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dropshipping electric scooter

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

High Ticket Drop Shipping UK - Lesson 1 - Electric Bike, Electric Scooter - Can you Dropship this?

welcome to another video. please like, subscribe, follow us as we take you on a journey for a free drop shipping course. and we took down our last video, which was showing you how to find a product, because we had some complaints from certain dropshipping websites that we we showed their website. therefore, we decided to make a new video and in the new video we're actually going to make multiple videos and and really focus down on different niches. so the first one we're going to start with electric bikes and electric scooters, um, and as we make each video, we'll show you a lot more content. so, although they complain about is showing their websites, if anything is made as acts to rethink, um, the videos that we make, and i think is better and it's going to be better for everyone to have more content and more ideas. so thank you for the suggestions to remove it and and also, it shows that you know we're getting out there at such a quick pace. so, um, i hope you enjoyed this video and i will go through and give you some ideas. i'll then have a list of websites that potentially tok about here, link below, and if you want to go and look at those websites for more information, then you can click on the links in the description. so, first of all, we are searching here electric bikes and we're using- we're using google shopping and then google shopping. this is where most drop drop shipping products are going to be advertised. you can advertise on facebook and tiktok, instagram, and we're going to cover that within the course, but the vast majority start off on google shopping and a lot of them stay in google shopping and they don't go further than that. so let's start with electric bikes as a niche, which is a great niche to get into: environment. it's great for the environment. it's an upcoming product. one of the things that we we didn't show in the last video, which we can show you is if we look on google trends- um [Music]- and then here we can search in terms of electric bites to see as a product, what's it like, and you'll see over the last 12 months how the trend dips, and that would be expected because it's going to be. you know it will be partly seasonal and, as i see, a kind of seasonal product. but, as you'll see here, if we look at the last five years, it really spiked up in 2020- right about me time- and then decline and it came back up and it has declined quite a bit since then, but you would antikipate that this will come back up, you know, towards the spring summer, as more people look at electric bikes also. we're also going to look at um- scooters as well as electric bikes- and again, if you look at the trend for scooters, very similar spec right up came back up- highest up just now. but again, if you look um around about january, february time last year, also that step a little bit further this year, but again you would expect that um to come back up as well. so if you wanted to get into building a website just now in preparation for, you know, spring summer time, it's a, it's a great um, it's a great niche to really look at, to be honest. so, first of all, we're searching electric bike and just to give you you know where to use this. you see here within google, less brands- i'm just highlighting that just now- and there's various different brands there, different types of bags and. but then also, when you scroll down to here, it gives you a list of lots of people's websites so you can go and check those websites and eventually i wouldn't look at place to argos or ebay and but probably some of the names that you don't recognize you know and have a look on their website, see what products they are and then have a look to see what brands the listing and get some ideas and where to target um from. here as well, you can also go by a specific value. so if you want to go back in a higher level, let's say 1200, apply that then we're only going to see electric bikes in a higher price range. and again, here you've got a list of websites, um, so rebel cycles, riding glide cycles, uk half words. you know you can go through um and look at the various different websites to see what they have. on the websites that we looked at, as i gave an example, someone will put the links below- and there's a website, pure electric, and on pure electric they have a lot of good information about scooters and electric bikes, electric scooters and electric cargo bikes, and i would be on a website that we would recommend to to look at. um. others we looked at, which was going to put links on in the description below, is generation electric. rebel valley. uh is also another really good one. there's some lower quality um websites out there and one of the biggest things that when the people were complaining about our last video, they're complaining about competition. but with e-commerce, you're going to have a lot of competition, you know, and competition's just going to keep growing and growing and growing because more and more people want to end e-commerce. and if you can't, you know, take the competition, then it's really not an industry for you to be in. you know. you have to accept that it's going to be a competitive industry. what you really want to do is differentiate yourself. you know, make a, a better website and build a better brand. you know, build something that people really really like, and that's how you're going to get more customers and more repeat business and, and you know, stand out from the competition. there's other things that you can do as well, which- and we will cover later, later points in the course- and another thing and we can offer is, like a, our website development. so if you're not good at graphic design, you're not good at, you know, building brands or web development, then we have that as a service which we're going to be going to be offering and which you can get us to do that for you. have a website creative for you and, around the niche that you're partikularly looking for work with you on building a brand, a color scheme, and give you as much input from you as possible. but build something that's suitable for yourself, and then we'll show you how to manage and maintain that once you're all set up. and so again going back to um, the google shopping. when you go into some of these websites, you know, as you look into them, quite a lot of them will list their brands. so, which is a thank you, because it it means that if you want to go and find, you know those suppliers, their brands are listed on their website, or the products may even have the brands. yeah, so one brand here and which i'm just going to search for, and this will give you different um, you know websites and products, so when we search this here and here, you'll see advertisers. again, there's some different website: pedal bags, ride led, axon rides, go cycle. so, again, just look for all these different websites, listing down here as well. you've got a let. you've got websites: electric rider, e-bikes, direct, you know, and pure electric. so again, go through these treads, bikes, trays, locate the bike, electric bike shop. a suggestion: would you absorb as much information if this was the niche that you wanted to get involved into is go and look at all these competitors, look at all their brands, look at their information pages and take as much as possible and then think: you know how could you make that better? and we're going to go through this for every single niche, you know, and make a video for every single niche that someone wants to get involved in, um. so let's go for another, another brand and, as i'm just taking from another website, and again like i mentioned this, these websites will be listed in the description below so you can go and have a alert yourself. and so here's another one. we say: type in cube electric bike, and again it gives you different companies, different names, um, and our one-to-one mentoring. you know, if you want to take the one-to-one mention package, which um? we're going to have a discount for the first couple of months and we're going to extend it from 12 months to 18 months. then we'll go into this in a lot more depth and we'll even show you h.

The electric scooter law LOOPHOLE you need to know

electric scooters. in as little as a year, we've witnessed them go from being a novel tik bros toy to being realized as the new mode of independent, emission-free travel and, as we discovered in our last video, more and more people were voting with their feet. i think micro mobility in terms of transport is taking over. at the peak of the pandemic, e-scooter's sales exploded and in a bid to understand them, the government fast-tracked legislation- or at least their version of fast-tracking- and launched nationwide rental trials. privately owned e-scooters, however, still remain illegal to ride on public roads. imagine only being allowed to drive a car if you were renting it and not being allowed to own one. as the months roll on and the heated debates in the comment section continues, it seems we're still clueless to where this is all really headed. what's the deal with rental trials? are the government suppressing private ownership because they're scared they can't make money from it? will privately owned e-scooters ever be legalized and if they are, how should they be regulated? it's time to dig a little deeper. i check out a couple of rental schemes, including a clever long-term hire that gives you the experience of private ownership, and speak to some of the key players in rental and retail to set the record straight, alex, thank you so much for toking with me today. thank you so much for having me. it's a privilege. this is alex klimt. he's the uk expansion manager for swedish micro mobility powerhouse. foy, the uk's biggest rental operator, the, the honor to to travel to the uk, the big island, and introduced the microability e-scooter scheme in the country of england. and, uh yeah, so far, so good. we call it the boy knighted kingdom now amazing. and and how did that all go? the first launch? it was exciting. it was. it was different, i would say, because i've been in launching cities all around germany, all around europe, where where really the legislations are different from from what it is in the uk and we really had to adapt to, to the local standard and had to really listen, hand in hand, to what the city has in mind, and this was really really new to us. the northeast piloted the uk's first rental trial in july of 2020. initially, there was positive press which quickly turned sour. artikles detailing reckless e-scooter usage on dual carriageways used, careering through shopping centers, involving near misses with the elderly and scooters left cluttering pavements, causing huge concern not only for the local authorities and rental companies, but also for those in the private sector like ride, lev and halfords. you know they do. they do get bad press, but i think it's all for the wrong reasons. you know it's for misuse. on a pavement, pedestrians walk really slowly right, so you don't want to see any scooter tearing down the pavement in germany. obviously that their crackdown was for east scooters was to no riding on pavements, which is completely the right thing to do. you know, no riding on pavements, on roads, in cycle lanes for the pavement. we are working with a company called luna where we have integration on our e-scooter that actually can can can measure and can actually recognize bad behavior. for instance, the lunar. there's a camera in build that can see that you're riding on an e-scooter. we reward good behavior. we will also punish the people with bad behavior. luna is a seriously impressive piece of ai that enables its vehicles to detect pedestrians and pavements. the scooters can essentially see what's around them. voy have also introduced ambassadors across the city to help educate riders on proper usage, implemented slow zones around heavily pedestrianized areas like parks, use license plates to identify riders and, crucially, have parking zones to cut down on the clutter. overall, voice measures have been well received by the bristol police singing nothing but praises. the local trials were described as a policing non-event, leaving them massively reassured. so well, in fact. in february of 2021, a long-term tender was introduced that allowed west of england residents to lease a voice scooter for 35 pounds a month, have it delivered to their door and use it as if it's their own weka, the west england combined authorities. they also introduced the e-scooter tender not only for short-term rental but also for long-term rent, to give the people the feeling of owning a vehicle- an e-scooter- but still be legal right. in the short-term rental for bristol and bath, you have mandatory parking where you need to bring the scooter back to a certain mandatory parking spot just to avoid clutter. but if you're in the long-term rental scheme, you don't need to buy the way to those mandatory parking zones. but we do encourage everybody. please, please, please, please, please, do not be reckless when parking the e-scooter west of england combined authority in bus tiket cost roughly 88 pounds. so you can get the e-scooter voyager 3x, which has a range of, on the full charge, 6-100 miles, depending on ups and downs, for 35 pounds a month. long-term lease offers advantages over short-term lease because it's there at your doorstep ready to go, but actually the cost to do that over the medium term is just, it's much more expensive than buying a privately owned e-scooter. so, um- and i'm quoting maybe some numbers, but i think it's about 30 pound a month. once you factor that in, you'll have bought your own excuse, while within a year i think it's about 35 pounds a week. you pay now a month exactly. so you're gonna- you're gonna write it for six months and then you're gonna want your own one. we've seen some more interest from other councils about it. now, especially that we have started, we hope that there will be legislation and regulation coming- uh, coming from going forward, and that we don't necessarily have to focus on this to give the people a private ownership feeling, and we hope that the government will introduce it to their people themselves. long-term leasing is essentially a clever loophole around the current legislation. basically, they're a good transitory stand-in for what we're all working towards: private ownership. i think it's about time we check it out for ourselves. i'm here in bath today, which is my hometown, born and bred, because i want to try the electric rental scooters from voy. now, obviously i can't try the long-term scooters because i do have to be living here, but i'm going to give the short term a go and see how they fare and try to tok some people in the community to see what they really think about them. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music] here. [Applause]. [Music]. what do you think of the rental scooters here? i think they're quite cool, but i've seen people riding them in all sorts of places they probably shouldn't- shouldn't to jab. it's like an activity especially during lockdown, like it's a fun little day out, i guess. i i looked at the price. they're quite expensive and i think a lot of people are probably going to be feeling a little bit limited because you can only rent them. you can't own them. i think they're quite cool actually. um, they've got their plates on them, you can legally ride them and they're just easy to get about on, especially at rush hour traffic. you can weave in and out of traffic and they're quite easy to use. i'd love to try one. i must admit i'm not. i'm not against them, but they need careful control. what is the end goal for these trials? the government needs to get on board rather than against us. they're not, they're not. they're not hindering, but they're not helping. they just need to be a bit more proactive. the rest of europe's managed it. our preference and what we've asked for as part of these consultations is for them to be likened to e-bikes, and i think that's a reasonable assumption that that will happen, rather than the government adopting the german standard, which in some ways, is just more specific than what's already been put in place in the uk. in germany- really smart- they introduced a new vehicle class which is called the klein electro craft fatsoik.

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I Tried the Scooter Charging Side Hustle for a Day

in this video we're gonna be making some money off these rideshare electric scooters. now, if you're not sure what these are, there's basically these apps you can download on your phone, which allow you to rent electric scooters that have been dispersed on the sidewalk of a lot of major cities. you run up to a scooters scanner with an app. it charges you a dollar and then it's around ten to fifteen cents per mile after that. now, being that these things are electric and don't have solar panels on the back of them, somebody's gonna charge them, and this opens up a window of opportunity for individuals looking for a side hustle to step in and secure a quick bag. now, whether it occurs as to exactly how much these guys charging scooters make- which is a number I was definitely shocked by it- or maybe actually want to know how you can start doing this for yourself. in this video, we're gonna go through the whole process and live a day in the life of an electric scooter charger hustler. yo, what's good, guys, it's your boy via heads-up. back with yet another video and honestly, I'm glad you hear, because in this video we got another installment of the whole site hustle series that I have going on here on this YouTube channel. in previous episodes we went over working on fiber, flippin Instagram pages, print-on-demand flipping stuff on Craigslist, but in this episode we got a very special installment, which is why I'm here, posted up in a downtown Los Angeles studio apartment rather than my regular stoom. and the whole reason I'm here is that a couple weeks ago, I saw Ray's the entrepreneur, upload a video where he was toking about making money by charging electric scooters. I thought it was great. I wanted to try it out, so I came here down to the city and that's what we're gonna do in this video. now it's currently 3:05 pm. however, charging scooters is a hustle that takes place strictly during the night. I didn't think about it, but it makes a lot of sense, given that people actually have to ride these scooters during the day. so in about six hours, once it gets dark, I'm gonna meet up with a guy named Edgar who charges these scooters. that's his whole side hustle, and he agreed to take, mount a ride-along and explain to all of us how this whole business works, and hopefully he's gonna be comfortable enough to share how much he actually makes with this whole business. that way I can use that number as clickbait for this video. I mean, come on, what'd you expect? it's LA. that's true, this video, but for real, though, I got like six hours to kill, so I'm probably gonna go ahead and crack open the balcony here now I can get some of this Los Angeles cloud infused air in while I take a nap and stuff for the night. I just gained like 50 subscribers right there, because I feel like it's gonna be a long night. we're gonna be up the whole time lugging these scooters around. this is a really high effort video, so make sure you guys please smash those like and subscribe buttons. I mean, come on, did you see the force tear? I hit on one of those scooters? there was a road right after the stair set that I rode into. I mean, I almost got hit by car. I'm out here risking my life for this video. the least you could do is go ahead and smash those like and subscribe buttons. also, peep the vlog camera set up over here. I mean, come on now. Casey Neistat, who thrilled. oh, I gotta take this snap. I'll see you guys after. after the nap, I took advantage of the coffee maker in this overpriced Airbnb and headed out to meet up with Edgar at about 8:30 pm. alright. so I'm here with a man, the myth, the legend, Edgar. now, before I get into the strangers van I'm we're gonna have to ask him some questions about. you know, the whole business is one odd. so I want to start off by asking, like, how does somebody start? how did you start with a simple thing? so you download the app on your phone and then it gets an option there it says: do you want to become a charger or charge for something like that? you tap it and there you have your name and what else. you put your address, your social and that's about it. and, by the way, guys, I'm awkwardly holding my phone and like all of these shots because I was actually using it as a backup microphone in case my main one didn't work. but at this point of the interview, I think asked that gird something about if there's any competition or something like that. so there's kind of like some kind of respect to the boundaries. I still pick somewhere so it works out for me. but yeah, there's, there's a lot. oh, really. so you got like your zone, whoa, something like that. not in that sense, but in the sense that, like, so you already know which area you kind of work. so it makes no sense for you to go into another area that you don't really know, because then chances are you're not gonna make all right. and so now I wanna- I feel like that people want to know, we all want to know- like, how long have you been doing it and how much money were you able to make as a total gross revenue, not profit, Jesus. all right. so in total, doing both lamb and birds, I've done it and we'll save it up for a while, about almost five months. my last numbers that I checked up until two days ago was probably about $20,000. so, hey, it's not bad. and here's- here's the kicker in my case. I have a jobless in the startup company and I make a lot more here than I do my job and that's how I do it for a lot less time. but the thing is you have to see it as a business. if you don't have that business mentality, you can't see that far along. but yeah, you can definitely make wool over 100 feet during this. that's crazy. I might use that, it's definitely true. yet so that's kind of like the grocery boat. what about, like the electricity costs and the gas and whatnot? oh yeah, you get those questions all the time. that's what everyone's. so I'll tell you this: a scooter- it had certain percent battery, which never happens, but from zero to 100, which takes about 4 to 5 hours, which cost me about 6 cents, and that will charge it, recharge it, sake, and there's six cents, Wow, for one scooter. they'll pay me about, let's say, an average of five dollars. so I mean, that's a minute. now the next thing they're gonna say is: well, what about the gas? but I spend about $100 a week and gas and on the week I will make about, let's say, $2,000, 1,500 bucks. and then the next big thing: you know they can't, if they can't get you with that W, what about your taxes? well, the thing is, if you were, if you're willing to run it as a business and you get a tax accountant, that's worth it. and I mean that extra prayer and then a cannon, that's worth it. at the end, at the end of the year, you don't really pay much in taxes. I mean, I was toking to my, to my people, and probably I'm gonna pay 5%, and there's you can. you can take out a lot of expenses, even though, sure, you know, I get really big margins. yeah, but I had to find my Charger's. I also have to buy food, I have to buy gas, my time phone bill, everything. you can add it because it's a business and most people don't know that. most people think: well, you know, that's what you make. you pay 30 percent sex for you, okay. so after this little interview, we headed out to the city to pick up some scooters. at this point the inner vlogger and me started coming out- and I try to getting some sick transition shots along the way, which unfortunately caused my mic to fly over the camera. but the show had to go on and we eventually made it downtown. it was now around 10:00 pm, which is one of the line. brand scooters started popping up on the map and were then available for pickup. the whole process for picking them up is actually super simple. I watched Edgar dude a couple times and ended up just absolutely flawlessly executing the pickup on my first two tries. oh, you're broken. that's like I don't my dude, my father, but it's. it's really a lot easier than I make it look. you basically just choose which of the scooters you want to pick up on the map. once you roll up to it, you hit a little bell icon on the map. the SCOOTER makes a little noise. you scan it with app.

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My Crazy Dropshipping / Ecommerce Shortcut - $26,000 In 30 Days?

hello and welcome. today we are going to tok about a very simple Drop Shipping secret strategy that is going to jump start your Drop Shipping. now I know a lot of people are toking about different ways to do Drop Shipping and make money with Drop Shipping and tik tok and paid ads and Shopify and all this stuff. that is really, really confusing, especially when we have ourself toking in the background, right. but what we're going to do is we're going to tok about how this works. we're going to make it very easy and I'm going to show you an insane shortcut. and I gotta tell you guys, I'm out there. I watch the same stuff you guys watch. I learn the same stuff you guys watch. I went out there and I paid to have a bunch of videos transcribed, some of them I tried to read and then I had to go watch to make sure that I wasn't going insane, because the advice was crazy. right, here's one here: fastest way to start a Drop Shipping business is basically like: find a name, get some graphics and you know, uh, get a background remover, and that was pretty much it, which tells us nothing about Drop Shipping. here's another one that got tons and tons of views about: uh, the millionaire shortcut to drop shipping, and it was basically saying absolutely nothing. it said to go read Robert cialdini's book, which is a good book, but how is that going to help me with Drop Shipping? how is this going to work? here's another one I watched and this was literally crazy. and don't worry if you're just tuning in here we are going to show you a simple shortcut to drop shipping that you're not even going to believe. this is going to be something that is so simple. it's so diabolical. you just literally go do it and you get results, and it has built-in results. we're going to show you live examples. we're going to show you how this works in a real world way. now, this video was called the hidden secret- it to drop shipping- and this guy was toking about how, like, Auto Trader was a Drop Shipping site and I'm like, uh, no, last I checked they were like a classified ad site for uh, cars, uh, so you know, I don't know about that one. there's another one I watched that had some good stuff. there was a couple that had good stuff. we're going to go over those as well, but I really want to tok to you about how this Drop Shipping shortcut works. okay, it's very, very important because this is the ultimate Drop Shipping, e-commerce shortcut. whether you want to sell stuff through Drop Shipping or Ecom or whatever it is, this is going to show you the real deal, okay, so, if you're ready to learn the real deal, if you've gone through the videos, like I did, and you're like Marcus, what are these people toking about? like I watched a guy and he was toking about how to sell some certain lighter on tiktok and I'm like, okay, well, you know, I did the math. there was one here. let me see if I have the math here for you guys. um, the math was insane. I was like, okay, dude, you literally got 4.6 million visitors. 4.6 million people watched your video of a specific thing that you were selling. like it wasn't like: hey, here's a video of me skateboarding, go buy fruit loops. no, it was like: hey, here's me skateboarding. you want the skateboarding that I used in the in the video? here you go. so this guy got 4.6 million views, um, and he only sold like 390 products, which I was like: okay, that's, there's a problem here and I think that's the deal right. I've been doing this business for 23 years now and I've seen a lot of stuff come and go. I've seen a lot of people tok about the latest, greatest whiz-bang shortcut to making this business work, and a lot of things just leave you more confused than when you've started and I was like, wait a minute. you know, I think we need to get to the nitty-gritty and tok about something that you can do that makes sense, something easy that's going to shortcut you to success, something that's going to shortcut you and answer all the questions, because a lot of people watching this you might not even know what you want to drop ship. or worse, you might think you know what you want to drop ship, but the numbers say a different story. so today we are going to answer those questions. we're going to pull back the curtain. we're going to show you exactly how this stuff works. whether you're doing Ecom, Drop Shipping, whatever, it is now very important. there's some some uh cute pictures in this video. right here we go, so it might have a little bit of Cute Overload here. I had a little bit of fun and these will make sense. towards the end you might be like Marcus, what's with the? with the rabbit I? I don't know, he's cool, but what? what's he gonna do here? well, pay close attention, because this is all going to come full circle if you smash a like button and stay till the end. as always, there's going to be a lot of stuff that you're going to want to pay attention to here. so, number one: we're gonna go through the outline. okay, now I gotta tell you very, very important: the outline is not the shortcut. okay, you need to know the outline for the shortcut to make sense. all right, A lot of people are like: just give me the shortcut. what? what buttons do I push on my keyboard to make lots of money? well, you know there are buttons, but you have to have, like a website to be able to do it right, you have to be able to do stuff there. so we need to understand exactly how this works, and this outline is going to show you the secret to making it work. okay, because a lot of people out there- you know they go out there and they don't understand how everything Stacks up, and if you're not stacking everything up in the right way, you're not going to get results, which a lot of you guys are like: oh hey, I put a Shopify store up, like Guru number five told me to do and I didn't get results. and the reason is because you didn't follow the outline and you didn't look at the shortcut. and the shortcut that you are going to learn on this training is going to be mind-boggling because what it's going to do is answer all the questions you have. you have questions about making money in this business. they're going to answer themselves very important. now what we need to do is we need to look at this in a real world way, okay. so, first and foremost, what we're going to do is something completely different than what other people do. okay, what we're going to do is we are going to find our Market first. okay, we're going to find our Market first and we're going to say, okay, who are we going to Market to? okay, who are we going to Market to? that is the first question. okay, you got the people out there that are like: oh, hey, go sell a lighter, go do this, go sell a baseball bat, whatever, it is okay. what we're gonna do is we are first going to Define who we are going to Market to. okay, this is It's marketing 101.. for some reason- I don't know why- marketing 101 goes out the door with all this new stuff. it's like: oh, you don't understand, Marcus, tiktok- and I'm like I do understand tiktok- is a traffic source right there. that's it, that's all. tik tok is okay, very important. so we need to understand this and we need to see exactly what's going on CE. we find what our Market is, who we're going to advertise to, who we're going to tok to, okay, and when I say advertise, this could be paid advertising, this could be free advertising. it just depends on what we're doing and where the market's at. so, number one, we have to ask ourselves: does the volume support the revenue that I want? okay? so some of you guys out here and type it in the Box, put it in the comments, smash a like button, let me know. some of you guys out here might be like: well, Marcus, you know what. I want to make a thousand dollars a month, okay, great. or I want to make ten thousand a month, or whatever. it is okay. if you want to make this amount of money, you need to understand if the market is going to bear that right. if I'm selling a product that's five dollars and I get three bucks every time I sell it, well, you know, in order to get ten thousand dollars a month. I need to sell a lot of those, so we need to see if the volume is going to su.

I Found the Weirdest Yet Great eBike on Alibaba

all right, guys, what's going on? welcome back to the channel. that was a nice color. hope life is treating you well. i recently conducted a poll on this channel, which is something i want to do on a regular basis, so it's another perk of subscribing to the channel. but the question i posed was along the lines of: do you guys currently own an e-bike or are you still procrastinating? and the surprisingly large number of you guys are still procrastinating on the purchase and using channels, like me, to have the experience without actually owning the bike yet. and if you're in this situation, uh guys, go ahead and buy one. i would say, start with something cheap, which might be the best choice for you. of course, you're all in different situations, although from my experience, you tend to quickly get used to the bike that you buy and you tend to become hungry for more. so, right off the bat, you might want to get something a little bit more beefy, just to save you money down the line, potentially depending on who you are as an individual. but speaking of bikes, in my last video- oh, come on, what is this? i posed a question to you guys asking what's the best e-bike that you can buy in the market that has the greatest potential for modifying and upgrading it into the future. my opinion at the time was the super 73r series, because i think that frame just has so much potential and you guys kind of agreed with me, although you pointed out that this bike is extremely expensive. it's like over 3000 bucks and that is a huge drawback of that bike if you want to buy it with the intention of upgrading it, so adding a mid-drive motor, putting a direct drive motor on it, stuff like that. i saw a comment that said the saron is the best bike for upgrading and i understand where you're coming from. i'm a big fan of the saron bike to start with. but in terms of uh, upgrade potential, i know that you can put on the bac like 4000 controller, a 72 volt battery, but that's kind of it. so yeah, it is upgradable but it's not super customizable, i would say. but of course you can fight me in the comments down below now. albeit, the most common route people take when it comes to upgrading and just building your own e-bike is to go on alibaba type in e-bike frame and see what you can find, and i spend way more time doing this than i'm willing to admit, but i just came across a very weird yet fascinating e-bike. this isn't a frame, it's actually a complete e-bike and it's only like 600 bucks on alibaba. and you're looking at the bike right now and i challenge you to look at this bike through the lens of modification and its future potential. so you're going to notike right off the bat that the bike frame is small, which is something i like- you don't want to have a ginormous bike. and in that same vein, the wheels are 20 inches in diameter and four inches wide, which is pretty par for the course. the aerial rider x-class, for example, has the same exact wheels. you're also going to notike that this is a full suspension bike. now, the suspension is wonky looking, but i watched a few videos of this bike and i really paid attention to the suspension and how it acted, and it seems like there's a ton of travel on both the front and rear suspension on this bike. so, considering the fat tires and the full suspension, this should be a very comfortable ride. and perhaps most importantly, look at that beautiful space right in the middle of the frame to put a different battery, a controller, and really make the bike come to life. so if you will imagine buying this bike off alibaba for like 700 bucks, putting a 3 000 watt direct drive hub motor in the rear wheel and then also putting a mid-drive on it. you can't tell me that that won't make this bike super epic. i understand that it looks weird and funky, but that often makes for the best e-bikes. so i'm sure you guys will leave a comment below letting us know your opinion on this, because the diy e-bike community is very active. that's one thing i notiked from having this channel and i actually want to try and use my privileged position here to expand upon this ebike community that we're building. so this is just a concept right now, but i'm thinking about starting a patreon for this channel and the major perk of it is going to be access to a dedicated either discord or telegram group chat all about e-bikes. this would be a great destination you guys can go to to ask questions as well as just post your build, share with other people and get different insights. in fact, a couple months back on this channel, i made one episode of user submitted custom ebikes and the video did pretty good. the only issue is i never got any more submissions to continue the series, but if we do successfully make this community all about custom bikes. you know what i'm gonna go here- the back way. but with this community, one of the channels we can make is a place for you guys to post your custom builds and then i can pull from there and potentially highlight it on the channel. so i think that'll be a pretty fun thing as well as just making a great community that you guys can go on ask different questions, potentially organize group rides, all that kind of stuff, and, of course, by pairing it with the patreon, you guys will be directly supporting the channel and helping me to continue to create more content. so that's all the updates for today. hope you guys enjoyed- if you did, as always i appreciate- like on the video subscribing. oh, and also, the splitter cable for my battery is finally coming today. so my next video on this channel is probably going to be about using my mid-drive and my hub motor in tandem together. so that should be pretty exciting. stay tuned for that and i'll see you guys in the next one.

What No One Tells You About Dropshipping.

so this is what no one's telling you about the Drop Shipping business model and the long-term flaws that come with this business. naturally, now I'm going to be completely honest with you guys and tell you that the Drop Shipping business model isn't perfect, and there's three things that happen with most beginners that stop them from seeing long-term success and being able to go full time with this business model. now I do want to say that I absolutely love the Drop Shipping business model and I do believe it is the best business model and it has changed my life. personally, I've experienced the three main flaws from stopping beginners like you from seeing Mass success. so for the last two years, when I start brand new Shopify drop shipping stores, I add these three simple steps before I launch them to make sure that I don't get into any of these long-term issues, and by doing that, I've been able to generate multiple seven figures, and this year I've done over three million dollars with my Drop Shipping and e-commerce stores. so I'm going to be completely honest with you guys. most people are approaching the Drop Shipping business model the completely wrong way and they're using an outdated strategy that just doesn't work anymore. and if you- you guys- use this brand new strategy, then you're going to be ahead of most people that are doing Drop Shipping. so, before we get into the video, let me just tell you what you can expect to learn from this video. so I'm going to be showing you the three main problems of Drop Shipping right now and I'm going to be giving you examples for each one of those main problems, and then I'm going to be toking about how you can solve these problems in your own Drop Shipping Store. and before I even do any of that, I'm actually going to be showing you the proof of my drop shipping stores and my e-commerce Brands, so you know that you're learning from somebody that actually knows what they're doing. now, if you guys appreciate this transparent content, then make sure you smash that like button, because that just lets me know that you appreciate the content that I make and all the time and effort that I put into these videos. so, as mentioned in the intro, let me show you guys some proof that these strategies and these ways of approaching Drop Shipping actually work for the long term. so, as you guys can see on my computer screen, this is a brand new store that we started literally last year, and you can see that we've achieved 651 000 with this store and if we refresh the screen, you can see that the numbers are going to stay the exact same. and, as you guys can see on the screen, it's currently refreshing and the numbers have stayed all the same. now what I'm going to show you is another Shopify store analytiks, but this is to show you that this helps work in the long term and you're going to be able to consistently make money over the long term and not just in the short term. so, as you guys can see on the screen, we've done over 1.4 million dollars and if I refresh the screen, you're going to see the numbers are going to stay the exact same again. so, as you guys can see on the screen, we've refreshed and the numbers have stayed the same, and the reason why I wanted to show you that one in partikular is to show you that this store has been running for years and the numbers still keep growing. now, something that I want you guys to take into consideration and is extremely important is that this store has been running since 2018 and if I show you last month's Revenue, which is the first to the 31st of October, you're going to see we're still doing really good numbers. you can see 58 000 we did last month. so this shows you that this method actually works for the long term and not just the short term. now, with all of the proof out of the way, let's go over the three main fundamental flaws with the traditional way of doing the Drop Shipping business model that are stopping you guys from watching this, from seeing long-term success. now, the first fundamental flaw with the Drop Shipping business model is the customer's Journey, meaning when they go to your website, when they place an order, what happens after they place an order. so the first issue is these major long shipping times. the second issue is customer support- as a drop shipper, customer support has never been the best thing- and the third issue is the quality of the product and the actual quality checks of the product. now, I'm fully aware that a lot of you guys are watching this, might not truly understand the damages of the customer Journey with the traditional way of doing a drop shipping business model, and that's why I'm going to be showing you two real examples of how this can kill your Drop Shipping Store when you start to see real success and it stops you from making Mass money. the first example, as you guys can see on the screen, is I'm on trustpilot right now and this trust pilot is for a drop shipping store called Urban shoes and you can see, based on 25 reviews, it's got a two star rating, which is really poor, as it shows here. now, for those that don't understand what trustpilot is, trustpilot is a very wild, credible known place that people leave reviews based on where they go to buy things, and you guys can see here, if we look at the reviews you can see here it says one of the worst shoes I've ever bought and the guy goes over the quality being terrible. this one goes. if I could give no stars, I would. they go over how the actual store was terrible. the address was missed. they go over how the company owes them 100 euros because of the postage that they paid. so they go over the three big flaws that I just went over with you guys: number one, the quality being terrible. number two, the shipping being out of your control and being related mode on a Drop Shipping supplier, which can cause issues, and then the really expensive postage fees that can come into place. now, if we take a look at the next review under that, it says extremely unsatisfied, and they go over how they barely had any responses. they waited eight weeks for the shoes to come and they never did. and if we keep going down, we keep going down. it's the same issues with all of these reviews. now, just to give you guys more context on this Drop Shipping Store, you can see I'm on a website called flippercom and flippercom is where you come to sell your store and you can see here it's the same store, Urban shoes. if we go to the website it takes me to the same website and you can see here it says 750 000 in sales with a Shopify Drop Shipping shoe brand, e-commerce specific Niche, and they go over how much money they made. so you can see here their revenue for the past 12 months and you can see that they've made lots of money. this is a multiple six figure Drop Shipping Store and the reason why I'm showing you this is so you guys understand that this is a money making Drop Shipping Store. you can see the profit right there. they're making profit right now. bought. their customer service is terrible and it's stopping them from launching a long-term brand because of all of these negative reviews. this is stopping them from seeing long-term success, and I want to make this very clear. I am just showing you data that anyone can find publicly online just to show you that these fundamental Drop Shipping flaws are real and most people are still suffering from them because they are not moving to the new way of doing this business model. now I want to quickly show you their website as well, to show the products that they're selling, and you can see here this is the top streetwear brand for 2021. it's a sneaker brand. it's called Urban shoes and you can see here they're selling these AliExpress, Yeezy look-alike Alternatives and everyone knows these shoes that have been in Drop Shipping for a while and the website looks pretty good. to be fair to you and to show you how bad this really is, I've gone to their Facebook page and you can see that they've turned their reviews or their testimonials off, because normally it wo.