to go and click on add stores. now, once you click on this, there are a few things that we need to follow through in order to connect your woocommerce store to your cj drop shipping account. so just head over to your woocommerce website and the first thing is we're just going to copy the url, so just go and copy this, and we're going to go and paste this in here, but get rid of the https, so it's just going to be your store, and get rid of any slashes at the end as well, so it's just going to be like that. next up, we need to find the consumer key and the consumer secret. so head over to your wordpress dashboard and what you're going to do is you're going to click on woocommerce, then you're going to click on settings, then, under settings, you're going to go to advanced. so click on advanced and then just scroll down and you're going to click on rest api. now, from here, we're going to go and click on add key. once you click on add key, just scroll down and you're going to see description, so you can just go and call this cj drop shipping. now, when it comes to permissions, you're going to want to give, read and write permissions and then click on generate. once you generate that key, you will now see the consumer key. so we're going to go and hit copy on this head back to your cj drop shipping dashboard and paste this in here, and then you're going to see the consumer secret. so, once again, copy this head back to cj drop shipping and paste this in here. and now. once you have done that, the last step is to go and install this shipment tracking plugin. so we're going to go back to our wordpress dashboard. then all we're going to do is go to plugins and click on add new and then, where it says search plugins, we're just going to go and type in shipment tracking and then you're just going to install this plugin here- advanced shipment tracking. so just go and click on install now and then you're just going to go and click on activate once the plugin has finished activating, we can just head back to our cj dashboard and click on authorize. it should then say authorization successful. so now your woocommerce store is connected to your cj drop shipping account. so now we can go and start importing some products. so in order to start importing some products, we are just going to go back to the cda dropshipping homepage. so just click on the cj dropshipping logo and we can come to the home page. now, from here you can go and search for thousands of different products, and cj drop shipping have warehouses all over the world. so wherever you want to ship to, it doesn't really matter. you can import a product and you should be able to go and ship to any country in a fairly quick time. so you can go and look through all of the different categories and think about what type of product that you want to sell, depending on what your store is. and if we scroll down over here, they have some other cool things. so you see some trending products. you'll see some new products that they've just got in hot selling categories, and then you can go and look at the different global warehouses. so they've got a us warehouse, germany warehouse, and then, if we scroll down once more, you can see some products that have some cool videos. you can see that they have print-on-demand products and then they have these over here, which is really cool. so you can see these are trending, viral products. so if you click on internet famous, you will see products that are going viral on facebook and on tiktok and on other different social media platforms. so, for example, if we just click on hot products on tiktok, you will see this category here with some products that are doing really well on tiktok. so once you have found a product that you want to import to your store, you just need to click on the product. from here you will see all of the information about the product, including the price and which warehouse it is shipping from. now, don't worry if it is shipping from the chinese warehouse, which a lot of the products on cj drop shipping will be, because the shipping times are still so much faster than if you were using aliexpress. now, from here, you can see the shipping method. so if we go and click on this, you can.

Cj Dropshipping (Shopify) Tutorial | Dropshipping

cj drop shipping: shopify tutorial. hello guys, welcome back to our youtube channel, and for today, i'm going to teach you how to use the cj drop shipping to your shopify. so, without further ado, let's get into this. so first is you want to go to your browser and type in cj drop shipping? and before we really dive into this- and we all know that shopify is an e-commerce platform that helps you sell and build your own store via online- and drop shipping is a retail strategy where brands don't directly manage and distribute their product inventories, but instead, when an order is received, information such as the product number, delivery address and order date are sent by the company to the third party to fulfill the order on its behalf. now, with no further ado, let's dive into this. so this is how cj dropshipping will look like, and if you have an account, then you can sign in. and if you still don't have an account, then you could click on register on the upper right, and if you click on that, you just have to input the email password and to confirm your password, and then do not forget to check mark that you agree on the user agreement and private policy. now you have registered successfully your cj drop shipping. and now here, all you have to do is to answer this questionnaire. so, number one: which platform are you running your store now? so for today, we are going to run it via shopify. so click on shopify, and if you have stores on ebay, woocommerce, lazada, shoppi and others, then you could also check that. also here, how many orders you need to process per day. so if you're just starting for business, you can click on zero and then it depends here. if you already have a customers, then you can click here, depending on you. now, what categories of products do you mainly market? so these are the products that you sell. for example, you are selling clothes, so let's check on our like women's apparel. you could go to jewelry, bags, shoes, women's clothing and submit. now you have your own account. so the next thing that you have to do is to verify your email. so you click send here and it will give you the verification code to your email. now you have successfully verified your email, click on confirm and now you have your own cj drop shipping account. so next is here on the upper part, you will see my cj here. you click on that. on the left side, you will see store authorization. you click on that and here you will see the different stores you may connect your cj drop shipping. so let's say shopify, since we are going to connect it via shopify. so here you will see this. you haven't authorized any stores yet, so you add the store here and put your store address. now what you have to do is to go to your shopify account and you will see here your shopify name. let's say dizzy bear. so here you could just simply copy the disney bear and do not include the dot myshopifycom, and then basically authorize it. now here it will ask you to install the app to connect your shopify to your cj drop shipping. so you need to install the app, and now you have successfully authorized your shopify to your drop shipping. so the next thing that you want to do is to sell products. so what you have to do is here you go back to the home page of cj drop shipping and you will choose the product that you want to resell on your shopify account or your shopify store. so let's say women's apparel. here let's find the woman's clothing and here you will see the clothes here that you could actually sell. so let's say, i want to sell this one. so you click on the image that you want to sell, so it will redirect you here. and on the right side here, as you can see, this is a chinese warehouse. so if it's on the chinese warehouse, then on the shipping from, you will click on or you will set it into china warehouse. and for the inventory, let's say you want to use the cg inventory for that and what platform you will sell it on. then let's say shopify, because we will use it as our partnership to our cj account. so shopify, and then you will input the address here of your customers. let's say someone ordered from nepal. then you click on nepal. now for the shipping method. here you will see the shipping fee and the service fee. so if the customer wants to purchase, then they have to pay for the shipping fee and the service fee. now, as you can see, there are very um expensive shipping fee but the delivery time are lesser than those cheaper ones. for example, your shipping method would be the cj packet liquid line. then they have to pay for four dollars, up to five dollars and then the service fee for this amount and then this is the total shipping cost, with the delivery time of 20 to 60 days. so the next thing is: you will see, here is the variety of the products. so it depends on the sizes. so it has small, large and medium. now this is the total drop shipping price that they have to pay, and the processing time is one to two days. so now we all know that the heavier the product, the shipping fee will also increase. so if we add the quantity here, the shipping fee will actually increase too. and now we want to connect this to our shopify, so we want to add it to the list. so click on the list and here you will input this information. so charge tax now. and for the vendor, let's say crop, here you could put the spaghetti strap under the collection of spaghetti strap. now here you will see the different varieties of the or like variants of the products. so as you can see, here there are only three variety because it just differs on the sizes. so it has small, large and medium. for now let's just put it in the same price. so if you want to put it on the same price, then you could go here to the bulk revise. and if, let's say, you want to sell it for, let's say, 25 dollars here, and then, as you can see here the price is now all on 25. now you'll see here on the lower part: ship my order. so most of the america where you are from, ship my orders most to you. input the products where your customers really live. so for the shipping method, you could choose this here now. if you click on ems you can see the shipping cost will actually go price here. now you want to choose a cheaper shipping fee for like four to 4.85 dollars, but the estimate, the delivery time, is 50 to 25 days. now what you want to do now is, if you are now settled with this, you click on listed now. now you're listed successfully. now you could actually view it in the store. so you click on this and here you will see the product. so you can have the description on the product here, the specification or the information, the different images here you could see. let me scroll that on this image here. so these are the photos and information that they could actually see on your store. now you could actually edit the small, large, medium here, the color for that, and you could add another option for the other. what we want to do next is to really give off the vibe that we care about the product and how we give the product to the customers. so the next thing that you want to do is you go back here to your cj and on the left side you will see here the custom packaging. you click on the custom packaging and these are the the different packaging you could put your product. so let's say you want to put it on plastik bags, then you can click on that, and if you want to add stikers, you could also do that, but depending on the products that you sell. so for me, i want to use this customized, foldable, colorful box. so what i like about cj dropping shipping is that you could actually bulk for lesser amount. so let's say you want to bulk buy for only 30, because other platforms requires you to buy around 500 quantity for that customized box or your customized bag for your products. now, here you will see the variety, colors and different sizes for your products to be in. now, if you are not sure you could actually here, you will see chat. here you could actually chat or ask for a consultation on your products. now you could add here your quantity that you want to buy, so you could actually customize your product by adding a de.

How To Fulfill Orders On CJ Dropshipping | Shopify Dropshipping

how to fulfill orders on CJ Drop Shipping- Shopify Drop Shipping. hi everyone, welcome back to another video. I hope you all are doing great and are having an amazing day. I bring you back with yet another Shopify tutorial, and this tutorial I'm going to be showing you how you can fulfill your orders on CJ Drop Shipping that you have connected to your Shopify store. now, first of all, I'm going to explain what CG Drop Shipping is. then I'm going to show you how you can connect it. after that I'm going to show you, uh, what it does, how you can add the products, and after you're adding the products, I'm going to show you how you can fulfill your orders. now, to fulfill your orders, what does that mean? what means is? basically, when you drop ship a product on your Shopify store, what's gonna happen is you're just gonna put it up for sale. now, for example, let's say, someone buys the order and it's sold. now what you're going to want to do is you're going to have to inform the CJ Drop Shipping people that, yes, the product has been paid for and you have have to import it now to this specific address. so, yeah, basically, that's the basic gist of it. I'm just going to walk you through everything, and it's going to be very simple and very easy. just watch the video throughout, to the end, and just listen to every single step of mine, and by the end of this video, you will perfectly know how to fulfill your orders on CJ Drop Shipping. so, without further Ado, let's get right into it. first of all, what we're going to want to do is we're going to go to our CJ Drop Shipping now. once we're on our seated Drop Shipping account, you're going to see this whole interface again. if you're not familiar with seated Drop Shipping, I have a video of that on my channel, where I have discussed in detail how you're going to connect this to your Shopify account, and I've also told how you can connect your products with a Shopify account, like how you can list the CJ Drop Shipping products on your Shopify account. so, uh, yeah, without further Ado. uh, first of all, uh, you're obviously going to sign in with your account. I'm signed in right now. then what you're going to want to do is you're going to go on a new tab and open your Shopify account. so I'm just going to go ahead and open my Shopify store and I'm just going to go and log in and I'm going to log in to my Shopify store that I have done CJ Drop Shipping on, just gonna wait for that to load up, okay. so once it loads up, now what we're going to want to do is, first of all, I'm gonna go in products. now, when I go in products here, you can see that I have an active product that I have imported from my CJ Drop Shipping Store. I'm going to show you that as well. if we go on my CJ, and once we go in my CJ, it's going to load up. now what you're going to want to do is you're just going to go on orders and once you go on orders, you're gonna go either on imported orders or order fulfillments and over here you're gonna see the orders that you have placed on your Shopify page. so for now, we're just gonna go on products and first of all, what you're going to want to do is you're going to see the connection is right between your products on Shopify and your products on CJ Drop Shipping. so as you can see the Moonlight product over here- 3D LED Moonlight- if we go over here here, you can see the same as well- 3D LED Moonlight- and it's active and we can see that it's perfectly connected with our Shopify. so, uh, once we've confirmed that it's connected, what we're going to want to do is, uh, we're just gonna go on orders. now, obviously, right now no one has ordered the product I have put up, but when someone orders your product, you're gonna go in orders on Shopify and you're gonna see that your product has been sold and you're going to want to obviously sell it. so, for that, what you're going to want to do is you're going to go back to your CG Drop Shipping. you're going to go on orders and you're going to click on orders- fulfillment or undelivered orders. now, that depends on what type of product you've put up for placement. it could either be in undelivered orders or order fulfillments, and you're just going to go on one of those. and once you're here, what's going to happen is you're going to see if your Shopify store is connected. you're going to see your unfulfilled order over here and from there, what's going to happen is you're just going to click on your order and, from there on out, it's going to show you a prompt on the bottom right where it says submit. now, in submit, what's going to happen is you're going to submit your product that was just ordered by someone else, and then it's going to take you to a payment place where you're going to have to pay. obviously, there are many ways to pay. you can either pay through bank transfer, or you can use your credit debit card, your PayPal or even your Pioneer account. now, you can use any one of of those methods and once you've paid for it, what's going to happen is that the, the company or the warehouse- or, in this case, CD Drop Shipping- is going to ship that to whatever the address of the import is of the person who just ordered it from you. so you're just going to do that and, yeah, basically that's how easy it is to use CJ Drop Shipping to fulfill your orders. now, obviously, this was fulfilling out of orders. if you don't know how to place an order, I'm just going to get into that right away, for that it's very easy. obviously, you're gonna have to fully set up your account. once you've done that, you're gonna come down here and you're gonna see the fastest delivery time with shipping method provides us with. so, as we can see, DHL official is the fastest delivery time, which is three to seven days, which is honestly a great advantage and a bargain, because most stores like Amazon or AliExpress- they take around 30 to 50 days, which is like a lot, in my opinion. okay, so once you've seen the store you want, then you're going to want to see the product you want to list on your Shopify store. now, uh, you can go with any product you want. let's go with this air tag. I want to list this air tag on my Shopify store. so for that, what I'm gonna do is, first of all, I'm gonna go on connect. I'm gonna hover on the product, as I just did, and it's going to say: connect, list Rod to queue. first of all, we're going to go to connect. it's going to take us to my CJ. now, once we're on my CJ, what we're going to want to do is we're going to either put in the SKU or product name, if we have it, but obviously we have it shown over here, so we don't really need to put that in. then we're going to go on select store. now, if your Shopify store is authorized and properly connected to your sheet of Drop Shipping, then what's going to happen is your Shopify store is going to be shown here. if you don't have it connected, just go and check out my video and I have explained properly how you can connect it well further on uh. when it's connected, what you're going to do is you're going to click on your store and then you're just going to click on sync. once you click on sync, what's going to happen is it's going to sync the information from your CJ's Drop Shipping Store to your Shopify store, and we're just going to wait for it to sync through. now, once it's properly synced, what we're going to want to do is we're going to go back to the main page and once we're back on the main page, this was the product. now is the main step, which is we're going to want to click unlist. now, once we click on list, it's going to load us up to the main product list page and it's going to give us the different list of Products that come with the product that we want to choose. so now, what you're going to want to do is you're going to obviously choose the ship from Warehouse, which is going to be the Chinese Warehouse of Siege Drop Shipping, and then you're going to select the store that it's going to ship it to, which is our Shopify store, and once we do that, we're going to select the product type. you can just add anything you want. you're going to select the collection and you're just going.