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dropshipping europe warehouse

Published on: February 1 2023 by pipiads

8 European Dropship Suppliers with WINNING PRODUCTS (Germany, Spain, France, Italy, & More)

hey guys, sean here from cell, who today i'm going to give you european dropship suppliers with their contact info and why their products are great to start dropshipping today. they are from different niches that have fast delivery times within europe. if you're looking for suppliers that ship quickly to a partikular country, just comment below and we'll be sure to make a video just like this for suppliers that have fast shipping for products to that country. just remember to subscribe so you don't miss the video if this is your first time watching. welcome here at cell selhu. we are dropshippers and business owners ourselves who have scaled multiple five, six and seven figure businesses. throughout the team, and using our knowledge and experience, we have helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs grow their online businesses with our e-commerce tools and our expert online education. before we get started, i want to remind you guys of the lucky draw this month, where you'll have a chance to win a one-year free membership to sell your directory or sale who dropship. all you have to do is comment below and tell us what is the biggest issue you're currently trying to solve in your dropshipping journey. at the end of the month, we'll choose two lucky winners and announce them in our latest youtube video. now let's get into the seven european suppliers. [Music]. use the chapters in the description box to skip to the suppliers if you want to jump right to the seven suppliers and their products. i just want to go over why having dependable local dropship suppliers is so important right now. high quality suppliers with quick shipping are critikal because they have a direct impact on the customer experience you provide. an unreliable supplier can hurt your business by providing your customers with long shipping times, low quality or damaged products, or even sending the wrong size or color, resulting in back and forth returns and a lot of wasted shipping expenses. okay, here's all the suppliers and their contact info, which i'll be going through in the video. you can take a screenshot to get all their contact info for each supplier. i will also go through why their products are great to sell. the first supplier, mercury living, is in the patio, lawn and garden niche. however, they are also kind of into furniture, given the nature of their products. the lawn and garden niche is a niche that is evergreen and popular amongst dropshippers, especially since there are a lot of people starting to work at home ever since the pandemic, so taking care of their lawn and garden is something they are more likely to do often. mercury living is a great local european dropship supplier, especially if you want to have fast shipping times around europe. this is their contact info: email, phone number and website, which you can take a screenshot of and contact them directly. you can find the contact info of other suppliers too, using the salehoo directory, by the way, but wait a second. sure, you have the supplier now, but what makes them so special and what about their products makes them good to dropship? as we can see on the supplier page in the salehoo directory, they are a great supplier. for these reasons, they have been in the business for three years. their site is ssl secured, which basically prevents criminals from stealing information that you are providing to the site, and they, just like all suppliers in the salehoo directory, have been tested and filtered out by the salehoo team. as seen from their supplier information, their delivery time is fast. turnaround time is expected to be two to seven working days, only one to two days for clients in italy, four to five days in several continental european countries and six to seven working days for pan-european countries. oh, and did you know that if you're a salehoo member, you will get an exclusive five percent discount, as seen in the overview section about them. now let's take a look at their product catalog. they sell all sorts of cushions and lights that are perfect for the patio, lawn and garden. this can also complement any furniture at those spaces, or even furniture indoors, depending on the type of interior design theme. the next supplier is from switzerland and is for the travel niche. their name is ruby gore. i'm not too sure whether i pronounce it correctly, but anyway, this is their website, email and phone number. the reason why i decided on the supplier is because travel is also an evergreen niche, as seen on google trends, and you can tap into this niche all year round. also, summer is fast approaching, so travel and adventure products will likely see a spike in demand as people are preparing for their summer trip. by the way, if you want to find out about other products that are about to explode this summer, check out our youtube video on eight trending products based on the supplier information on the cellular directory. we can rest assured that you are in good hands. if we take a look at the safety analysis, we can see that they have been in the business for seven years and their site is ssl secured. we can dig deeper and find out what it's like working with them through the overview section and the supplier information section. in the overview section, we can see that they have super fast shipping times. turnaround time for domestik order is three to five days, while international orders can range from 15 to 21 days, and returns are accepted within 30 days of receiving the product. we can visit their product catalog, too, and see that they do indeed sell all sorts of travel bags that can be used for any adventure. they even have the anti-theft backpack, which is a product that went viral on facebook. by the way, finding hot products using facebook is something that we toked about in one of our youtube videos- five strategies to find low cost, high profit products, so you might want to check that out. all of you can then email the supplier with the info i provided or, if you already have salehoo, you can just contact the supplier from within salehoo by clicking contact supplier, then send email. the next supplier is from germany and is in the jewelry niche, and their name is gale. here's their website, email and phone number. they are a great supplier to work with. since jewelry is an evergreen niche, we can see that i bookmarked them as a favorite supplier so that i can easily find them. i even made a note about them saying what niche they are into. let's check the supplier in detail now by clicking view listing. we are familiar with this type of page. this supplier has been around for 29 years and, if you take a look at the overview, they even provide drop shipping with no minimum order requirement, even to international customers. delivery time is anywhere between one to five days depending on the destination, which is very speedy. also, all of their products have been manufactured for them. they label their products as white label or their very own brand, as deca's nobilis. their products are considerably cheaper than what you would normally see on amazon and if you want to scale with them, additional discounts are available for bulk orders. for example, purchase at least 100 euros worth of product and get three percent discount. they also accept orders outside of eu. they use fedex, dhl, deutsche post as shipping methods. now let's check out their catalog. we can see that they offer all sorts of jewelry that we can drop ship for the next supplier. they are in greece and are in the sports and fitness niche. the reason why i chose to showcase them is because fitness is an evergreen niche, and you can even sell to people with home gyms. this supplier manufactures cross-fit materials from speed ropes, hand grips and wrist straps, and they focus on every detail, quality and innovation in order to achieve the highest possible performance. we can also see that they have been around for eight years and they can even accommodate us if we want to do wholesaling and manufacturing in the future, if we need to scale. they also ship fast as the turnaround.

☀️ How to Start Dropshipping in Europe 2022

hi again, everybody. welcome back to the channel. in this video, i'm going to be teaching you how to find the best suppliers and how to find the fastest delivery times to your customers within europe. now, if you want to drop ship to, say, the united states or to japan, i'm going to do a separate video on that that will be very similar to this. so check back at this channel for how to start drop shipping internationally now. you might already be a drop shipper or you might be brand new to the game, but whichever you are, i'm going to show you exactly how to get started drop shipping within europe. now. this is going to include countries such as the united kingdom, germany, france, sweden, switzerland, norway, finland, the netherlands, belgium and many more. so if i haven't mentioned your country and it's in europe, then stay for this video now. i'm going to show you three methods for this. first will be on aliexpress, as i'm sure you all know and love. the second will be alternative wholesaler websites, and the third will be on sale source, because it is very, very easy to filter your country. okay, i am ready to share my screen with you. let's go right now. i'm going to show you all three methods as quickly as i can, just to show you how easy it is to do so. essentially, i'm just going to help you find products that are within your customers country or the country that you're selling to. so let's say, for example, we have a sock niche and we're looking at socks. so i would go on to aliexpress and search for socks, um, and here i'm going to go to this magic arrow here and just tap, click from um. so here you can see really easily that you can choose a manufacturer from within the united kingdom, spain, france, czech republic, italy, poland, germany, whatever your country is, i am sure that you'll be able to find it here on this list. so let's say, for example, we are in france. we can see all of these manufacturers- sorry, all of these wholesalers are selling from france. so these are quite cute. let's find something that sold a lot. okay, they, they sold almost a thousand of these. so let's take a look. so now what you would do is collect the stok that you want, um, and you would click on france. you'll be able to see how long it will take to deliver to you. so i'm actually in the united kingdom, so let's try a wholesaler from the united kingdom. okay, 2 300 of these have been sold, so that's promising, um. so i can choose the cute little design i want. i can choose the united kingdom um, and then i can see that this will get to my customer within two weeks. so that is one way of doing it. it can vary between about seven days or two weeks and um. it's just much faster than waiting one month for your order to be delivered to your customer. the second way i would do it, so with this you can then just import this to your store. if you have overload, then you can um import it to your store using oberlo. however, if you have sales source, all you would need to do is go to the bottom bar here, analyze the product and then you can import it to overload from here. it's really useful because you would then be able to look at the marketing and copy these tags to your own ad campaign. but i'll show you that a little later on when we look back at salesforce. so that is how you can quickly and easily find fast shipping on aliexpress. the next thing i'm going to do is look at alternative wholesalers within your country. so if you just google wholesaler, so many will come up. you can google wholesaler uk. you can look at um wholesale wholesalers in france, yep, and then you can even look at wholesalers in, say and then, and you can see where they are and what they do. i know this seems really obvious, but not a lot of people think that they can do this. what you would then do is write out an email, and what i'll do is i'll include an email template in here for you that you can, uh, email your wholesaler and then ask them about drop shipping. so your email should look something like this: okay, so you have your email template. you know roughly what you should be putting in there and you'll see, as you're searching for wholesalers, that, um, some of them are specifically designed for drop shipping, and i will show you one of those websites. now they drop ship um across the uk and europe and that is ancient wisdom. okay, so this is ancient wisdom: dropshipping- and they specialize mostly in beauty and well-being. so we can look at their different departments. you can see that's very focused on aromatherapy and tea and candles and all of those soothing things. they also do things like bath bombs and soap um gemstones. so all of that, and if that is something that you're doing for your store, and then i would really recommend ancient wisdom, um. so let's just choose one product. for example, let's look at the tea. tea is a good one because it's obviously very lightweight. i it doesn't. it doesn't cost a lot to send. yeah, it is something that people constantly want, so it would be something that people could buy again and again. um, cool. so one kg of tea, so one kg of this- will cost you 26 pounds and you can set up as the rrp for about 64 pounds 30. so you can see that's a 40 pound markup and you already know that um on the website. and if i was to order it now, let's look at the shipping. so the shipping will cost seven pound fifty. you can divide that up between your customers or you can charge your customer um, so there is a five pound charge, but you can see that there will be a same day dish dispatch before uh 12 pm, and if we go down here, we can see all of the countries that um they operate in uh. and then we can also look at the delivery here. so it says at the busiest times the dispatch can take up to four working days yet, which means that your shipping will always be between one and two weeks, which is so much better than a month, um, and you feel safe because they're in your country and not that much- fingers crossed, can go wrong, but they can't go, they can't get lost at sea and that kind of thing which they could do if they were coming from china. okay, so now we have gone through aliexpress, we have gone through the alternative wholesalers. now i am going to show you how to use filters to drop ship quickly, uh, to your customers. countries on sale source: ah right, so let's take a look so you can see the range of countries we have here. it's insane, uh. so let's mix things up a little and let's go up to belgium so we can see what products are selling in belgium. cool, and then that's along with their store, for example. now, this is a great store to look at because they have 2.2 million people coming to their store each month, um, and they're selling high tiket products. so let's take a look at what they're doing. this is a store, like i said, based in belgium, and you would be able to find a store within your country if you just chose the right filter. yep, so a you can see the kind of price that you can get these products for, and then you can also see how to market the product. here. you can see how many people are looking at these things per month, so you would get a good amount of traffic when running your facebook ads. um, you can see aliexpress suppliers and then you can also go to the store and check out how they're doing and what their other best sellers are. we can see that this is the best seller, but they obviously sell all of these other products and, um, if you're, if this is the theme of your website or if you have a general store, then you could think about selling these products too. do another one. so, say, if i am here in the united kingdom and we could do this, for, like finland or like any other country, rip dreams. these guys also have a lot of traffic every month. so, um, sexy picture going on there. uh, we can look at how these guys are doing, what they're selling and how much they're making per month, as well as how well this product is doing. so they're selling them for 35 dollars. um, you can see the supplier selling them for nine dollars, and from here i can literally just import it with oberlo, or i can then check the product on aliexpre.

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Top 10 Dropshipping Suppliers in Europe

hi everyone and thanks for watching our video. if you'd like to see more content like this, please click the bell icon to subscribe and we'll keep you updated on our latest videos. you know, finding a drop shipping supply that can offer a reliable service and good quality products is difficult but essential. it's also important to get in contact with one who can offer items that best suit our demands and also follow what our customer is looking for. since wholesalers really advertise themselves, the task of finding them is up to us. there are many ways you can find new drop shipping suppliers. you can use search engines like Google, ask and bingo. you can visit online platforms. you can do it by attending trade shows or exhibitions like CBI and Canton Fair, ordering from a competitor to find out who he works with, and using supply directories. you know the world or drop shipping is often seen as the easiest way to sell products online. yet it isn't as simple as it seems and has its own tiknicalities. drop shipping has proliferated over the past few years. most of the people in drop shipping are targeting the USA market. fortunately, Europe is not much exposed, meaning there are plethora of opportunities in the European market. in Europe, the faster your services, the more people will be attracted to your store. to counter this, we need to have suppliers right in Europe. as a European drop shipper, it can be hard work to find supplies for your ecommerce business. we've put together some top suppliers in Europe. they can help you boost your drop shipping business and delivery time. Resources is Europe's largest directory of verified wholesale suppliers, dropshippers and trade leads. it's mainly used to find suppliers who buy products at wholesale prices or to buy products and let the supplier take care of you. it is more than a hundred and seventy thousand verified wholesale and drop shipping suppliers from the UK and the rest of Europe. if you want to see the product prices, you can upgrade to a premium subscription of twenty pounds for one month. you can locate a supplier in your niche, make an affiliation and start earning more by using this forum smartly. customer service always replies very quickly and are very helpful. iMix wholesale was founded in 2001. it's an online wholesale supplier and has since grown to become a leading UK wholesaler and importer of discounted products. they have heavily discounted stok and branded products. that helped them gain the reputation as the leading UK discount wholesaler. furthermore, they had very marketed competitive prices in mix wholesale offers a wide range of items including toiletries, makeup, health and beauty items, DIY kitchenware and kitchen accessories, party supplies and so on. all of these items are available at a really amazing price at MX wholesale. you can place an order as low as one pound and the delivery charges above 50 pounds of free. unfortunately, due to the current unprecedented situation, iMix wholesale was not taking further orders, but they are going to revive after the end of this pandemic soon, so keep them in mind if you are drop shipping in Europe. Tuscany aims to make dropshipping in Europe as easy as possible. this Italian based wholesale supplier drop shipper specializes in the delivery of Italian fashion items, especially bag, shoes and accessories, many of which are made with Tuscany's world-famous leather. many of these high tiket items, profit margin can also be hi Tuscany leather offers a special price list for resellers. returning products is quite easy, so there'll be no outstanding stok. no extra cost is needed to pay for logistiks. to monitor the progress of your order. you can track it through their website or speak to the account manager in charge of the order. tuscany offers worldwide shipping to 190 countries. thousands of partners are working with them for profit and more than 84 percent export around the world. big buyer is a b2b wholesale platform specializing in the supply of many products on the online channel throughout Europe. it's based in Spain and was founded in 2011. it's one of the leading drop shipping supplies in Europe. big buy specifies products and 24 European languages with native translations. big Buy has its warehouses and agreements with major courier agencies. transport agencies available include GLS, UPS, NT, FedEx, DHL, correos. this platform provides a comprehensive drop shipping delivery service, along with the drop shippers name and company image on the package so that customers can easily identify the product and you stay true to brand. the entrada is considered as Europe's biggest sourcing platform. it has more than 400,000 products and many top suppliers. maximize your sales potential with flexible sourcing and a more active assortment strategy. buyers in China. as a professional drop shipper with a European new ID number, you qualify for that exemption on purchasing from foreign suppliers. Sint rata offers better products at lower prices. you can manage your suppliers, orders, payments and reorders easily and conveniently online with trade safe offered by Zen trader. didn't try this. premium membership offers free delivery all around Europe with the fastest delivery within Europe. Xin trata is the best wholesale supplier for drop shippers in Europe. style flow is a uk-based wholesale supplier for the drop shipper interested in niche markets related to women's clothing. the main categories are dresses, tops, bottoms, swim mere, plus size lingerie and choose the emotion dice has been featured on countless online blogs, and style accounts have been a top dropship supplier for many companies looking to expand their online fashion retail section. using style flow is simple and convenient. customers can place orders directly through the site and then sure they'll receive the product quickly. they ship to over a hundred countries and offer fast free shipping for certain customers in Europe. all over print is the uk-based leader for quicken on demand printing services. in Europe, there have been premier drop shipping supplies for the past ten years. they offer a quick turnaround time is that provided countless customers with services. this company specialises in the delivery of print on demand. all over print has provided consistent service for all types of drop shipping needs. in 2008, or Lola started as a b2b wholesale network that interested wholesalers, distributors, jock shippers, retailers, online and offline stores and many others as one of the biggest cell phone accessory distributors and wholesalers and the UK and Europe. now well, Lola also exports a wide range of products besides mobile phone accessories, such as vehicle electronics, camera accessories, home-and-garden, beauty and makeup, and so on. or Lola offers various products to meet the needs of clients anywhere in the UK and Europe. drop shipping with or Lola is very easy. create an account on the website, download the product images and data you want to dropship, then upload and sell it on your store. when your customer buys the product, mention the name on the same channel and the rest will be done by all Lola. clearance King is a b2b wholesale distributor and supplier with 60 years of experience in the distribution industry. they love to work in collaboration and entertain drop shipping. the major categories include clearance lines: smoking, electronic cigarettes, 49 pin under pits, accessories and many others. the minimum order for dropshipping should be $200 plus VAT. to start dropship and clearance King products are very cheap can be to the market. it's the best place to dropship high tiket items. wholesale deals. that code at UK is the most popular wholesale and dropship sourcing service in Europe today. it protects sellers against the most common wholesale and drop shipping scams. plus, it helps to source profitable wholesale and dropship deals instantly. wholesale deals is a nice opportunity, with deals added daily, offering ample choice for the most demanding sellers. these drop shipping suppliers are those tha.

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this is how i'm getting four to seven days shipping times: testing brand new shopify dropshipping products in 2021.. hey guys, welcome back to the youtube channel. my name is camille sutton is the econ king, and in today's video, i'm gonna be showing you exactly how me, my team and my students are able to achieve four to seven days shipping times using this one supply, without having to buy in bulk, without having to spend a lot of money on shipping costs. this one supplier has warehouses absolutely everywhere- the us, canada, mexico, australia- which is great for worldwide dropshipping, fast shipping times and local shopify drop shipping. so if you're somebody that's currently struggling with facebook ad score issues because your products taken way too long to get delivered, you're struggling from chargebacks and refunds because customers are not happy with the shipping times, then this video is gonna be insanely helpful. now in the video, i'm gonna be showing you the exact back end setup to be able to set this up correctly, because this is quite a tiknical setup when you do it correctly. so if you wanna be able to achieve the right setup on the back end, make sure you do not skip this video, because it will get very tiknical. so before i actually get into the video. i'm going to be doing a giveaway on every single video from now on, and the giveaway today is going to be a consultation call giveaway for 30 minutes, and all you've got to do to enter the giveaway is like the video. once we hit 2 000 likes, i'll announce a winner, and you also need to leave a comment as well in the comment section below. once we hit 2000 likes in this video, i will be picking a winner from the comment section below. now, before we actually get into the video today, i want to say a massive disclaimer. i am not endorsed or sponsored by any of the companies that i mentioned today. the reason why i mention them is because i've had great results from them myself and my business partners in my company have as well. so, as you guys can see on my screen here, you can see that the supply that i'm toking about is dj drop shipping, and i've been toking about the supplier for the last couple of years and i absolutely love them. all my business partners and people in my mentoring company all use them because they are an amazing supplier and we've had some great success with them, and i've made multiple case studies on my channel about successful stores and the supplier that we use is typically cj drop shipping. now what i'm gonna be doing for you guys today is i'm gonna be giving you a full, step-by-step tutorial on how i use cj drop shipping, because i've toked about them before, but i haven't gone in depth on how i use them for testing, amber scaling and how i set it up on the back end, and cj dropship's got some insanely new, cool things out which i want to be sharing with you because it is a complete game changer. so, as you can see here, this is cj drop shipping's website and app. so all you've got to do is head over to shopify app store, download the cj drop shipping app, create an account and it should take you to a site that looks like this, and cj drop shipping is a completely free supplier. you don't need to go on a subscription. there's no subscription needed. so the first thing that you want to do once you've done it is you want to head over to where it says warehouse is here in the top, and you can see here. cj's added loads of new warehouses to their list. now, as you can see here, there's thailand warehouse, us warehouse, china warehouse, germany warehouse, indonesia, australia, japan, canada, mexico, india, brazil and russia. now this is a game changer, because if you're somebody that's doing national, uh- drop shipping- and one of our case studies here is where we did a store directly just to australia and nowhere else, because sometimes targeting just one big country works better than a target in epac or worldwide- now what we did is we used a australian warehouse directly from cj to achieve better shipping times and better shipping costs. so if you're somebody that is into national drop shipping, then this is a great option for you, because the main countries here are on this list. now this is also really good because if you are doing worldwide or a packet drop shipping, then you can set up. so if one country comes to your website out of all the epacket countries, then you can set up. so if one comes from australia, one comes from germany, one comes from canada, you can set it up. so on here, the different warehouses: you can send it from different warehouses for each customer, and it might sound a little bit tiknical, but i'm gonna be showing you how you set this up in the back end now. so, as you guys can see, i am in the shopify settings where you manage your shipping rates and shipping zones. now you can see here you have got cj drop shipping here at the bottom, but you will be using alternative suppliers as well, um, just to get around the free shipping option, which i'll be toking about a little bit later. but if i scroll down here you can see the cj drop shipping one and you can see i've got e packet and then i've got au only, meaning australia only. so the reason why i've done this is because, again, if you are doing a packet countries and you want to target all of them, but you want to have fast shipping toms for each one of those countries, or the majority of the main countries, which is your top five- canada, uh, united kingdom, australia, new zealand and what so forth- then you're going to want to lay out like this. so basically, what you do is, in the back end, you set up a you only as a separate zone because you're going to be able to get the product from a separate warehouse in australia, which is really going to help with your shipping times. so you set this one up as a separate shipping zone and you can see i've caught a priority track shipping and this one's free now, depending on the price that cj charge you depends on how much you should put here. now cg are offering free shipping on the a on the australian warehouse, the product that i've chosen, so that's why i'm able to give it off for free. but you can see here the epacket one. now these are the countries that have a warehouse that is not a main warehouse. so if we go back to cj drop shipping, you can see here any of the countries that do not have their own independent warehouse or the product doesn't have one on one of those. they're not exclude it and put it in to this zone right here. so, for example, if the unit, if if the us has got its own warehouse and my products available on that warehouse, i will create a separate zone called us only, because i can send it from the us warehouse direct, the same with all the other ones that cj dropshipping have listed. now if your product is only on, for example, the australian warehouse and the united states warehouse, then you would only have those two as separate and you'd leave the other ones in the china warehouse or a different supplier, which i'll be toking about a little bit later now. if this is getting a little bit tiknical for you and you don't understand. don't worry, just carry on watching the video and it will make sense. now, if i scroll up, you can see here i've got oberlo as well. now the reason why you're gonna want an alternative to cj drop shipping, like oberlo or weo or ds's or whatnot- is because with the free shipping option- because you should always be offering free shipping on your website, because it will increase conversion rates- sometimes you can't do this at an affordable price, meaning that if you do it through cj, it might be too expensive. if you're doing a low tiket item- and that's why i do recommend that when you're doing this strategy, guys- you do it with a high tiket product, that's that you can sell between 30 and 100, because some of the shipping costs can be a little bit expensive. so if you're going for a low tiket item, then you will have to use a slow free option, because that's the only way you're going to be able to carry on with decent conversion rates. so, as you, guy,

Dropshipping Suppliers in Europe | Dropshipping Suppliers 2022 | Dropshipping Suppliers in UK

hi everyone. it's chris here again from opmc, and today i want to tok to you about the top 10 eu dropshipping suppliers to try today. this is an update on a previous video that we did, so hope you like the new information, the updated information. we've done some research into the options. if you have any questions, let us know. so drop shipping is an excellent method to build out an ecommerce business without needing to have extra rooms in your flat full of excess inventory. all of the vat is managed directly on your site and you can drive different shipping calculations automatikally instead of manually breaking out that calculator from school. one of the most essential parts of running this business model is locating those drop shipping suppliers best known for reliability and quality items. the closer you can get to companies located in the area of your primary customers or offer products from a culture that is highly desirable, the better. that's where eu dropshipping companies come into play. the eu is a massive collection of 27 member states with an estimated population of almost 450 million residents- that's a hundred million more than the us- and boasts a significant purchasing power. we've compiled a list of exceptional dropshipping suppliers in europe that will help you create the foundation needed to grow your new e-commerce endeavor. uk alert now. in this video we feature some eu dropshipping companies based in the uk with eu facilities to avoid stacked taxes or tariff penalties. this is because the uk famously left the eu during brexit in 2020 and we wanted to account for that change since our last video on this topic, and we know that a lot of people had feedback from the last video about the fact that there were uk suppliers in the eu drop shipping video, so just wanted to provide some context with trying to be helpful. so first, cab off the rank is spock. it spock. it is a bit of a cheat on our list of the best drop shipping business suppliers because it connects you with those companies around the us, uk and eu that offer drop shipping opportunities. we went with them because they have such successful programs and vet each of their partnerships before listing them on their site. that means you get significant profit margins and better shipping timing without needing to hunt down individual sites. number two on the list is big buy. this is one of our returning companies on our list that operates with a massive collection of the top drop shipping products available on the market. there are so many major brands known for different eu member countries. that will also make us and uk residents take notike. this is a great supplier to build a retail arbitrage drop shipping business. number three on the list is brands gateway in sweden. if you've ever wanted a bespoke ecommerce shop that features all of the best designer clothing from around the world, this is your solution. this eu drop shipping supplier offers customized services and localized distribution around europe that will ensure fast delivery of trendy clothing made famous by celebrities, tiktok and instagram. number four on the list: zentrada, out of germany. zentrada loves to market itself as europe's largest supplier of consumer brands and trademarks, and we tend to believe them. you can find almost any brand you would want, along with licensing opportunities across most in-demand industries. now there is a fee to get started with the complete zentrada buying platform, but it's worth the cost. that's why we brought this option back for our updated list of the best eu drop shipping companies. right in the middle of the list is orlola, out of the uk we wanted to point to, although there again on our updated list, even though they have uk-based distribution. the reason is that they have fantastik margins on premium products that you may not find in other places. so, yes, you can get iphone accessories and tik gadgets, but if you take the time to really browse through the supplier, you'll find diamonds and high margin gifts as well, so it's definitely worth taking a look. number six on the list is graffati. this new addition to our list of the best drop shipping suppliers in the eu offers unprecedented access to incredible name brands like armani, burberry, calvin klein, guests and more. the best part is they feature an online catalogue available in over 24 languages, making setting up your drop shipping business more accessible than ever. number seven on the list is printify. many people make the mistake of thinking printify is a us-based company. it may have headquarters in the usa, but all of the products are primarily designed, shipped and managed in riga and latvia. this is one of the best drop shipping companies to integrate with your woocommerce or shopify storefront. the app is specifically designed to automate many of your back-end processes. number eight on the list: tuscany leather. oh, when i think of italy and the great leather products. everyone in the world appreciates finely crafted italian sauce leather products and tuscany is here to deliver. while the company mate may be italy based, it provides many eu dropshipping opportunities with localized satellite distribution centers close to significant markets. you can also introduce a customization feature on your products for those that want their initials or brand name engraved on products. this is another of our drop shipping suppliers. to return to our list from last time, almost at the end- and we have b droppy, again from italy. this great eu drop shipping supplier focuses on brand name products, from customs chews to trendy handbags. while many of these products can be found from other suppliers, we like the featured social media integrations. this company is specifically designed to focus on social media as a major marketing and direct sales venue, making it highly relevant in today's marketplace, and are rounding out our list. at number 10 is roll zone from the netherlands. if you're looking for high tiket items, roll zone is your solution. you have to be careful, as they do not accept returns on drop shipping except in rare cases. however, they are selling extremely high value, high reward products, from mobile ponies to electric powered mini audi cars for kids. they feature more than 16 different eu resellers for distribution, including the uk. now, wrapping all of this up. well, of course, if you build out a new drop shipping business, you can benefit the most by automating many of the tasks and processes for customers, inventory management, suppliers and your own internal needs. so pick up the powerful woocommerce dropshipping plugin from us, the experts at opmc, to streamline your dropshipping business located in the eu or anywhere else in the world. good luck now. if you like this video, please give us a thumbs up. if you didn't like this video, give us a thumbs down and tell us what you didn't like about it. and either way, please subscribe to our channel, because that encourages us to make more videos and share more of this information with other people. so if you have any questions for us, please get in touch. we'd love to hear from you. thanks and see soon.

Best Dropshipping suppliers in Europe Dropshipping Guide)

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