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dropshipping christmas

Published on: January 3 2023 by pipiads

Testing Christmas Dropshipping Products (Insane Results)

so I came across the smart Christmas,tree lights on tiktok and after,viewing the page I immediately knew it,was a drop shipper so today I thought it,would be fun to steal their product and,their ad creatives and to see how much,revenue we can generate in only 24 hours,we just got the product quoted on CJ,Drop Shipping and one unit cost,6.97 to send out so let's get this,product added to our store listed,successfully so we can now pull the,product up on our store and right now,this product description is awful the,product name is trash the images are all,over the place so we need to get our,product page pimped out before we can,even run tiktok ads so let's just,search Google for smart tree lights and,see what we can find typically I'll just,go on over to shopping and we're gonna,click this link from stuck at home and,this store looks like it has a really,really bad garbage design but we're at,actually pulling it up on Dropship i o,right now and you can see in the last,month this store stuck at home has done,37 000 over 800 orders have been sent,out and this is how simple their website,is it's literally a stok theme it's,pretty funny that they're actually doing,so well with it however since this,website is working for them they're,clearly selling this product we're just,gonna copy this identikally so you can,literally just right click and save as,call this one then we come to the next,one again right click save as we'll call,that too so here's the photos we just,downloaded so next we're gonna come to,these photos and just delete all of the,current ones uh then we just come to our,competitors photos and just drag and,drop those in there and then for the,description we're just gonna delete this,pre-default CJ description and then we,can start getting the product ready to,go smart LED Christmas lights it's not,really a branded name and for their,description I'm not going to copy and,paste it straight up um but there are,some sections sections of it that I,liked like it's time to get festive I,dig that we'll just paste that in there,this paragraph I like we're just gonna,throw that in there for now and we're,basically just gonna go through this,whole product page take what we like,throw it into ours and then I'll show,you how we format it so I just finished,copy and pasting all the essential text,and it probably looks like a big cluster,to you right now however we're now gonna,go and do the images next so this first,gift we can actually just take copy,image,um and then on our site we can just,enter down and paste that where we want,it next we have another GIF again we can,just copy that scroll down to where we,want it paste it in there and we just,have one more image left actually and we,are actually done with our description,and I bet you our website probably looks,a little better than theirs I haven't,bolded anything in my description yet so,let me do that real quick and then I'll,show you what the final product looks,like real quick make sure you join the,econ Mafia Discord I'll personally,review your store and I share winning,products every single week so if you're,interested in joining check the pinned,comment or the top of my description,below so we can finally come to our,product page and here's how our website,starts off so we have our five product,photos up top you know I always preach,four to six images the name of this,product could be a little more branded,however they are getting good sales so,who knows maybe this General name is,good I figured I should at least test,with it just to see how it goes for our,sizes we have them clearly labeled I put,feet first because most of my customers,are from the USA and each of the,variants is also 50 off and then for the,description again it's literally made,from our competitor this first half is,pretty similar then from here on out is,where I put my own little spin on it I,didn't really like how theirs was,um so again I just have these bullet,points here each with some benefits in,between I have visuals at the bottom we,have a little scarcity we have an FAQ,just to answer all their questions uh,and yeah that is it that is literally,everything we have our stiky cart right,here so when they go to purchase this,pops up and they can easily check out,but with all of that out of the way we,can actually go on over and get our tik,tok ads scheduled so that way the 24,hour challenge can actually commence now,before we launch an ad campaign we need,to go find three to five videos that we,can use as ads now if you remember in,the beginning of the video the smart,Tree Shop tiktok competitor they only,had three videos on their profile so for,the fun of this video I'm just gonna use,these three videos because let's say,worst case scenario you only have three,videos well I just want to prove you,don't necessarily need five a lower,amount can still work too however with,this product I just searched up smart,tree lights and you can see there are,literally millions and millions of,creatives so typically I look for videos,that are 15 seconds or more in duration,the longer video us tend to perform,better and on top of that you just want,the video to really showcase the,product's benefits and at the end if it,has a call to action like shop now or,get yours here that is even better so to,get these downloaded we're just going to,click them one at a time we'll just hit,copy link over here we're on SSS tik I,always just Google tiktok video,downloader and that's just at the top,every time so that's the one I use now,you just paste the link right here you,just hit paste you hit download and it's,super fast and now you can just hit,download without Watermark and we'll,call this tree lights one now let's go,to their next video Let's copy this link,right here again come back to SS tik,paste it in download download without,Watermark smart tree lights too then we,have one more third video Let's copy,that link come back to SSS take paste it,in there and download it this stuff,isn't hard I'm telling you you can go,pretty quick with this once you learn it,and once you're efficient from here,though we can actually get our campaign,ready to go so let's come on over to the,campaigns Tab and hit create new this is,actually the same testing strategy that,I use in my course so for the name let's,just call this smart tree lights CBO,test we're going to want to run CBO on,this for the budget we're only doing 50,because this is a realistik test I'm,trying to put myself in your shoes to,show you what is possible here so let's,come to upload and now we can actually,upload our three tiktoks that we just,downloaded so just drag and drop those,in there and let those begin to upload,and in the meantime we're going to want,to create three to five lines of AD copy,so this is only one ad group and we,actually need five of these in total so,let's just create four more copies and,just like that all five of our ads are,scheduled so now at midnight all five of,these ad accounts are gonna launch I'm,gonna let them run for a full 24 hours,and then I'll check back in and,hopefully have some awesome results it,has officially been 24 hours and I'm,really excited to share these results,with you so we have this set to,yesterday 11 23 and we brought in five,orders generating a hundred twenty nine,dollars in Revenue so now remember we,spent fifty dollars on tiktok ads and,we had to fulfill those orders so even,though we made 129 in total it costed us,a hundred and one dollars to ship that,product out and again we spent some,money on tiktok ads and at the end of,the day we walked away with 28 dollars,in net profit with a 21 net margin now,if you're interested in my full scaling,strategy and how to really understand,the tiktok ads manager make sure you,join my Discord down below it's free to,join but if you want to get access to,the course into the premium features,then you just gotta pay 35 I made it,super cheap and available to everyone so,hopefully I see you guys in

My Dropshipping Niches That Will Make You $100K+ [2022 Q4] 📈

Q4 otherwise known as the Ecom Super,Bowl,[Music],with it already be in September it's,quickly approaching us and you need to,get ready but the exciting thing about,the Ecom Super Bowl versus the regular,Super Bowl is that instead of lasting,only four hours it actually goes on for,three whole months three months of,consumers absolutely losing their minds,waiting in long lines overnight and,thinking that they got the best deal in,the world on Black Friday so why is Q4,the Ecom Super Bowl of the world well,it's because we have Halloween Black,Friday Christmas Hanukkah New Year's Eve,New Year's Day and probably some other,holidays I forgot to mention in just the,fourth quarter alone in 2021 consumer,spending reached over 13.8 trillion,dollars and in the same quarter of 2020,it reached 12.93 which means year over,year people continue to spend more and,more over the fourth quarter so,obviously the spending is there and all,that we need to do is take a little,piece of that spending energy in the U.S,to start seeing some serious profits and,to get you guys all jazzed up one of my,Brand's last Q4 did just over 243,thousand dollars with higher profit,margins because I was focusing heavily,on email marketing but before we get,into the meat of the video let's do the,giveaway as always so the giveaway for,this video is a custom built Shopify,website made by me personally and my,team at Ecom remastered and not only are,we building a custom website for you but,we're adding 10 winning products already,onto the store this time around maybe,leave a comment that's a takeaway from,this video that really helped you out,the most and also make sure that you're,watching this video all the way through,because I'm announcing the winner of,last videos giveaway somewhere in this,video so make sure you're paying,attention now with all that being said,in this video I'm going to be sharing my,top unsaturated niches to sell this Q4,of 2022. there's some really great ones,in here with some great marketing angles,so make sure that you're taking some of,these ideas and really putting them to,life this Q4 so that way you can cut off,a sweet piece of that Ecom Q4 Pi let's,get right into the video alright so,let's get right into it the very first,Niche that's unsaturated the cell in Q4,is stoking stuffers so everyone's,toking about selling certain products,for the holiday season that are over,saturated and sold year over year but no,one's focusing on the small section of,the large Market overall so most,families in the United States that,celebrate Christmas do stoking stuffers,and they fill them with little gifts and,little Trinkets and things like like,that and every single person seems to be,having a hard time finding exactly what,to put in their relative stokings this,is where this Niche comes in handy and,this is where you come in my idea is,putting together a store that has,customizable and pre-packaged options,for stokings so it's going to make this,entire process of stoking so much,easier while still having some,personalization to it because you can,pick out certain things for example on,your website you could have the ability,to put customizable gifts together in,packages an example would be if someone,really likes golf or someone is into,skin care or beauty you can customize,those packages that have certain Beauty,things or certain golf things in them,and then you just order it to your house,and it's all bundled up really nicely,and then they drop it right in their,stoking and you're good to go you could,even take it as far as doing some like,laser etching or personalized items that,you could throw in there that would,really give it a nice touch now check,this out so if you go on Google search,Trends and you type in stoking stuffer,look at this every single year right it,goes all the way up to 100 in December,12th through the 18th so this gives you,a little bit of time to prep so if you,can put together this website between,like September October maybe November at,the latest and start advertising this,you're going to make a really quick buck,and a lot of people are going to,purchase from you because I can't really,find anything like this online right so,like I've been looking and the only,thing that I came up with was on Etsy,right so well not all this stuff is,stoking stuffer but um there's actually,some weird stuff on here but there was,like no customizable websites that they,could put pre-packaged things together,and order the stokings that are,customizable like I was saying so if you,go to Etsy I mean it's really all just,like a bunch of random weird stuff that,people I guess think as like stoking,stuffers but there's not really good,built out website for this and I think,there's so much opportunity here with,these pre-packaged custom things that,really no one's taken advantage of and,no one's really toking about stoking,stuffers everyone's telling you online,and YouTube what gimmicky product that,you have to sell this holiday season,guess what what what,those are all going to be saturated,you're gonna have so much competition,you have to start thinking outside the,box and this is a great idea that's,going to help you get there and really,the logistiks of this is not that hard,as it seems right so on your website you,could have a bunch of different bundle,offers and things that pop up that say,like add this together add this together,add this together these all match like,you see on Amazon right where it says,frequently bought together and they're,like little packages so you'd Focus,heavily on that and then you make sure,to communicate with your supplier that,they can Source all of these products so,they come in one package you're going to,increase your average order value you're,going to save on shipping you're gonna,have really good margins in the first,marketing angle for your ad creative,that comes to my mind is the holidays,are always extremely busy no one really,has any extra free time people are,juggling the holidays with kids having,time off from school and people still,having to go to work so a marketing,angle and an ad creative could be a ugc,style content add on like tiktok or,Facebook showing how easy it is to order,from your website to get these,pre-packaged gifts and stoking stuffers,so it gives them back all their free,time to enjoy with friends and family,all right everyone struggles finding the,perfect gift for their family member,right specifically parents like who,knows what their parents want for,Christmas I mean pretty much no one,right during this holiday season people,want to be shown ads that are the,perfect gift for their parents and this,is the perfect time to use that,marketing angle heavily so this brings,me to my next Niche that's unsaturated,and I think it's Dad gifts for mom gifts,again going back to Google search Trends,if you're typing dad gifts specifically,it bounces every single year around the,Christmas time frame and then I'm,assuming yeah June over here is Father's,Day right so there's two really seasonal,points for dad gifts and the same with,mothers right because there's Mother's,Day and then also Christmas time where,no one knows what to get gifts for,either of those holidays and this is,where you provide the solution for them,and I pulled up an example website of a,great dad gift right so this website is,Ridge wallets I've probably toked about,it before on my channel I really like,the way they do their advertising I'm,expecting to see some perfect dad gifts,for Father's Day and Christmas and,things like that right some ads coming,from this company this is a great,example of a dad product right a really,cool Sleek wallet and what I would do if,I was on the marketing team for Ridge is,I would put together an ad that is,basically be shaming your dad's old,wallet right so I'll tell you does your,dad have like this old clunky wallet,from like 1970s get him this up-to-date,Sleek wallet like he's gonna love it it,organizes all of his ca



if you're looking to finish this year,making some serious money with your,online store then this is the video that,you're going to need to actually make,that crazy money with your Joshua store,you have to have a product that,customers actually want to buy and,that's exactly what I'm going to be,giving you today with my top 10 winning,products of December 2022 so without,further Ado let's go ahead and get right,into it what's going on everyone my name,is AC Hampton and I'm an eight-figure,marketer who gets to help students from,all across the world start and continue,their eCommerce Journey successfully and,some of these products that you guys,will be seeing today in this list of,products that you need to be selling,this December I found through my own,product research methods and I'm,currently selling them where my students,are currently scaling or I found them,currently training on the market today,on top of this I've dug deep into,product research and validation using,methods like ad spy AliExpress Google,Trends and more market research they,give you the best top 10 winning,products that you should be selling,right now and as you can see I'm,currently on this Google Document that's,going to give you all these winning,products and everything you actually,need start selling them today and that's,going to give you the competitor,Facebook ad the ad copy the headlines,the competitor product page the,AliExpress product page profit margins,five interest tests and so much more and,if you smash that like button down below,and get this video to 2 000 likes you,guys will have full access completely to,this cheat sheet and I'm gonna go ahead,and leave it in the pin comment as well,as in the description down below and,before I dive into these products you,guys know I give out a free one-on-one,Consulting call every single week to one,lucky winner who's looking to be able to,get all their questions answered and,streamline their success while doing so,and for you to get the opportunity of,winning this week all you have to do is,smash that like button down below and,also in the comment section down below,comment the word Supreme December with,your goal that you have this December,2022 and I will be announcing the winner,from last week somewhere inside this,video so make sure you stay tuned the,entire way alright let's go ahead and,jump right into product number one,product number one is the magic mat,let's go and check out the competitor,Facebook advertisement and see what,we're working with alrighty this bath,mat is a game changer absorbs water in,seconds huge problem solver no more wet,slippery floors designed with quality,materials I mean I could probably think,of at least 10 people who would buy this,product right now so also has an,anti-slip base which is really nice to,have it stays perfectly in place and,even has a sleek and modern look hey,this product is going crazy on the,market especially if you take full,advantage but you do not have to listen,to me let's check out the engagement on,this ad and see what we're working with,1.8 000 comments 463 shares and it's,only been in the market for a couple,weeks and all these products are things,that are working right now not a month,ago not a week ago but right here right,now and this is how you can validate,that so if you come over here to most,relevant and you come over here to,newest you can see that they're getting,comments on it today I mean an hour ago,two hours ago 14 hours ago 21 hours ago,16 hours ago they are flooding the,comments section and people are actually,wanting to buy this product and when you,all know when there's a demand behind a,product it's time for us as marketers to,give the supply let's go and check out,the competitor potty page and see what,we're selling this item for so on the,competitor product page they're selling,this item for 35 I really like how their,product description shows in images and,in text why people will want to buy the,product in the first place so this is,great right here like prevent slipping,and it shows exactly how that's going to,be done with this picture perfect for,anywhere in the house and it shows that,right here in this picture and so on and,so forth so one thing I'll say is like I,do like the reviews but I want to make,every single one five stars you want it,to be believable so you want a good,range of five stars four stars you can,even maybe add a couple three stars in,there but you want it to look believable,when you're actually adding these,reviews to your store let's check out,the AliExpress link and see what we're,going to be buying this product for on,AliExpress so you can see we're gonna,get this item for 9.87 with free,shipping they're also showing other,colors and variants that are available,the competitor was not doing that so,that's another advantage that you,definitely have over 1200 orders 229,reviews 4.5 star rating the quality is,definitely there with that being said,the competitor was not charging shipping,so the selling price stayed at 39,dollars the product cost was nine,dollars and 87 cents with free shipping,which gives us a profit margin of 29.13,every single time you just sell one of,these and the five interest I would test,out with this product is bathroom Bath,and Body Works kitchen shower and bath,and before I hear about all the long,shipping times or working with,AliExpress check out this video right,here so you have a better understanding,of how to find a great supplier and the,best suppliers that you should be,working with to get the best results,with your online business and in my,one-on-one mentorship you also get,access to my private supplier who's,going to give you five to ten day,delivery on any product that you sell,and speaking about my one-on-one,mentorship there's now 10 new limited,spots that are now available for the,month of December so if you're looking,at me grab by the hand no matter your,experience level and be taught tested,and proven winning strategies that can,help you generate results with your,online store just like my current,students are doing right here I'm taking,10 dedicated people who are ready to,take action and learn how to create a,side hustle that can bring in an extra,five to ten thousand dollars back into,your pocket every single month if you're,looking to apply for these 10 limited,spots you can deem me the word,mentorship on my Instagram my AC,underscore Hampton or apply with this,link down below alright with that being,said let's go ahead and get right into,product number two product number two is,a full leg massager let's go ahead and,check out the competitor Facebook ad and,see what we're working with alrighty,Muscle Recovery relieve pain encourage,blood flow regain Mobility this,ultimately improves circulation elevates,stiffness and actually helps relax tight,muscles so we already know that this,solves a problem it has a great wow,factor it's being scaled to a mass,audience and there's a high perceived,value behind the product a 10 000 common,7.6 000 shares in only a couple weeks,let's go ahead and check out the,competitor product page and see what,we're gonna sell this item for as you,can see there's selling this item for,169.99 and this is not with shipping,included one thing I really love about,the store is it definitely looks like,it's professionally done I mean it has a,nice clean store layout only focusing on,three colors Max black white in one,separate color there's no real pop-up,all over the place all the text is black,everything is congruent with the images,and ultimately you can see that they put,a lot of emphasis on the store and one,thing I'll say is they're not upselling,anything to even increase their average,order value so I always recommend two,different apps to do that one is,frequently bought together which allows,you to cross-sell cross-related items,and second is quantity Break by discount,which allows you to incentivize people,to buy more on your store by actually,givi

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Top 10 Winning Shopify Dropshipping Products For November 2022 [$100K Potential] 🌟

I know why you're here you're looking,for the top 10 winning products to sell,this November of 2022. you guys,absolutely love this series so we won't,be stopping it anytime soon and the 10,products I've got picked out for this,month are unique engaging brandable so,pretty much everything that you're,looking for in a winning product to,start that Drop Shipping Store we are,well into Q4 now and we have a bunch of,holidays coming up so some of the,products that I picked today are,actually really good to sell over the,Christmas time if you're new here my,name is Austin Rabin and I tok about,everything personal finance e-commerce,and Drop Shipping related I'm not gonna,waste any more time on this intro let's,get right into the giveaway and then get,right into the video so the giveaway for,this video is going to be a custom-built,Shopify website made by me and my team,at Ecom remastered this website is built,on a custom High converting theme and,already has 10 winning products loaded,onto it so you're ready to start Drop,Shipping it's gonna cut out the entire,tedious task of building a website and,finding winning products if you want to,enter this giveaway here's all that you,have to do you have to leave a like on,this video hit the Subscribe button make,sure you turn on the Bell notifications,so you don't miss any of my videos and,then you're also going to leave a,comment down below this comment can be,anything that you want but let's keep it,in the cube 4 theme maybe at least,something about a holiday or your,favorite winning product from this video,or if you like the only decorations that,I have in my house for Halloween which,are these pumpkins right here they're,tiny little pumpkins so maybe leave a,comment about that,and if you're wanting to start Drop,Shipping with a partner and double the,entry share this video to a friend and,have them enter the giveaway too and one,last thing before we get into the,products if you want to work with me,directly one-on-one with the head coach,and my full team and Community you have,to look into my Ecom remastered program,the link is down below we just opened up,a bunch of new free 45-minute strategy,calls to see if it's a right fit for you,and a right fit for us we only want,people that are super serious in Ecom,and taking it as a career so don't waste,your time and don't waste our time with,all that being said make sure to watch,really closely because I'm announcing,the winner of last video's giveaway,somewhere in this video so hopefully,that's you good luck and let's get right,into the video the very first product,that we have on the list today is this,alarm Glock is what I like to call it I,think I saw this somewhere on tiktok,and it gave me a really good idea so,what it is is an alarm clock but the,thing is with this one it's kind of like,a novelty item so what you have to do to,stop your alarm clock is picking up this,little Airsoft type of gun and actually,shoot the target to stop your alarm,clock right so the idea is that it's fun,to get up in the morning you have to,pick up this little thing and shoot at,it basically just wakes you up in a fun,way and it gets you energized for the,day I think it's really cool I would,love to have one of these I might buy,one for myself really straightforward uh,it's 21.75 and I think it has a pretty,high perception of value because you,don't really see a lot of products like,this like this is pretty unique,definitely has an engagement Factor so,do really well on tiktok which I'm,actually going to show you an ad here in,a second and it's also perfect for a,Christmas gift I think that a lot of,people would like to receive this as a,gift or as a stoking stuffer you know,especially in those Southern States,because they are big fans of the NRA so,this might go over well there all jokes,aside it's a fun alarm clock and I'm,actually going to pull up this ad here,that I saw on tiktok for it which,gave me the idea their marketing angle,here is after playing Cod for 20 years,uh you know you need this alarm clock or,whatever right but my point is that it's,super engaging right and it resets,itself so it's pretty sweet so you hit,it down it stops the alarm and then it,resets and comes back up so I guess you,can shoot it as many times as you want,good thing about it is there's no,bullets so it's not actual like airsoft,gun or anything like that it's laser,activated they're pretty much just,playing laser tag with your alarm clock,really cool product they already took,the name Glock alarm because I was,thinking gain alarm clock was a sweet,name so you might have to switch it up a,little bit there get creative but let's,go check out their website really,quickly and see what they're selling it,for so that it's actually says that it's,sold out I don't really know why they've,got a million views on their very first,tiktok which is really promising,right but I don't know how much they're,selling it for how much they were,selling it for but I'm assuming it was,anywhere from like 50 to 75 dollars,would be my price point so definitely,check this one out and get this one up,and running before Christmas I think it,would sell really well next product on,the list is in the golf Niche because,I've been playing a lot of golf lately,and if you've watched any of my other,previous videos also started a golf,store that's Strictly Organic traffic,right now might do a part two that is,paid traffic so if you haven't seen that,video it's a really good watch it gives,you a lot of good Insight but anyway,this is a ball marker for a golf ball,right so I don't know if you guys play,golf at all what you have to do to find,your ball is identify the number but a,lot of people sometimes don't even pay,attention to that and they'll both play,like Titleist Pro view ones with the,number four and then they get their,balls mixed up if they are extremely,accurate I guess and they're hitting,next to each other but if you play golf,you see a lot of balls with like,squiggly markers on them and these,presses essentially just make it more,customizable right you can do arrows you,can do all this stuff but if you check,out some of the other products that are,on this page they actually have,different ones that are like hearts and,little smiley faces and stuff like that,and it's just a cool way to personalize,your ball they're 4.98 which is really,cheap with free shipping so no extra,cost there and these are really really,good products for a Christmas gift right,so I know someone in your family likes,playing golf most likely an uncle or a,relative or whatever right this would be,a perfect gift for them it's thoughtful,it plays into their Hobby and it's just,kind of fun I literally have nothing,else to say about this product it's,super straightforward just make tik,toks of you stamping the balls and,showing how it creates a unique design,right you could load up your website,with a ton of different designs so it,makes it super personable and maybe even,if you get your supplier on board you,could actually make ones that are,customizable like someone's name,initials something like that all right,so the next product on the list I found,over here it's actually one of the top,10 products of the day that I found on,this product Spy website so so go ahead,and watch this ad here uh it's every,girl needs it's one of these like,there's literally nothing special to,this ad at all right that's all they,said it's a hair curler right it sucks,up your hair and curls it perfectly not,sure if it uses heat or what I don't,curl my hair so I'm I'm not sure but,point is that this video got three,million plays 101 comments 17K likes 512,tablets right a thousand shares so it's,doing really well very simple very,straightforward the video looks very,organic and native to tiktok's,platform which is probably why it's,doing so well it's been running for 79,days so obviously they are profitable I,don't think you'd be riding it for that,long if you weren't makin

Sell This Now For Christmas & You Will Become Rich

christmas is arguably the easiest time,to start dropshipping to make money with,it so here are some wooden products that,make money every single christmas like,no joke now keep in mind that these,products are not brand new but that's,okay because that's why they are,seasonal so instead of thinking oh this,product is old and blah blah blah you,need to sit there and write down every,single product i'm gonna show you right,now because it can literally change your,life this christmas first we have this,couple double christmas sweater and,you're probably looking at this like,what the heck is this well i mean first,of all if you haven't seen this then you,haven't been in the game long enough and,that's why you should listen to me okay,now this is an ugly christmas sweater,that literally you and your girlfriend,could wear joined together this is a,great conversation started because,everyone's going to be toking about it,when you wear it to the christmas party,so you know the family christmas party,whatever christmas party you go to,wearing this with your significant other,you will get heads turning you will get,people toking about it and that's why,when you run ads for this i mean tik,tok ads will do great with this because,it can go viral right so when you're,running ads with this people will see it,and be like oh what the heck is this,it's funny it's quirky and it just makes,sense that people will buy this because,it's an ugly christmas sweater and ugly,christmas sweaters are actually a thing,that people love to buy during the,christmas season next we have this,christmas pet bed and you're probably,looking it's like who the heck would buy,this trust me trust me i sold this one,in the past and i'm telling you right,now people buy these things everyone's,gonna decorate the house for christmas i,mean most people would i mean i know i,am i'm a very huge christmas person and,when i say people buy things for their,pets without thinking twice that's,because they actually do people will,spend money on their pets they don't,want their pets to feel neglected or,anything so they'll buy this because,it's simply just a way to keep their pet,you know engaged in the christmas and,holiday spirit so trust me five stars,three orders it's just starting to get,some sales for the season so you can see,right here people are actually ordering,this right now so it's time to get into,it because three orders is nothing and,you could be the one that blows this up,to 5 000 orders literally the christmas,holiday season is one of the biggest and,easiest times of the year to make money,it's q4 and that brings me to the next,product people will literally do,anything for their pets and to make,their pets feel like they're humans you,know i'm saying that's tough but with,that being said this is actually one of,the top products i've ever sold in,christmas time and as you can see the,other one had only three orders so far,this year right so far this one has 128,orders and it's only the end of,september so you can only imagine what,this is going to go up to when it's,november so that's why i'm showing it to,you now and telling you to start selling,this now because literally people buy,the stuff every single year next we have,this christmas embossing pin and this is,actually one of the first products that,ever made me over 30 000 with one,product this was back in 2019 or 2018 i,can't remember exactly when but this,right here is just for people who love,bacon the bacon niche is actually one of,them on tap niche that people don't um,sit there and sell to because you and,everyone is selling in the beauty niche,you need to find niches like this that,are untapped but have a big enough,audience and passionate audience that,are willing to spend money on things,like this so start selling this now,usually i would say build a one product,store but you know christmas is the time,where people are actually gonna buy,things in bulk whether it's a present,whether it's for decorations or whatever,so this time around i would say build a,niche store around christmas you know,christmas um decorations christmas gifts,whatever it is i would do that and then,i'll literally go ahead and test all,these products that i'm showing you,right now okay and then next we have,this product right here and this product,is the diy kid christmas decoration now,we all know like,kids are just insane you dig what i'm,saying i have two nieces two of them and,when i say my brother's house is a mess,it's not because you know they're dirty,or whatever it's just because they're,kids so when adults and parents spend,hundreds of dollars if not thousands on,a christmas tree,they don't want their kids you know i'm,saying pulling it and messing it up and,all that as you can see to keep the,child busy they can put all the,ornaments on here this is literally,their own little christmas tree it'll,make them feel special and kids like,feeling special just like you know if,you call your two-year-old niece or,daughter a baby she'll be like i'm not a,baby you know what i mean they like,feeling grown they like feeling special,so this right here is something that i,know for sure also works and then this,one right here is just custom jewelry,we're gonna go away from decorating and,all this fun stuff just for a second and,i'm gonna tell you that this right here,is one of my best selling drop shipping,and e-commerce products ever if you,don't know my brand is in the custom,jury niche and i literally started this,brand back in the end of 2018 and then,it didn't take off until like middle of,2019 so one thing i'll tell you right,now is that q4 that's my time q4 is my,time of the year where i make stupid,ungodly amounts of money q4 you know,valentine's day weekend and stuff like,that mother's day and whatever um but,i'll tell you right now this is a great,gift that will just never stop being a,great gift idea you can get this for,your girlfriend mom sister whatever it,is it's personalized and personalized,gifts are literally one of the best,gifts you can get anyone it's personal,it holds more weight and it's more,sentimental ever wonder why the videos,you use to advertise your products are,not working watch this video to see why,watch it now peace get out of here

Dropship These 10 Products Before Christmas! [BEST SELLERS]

you have about two months two months to,accelerate your sales on your,dropshipping store whether you drop ship,on eBay or Facebook marketplace now this,is the time to take your store to,another level if you're not aware we are,in something called Q4 which is,basically the last quarter of the year,which is also the best time to sell,stuff online people are looking for,gifts and present for the Christmas,holidays but also the in general they're,in their buying mode right now they're,getting money bonuses from their job,because at the end of the year usually,that's what happens hopefully they will,get it even though we have a recession,and stuff like that there's also a lot,of items on discounts on Amazon with,Amazon Prime day and Walmart having,their own version of that so if you,really want to scale up now is the time,November and December has always been,the best month for me and that's why in,this video I want to help you out and,show you 10 products that I think are,great products to sell on eBay and,Facebook Marketplace so stay tuned for,that but also I want to challenge you I,want you to list 10 products a day day,and I prepare a spreadsheet to help you,with that every day you list those 10,products you're gonna Market on your,spreadsheets and when you see 100,completion it's gonna trigger your mind,to continue a good job and you can start,with those 10 listings I'm gonna show,you today so that can be your first 10,listings but before I show you those 10,listings there's one thing that I want,to tok about which is what's a good,product to sell during Q4 and the answer,is simple anything that sells yes there,are specific categories that do better,than others especially now but if you,have a proven data that something is,selling right now you should just,probably focus on that and I do product,research all the time using tools like,Zig analytiks if you don't know what zip,analytiks is is the best product,research tool ever period I'm not gonna,do product research session here I have,tons of videos about it you can check,out them if you want to but the point,I'm trying to make here if you do your,product research if you know how to do,it you can sell anything honestly with,that being said there are some key,factors that will help you improve and,speed up your cells if you sell specific,products during this time of the year,one of these key factors is the,giftability is this product giftable,during Q4 as I mentioned earlier there,are Christmas coming up people gonna buy,stuff and give them as a gift so if,you're looking for a good products to,sell maybe look up into some hobbies and,niches that people are very into it and,they are antikipating to get gifts,around this stuff maybe someone is Into,Fitness try to find a product around,Fitness industry and try to sell it what,about animals people love their dogs and,cats and they're very passionate about,it so selling products about that Niche,is also a good idea another cool thing,to look around is what are the trends,right now in America there's a rise of,content creators everyone wants to be,famous everyone wants to be a YouTuber,tiktok or whatever and a lot of,brands have catch up on this for example,if you go to Best Buy you will see a lot,of YouTube kids like the camera stand,microphone everything in one place and a,lot of people that want to become,content creator that will request their,family and friends to buy them those,content kits so they can start a Content,creation Journey another good category,are seasonal products so winter skiing,Halloween decoration Christmas,decoration those are always good,products to sell as well and lastly look,around you look what you are buying or,what your family and friends are buying,if you know at least two people that buy,the same product that's probably a good,indication that this product is doing,very well and maybe you should look into,it and even if you cannot sell this,partikular product maybe there are,products around that product in the same,Niche that you can drop ship as well for,example I've notiked that a lot of,people are buying Nespresso coffee,machines okay and even though you,probably don't want to drop ship that,there's a big Trend in that industry so,selling a coffee maker that's very,similar to those Nespresso ones has been,a really good idea and it worked out for,me I've done this last year and I still,sell those imitations of Nespresso so,sometimes the best data is around you,and you just have to open your eyes to,see what is a good product to sell and,lastly you should check out the link,down below for dropshippingguild.com,which is my Facebook dropshipping course,so if you're interested in that if you,want to learn how to start it use the,link and with this out of the way let's,get to these 10 products that you can,sell in the next two months so I'm going,to show you 10 products and there's also,one bonus product at the end of this,video and you'll also find the links for,these products under the description of,this video however I want you to stay,and watch it because I'm gonna explain,you why this is a product to sell and,how you should sell it in order to,actually push it up because if you don't,know how to sell these products they're,not gonna work for you you're not gonna,make any sales so please stay watch it,and listen what to do in order to have,success with these listings okay all of,these listings come from Walmart and,Home Depot this is going to be our main,supplier I find these two to work great,and they're gonna work for both eBay,dropshipping and Facebook Marketplace or,option so let's start with item number,one which are those adjustable dumbbells,okay at the end of the year everyone's,like oh new year new me I need to start,working out and all of these people will,sign up to the gyms to go out but some,of these people are a little bit more,introverted they don't want to go out,they just want to work out at home maybe,they don't have time to drive to the gym,so they'll be looking for Alternatives,maybe they want to build a home gym in,the garage and this alternative is right,here this adjustable dumbbells okay you,don't have to buy the whole set of,dumbbells instead of you just buy one of,those and you can adjust them you know,different weight sizes they work really,great I used to have one of those and,they are pretty good if you want to work,out at home because you can do,everything with it this plus the weight,bench you're pretty much done that's all,you need I actually drop ship this item,myself so I can tell you that this is a,pretty good product and it's actually a,good product to have all year round not,just the Christmas season but I think,during this time of the year A lot of,people are gonna look into it because,they will want to start their fitness,journey especially after eating all of,over these holidays so this is my number,one product it's on Walmart it costs 214,dollars it's a little bit on a more,expensive side but here's the thing with,the high-end tiket items you can sell,them for more the margins are higher you,can make more money with this type of,products and fitness and weight benches,and dumbbells and all of that are great,category to sell all year round if you,don't believe me check out the zik,analytiks data that will show you the,same thing let's go to the item number,two our product number two is this tool,set pink tool set okay this is clearly,targeting women because of the color and,look there's a bunch of tool sets,available for men but there's not a lot,of them targeted for women that's why,this one is really cool it's also on the,cheaper side it only costs 22 dollars,but you get pretty much everything you,need you got the hammer screwdriver,scissors measuring tape pretty much all,the stuff you need for like a small,repairs at your house and look with all,these prices and increasing including,the handyman prices as well as the,YouTube guides that are available,everywhere that will teach y