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dropshipping fitness

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

Step By Step Fitness Niche Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial for Beginners Q1 2021

what you are about to learn. can 100 change your life? are you ready? [Music] what is going on? everybody, thank you so much for checking out this video. i have a really good one in store for you guys, because i'm going to be taking you through step by step and showing you how to build a fitness niche shopify drop shipping store. now, as we move through the holiday season and into q1, people will begin to have their new year's resolutions right and they're all going to want to get in shape, making fitness one of the hottest niches to target in q1 through the months of january, february and march. so, without further ado, let's jump right into the video. so, once you've signed up for your free shopify account, you'll land inside of your dashboard and the first thing that we're going to begin to do is build out the foundation of our store. so we're going to start by adding a payment method to our account. so all you need to do is come down and click settings- payments, and shopify makes it really easy to connect your bank account so that you can get paid. all you need to do is click activate shopify payments, and i also like to add an express checkout payment method like paypal, and then make it really simple for you to do as well. just click the activate paypal express checkout button and follow the very simple instructions. so now the next steps that we're going to go ahead and take is update our shipping settings. so, again, go to go to settings and now we're going to come to shipping and delivery. now we're going to click manage rates and we're going to go ahead and just do free shipping on this store, for both domestik and worldwide. so we're going to come over here and delete all of the current rates. now, having free worldwide shipping on your on your store really helps to increase the conversion rate. you can stagger it and do different paid uh shipping options. if your supplier can ship out quicker, um, then that's a great idea to go ahead and have different rates. but for this storm, for pretty much all my stores, i just do free worldwide shipping. so free standard shipping- click done, and we'll do the same thing for the rest of the world. delete- they delete these. click add rate and free standard shipping- click save. now that's done. you won't have to worry about any issues with shipping costs. now we're going to go ahead and update our legal pages. so go over to settings come over to legal, and you don't have to be a lawyer to do this. shopify makes it really simple to generate these templates. all you need to do is click create from template, create from template, create from template, and i'll go ahead and give you access to the google doc that has the shipping policy and all the other pages that we're going to go ahead and create here in a second, so we'll leave that one blank. now you're going to want to come in here and edit all this information out to be sure that it's accurate. so, for example, i would: you don't need this, so you can go ahead and delete that right out. click save and just go ahead and do that for all three, three templates. now we're gonna go ahead and start creating some pages, like the about frequently asked questions, contact and the shipping policy. so come over here, click online store and pages. now we're going to add page, so the first one is just going to be an about page, and i'm giving you access to this policies page. i'm gonna have to update it with and about um, an about section for you guys, so you can easily plug and play, but you would copy and paste it right in here. so go ahead and click save. now we're going to create and a frequently asked questions page, and that one i do have available right now. so let's go ahead and copy this and paste it in. click save. now we'll create the contact page- contact us. and all you need to do is come over here to template and select pagecontact and save. so what this will do is it will automatikally create the template for you. so a customer just needs to go to the go to this menu and fill out the information and you'll receive the emails to your store's email account so you can stay in contact with your customers, answer any questions that they have. and now we're going to go ahead and add a shipping policy page. again, i give this one to you, so all i need to do is come up here and copy it and paste it in. the only thing that you'll need to update is the email inside of the copy and click save. so now we're going to go ahead and update our navigation menus. we'll go ahead and start with our main menu. so the way that i like to structure this will go home: catalog. eventually we'll, we'll, we'll- go ahead and do this now: shop, and we'll have it linked to all the products, then we'll go ahead and link this one to the frequently asked questions page. the next one will be the contact us page and then we'll do an about the about section in the main menu. i'll go ahead and click save, and now we can see when we visit the store. we have all the different menu items on top. now we're going to go ahead and create the footer menu, so we'll again come up here. i like adding the contact us page first. then i'll do the shipping policy and now i'll start to add some of those legal uh pages that we created. so we'll come down here, click policies- uh, we'll start with refund. we'll put that one right after the shipping policy and now we'll go ahead and add privacy policy and, last but not least, the terms of service and click save. so now we have our main menu set up and once we scroll down to the bottom of the page, our footer menu is here with all the links to the different policies. so now the next step is going to be to begin adding a couple apps, and the first one that we're going to need to include is oberlo, and alberlo is used to quickly transfer products from aliexpress onto your store. so just go to the shopify app store, click on berlo and alberlo is 100, free, super easy to use. so just click add app and we're going to go ahead and add some of the products that i suggest for building up a fitness niche store, and i'm also going to throw in the product that helped me generate almost 20 000 in sales in the month of september. so oberlo makes it really simple to import products from aliexpress. all you need to do is copy the links and paste them in, and now i'm going to go through the process of cleaning up the details of each product one by one. so i'm going to start by editing the titles and then i'm going to go and delete the current description because i like to add my own inside of the shopify app. i just think that it's a much smoother process. then i'm going to edit the pricing, as well as the compared pricing for each item, and then, last but not least, i'm going to choose which images from the supplier that i want imported into my shopify store. so i'm also going to go ahead and give you the product descriptions for each one of these items. i created a google doc for you that will be in the description beneath this video. so all you need to do is copy the descriptions and paste them in. so right here we have the phoenix massage gun. just come over here, click on the product and you'll just copy and paste it in right here. and so if we go ahead and take a look at what this page looks like right now, before we've edited our theme, as you can see, we have the product right here, the title and add to cart button by it now and our product page is built out. so i hope i made that as easy as possible for you guys. now we're going to go ahead and edit the store, but before we begin customizing the theme of the store, let's go ahead and create a product collection. so just come down to the drop down from products and choose collections and then create collection. now i'm just going to go ahead and name this best selling now, scroll down and you're going to want to choose manual, then click save. and now we're going to come back over to all products, select them all, choose more actions, scroll down, choose, add to collections and then choose best selling. now you have all of your products in your best selling collection. that

The Best 10 Fitness Dropshipping Products To Sell!

the top 10 fitness products that you need to sell on your drop shipping stores to start making a killing. this year, 2020, we've notiked a huge increase in the sales of fitness and home fitness products. we can all pretty much guess why, but 2021 is going to be even crazier. the numbers are going to be even higher, and that is why we made this video: so that you guys can learn about the best product ideas to sell for the fitness products and start succeeding in this niche. quick intro, let's begin. [Music]. hello everyone, my name is lyron from autods. i'm the content producer and i've also been dropshipping for the last four years and, like i said, in this video we are going to cover the top 10 fitness product ideas that you need to add to your drop shipping stores to turn this niche into your own success story. now, if you are new to our channel, this is the part where you subscribe to get all of the latest and all of the hottest updates that are coming out today in the drop shipping world and in the whole drop shipping industry in general. you'll have videos for product finding, for strategies on drop shipping on many different selling platforms and many different supported suppliers. so, having said that let's go ahead and begin with the product list. so product number one on the list of the fitness products that you need to start selling right now are exercise mats. let me show you guys some examples. i'm going to play around with three suppliers for this video. one is amazon, the second will be walmart and the third will be aliexpress. we have over 15 suppliers that are supported in auto ds, so you have a reach to millions and millions of products. i'll just show you guys some examples with these three suppliers, but if you want to learn about all of our supported suppliers, you know what to do. just head down to our knowledge base and read our artikles on suppliers that we support on the autods system. so exercise mats is the first product and, as you can see here, they come in different shapes, different colors, different sizes, different variety packs and different price points. you should always check with more than one supplier, and the reasons are obvious: you'll have a reach to more products, different price points, different shapes and different variations, which reminds me, if you're still only working with one supplier, this would be a good time to expand and work with three suppliers. one or two suppliers is simply not enough, but four, five and six and up might get a little bit too confusing, might get a little bit too messy. three suppliers is the optimal number to be working with to stay in control of everything that's going on and to have a maximum reach to a large number of products. so exercise mats, first item to add to your list on fitness products. and when i'm giving you these product recommendations, it doesn't mean that you need to add only one. if you want to be able to test your products correctly, you need to add 20 products at least from each product line that i'm giving you guys. so, in this example, go ahead and add 20 exercise mats to your stores. one of the things that i recommend to do is to see what other sellers are selling, but don't copy and paste. check for similar items, check for good titles to use, check bestsellers and check new releases. with a combination of all of this, you are bound to find your next bestseller: exercise mats, number one. now let's move on to number two, and on number two on the list, we have aqua training bags. now you all know what training bags are, right, but aqua training bags are bags where you put water inside of them instead of sand. so up until now, people would put sand in their bags to put in weight. this new trendy invention is simply aqua water: putting it inside those bags, getting them heavy and then working out with those heavy aqua bags. so we've notiked this new trend coming up and we want you guys to add them to your stores, to start enjoying those sales too. aqua training bags is number two on the list. this means that you need to add 20 of them, and if you can't find 20 products from one supplier, simply move on to the next supplier. that's what makes it so fun to work with more than one supplier. aqua training bags is number two on the list, and this brings us to number three, and on number three, we have vibration plates. now, these are those plates that you stand on to get some balance while you're working out. so it also helps you with your balance and your leg muscles and whatever else you're doing while you're standing on those plates and working out. so, as you can see, vibration plates are selling a lot and they're very trendy, and they also have a high price tag, and we all know that high price tag means high profits, because we're working with percentages. so if you're profiting 20 or 30 on each sale. you'd much rather sell products that cost 150 to 200 instead of selling products that cost 10 or 15. they're both good. you can't have one without the other. you need the cheaper products for the run rate, but you need the expensive products to get fat profits and end the month with good numbers that will satisfy you. so add vibration plates to your list and let's move on to product number four. and now we are on exercise dice. this is a neat little product. it has a cheap price point, which means that you can add more than the quantity of one, and most likely people will buy more than one. they might want to have one at home, they might want to have one at the office, or they might want to buy a gift to other friends and relatives that they may be working out with. the best products that you'll sell on your stores is products that you never thought that you would sell, and this is one of the magical things about drop shipping. so what this is is it's simply a motivator, for when you're working out, you don't know what exercise you want to do next or you just want to have a little fun with it. so what you do is you roll the dice. the dice tells you exactly what you should do now, like 18 jump squats or 30 mountain climbers, and then you'll have to just do that exercise that i told you to do, and that's what the game is all about. people are really getting a kick out of this. so you have exercise dice. on number four, this obviously brings us to item number five on the list, and now we are on lift pulley systems. now, this is not a new trend, but the good thing about this is it comes in a whole bunch of varieties and bundles and forms, which makes it hard to get this product and look it up in your local store to see if they have it. they probably won't because, as you can see here, each one comes with different cables and different ropes and different products overall to work out with, so it's hard to pinpoint the exact price that you need to pay for such a product. for example, this one costs 35, this one costs 65.. this one costs 55.. this one costs 73.. so, as you can see, there is not a fixed price for this product. it's not a product that's only supposed to cost like 20 or 25 dollars. so when it's hard to pinpoint the exact price- 30 or 40 dollars, up to 80 and 100 and above. this means that you can pretty much make any profit that you see fit, so feel free to earn 30 and up on these products. that is what i do on my drop shipping stores and, as you can see, once again it is a really good looking product that's hard to find in stores because of the bundle packs and the variety that it comes in. put that together with the rising sales that we've notiked on this product line. that is what made it number five on the list for the products that you need to add to your stores. now let's move on to product line number six, and now we are on battle ropes once again. this is not a new item. it's not some new trend, but that is not what we are going for. what matters is that they are selling. they got new products coming out on this line all the time, and there is always a high demand for these types of products. so battle ropes are pretty self-explanatory. it's these heavy ropes that people use to work out with and they come.

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Gym & Fitness Dropship Products To Sell ASAP On Shopify (Updated 2021)

hey everybody, justin cener here- how's it going? i've got a great video for you. this is all about shopify drop shipping and, more specifically, shopify drop shipping products in the gym and fitness space, and i bet you- a lot of you- have thought about this niche. it's a super profitable niche. it's a massive niche in size. it's a really passionate niche. you see people toking about this and sharing it on social media all day long. gym and fitness, lots of people into it, lots of people spending money on it. what you need to do is find some great products. so i'm going to show you some real live shopify drop shipping products in the gym and fitness niche that i've personally made money on- and if you've watched any of my videos, you know that i do all of my drop shipping on shopify with fulfill empire. if you compare them to aliexpress, for example, you're going to get better pricing. you're going to get better service. you're going to get faster shipping. you're going to get an even bigger product catalog. so a lot of different reasons to use fulfill empire. but the point of this video is to show you some great, profitable shopify drop shipping products in the gym and fitness niche. so let's jump into it right now i'm inside of my fulfill empire dashboard and you see the link directly below this video. you can check out fulfill empire. that's who i use for drop shipping and i have the product loaded here. a great product, and this is a massage gun and you've probably seen this before. here's the product on aliexpress and remember, with fulfill empire you're gonna be able to get the same products as aliexpress, except you're gonna work directly with the manufacturer so you get faster shipping, you get cheaper prices, all that great stuff. but this is a hot selling product for a while at this point and it is a higher tiket item, which is great. see the cost over here. it's going to be a little bit less if you use fulfill empire, but you see the different imagery. you see all the- you know- typical stuff that you'd see on aliexpress: great product, a lot of advertising room here as well, because the perceived value is so high. so you get a little bit better margin when you come inside here. but you see, just like everything else, you're going to get your products automatikally entered in here. you get your pricing. you just go ahead and set that depending on each variant, and you have this massage gun. of course you want to give it your own title, to brand, to your store and all that great stuff. but really easy inside for phil empire to get this product in there. really nice margins as well. fast shipping is going to get those return customers. so this is definitely a product in the gym and fitness niche that you could check out, maybe sell it for 100 to 150, have some nice room, uh, to play with in terms of your ad spend. here are two more great products in the gym and fitness niche. this is a higher tiket item and, yeah, it's on aliexpress, it's on 1688.com, it's on alibabacom, it's everywhere. the idea is that you're going to go and work with your drop ship agent at fulfill empire and they're going to find it direct from the manufacturer, ship it out faster and cheaper. so, a nice high tiket item. you could sell this between 60 and 100 and it's just basically a low end smart watch, right? anyone doing fitness could benefit from this. they might not be in the price range to buy an apple watch, so this becomes a nice, affordable alternative. it's a great gift as well in terms of being something that is relatively- uh, you know, fairly priced in comparison to some of the other options out there and here's a traditional product that is going to fit in almost any fitness store, any gym store. even if you're doing print on demand, this would make sense. if you're advertising anything to people that are in the gym and fitness niche, they could always use basic equipment. so a lot of times you're not going to be wanting to deal with shipping in terms of heavy stuff. these are nice light elastik bands. you can find a lot of different variations on here. again, just tok to your drop ship agent with fulfill empire they'll find, you know, direct to the manufacturer pricing. so this is another kind of staple that you'd have in your store. this is one that's been pretty popular lately, and i showed you the other one just before, the multi uh function gun, the massage gun. this one is definitely super popular. so gym fitness niche- one of the biggest ones that are out there. a lot of great products for you to try. so incredibly powerful, incredibly easy to do. and it doesn't have to be this niche. this can apply to any niche you want and really all you need to do is pick a niche and find some great shopify drop shipping products with fulfill empire. it's that easy. i have free step-by-step training on my youtube channel. take a look at the link in the description for that access to fulfill empire. like i said, the only drop shipping service that i recommend for shopify drop shipping, and you saw it live in action in this video. super simple: pick a niche, find some great products, add them into your store. that's how you make money with shopify right now.

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Download & Use This MILLION DOLLAR FITNESS STORE!! (Dropshipping)

hey, what's going on? empire builders, welcome back to another ecom vault series. in today's video, ali is going behind the scenes of the business we went over on wednesday and building out completely for free for you and giving you the template to use on storefunnelsnet. so if you haven't checked out wednesday's video- where i actually went and purchased their products, looked at their ads, see what they're doing- you're gonna want to make sure to check that out as well. but, guys, without further ado, let's go over the shoulder with ali right now where he's gonna be building out the seven, eight, nine figure business and giving you the template completely for free to use. in today's ecom vault series i quickly want to show you exactly how to add these templates, these store templates, these funnel templates, into your storefunnelsnet account. so, first and foremost, obviously, head over to storefunnelsnet, select the pricing tab from here and from here you're going to be able to select either a monthly option or a yearly option. obviously, if you go with the yearly option, you're going to- uh, with a monthly option, still the most cost effective platform out there- building your stores, your funnels and your automations right here for fifty four dollars a month. or again, yearly option if you want to save some money. now, once you're logged into your account, you'll be brought to a page like this: okay, now you, how you add these stores and funnel templates is: you click on the top left corner of my sites and funnels and you'll see everything's organized by funnels or websites. now to add a funnel, you simply click create a funnel and right here you'll see a uh category called ecom vault funnel templates. click it and you'll see all the templates in here that you can select from. okay, so, for example, let's say, you like this one, you can click preview, check it out, see if it fits your brand. and if it does, all you have to do is click add funnel and it'll be added right into your account. now, if you want to add funnel template or a store template- that's under websites right here- okay, now all you have to do is click create a new website, click yes and you'll be brought to a page where you'll again see a category called e-commvault store templates. click that and you'll see the ever-growing list of our ecom vault series store templates that you can choose from. so if, let's say, you like this one, right here, you can click view, you can check it out, make sure it fits your brand's needs, and then click, start with this theme and you're ready to go. hey guys, so in today's video we are going to go over another store funnels build. this is a really cool one. it's a nice new fitness product. who is this template perfect for? if you are launching sort of a fitness brand and you want like a home page where they can find out more about you, see sort of a product selection and just have a nice home base for like a fitness style product, this is a great, great website for that. so, without further ado, let's get into the specifics of the website, how you can start tailoring it to your needs and how you can very easily import it and start using it right away. okay, so let's get into the screen now. this is the product that we. this is the website that we've built, right, and then this is the website that we were modeling, right. so, as you can see, very, very close, uh, we have a product selector right here. we have text in in in buttons right here, and then we have the premium selection. this was really cool. this is the the first product that sold that. that i've seen listed at 10 000, and then, if you go all the way here, it's 53 000 for the gold hammer. so if you are, if you do have hammers worth 53 000, this is, uh the one to to sell it with, but, as you can see, very closely matching the uh the aesthetik of of this website. so, uh, let's get rid of the main one for now. um, let's look into this and uh sort of the specifics of how this was created and, more importantly, how you can model it and change it for yourself. okay, so the first thing is the header. now, again, i like to work off of a template that gives me three header sections. you don't need to know that tiknically, but you could. you know there's different templates that you can work off of. um, so the first thing over here is the banner. so if you have like an announcement, this is the section you would use to make it and you can change the text very easily. then we have a three split header. so the first is a menu, then we put a logo in the middle and then we put a menu, so that's created. so if you want to change your logo, just click here, click on the edit, and you can change the logo, and if you don't have one, you can just very easily just use a text logo. so it's all available here, right, then you have your menus over here. now, when you are using this template, all you have to go is go here, click the edit button and then map it to the page that you want, okay, and then you can build as many pages as you want. so home page would definitely be this: the strength would be a sort of a product category. so if you want, you could just go in here, edit, and then when you go on store, you can select the product category. you can select the product right, and then you can even select a different category. so what i would do is: strength products are here, conditioning products, so here are gear products here sale, any products that are having sales here, and then the gift cards are here. so if you go on store and if you go and store products, you can create all of those different categories and then you can map it to the store. all right, so, hope, hope, that makes sense. cool. now what you want is to, uh, change this to a fitness video that you have. now you can find stok fitness videos. if you just want to use a stok video. you can just use that, or you can use, um, your, or you can use like a influencer video on youtube, whatever it is, and then you can very easily just change this to to to your product, right. so let's say, yours is, um, you're selling resistance bands, so you can make it resistance bands, right, or whatever, whatever you want it to be, very easily, and it would play like this, without volume on loop, and you can just very easily, if you just click block, you can just put the youtube video url over here and you'll be, you'll be good to go. okay, uh, cool, now let's get into this. now. this is, uh, very simple. all you have to do is edit products over here and then you can just select the category that you want, right? so if you click here, select product categories, you will have, uh, the product category that you want to display over here. now i've modeled this very close to the website, so you don't have to necessarily make any changes. but if you did, you can do like an animation: delay is a little bit um, so that it looks like it's it's coming in, um, then there is. you can change the layout if you want it to be like this or this or this, um or this. you know, you can, you can have. it would be whatever you want, um, and then you can even have it change the number of products that are being displayed. you know, four is a good amount, three would make it really big. uh, i think four, four is a good amount. then you can have product name, price, enable, cookie view and, if you want, you can even have the add to cart buttons enabled. i haven't to keep it close to the website. okay, then you have some, some, some simple text and image indicators over here, right, and this is, uh, forged in, you know, the usa, and so you can map this to, again, any product category that you want, right? so if you open on click, this is the best thing about store funnels is the way that you can link different pages. so, you know, i would just link this to the category itself. and and then when we go on the website, let's just refresh this over here- when i click here, right, i'm taken to the entire category, which is great, um, so let's get back to the homepage, right, and again now i i haven't gone ahead and built out the collector's edition, because i just built one to show you what it is, because if i build the collector's edition, all you would

See How This Gym Fashion Shopify Store Makes $200K PER MONTH

6.8 million dollars in the last few years with this fitness fashion shopify store, and they've been able to achieve these results because they've been able to find this unique proposition in the market and they've been able to leverage that when they mark it on tiktok, facebook, youtube, to achieve these results. hey guys, welcome to the youtube channel. my name is camille sutton as the ecom king, and in today's video, i'm going to be breaking down and showing you guys exactly how this fitness fashion shopify store has been able to achieve 6.8 million dollars in the last few years by using this psychology tactik and this unique proposition within the fitness fashion niche. i'm also gonna be showing you guys exactly how you can recreate this in your own shopify store so you can crush it in 2022.. this video is also going to show you guys that the fitness niche and the fashion niche are not over saturated and not dead and they're absolutely booming right now. this video is also going to be really motivational for you guys, because there's two young entrepreneurs that started the store and i've been able to achieve over 6.8 million dollars in revenue. so i'm gonna be doing two giveaways in this video. i'm gonna give it away two 30-minute consultation calls and all you need to do to enter that giveaway is we need to hit 2000 likes to activate the giveaway and then you need to leave a comment and i'll be picking the two best comments as soon as we hit 2 000 likes. so let's get into it. the shopify store name is called feed me fight. i mean, i'm not going to be telling you and showing you the website just yet. i want to go through the numbers with you and you can see here the dashboard. from 2016 to 2021, they've been able to achieve just under 8 million dollars in revenue and you can see all the breakdown here of the cost and expenses. and you can see the returning customer rate is at 26, and that is absolutely insane considering how long they've been in business. and if you haven't got a high returning customer rate, then you won't have a long-term business. so that's where you've got to really make sure you've got a high returning customer rate now. if we also take a look at the average order value, you can see it's at 76 now. the average product price is currently roughly around about 30 to 50 dollars, so they've got some great average order value in place. and if we take a look at the online store conversion rate. they've got it just at industry standards and slightly above now industry standards between two and three percent. so over those years they've been able to maintain the industry standard and that's why this store is so successful. so if we take a look at the exchange marketplace listing to take a look at the juicy numbers and all the information about the store, and if you don't know what exchange marketplace is, it's where people come to list their shopify stores, their woocommerce stores, for sale once they're personally done with them. it doesn't mean that they're dead or they're no good anymore. but if you think about it, if you've been running the store for four, five, six years, you might get bored of it and you might want to move on to something else. so why not liquidate the store and give it to somebody else? so if you take a look at how much they're selling the store for, they're selling it for a million dollars and if you consider they sell the store for a million dollars and the profit they've made running the store could easily walk away with around about 1.5 million to 2 million dollars, which is insane. if you take a look at the current store owner for this store, they're called brian e, a massive shout out to you and your business partner. you guys are very inspirational and you've achieved some massive things. so you can see, here it says, two young entrepreneurs started a t-shirt company in a dining room- literally bacon shirts in the oven- seven years ago in the time, with no prior business knowledge or even screen printing experience. we know we've grown this company to over eight million dollars in sales. both of us want to spend time focusing on family and enriching our lives with all the skills and experiences we have gained along the way. this feels like watching your child go after college and both truly excited to see how far the next owners can take this amazing company. so, guys, if that doesn't give you motivation, then i don't know what will. and if this has given you motivation, let me know in the comment section below. so if you take a look at what's involved in running this business, this business can be approached in two ways. if you're looking to run the business hands-on, you will need a few extra sets of hands. merchandising and ordering from suppliers, order fulfillment, social media management- are the three of the largest tiers of business and which will require most direct amount of energy. working with a fulfillment company is another fantastik option that will eliminate a huge chunk of your time and energy and will allow you to focus solely on building the brand to align with your vision. and you can see here: the business was founded five years ago and they are spending approximately 40 hours per week and if you take a look at the traffic and performance, you can see that average revenue is around about a hundred thousand dollars and it's verified by shopify and you can see the average profit margins around about 13 to 14 000 and you can see they're currently sitting on a lot of inventory worth around about 650 000, which could be a slight issue for them, because if it's inventory that's not selling, then that could be a big issue. so let's get the drum rolls going. so i'm gonna be showing you the website right now and, as you guys can see the website, this website is signing jim's fashion ware for women and for men, and you can see it right here and you can see the designs here of a snow print legging. if you scroll down, they've got the men's collection and the women's collection. i'm going to give you guys a heads up. the men's collection, from the research i've done, is performed better than the women's collection, which is absolutely crazy. now, if we scroll down again, you can see they've got these really cool looking gym leggings right now with these crazy designs on them. now, before i give you the full breakdown on the website, i need to show you the about page, because that's what really paints the picture on why this store was so successful. and don't worry, if you're thinking about how you can recreate this in your own shopify store, i'm gonna be showing you how you can do that a little bit later on. now, if we take a look at the about section, you can see here it says: feed me for me is a veteran owned company. upon returning to our civilian lives, we have seen many of our friends about mental health issues and simply wanted to do something about it. now, if you don't know what angry means, it's basically when you get hungry, but it makes you really angry, and that's what i really suffer from. when we decided to coin the term feed me or fight me, we threw it on a t-shirt and it caught on for something that requires a lot of motivation. activewear can be pretty much uninspiring. our hope is to create activewear that inspires without compromising performance. not only does fitness improve the mind, but a portion of it each purchase- goes straight to the northwest battle buddies as a non-profit who provides free, professional, trained service dogs to combat veterans with ptsd. so they've got a beautiful reason why some of their profit is going towards a charity which is very, very powerful. now, for those that don't quite understand what that about section meant and how it's made them so successful, i'm going to simplify it for you. basically, this fitness activeweb brand is making merchandise clothing to represent people that are suffering from mental health issues and they're donating a small amount of profit, i believe, to charity because, if you think about it, people tend to go to the gym to lose weight and a lot o.

Top 10 Winning Products To Sell In 2023 (Shopify Dropshipping)

today, I'm going to be sharing with you the top 10 products that you need to be selling in 2023. all of these products are proven and validated products that are currently going viral, and I hand picked each and every one of these so you guys can succeed in your Drop Shipping Store. so, with that being said, I'm going to be showing you the ad that's currently going viral. I'm going to show you the competitors website plus. I'm going to show you the product price on AliExpress, so you have all the information you need to go out and crush it. so, with that being said, let's get into product number 10.. product number 10 is an absolutely genius product. as you see this tiktok over here. it's only about nine seconds, but it's blown up: nearly 450 000 likes, 10 000 shares. but it's this scooper that also gives you a weight every time you scoop something up. the reason why I think this product is going to be such a winner is not only can you advertise this product as a food prep product, so people can accurately measure the amount of food they want to eat, but I also think this a great pet product if you want to accurately measure your pet food, and if we actually come over this competitor's website, you can see how poor they've actually merchandise this product. the website's literally named Connor storecom, so it looks like someone who's about 16 years old probably just got into Drop Shipping and his mom let him create a store and he named it Connor store. now, no hate to him, but this store could definitely be improved upon quite a bit and I think how you're going to be able to sell tons of this product is if you actually merchandise this for that bodybuilding community and brand your website to feature information targeting your ideal customer demographic. now, another thing I notike is this competitor is only selling this for 19.99. now, when we do come over to AliExpress, the product is super cheap. it's 4.31, which means that the competitor actually has a really solid markup. he's making about 15.50- 50 cents every time someone decides to purchase this product. now, the genius of this product is the fact that you would be able to get away selling this for 39.99 if you're really honing down and advertising this to your dream customer. so I think, if you want to sell this product, create a custom experience for your ideal demographic for this, which will be bodybuilders and weight lifters, and really create your messaging to speak to that customer. now, with that being said, let's move on to product number nine. so product number nine is a classic example of Click bait marketing. they're showing someone with frostbite black fingers and then they're saying, hey, here's how you can prevent it- these heated gloves. and it shows someone going into snow and actually using these. so, if you aren't aware, these heated gloves go viral every single year and they also are a pretty Evergreen product. of course, they will do better in this wintertime season, but I think the potential to advertise this right now is Limitless, especially because winter is still going to be here for quite a bit longer. now we have 221 000 likes on this post, 2500 likes from this company called try hot glove, so they're getting a great reaction and you can see their website over here. it's not a great website, guys. this is a very simple website. they don't even have reviews on this website, so I think that pretty much anyone watching this video can build a better website like this. on Shopify: Shopify makes it super easy, so you guys can obviously use my link down below if you guys don't have a Shopify membership yet, and it actually helps the channel out a ton. so thanks for doing that now. this would be my strategy if I wanted to sell this product. first, I would create a much better website than this competitor has over here and where I think they could use the most work is in this description, so make sure you have a very compelling description. I'll leave a link above. if you don't know how to create descriptions yet, this video will definitely help you out ton. but, as you see, they're selling this for 45 dollars and if we do come over to AliExpress, you can find a competitive product for 18.32. so there's definitely a decent profit margin. that means every time someone goes onto the hot glove and buys this product, they're making about 28 profit. so definitely a good profit margin. and this product would be really easy to advertise, doing organic content, just like this competitor has done. I think they figured out a really compelling hook, which is showing these people with frostbite and then showing this product. it's basically a classic- here's the problem and here's the solution- type advertisement. so if you are wanting to sell this product, just rinse and repeat the content strategy they've already developed, and I think this will also do awesome on paid advertising as well. now, with that being said, let's move on to product number eight. product number eight is a product I found on Facebook and I know this product is going to do extremely well. as you see, this video is showing this windshield that's frozen over and it has this device that basically unfreezes your windshield and it also acts as a portable heater in your car. so this is a two for one product. it's going to help you out with your windshield and when it's also super cold in your car, you're going to be able to put this on and turn it towards you. and, as you see, this is a paid ad that's being run right now and it started October 17th over here, but it already has 10 000 likes, over 3 000 shares on this product and if we come to the comment, you can see that a lot of these people really love this product. people are saying: I would love to have this, that would be good for my buggy, so there's a ton of people who already want this product, which is a great sign. to come over the comments and see that real demand. now, if we do come over this competitors website, we can see that they're selling this for 29.99 for the air blower and if you want the bracket as well, it's 32.99. now, in my opinion. I think they should have just grouped this together and sold it as one variant. usually having three separate options for such a simple product like this can definitely cause some confusion, but overall they have a decent product website. they put some good information in here, but I think it's a little bit clunky and, as you can see, the color scheme is not very congruent, and they also don't have reviews on this product, which kind of shocks me. reviews will easily increase your conversion rate dramatikally. so if you are wanting to sell this product, make sure you have a clean color scheme and make sure you're having a solid description with those reviews. now, if we do come over to AliExpress, the product is only 13. if I was selling this personally, I'd be selling this at 39.99. you can get a three times markup on this product easily. it just depends on how your branding this and Merchandising it. the more high-end that you're branding this, the more premium price you're gonna be able to command for a product like this. now, with that being said, let's move on to product number seven. product number seven is a product I found on Pinterest and, as you see, they're advertising this as 10 times cheaper than the Dyson air wrap and basically this is a five in one curler, and if we do come over to their website, you can see that they're selling this for a pretty hefty price- 99- and, honestly, their website's actually pretty decent. you guys should be looking at websites like this that have beneficial gifts and are actually clean, but there is a lot you could improve here. having too many gifts can slow down your website, and they've also bolded a lot of words that I don't think need to be bolded, and they could have simplified this page quite a bit. so take these notes if you are wanting to sell this product. but overall, it's good that they have a lot of information on here, because when you are selling products- this High tiket- you're definitely going to want to make sure you