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dropshipping from china to south africa

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

Start your business | Unboxing | Import from China to South Africa | Dropshipping | Supplier Hack

hello and welcome to our inaugural video, our very first video of Star Group by Luciano. I am sianda, I'm based in the Eastern Cape and I'm a star Group by Ambassador. one of the many things that I do, I've decided to create a channel where you get a front row seat to what star group is all about. what is tok about? stok reply is an online platform. so historicoupirecom is an online platform that sells items from China. it's an online Marketplace that allows South Africans to import items from China and today, simple, simple transaction is delivery day. we have an order that's come in, so you'll be unpacking with me. foreign Ambassador, is that I get to live vicariously through my customers. I used to buy items firsthand and then they come to my address where I do quality check on the items, and the quality check is merely to say this item has arrived and if there is a problem with it. I then escalated and try and solve it for the customer as quickly as possible. I heard about star goodbye when, um I was looking at. you know, importer courses, Drop Shipping and bringing stuff into the country because you have to be multiple income streams. you know you have to have multiple income streams that help you with the High Cost of Living and just the basic needs that artists and Africans have, and I came across the opportunity to apply to be an ambassador and they chose me because of my sparkling personality. I've been doing this for over six months now and I've faced some challenges with the shipping, because it's not easy to buy something from another country. wait four to eight weeks, because sea shipping is the cheapest option, and then it gets you and you have to be fulfilled when it gets here. and then my customer base is over 600 customers that order with me and I help them with the process of getting their stuff from China to your door. so let's see what today's delivery is. I'll be uploading more videos, but in order for me to keep teaching you about star goodbye, to keep teaching you about inputting from China, do like and subscribe this video and share it. I am not- you know, those online gurus. I'm a regular jar, I'm a mom, I'm a sister, I'm a friend and I do work in another industry. but the benefit is that when you order from China, you can create your own industry. you can create your own um, multi-level- you know- marketing scheme. you can create your own makeup line. you can create your own Gadget line and this helps you buy those samples to kick-start it. even though you kick starting it right, you have to understand that was started by. the benefits is that there's no Customs- you don't pay Customs, so sometimes things aren't going to be a little bit wonky, but I have a very high- you know- standards in terms of customer service and that translates very well into: oh how I advise my customers. so this is the first order that I'm opening and let's see what it is. it looks very pretty, very well packaged. this is stunning. I don't know what it is. um, let's have a look. I get surprised all the time, guys. the owner of this item will definitely know there's a plus, the start button here, or an on button. it's a cuff. you know what I think? this is a cell phone charger car. do you see? there's anything else? there are two of them and because the description is in Mandarin, if there's no picture, I swear to you I get so lost. but let's tok about the quality. I will insert the video. yeah, on the side. that just shows you what this is inside. it's like velvet. the velcro is well done here. also beautiful detailing. close, the chair looks like you can put your phone in here or you can plug something in here, comes with a USB cable, presuming to charge it, and then looks like a cuff, looks like one of those, like one of those running cuffs, but I don't think the cell phone cup. I think it's something else we have to find out. so let's open the next one. this video is going to be long, so you must stay a while. I'll break it up into two parts, um, so that we can, you know, get through as much as possible. what is this next item? clothing. I already know it's clothing. sometimes you can buy brand of clothing and sometimes you can buy non-branded clothing and then you can label it here or put your logo on or just sell it as non-brandles. okay, it looks like a Grace t-shirt. I've never seen the foil pod like this, but this is excellent. It's a medium. the packaging- I'm quite impressed with it. and then, if I take it out, oh nice, it just sits. so it's a shirt, Nike shirt that comes with shorts. oh, this is so lovely guys, this is great for people who jump or even just like Leisure Way at home. not my size, obviously, because I'm not a medium, but this is beautiful. this is beautiful. this is great quality, this is a great quality. I will take pictures and then, oh, nice, and then put them up on the side so you can see what it is about. okay, next item: more clothing. I wonder what it is. let's say it's a jacket, Maybe. I hope you can see because it's Saturday in the bay. oh, this is beautiful. guys. this is like School way, guess. it's packaged nicely. they see quickly. I wonder if it's a stik or if it's just a one. it's a set, it's a tracksuit. this is a medium as well, lovely and zip fleece inside collection. this right, the back has pockets and then the pants: just as good, looks great inside, also fleece. one of my big Inspirations, or at least people that um on the community that I really really take seriously, is namolina, and please do follow her reviews. she's great, she has excellent experience and fashion. she's done with fashion. I haven't, but I know what to look out for and then also, having an entrepreneurial mother who has a very high taste, I know what to look for. you know, like the stitching, the stitching and how it's put together, the zip detailing here at the edges, the straight lines- are there any there's positive, any sound of. is there any like string stiking out? and there isn't, which is great. let's move on to our next item. I always get surprised. everything is like a new thing for me. I promise you, this looks like hula bags with lunch bags, right? so I'm gonna open the top here- yes, for the cable. and then you put your headphones through here. there's a hole here. and then yep, just like I thought, there's your cable here inside. I love the fact that it comes with the cable, like all these icons. there's a zip inside here, so it's like a lunch box, you know, like a cooler lunchbox. I think it's fire. oh, look very cute with some straps here. okay, very AO tiknology. what is the design? Hello spring, I love it. this is very cute. so you would close it like this. and then The Lunchbox design. I think we get it. maybe you put your fur in here. it's a clear compartment here. maybe you can put your phone in here and then you'll be able to carry it while listening to your music, if you have cable, you know. um, earphones. and then this is a different color, also a very lovely color. I love the pastels, like pastel blue. I think this is great for kids, guys, or just cute for you. you know different areas. maybe you want to put your bank card in here and also here? okay, this is lovely. okay, there's a cable inside here- again, lovely stuff, guys, you got a great taste. and then the next item is: let's see, I don't like to go to the right to stab too hard. okay, another tracksuit looks nice, Navy, looks like semi-branded. oh, okay, this is fleece inside, medium again, right, if I look at the detailing, you see there is the string here that needs to be cut or tied or just burnt off. the print is printed quite well. uh, definitely would worry about it after a couple of washes. and then here's the tracksuit. again, I think maybe, perhaps this is good for a boy, child or um, for school or brothers. but this is lovely. I love the color. it won't come out of the wash like generally, um, with polyester or non-pure cotton, um Fabrics, the color gets retained. so we all know these tracksuits: they're made to last and because the fleece is inside the pilling- which is like you know, that will be inside, the friction balls will be inside. and then let's see what this is. this looks like a pair of shoes.

Dropshipping from AliExpress to South Africa, Is it possible?

man, that was fun. sorry for the late video. i've been away for four weeks. um, i've been chilling around from the beaches, drinking my ties, driving around the lambos, spent some time in bali, just got back so i thought i'm just gonna update this video and tell you how it was possible with all the money i made from drop shipping. do so africa from aliexpress. so yeah, let's do it. [Music]. hey guys, my name is jacque vessels and they super welcome to whip nomads. today i want to tok a little bit about something else. that little first clip you saw was just me fooling around. because there are so many people on on youtube that pretend they are making hundreds and thousands of dollars and spending time in in hot tubs with russian models or whatever the case might be, all over the world and then drive porsches and lambos and ferraris, and most of those cars are just rentals. so those videos they create a. they portray a false kind of hope for most of us and if you are a fanatik of youtube and kind of love to just deep, deep, deeper or just go down that youtube rabbit hole, you will find a lot of videos like this where people just go way out and and pretend they are this living this lavish life just from from, from a drop shipping of all the you know, drop shipping from aliexpress. i'm not saying it is impossible and please do understand. i'm not here to steal your dreams. i'm here to tok specifically about aliexpress and using aliexpress as a drop shipping, a drop shipper, to south africa- not to any other other place in the world- to south africa. and what is the hurdles- the hurdles you are going to face and have to overcome to make it even possible to ship this africa, because most videos you see about dropshipping has got to do with shopify and also aliexpress and how you can combine those and make thousands of dollars online. yes, this system works very well for um if you live in the states, and the reasons are pretty clear- is because you, you have um two to four weeks shipping and they use e-packet. now e-packet is free shipping and that helps out a lot. another thing that helps them a lot and when the products get to the us, it gets then obviously shipped to the owner of that product quite quickly, so they don't have to deal with waiting times at the mail hubs, and that is also something we are going to tok about in this video. so if you're interested in this kind of content and you want to kind of figure out if it's going to be worth even trying to dropship from aliexpress, stik around. and if i can ask you this, please subscribe to this channel and hit that um on that bell notification for future updates. and if you have managed to find, um you know valuable content, please hit that like button. that will help this youtube channel to grow a little bit faster, and i would appreciate it a ton. so, and most importantly, if you are watching this video and you are a successful drop shipper in south africa, i do please invite you to leave a comment, um, so we can exchange some emails and i can get ahold of you and we can tok about it and then i can do an update on this video on how to actually get this right in um, you know, in in a certain way or whatever the case can be. but i want to show you the biggest problems that we are sitting with right here in south africa when it comes to dealing with um using aliexpress to as a drop shipping supplier to south africa. so let's jump inside a computer and start off with the very first kind of issue we are going to run into all right guys. so before we dive right into the video, i would like to invite you to my website. uh, on the website here at webnomiscom, you'll find all kinds of cool stuff. um, i do literally all the things you're looking for online: do, blogging, marketing. i do all the videos you see usually on youtube, i tok, about online stores, online stores, affiliate marketing, email marketing, online stores. obviously, and obviously, then i cover a broad spectrum or a broad part of blogging. so i would like to invite you to, with nomads, come around here and look for all kinds of information you're interested in. i've got all kinds of artikles here: uh, how to sell clothes online, africa. i've got playfast reviews, blogging with wix, if you want to start a store with wix- the complete guide, brizzy page builder that you can actually, um, go and check out if you want to build a website and everything else. so, with that out of the way, let's jump in the right into the first problem. so, if we go to aliexpress, so this product right here is the back posture corrector. so this product was extremely, extremely popular way back in, i think in the beginning of 2020. this sold hundreds and thousands of orders and people made a ton of money with this specific product, right, you know, in the us. so say, for instance, we are, we just hit the um the trend with this product and we are literally riding the the trend and it is very popular at the moment and we want to sell and be a drop shipper for aliexpress, you know, as as a supplier to south africa. now we can see the product is 61 rent and 52 cents, which is nothing, because you can easily sell these for 450, 500 bucks or 500 grand rather, and you'll make a decent profit. now here is the problem. this is where he's gonna slap you. so if you scroll down and check the shipping, the shipping is two and a half thousand rent to south africa. so i'm pretty sure in your head that this won't make any sense shipping to south africa. so if you, it's because one of the reasons why is because we use dhl and obviously dhl is worldwide and the shipping delivery is not too bad. it's 9 to 22 days, which is not bad. so how do the guys from the us, how did they manage to get all to sell a ton of these in the us for a great profit? well, it's very easy if you go and check the shipping and you just simply enter united states, they get free shipping and that is how they actually manage to to sell a lot of these, because they can add free shipping to their products. so and obviously they have a 30 to 50 day waiting period and that's kind of you know what you have to deal with. you can obviously go with aliexpress and they will probably get there in a month and a half from now and it's only 35 bucks, which is not bad. so- and this is where a lot of people land up or find themselves in big trouble- because they do not on their shopify store, they do not in their terms and conditions and especially on the product pages, let customers know that the products can take 30 to 50 days to to for delivery, and the customer expects that the product to be there in five or seven working days and when the product does not arrive, they jump on them emails, they burn their keyboards out of frustration to type you a super nasty mail telling you what's going on, where is my product, and then, if the product doesn't arrive next week, they just cancel the order. and this is where it's very important. so if you are looking into sending stuff or starting a drop shipping store to the us. make sure to be very clear about your shipping dates so that you do not land in what hot water. so this was very popular, and one of the products that is very popular right now is this mosquito killer. this is a very hot product and this is doing very well in drop shipping and, as you can see, it's only like 19 rand for this. so if it works, it's probably one of the best mosquito killers that i will invest in. but i'm not gonna buy 876 rent for shipping from china to south africa. that is not gonna happen. i'm i'm very sorry. i'm not gonna pay that amount of shipping prices and that's the also. the biggest problem that you're gonna sit with is to figure out how you're gonna go about your shipping, and the shipping is super expensive to south africa. and once again, if we click the shipping uh settings here, you will see we only have one option in. i'm sure by now, if you know, if i go to united states, the shipping will be free. so if you can sell this in the united states, go for it. i will later in this video i will tok about the problems when it comes to selling in the states um you.

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How to Find a Drop Shipping Supplier in South Africa

okay, guys. so today i'm going to show you how to find a good supplier the easy way. okay, i'm also going to tok about one of the things that you should not do if you're looking for a supply. okay, one of the biggest mistakes that most dropshippers do when they're looking for supplies. okay, so first we need to define what makes a good supplier. okay, a good supplier, guys, it's someone who is able to allow you to buy one one and still sell you at a very good price. okay, he doesn't have to ship for you. he doesn't have to. most likely, he will package for you, but doesn't have to ship for you, because you'll understand that one of the places where that you're gonna make a lot of money from it's shipping. okay, that's why you- it's better you get your own shipping. so today we're going to tok about my favorite way to get good suppliers and also how to save money as you do your own shipping. okay, to from the supplier to your own clients. okay, so now, guys, the other thing that makes a good supply is their ability to support their products. okay, but not only, but most suppliers will not be able to do that, but the other thing that is important is they are. they are, they are return policies if they are fair enough. if you, you drop ship the product to the client, the clan doesn't like it, and then you're able to send it back to them and they can refund you your money, okay, and another thing i will say, guys, is, once the client is done, happy with the product, the best thing to do is to refund the client. okay, don't try to send another product to the client, because there's a good chance that they may also reject that product and then, before you know it, you've lost a lot of money, okay, so just remember that, guys. so now, the wrong way to find a good supplier is: you know, you can go to drop stok, right, and try to find a good supply, but personally i would not recommend using drop shot drops. okay, so personally, guess, i would not advise using drop store to find a good supplier, reason being: most suppliers that are inside drop store are like drop shippers, like me and me. okay, that's the challenge of job store drop store ads. it's a platform that makes it easy for you to drop ship to dropship, okay, but the challenge with drop store guys is when you're getting started, you're not gonna, they're not gonna give you access to the best supplies there is because most suppliers are not on drop stop. okay, people that are on drop stool are dropshippers that are trying to make money as suppliers. okay, so dropstore is a great platform. if you know, um, you want to do as little as possible as a dropship. but when you're getting started, okay, it's not the best place because it will tend to become expensive. they will make the whole process automated. but when you're getting started, you don't need an automated system. you need a cheap system. okay, you have the time, you don't have the money, right, and drop store is mostly for people with the money and don't have the time. okay, so the best place, guys, to start that i would recommend when you're getting started is to go inside better buy. that's where you'll find some very good suppliers. okay, you'll find them inside better buy, okay, so getting getting supplied better buys easy, guys, because one thing that i recommend you start doing is using the what's hot button. this will show you all the products that are trending and are selling well, and you can use that to sort of have an idea of what to drop ship, okay. so now i'm just, i'm just going through this. i'm just, you know, doing a random search. let's say, now i decide to sell, let me check. uh, let me find something interesting. okay, let's say we do, we do this. latest latex waste trainer. okay, this is the three times extra large. so now the way i would get this up higher for this is: i will not, i will not make this guy my supplier yet, okay. so i will look at the category that they're selling at. let's say they call text and bustlers. you see the category there. then i come here and i'll see low prices, okay, and what i will do is i will, i will keep you see, this one is the cheapest, right, so i will most likely look at this guy as my potential supplier. but another thing is: look at the ratings. right, they should at least be 97 percent and above anything under 92 percent. that means people are unhappy with this, with this supplier. so you need to be careful. so i would most likely choose this guy just for for the case study. and then you just click on the buy now button, okay, and then what you do is you order from them. okay, and then, after ordering from them, what will happen is you don't have to pay, okay, better buyer will give you their contact details and then you can contact them directly and everything and and tok to them and tell them: dude, i want to buy this thing and i'd like to send my own, my own couriers, to come collect and most likely they'll say, okay, no problem, and then you order directly from them and then you have a supplier. it's that easy and most guys that are here- you'll find some very, very good suppliers that will give you some very good prices inside bread or buy for me. this is how i've always done it and it has worked very well and to this day, i sometimes some very good suppliers that i found through better buy and i order directly from them. i send my own couriers to them because in that way i'm able to save some money on the shipping fees. okay, guys, i hope that's been helpful. this is the best way to find a supplier. if you're a drop ship, okay. other ways i would not really go into them. they may make it easy for you to drop ship, but i'm telling you that most times they will not give you as as good prices as you would get inside better buy. but also you can always compare price as well, you can go to drop store and see what's what's the cheapest. you can get on the product and go into better buy and maybe you might get like and find it cheaper. it's better if it's in there, because already the guy has has is on the platform and it's going to make it easy for you to drop ship right. but but the other challenge i've seen over the time is their shipping times may also take too long. okay, that's the other thing, but if i'm selling my own couriers, i'm able to control how quickly i get my products to my clients right. so those are some of the other challenges i've found in the past using platforms like drop store or other guys who claim to be to help to be supplies for dropshippers. i hope this makes sense, guys, and thank you very much and i'll see you guys in the next video. so if you would love to learn more about drop shipping the easy way in south africa and you would love to learn more about selling on better buy, please visit wwwdropshipezcoc and in there you will learn how to dropship the easy way and you will learn more about how to sell on video buy.

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Customs Clearance From Ordering In China To South Africa using Alibaba.com | South African YouTuber

hi guys, welcome back to my channel. so if you're new, my name is lizo. if you're a retaining subscriber, thank you so much for staying subscribed to this channel. so today i'm going to be toking about business inventory albert unboxing the, the, the package that i received today. i received it around 10 because the delivery guy was here around 10 so i had to go and fetch the, the inventory. okay, guys, i have my. i actually already have orders for this. so, yeah, that's, that's good news that i already have orders. i have like three orders. so, yeah, thank you so much for those people who are believing in me in ordering already. that's so so very supportive of you. if you're watching this video, i appreciate you and thank you so much for ordering, okay. so, um, i bought my inventory from china. this is the box. i'm gonna show my address, but this is how big that box is. that's how big it is. so, oh my gosh, i want to tok about how i ordered using alibaba and tok about customs, how i cleared customs. how much did they charge me? you know how much? or was my inventory? how much was the delivery fee? okay, so, first things first. i ordered from alibaba. alibaba is an app you can. you can download the app, you can have that. you can go to their websites using your desktop and do things from them. i personally prefer to use the website to order from alibaba. okay, so, when i ordered from alibaba, you can actually have an option to, to, to, to tok, or to speak with your vendor, you know, or your supplier, or someone who is selling you the products that you are looking for. okay, oh, this is the invoice, okay, okay, wow, my vendor. i just love him more. so, um, this is an invoice. the invoice is the amount that you have used [Applause] to purchase or to buy everything from those people. so they usually charge you full. okay, let's go back to alibaba and how it, how i ordered from there and from there how it went to me receiving my order and yeah and everything. so, first things first, i did a research because i wanted to sell lashes, you know, so i don't know. it's like you can order niches here from south africa. i know that- very, for a very, very cheap price, because the people that are that have lashes, they also order them from china. so i decided to be the big company, the big business, in order straight from china using the app alibaba. so, on alibaba, you have the option to speak with your vendor. you have the option to first order your lashes and sample them, just like i did with my earrings and lashes. i first ordered samples so i can check are they fine and in good conditions, and everything you know. so you have all those options and you have an option of negotiating with your vendor. for me, the, the, the shipping fee. it was around 70 dollars. so i told my vendor here: no, i cannot afford 70 dollars for shipping. you know, it's way, way, way too much. you know, regarding the money that i have already used, you know, because i used around a hundred dollars to buy my whole lashes and look how small this box is. okay. so my vendor- he was like: okay, you need to to change some other things. and then we discussed and changed. oh, we really, really like it took a month to for me to come to a decision holding: this is what i want, this is what i'm sure i want, this is the money that i have that i'm willing to pay for for these things, for them to get to me. okay. so the moment i was ready, my vendor- she was like: okay, fine, i sent him the order and then i was like, no, i'm not satisfied with this order. okay, and then let's redo the order, and then you'll have to change my order and add new things that i want, because i wanted lash tools for my business too, because i'm doing less. i ended up ordering and then we discussed the shipping fee. and then the shipping fee: it was 50 dollars. that's how. that's how much my vendor changed to me the shipping thing. he had to send my things and then i have to give him my address, the country, the, the city, the province, the, the, the township or the suburb that i'm staying at, and i had to give him my, the name of the place that i stay here. so i had to give him my student accommodation address, because i am still in the rest, since schools are opened. okay, so yeah, and then my things. they were sent. then he told me that your things won't be there within oh how many days? within, uh, two weeks. let me tell you something about alibaba. when you discuss something with your vendor and then you agree that, like, he must ship your things within two weeks or within a week. it's supposed to be that way, and if it's not that way you are allowed or eligible to ask for a refund. you know so, most of the time the vendors- they make sure that, like the, the product is shipped earlier. so if we, like you guys, gave each other two weeks- like my vendor, he shipped my things using ups- you know ups- i would say i would give them a 4.5 out of five. you know i liked it the way they worked with me and everything. yeah, because everything else- my first time i do know how to to deal with the customs and clear the customs, so with them. they called me, so my vendor sent my order and then, when he sent my order, i think it took him three days for it to be shipped from china to south africa in hauting, and it was in, i think it's clemson park where they have that airport. so my order was stuck today. so when i tried, okay, my vendor, before he ships my order, he has to send me a tracking number. so he sent me his tracking number to check my order. so from there in when he shipped my things, they took three days to arrive in south africa. three days or two days, it was not more days, i remember very well, it's not more than three days. and then when they arrived here, i tricked them again and then i saw where they are in transit. they were about to leave the airport in dubai because i think they they were shipped from china to dubai and then from dubai to south africa, and then it was more faster. and then when i saw that now they are here in south africa, they were delayed because i had to clear customs. but ups, the following day they called me, i think from them. they arrived. they called me after two days. while they did the things, they were already at the airport, you know, and then they called me. they were like, hey, you need to clear customs and everything. i think they arrived on friday in johannesburg and then they called me on monday and then they were like, hey, you need to clear customs and everything, because i remember that day i got my other order from china, which, well, which the vendor used fedex to send them here. so, fedex, they just like i didn't have to pay for customs. i have the link of that video where i explained how things happen today, you know. so for this one, my the up ups, yes, they called me. then they were like: hey, your order i need needs to be released from the airport, so you need to pay or clear customs. i was like, okay, it's fine. and then they asked for my name. i had a number and, yeah, i think that that was it- and my email. so they will send me the link and the documents to my email. so the link- i think it's a payment link for me. i didn't use the link, i just used my app to pay, because they send you documents of their banking account. they send you documents that tells you how much do you owe. what are they charging you? because they charge you three things. it's the- let me check so i'll be sure. okay, so what they charge you? they charge you for disbursement fee, this basement fee. for me it was hundreds and 500 plus 15.75 cents. and then they charge you the customs for it, or fat customs rate of at v18, which was 152.85, and then they charged me the customs duty, which was 156.80, so the total was 478.. they charged me 475, 480 for everything, so that that that is around 28, and since my invoice said, the total amount is 50 dollars, and then they charge me 28 from 50 dollars. you see, they charged. i can say they just they changed me around 30 to 45 percent of that amount. i can say that that that's how much they charged. that's how much they charged me for the customs. you know, yeah, but like would i say that, like i like uh, ups or whatever. i kind of feel li.


in this video, not only i'm going to show you how to find drop a shipping suppliers or e-commerce suppliers, but i am going to give you a list of the suppliers i've used in the past, trusted and tested. that's how nice i am, and if you wait until the end of this video, i'm going to tell you about this what's up group that i have created that i introduce winning products that you can get for my suppliers. sounds interesting. stay tuned, let's go. okay, push up gang, gang, gaga, gang. and if you clicked on this, uh, and you're part of the family, you know what to do. but before we get into it, i'd like to say congratulations to this person. this person won yourself this book. it's coming, yeah, it's coming in the next week or so. you should have it and have a good read. this is the bible for most hustlers. no one could say their entrepreneur or their hustler without reading this book. remember, i'm not a financial advisor, but i am your number one hustler. all right, cool. so, with that being said, just a couple of news. every sunday, i take out my blogs of how to find, of my pursuit, of finding or getting funded by nyda and gep, posted every single sunday, and on wednesdays, i do how to, um, basically how to get suppliers, how to- it's basically how to- five-minute videos, nothing longer than that. and then, of course, uh, on days like random- i don't know, random thursdays or fridays, i will do lives. and then, at the end, of course, we have introduced two more shows in my playlist, which is val everything for people that don't have content in the vault and the business of music, because, well, basically, that is my background. okay, okay, i have leveled enough. that is the playlist. please go check it out. now let's get into the video of how to find suppliers. it's been a question i've been asked. ah, i've tried everything just to get this question out there and i decided i'm going to do this video for everyone to find suppliers for their ecommerce store or their dropshipping store. if you don't know what an e-commerce store and drop shipping store is, please, the dropshipping store video is linked over there. please go watch it. it's explained the way i explain it. and e-commerce store is basically selling you having goods and you're selling them having physical goods on you. you know you stok them yourself, but they're online. i hope i'm making sense anyway. so, how to find suppliers for your- um, maybe e-commerce fitness store, or your baby accessories and clothing, uh, or maybe you have your fashion where, your streetwear. you want to find out where you can get sneakers on the plaque. so let's go to my pc. we're gonna go through everything step by step. i'm gonna show you where to get it and after this- wait for the video to end- i'm going to tell you about a whatsapp group. i just opened that i'm introducing tested- not so much tested- products that will be in the group. so if you have a drop shipping store and you have an e-commerce store and you've been looking for, uh, trending and well products that you can sell on your store, on the plug, so let's go to my pc and get that one started. hey, the only way that you can thank me for this is by hitting that like button. that's it. that's it. that's the only way. i mean, you can't just get all this information. you're not here. just hit the like button, just a like. so let's start like guys, i can't emphasize this enough. this person is your friend. google is your friend. anything, anything you can think of this thing literally has an answer. right, if you're not lazy, uh, and you, you know, saying you don't want to pay courses, you don't have the money, or you just because what courses is? is this one person taking all this information from google, spending sleepers nights to put it in one package so that you don't have to, right? but everything that you need is here, right? so let me show you something- and i already googled it right. drop shipping suppliers in south africa. look at what happens. you type that: look what happens. okay, it's gonna tell you about fiverr. you know that's, that's wrong shopify, because these guys they're on top, because they're ads. so skip the ads all the time, because the ads, basically, it's just, i won't say false advertising, but if i get into here, it's gonna introduce me to uh, fiverr and five. i'm not looking for that, i'm looking for drop shipping stuff. so if i see com, uh and all of this, this is not what i'm looking for, right, i'm not looking for dot com, i'm looking for this. look at this. uh, drop store has already had it's giving you 12 list, right? drop store. we spoke about this. it's also. i'm going to also tok about about drop stall a bit, just five seconds. i'm even going to get into it because if you go on top, i've- i've showed you how to use um drop store. so, but if you click this, look at that list of 12 best suppliers in south africa. this might be outdated, but i know i can see. i can see that they uh, 20, 20, 20, right, okay, not bad. so third wave, look at that. i'm already using third wave. so this is third wave. this is the other drop shipping company they can use. you must just go to uh, become a reseller. when you go there, just just register with them. they have almost every tik thing that you can think of. that's your name, email address, and then just put in your store here so they can check out your store so they can reply uh, a little bit faster, right? you put in your store and you tell them what you've been selling or what you're looking for, and they're going to send you a price list of everything i already have. that i was going to tok about. that. third wave is really, really good. uh, they are fast in delivery and their services are wonderful. i mean these, these, um, these things are in. i can tell you this is a winning product. people are having massage problems, they're having bad problems, they are looking for these things. it's you can't walk in a shop and buy this, right? you can't walk into pick and pay and buy this. so this is a perfect winning product, right, this is also a perfect winning product. maybe it's now in pick and pay. uh, you can walk into pick and pay, but i doubt with like, i doubt this, this type. you can get it in pick and pay. so they, they really sell like, really dope 4k. you know video recording, um, so just find out with them. but let's go back, let's go back to the list. uh, let's see. and if you click on here, it takes you straight to the, to the distributors, um, the, the suppliers, right, uh, also, kelaska, look at that i have, i have it over there. they are really good. the only problem with them: they want 1.5, i think 1.6, but they have everything, fine living, they have all the products here. bro, if you are going to sell, i know this, this is uh, this is uh. they're not putting in the prices, just the description and everything, uh, but this is a winning product. i like this. this is the urban uh bucket. uh, what's this? uh, what do you call it? right? so this is a urban urban um that you put for your laundry and things like that. they're not gonna give you the prices, obviously, uh, because they want you to register with them, but they're very reasonable. it's just 1.5 once off. uh, and, yeah, you can just register with them. they do have a drop shipping. uh, they know about drop shipping. they know how it works. uh, just contact them over there and tell them what you want to do: a new account. you can just go to new account and create your account, but just contact them first and just get more information about them. they're actually incentive and mobile, so they're really good, right, all right, let's go back to the list. google is your friend. google is your friend. let's go back to google. ah, drop, there we go. it already pops up, right, so google is your friend. let's go back to that list. that list is there, pop up. i'm. i am telling you about this list, uh, because you can find- anyone can find this. if you're not lazy, you can do this. you can go to google and find this. but these are not the drop shipping supplies that i. i use um, so, uh, this is what i used to use when i first started. right, when i first started, i used to use um. i'm toking to you as a person that dropships not toking to.


hello guys. welcome back to me toking about the one and only thing on love money. in today's video, i want to share with you how you can start dropshipping in south africa and make money. but before we dive right in, please don't forget to hit the like button for the youtube algorithm. time is money and i don't want to waste yours, so let's get started. if you are someone who's into making money, like me, you probably have come across drop shipping in your search for legit ways of making money online, and maybe you've also seen how other people are making a lot of money from this business model, especially people in the us, canada, uk, etc. drop shipping is not a country specific business. anyone can do it, but people from countries like south africa are usually discouraged by the inability to find suppliers. let's start with the basics. what is drop shipping? drop shipping is basically an order fulfillment method of selling, where a store doesn't keep or buy the product itself. instead, the seller purchases inventory as needed from a third party, or rather known as a supplier or manufacturer. you may be wondering: how does drop shipping work? you set up an online store and serve as a middleman between a buyer and a supplier. the nice thing about this business model: you don't need crazy capital to start because you are not buying the inventory. unlike someone who's running a physical store, they have to buy hundreds of products prior in hopes that someone will come and buy in 2020, when the pandemic hits. a lot of people who are doing business the traditional way- like buying stok before and then saying to their customers- lost a lot of money when people stopped buying or when people weren't going to town as much. let's say you want to sell a product- maybe a water bottle- that makes water super cold in summer and hot in winter- basically a two in one bottle. this kind of product or such a product is a special product that you can't really find in any shop that you walk into. so, as a dropshipper, you can sell this product online. you can put pictures of this product as well as a video showing this product. the nice thing is, you don't even have to take pictures yourself or create a video for this product. you can get the pictures, as well as the promotional video, from the supplier for free. when someone places an order on your website, they will pay the price you have set, not the suppliers price. then you will take your profit and then send the order to the supplier. the supply will package the products and ship it directly to the customer. the supplier will never know how much you edit as your cards or profits. they're just going to be happy that you are bringing them customers, which is what they want. but where will you find products to sell? you can drop ship, even from within south africa, but if you want to be able to add your own profit or your own cards without making the product price insanely expensive, you'll have to drop ship directly from china, because products are way cheaper. then drop shipping is starting to peek off in south africa and people are making money from this, but of course they won't share the details because they don't want competition, understandably. maybe you also know someone who's selling products and when you ask them, they just say they get them from china, without getting into details, and somehow they're able to deliver to their customers every second week or multiple times a month. and you probably think, wow, they must be rich if they are able to ship products from china. but no, they are most likely doing dropshipping and they are just a middleman. that's why you never see any inventory or stok. why should you start dropshipping in south africa. firstly, the unemployment rate is high. dropshipping can be a way of making money and even if you do have a job, having one job or one source of income is not enough. secondly, the startup capital is low compared to other businesses. you don't have to save like thousands of friends before you can start. thirdly, the risk is also low because the customer gets to pay first and then you pay the supplier. some people who have tried dropshipping and failed were probably using aliexpress and the problem with aliexpress: they take forever to deliver. they can take 30 days to 60 days just to deliver one product, and no one wants to wait for that long. another reason why you should start drop shipping in south africa. the competition is low compared to countries like uk, us, canada, where drop shipping has been booming for years. in south africa, the market is still big. now that you have an idea what drop shipping is, what if you are interested, how can you start drop shipping in south africa? the first thing you should do is to decide which website you are going to use to start your store. this is important because some websites ask for a membership fee and some require you to have a coding skill, which is something you probably don't want to go through. if you are not into coding or you don't know how to code, some sites give you a free trial, like shopify. but doing product research can take time. you don't want to waste your 14 days. once you have chosen the website, the next step is to find the product. you can find products on amazon, aliexpress, tik-tok. see what's trending on the internet and take a chance, or you can even read this blog post by goshit pro. i'll link it down below. let's quickly have a look at this detailed post about product hunting. these are some of the steps you can take to find the right product. number one: find a product that can solve a problem. you don't wanna sell something that people are not gonna buy, because then what's the point? you want to make profit, and the only way you can make profit is if people buy. number two: try a niche you are interested in. are you interested in setting clothes, jewelry, kitchen stuff, guide days, etc. you have to find a niche and specialize. number three: make good use of your professional skills. this is also important. use your skills to describe the product. if you're into fashion and maybe you want to sell those puff jackets now that it's almost winter. describe the products in such a way that when the customer sees the description, they just want to buy the product. number four: find a profitable hobby. you want to run a business and not be able to make money. number five: catch up with trending products. when you're doing dropshipping, it's important to stay up to date, especially in your niche. all through tik tok. find what's trending and sell that product. the nice thing about drop shipping: you don't have to sell one product forever. you can change every month or you can change with trends. number six: hunt for high tikets products. you want to be able to get more profits from few others. and lastly, see customer inside. go through aliexpress, amazon and other sites, even if you're not going to order from those sites. just find that similar product you want to sell. go through comments, see if people like that partikular product. but if you have found a product, what's next? the next thing is to find a supplier in china. you can use goshi pro dropshipping, which is a trusted sourcing and fulfillment agent that is based in china and has been in business for five years. they find suppliers for you and even test the products on your behalf if you want to be sure about the quality of your products before sending it to the customer. what i like about gaussian pro: they have no minimum order quantity. this means even if you get one order a day or one order per week, they will still process the order. they process orders within 48 hours and the shipping is only 6 to 12 days, unlike aliexpress, where your customer has to wait 30 days or 45 days and even 60 days. if you want to get started with drop shipping, caution pro is definitely the agent you should check out. when i call them, i asked for a discount code because i really believe that this business model is going to change lives, so you can use no support 10 down below. if you are not from south africa, don't worry, i'm goi.