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DON'T DO DROPSHIPPING...Do This Instead!!!

Published on: December 5 2022 by Travis Marziani

DON'T DO DROPSHIPPING...Do This Instead!!!

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DON'T DO DROPSHIPPING...Do This Instead!!!

warning I'm about to piss off a lot of
people sick of scamming YouTube channels
trying to trick people into thinking
that drop shipping is just a quick easy
way to make money it's not can you make
money at it yes if you hustle hard
enough you can make money at anything
but it's not the best way to make money
online I know a few people that do drop
shipping for their full-time income and
they are working their butt off and most
the youtubers out there are sort of
lying to you about how much money
they're making or about how easy it is I
understand the need to one hustle to
want to work hard to want to be free I
was a slave in the corporate system I
quit my job I worked so hard
stayed up for a so many days in a row
ended up having to check myself into the
emergency room and I don't want you to
make that same mistake this what I'm
about to teach you is what I wish I
would have known when I first quit my
corporate job in fact it blows my mind
that there's not more youtubers out
there toking about this method it's by
far the best method for making money
online but we'll get to that in just a
sec I want to tok about dropshipping
what it is along with the pros and the
cons of dropshipping let's start with
the pros of dropshipping and by far the
number one Pro of dropshipping is you
don't need a lot of money to get started
this is why so many people are entiked
into starting with dropshipping is
because they think it's an easy way to
start to hustle hard enough and to make
money in fact most people on YouTube are
lying to you about how much money
they're making they might say something
like I made $50,000 dropshipping but
what they're not telling you is they
don't actually get to take that $50,000
and put it in their pocket that's the
revenue so they only make about 20% of
that so that $50,000 go down to $10,000
which still sounds like a lot of money
but they also don't tell you all their
costs and a lot of times they're paying
somewhere around like $8,000 in paid
advertising so they're only actually at
the end of the day making $2,000 and
that's a lot of hustle to only make
$2,000 from you know all that work I
honestly thought about this a lot and
the only pro I could come up with for
this method versus the other methods
that are out there to make money online
is that you don't need a lot of money to
get started
which is also actually the number one
con about this the number one
thing about dropshipping is because
you'll need a lot of money to get
started it's easy for other people to
start up come over replicate your store
replicate anything you're doing and now
you have competition now the sales are
split 50/50 and you might end up even
losing money the next con is that the
manufacturer can cut you off at any time
and the last con I have is that there's
nothing really special about you some
bigger better person can come into the
space and beat you now you can do this
well you can create a brand around your
drop shipping store you can maybe be an
SEO master and get really good at all
the search engine optimization or maybe
you're a paid ads expert but there's
always the risk that there's someone
else that's better at it than you or
that something happens and so there's a
lot of risk around that with drop
shipping you're basically a middleman
and people don't really like middlemen
they don't want to pay a middleman to
help connect them now people pay for
value and by being a middleman you are
providing some value in the world you're
connecting a seller and a buyer but
there's much better ways to creating
value in the world so how do you create
value in the world because this is
really the question we're asking we want
to say how do we make money it's how are
you going to create a lot of value in
the world so let's look at top companies
like Apple or Nike what did they do they
created a product that was better than
anything else out there
Apple for instance first came out with
its first generation computer Nike did
the first with the waffle design on the
bottom of a shoe it was something
different something better than what was
out there and you can do this too and it
costs almost nothing to get started if
you do it properly one of the easy ways
to get started is it take something
you're passionate about and create a
product around it create something that
doesn't exist yet that you personally
wish did so I took my passion of health
and nutrition and created a product this
was one of the products I created
performance nut butter it's a premium
product for people that are interested
in getting healthy fat into their diet I
saw there wasn't a lot of ways to get
like healthy fat on the go you know in
in your diet you can do this too it's
easy to get started and it doesn't take
a lot of money what you're gonna do is
you're gonna find something that you're
passionate about and create a product
around that create something that does
not yet exist that you wish existed very
simple to do I'll tok about how I did
it so I created a company called
performance nut butter
and I'm passionate about health and
nutrition and I wanted to create a
premium product for people that wanted
to get healthy fats on-the-go so my
product comes in little pouches and I
knew there was a market out there for
people that want like high quality fuel
on-the-go and there was nothing that I
saw that existed so I created it and it
didn't cost almost anything to create it
because I launched it as a Kickstarter I
taught my girlfriend this method is well
and she was interested in wine her
passion was wine so she created a
passion product called vino cards which
helps people learn about wine because
that's something that she personally
wanted to do was to learn more about
wine and in her first real day as an
entrepreneur selling vino cards she made
eighteen hundred dollars so your goal
should be to create as much value in the
world as you can in the easiest way
don't go hustle grinding every day to
build someone else's business drop
shipping doing all the marketing all
that stuff that's the hard part
creating the products easier and you're
gonna have better margins when you
create your own product that means more
cash in your pocket so don't be a drop
shipper be a product creator bring value
into the world I have a video right here
on seven steps on how you can actually
create your own product and it's not as
hard as you would think it's it's just
as hard is drop shipping except for
you're gonna make a lot more money doing
it I want there to be more product
creators and cool products in the world
and that's why I made this video plus I
want to see you succeed I don't want to
see you have to like go to the emergency
room like I did because you're so
stressed out I want you to actually make
money the easiest way I've found online
so watch that video and click the
subscribe and notification button and
I'll see you in the next video

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