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Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

How To Use ClickFunnels for Dropshipping & Ecommerce (Full Guide)

clickfunnels is a really powerful piece of software that creates sales funnels and sales pages really really quickly, and i know some of you already know what clickfunnels is. but not many are using click funnels for e-commerce and drop shipping, and i think there is untapped potential in click funnels if you use it correctly for e-commerce. sometimes i'll get questions asking what are the alternatives to the usual e-commerce platforms like woocommerce and shopify, and actually the answers that are. one of the answers to that is click funnels. so in today's video, i'll guide you step by step in creating a sales funnel and a store on click funnels. so if that sounds good to you, give this video a thumbs up right now. it'd be much appreciated and let's get stuck into it. so first, let's jump onto my screen here and let's quickly tok about what the heck is a funnel anyway. so, put simply, funnel is a marketing journey for your customer. it puts them through different funnels and buckets to get them to the, to the selling point. essentially, in a sentence, that is a funnel. i don't want to over complicate it, and click funnels is a piece of software that helps people easily create funnels for a whole range of things, including e-commerce, which is the focus of today. i want to show you an example, first, of how exactly this works and all of it in action, and then i'll guide you through step by step on my dashboard, how exactly we can create one on click funnels. this is the prime example i want to show you, and it is a product called evidence ever strike. now, this is your typical product, uh, physical product that we can sell, and then we can indeed put this onto a funnel system, and this is how survival life has done it. i know the guys behind survival life. they are very, very smart people, so this is a great case study. so the everstrike lighter: it is just a simple lighter that's durable, long lasting and a waterproof light up. what they do here is this is a store in itself. it's a one product store, if you want to think about it in that way, but really it's just one of their products that they decided to break off and create a single funnel for. so how this works is they have the product information, a video, a gif, and it's pretty straightforward. as you can see if you keep scrolling down, it's a really short page. it just has features, benefits, a few images here and there and that's about it. so, really, what they're trying to do here is really push the sale, and you can see that they have an integrated checkout box here where you can just put in your shipping, select the quantity and then check out. it's that simple. now you might be thinking, well, i can do that on other platforms. yes, you can, but there are major perks for clickfunnels and one of this is, yes, having integrated checkout on a single page. it makes it really easy to do that and really does just focus on getting the sale, and you can increase sales by having a set up like this over different various pages. now there's a few other things that you can get going on this, which is upsells and cross-sells. that is really big um and something that i bang on about all the time in e-commerce. basically, click funnels makes that really, really easy. so what you would do is you type in- you know, let's just type in a fake profile here and click next step, let's pick something random and then it sells you on an upsell straight away, immediately. so it gives you the choice of one free ever strike and the shipping is 295, or you can go two ever strikes or five over strikes. now, if you were to put in your credit card. okay, all you're paying here in this case is shipping, but i mean, you can do this for absolutely anything. it doesn't need to be a free shipping offer. well, in this case, what you're going to do is you're going to put in your credit card number. then it's going to take you to the next step and it allows you to upsell or down, so actually the customer immediately. now i'm going to show you this in action and let's go on to click funnels now. so, if you haven't already, go ahead and sign up to click funnels. there's a free 14-day trial. links down below directly to this free trial, i believe. uh, if it's still available, the link down below should be an extended trial, so it should be 30 days, but don't quote me on that. it might be expired by click funnels. so, going into the dashboard, we'll be using again, be using this as an example, because this is the prime example of selling on click funnels and, by the way, i should mention that this does work best with a one product approach and it's called click funnels for a reason. we're gonna be creating a sales funnel for this single product that really helps to drive profit and sales, because that's really the goal here: it's to increase profit and sales. so, going back on to click funnels, once you signed up, you'll be met with this screen here and then you can click build a funnel here. or you can hover on click funnels and click build funnel here. so once you click build a funnel, you'd be great, met with a the steps here, and then what you're going to do is actually get out of this. we want to create our own funnel manually and you're going to click e-commerce on the left-hand list here. so what this is is: it is a list of templates that click funnels has implemented uh. that is completely for free and it already has pre-determined uh templates for you to build. now, that being said, of course, if you're used to creating funnels, then indeed, go ahead and create your own funnel that's unique to yourself. but the fact that it's already here for you to customize is great, and this is a big difference to other traditional eco ecommerce platforms in the sense that almost everything is customizable to a further extent and, of course, you get to create funnels, which is the unique selling point here. but now, going down into e-commerce, what we want to click on in this case- and now, yes, you can create all sorts of different funnels, but we're going to be following a specific strategy here that has worked well and also has worked well for these guys here, and that is the two-step trip while wire funnel. so click, select that funnel and then there's a few things you want to do. there are a few templates that you can pick from. there are paid and free templates, but in this case you can the. you know the free templates are more than enough. or you can go with the blank two-step tripwire funnel here if you really know what you're doing. but for most people that are watching this video, i am assuming that you're completely new. so let's get started with one of these templates. you can pick any of these as long as it's a two-step trip wire. so it's up to personal preference. in this case, just for the sake of this video, i'm gonna go with the gordon template, so you're gonna click on the template and then activate and click get funnel. so now we're on the funnel builder page. we're met with a few things and we want to set up a few things before we start building out the pages. now, real quick, on the left hand side here you can see that this is the different pages, or different funnels, whatever you want to call it- where we're going to customize each step. now. this is very important and crucial and a unique aspect: to click funnels, but more on that in a second. then, of course, you have the actual page itself, which we're going to edit in a moment. the first thing we're going to do, though, is set up your product. assuming you already have a product in mind, you're going to come up here and then click products. we're going to set up this product first, and set up your payment gateway before we start building the page, obviously, so you're going to click add product. once you click add product, the first step is, of course, adding the payment option. now, there's a few integrations that we can add, but the bare minimum, once you click add payment integration, is stripe and paypal. that is my recommendation. so go with stripe and paypal, and that's all we're going to use for now, and then let's get back out. so, once that's all set up, we

Clickfunnels Tutorial For Beginners 2022 (COMPLETE GUIDE)

- Hey everyone, Davie, here, My e-commerce stores have done over $270 million. Today I'm gonna show you a complete ClickFunnels walkthrough. I'm gonna give you everything you need to know and then I'm gonna clarify exactly when I use it in e-commerce. If you plan on using ClickFunnels for webinars or learning pages, it's okay. I'm not just gonna show you e-commerce tips. Let's get into it. So, for those that have been following along, at home for our Lemon Scrub series, we're launching a cleaning product. So I'm just gonna come to clickfunnelscom. We're just gonna click Try For Free. They have a free service, which is always really good. I'm just gonna enter my details. So I'm just gonna start building my free funnel And it's gonna take me to a page where I can enter all my other details In ClickFunnels fashion. they're going to try to upsell you. This is why the product is pretty beastly. We're gonna go enter in my details. So you do need to enter your credit card details here. So, once you get to this dashboard, you can go through these steps here. However, they might take you through some things that you don't actually need. The main panels that you've also got are up this top right, So this ClickFunnels is where you're going to create all your funnels. This is around their email marketing tool, which you might actually not need, depending if you're using another integration like Klaviyo. This is their affiliate marketing side of things, which you're probably not going to need either. Today, the main thing that we're gonna show you how to do is actually create a funnel. So we're gonna come in here and click Funnels and build a new funnel. It's gonna come up with some options that you can go ahead and click through if you'd like. If you're really experienced, you can create a custom funnel, which will be a blank funnel. What I suggest, if it is your first time, is actually finding a funnel that you really want to build. It might be a competitor, It might be someone else that's just really killing it in the e-commerce industry. The one that I'm going to use as an example is Shine Armor. Getting an example funnel that you want to build is really important, especially if you're not a designer. There are lots of things that actually go into a funnel, such as composition and conversion rate optimization- that as an early stage founder- not a designer- you actually might miss. So by copying the layout of a funnel, you're going to be able to pick up on all of those wins. So if we wanted to recreate this funnel in ClickFunnels, we could come into here and we could use one of the existing templates down here. Again, I'm doing an e-commerce funnel, but you might want to do something like generate leads or, alternatively, do a webinar. So the funnel we're gonna use today is this 2 Step Tripwire Funnel. There's some good templates in there And we can come down here and we can use this Foodie funnel- Click here, get funnel. It's gonna generate that template for us. You don't actually need to use a template if you really understand how to use the editor inside of ClickFunnels, but as a beginner I strongly recommend it. So now we're at this page, it's really important to understand what we're looking at. In the blue is the funnel wide settings. So if we change something like this, it's gonna change the settings across all the steps of the funnels which we have on the left here. So we've got the order page, We've got the offer page and a down sell offer page here and the order confirmation here. The only other thing that we also have is up here in the gray. This is going to affect this single step. It's not going to affect the full funnel like this. It's really important to understand that. So we're gonna go into, jump straight into the editor, the fun stuff, and click Edit Page. And again, this is just going to edit the two step process. So we've got a pretty ugly page here, but it's got some great elements. All ClickFunnels templates consist of sections, rows, columns and elements And they're just nicely laid out there for you So you can see these sections when you highlight over here and then come in and then also come in further to the elements. So basically, that's the structure of what you're working with. It's very similar to a lot of page builders out there at the moment. So if we wanted to create this page here- and let's always start with the top- we would need to, 'cause there's three elements here. we would need to create three columns So we can come in here And this is a single column. We're gonna want to come into rows and we're gonna create three columns and just drag and drop it. here We could go in and delete this element. That's all good. We can delete this as well And we can add a new element. You can scroll down and find what element's suitable for you. We're gonna add a logo, So we want to use an image, We're gonna click on the demo image and get rid of this place holder. To upload files in ClickFunnels, you're gonna click Upload And then we're just going to add the logo To add the image. now we can just click that and click Add Image at the top right. And there we go, There's our logo. Now we also wanted to add two more images. So our product isn't made in the USA, So we can't obviously use these images. We need to make sure that it's factually correct. Honestly, for this example, it doesn't really matter. I'm going to click Add New Element and I'm gonna add an image. Maybe we'll add a As Seen On TV. Let's say our product has made it- And then we're also going to add a Trustpilot review, really pushing our social proof. Again, we don't have Trustpilot reviews. This is just for the sake of the video. You're probably thinking this looks terrible. Now we need to format the images. This is quite easy within the editor of ClickFunnels. We basically just want to make them all the same height, Let's say 75. This is gonna be 75 as well. So we're doing all of this within the native ClickFunnels editing software on the right here by just clicking on the elements settings. Now we can also drag across this and this so that it's sitting in a more applicable place. As you can see, now it's starting to look more like our example page. We can actually click on our logo as well and use the alignment tool which is over here- Click left to bring it across here, Starting to look pretty similar now. Another really important thing to understand is how to use margins and padding, So we can click this and just drag this up and down. We want to bring the bottom up as well. Now. one thing you might want to do is actually use backgrounds to really make things pop, So we can come up here and we can actually change the background of the page. Right now, it's this image that was part of it, but we can come into backgrounds. We can just use a standard gradient like so, and it will tidy things up a little bit. If you were to continue just working down this page, editing things and adding sections, you could create this whole page within ClickFunnels. You don't just want to use the image drag and drop. You do want to use the, the text editor, for speed optimization. So to do that, it's really simple: You can just click on the text. Alternatively, we can change the whole element. We can come in here, to the orange, click Settings, and we can change the font accordingly to the default fund or whatever we pick. So I'm going to go to Oswald and we've got our Lemon Scrub copy ready to go, So I'm gonna come in here and I'm just gonna copy and paste our headline. We can use two text elements probably not needed. I can delete this element, add. we can click Settings, We can click on the element and we can really bring this font size down. Now we can also make certain things pop within the text editor. So we can come in here, We can go. let's say, we really want to highlight stain cleaner. We could do it, make it bold, We could also make it a diffe.

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Shopify Vs. ClickFunnels for Dropshipping: Which One Should You Use?

hey, what's up everybody? anton crowley here from e-commerce lifestyle, calm and welcome back to the podcast. in today's episode, we are going to be toking about using clickfunnels versus using Shopify for your ecommerce store. so, specifically, clickfunnels versus Shopify as it relates to a physical product business. a few notes before we get into this episode. I should let you know that I use both platforms. I've used both of them for years, actually won awards for using both of them in very effective ways. so I'm not a hater. I'm also not somebody that's just making this podcast to earn commissions. we do have affiliate links for both products, but I'm not gonna post them below this podcast, just so you know. this is just like actual advice, not just driving you to a click, a certain link, so I can earn 5 bucks. ok, don't care about 5 bucks. so, with that being said right - amazing platforms, both with amazing leadership teams. again, I'm a huge fan and supporter of both. but which one should you actually be using if you want to get into e-commerce? so let me break this down the simplest way that I know how to put it and then demonstrate what I mean by each one. so, in my opinion, when you're deciding between Shopify or click funnels for your e-commerce business. what you're really deciding is: do you want a store or do you want a booth? ok, the store, that would be Shopify- let's put Shopify here- and the booth that would be click funnels. I'll just put CF for short. now, when I say a booth, I'm thinking you know, you're walking down the beach, right, you're maybe in Santa Monica. you see a booth set up. it's a guy, kind of like an infomercial guy. he's got a product demonstration going. he's pulling in the crowds, there's a huge amount of people around him. he's showing you, maybe, how to use this new knife, showing you how it slices Tomatoes, and everybody's there with their money out, being like, wow, I want this product, that they're buying it right now, and it's creating what people refer to actually as a table rush. so that is when I use clickfunnels, how I'm trying to use it and, based on the functionality of the product, in my opinion, that's really how it's meant be used. so before we come back to that, let's look over here again at the store approach. now, this would be something like you are walking down, maybe, the beach again, but instead of looking to the right where there's a booth set up, there is a huge store and it's something called whatever kitchen gadgets and home appliances and you walk through the door there and you actually see that knife that was outside being sold with a bunch of hype around it. you also see knives from other brands. you see an expert from the store saying, hey, you might have seen this knife over here. did you know we also offer these right? almost like a comparison chart, you have somebody popping in and saying: are you looking for anything else in addition to this knife? did you know that if you buy these knives, we're also including this free knife sharpener? or did you know? if you upgrade to this package, you also get X, Y & Z? so whereas here in your store with Shopify, you're creating more of an experience. that's not- this is the key- that's not just tailored around one single product. you're building an experience as if somebody was walking into a specialty store and looking to be guided and helped to get exactly what they needed, not just for a product, but for whatever their needs are. so building out bundles, offering them related things or freeing and they advise, to guide them towards what is right for them, while also increasing your average order value and LEED value. whereas here again, with clickfunnels, it's a very targeted approach. so let's just say you did want to build a store selling kitchen gadgets- which if you follow any of my stuff you know I wouldn't recommend- but let's say that's what you want to do. if you were gonna build that store, clickfunnels is not the solution for you. the reason is it's built for exactly what they say it is and it does a great job of that. sales funnels: bringing people in where maybe they can opt in, give you the name in their email, selling them a product in a very direct, response-type way, getting that sale right away and then taking them through what are known as upsells and down cells. so let me flip this around and I'll show you what it looks like. so let's just say you had that knife right. we'll keep things simple. that's the example. it's on your click final store. what you would be doing is buying traffic from all different sources- most likely Facebook, Instagram, probably Google as well- and you're gonna be sending all that traffic to this page. now again, what clickfunnels does a great job of is allows you to optimize this page to get conversions as high as possible, because these funnel pages have a sole focus. so maybe you're building a page at first that's going to again try to collect a name and email, but the goal is gonna be to push them to towards the purchase. and, just like I mentioned with that booth on the beach example, you can use that- all the elements on this page- to build that hype. you can have all different types of animations on the page, you can have countdown timers, you can have visitor counters, you can build it in a way that it shows all the products and the features and the benefits. but, again, the sole purpose when somebody comes from any of your traffic sources and hits that page, it's to get them to buy that product as soon as possible. again, not saying that's a bad thing, but if you're trying to build a store and more of an experience, that might not be what your goal is. now let's just tok about some other practikal reasons why people use clickfunnels- including me- and what it's good for. besides just building these gorgeous, highly converting pages, you can also very easily build in what are known as upsells. so maybe we're selling the knife somebody buys from us. instead of sending them to a generic order confirmation page, we can easily create a page that they see that says: hey, congratulations on your knife purchase. do you want to add this knife sharpener, or do you want to add two more knifes, or do you want to complete your set right? whatever it is, you can do through an upsell page, but remember they're not seeing this until they buy that. now the other thing you can do is what's known as a down sell. so if somebody goes to your ninth page on clickfunnels, they buy the knife, they see the upsell. then they say, no, I don't want this. well then maybe you offer them something else, like 50% off, you know, one more knife or whatever it may be. but the things that you're offering throughout the funnel, they could be whatever you want. but the way that people typically make it work best is when you're doing that table rush style thing, that 30-minute, 15 minute infomercial type thing, where you're simply offering either directly related products or more of the same after the sale is made. so I don't know you've ever called any numbers off infomercials for a product you wanted. but that's how it works, right? you call and you say, hey, I just saw the deal where you were offering the garden hose for $15. I want to buy that. and they say, okay, great, by the way, you should also add blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, whatever it is, and they upsell you on the phone. so with click funnels, it makes sense as people are going through the funnel. now let's compare this to Shopify again, to the store experience. okay, so let's just say we're using the same traffic sources. right, we have facebook, we have Instagram, we have Google, but now we're sending people to our Shopify store. well, when we're getting traffic to our Shopify store, we're not sending them to the homepage, we're not sending them to a collections page. we're still sending them to a product page. so if you had this knife that you wanted to build hype around, you could have a product page on Shopify that had that exact knife. you can also do things if you want to build some of that hype around it, like have a countdown timer. don't do it unless it's real. but


$0 - $10K In 7 days On A BRAND NEW ECOM FUNNEL! Clickfunnels Dropshipping

so we recently took a brand new business from zero to over ten thousand dollars in sales in just seven days, and in today's video i'm showing you exactly how we did it. now, guys, if you're just tuning in to the ecommerce empire builders for the very first time, let me give you a huge, huge, huge, warm welcome. make sure you smash that subscribe button. we're on the road to hit a hundred thousand subscribers this year, alright, so make sure you smash the subscribe button. if i help you out at all in your business, make sure to hit the like button as well and drop a comment down below. we're giving one lucky winner today a completely free course. it's our ecommerce empire starter pack course. so all you have to do is drop a comment, hit the notification bell and tune in to that next video to see if you won that free course. but, guys, today what we're going to be doing is a little case study- you're probably seeing it on your screen- of a business that we recently helped get into our 10 000 per month club. now these are actually euros, so they're a little bit higher. we spent about eighteen hundred bucks and did 9 700- obviously conversion- there. that's over ten thousand dollars in us dollar sales, which actually landed this client into our ten thousand dollar per month club. those of you that are already don't know any one of our clients or student success stories we send out these awards to, and this is the first one. this is our 10 000 per month club, which i think around 37- 38 people now have hit, which is absolutely amazing, and we're looking forward to getting this client to our 50 000 per month club that you see back there, as well as our seven figure award, and if you want to start your journey to that, make sure to watch that first link in the description of today's video. but, guys, without further ado, let's get into this. so results are amazing on this, but here's the thing: a lot of people they they want the secret strategy on facebook, or they want a secret interest or a lookalike audience or this or that. but here's what it comes down to, especially with advertising on any platform, not just facebook. it doesn't matter if you're driving youtube traffic to your, to your ecommerce, drop shipping store or a you know google or facebook, like we're seeing here. it comes down to what you do with that traffic. that matters, right, and i think a lot of people miss that for some reason. right, because traffic's the easy part to get guys. we can go on any of these platforms right now and be like, hey, here's a bunch of money, right, and you send me traffic, and i think a lot of people in this industry- especially drop shipping and shopify drop shipping- is they think that there's, like some, some secret right, and there really is not. it's what you do with the traffic that matters and that's what we're going to be toking about today. so, specifically, what this looks like when you're sending traffic is you need to be sending people to a funnel, okay. now, some of you that probably use shopify or you're on amazon seller or something like that, you're probably like these pages. they look weird, like why nobody's gonna buy from me here. these pages are, are so sketchy looking right. however, they convert way better, right. average funnels convert around 10, while an average shopify store converts at like one and a half, two percent, if that. okay. so you first need to understand how a sales funnel operates in order to hit these kind of numbers quickly. this is the reason that we're able to spend, you know, 1800 bucks and make 10k out, because we have a solid sales process, right, and the sooner you realize this and start taking advantage of this stuff, you're gonna leave your competition in dust. you're gonna get into our 10k club as quickly as possible, okay? so here's the first thing: when you drive cold traffic now, when i'm toking cold traffic, guys, i'm toking people that don't know you, they don't like you and they surely don't trust you. and that's not me being mean about it, but it's true. right, there's when we advertise on facebook and these platforms out there, especially for a drop shipping business, these people don't know you, right? and we're coming out there and being like, hey, buy our product. right and think about it for yourself. when's the last time you bought something from a facebook ad, right? but yet we're all asking our customers to buy off these facebook ads, right? doesn't it kind of seem like not a really win-win situation, right? so that's the first thing you need to understand. it's all about building that relationship as well, and you don't do that by just driving them to a storefront that has thousands of products, hundreds of products, in it that don't really benefit the customer. so what we want to do, especially if you're a shopify drop shipper right now- is take your best seller right, just take your bestseller. everybody has a best-selling product. 80: 20 rule here applies, right, eighty percent of your sales are gonna come from twenty percent of your products, just the way, it is right. so what are those best products? right, pick the best one, that one that anybody that's just getting involved in business or in your niche would love. so in this case, right, we have just a pre: uh, free, premium set of fishing lures, right, a great, nice premium set of fishing lures that they're gonna be getting a nice quality imagery and a nice testimonial. some 30 day money back guarantee, right. secure checkout trust badges. some more testimonials, right. some more details: uh, nice, lifestyle pictures of the of the baits and a nice faq section. right now, you might be wondering people, where's all the, where's the? where the other buttons? where are the other products? none of that matters with cold traffic, right, when you're driving cold traffic, the purpose of cold traffic is to turn it into warm traffic, right? and if you don't know the difference between cold traffic and warm traffic, let me enlighten you a little bit, right, real quick. cold traffic is people that haven't interacted with your business. they're not pixeled yet. they're not on your email list yet, they're not a social media follower yet, right. a warm traffic, right. what warm traffic is is somebody that hasn't pulled that trigger to buy from you yet. however, they've come in contact with you before, right, they might be on your email list, they express interest in buying, right. maybe they follow you on social media, right. that is warm traffic, right. they kind of know you a little bit, but they haven't necessarily bought from you yet, right, and then you have hot traffic. hot traffic is the best traffic of all and you probably guess what it is. it's people that actually pulled out that credit card. they trust you and they have purchased from you. okay, so cold, warm and hot. right, drop me a comment if you understand the differences and you also be entered in to win our ecommerce empire starter pack course, completely for free. okay, so the purpose of that code traffic is to convert it into a lead right. now. again, if you're coming from the shopify drop shipping world, you're probably going to be like why, why it doesn't? it doesn't make sense because we want to build assets, right? i don't know anybody that has a hundred thousand person email list and is is broke. i just don't right. but the problem is, i know a lot of shopify drop shippers that are broke right, because they don't do this strategy right, and i'm a very direct, direct response and marketer guys. that's how i grew up, kind of like in my online marketing career, if you want to call it that. that's kind of how my style of advertising is, for doesn't matter what i'm selling, right, i'm focused on growing businesses. you do that this way, right? so right here on the landing page, when they land here, we land here and we're just highlighting the benefits of this one offer that we're telling them to buy. all right, very, very, very simple right. giving them nice testimonials, nice lifestyle imagery, you know, giving them guarantees by building credibility, emotion and logic. right, those are three selling criteria that i always

I Tried ClickFunnels Dropshipping For 1 Week! (From Scratch)

in this video I'm gonna find a winning products builder, click club's website and started running as to it. show you guys the results. hey guys, my name is Sagar. in this video I'll be going from A to Z- how do I find winning products, how to build a funnel, and we'll be running ads- life- and show you guys how much profit or how much money we lost, basically. so watch the whole video if you want to start drop shipping and wants to start making money on life. but for all the guys who doesn't know click process, it's basically a different version of Shopify, which is a little bit more advanced, a little bit more complex. but I've been hearing a lot online- they're always the way to go above about that- so I wanted to give it a shot, see how it does, and I wanted to show you guys the results. is it worth it or is it not? so, having said, let's get to the first one, which is product research. so, for product research, my favorite tool right now is drawing. right now, as of May 9th, 10th, whatever it is, it's my favorite tool to go to because it's super easy and it's only five dollars, you know. so you slog on the drop point, you know I like to leave the link below, so this is how it kind of works. so you go to the live advertisement filter or winning advertisement filter- they are pretty much the same- and each scroll, Scroll, scroll, Scroll, scroll, Scroll, scroll and keeps going till you find good products that you're interested in, you know. so, as we know, it's kind of corny season, so we're gonna try to find products that actually you will like way more sense. so I think this is a really good one because people can go outside and get their eyebrows done. Sammy, that saw some eyebrows stuff. so that's what I did. you know, I went slowly, slowly, slowly and I swirl everything, you know. so the first part I got came with hair clippers. I was like nope, that's a fire product. but I ran into this issue. I went on at Express so I couldn't find any. well, you supplier that could give me four to seven. they're shipping or fast or shipping at all. so we had to throw the product away and I went back on drop point and again scrolling story thing, and I found this product, which I'm gonna show you the ad right now, which is called poly gel. so basically it's a nail paint and you can basically do your nails at home, you don't have to go to a saloon. [Music], [Music], [Applause], [Music]. pretty much self-explanatory. you know it just nailed paint. you know it's about three weeks ago and 4.4 million views. I was like wow, that's dope, you know. and then I found different, different page, but running the same product. it's basically the same nail gel thing, you know. and I was like no, that's crazy. and this one had- even crazy- an engagement at three weeks- six point five million views. look at the engagement. cutting the cake, carmen. when i saw that, i was like this is the product we're gonna go, because even this one has three point two key comments. this one thirteen point eight, thirteen thousand comment. i was already sold, so this was the probably gonna go with. but the next step was: can we find this product on aliexpress? but before that, i want to let you know for drop, when i say the about fill in, linking the link below, you guys can sign up. it's only five dollars. i think it's super worth it and you can cancel it anytime. you know you can always might like that that people are actually running. so right here you can see so many cool ads, so i will definitely want you guys give it a good, you know, give it a go, see if you guys like it. and then I went on Aliexpress. you know I do what I do and I search poly gel nail kit. so I search poly gel nail kit and I couldn't find any good suppliers and at around the same issue. so what I did was I was like ship from United States to, so I want fast shipping. and then I literally went through all the links- I'm literally saying I went to like 3040 links. every single link. I checked, checked, checked and finally I found something that I was sold on right away and this was the product right here and this one doesn't have much reviews, but it does had 125 auto sauce, right, that's enough. the United people were mad they would have already given bad reviews. so pretty good, and you can see United States ship within 4 to 4 to 13 days, which is perfect, and this products gonna cost us about 16 dollars, right. so it's like that's so, do you know? so they were selling the whole package for around 30- $6.99. so I was like I'm gonna sell for $39.99 because I know that whenever it does gets their nail done, it cost them a lot- $34. I might be wrong, but think I remember someone told me that it cost $34. so I was like, am i just charge them 39.99, which is sounds perfect and it has fast shipping? so I was like, boom, really done. so I was sold on this product and this is was the product I was gonna call it. so the product is finalized. you know, we got the product and we got the supplier. for your case, you know what I would recommend you to make sure it, being the suppliers make sure they have a product at making ship fast. you know, usually they can do, but just want to confirm it. and the next step is website creation. so for website person, as you guys know, we are using clicks. one of us, by my boy, Russell brush, and shout out to Russell Brunson. so basically, click funnels is like Shopify, but it's pages. you know, rather than having a whole website, you get pages. so click fun. this is definitely probably a new concept for some of you guys. some of you guys already know it, so I'm gonna try my best to explain it. like anything else in the world, you don't know what you don't know, but this video will actually help you do understand. put some concepts together and you can probably see, it's not that hard, just like anything. if you do it multiple times, you become a pro, you know. so the first thing: first you sign up for click funnels and you want to click on funnels. so right here you click on funnels and you will land that looks something like this, you know. and then you click on add new. you probably wouldn't have all these pages. you click on add new and you go to start cookbook and from cookbook you just click on ecommerce. right here it will basically pop up all the ecommerce funnels that are doing good in the industry. so we'll be gonna use this two-step tripwire funnel is basically I'll show you what it is- but I go with two-step tripwire. it comes with a two-step order form right here and you can choose any of this. you know. you choose the free ones, you know. whatever you want to do, go with this one. it's pretty good. but as, like I say, you guys are watching the video, I wanted to make it easy for you. I'm actually gonna share my funnel, basically my website, with you guys that your plug-and-play is literally gonna be plug in place. so keep watching the video if you want that. so next thing, you have that thing right here and you click on it, it will look something like this and the page would be right there, right, and then what you want to do is just click edit page, you know. so I'm gonna open this in a new tab and i'm gonna click edit page so when you edit a page, you can actually control all aspects of the page and we land on something that looks like this: looks pretty. I know, probably looks super, super scary to you, but believe me, like anything, if you do it over and over and you'll become a pro and people will ask you for help. first things first, we need a logo and a name. so I did some research and I heard a lot of beauty brands have like a name in there. there's like a really big brand is called an effigy of Beverly Hills and there's like super named ones where it's the name and then it's the product thing. so I just came up with this name called Ava and I just made it a cosmetiks and I was able to get that domain. we just called ever cosmetiks, you know. so the next thing was making logo. like I said, I'd like to spend money, so I went on my favorite camera, comm, which was pretty simple. I went to camera, comm, and I went to text and right here, this is the exact text I use. I draw, drag and drop and I increase the size and I c.

The ULTIMATE One Product Dropshipping Set Up - “The Shopify Sales Funnel” | Clickfunnels & Shopify

yo, what's going on? Empire builders? in today's video, I'll be sharing with you how to build your very first Shopify sales funnel, and if you don't know what a sales funnel is, I'm going to showing you how to build it using click funnels, why you need one and also how I've generated millions of dollars in sales using these very simple sales funnels for my business. now, if you're just getting just tuning in for the first time here on the e-commerce Empire builders, I just want to give you a huge warm welcome. make sure you hit that subscribe button, make sure you hit that little notification bell. if, at any point during this video, I've dropped you some value, make sure you smash that like button for me as well. and on this channel, we give away a free 30-minute coaching session with me, and all you have to do to enter that giveaway is drop a comment down below on today's video, and during this video, we're gonna be announcing our winner, so make sure you stay throughout the entire video. but, guys, let's get into it right away: why you need a Shopify sales funnel and also how to build your first Shopify sales funnel. the first thing we're going to tok about is we're gonna go through a live example of why you need one first, and then we're gonna go over the shoulder and show you how to actually build them, cuz you have to understand why you need one. so when I was first getting started in my fishing business, I used the Shopify store, like a lot of you guys are probably using. right, you got a homepage right, yeah, you got a whole ton of products launched in there and you're hoping you're gonna find this one training product. so that's gonna change your life. okay, now hopefully you know somebody comes to this, this store, from your traffic source, maybe Facebook in sponsors, whatever you're doing- YouTube, Google, right, they find a product. they hit our product page right with a product page right here. then they click Add to Cart right and finally, when they click Add to Cart here, they hit their their cart page right and then, after they say, you know, yes to checkout, they hit this checkout page right here and then they finally hit the, the billing page here as well. so you can see there there's a little bit of a disconnect here. when you're actually trying to to build a Shopify store, there's a lot of places for for people to drop off and the reason a lot of you that are maybe watching this- to have Shopify stores- and correct me if I'm wrong, but probably one of the biggest issues that you have, right, and give me a yes down below if this is true- that you get a lot of at the cards but not a lot of buyers. right, right, yes, down below if you are. and if you do, the reason that is happening to you is because of this disconnect that's happening right here. so when I was building my fishing business, you know we were making sales and stuff, but you know it's not. we weren't really profitable, making any, any actual money in our business. it was basically I was spinning my wheels over and over again, thinking, okay, I'm making more sales, but I'm not actually any. there's no profit here for me. there's no profit left for me after all expenses and after advertising costs out there, product costs, right? so how do we actually correct this? well, this is when I kind of started learning about these sales funnels, guys, and this is what I want to share with you guys, especially those of you that are that are just getting start with Shopify, and why you need one. so, with traffic, now, right, all traffic has to get sent to something called an opt-in page. now, this opt-in page, right, it is designed to collect us emails, write emails or messenger by opt-ins. I recommend you grab that email address because the email is something that you're gonna be able to use for future promotions. you're gonna be able to follow up with these customers and they don't buy from you the first time around, right, the money is in the less, guys, I'm telling you, okay, so a big email- that email is- can make you really money. on demand allows you to print money essentially from your business. so we're only highlighting wanted product here as well, guys, okay, this is a one product set up. that is what we're doing. we only do one product offer. we highlight an amazing deal. maybe we doing a free plus shipping offer. maybe we're doing a deep discount offer. maybe we're doing a buy two get one free. maybe we're doing whatever, right, maybe we're just doing a bundled offer or whatever. okay, it doesn't really matter. a point is: it's only one thing and there shouldn't be a million different distractions here, like you see on a typical Shopify store. it's actually interesting, guys- we're gonna flash an artikle real quick here- that Shopify actually released that every saw. every Shopify store needs a sales funnel, right, but Shopify stores, right there. you can't really do this on a Shopify store and I want to get into it. those of you that say, oh wait, yes, you can be, you can do this on Shopify, so you can. you really can't, and I'm gonna show you exactly why you can't. okay, so you have this opt-in page right here, and after they opt-in, they hit our order form right here and now on this order form. this is where we make that money. okay, this is the order form. this is where they can buy quantity break discounts of our product. we can do an order bump here, which is a pre-purchase upsell. maybe it's like a limited edition version product, maybe it's a warranty, maybe it's a gift card, right, things that are very easy. no-brainer toss in items for them and then we can send them through our OTO sequences. ot, OHS, upsells, right, same, exact thing. right, you can. they're all the same exact lingo, or so if you have hear people say OTO or upsell, it all means the same thing. now you can have as many of these OTO s as you humanly possibly want. now, this is where all your profits going to be made, right before they finally hit our Thank You page. now, to quickly give you guys an example here. these OTO s right is where you want all your profits to come from. all right, profit. you want that to all be profit. you want this to be break-even at least. a lot of you will actually make money right here, but you want to at least break even on the order form and the order bump right. if you're breaking even, that means all your profit here is is is profit right in your pocket, and there's a cool thing that you can add into these upsells and that's called your reoccurring revenue. that's kind of my bread and butter guy. so one of the reasons that I struggled so much of my fishing business when I first getting started was because I was fighting for a customer, so I didn't. a lot of you that are in shop world do you feel like you need more sales or you need more customers, when in fact you're just not monetizing your current customers? well, enough, right. and what do I mean by that? well, average cart value and lifetime value. okay, average cart value and lifetime value are the most important stats that you need to know in your business. average car value is the amount of money that somebody spends with you the first time they come in the door, right, a funnel allows you to really increase the average cart value. now what about LTV? how do we increase the LTV, though? LT V stands for lifetime value, right, how much does somebody spend with you over a lifetime of being part of your business? right now, the LTV is an easy way to do that is to add in some sort of subscription box or monthly revenue. may be some sort of membership site where the information products on a monthly basis write something easy that you can deliver on on a monthly basis. think barkbox things, Dollar Shave Club. okay, this makes it very, very, very profitable for you, especially if you're following usually what I and my Academy students and my inner circle peoples I tell them: 50% margin at the very least on this. and, guys, this stacks up really quick. imagine if you have a hundred people paying you $39 a month, right, and that's compound interest. so it's continuing to grow and grow and grow. of course you have some people that are drop.