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Dropshipping AGB Template

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this video, Ivan discusses the legal texts and general terms and conditions for creating an AGB. He presents six different ways to create or obtain an AGB.

- Ivan introduces himself and discusses the importance of legal texts and AGBs for businesses.

Variants for creating an AGB:

1. Not creating an AGB at all, which is not recommended as it reduces trust and credibility for the website.

2. Copying the legal texts from a competitor, which is only acceptable if it is a standard text without copyright protection.

3. Hiring a lawyer, which is an expensive option that may not be feasible for small businesses.

4. Subscribing to an AGB service, such as the ones offered by agb.de and it-recht-kanzlei.de.

5. Using the AGB generator from the Bundesverband E-Commerce und Versandhandel or copying and adapting their legal texts.

6. Using an AGB generator, such as the one demonstrated in the video, to create a custom AGB.

- Ivan emphasizes the importance of having a well-crafted AGB for businesses and provides different options for creating one.

- He also mentions that in the next video, he will discuss returns and cancellation policies.

Impressum, AGB und Datenschutzerklärung erstellen - Kostenlose Vorlagen für Rechtstexte

In this video, we will discuss how to obtain legal texts such as an impressum, privacy policy, terms and conditions, or revocation rights for our website or online shop for free and easily. We will introduce two providers, one for websites and one for online shops.

Obtaining legal texts for our website or online shop can be a daunting task. However, it is crucial to have these texts to comply with legal regulations and protect ourselves from potential legal issues. In this article, we will provide two providers that offer free and easy legal texts for websites and online shops.

Provider 1: Ihrrecht24

Ihrrecht24 is a provider that offers free legal texts for websites. Users can choose to input their own information or use pre-written text. They can select which legal texts they need, such as an impressum or privacy policy, and input their personal information. The website guides users through the process step-by-step.

Provider 2: Trusted Shops

Trusted Shops is a provider that offers free legal texts for online shops. They have a cool wizard that guides users through the process of creating legal texts. Users can choose which legal texts they need, such as an impressum or terms and conditions, and input their personal information. They also provide an option for users to input their tracking script information.

Having legal texts on our website or online shop is crucial to comply with legal regulations and protect ourselves from potential legal issues. The two providers we introduced, Ihrrecht24 and Trusted Shops, offer free and easy legal texts for websites and online shops. However, it is important to note that these providers are not official legal advisors and users should clarify any liability questions themselves.

Shopify Fußzeile bearbeiten und Shopify Fußzeile erstellen: Shopify Kontaktformular und Seiten

In this video, I will show you how to create a contact form or an about us page for your website. These pages are crucial for building trust with your customers, as they want to ensure their money is safe with you.


1. Click on the online shop option and select pages.

2. Add a new page and name it Contact.

3. Add a call to action, such as Contact us now.

4. Optimize the page for search engines by using keywords.

5. Save the page and preview it.

6. Add the contact page to the navigation menu.

7. Create an About Us page to build trust with your customers.

8. Use bullet points to list your benefits and create a strong sales text.

9. Add the About Us page to the navigation menu.

10. Create separate videos for legal pages like terms and conditions and privacy policy.

11. Create a playlist for all videos related to website legal requirements.

12. In the next video, discuss menu options like commenting and subscribing.

Creating a contact form and an about us page is essential for building trust with your customers. Optimizing your pages for search engines and creating a strong sales text can help increase conversion rates. It is also important to create legal pages like terms and conditions and privacy policy. By following these steps, you can create a professional and trustworthy website.

So machst du deinen Shopifyshop 100% RECHTSICHER! Shopify Tutorial Deutsch

Welcome to today's video and in this video, we will talk about how to make your online shop legally secure. I will show you where to get the necessary texts, how it affects your job, and how to have a complete package of legal security. Why is legal security one of the biggest obstacles for many online shop owners? It is because they fear receiving warnings from lawyers. These warnings are from lawyers who specifically target websites that are not 100% legally secure.

Impressum: This is the most basic and essential page that you need to create. It tells your customers where your company is located and where they can find information if something goes wrong. You can create an impressum by working with a professional or by using a service that specializes in creating legal documents.

AGBs: These are the general terms and conditions that apply when a customer purchases something from you. They cover the basic things that happen during a purchase, and you can customize them to include your own rules and regulations.

Widerrufsbelehrung: This page is about the right of withdrawal. You need to inform your customers about their right to return the products they bought within a certain time frame. The period for returning the product varies depending on the type of product sold.

Datenschutzerklärung: This page is about data protection and privacy. It tells your customers how you handle their data, who you share it with, and how you store it. This page is especially important since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced in Europe.

Zahlung und Versand: This page is about payment and shipping. It informs your customers about the available payment methods and how long it takes to receive their products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): This page is not necessary, but it can increase your conversion rate. By answering common questions, you can save time and effort for yourself and your customers.

Kontakt: This page is about how your customers can get in touch with you. You can include your email address, phone number, and physical address.

In conclusion, creating a legally secure online shop is essential to avoid legal consequences. You need to have an impressum, AGBs, widerrufsbelehrung, datenschutzerklärung, zahlung und versand, FAQs, and kontakt pages. Additionally, you can use services such as Händlerbund to make the process easier and more convenient. If you have any specific questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me on Instagram. Thank you for watching and see you in the next video!

ONLINESHOP RECHTSSICHER MACHEN | Rechtstexte, AGB Checkbox, Rechnung etc.

Title: Wie man einen rechtssicheren Onlineshop erstellt

In diesem Artikel geht es darum, wie man einen rechtssicheren Onlineshop erstellt. Ich werde auf einige wichtige Punkte eingehen, die bei der Erstellung eines Onlineshops zu beachten sind. Bitte beachtet, dass ich kein Anwalt oder Steuerberater bin und diese Informationen nur auf meinen Erfahrungen beruhen. Wenn ihr eine Beratung benötigt, wendet euch bitte an einen Profi.

Points to Consider:

- Rechtstexte auf dem Onlineshop

- Bestellbestätigung und Widerrufsbelehrung

- Kiba na

- Preise inklusive Mehrwertsteuer

- Rechnung

1. Rechtstexte auf dem Onlineshop:

- Impressum

- AGBs

- Datenschutzrichtlinie

- Informationen zum Versand

- Alles sollte gut auf der Seite zu finden sein, z.B. durch Verlinkungen im Footer

- Trusted Shops kann bei der Erstellung helfen

- Es gibt auch andere Seiten, die bei der Erstellung helfen können

2. Bestellbestätigung und Widerrufsbelehrung:

- Widerrufsbelehrung und AGBs müssen in der Bestellbestätigung zu finden sein

- Die Rechnung sollte ebenfalls in der Bestellbestätigung zu finden sein

3. Kiba na:

- Kunden müssen aktiv Cookies erlauben können

- Es gibt Apps, die dabei helfen können

4. Preise inklusive Mehrwertsteuer:

- Preise sollten inklusive Mehrwertsteuer angezeigt werden

- Der Versand sollte ebenfalls angezeigt werden

- Es sollte darauf geachtet werden, dass die Preisangabe auf jeden Fall stimmt

5. Rechnung:

- Steuernummer, Name, Adresse, Name des Kunden, Datum, Nettowert, Lieferdatum müssen in der Rechnung zu finden sein

- Die Rechnung sollte korrekt abgegeben werden

- Order Printer kann helfen, die Rechnung automatisch zu verschicken

Es gibt noch viele andere rechtliche Dinge, die man bei der Erstellung eines Onlineshops beachten muss. Die genannten Punkte sind jedoch die Basic und dürfen auf keinen Fall fehlen. Bitte beachtet, dass dies nur meine Erfahrungen sind und wenn ihr eine Beratung benötigt, wendet euch bitte an einen Profi.

Shopify Widerrufsbelehrung Generator und Shopify Rücksendungen erstellen: Shopify Widerrufsrecht

In this video, Ivan explains how to create a revocation instruction legal text and briefly talks about returns and revocation instructions for shops. He also discusses how to handle returns in e-commerce.

Important points:

- Customers can revoke the contract within 14 days

- Print on demand products are not included

- The customer is responsible for the cost of returns

- This is a huge advantage for entrepreneurs

- Creating a revocation instruction legal text is important

- Use a trusted source for the text

- Include your contact information

- Specify the services you provide

- Offer options for delivery and returns

- Promote your policy for returns

- Use a form for customer complaints

- Chinese imports and foreign shipments have different rules

- Include the information in the checkout process and in the AGBs

Handling returns can be tricky, but following the rules and creating a clear policy can make it easier for both customers and entrepreneurs. Make sure to use a trusted source for legal text and include all necessary information for your specific business.

Gratis Dropshipping Kurs 2023: Schritt Für Schritt Zu Den Ersten Sales

Text und im Design der Webseite.

Dazu geh ren zum Beispiel eine klare und verst ndliche Produktbeschreibung, die Vorteile des Produkts und nat rlich auch Kundenbewertungen. Auch ein guter Kundenservice ist wichtig, um Vertrauen bei den potenziellen K ufern zu gewinnen.

Ein weiterer wichtiger Punkt ist das Marketing und die Werbung f r das Produkt. Hier k nnen Social Media Kan le wie Facebook, Instagram und TikTok genutzt werden, um gezielt potenzielle K ufer anzusprechen.

Abschlie end l sst sich sagen, dass das Dropshipping Business auch im Jahr 2023 noch sehr vielversprechend sein wird, wenn man sich an die rechtlichen Vorgaben h lt, ein gutes Produkt findet, eine ansprechende Webseite gestaltet und eine gezielte Werbung betreibt. Mit diesen Tipps kann man erfolgreich im Dropshipping durchstarten und ein profitables Business aufbauen.

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