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Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

COCA-COLA: The Last Customer

[Musica] giuristi, si soffra un domino assieme al papà di fra filippo, facci caso, basta se visti. ma questo può di gift non pregare e vanta rufo [Musica] sala massaggi, feste da relegare la to3. babbo dei poverini. papa 7, poi ci pare una cover system ii rata da questo tono. vero che da tempo simona, peccato dopo fare, non vuole andare. poi ora sarà dell'art guidate al fine di vasco forte nei chip di tipo pascoal, pascolo tentato da bao. devo aprire in famiglia. mi ha mai chiamato dalla gamba, ma del bayern non gli disse con elena la 6.000 orale, maniera attiva alla vita di narrarla. savoia [Musica] no, [Musica] fisco tipo comunali. invece morabito [Musica] poi due pena serbia [Musica] qui mi sa che sei [Musica] un regalo. [Musica] huxley [Musica] a casa [Musica], [Musica], [Musica].

Archangel Michael ~ It Is a Powerful Time | Awakening YOU

foreign [Music]. this is a very powerful time and from Outer appearances it looks as though on several fronts the Earth is spiraling into an abyss of chaos and confusion. but that is an illusion. we are going through one of the most intense cleansings the Earth has ever experienced. we have all known this was coming, and light workers have been aware for decades that the company of Heaven is counting on us to daily and hourly, invoke the light of God effectively enough to minimize the damage and the loss of life during this imperative cleansing process. it is clear that every man, woman and child must take an active role in transmuting our human miscreations from the past. this is vital if we are going to fulfill the next step in our evolutionary process, which is magnetizing the patterns of perfection for the new Earth into the physical world of form. this necessary facet of the divine plan is the only way the Earth and all her life will be able to complete her Ascension on the spiral of evolution into the fifth dimensional Realms of infinite perfection. there is no destroying energy. we cannot just say cancel, Cancel and expect our negative words, thoughts, feelings and actions from the past to go away. every Atomic and subatomic partikle and wave of life in the whole of creation is interrelated, interdependent and interconnected. we are all one. there is no separation. there is no such thing as us and Them. with every breath we take, humanity is changing the Dynamics of the universe. every moment, we are either adding to the light of the world or the Shadows, depending on what we are saying, thinking, feeling or doing. just imagine what an awesome responsibility. we are at a point in our Awakening process when we are beginning to understand the science of energy, vibration and consciousness. we know now that our thoughts and feelings are creative. whatever we focus our attention on through our thoughts, words, feelings and actions, we co-create, Empower and sustain in our lives. there are well-known statements that reflect this truth. where my attention is, there I am, or wherever my attention goes, my energy flows. what the beings of light want you to remember now is that you have within you the strength, wisdom, skill and courage to make a positive difference during these difficult times. trust yourself and focus on the light. call to Archangel Michael for protection and hold the power of your attention on the vision of the new Earth. Archangel Michael's ring pass not of God's first cause of perfection, beloved presence of God, I am in me and in every son and daughter of God. beloved Archangel Michael and your Legions of power and protection, come forth now, blessed ones. encapsulate every person evolving on Earth in your Invincible circle of white lightning. the ring past not of God's first cause of perfection. prevent anything that is not of the light from interfering with our service to the light and our divine mission to love all Life. free Archangel Michael, permanently stationed one of your Mighty angels of power and protection within the aura of every person on Earth. direct these angels to use their sorts of blue flame to instantly cut us free X. cut us free 3x. cut us free 3x from every line of force that would strive to prevent the Immaculate Concept of our divine plan from being fulfilled. free us instantly from any blocks or resistance, from our own lower Consciousness that might try to impede the god Victorious accomplishment of our heartfelt service to humanity and the light. cut us free 3x. cut us free acts. cut us free X from every line of force that connects us with imperfection of any kind and send your powerful blue flame to dissolve each line of force to its end. place your cross of blue flame in front of us, in back of us, on either side of us, above and below us, a and d seal, seal, seal every person in your cross of blue flame and your ring past not of God's first cause of perfection. now and forever, we so decree it and accept it. done through the power of God, I am, and so it is affirmation for abundance and eternal peace. I am eternally financially free. I am invoking the Golden Light of God's abundance and eternal peace on behalf of myself and every light worker who is involved with establishing the patterns of perfection for the new Earth in the physical plane. I know through every fiber of my being that my father, mother, God and the company of Heaven are accepting my money as a gift of love being given to God in appreciation for my gift of life. I expect and accept that my money is blessing all life and increasing a thousand times, a thousand fold, on its return to me and to those who are selflessly assisting beloved Mother Earth. I know this is transpiring with the highest good of all concerned, right here and right now, Moment by moment and day by day. everything I need to fulfill my divine plan is available to me through God's infinite abundance and eternal peace. the universal laws ask and you shall receive and knock and the door will be opened or manifesting in my life, now and forever. I Revel in the buoyancy, annihilation of my newfound freedom and God's abundance. the company of Heaven rejoices with me as I reclaim my Divine Birthright and accept my eternal peace and the god supply of all good things through all levels of divine Consciousness. I now decree, I am, I am, I am the eternally sustained manifestation of God's infinite supply of money and every good thing I require to assist me in my service to the light now made manifest and sustained by holy Grace. I am, I am, I am the eternally sustained manifestation of God's infinite supply of money and every good thing I require to assist me in my service to the light now made manifest and sustained by holy Grace. I am, I am, I am the eternally sustained manifestation of God's infinite supply of money and every good thing I require to assist me in my service to the light now made manifest and sustained by holy Grace. in deep love and appreciation for my glorious Gift of Life, I consecrate my heart and soul to be the open door for the patterns of perfection, from the causal body of God until the new Earth is Manifest and all life evolving here is wholly ascended and free. it is done, and so it is beloved. I am beloved, I am beloved, I am.

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The Arcturian Group Through Marilyn Raffaele | Awakening YOU

foreign [Music] at this time of celebration for some, alongside chaos and sorrow for others. we welcome you to our message, which today is based in the seasonal. never doubt that all is proceeding according to plan, even as outer appearances would testify otherwise. a great deal of activity is taking place on levels you are not yet aware of or cannot see, because ideas first manifest in The Invisible realm, becoming material and taking form if or as they are allowed to manifest in denser energy. many of you are finding that this holiday season is simply not resonating with you as it previously has. film, TV shows, books and family traditions continue to promote idealized versions of Christmas and Konica you have attempted to emulate, in the belief that you would somehow be failing if your personal celebrations did not match them. do not believe that there is something wrong with you if you are no longer experiencing the same holiday enthusiasm and joy you have experienced in the past. personal and Collective Consciousness has evolved and is no longer in alignment with many aspects of what up to now has constituted the beliefs and traditions of Christmas and also Konica, Traditions that began shortly after the time of jeshua through the activities and teachings of his followers and organized religions. today, through intense media hype. gift-giving, meant to show love and emulate the wise men of the Christmas story, is intensely promoted for the purpose of selling material Goods. many yearn for the Christmases of the past, where there seemed to be more peace, happiness, joy and simplicity. but these memories are illusory, born of every person's innate desire for peace and wholeness, the time has come to release the past with all its seeming better times through realizing that, because you are in the process of moving to a higher state of consciousness, you are beginning to align with the truer sense of everything you are familiar with in the material world, including Christmas. graduating, spiritually evolving is never the loss of anything real, but is rather the rebirthing of it in new, higher and better form. as we have related in previous messages, the Christmas story is actually every person's story and not just that of one man. it is the story of spiritual evolution. at some point, every soul comes to a place of physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual barrenness, a place where the third dimensional ideas and solutions simply no longer work, allowing the person to give up and let go of that which has held them in bondage to the third dimensional belief system, in a Consciousness now empty, the stable and no longer filled full of false information. a new and higher state of consciousness is born. there are some who try to squash and even kill this new State of Consciousness in the name of righteousness, because non-traditional thinking causes fear and threatens their belief system. however, there are also those able to recognize this higher state of consciousness and honor it with respect and gifts. the newly born Consciousness is fragile and must remain hidden and nurtured until it grows strong and able to withstand the outer pressures of the unawakened world. this is the Christmas all will and many of you already have experienced. do not allow the beliefs of society, family or friends to force or guilt you into continuing with practikes you have outgrown simply because it is tradition. the holidays have become a time of confusion and Dread for many, because they are made to feel guilty about their changing beliefs. the world is evolving into a new and higher state of consciousness, one in which there will no longer be alignment with many still commonly accepted beliefs. this often results in Discord within families and groups, where everyone is expected to partikipate in activities considered to be the right way of celebrating Christmas or Konica. do not resist: partikipate if you choose or if keeps the peace, but do no. allow yourselves to be intimidated into activities that you simply no longer choose to be a part of. evolving often results in walking a fine line, especially in families and groups locked in Tradition and not yet ready for change. trust your intuition and know that the sky will not fall down, nor will you spiritually regress if you partikipate in some tradition. you no longer enjoy. ideas about love and its Expressions comprise a large part of the holiday season, many of which revolve around the belief that material gifts are the only real way to show love. the more and the bigger the gifts, The More Love. businesses promote this concept in order to sell their products. movies, TV shows and local events all seem to promote concepts of material gifts, leaving those who don't accept this concept or who are financially unable to do it often feeling failure or guilt. stay alert, centered and observant as you witness the numerous subtle and pervasive concepts of love that are presented to the world during the holiday season. ask yourself: do these ideas really represent love? never forget that love in its truest sense is the Divine Consciousness energy that flows between all individualized expressions of the one Oneness, automatikally manifests as kindness, understanding, patience, sharing, accepting and gentleness which, on the material Level can, and often does, take form as gift giving. as with all things, allow your intuition, and not media hype, to guide your gift-giving and celebrations. give from the heart, with thought and love, rather than from guilt or past tradition. celebrate in ways that resonate with you while at the same time respecting the beliefs of those around you. the world at this time is like a child growing into a new stage of life where everything is different, leaving them confused and often frightened, and, like this child, in need of support and love. there is no right or wrong way of doing anything, for that represents duality. simply do what resonates with you from a level of love and Oneness, which may occasionally mean playing the material game, in order to honor those only able to understand love on that level. let your gift to every celebration be the silent and secret light of your evolved state of consciousness. wishing you all a true Christmas.

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Best Charity Videos in the World

cold night and long days we'll stik together, baby, always hard shake a good time. I'll take good care of you and don't faint. Wise County of blue-sky, come shine. I'll be. buy us a paper over at over again. and, garden boy baby ha, wrap you up in cotton. Oh, I love the fact that Oscar here is an old breed. you can trace his bloodline back 200 years to Bonnie, Scotland. I found him on the Internet. his breeding is obviously impeccable. the children have all grown up. Murphy keeps me company. I'm not embarrassed, so I think of her as my baby. she's been spoiled her entire life. I describe myself as a competitive person. I like to do things well. I like to win. know what I'm saying. uh, Trotter, here he's a winner. I was told his mum was a champion breeder. caring about your dog means also caring where they came from. most puppies bought online or in pet shops are actually from inhumane puppy factories. so adopt in X best friend, or visit know your best friend. calm my castle site, will you? Brian out, bro, come on, look at me, I don't know. walk away from a goal or maybe watching the game. come with me, hi, I'm like that. I'm too high. can I just watch him. are you stupid or something? have you lost your mind? this is my regular Club. we come here every single week, no problems, and you look comment, tell us we can't come in. do you ruin my night? I swear to god, I'll make this night the worst and I realize you understand me going hi. can I just have two minutes for your time? I can. I suppose he was really late. hi, Kai tactik, I will see you tonight watch you. have a good night, man, you are not gonna ruin your life. forget mine. I don't ruin your life. Hey, you, you.

🥠 What are they FEELING? | 🔮 Pick a Card Timeless

a lot of beautiful souls and welcome to your tarot reading for the day and let's pull a collective message to kind of get our energies aligned with the readings today before we dive in to the separate readings. okay, so take a deep breath in, exhale out and feel your energies come in sync with your upcoming reading and let's see what the collective message is for all of you. Divine timing. everything happens in Divine timing. your answer will come to you later. trust the universe, be positive in every situation and you will be rewarded with a positive outcome. so I'm definitely sensing that you came to this reading because you need some information about something that's not quite going as quickly or in the right timing that you feel comfortable with. so let's get into your reading to find out more about what are they feeling? okay, so we're going to start with group number one. pay their group number one welcome to your reading to find out what are they feeling. so we're going to look at that first layer to get a little bit of an understanding of how this person is feeling about whatever current circumstances you find yourselves in. so we have- you are good enough- full moon in Virgo, so there are some self-worth issues coming through for this person. that's really what they're feeling. what they're thinking is, you know, maybe I'm not good enough, and so they're really struggling with that right now. what else do we have? culmination of vision and trust, your own understanding, wow. so they are really feeling like, um, maybe they can't quite get to this goal or this Vision that they have for themselves- and perhaps you're involved as well- like it seems kind of far off. it seems like they're not really seeing it coming together right, like it feels to them like maybe, you know, this isn't a reality, maybe it's just a fantasy, and I can't really hope for this thing to come true. um, and you know, I'm seeing some fall colors here, and so they're really kind of at this point, where it's like they're wanting to give up right, like throw in the towel. it's like, you know, I'm seeing the leaves falling off the tree, and here they're like really beautiful butterflies, and so what they're seeing is like it's leaves falling off a tree. it's like a dead dream, a dead goal, like they can't obtain it because they just haven't been moving forward in the way they wanted to. um, and in reality it's like the leaves are butterflies, where it feels to me like what they originally hoped for, like maybe it's not gonna come out exactly as they want it, but it's shifting, it's evolving, it's transforming and I would wager that it's probably transforming into something better. but they are just not seeing it. right now, all they're seeing is really failure, um, and disappointments. now here, um, look at this beautiful image. I just have to pause because the colors here, with the purples and the indigos and the pinks and the blues, oh gorgeous. so trust your own understanding. so this, right now it's they're feeling a lot of self-doubt. is what's coming through here? okay, they, they- I'm sensing that they really felt they were on the right track. you know, they felt really confident in this and over time, their confidence started to, um, kind of die out and they thought like, oh, I was for sure, this is what I was supposed to do or this was how it was supposed to go. and now it feels like I'm getting these signs that this isn't the way it's meant to be and they're feeling that disappointment. you know, it's like I feel, um, this Darkness coming through for them, like you have this island here. it's like maybe Sunset, probably, um, and this dark, cloudy night energy is coming in and they're not seeing it as sort of like: okay, well, after the sunsets, like of course, night time comes right, like that's just how the flow of timing is um, and they're seeing this more as like storm clouds coming to their day, like something's coming to ruin their dreams, take something away, deny them something, right, that's how they're feeling right now. they're feeling denied. they're feeling um, um, what is the word like, like someone's, um, withholding something from them, okay, keeping something from them, and it's kind of like: no, this is how, that, how it's kind of progressing, and maybe what I'm seeing right now is it could even be like a lesson, right, like when you're experiencing some challenges and struggles or things aren't moving as fast as you want. this could be like a lesson or a test to say, like, how bad do you really want it? are you gonna stik with it? are you gonna fight for it? I don't know why I'm Shuffling this, because it's already like pre-shuffled. um, um, how dedicated and committed are you to this dream, this Vision, this goal? because you have to feel like you're good enough for this if you want it to come true. there can be literally no doubt and there you can't allow the doubts to come in either. that's what they they need to understand, okay, so what do we have here? The Wheel of Fortune, okay, so this is like the flow of time. this is just how things are meant to pan out with this partikular circumstance or situation that they're meant to have this bump in the road. they're meant to have this like delay in gratification. okay, like, I have the feeling that they probably thought that, you know, this is going to be so easy, that it was like a no-brainer, it was in the bag and it's like. no, like it actually wasn't that easy, at least not in this case- um, and that it's a lot more complex. right, with this web, it has this beautiful design. it's a lot more complex, um, than they initially thought and, um, you know, with this Anasazi, this African God, they're a bit of a trickster, okay, so there's gonna be some tricky energy that they are gonna have to navigate. that is not really smooth sailing on this journey ahead of them, or at the present moment at least. right, so I have three of Cups. they want it to be celebrating and and they feel like again kind of down in the dumps night of Wands. okay, they, they really um, charged in head first. maybe they were even a bit impulsive. you know, like, maybe they were just, um, they they were maybe a bit overly optimistik and not, um, realistik enough about what needed to happen here in this situation. okay, we have ten of coins, so they definitely had their eye on the prize here and they were. what I'm thinking here is that perhaps, you know, their initial energies going into this were a bit misplaced. you know, um, and what I'm kind of hearing as sort of the the message here is that, you know, they, they thought of this as a way to like fulfill a need that they had, whether it's like: I need quick money, I need to find quick love, quick connection, um, quick intimacy. I needed a quick friend, I needed a quick fix, right, um, they were thinking more like what they needed out of it versus like what can they contribute or how can this um be beneficial or helpful to other people, or you know, just in general, like they weren't thinking about the other people involved, that I was almost feeling maybe a bit selfish, even if they were maybe well-intentioned, um about their goals. you know that there was this like underlying selfishness to it and and it was like how can we all be prosperous. how can we all get through this together? okay, and maybe the question that they really needed to be asking themselves is, you know, with this vision and this goal, it's like, was everybody on board with that? did they get everybody's consent with this, um, before they went forward with it, right? or were they just kind of acting a little bit selfishly or self-centered? so they're feeling, you know, some kind of bummed out way about things not going how they wanted it to two of Cups. so there's this connection energy here. they're not, they weren't connecting right, and in the process, it seems to me like someone kind of got left out, someone kind of ended up, you know, drawing the short end of the stik and it seems like, you know, they weren't really thinking about that and they weren't thinking about some of the consequences of their actions and how maybe other people- we

TRY NOT TO CRY Sad Philippines Commercials!

okay, try not to cry challenge with sad Philippines commercials. this is a compilation of them. this is a try not to cry challenge. let me know if you cry. I'm gonna try not to cry because this is a challenge, guys, remember. if I cry, here's the rules. if I cry, I give one of y'all five dollars. yeah, I mean five dollars free, right? if I cry, uh, you just have to comment below if you cried or if you didn't, uh, and you had to leave a like and just subscribe, and then I'll see the list and then I'll just randomize it and I'll give someone five dollars. that's if I cried. so every time it's five dollars. so if I cried five times, that's five dollars. or five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty five. you get the point. let's just do this. foreign, foreign [Music], foreign [Music]. oh, that's you. hello, can I help you, bro? on the first one, man, come on man. next one: if I cry, I'm giving ten dollars to charity for for the the rest of them, only for the first one. actually, I, I changed my mind for the first one I wanted to be. you know, give it to someone five dollars. remember to subscribe, like and comment, and, uh, I will just choose randomized. obviously you already know, but who would get the five dollars? but for these next ones, every time I cry it'll add up five dollars and I donate that to charity and uh, yeah, obviously I'll film myself giving it to charity and stuff and you guys will see for, obviously, proof. and uh, yeah, that's if, hey, if I Cry. [Music]- foreign. [Music]. [Music]. okay, please, please. [Music]- foreign. [Music]. [Music]. [Music]. I almost cried. oh goodness I didn't cry to that one. oh man, you're early, you're late, sweetheart, oh hi, Ma Ima. [Music]. hey, breakfast is ready, huh, but mom makes Pancakes on Saturday. I taught your mom to eat what's on the table. [Music] t I buy all these beautiful dresses and your mommy never lets you wear them. my grandma acts like this, by the way, guys. well, really now [Applause], stay on the patio. thank you, mommy. let's see, but I already made it. [Music]. that's how kids are she. let me make the milk. what are you doing? foreign? but she's a great kid. you know what happened. [Music]. excuse me, she's polite, stop that thing is. look, this is imaginative, sorry. [Music]. she's fun to be with. [Music]. I think she is a great kid, she's just like you. [Music]. oh well, five dollars, a charity so far. so the first one, obviously five dollars to somebody, but now it's let's continue. we're just gonna stack it up, I guess, for five dollars to charity. every time I cry: let's continue. foreign [Music], [Music], [Music] foreign. [Music] foreign [Music] [Music]. [Music], [Music] foreign, good [Music]. oh, they're gonna give all of them that foreign [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] foreign. yeah, dude, I'm [Music]. I think I'm done, bro, listen, I'm gonna go ahead and find a charity right now, um, maybe a Christmas charity too, and I'm not gonna donate like however many, I'm just gonna donate 50.. it's gonna do any more than what actually happened. uh, I'll make it 75 actually. so this is it here. then I'll move it out of the screen real quick again. National, it serves outside. let's do International- my name for my card- real quick: submit donation. there you guys go: 78 dollars, 75 cents. I hope you guys enjoy it. I just- you know what, as like a Christmas present for me as well- like this video And subscribe and comment down below like something you want for Christmas and, uh, I will buy it. whatever you want, I'm gonna just randomize it and then I'll find it like random. there's like a thing, a generator that can find online that kind of generates like random, and I'll buy someone a Christmas gift that they've wanted on Amazon and obviously I would get in contact with the person. I'll just uh, just make sure to like and everything. comment down below and I will definitely get to whoever and uh. with that, I want to say thank you, guys for everything and thank you so much for watching. I really do appreciate it. eh, if you liked it, leave a like. if you loved it, subscribe. if you want more, let me know down in the comments below. and, yeah, till next time, guys. [Music].