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dropshipping companies in the us

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

Best Aliexpress Alternatives For Dropshipping (3-5 Day Shipping)

in this video, i'll be revealing exactly how i'm drop shipping with less than 10 day shipping times from china, without using aliexpress, that have allowed me to hit results like this. so, as you can see, i'm right around that 275 000 in sales right around in the last six months. i'm gonna go ahead and refresh my screen because we already know it's no cap. so right around 275 000 in sales, 102 000 store sessions, nine percent customer returning rate and a great conversion rate of around 2.7. so this store's been going absolutely crazy and i would not have been able to accomplish this without the supplier that i'm using today. there's many options out there to speed up the shipping process, so not only will i be showing you what i'm doing to get fast shipping times, but i'll also be giving you some viable options that you can be using today on your store. this is to make sure that your customers aren't waiting decades for their product, like most people who are drop shipping or just officially getting started. so let's get that competitive advantage without further ado. let's go ahead and jump right into it. i need to know everything. who in the world and where. i need everything. what's going on? everyone. my name is ac hampton and i'm an eight figure marketer and coach that teaches people how to test, build and scale profitable e-commerce brands. if you're new here, welcome in and make sure that you have your notebooks ready, because the value in this video is going to be limitless. if you're a part of my supreme family who comes back each and every week for this value, then thank you so much for tuning in and always showing love. now, before we get into exactly how you can be getting a 7 to 10 day shipping on your drop shipping store today for cheaper than aliexpress. you all know that each and every week, i hand out an absolute free consulting call to one lucky winner to streamline their success with e-commerce. if you want the chance to win this giveaway and you want to get all of your questions answered, all you have to do is three simple things. the first thing you must do is, in the comment section below, comment the word supplier and what your biggest take away from this video was. the second thing you must do is head over to my instagram ac underscore hampton and go ahead and give me a follow. and the third thing you must do is smash that like button below and subscribe to my channel, as i have never missed a single week on this platform. make sure you follow and do all three instructions, as i'll be checking and make sure that they're all done to enter you in the chance to win this free consulting call. but if you are looking for more one-on-one help to help you through starting and scaling up your online brand, make sure you dm me the word mentorship on instagram at ac underscore hampton, so i can reach out to see if you'd be a good fit for the four limited spots that i have for all of january. now, without further ado, let's go ahead and jump right into it. as i'm sure you all know, aliexpress is not the most sustainable way to scale your online business, especially with the fact that it's taking 30 to 60 days in order to get the product to your customer. in my opinion, one of the only benefits of using aliexpress is when you're testing products. this is because there's a ton of sellers with all kinds of products that you're able to find and add to your store to quickly test and find out if it's going to be a winning product for you or not. but when it comes to finding that winning product and scaling using this platform will not be sustainable for your business at all. there is a couple other things that play into the reason of aliexpress not being the best platform to use for scaling a product outside of just the shipping times. a couple of those reasons is product and quality and communication. there are major variations between the suppliers, shipping times and product quality, so what that basically means is that it is a random game of product quality and how well your supplier is going to do when sourcing and shipping your product, and, as that is not enough of a hassle, it can take days to have a conversation with the suppliers, as they are likely in a different time zone as you, depending on wherever you live. so, with that being said, my one suggestion during this testing phase and using aliexpress is: make sure that you're doing supplier validation heavily. you should be looking for a 98 or a higher store rating, with a 4.7 rating or higher for the communication product as described and the shipping times along with that. you want to make sure that they have a couple hundred reviews and orders and have been in business for at least over a year to know that this is a supplier that you can at least test with and regardless of the fact that it can take days to hear a response. when you find a supplier that has what you're looking for, make sure that you still message them, start communication and make sure that it is someone that wants to help you grow. now i just want to reiterate that aliexpress is used solely for testing, and once you've found a product that is selling well for you, it's time to move on, to get those faster shipping times so that you can continue to grow and scale your business. so, with that being said, i'm going to recommend you two different sites that you can be using today to make sure that your customers are satisfied with your service and you're not getting angry emails and low feedback ratings that can ultimately give you a restriction very quickly. efficiency is everything for your customers today, especially with competing with platforms like amazon and other drop shippers in the space. customers like to have their product in a hurry, and these two suppliers can help you with exactly that. now, the first site that you can be using is cj drop shipping. cj drop shipping is just one of the top picks due to the fact that they have warehouses all around the world to ship to other countries. this is the ideal situation for local and worldwide drop shipping so that you can make sure that those shipping times are competitive and something that your customers are satisfied with. so if you're someone who is currently struggling with chargebacks and refunds because customers are unhappy with the shipping times, then cj dropshipping can really help you with these issues. many of you have heard of cj dropship and you may know their fulfillment center for any products that you might want to be selling, but you may not know all the benefits that can come from using them as a supplier, so let's go ahead and jump right into it. so here we are on cj drop shipping, and you can see they have a lot of products that you can sell and a lot of products that they can fulfill as well, and, honestly, this is just great because, just like aliexpress, they have almost everything that you can think of. so you could even start off with testing products with cj drop shipping and use that same supplier to scale up the products with even faster and better shipping. now, one of my favorite parts about cj drop shipping is that you're able to get faster shipping times at a lower cost. so let me just go ahead and show you an example of this. now i'm just going to pull up a product on aliexpress and, as you guys can see, i went ahead and chose a dog harness. if you guys have been drop shipping for a while, you know that this dog harness has been going absolutely crazy year after year and it's always a product that you can sell on aliexpress. you can see that we're going to get this item for 11.95. this is for the large variant, with free shipping being estimated. delivery of march 5th. now today is january 18. so this is almost 45 to 50 day shipping on this product if i go ahead and source it from aliexpress. but if we head over to cj drop shipping and we look for that exact same product, you can see that is three dollars and 81 cents for the large variant as well, with the shipping cost of six dollars and 23 cents, which gives us a total drop shipping price.

Best Aliexpress Alternatives For Shopify Dropshipping (5-8 Day Shipping)

so this is how i'm able to get five to ten day shipping times for my shopify drop shipping stores. that enables me to scale the stores to a hundred thousand dollars a month without any supplier issues or logistikal issues. hey guys, welcome to the youtube channel. my name is camille site, known as the ecom king, and in today's video, i'm gonna be teaching the exact supplies, agents and fulfillment centers that i'm currently using when i start a brand new shopify drop shipping store. that enables me to scale them to a hundred thousand dollars a month without worrying about the logistikal problems that might occur using a bad supplier or not using a proper agent. now, the most important part of your drop shipping business is the logistikal side, because that's the only part of the business that you're not involved in, because you're having to outsource it, which means you have to put trust in another person to make sure that they're doing their job properly so you can keep your customers happy, because customers don't want to be waiting 20 to 30 days to receive their product, and they don't want to be receiving a product that's not good quality. so that's why it's so important to have good quality products and a fast shipping time, because if you don't, then you will be getting those chargebacks, refunds and you'll lose loads of money, and that's why, in this video, i'm going to be sharing all of the best aliexpress alternatives for suppliers, agents, logistikal teams, fulfillment centers, so you guys don't have to worry about any of that. i'm also going to be covering the most important things that you must understand and know before working with the supplier, and i'm also going to give you a list of questions that you need to be asking the suppliers before you work with them, to make sure that you have no issues now. this video is incredibly important right now because of the issues that's currently happening in china with the new variant. i'm not going to mention it because youtube doesn't like it, but because of this, now it's making things a lot harder in shopify drop shipping, so if you don't have a good supplier, then you really are going to get screwed. what i've also done for you guys is i've created a free google doc sheet that's going to obtain all the questions that you need to ask these suppliers. it's also going to contain the information about the importance of understanding certain things before working with them, and it's also going to give you the direct links to work with these suppliers. so as soon as we hit 2 000 likes on this video, i'll leave the free google doc sheet in the pin comment and the description below [Music]. so before i show you guys all the best aliexpress alternative suppliers and agents, i want to quickly go over the most important things that you must know before working with a supplier. so if you're going to do one product drop shipping- which most of you guys are going to be doing, and i'd recommend it- if you're starting a brand new business and an e-commerce store, which is basically where somebody comes to your website, they order the product, you go to your supplier, they place the audit and then it gets shipped directly to your customer. that's what they call one product drop shipping. now, this type of drop shipping, called one product drop shipping, is not perfect and it doesn't matter what supplier you use. you will never have a perfect situation when working with them, because the actual way this works is actually flawed, but it is getting better over time, but it's still flawed. the reason why it's flawed is because when you're doing one pro drop shipping, most suppliers do not have that product in their warehouse, so it means that they have to go out there and actually order the product in and then send it to your customer, and that's what can take a lot of time, and that's why one product drop shipping shipping times can take all the way up to 20 days, even 30 days. the next thing that you need to really understand is product quality and shipping times are more important than finding the cheapest price. now most people try and look for the cheapest price on the market to find the product and to ship the product, but they don't take into consideration shipping times and product quality. those are the two things that matter the most, because you can- like i said before, you can- sell loads of products to people, but if they don't get them on time with a good quality product, you're just going to get refunds and chargebacks, so you're going to lose out on all that money. so i'm going to share with you guys the supplies i'd recommend that you use. don't look at the actual product pricing and the shipping price and think, oh, it's too expensive, i can't use them, because the end of the day, you should be pricing your products a little bit more expensive to adjust for that extra cost that they're charging you. now the next important thing that you need to know before working with the supplier is: make sure you're using a credit card to pay for the item, or paypal, because at the end of the day, if you order from the supplier and something goes wrong and they don't want to refund you, then at least you know you've got purchase protection with your credit card and with paypal. so if, god forbid, anything goes wrong, you know you can rely on those two methods to ensure you if the supplier doesn't help you out. the last important thing that you need to know is you need to start ordering samples of the product before you start selling them. now, especially if you're ordering electronical products, you want to make sure that you're ordering samples and you're testing them before you're actually selling them, because the end of the day, you could be selling something that you've never tried, but it's actually faulty and it just doesn't work. so you need to make sure you can vouch for the product, because if you're not happy with it, why would somebody else be happy with it? now let's cover the best one product: drop shipping suppliers, and most of you guys will be using these suppliers because it's the entry-level way to start drop shipping. so the first one product drop from supply that i'd recommend is called usadropcom, and most of you guys haven't heard of them, which is a good thing, and they're the first fulfillment center in china that are american-made. now, what they mean by that is a lot of people in america have moved from america to china to offer drop shipping supplier services, so that means that when you communicate with them, they're from the us. now the next thing that's important is they've got five to eight day delivery time because they're using things like united states parcel service, fedex ups, union express and you can also see these are the payment options that they offer- paypal and now most suppliers that don't offer paypal. that is a big red flag. so if they've got paypal, that's a very good thing to see. and then you can see here why usa drop reliable and fast without chinese labels. total shipping triumph from china to the usa is five to eight days. if you don't want your goods to display shipping information from china, we can offer usps express weibull with no chinese information. now, that's one of the biggest issues in dropshipping right now. when your customer receives the product and the tracking number, it says it's coming from china. now, by using this, it won't give them that information, so it actually looks a lot more professional. so now i want to show you guys the back end to usa dropcom so you guys know how to use them for yourself. so once you've made an account using the link in the description below, which is completely free, they have got a free plan and i'd recommend that everyone uses the free plan to start with. you're going to see, when you go over to sourcing, that'll take you to this page and what you want to do is you want to add the aliexpress link of the product into this page and once you've done that, you want to select the three countries that you're going to want to ship the product to s.

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8 Best Dropshipping Suppliers for 2023

if you clicked on this video, you're a drop shipper and you're looking for better suppliers to drop ship from. chances are you're already listing on places like ebay, facebook marketplace, amazon or elsewhere, but those are places to list your products on. what are the best sites to drop ship products from? who are the best suppliers to use and why? now, before we break down these specific suppliers and why i recommend them, i want you to understand the importance of using several suppliers right. you don't just want to use one or two and focus solely on one or two, because that's what everybody's doing. chances are, if you look to snipe other people, other people that are listing products on facebook, marketplace or any of these places, they're gonna be using one or two of these suppliers, and so just by using several of them yourself and not building your store solely around one or two, you can diversify your products, obviously increase your margins and prevent yourself from being sniped yourself or at least make it harder for people to do so. the first one is amazon, and amazon's a no-brainer. amazon's the one that the majority of people use when they're first starting and even when they like get more seasoned and they start making sales, they people still list from amazon. okay, there's tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of products or millions of products on amazon. i really don't know. there's a lot. it's a great supplier that obviously is always going to give you refunds, you can rely on their shipping times, that it has relatively fast shipping times and it's just a great overall supplier to use, right? the issue with amazon that's been happening recently is that a lot of people's prime accounts have been suspended, mine included. i actually just got suspended- i think it was like a week and a half ago- and it hadn't happened to me for over 10 000 plus orders and i just got hit with the ban, uh, recently. now i honestly think that that's a good thing. here's why the majority of people use amazon, and so those products actually were pretty saturated and the margins were getting slimmer and slimmer. chances are, if you had a good product on amazon and you actually searched that product into the search bar on facebook marketplace, for example, you would see 30 or 50 or 100 other listings just like yours, with the same exact pictures and relatively the same title, selling for relatively the same price, because everybody is marking up the same and that gives buyers the opportunity to choose from a number of different products obviously decreases the chances that you're gonna make a sale and it's just race to the bottom pricing. but now, since everybody's getting their prime account suspended, it's actually a good thing. it's gonna lower the competition on those products. it's going to increase your margins on those products. obviously, that way you can still use amazon as a supplier. and here's a little secret between you and me: you don't actually need amazon prime to drop ship from amazon. the only products that you specifically need prime to drop ship from amazon are those low priced products where you're solely relying on the fact that amazon's shipping them for free to keep your margins intact. you can still drop ship products that are like 25- i don't know the specific number, but i want to say it's like 25- and get free shipping on amazon- or often sellers will offer free shipping even if you don't have a prime account. so you can sign up for an account, not use prime on it, and still drop ship 95 of amazon products, especially the ones that are over 25, not have to pay the the shipping fee anyway, and then you're- you're still getting relatively fast shipping time. you can still return the products on amazon. you can still list all the products from amazon's catalog. that's a good thing because then you don't ever have to worry about your prime account getting suspended. you really shouldn't be listing those, those cheap products anyway, because the margins aren't that great on those products. if you're marking a 10 product up, uh, with amazon prime, 40 or 50, yeah, you're making 40 percent, but that's forty to fifty percent of ten dollars, whereas if you're listing something for thirty dollars or fifty dollars or a hundred dollars, that percentage is a lot more profit. it's the same margin but it's a lot more profit, money wise in the same exact uh effort on your part for one sale. so that's why you don't necessarily need amazon prime anyway. so even if you're getting suspended, it's totally fine. it's gonna weed out the competition, increase your margins, help you still be able to sell those products as people drop off and start using other suppliers and you can still use them without a prime account. a lot of people are worried about losing, like, their personal prime privileges. but if you get a prime account banned and you sign up for another prime account and you solely use it for personal use, you won't get that, that second account banned. it's only when you sign up for another account, start drop shipping to random addresses, again that they suspend your account. so that's why amazon is still, in my opinion, the number one supplier and the competition for people using it to dropship on facebook, marketplace and sites like ebay is going to significantly go down now that amazon all of a sudden is banning accounts. the second supplier that i recommend is ebay. now, i love ebay. i've been using ebay for probably about a year now as a supplier and it's been phenomenal. you never run into like issues with them, cancelling your orders or issues with them. uh, you know, like suspending accounts, that you're allowed to use your ebay account, the drop ship, just like you're allowed to use an amazon account to drop ship, but not one with amazon prime right. you can still get uh, use ebay and get uh, just like on amazon. you can get tax exempt on ebay as well, so that's also a benefit, although it's a little bit of a slower process in my experience with ebay. um, and there's a lot of great products- practikally all the same products on on amazon are gonna be on ebay- typically not all of them, but a large majority of them for relatively low prices. you can look at all the sold data on ebay. so it's literally going to show you what's selling and what's selling well, and you can list a lot of products like that and literally use the the information that ebay is giving you to find hot products. it's also a very reliable supplier. they're gonna have your back as the buyer. you can always typically return most things in most cases and a lot of sellers on ebay actually drop ship directly from amazon with low margins, which means a lot of the products that you're going to get cheaply on amazon are shipping with the same relative shipping time on ebay at the same relative price and are practikally barely marked up, because the competition on ebay for amazon products is so like neck and neck that the margins are barely there. so you're practikally getting the same products and that that seller is literally drop shipping that product using their own account from amazon. so you're basically ordering an amazon product, amazon prime product, with your ebay account in a lot of ways. so that's the second one. love ebay, use it. the third one is walmart. walmart is a phenomenal supplier for so many reasons. just like amazon and ebay, it has a large amount of products in its catalog that you can obviously use. you can also use, uh, walmart plus, which is basically like amazon prime. the issue with walmart plus is they also do suspend you. now, if you hop into walmart and you start ordering, like you know, thousands of products with your walmart plus account, you're going to lose that account pretty relatively fast. however, i've notiked that if you have several accounts, you can basically use several accounts and just cycle through your pr, like the orders on those accounts, and utilize it that way. so walmart plus is another phenomenal supplier. highly recommend that you use them. and on top of all these, i f

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TOP 5 USA-FAST DROPSHIPPING SUPPLIERS!! Finally Get Faster Shipping Times (Aliexpress Alternatives)

hey, what's up? empire builders, in today's video, we're going to be answering a big, big question that so many people who do aliexpress drop shipping want to know is: what are the best alternative suppliers to aliexpress drop shipping? now, if you don't know, one of the biggest cons with aliexpress is slow shipping times, right. however, it's still one of the best places to get started. get your feet wet with starting to make money with drop shipping. however, once you actually start making that money, you're going to quickly find that you want to find more reliable suppliers, faster shipping, better quality control, right, and that is exactly what we're going to be covering in today's video. [Applause]. now, guys, those are tuning into the ecommerce empire builders for the very first time. i want to give you a huge, huge, warm welcome. every single monday, wednesday, friday, we release content just like this. so if you want to see more of this and stay up to date, make sure that like button, that subscribe button and that notification bell, and don't forget every video. we do a giveaway. today's video giveaway winner is getting a popular ecommerce empire starter pack course completely for free. so if you want to be entered in to win that, just drop a comment down below in today's video and stay tuned to the next video to see if you're that lucky winner. but let's go over the shoulder, guys. right now tok about the five best drop shipping supplier alternatives that you can use for your aliexpress drop shipping business. so the very first one- we're gonna get this one out of the way, since i'm sure a lot of you guys have heard of it, and this is the one we're mainly using um- is cjdropshippingcom. okay, typically for here you're gonna be paying a little bit more, but for that you're gonna get much faster delivery times, okay, uh, so if you head over to cj dropshippingcom, also leave links for all these different suppliers here. guys, it's a very similar layout of what you've seen on aliexpress. anything that you sealed aliexpress, for the most part, you're going to be able to find on cj dropshippingcom. and here's the best part: right, even if you're selling a product right now on aliexpress, right, and you're not able to find it on cj dropshippingcom, go and actually message one of the suppliers on here that sells similar niche products and reach out to them. oftentimes, right, they are going to be able to get that product for you, right, they're just not listing it on their actual store that they have it for sale. so that's the first place. i would look. this is like level two. honestly, if you're just even just getting started with aliexpress- anybody that we're building and launching funnels for in our business in a box program, we're using cj dropshippingcom. if you don't know what that is, essentially we'll build and launch your e-commerce business in the next 30 days, 100 percent for you. so if you want to be interested in that- i know there are some of you that would just want us to actually do all this heavy lifting for you and launching your ecommerce business- we'll leave a link down below in the description of today's video. you can sure you know, watch a short presentation to learn more about it. book a call. no high pressure, nothing like that. make sure it's a good fit for both of us, but this is what we're primarily using. so even if you're just getting started with drop shipping and aliexpress, honestly my recommendation is just go cj dropshippingcom. uh, you're gonna save a ton of headaches down the line for yourself. okay now next one is called salehoo- salehoocom. you guys know i've been recommending salehoocom for a very, very long time. this was actually one of the places that i found one of my drop shipping suppliers. that wasn't that far, actually, from my current location out in pennsylvania, uh, and i actually found them here on salehoocom. now, say was a little bit different again. we'll leave links for all this in the in the in the description of today's video, but it's more so a directory, right. the reason i like these other suppliers is they give you like winning products. they give you some video ads with here. this is what i would say is like: oh, if you're all at the level of wanting to brand your own product source inventory, then i would look at salehoo and like alibaba together, because that's where you're going to be able to customize the products a bit more. now there are drop shippers on here, but some of them might not necessarily understand what dropshipping is. so just to give you an example what this means. so one of the uh supplies that i found right when i was running my fishing business was a uh supplier out here in pennsylvania, um, and i didn't tell him: oh, do you drop ship? right? because i even mentioned that. he's like: what are you toking about? what does that even mean? like, so all i told was like: hey, can i send you orders, right, and you just fulfill them for me and then send the customer out their tracking information. when it gets shipped out, he's like, yeah sure, right to them. a lot of them don't really know what dropshipping is because they're in the business of making fishing lures, of making you know the chips or whatever. their their thing is like fishing rods, whatever niche. it is right, they're not necessarily in the business of dropshipping. however, some of them, if they have the capacity, can be a drop shipper for you. sometimes you just got to think outside the box and solve your own problems. that's how i solved this one, because i didn't want to store inventory, even though i did for a little bit, but for the most part i was able to really offload it and that's what saleh is going to give you. it's more of a direct directory here of suppliers that you're actually going to have to pick up the phone and call. if you're not comfortable with that, just go with somebody on alibaba, okay, which leads us to our third, which is alibabacom. we'll be getting into more traditional dropshipping ones in a minute. you can often find dropshippers here on alibaba as well. guys, a lot of people just don't think outside the box because they think, oh, these are suppliers. i have to order bulk inventory. yes, you might need to order bulk inventory, but a lot of them have the capacity to actually be able to drop ship the products for you. now, all of them won't be able to do that. yes, i get that, but a lot of them can do that for you. remember they? they want your business just as mad as you want their business. you see what i'm saying? uh, so alibaba is a great place to find them. the nice thing about alibaba, guys, is if you type in like, let's say, fishing here, if we type in fishing here, oftentimes on the left-hand side- you'll be able to source your product from certain locations. okay, so let's say, you want your products usa, you know, made only. you can select that and then you'll be able to find the suppliers directly from the usa or wherever it is. a lot of people don't know about that. this is also how i was able to find another supplier for my fishing business. right, just thinking outside the box. it doesn't. if you, if you want to start a brand that's like: only usa made products, only new zealand made products, whatever, you have those opportunities, just think outside the box. some of you guys really won't care about that so much, but i did want to mention that for those of you that maybe will you know, country specific products, uh made all right. next one is spocketco- uh, again, a fantastik place to get products from uh similar. this is i would. i would lump these two together, guys. the other one i recommended, um, and this is number five, is going to be usa drop. i've been featured them on the channel here before, so again, that's spock it dot co and usa drop. very similar, right, very similar kind of place. but the reason i like them is that they both, again, they're very, very similar. but what i really like about them is that they give you like, like, kind of you know how they have these winning product tools and this or that, a lot of these companies right to differentiate them, to give

NEW USA-FAST DROPSHIPPING SUPPLIERS!! Finally Get Faster Shipping Times (Aliexpress Alternatives)

if you are absolutely sick of slow dropshipping shipping times. in today's video i'm going to show you a supplier that you can start using that gets five to eight days shipping times, literally every single time. [Music], [Applause]. now, guys, those are you tuning in to the ecommerce empire builders for the very first time. i want to give you a huge, huge, huge, warm welcome. we release new content here every single monday, wednesday, friday and do a giveaway as well. today's video giveaway winner is going to get a one-year membership to our ecommerce empire insiders program. if you want to be entered in to win that, just head down below and drop a comment and hit that notification bell so you can tune into the next video to see if you're that lucky winner. but, guys, today biggest headache in drop shipping is slow shipping times. right, there's so many process starting a drop shipping business- so low cost, it's so low risk- literally anybody with a computer can start a drop shipping business literally for under 100. but one of the biggest cons is slow shipping times or packaging that has all the chinese writing on it and customers been like: well, what is this right? and in today's video, what you're going to be learning about is a new supplier that we are using that literally gets five to eight day shipping times and you don't have any of the crazy characters or anything like that that gets customers all suspicious. so the company is called usa drop and they're the only american main fulfillment center literally based in china as well. so what you have to understand, guys, is that they get the five to eight day shipping times with none of the chinese manufacturing logos or invoices or any of that stuff. right, that's one of the biggest cons with you, you know, leveraging like an aliexpress or a lot of these other suppliers out there is quality control, right there, they're really there. really is none, right. we've seen like different funny memes from like aliexpress, uh suppliers, like throw in uh packages everywhere. right, that's where this is kind of, you know, uh, steps in right now. big thing here, guys. okay, big thing here. it's not just a supplier, right, that's the best part. it's not just somebody that you integrate. we send your order and like that's it. no, none of that. they actually can help you with your business as well, finding different kinds of winning products, complementary products that you can use here as well. so you guys can check it out. it's called usadropcom and there's so many benefits to this, guys. uh, like i mentioned here, they have the winning and trending product sourcing. that's just a benefit. we'll show you, guys, that in a second they have the reliable and fast shipping without chinese labels. i mean, that's going to save so so many headaches. uh, fulfillment, unbeatable prices. you're getting good prices. you could do print on demand. you can import products with one click and you know, you also get some after sale service from their, from their team as well. so, whether you're using like a shopify, using store funnels, using click funnels, or you know you have wordpress or whatever, right, you're going to be able to take advantage of this. at least give it a shot as an alternate supplier to somebody that you're using so you can really actually see the difference of maybe your supplier that you're using that maybe you've had some issues with, versus a usadropcom- okay, so you can check this out on their main website- a bunch of the other different, you know, uh, different kinds of reviews that they have and all that. but again, the best part is faster shipping times, no logos. that's the big thing, all right. everything else that kind of usa drop is doing right is literally just more icing on the cake. now one of the best ones is going to be when you're logged into your account is that you can get winning products, literally research for you, not just winning products like video, creative copy, like there's so many cool things in here. so when you log in here or you can always go to your dashboard, you can go to your sourcing. these are going to be where you're actually going to see your orders being, you know, fulfilled. uh, your order list as well, uh. but this is where you can do your winners as well as your print on demand. now check this out right, right from here. you can do previous 30 day winning products, you do last month's winning products. you could do this week's winning products. you can really stay on the cutting edge. so if you see, like a product in here that maybe is, you know, related to your niche or something like that, it's probably a good opportunity to right away start selling it in your stores. okay, so, right from here, let's just click into you know, click into an example here. uh, this like facial massager here. so when we click into it, whoops, let me pause that. so, right, here is what the this is what makes it so nice, is that right from here we can. we have all of these images that we can use. now i do recommend kind of add your own little branding to it. but guess what, if you're just starting a business and you don't- you know- want to hire somebody on fiverr to change up images for you, you don't have the skills to do it yourself. right, these, these images are still perfectly good enough for you to actually start using for yourself right now. they do have direct integrations with- uh, you know, with- shopify, so you can import the products right away into it. uh, we are currently working with storefunnelsnet, uh, to be able to uh integrate with a lot of these but different platforms as well. so stay tuned for that, um, and even give you a good description and stuff like that. now, one, one thing that i always recommend, guys, is: anytime that you know you find products like this- and no matter who the supplier is, always always kind of like- do your own due diligence in like the copy and things right. use this stuff as a template that they're providing, but don't just like copy and paste this, because that's what other people are going to be doing, right. so add your own flair, add your own bit. you know a little bit more, uh, information about your, your business in it, um, not just like just doing this kind of like copy and paste. now, don't get me wrong, you can do that to start, um, but it's so much more powerful if you kind of like tweak it a little bit. uh, that makes sense for you. um, again, you can import the product right from here into your shopify store. you have your different kinds of color, uh colors. and then also, what the best part is, that you can get these video ads right from here, uh, that you can start using, you know, in your, in your, in your, in your facebook ads, youtube ads, tik tac ads. however, you're planning to do it, which is fantastik, and then they give you, obviously, uh, options to actually see, you know, what they recommend actually selling the actual product at. uh, and again, there's tons of different products in here that you can start selling. you kind of click through them and check these all these ones out. this, right here, is going to be some of research that we use heavily, because we're always launching different kinds of funnels, different kinds of products, and trying to find, like, new products and different niches is kind of a pain in the butt. so it's nice, like being able to have like one central location where i can come in here every single week and see all the training products and say, hey, are any of the niches that we're currently getting involved in can i, can i take advantage of it? right? so like, for example, like these, you know these rainbow colored like bath bombs right here. that's the best part. every single one is coming with these. uh, with these, uh, with these videos. it's gonna make our life easier. now with the video ads, guys. one thing to note: i do recommend like tweaking it a little bit. uh, sometimes these ads directly from suppliers are a little bit too slow for like the direct results, marketing on facebook, you know, youtube, whatever, so you might have to take, make a make, a few tweaks and changes to the actual video. nothing you can't do by.

FREE List of US Dropshipping Suppliers For Your eBay, Amazon or Shopify Store

so there are lists out there of suppliers to use for your drop shipping business, but you need to know how to sort through that list or you might end up with a bad supplier. what's up everyone? paul here from dropshippingtitanscom, where i teach regular people just like you how to start your first successful drop shipping store, and one of the biggest struggles that i see new drop shippers face is the struggle of finding a good supplier to use. now there are a lot of free lists out there, but if you just choose a random supplier from that list, there's a really good chance they're not going to be a good fit for drop shipping or the type of drop shipping that you want to do. so it's better to do this and start on the right foot here. put in the research and the time up front to find the good suppliers. don't worry, in this video i'm going to show you exactly how to do it, so i'll show you the easiest method first. if you're looking to drop ship from other retail websites- what i'm toking about are websites like walmartcom- then i highly recommend that you use a software such as autods. this is what i use and what this will do. this will allow you to quickly list items onto ebay and if the price or stok changes on the retailer's website, it will automatikally change on ebay for you, and autods does that for you. now the really cool thing is that they tell you what suppliers they work with, and this is a really, really good place to start. this is your first list. so they have amazon here. that's not one that i recommend that you drop ship from, because what we've seen is that ebay doesn't like it. walmart is a really good supplier. they also have banggood, aliexpress, home depot, wayfarer, costco, overstok, costaway and china brands. so with that list, how do you know which ones to use? well, this is what i look for. i always look for suppliers that have really easy websites to work with, so walmart is a, for instance, probably the best example- very easy, simple website to use. i also look for fast shipping, and walmart definitely checks off that box or at least have consistent shipping speeds so that we always know how long it's going to take for the customer to get the item. also, we look for good customer service, and walmart definitely has that. so, coming back to this list, on auto ds, we see that they use walmart, which is a good choice. home depot fits all that as well. wayfair, costco, overstok costs way. all all good choices. now they have other ones here, like banggood, aliexpress and china brands. if you use those, you're going to be drop shipping from china. now. this is why i said in the beginning: you have to have a supplier that fits with the type of drop shipping that you want to do. now, personally, i advocate doing us-based suppliers because faster shipping, easier to do with returns and usually there's better customer service and higher quality. but that's not to say that drop shipping from china is wrong. you just have to make sure it fits your criteria and figure out what that is like. i've used banggood in the past, i've used aliexpress and i've used china brands and they're all fine. but personally i like having us-based suppliers. now, if you're deciding not to use retail websites to dropship from, then another choice for you would be to use wholesale suppliers. so the difference between retail and wholesale is that when you're doing retail, you're buying from another website. that means you're paying the retail price. with wholesale drop shipping, the benefit is that you're you're paying wholesale pricing, so your margins on the items you sell are going to be much higher than it would be with retail drop shipping. now, the drawback is that wholesale is not as easy to start up. that's why i said that this is best for beginners- just very simple and easy to start with wholesale. you have to form connections with these wholesale companies, get them to agree to dropship products for you now. luckily, there is a software for this called inventory source, and, by the way, i'll have links to both auto ds and inventory source under this video. but, quite honestly, inventory source is not a software that i personally use, even though i do do wholesale drop shipping, and that's primarily because it's so expensive to use them. i just found that it's much easier to do it manually for wholesale, because, with wholesale, the prices of the items don't change as often, and the stok levels don't change as often either, but it is free to sign up for an inventory source account. the only thing you'll get for free, though, is this list of suppliers that you could potentially use, and the list has 4 500 suppliers, so it's a huge list, but, just like before, we have to sort through these and find ones that fit our criteria. so, personally, i'm again looking for ones that are us-based, faster on the shipping, uh, hopefully have great customer service as well. those are the main things i look out for. there's a lot more of criteria that i look for. that i cover in my wholesale course, but for now we'll just look kind of for that. and the other thing i also avoid are aggregators. so there's this website here called us direct or doba, for instance. these are both aggregators and what that means is that you're not working directly with a wholesale supplier. instead, you are working with a company that brings in several other companies that are willing to drop ship and you only have to sign up for for one of these accounts. now that sounds good, because it sounds like you get access to a lot of suppliers. but in general, we have found that these don't work as well. for one thing, they charge you to use them, which i'm never. i'm pretty much against doing that, and i just found it's better to work directly with suppliers. so we do avoid these aggregators and for wholesale, we also definitely avoid chinese-based uh suppliers or anyone outside the united states. but this is one i've used right here, so let me show you why i liked this one and why this one checked off all the boxes for me. so i'm going to go ahead and open them up and i'm going to visit their website. so first i want to make sure that they are us-based and a really good place to look for all the information i'm going to tok about is either in the menu bar at the top or in the footer at the bottom, and here, the footer at the bottom bottom, we see that they are based in new jersey, so they're us-based. i also want to make sure that they are not an aggregator of any kind, and the best way to do that is just kind of see- i mean, they don't charge you any money to sign up. that's what i would look for, and also want to see if they're using multiple different suppliers. you can kind of click through the website to get that, get an idea of that, and by clicking through this one i don't see any indication that they are. the other thing that i look for is things like: do they do drop shipping? that's, that's a major one, and they specifically say: here they do drop shipping. it's right here. um, but another place i would look is down here at the bottom. let's see what they have. faq, let's check on that. is there a fee to be a reseller? no, again, that's something i look for: make sure there's no fee. um, let's search for the word drop ship. drop ship, blind drop shipping is not available, but that's okay. yeah, so they tok all about drop shipping here, so it is clear that they do it. um, it does say there's no drop ship fee, so that's that's important to know as well you they it doesn't. if they do charge a drop shipping fee, that's okay, as long as it's not too high. it's ideally. it's better if they don't. also, you want to make sure that there's no minimum order requirement, because there's no point in them drop shipping if they make you buy five or ten at a time. but over here we see that there's no minimum order, so that's checks off another box. and the other main thing i look for is to make sure that we actually are getting wholesale pricing, because they do claim to be a wholesaler, but here you see that it's a dealer's only website, which means that the general public can't access th.