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dropshipping ebay uk

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

Start eBay DropShipping FOR FREE with UK Suppliers Only?

in this video, i'm going to explain you how to start your ebay drop shipping business as a step-by-step guide. this video is going to be different. the reason it's going to be different? because we're going to be dealing with only uk-based suppliers, so your customer can get the faster delivery time. the reason number two: it's going to be different because i'm not going to use any kind of paid tools, so this can be done 100 free. you don't need to get any subscription for any kind of tool as well. the reason number three: every single detail in this video is going to be really, really important. i'm recording this video as a complete, step-by-step guide, so i'm not gonna be skipping on any kind of information. so every single second in this video is going to be super important. so please do not skip any part of this video. let's get started. i'm gonna show you how to find the product, how to find the suppliers, how to get the faster delivery time, how to actually get sales as well. so let's get started. it is super important to understand how you're gonna be making money by drop shipping on ebay. and second thing a lot of people tok about is the drop shipping within ebay terms and condition or not. so these are two things are very, very super important to understand. so i'm gonna explain these two things by giving you some example. it will make your life really easy. so let me share my screen and i will show you what drop shipping really is and how you're gonna be making money. so this is a new ebay seller- i'm hiding their name just to protect their privacy- all that kind of stuff as well- so you can see they have listed this cattle right here. this is the name for the brand and the price for this one is 24.95 and they have sold two of them. obviously they are drop shipping because i know the supplier, i know the item. i have sold this item in the past as well. if we go to drop shipping supplier website right here, this item is only 12 pound and 50 pens with the free shipping. obviously they're going to charge v80 on it, so with the v80 it's not going to be more than 14 pound or 15 pound. so they have seen this item and this supplier is going to deliver that within two to five working days. they just simply copy the picture from here. they simply even copy the title for this partikular item from here as well, and they have listed this item for 24.95 on onto ebay platform. once the seller will get the order on ebay, they will receive the address for their ebay customer. they're just simply going to take that address and they're going to order for their customer from the supplier website. so customer- this seller, ebay customer- will receive the order from the drop shipping supplier. so seller himself or herself is not actually doing the packing, they are not doing the shipping, they are just simply working as a middleman. once they receive the order, they just simply order from their supplier website and they just keep the difference for you for themself. that's the simple definition of drop shipping. now the question is- and a lot of people get confused because of this one is: drop shipping is really allowed? is it within ebay terms and condition? so, first of all, if you are drop shipping from the market places, for example amazon, you're using amazon as a supplier. you are using aliexpress as a supplier, some website which sell directly to the customer, directly to the retail customer. it's a very gray area. there is no simple yes and no answer right here. those sellers who use the supplier, even some people, they use ebay as a drop shipping supplier to sell the item on ebay. they see some chinese suppliers selling a cheap item in china, they just simply use them as a drop shipping supplier. they see somebody selling a cheaper item on amazon or aliexpress, they use them as a supplier as well. it's a very gray area. they will get away with it as long as they get away with it and they will keep on getting away with it as long as they are dealing with the customer service. so if they are giving a smooth customer experience, they are not going to have any problem. ebay is making money in terms of fee that they are charging. once they are selling something on a platform, everybody is happy and this is a great area. even though it's against ebay terms and condition, you're not going to have any problem. the second thing: if you're using some kind of proper drop shipping supplier, for example the one i just show it to you, these are legit drop shipping suppliers. they are not market places. they don't sell directly to the customer. they only work with ebay, amazon and shopify drop shipping drop shippers actually to fulfill their orders. these are allowed and they are within ebay terms and condition. so even if the ebay will ban your account, you can say you, it's just simply outsourcing your fulfillment so they will give your account back to you. so this drop shipping, once you're using some kind of proper drop shipping supplier, is within ebay terms and condition. but some people are a lot of people. they make good money by drop shipping from amazon to ebay, by doing aliexpress to ebay, even doing ebay to ebay. they they make good money and they get away with it and that's against ebay terms and condition. but ebay know that and they are not very strict about it as well. i hope you understand and finally, you will be able to make a decision for yourself. so first of all, it is super important to make your ebay account ready for the drop shipping. if you already have a account, that's fine, but i hope you don't have a zero feedback. if you don't have a account, you can just simply come to ebay. i'm not gonna go through this month because it's very, very simple. all you have to do is put your name details, make sure those details are correct, because ebay do verify those and a lot of account get banned because those details doesn't match. you don't want to have a problem later on and a lot of people ask: can i start with a personal account or shall i need to go for a business account straight away? in my opinion, to be honest with you, if you want to be on a very, very safe side, start with a business account, because you will be complying with each and every ebay terms and condition. private account is just meant to be to get rid of old items which are lying around inside your house, and that's not the case here. so get started with the business account. it is free to create ebay account as well. but even if you start with the personal account, that's fine. further down in the line you can always upgrade your account. but i again, i recommend a business account as well. a lot of people do this mistake and pay very close attention to this one, because once they will create an account, even if they already have an account they just gonna start listing with by using some kind of software, they're gonna bombard their ebay store with the listing as well: listing 10, 20, 50 item. that's how your account will get banned. you do not want to list state b if your account is new and you have a zero feedback. i highly recommend wait at least at least 21 days, three weeks, and within those three weeks and 21 days, get the feedback on your account as a buyer. you can buy super cheap item from ebay, for example, charging cable for your phone, some other stuff that you need for your house. this is the way you're gonna be getting feedback as a buyer. so the zero figure in front of your ebay username will be gone. this is the way you're gonna get sales instantly as well, and also you're gonna really prepare your account and be in a good books of ebay. if you just create your account, like in the morning and afternoon, you have listed 50 items, like ebay gonna think where those 50 item comes from, so you're gonna take it very slow. first you're gonna prepare your account and this is all you know. then massage your account and make it ready. this is really really super important. i'm not joking, because you don't want to get your account banned as well. so create your account- ideally business account- get it ready and then now it's the time.

How To Dropship On EBAY As A Complete Beginner (Step By Step)

in today's video. what i'm going to be doing is giving you guys a mini master class on exactly how you can start ebay drop shipping as a beginner. and if you're new to my channel and you've never seen my face before and you're thinking, why should i listen to this guy? well, welcome. my name is sam and on this channel, i've made over 400 different videos breaking down various different tips and tricks that you need to know when it comes to making money online. but, most importantly, over the past few years, i've managed to build various different ebay stores. as you can see from this one right here, i managed to make over 81 000 pounds in a few months, which is around 90 thousand dollars. so you're definitely going to learn a thing or two that's going to help you out on your own ebay drop shipping journey. so, as always, i don't want to waste any more time. i want to get right into it. if you find any value in this video, don't forget to press the like button. don't forget to subscribe. hit the bell notification. let's jump straight into the video. all right? so one of the first things that you need to obviously do is that you need to sign up for an ebay account. now, to be very honest with you, it's going to be a lot better if you've already got one, because ebay don't necessarily like it when you sign up on day one and you try and start drop shipping straight away. so if you've already got an existing ebay account, it's going to be a little bit better when it comes to doing the rest of the three steps that i'm going to go through in this video. but if you don't already have an ebay account, all you need to do is go on to the ebay website, go to register at the top right here and then, from this point, you're just going to sign up for an account. very straightforward, very simple, but the key things that you need to remember when you are signing up for an ebay account, just make sure that you put the correct details, because ebay is going to validate this and if you don't put the correct details, they may end up banning you, and once you get banned, it's going to be hard for you to open up another ebay account. the next step is that you need to find a winning product. now there's a certain step-by-step strategy that i personally go through when it comes to knowing which item is the best one to sell on ebay. so i'm just going to walk you through that entire step-by-step process, just so that you have a full understanding of exactly what makes a winning product a winning product. so the first place that i like to start is on the drop shipping suppliers website. so in this example, we're going to be using cj drop shipping. so what i tend to do when i want to find an item to sell is i scroll down to this section over here where it says global warehouses, and from this point, we're going to be able to look at items depending on which warehouse we're going to be shipping from. so in today's example, i'm going to be looking at the items in the us warehouse. so all you need to do is just click into it and once you do that, this is the page that you're going to see and it's going to bring up all of these different items. so all you need to do from this point is try and find a specific item that stands out to you that you believe that you're going to be able to sell successfully. all right, so i found this product right here, which is a wi-fi repeater or a signal amplifier. it's basically an item that people buy when it comes to extending the wi-fi signal in their house. so it's definitely a useful product. so now that we know that this product is available in the us warehouse, the first thing that i'm going to do, before i even show you anything else on cj drop shipping's product page, is to go over to zeek analytiks. so zeke analytiks is a product research software that i always advise every single person to sign up with if they want to do product research to find the best winning product to sell on ebay. and if you want to sign up for a seven day trial, you can do that by clicking the link in my description down below, and once you have signed up for that seven day trial, this is the dashboard that you're gonna see, and then all you simply need to do is go over to product research right here, and then you're gonna type in the name of the item, which is wi-fi repeater, and because we're gonna be shipping the item to the us, we want to see the data specifically for the customers based in america. so we need to click on united states, right there, and we're going to change the ebay site to ebaycom, and then we're going to click on search and right there, as you guys can see, zeke analytiks is able to show us that almost forty thousand dollars were spent on this product in the last 30 days and there's a successful listing rate of 71, which means that 71 of the sellers that have listed this product have been successful in making a sell. so now that we know that it's definitely a product that's worth drop shipping, we need to go back over to cj drop shipping and double check a couple things. so, first thing, we want to see the inventory amount, so we can see that there's over 1 000 units currently in the united states warehouse, which is a lot. we also want to look at how long it's going to take to reach the customer, and we can see that it's going to take three to seven days, and there's also tracking information available too, which is really, really good. so now that we know that this product tiks all the boxes in terms of us being able to make a sale from the product, research the fact that we can also drop ship it and get it to the customer in a short amount of time- what we want to do now is figure out how we're going to list the product on our ebay store, and to do that we need to sign up for something called autods. so this is what the signup page looks like, and if you want to sign up for a 30-day trial with autodesk, you can use the link in my description down below for that as well. and autods is simply a way of you being able to connect the product from whatever supplier that you want to use directly onto your ebay store. not only that, you're going to be able to automatikally fulfill all of your orders, so it's a really good software to sign up with if you are looking to take your ebay drop shipping business a little bit more serious. so all you simply need to do is enter in your email right here, click on continue. so once you've gone through that whole signup process, this is the page that you're going to see, and this is the auto ds dashboard. now the first thing that you need to make sure that you do is that you need to make sure that you connect your ebay account directly to your autodesk account, and the way that you're going to be able to do that is by clicking on this option right here, and, as you can see, i've already connected my ebay test account as well as my shopify test account. so what you're going to do is click on add store and then you need to click on the ebay store option, then click on continue, then it's going to ask you for your paypal account, which is optional, and which country that you're going to be selling in- so you can leave it at united states or you can change it to whatever you want, and then you're going to click on connect to store. then it's going to show you this page and then all you simply need to do is sign in to your ebay account. again, ebay is going to ask you to confirm whether or not you want to go through of it, and then you can do so if you want to. once you do that, which is necessary for you to continue, you need to go back over to your autods account, and what we need to do now is to connect the product from cj drop shipping over to autods. so the way that you're gonna do that is by clicking on add products, click on single products- perfect- and then what i need to do now is go back over to cj drop shipping, copy the product that i want to sell on my ebay store, go back over to autods and then paste the url right there. make sure that the supplier source is correct. cj drop shipping. make sure that the region is correct, as you can see.

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Proper UK dropshipping Suppliers for eBay Amazon Shopify

in this video I'm gonna tok about UK based Drop Shipping suppliers. these are not retailers. they don't sell to customer directly, or these are not Market places as well, so not everybody can go there and buy the items from them. these are proper Drop Shipping suppliers who only deal with the eBay and Amazon and Shopify salads who are interested in Drop Shipping. so let's get started. please watch this video all the way through, because I need to explain you how to work with them and how to select the products from them as well. otherwise, you will not be making any sales and you will not be making any money. my name is Zen cha. on this channel, I tok about how to make money online as an e-commerce seller, and I'm based in UK. so if you're somebody who is looking to sell online and you want to make money online realistikally from the platform like eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and if your first time here, consider subscribing, that will be a massive help. let's jump to the suppliers now. so the first supplier that we have is called Manchester wholesale. they are able to offer fast next day shipping as well. and the other service which I really like about: if somebody is interested to sell on Amazon, they have a lot of products right here and the prices for them is a really, really wholesale price. but you can order them for Drop Shipping purpose as well. but if you, let's say, you like some product and you say, okay, well, I really like this product and you sold it, he was doing Drop Shipping on Amazon. now you want to say, okay, I wanna buy in bulk and I want to send it to Amazon. so they actually take care of fulfillment and all that kind of stuff as well, so they are able to offer the prime Services. you know where the customer actually got next day delivery, even if they would like seven o'clock at night as well, so they can actually do this for you. so this is, uh, their Amazon FBA prep service. you can pick the product. you know the one you have tested with the Drop Shipping and even a move on to doing Amazon FBA at the scale. you can do that as well. a lot of a lot of products like loads of loads of product that they have and the good thing about them, the price is, for these products are really, really good, so you can actually drop ship and make some profit out of it as well. the next supplier that I want to tok about is called CLC- the thing about salesy- that they have Avail house at different different positions. so if you're somebody who is in UK, they have a section called best sellers and these are the products on a salesy website which are proven to sell a lot of time. so they have this data where they provide it to us, make it easier for us to actually start Drop Shipping. all of these supplier account is going to be absolutely free. it doesn't really cost you any money to get started with them. same with the sales e as well. so once you click on bestseller, you can choose their UK invade house right here. so these are all the item which are available in their UK Warehouse to see the prices. all you have to do is to create a account, which is absolutely free. it doesn't really cost you anything to create account as well, and you will be able to see the prices as well. so loads of loads of really really good products right here as well. like this cattle, I personally sold it. it does really really well. a lot of, a lot of other products divided into different, different categories, as you can see. all of these start Drop Shipping. you can do it: Amazon, eBay, Shopify, wherever you want to do your Drop Shipping. the next one we have is called clothes to order- c2o, and this is a great company is it's in UK as well, where you can actually do print and demand, not just print and demand, you can actually do Drop Shipping at the same time. so if you wanna sell, let's say, highways, even a cell like a custom bag, you want to create your own logo as well. this is really really good. good for that. if somebody is really interested in personalized clothing, that's a really really good uh way to work with these uh c201. so this is, especially if somebody is interested in clothing. it's a really really good Drop Shipping supplier for this one as well. the next one that we have is called TB trade- tbtradecouk. again, this is not the retailer as well. you can just simply- I mean, you can come here about their information right here and you can click on Drop Shipping and you will be able to see that they actually work with eBay, Amazon and Shopify seller. so this is where they will be able to fulfill the order. the thing is there is no minimum order- all that kind of stuff with the TB to read as well. TB trade do all kind of items. so you know Sports and gym phone cases, computer DIY tool, bicycles, all that kind of stuff as well. this is a really really good Drop Shipping supplier. if you're looking, somebody who is is in UK piece. the next supplier that we have is called go drop ship. so go drop ship is another great supplier: go dropshipcouk. they have variety of different, different item and the thing about these one: they always like the time I'm recording this video the Halloween is coming up as well, so they always, let's say, you want to sell the Christmas items, you want to sell other kind of items which are seasonal kind of item as well. it's really really good way to work with go drop shipping as well. so this is again a good Drop Shipping supplier. so I'm gonna list one video right here which gonna tok about 10 UK Drop Shipping supplier. click here to know about 10 more UK drop shipping supplies right here, right here.

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How to Dropship on eBay as a Complete Beginner in 2022! (Complete Guide)

ebay drop shipping is an amazing opportunity if you're looking to start your first online business, because you're able to create a relatively passive form of income for pretty cheap. sadly, though, what most people are teaching about drop shipping just doesn't work anymore, so in this video, i'm going to show you what actually works in 2022 and how you can get started with just a laptop and an internet connection. [Music]. what's up? everyone paul here from dropshippingtitanscom, where i teach regular people just like you how to start your first successful drop shipping store. now, before we get into the strategies for 2022, we first have to cover what ebay drop shipping is to begin with. so if you're not familiar with ebay drop shipping, this is basically how it works. first, we have a customer who is shopping online here- she is right here, and she is buying an item on ebay. so she's going to pay, let's say, 100 to purchase an item from a seller on ebay, and that seller is you. now, the interesting thing here is that the item that you just sold, you don't even own that item. you've never even touched or handled that item. instead, as soon as that customer purchases the item from you, you then purchase the item from your supplier. so here's your supplier, and you are only going to spend a portion of that- let's say about 80 or 75- purchasing the item from your supplier, and at that point supplier will then ship the item directly to your customer. so this means, with this model, you never touch the inventory, you never handle the inventory, you don't have to buy the inventory up front or store the inventory. your supplier handles all of that. all you have to do is list the items up for sale on ebay as soon as it sells. you then get the supplier to fulfill the orders for you. so it's a relatively simple business model, and the really cool thing is that i believe that anyone can really make one sale using this model. and as soon as you make one sale, all you have to do is go round and round and round and round and round and continue to do it over and over and over again. now the first thing you're going to need- if it wasn't completely obvious- is an ebay account. so just come on over to ebaycom and click on the top left where it says register, and this is where you can sign up. now they give you the option for both a personal account or a business account, if you have that option available. i would go with a business account, but it really doesn't matter. you could sell under a personal account as well. so if you already have an ebay account that you're not using anymore, that's a personal account. you can go ahead and use that one for ebay drop shipping as well. so this might be a good time to tok about why we are selling on ebay to begin with. now i know a lot of people probably assume that ebay is dead with amazon taking over and shopify and etsy and all these other websites. are people still buying stuff on ebay? well, the truth is yes. there's still a lot of money being spent on ebay every single day, and what really stands out about ebay is a few things. first of all, selling on ebay is not like selling on shopify or your own website, because ebay is a marketplace, which means that it already has customers there purchasing items. instead of building your own website and trying to get traffic to visit that website and then trying to get that traffic to actually purchase from you, you can actually go where the customers already are. it is a lot, lot easier to get started on a marketplace than to build your own website. in addition to that you're going to spend a lot less money because you don't have to buy ads like you would if you're driving traffic to your own website. now, comparing ebay to other marketplaces, ebay is one of the simplest places to get started, one of the lowest barriers to entry, and they tend to be not as strict when it comes to other websites like amazoncom. amazon- if you mess up as a seller, you can really just get banned pretty quickly. you can get in trouble with amazon. ebay is a little bit more lenient and forgiving. i just find them to be a lot, lot more beginner friendly. so ebay is an excellent place to start drop shipping if you are a complete beginner looking to get started selling products online. now, during the registration process with ebay, they are going to ask for your bank account information. that is necessary so that they can pay you the money that you receive or that you get for all the sales that you're making. in the past, ebay used to work with paypal, so all the money would go flow through paypal. that's not the case anymore. you don't have to have a paypal account in order to sell on ebay. now everything is integrated in one and you will receive your payments directly through ebay, which is why they need your bank account information. before we actually find items to sell and list them for sale up on ebay, we first have to find a supplier that is actually going to sell those products and dropship them for us. now there are primarily two types of different suppliers. we have retail suppliers and we have wholesale suppliers. so you have to choose whether you're going to do retail drop shipping or wholesale drop shipping. now, retail drop shipping is when you buy the item directly from another retail store, such as amazoncom or walmartcom or homedepotcom, and have them ship the items to your customers. on the other hand, wholesale drop shipping is when you connect yourself up with a wholesale supplier who will then dropship the customers, the orders that you receive on ebay. now, with wholesale drop shipping, it is definitely a bit more difficult to get set up because you have to contact the suppliers, you have to ask them if you can work with them and they have to approve you. so in terms of setup, it's a lot easier to do retail drop shipping and it's harder to do wholesale drop shipping. in addition to that, we have a lot of software that we use to help us run our drop shipping businesses. now that software primarily only works with retail drop shipping, and this software is awesome because it really automates so much of the drop shipping business for us, which is why so many people that do retail drop shipping are able to scale it up so high because of the automation software. so retail drop shipping has the benefit of automation software. wholesale drop shipping has some software that works with it, but it doesn't really work that well, at least not as well as retail drop shipping, and it's a lot more money. so my opinion: there isn't great software for wholesale drop shipping. now. the third thing up here, though, is competition. so right now, you're looking at this and saying: retail looks pretty good, but here's where things start to kind of muddy the waters a little bit. the competition with wholesale drop shipping is really really low because it is harder to set up. most people aren't going to go through all the steps necessary in order to start doing wholesale drop shipping, and that lowers the competition if you are willing to take the action necessary to set up a wholesale drop shipping business. so in terms of competition, wholesale drop shipping definitely wins here. in addition to that, and really because of that, the margins with wholesale drop shipping are better as well when you are drop shipping from retail websites like amazoncom. i mean, think about this: amazon is getting those items from a wholesale distributor themselves, so they're taking the wholesale price and marking it up, and then you're going to take that price and mark it up even more in order to make a profit. but when you're buying it directly from a wholesale supplier, you're getting it at the wholesale price so you can sell it at a markup and still be at or below the amazon price and definitely below what other people are selling it for if they're doing retail drop shipping. so the margins for wholesale are much better than retail in general. of course, there's always exceptions to this. the last one i want to tok about is what is allowed now. selling on ebay th

How To Start Dropshipping On Ebay UK - Complete Beginners Guide

how's it going, guys, and welcome back to that make store now. in today's video, I'm going to show you how you can make money dropshipping with these apps- apps- how you can actually start making bands. this is going to be the step-by-step guide for complete beginners how you can start Drop Shipping on eBay, how you can do it safely and efficiently and make money. this isn't one of them. old school videos that used to say, like two or three years ago, where you go out and search for products that take forever to find and people are never going to click on them. you're never going to make any money because no one's actually looking for these products and there's too much competition, so your listings are just super low in the search, and this is a proven and tested method. here's some screenshots from a Discord that I'm in of people actually making crazy profits every day. I'll bash these up on screen now. now, when it comes to eBay Drop Shipping, I did this years ago and I used to go out and find products from everywhere, like Amazon and stuff like that. see how much so a selling thought on Amazon compared to how much I was selling for on eBay, and then I'd keep the profit in between as soon. so what Drop Shipping is in a nutshell? I've already got a video about this. I'll link that here, but the basic concepts of Drop Shipping are: eBay Drop Shipping is finding a product, preferably on Amazon. say, you've got certain products that sells for 10 pound on Amazon, put that on eBay. it sells for 20 pounds. what you want to do is you want to list that product on eBay for 20 pounds, with zero stok, zero inventory, without you putting any money up front. then what will happen is the customer will go on eBay, see your product, purchase it for 20 pounds, and then you'll go over to Amazon, fulfill that order, put in the customers details who's purchased it on eBay, you'll send it straight to them from Amazon and then, after the fees and everything, you'll probably end up with a little bit of profit, whether that be three, six, eight pound. and that is how simple the business model is- and it does work, because I've used it personally- right? so first things first, if you don't have an ebay account, you're going to want to go over to eBay and click register and sign up. what I would recommend, though, with using this and the Drop Shipping method is: eBay don't really like it if you're a new eBay seller and then you just go on and start adding loads and loads of products, probably flag your account. I would recommend, if you've got an aged eBay account that you've got feedback on, that you've used before. if not, you want to create a new eBay, simply go over to eBay, click register, create an account. make sure you do put your correct information in, because what's going to happen is eBay going to validate this and if you've been putting in good information or wrong information and you get banned off eBay. it is very hard, once you are banned from eBay, to create an eBay account. so make sure you put all the right and relevant information in there and I'd recommend getting some feedback first before you start. just saw ebayfinder account, so next You're Gonna Want products, so I'm not gonna tell you to go out and search Amazon and copy and paste a product for Amazon into eBay and see how much. no, none of that, because me personally as an entrepreneur, and I imagine most people who are working like a full-time job and are wanting to start side hustle- they won't have time to spend eight hours for one products that the find that sells twice a month. so that's for 16 pounds. it's not worth your time. so with this method, I've got a super call tool that I use and I've been using it for a bit now and it's called the latter. so if you go over to the ladder, the latter is an API software that helps you with eBay Drop Shipping. so it's super cheap to use and not only that, it's super helpful as well. it's got loads of information in there, loads of ways to pretty much almost automate your eBay Drop Shipping. if you click the link in my description and click on delete and sign up, if you you use code dmd50, you'll get 50 off your first month subscription. so if you choose the lowest subscription, which is 19.99 a month, you're gonna get that for a 10 or a month for your first month by using Code DMD 50. and it's super worth it for that price of like 10- 11 pound for your first month, The Profit you're going to be making on this eBay Drop Shipping. you've covered that by selling two products, simple as that. so simply go over to the letter, click register and then you want to fill in all your information. so go over, click register, input your name, email address, password. how did you hear about us all? I agree, not a robot- and then you're going to want to sign up. once you've signed up, you will choose how many listings you want. so I think the basic one is like 250 listings. that's what I'm on at the moment and it's like 19.99 a month. so that's 50 off. we could DMD 50.. with these 250 listings- these are already listings that have profiting, that are from Amazon, that you can sell on your eBay account and you can import them in bulk, rather than you go in and adding each listing in each photo, like the old school where simply go on, get your products, link your eBay account- important, simple as that. so if you start off with a basic amount of listings and then, once you start making money and making profit off this, you can bump it up and start going up to like 500 listings and so on and so forth. so once you're actually on the line- right. so it's a fresh account with 250 listings for the purpose of this video, to be able to show you what you can and don't. so you can get these things and they're called gold ear sins. so if you've got a product number, you can get gold asins. and gold acins are added manually by the lateral team of profitable, performing, well products for Drop Shipping on eBay from Amazon that are already doing well and they're like five, five pence per product or something like that, so you can purchase- I don't know, say you want to purchase 10, so I've got 250 of those. you'll get your products and they'll get sent from Amazon to your eBay store using this tool. if you click your inventory, go up to inventory and you can see I've got updated today as well, so it's consistently updated as well. it's not going to be old, random products. it's updated consistently with new products and new performing products and so on. so this is my 250 products. so you can see here we've got stuff like Karcher Primo flex hose and that is 16 pound to buy on Amazon and 21 on eBay. so it's only a small amount of profit there. but then you've got a video doorbell: 59.49 on Amazon and it's selling for 75.99 on eBay. it's as simple as that and these are all found for you. so if you're making three, four, five, so on three, four, five, six pound profit per item, it's all about volume. when it comes to drop shipping, it's all about having multiple products and loads of products that have a small profit margin. but because there's so many products and you're getting seen, so it's like, if you look at it in a sense of right, so there's only three pound profit per item. but if that's at 250 products that you've got imported and that's that each one of those sells once, about 750 pounds in profit, complete profit after the fees, after everything, it's a no-brainer and it's almost done for you in a sense. a lot of this method is automated through the lateral system. so you're going to want to go over and you're going to want to set your profit margin so into that. what you can do is, after you've got your products, if you go over to, you stop. if you go over to your name, you Store settings and you've got a profit markup so you can have any percentage of profit markup that you want here. so I'm gonna go with I want 20. so every product that's in there, I'm gonna bump that up to 20 percent and that's a 20 profit margin. you can have it higher, you can have it lower. it's whatever you feel comfortable or what you want to do, right? so we bumped up it. so 20 profit m.

How To Start DropShipping On Ebay In 2022 As A Complete Beginner!

what's going on. people, welcome back to the channel. in this video, i'm going to show you exactly how i've been drop shipping on ebay. i'm going to show you how to create the listings. i'm even going to show you the supplies that i've been using. so after you've watched this video, you'll be able to go away, implement everything i've shown you and start drop shipping on ebay for yourself. so let's get into it. i'm a hustler baby, so no messing around, i'm gonna jump straight into this. get on a computer and just go through the whole process with you so you can start doing this as soon as you watch this video. now, if you don't know what drop shipping is basically, it's where you advertise a product on ebay on your website or anywhere online and then, when that product sells, a supplier then sends a product to the customer. so you don't actually have to buy any stok or inventory. you just list the product online and then, when it sells, the wholesaler or the supplier will ship that product directly to the customer. now that's exactly what i've been doing on ebay. i've been using a reliable and a fairly cheap supplier in the uk to ship my items that i sell on ebay straight to the customer. so the profit margins aren't huge on these items. some items you only make 10 pound, 20 pound, 30 pound- it really does vary between different items- but you don't have to put any upfront cost into it. you don't have to buy any stok. you just sell the item and then order it with the supplier and it goes straight to the customer. so let's jump on the computer now. first things first. you need to get a shop subscription on ebay. now it does cost money- it is 25 pound a month- but you'll get capped fees in certain categories and reduce fees in certain categories. so i'm just on the ebay website now and here's a list of all the fees that you will be charged when you sell in that category. so for the product that i'm going to be showing you today, it's actually in the diy and tools category. that's basically what i've been selling the most of. i've just been selling power tools, drills, all different items in that category. so if we scroll down this list here, we will come to home furniture and diy. so here's a list of all the fees that you'll be charged. so if you're selling diy tools and workshop equipment, you'll be charged five percent of the final selling value. so if you sell it for 20 pound, you'll be charged five percent of that, and then it's also capped at 20 pound for shop subscribers. so if you sell a tool for, say, 400 pound, ebay is only gonna charge you 20 pounds. so that's why it's key to have a shop subscription, because if you didn't have a shop subscription, every item that you sold ebay will charge you 10 plus v80. so we've got the shop subscription. it's only 25 pound a month and you definitely need it for the sort of items that i've been drop shipping on ebay. so let's tok about the supplier that i've been using and that is cpc farnell. i'll leave the link for the website in the description and basically they sell a wide variety of products from tools, electrical stuff, cables, security cameras, televisions, all sorts of stuff. really, now, not everything is profitable enough for us to drop ship and you will have to go through the different products, compare prices on ebay. i was basically just doing power tools because i already have a little bit of knowledge about them, but it's very easy just to search through the products, check the selling price on ebay and then you can work out if it's worth drop shipping. i want to be earning a minimum of 10 pound per product. now that doesn't sound like a lot, but if you've got 20, 30, 40, 50 items, that will earn you a minimum of 10 pound per sale. you've only got to make 10 sales a month and you've already made 100 pound in profit. there is a lot of work to do sort of at the start of this, so you will have to go through the different items, get them listed on ebay. but once you've spent a good amount of time finding the profitable products and listing them on your ebay page, you don't really have to do much else. you just have to monitor the products are in stok, but we'll tok about that later on. so for this example, i'm just going to show you a tool that i have been selling on my ebay and that is an evolution chop saw. so we're on the home page of cpcs here. i'm just going to type it in evolution chopsaw and, as you can see now this is the product that i've been selling. this basically tells you the availability, how much it costs. so we can see here at the minute that they've got four in stok of this item and we can see that the price is 86 pound plus that. so the total cost is going to be 103 pounds and 91 pence. now they do free shipping for any orders over 20 pound. they use ups and if you order it early enough in the morning they generally dispatch the same day. which is why i really like this company, because on ebay you want to be offering fast shipping times and this company will get the item to the customer within two to three days. so once you've found the product, you want to either check how much it's selling for, whether there's any profit in it- just highlight this here, copy that, come over to ebay and then search the item in ebay. now there will be different variations so it can be a little bit difficult to work out if that item is profitable. but here we can see this exact same product. someone's got it listed here for 141 pounds. there's some pre-owned ones again 138, 139. so looking at this, we can see that they're selling for roughly 140 pound and we know the total cost to us is 103 pounds and 91 pence. so we've got about 40 pounds we can work with there. obviously you need to take into consideration the ebay fees, so ebay will charge us five percent of 103 pound, so just over a fiver to sell that item and i always promote every listing. so we are gonna lose some money there promoting it. but after all our fees and our promotion costs, we're probably looking at about 20 pound profit per unit. now that might not seem like a lot, but considering we don't have to buy this product up front, we're just going to list it on ebay and then order it with the supplier. if we make a sale, another thing to do is when you're looking at the product is also look at completed listings. so come down the left hand side of ebay here, select completed listings and then here we can see how frequently this item is selling. now we're not looking for there to be hundreds of sales a month for a specific item, because you know that item is going to be pretty saturated so it will be hard to make sales. but anywhere from sort of 2, 3, 4, 10, 15 sales a month is what we're looking for. as we can see, in this month there's been two sales already and we're about halfway through may. so that's looking at about four, maybe five sales a month. so if we can get one or two of them sales each month, that's 20- 40 pound profit and you don't really have to do anything. you just list it on ebay. when you get the sale, fulfill it with a supplier and that's just with that one product. so this is just an example that i'm showing you. there's thousands of products on cpcs, so you need to just go through them, find different profitable ones, get them listed on ebay and obviously the more you list, the more chances of making sales you're going to get. at the start of the year is when i started doing this and i wanted to have on average about 100 listings running at any one time. so i just blasted from, got 100 listings on and then you will start notiking, as the weeks and months progress, that maybe 10, 20 items are selling. so you can start taking the less active ones down. keep checking cpc's website, uploading new products as they come in, and it really is fairly easy, once you've got all the listings up, to make a couple of hundred quid, if not more, each and every month. now i haven't added any new products since i started this in january. i just put the hundred on and then i've taken a few down that have gone out of stok, but i haven't really paid it any attention and i still get consistent.