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dropshipping at 16

Published on: January 3 2023 by pipiads

How I Made $20k In A Day Dropshipping At 16 Years Old

what's up everybody Tennant with another,video and start it's been a little while,since my last video but it's super busy,with school and work and everything so,today I'm be showing you how I made,almost $20,000 drop shipping last week,in one day and believe it or not this,was all through influencer marketing on,Instagram and if you watch some of my,past videos you'll know that I believe,fully and influenced our marketing on,Instagram that it has a ton of power and,Facebook ads also have the same amount,of power probably more because you can,target specific audience but the thing,is being able to come knowledgeable at,Facebook Ads and being able to be,profitable with your ads and make money,from it and that's the thing with,influencer marketing you put up a,certain amount of money for a shout-out,and you don't know if it'll make you,money or not but you try and if you make,money from it,you just put more and more money through,you're essentially reinvesting just to,make more and more money and that's what,I did,but on that day last week where I made,over eighteen thousand dollars I put,about six thousand one hundred fifty,dollars into influencer marketing so,what I was doing is essentially,reinvesting my money so the night of,before I made eighteen thousand dollars,on that was a Monday I believe I was on,a call with Hagen Bowles and we were,toking a little bit about influencer,marketing and drop shipping and around,that night about ten o'clock PN I,decided why not just put some money into,influencer marketing so I put maybe five,hundred bucks in the ads that night at,10:00 p.m. then I made 2.2 grand in two,hours before the day was over I was like,oh my god I gotta put way more money to,this so the next day I had school it was,a Monday so I was like I need to figure,all this out so what I did was that,night I actually scheduled a bunch of,ads for the next day and I've toked to,all of the influencers paid them all,that night and then the next day I had,them scheduled so they would be up all,hours of the day with different pages,and about $6,000 so that put me on about,probably 50 million followers total that,day goes just normal this will check my,phone everyone surrounding I just know,to start blowing up blowing up order,order order my phone would not stop so I,had to turn off notifications for,Shopify PayPal whatever and my phone,would just not stop so many orders so by,around 12 o'clock p.m. I was in lunch at,school and I notiked I was already at,about seven thousand dollars that I got,let's hit 10k see what happens and,little did I know about three o'clock,when I get out,school I was already at 12,000 so my,money had almost doubled in three hours,it was blowing up so fast so I really,didn't know what to do I never had this,many orders in one day he so I started,toking with some friends asking them,about it they had had this me know,orders in one day and how they handled,all of it for filling all of them and,how it works and not inside just that,day I was just gonna let it ride see,what happens I wasn't gonna focus too,much on everything I just want to see,how much I'll make by the end of the day,so by the end of the night before 12:00,I had reached 18 thousand and two,hundred dollars or something like that I,don't remember the exact number but it,was over eighteen thousand dollars and I,was just thinking in my head how do I,keep this going so what I did I,discovered ads for the whole week and,actually grossed over ten grand a day,last week just from influencer marketing,so that should show you guys that,influencer marketing works and it all,depends on what product you're selling,what kind of AD you're creating and what,pages you're buying from so if you,follow those three steps I think I've,toked about it in one of my last videos,on how to create an influencer marketing,ad and how to target the right pages so,you just need to go through those steps,and figure out what's right for you and,once you do that you need to have a,little bit of money to put up front and,say you put in a hundred dollars and you,make $100 profit back and then you put,that hundred dollars profit back into,more ads and more ads and more ads and,then eventually it'll be up to me like,you make eighteen grand or more in a day,it's just about how much you reinvest,because if you're not putting any money,back into your business it's not going,to grow that's just how it works and,another thing I notiked over the past,week is that more money equals more,problems so over the past few days I've,actually had my paypal lock my bank lock,my Aliexpress has been messed up my,overloads been messed up with syncing,orders and it's just been a pain and I,actually have two people working for me,right now virtual assistants but it's,just a pain having to manage everything,so this is my first time making this,much in such a fast period of time so,now I'm going to learn from all my,mistakes that I made making this much,this fast and how I can know how to,handle them in the future will have this,many orders to this fast so you,definitely need to be prepared and I'll,make a video going over some of the,things that I've had problems with,having this many orders in one day but,they're all good problems I'm not,complaining at all and I'm just grateful,to be able to make this much money at,such a young age and there's just so,many opportunities out there that not a,lot of people realize,and I'm glad that I'm able to find them,by myself and from the help of some,business friends and it's been a fun,ride but over the past two days I've,actually stopped marketing for that,business just so I can make sure all the,current orders can be fulfilled and,prepared correctly because I want to,make sure those get fulfilled and the,supplier can handle everything before I,go and putting more and more money into,it so I invested in it for a week and it,made around 75 grand it's still making,money but not as much because I'm not,putting ads up but now I'm just taking,the time this week to make sure,everything's getting fulfilled and that,everything is running smoothly with,responding to emails and stuff like that,and another thing is I'm still in high,school so I have to go to school for,eight hours a day but I mean that's just,the way life goes and I have to deal,with it so all good problems for me this,week and I'm super happy this happened,now because now I know how to make,twenty grand a day and how it be,prepared for it so I can manage all the,orders so you'll be seeing 20 grand days,soon almost every day and assume in the,next video guys make sure to leave a,like comment and subscribe,peace,[Music],[Applause],[Music]

I Tried Dropshipping With $0! (13 Year Old)

hello this is my first time vlogging,shipping it's a very trending business,model right now so i'm gonna try it here,are the rules i start off with zero,dollars,okay,so with that makes the challenge very,hard,i just have one month,and,my goal is to reach 1 000 by the end of,my summer break can i do it stay tuned,to find out um so now my plan is that,i'm just gonna scroll on tiktok and,see if i can find a trending product,okay guys so i found this product on,tiktok,and this account,has been very trendy like two months ago,but now especially it's the summer so,people do like to go outdoors so i think,this,water bottle,has,this cool water water can be useful you,know,it can store your snacks and your water,and,so yeah i think i'm gonna create a,account for this product make a logo,and just start posting right i'll post,one video right now and one other video,in a couple hours,and i'm just gonna update you guys um,about tomorrow and tell you guys how it,did,next day,what's up y'all it's like,11 00,in the night and,look at this,12k total likes across all our videos,that's insane we got like,240 followers also,i'm dude people are liking this right,change of plans i'm just gonna,build my store tomorrow morning it's,currently day two if you guys didn't see,that,and i'm just gonna sleep now build my,store tomorrow,update you guys,and yeah,we'll put the link in our bio and we'll,see if we get any sales we have to right,look how many followers and likes we got,like at least one or two people want to,buy,let's hope that and let's go to bed,next day well guys it's,about 11 o'clock in the morning and i,just got finished building the store i,put the link in my tiktok accounts,bio,oh and,here let me show you guys,so here is our home page we got our logo,we got the announcement bar,yeah they don't know for tiktoks bad,vibes never stood a chance i i love that,i added the shop now,here's the product,beautiful details i'm selling it for,24.99,i'll break down the profit and costs,later there's a buy now faqs,same thing again,and i added all these pages shipping,policy return policy tracker order blah,blah all right so here's the cost,breakdown we sell it for 24.99 the,product cost is 1811 that might seem,like a lot but i researched on amazon,and if they're selling it for like 30,on like aliexpress this is the best,price cj drop shipping and everything,they're just selling it for like 20,so i think 1811 is the best price,so that leaves us with 688,when profit one dollar to send us like,the shopify fee that leaves us with the,final 5.86,in profit,on every sale,and just the checkup on our tiktoks,they've been doing really good we have,about 600 followers now,yep,now i'll update you guys tomorrow we'll,tok how our tiktoks did and i'm,probably gonna post another tiktok,right now,so yeah see you tomorrow,what's up guys it's like nine o'clock at,night and i'm back with some more good,news,check this out,we got 2 000 followers so now we can,finally add the,store link in our bio,like i actually gained these followers,so fast and i actually didn't post that,much in the past few days i just posted,five videos,so um i think i'm just gonna,post one tomorrow afternoon and that's,it,and a bigger update is that i i ordered,this bottle from amazon it's going to,arrive in about five days,so when we get it we'll be able to film,our own content and even more,in quantity and better in quality so,yeah and,and,here's the thing look at this look at,this,all right if you see here i actually got,a sale this is legit i'm not joking look,i'm literally refreshing my screen,there's 200 store sessions,there's like one view right now i don't,know,so what happened is um before selling,this product for 24.99 but,i forgot to change the shipping price to,zero but this person actually paid five,dollars for shipping so,i mean i'm taking it,i'm just gonna fulfill his order when i,get his money and yeah that's first,money by us,yay we finally have something in our,bank,next day,hello guys it's day four it's like one,o'clock in the afternoon,so today the whole day i've just been,working,on this on adding this other product,under store because other people thought,that um the bottle we were already,selling was too expensive even though,our profit margin is just like a couple,dollars,so actually found a new product so,there's the catalog,and here it is,it's like this double sided water bottle,people have been requesting to get this,one so i did,the raven bottle 4.0 it's 14.99,and if you were to see it on here,it cut on aliexpress at 710 that leaves,us with,789,and that's the shopify transaction fees,and it leaves us with 716 in profit so,that's much better than the old profit,and people seem to like it more,because i just posted this bottle on,tiktok,so when you look at our tiktok,uh,we have we gained 2756,followers with over 100 000,likes which is very good i just posted,about it if you can't make up your,already got 40 likes,with just 424 views,which is very good we've just been,trending,for the past,couple days which is very good and i'm,and because of that,hey we finally have something in our,bank,so,we got a sale which is very good,oh and i'm probably going to update you,guys tomorrow morning how many sales we,get today,let's hope we actually get sales on the,new bottle of the old one they're both,in our store if you got confused,so yeah,update you guys tomorrow,i guess bye next day,sad news uh our tik-tac-toe got the end,so um,now i have no way of marketing and we're,left with just the one sale we got,yesterday in which we got like 9.40,profit,okay i mean dollars in four days that's,not that bad,uh i think i'm actually gonna close the,challenge here,uh i'm gonna do some,more cool challenges about drop shipping,and shopify,on this channel so make sure to,subscribe,uh i really want to build like a little,good community around here,so yeah,i mean this video was just to um show,you guys that it's actually possible to,start online business,with zero dollars,well it's very hard,it's very hard and you need like fifty,percent left that your videos will go,viral most luck yeah,so i mean i had some luck i had a sale,but,my tiktok count,got banned at like 3 000 followers,so yeah i'll see you guys next week with,a new video,peace

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Easiest Way To Start Dropshipping From Scratch (Exactly What I Did)

trying to start a dropshipping store can,be overwhelming with so many different,steps and strategies it's hard to even,know where to start so in this video i'm,going to share my exact strategy for,starting a new drop shipping store from,scratch and in the last couple months,i've built a new store with this,strategy and that store has already done,close to 900 000,in sales so if i had to start over today,this is exactly what i would do if,you're new here my name is jordan and,i'm currently documenting the entire,process of growing my online business,with as much transparency as possible so,that i can lead by example and help you,start your own online business this year,so if you're interested in starting your,own online store and you want to follow,my journey make sure to subscribe for,new videos every single friday all right,let's get started firstly i want to show,you some live results that i'm getting,with this exact strategy so it's around,halfway through the day and i've already,generated around 3 800 in sales on this,store the profit margin is pretty good,as well i've done almost fifteen hundred,dollars in profit which is almost a,forty percent profit margin and if we,take a look at yesterday's stats you can,see i sold around sixty seven hundred,dollars and made around eighteen hundred,dollars in profit i just wanted to prove,to you that this is working right now so,you know it's worth your time to watch,this whole video so there are four main,things that go into building a,successful drop shipping store the first,one is your product the second one is,your store the third is your marketing,and how you get customers and the fourth,is running your business and shipping,out your orders now i'm gonna break down,each of these one by one as simple as,possible so let's get started with,products so without a winning product,it's pretty much impossible to have,success with drop shipping thankfully,there are a ton of products out there,that you can sell every single week new,winning products pop up so the,opportunities are always fresh there's,really only three things that i look for,when determining if a product is a,winning product the first thing is if,the product has been recently trending,on facebook and instagram what i mean by,trending is that there is a ad that is,getting a ton of views shares comments,and likes and people are going crazy for,the product this is a great sign that,you can make money off of this product,because people are already interested in,it as long as you do something a little,bit better than the person that's,already selling it you can swoop right,in compete with them and make money,selling that same product this is,exactly what i've done for every single,one of my winning products and it's,worked time and time again the next,thing i look for is mass appeal my,favorite type of products are the ones,that can be sold to the masses i don't,love the extremely narrowed down,products that only apply to a small set,of people yes they will buy the product,but if we ever want to scale and build,something big we need something that we,can sell to almost everybody it's okay,if it's a little narrow like it's only,for women or it's only for men but the,broader the better the last thing i look,for is good profit margins what i,consider to be good profit margins is,being able to sell the product for three,times the cost it takes to ship it out,to the customer so if the product costs,you around 10 to send it to your,customer you want to be able to sell it,for at least 30 and that's pretty much,all i look for in a winning product let,me show you a live example of exactly,what i'm toking about okay so this,product is an absolute banger basically,it is a garden privacy fence that you,set up in your backyard as you can see,this product was launched on march 8th,of this year and they've already got,over 70 000 likes on this post if you,check out the comments people are going,crazy for this they love it they really,enjoy the product but the people that,are selling it aren't doing a good job,and if we look at their video it's not,really that good and then if we go to,their website it's the same thing it's,really not that good this product has,great profit margins as well you can see,that it cost around four dollars on the,low end to ship to a customer and,they're selling it for anywhere from,1999 all the way up to almost a hundred,dollars per sale so if you came in and,made a slightly better video a slightly,better website you could clean up off of,this product and make a ton of money so,like i said that product is an absolute,banger and a perfect example of a,winning product now how do you find,these products the tried and true method,that i've been using for years is simply,just looking on your facebook and,instagram feed every single day you're,going to get targeted with ads for drop,shipping products eventually and every,time you get targeted with one of these,ads you need to show facebook that,you're interested so you want to go to,the ad you want to like you want to,comment you want to go to the website,you want to click add to cart and show,facebook that you're trying to buy stuff,like this so they will start,recommending you more products and your,feed is just going to become the best,product research tool that you have,that's my favorite method but i also,created a tool that automates this,process so if you want to check that out,click the link down below alright so,step number one is finding a product,that fits this criteria so once you've,got that product now you've got to build,a store now there are a couple different,types of stores that you could build you,could build a general store which is a,store that has a bunch of random,products all around it you could build a,one product store which is a store that,only focuses on selling one main product,or you can build a hybrid store which is,what i recommend building a hybrid store,combines the benefit of a one product,store and a general store with a general,store you have freedom to test a bunch,of products and with a one product store,you're limited but you're gonna have a,higher conversion rate and people are,gonna trust you much more than a general,store with a hybrid store you're,creating the same branded feel that a,one product store would have but with,the freedom to test a bunch of products,i think it's better if i just show you,an example so this is a sample store,that i created that would actually be,perfect for the product i just showed,you the store is called flora flow as,you can see it's pretty much focused,entirely on home and garden based,products it has a nice branded design it,has a good logo it's easy to browse and,shop around and overall it feels like a,trustworthy site i recently made a video,on exactly how i built this store so,after you watch this one feel free to,check that out the one tip i will give,in this video is to model your store off,of what's already working this is not,some brand new design i came up with i,just put my own little twist on what was,already working you don't have to,reinvent the wheel you just have to take,what's working and add a little bit of,your own sauce to it so i would advise,taking your product building a store,like this and filling it up with,products that are similar to the one,you're selling here's another really,good example of a hybrid store this one,is called arctik shirt and as you can,see they sell a bunch of home decor,products as well they have the moon lamp,this kitchen set they have bedding they,have all types of products but the store,is really nice branded and feels,extremely trustworthy in my opinion this,is the best approach for beginners so,give it a try next up you need to get,some traffic and customers to your,website personally my favorite method,for starting with a new store is,facebook ads it does cost a little bit,of money to run ads on facebook so i,recommend that you have at least a,couple hundred dollars

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$0-$16,000 In 30 Days Dropshipping With NO MONEY (Step-By-Step)

this is exactly how i made sixteen,thousand dollars my first month online,i'm gonna be going over exactly how i,was making thousands of dollars in my,first month online as a total beginner,through a method you might know of which,is shopify drop shipping so make sure,you guys leave a like and subscribe to,this channel and let's get into how i,did it so if you have no idea what,shopify drop shipping is you essentially,create an online website you add,products to your store and then,advertise your store and eventually make,tons of money in the process and so,during this time i was 17 years old and,i was scrolling on tiktok i found out,people were literally posting tiktoks,about their products and they were,getting millions of views which would,end up getting them thousands of dollars,in sales and honestly after seeing so,many people get rich off of tiktok,drop shipping i knew i had to hop on the,wave i stumbled across this tiktok,page called my soul lift and this guy's,second video on tiktok got 36 million,views and pretty much what he was,selling were these soul lifts that you,put in your shoes to make you look,taller and me being five eight i'm a lot,shorter than most of my friends that are,six foot six foot three and you know if,you're short like five five or five six,compared to other guys you're going to,feel insecure so i knew there was a,market for this product a lot of shorter,guys would want this product especially,if they're gonna go on dates go to prom,or whatever it is i see a lot of short,people actually buying this product and,i knew i had to do the same exact thing,he was doing because clearly he was,getting a lot of views and he was,getting a lot of followers during this,tiktok now this guy was selling this,product for 20 but i knew there was drop,shipping suppliers like zen dropper,alibaba and i knew i could get this,product for way cheaper from those,platforms and since i knew i could get,this product for way cheaper it was time,to create my own website and start,selling this product so i could start,making some money now the first thing,you want to do once you found your,product is you want to go on shopify.com,and create your 14 day free trial and,once you created your free trial you can,use either xendrop or oberlo to import,the products you found for way cheaper,and start customizing your store now my,number one advice for every single,person that's creating a shopify store,is take inspiration from people that are,already selling your product and in my,case this guy's soul lift website is,very very simple you do not want to over,complicate your website you want to have,no more than three main colors as this,example he's using red black and white,nothing else you don't want to have 10,different colors on your website makes,it really hard for a customer to,concentrate on what your brand is really,about you don't want to have long,descriptions you want to have videos and,gifts in your product descriptions,customers are not there to read,descriptions they're there to look at,what the product is doing and you don't,want to bore them out with long,descriptions and paragraphs because at,the end of the day you want them to,check out you don't want them to keep,reading and get bored of your website,and if you guys are looking for a,complete tutorial on how to start a drop,shipping store and create a website from,scratch i'll go ahead and link up a,really good tutorial up here so make,sure you guys watch that if you don't,know what you're doing and now let's get,into the part on where we advertise this,product so when it comes to marketing,the product you want to go ahead and,make two social media pages and the most,important platforms in my opinion when,you start off are tik-tok and,instagram other platforms like facebook,pinterest and youtube come later after,you start making some money but,definitely focus on those two in the,beginning if we go ahead and look at,this guy's instagram page it's very very,simple you know you don't want to go,crazy and buy a lot of followers on,instagram you can honestly buy 500,followers on buzzoid it's a very cheap,website to buy instagram followers just,to give you some credibility on tiktok,you do not want to buy followers because,it is going to affect the algorithm but,instagram go ahead and buy 500 followers,just for that boost of credibility and,when it comes to building the website,when it comes to creating the social,media pages just want to take,inspiration from your competitors and,people who are already making money and,getting views from your product and see,how the descriptions are how their,profile picture is and just take,inspiration because you want to do,what's already working and that's the,best way you're going to start making,money especially when it comes to drop,shipping so once you found your product,you created the website you started your,social media pages it's now time to,order the product so you can actually,start making tiktoks off of it tik,tok icon they,say what are the what are the numbers,now the one thing i do recommend is,order your product from amazon you can,literally look up the same exact product,you can get an unbranded one with no,logo on amazon so you can actually start,making videos off of it and amazon prime,it so it comes in one to two days so,once your product arrives you can,finally start making tiktoks finally,and the way you want to do it is,recreate their viral tiktoks and you,want to keep doing it every single day,and be consistent no it doesn't matter,if you post three of the same videos,that went viral because with tiktok,it's all about making sure you know,you're doing something that's already,working and that's already went viral,don't try to make original ideas and,make your own tiktoks for the first,few weeks of testing a product want to,recreate viral videos exactly how they,work the only thing you have to do when,recreating a viral video is try to have,better lighting try to have better,quality but other than that recreate the,video exactly how you saw it because if,it got millions of views you don't want,to change up anything whether it was the,background or anything like that you,want to recreate the video exactly how,you saw it so once you start posting on,tiktok i recommend posting three,times a day every single day the times,that work for me around 3 p.m to 5 p.m,eastern obviously everyone is different,you have to test out different times,those are what worked for me do not miss,a single day of posting because if you,miss a day you can really screw up the,algorithm so definitely i don't,recommend doing that now if you're in a,different country you're not in the u.s,you know if you're in europe or italy or,anywhere like that try to recreate those,tiktoks but just do them in your own,language because you don't have to try,and get to a u.s algorithm you can,literally try and get in your country's,algorithm and trying to see if that,works but once you're making those tik,toks you know you're testing the,product repost everything on instagram,reels and be consistent on instagram and,be consistent on tiktok and you have,to make sure you're doing this every,single day to see if the product is,gonna make you a lot of money now,remember you can't have a link in the,bio of your tiktok page until you,have a thousand followers so that first,week you have to be trying to get a,viral video and push out your content,and that will eventually get you a,thousand followers if the first few,weeks you can't get a thousand followers,then you have to look at your product or,the content you're making because one of,the things you're doing wrong and,getting a thousand followers is not that,hard if you have a good product and if,you're recreating viral content and guys,this is truly the five step process on,how i was able to make thousands of,dollars my first month online without,spending any money on ads in terms of,drop shipping this is very very doable,especially i

How I Made $140k In 1 Month At 16 Years Old (Dropshipping)

what's going on guys so what's up,welcome to the YouTube channel this is,my first video so you guys probably know,me from either tik-tok or Instagram or,somewhere else if you're finding this on,YouTube what's up what's up my name is,Matt pretty much I'm a 16 year old,entrepreneur so for anyone new around,here pretty much what I do or my main,focus is drop shipping so drop shipping,is essentially buying a product for low,selling it for higher online and the,nice thing is that you never even have,to touch the product in hand so my main,goal is to grow and nurture aspiring,dropshippers and honestly just aspiring,entrepreneurs in general and showing,them how they can really reach success,so if you guys want to be a part of the,journey and you really want to start,learning on top of just having some fun,go ahead and subscribe to the channel,but anyway so let's get into some good,stuff all right guys so now we're,outside or not outside but we're out in,the main room of the office and then,this is the main office that we got so,yeah this is it boys I'm not gonna show,you everything in there you know you'll,see eventually but yeah I just want to,give you guys a bit of an atmosphere,tour so you know what I'm working with,yeah let's get back to the good stuff so,now we're back we're in my office and if,you guys follow my thick stoks you've,probably seen this place before but,anyways you guys been waiting to see,some results from the stores so now,we're gonna go over the exact methods,the strategies that I had to implement,in order to see numbers just like these,so yes this screenshot this is from one,of my stores all I was selling was a,phone case so there's a few main reasons,why this product was so good and I was,able to scale it really really,consistently and that's because it was,so unique what I'm toking about unique,I don't mean something pretty cool that,a lot of people would buy I'm toking,about revolutionary like new tiknology,that just came out that was popping at,the time so pretty much this phone case,the main feature of it was the main,selling point all I really had to do was,show off the products and the feature,that it had and it would just do crazy,numbers to give you guys some,perspective this was the first month of,the store so when I first opened it up I,believe on November,17 somewhere around there it did pretty,well at the start and you guys can see,that it went really parabolic so before,I keep going and I show you guys the,strategies that I used in all the rest,of the results from the store I want to,just really emphasize the fact that,getting into drop shipping is just like,getting into any other job for example,let's say you go to college for four,years to become a doctor you had to,train and study and go through years of,schooling in order to master that skill,it's a really really hard thing to do,and my main point is you have to learn,the skill in order to pursue it and it's,the same exact thing with dropshipping,you can't just jump online and try to,make a store from scratch because,although it could work at the same time,it's gonna be very very difficult,because you don't know what you're doing,so just like any other job you have to,have the right knowledge and skill set,behind it so after scaling some of my,own stores seeing numbers like these,getting really really good results my,team and I worked together for months on,months to create an academy so the,academy is perfect for anybody who's,trying to get into dropshipping if you,want to learn a little bit more about it,it's down in the description so once,again at that first month it was pretty,good we saw some really good results we,were able to create very very strong,audiences so then all we had to do was,send out our ads to these new audiences,and this is what the results were,in the month of December I was able to,generate over a hundred and forty,thousand dollars in sales so it was a,very very good month and a majority of,the reason is because one it was holiday,season and people were buying presents,like crazy number two there also wasn't,a lot of competition I was pretty much,just competing against myself and number,three before we went ahead and scaled,the ads what I did was order like a,crap-ton of the cases and then once I,got the cases I was able to record my,own professional 4k video ads oh my god,those video heads if you're able to get,custom content your store will go,through the roof and we toked about,that later in the rest of the video but,anyways back to the results so over,140,000 in sales at the end of the day I,only took home about 35% of that but 35%,profit margins for generating this much,money is really really good so if you,check out other youtubers and you search,up dropshipping in general usually the,profit margins are between,and 30% there's probably people out,there making even more but for the most,part you know I can't complain that was,our best month we had the custom ads and,on top of that this was the strategy,that we used in order to fulfill all of,those orders very very quickly instead,of just using the normal Aliexpress way,what we had to do is use a brand new,supplier and that supplier was from a,website called Alibaba Alibaba it's,similar to Aliexpress the only,difference is that Alibaba is for bulk,fulfillment and when I say bulk,fulfillment I literally had to buy,thousands of cases get him shipped to my,office and then manually ship out each,and every single one of them so I pretty,much had to hire a team of like seven,people they came over the office I even,hired a manager in order to you know,figure everything out but essentially,there were seven people lined up in a,row just going like this packaging,everything so this process obviously,took longer but at the same time there,were a lot of benefits which I'm gonna,go over later but this was the process,that I used in order to fulfill all of,those orders then the next month was,January and January it definitely wasn't,as good as December but I also had to,keep in mind that it was the month right,after the holiday season so not as many,people were buying plus my ad account,was disabled it was because I,accidentally broke one of Facebook's,rules when advertising and the business,took a little bit of a hit you know we,didn't get any sales for a little bit of,time but the ads continued to run and we,were able to continue to scale this,store for very very long time and,actually I'm even still running the,store and I'm having somebody take it,over completely therefore I don't have,to worry about it or anything and all I,do is just get a paycheck so that's also,the power of drop shipping once you,master the skill of drop shipping all,you have to do is build up stores and,then just hire someone to take care of,everything,anyways I can only sit there for so long,I'm gonna go to my car and I'm gonna,explain the entire four step process,that I took and that you guys can use in,order to really scale your stores to the,max just a quick side note like I said,earlier if you guys are new around here,and you really want to get into,dropshipping you want to learn how I was,able to literally sell,a phone case in order to make thousands,and thousands of dollars definitely,check out the Academy we go through,everything but see you guys in a second,step one find a product that is,extremely unique that you cannot find in,any stores so usually I go by this,little mental trick if you can find it,in Walmart then most likely it's not,gonna be a winning product just because,it's already out there people already,know what it is and it's gonna be really,hard to sell step two once you have a,very unique product you need to create a,very well branded store so if you guys,are new to dropshipping you don't know,how to create a well branded store you,guys what you want to do to create a,well branded store and like I said we go,over it much more in the Academy so,these are the three main things that you,want to focus on

How I (16) started dropshipping WITHOUT an online shop, WITHOUT any costs and WITHOUT any experience

a lot of people were watching this are,probably in the exact same situation I,was when I tried to start dropshipping,in this video I'm going to explain how I,made my first man use Drop Shipping,without having an online store without,any costs and without any experience,also in the end I'm going to tell you,one big mistake that I made that you,have to avoid but before I gonna explain,how I started I want quickly to,introduce myself my name is Michael I'm,16 years old and I live in Germany,and professional chess player and this,is actually the first YouTube video I'm,ever making one and a half months ago I,didn't even know that it was possible to,make money online until the friend of,mine told me about a guy named Andrew,Tate,I saw some videos from him,and they were actually very motivating,then I saw some videos from Hamza and,from Iman gassy,and the second I knew about Drop,Shipping I wanted to do it but I had no,money and also I didn't want to ask my,parents money because in general I'd,like to ask people for money and that's,why I had to figure a way out how to do,Drop Shipping without any costs,and that's why I started to do Drop,Shipping from Amazon directly to eBay so,basically what I was doing,I would go to Amazon,then type in,Christmas decoration,for example we have here,let's take this one,you got good ratings,a pretty good delivery time three days,I would just,copy these pictures,then copy the text,and also the title put it into eBay,the description,pictures,and the title,and then just,higher the price for example here it,costs 30 Euros,I would probably sell it for,17 or maybe 19. this is basically all,the work you have to do you have to copy,Amazon products on eBay one by one but,you have to watch out because like in,the title of the products always but,also some tabs in the description there,is the brand name of the product and we,don't want to have the brand name of the,product on eBay because if,a customer,found our product on eBay then and then,he sees the brand name then he might,actually Google the brand on Google,and then see that the product is much,cheaper on Amazon but we don't want them,to see that the products much cheaper,out there that's why make sure always,delete the brand name of the product,and on the first day after copy pasting,Amazon products to eBay I also had my,first Tale,I sold a Christmas tree,from Amazon,to a woman which paid me 65 Euros,and what I was doing I copied and pasted,the delivery address she gave me to,Amazon and then just let Amazon do the,delivery for me,and I had in total 15 euros in profit on,day one,only two I also sold one product and,made 22 Euros in profit,in day three it was actually very good I,sold and total seven items seven,different items,and made 90 Euros profit,this was like very good for day three,and approximately every day in the first,two weeks I made around 50 to 15 to 20,euros per day which was very good also,with this money,I then was looking on eBay for sheep,stuff which I could resell higher and,that's how I ended up,buying some women jackets and wrestling,them also on eBay so in the end of the,first two weeks I had 300 Euros which,isn't that much compared to other,YouTubers who are speaking about,dropshipping but like for the first,experience and without absolutely any,costs without in store,and without spending money on ads I had,just 300 Euros which is like,pretty good I guess,but the third and the fourth week,actually sucked,I made in both weeks together only 100,euros I had a lot of days without even,one sale,and this was like very depressing like I,remember I had,like four days in a row without any,sales I thought like I didn't I didn't,know why maybe because people already,had Christmas decoration and didn't need,any much more probably because of this,but still in the end I got 400 euros in,one month without a shop without any,cost without any experience which is I,guess for the first month,of making,money online very good and as I said,earlier in the video I made one big,mistake for some products I didn't look,at this lyric time,for example for this product and it,actually had like a two auxiliary time,which sucked a lot,and also like,here,as I copy pasted on eBay's product it,didn't had all those bad ratings,and this was like a big problem because,I sold like 10 times,and five times I had to uh pay the money,back which actually sucked and what was,like,a lot of work and I had a lot of mad,customers because as you see here,as you see here,this is what the product actually looks,like looks like,and this is like,this is like nothing,compared to this one,so that being said you have to make sure,that the product has a low delivery time,and the durating is good and I don't,recommend if the product doesn't have,any ratings at all like I don't,recommend selling it because from my old,experience I can tell you this isn't a,good idea,and with those 400 euros I made in one,month I'm right now creating a shop on,Shopify where I'm selling watches if you,want me to show you how to build a good,shop then just let me know in the,comments and also make sure too remember,that like button I'll just strangle the,life out of it from its like button,family I want the like buttons kids to,see you in the nightmare