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Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

Top 11 Dropshipping Software and Tools To Scale Your eCommerce Store

drop shipping software, tools and services are a great way to help us escalate and skyrocket our drop shipping businesses. that's why, in this video, i'm going to be going over the top 11 drop shipping software and tools for you guys to use that will help you with many things like product research, product importing, automatik orders, price and stok monitoring, knowing how to handle your finances and expenses, optimizing your product pages and getting videos for your products, and so much more. so, if you want to scale your drop shipping business, this is not a video that you want to miss. quick intro and let's go. [Music]. hello everyone, i'm lewand from autods, and in this video, we're going to go over the top 11 drop shipping software and tools for you to use to escalate and scale your drop shipping business. we cannot handle all of the workload on ourselves, on our own, because we are just one person. even if we have virtual assistants that help us run and automate some of our daily tasks, we still need the help of drop shipping tools and software to really help us scale our drop shipping businesses and reach new heights and new profits, month by month and year by year. by the end of this video, you will see exactly how all of these drop shipping software and tools can help you escalate your drop shipping business. so, without further ado, let's jump straight into the action, but one second before that. if you are new to our channel, subscribe to our youtube channel to always stay updated on all of the latest and all of the hottest topics that are coming out in the world of drop shipping, along with so many drop shipping tips and strategies to help you run a successful online business. having said that, let's go ahead and get started with the video. everything that i'm going over, by the way, you can read about it in the blog, which i will leave a link to right below this video. so go ahead and check that out if you are the type who likes to read. so what are the top 11 drop shipping software and tools for 2022? let's take it from the top. the number one tool that i want to recommend in this video is none other than auto ds, and the reason behind that is because auto ds is really the number one e-commerce platform for drop shipping that you have out there today. you have so many things included in auto ds, like automatik product importing, automatik order fulfillment, automatik tracking, number updates, price and stok monitoring over 25 reliable drop shipping suppliers, compatibility with the top selling platforms like facebook marketplace, ebay, shopify, wix, amazon and so much more coming soon, so you can drop ship and have full automation from over 25 drop shipping suppliers, giving you access to millions and millions of products that you can then resell on those selling channels that i just mentioned. and, of course, you can do it in multiple regions worldwide. so if you see someone- one of your competitors- doing a really good job on a specific market, you can do the same thing on a different market around the world, so you don't always have to drop ship to only one region, like the us. you can also drop ship in different regions like uk, australia, new zealand, germany and so many more countries around the world. those are some of the things that help rods stand out so much more. we also have a great blog page that's updating at least twice a week, with new artikles coming out that will help you out with dropshipping tips and strategies, product finding, case studies, success stories and so much more, and an updated youtube channel with videos such as this one to help you gain more knowledge in drop shipping and, of course, help you scale successfully. if you don't know about auto ds yet just head on over to autodeskcom see all of the features and benefits. try out your one dollar trial and see how it works for you. i'm sure that you will like what you see. one of the things that's worth mentioning is autods's new product research tool that simply helps you find the best products to sell on your stores, and you can simply import it in just one click from the auto ds system to your drop shipping stores with full price and stok monitoring automation, quick product importing, as i just explained, and, of course, automatik orders and automatik tracking number updates. check out the new product research tool because soon you're also going to have private wholesale drop shipping suppliers that only you can work with as an auto ds member. this is going to be an exclusive benefit and will give you the drop shipping contracts that many drop shippers are looking for and, once again, to work with private wholesale drop shipping suppliers, so you can work with retailers. you can work with private suppliers. you can work with whatever you want and scale your business to new heights. everything is very flexible on auto ds and if you're ever having any trouble with anything, we have full live chat support and a tiket system. if you do not want to wait for the live chat, or if it's not available at the moment, you can always open up a tiket and, of course, any problem that you're having will get resolved as soon as possible. head over to autodscom. see everything that's going on over there and then you'll know exactly what i mean and why i put us at number one on the list. number two on the list is oberlo. oberlo is another drop shipping automation software that will help you with things like price and stok monitoring, help you semi semi-automate your orders, and that's pretty much it. you can only integrate oberlo with shopify and aliexpress as your supplier, so it's pretty much just limited to that one supplier, aliexpress, and that one selling channel, shopify. so if that is what you're looking to do and you're not looking to expand your drop shipping business any further, you can give that a look. one of the things that's also worth mentioning about automatik orders: they're using your buyer account to purchase your product for you on aliexpress. so, for example, you imported a product from aliexpress to shopify and now you got a cell on your shopify store. somebody purchased that product. now oberlo can help you fulfill that order and fulfill it for you automatikally, but they're going to use your buyer account on aliexpress, meaning they're going to need your login details and they're going to use your credit card or whatever payment information you submitted in aliexpress. so the credit is on you and that's what it's like using the automated orders method, on or below. when you compare that to auto ds, autods can also help you semi-automate your orders using your buyer accounts, but better than that, there's also the fulfilled by auto ds service, which completely fulfills your orders- 100 automatikally, not using your buyer accounts, meaning rods has enough buyer accounts of their own and they will use them to fulfill your orders. all you have to do is top up your manage balance and enjoy the special benefits that you will get using the auto ds and payoneer partnership. if you want to use pioneer as your payment solution, you can also use paypal, credit card and others with auto ds. but in any case, let's go back to oberlo. so we know that they have one supplier, which is aliexpress, and one selling channel, which is shopify, and a semi-automatik order fulfillment method, and that pretty much sums up what they can do. their pricing for the starter plan starts at five dollars a month, basic plan thirty dollars a month and the professional plan at eighty dollars a month, allowing you to import thirty thousand products, but of course, all of them have to come from aliexpress. those are the top two drop shipping software that you can use to automate your drop shipping business. now keep in mind there are much more drop shipping tools out there, but none of them come close to these. so keep that in mind. and now let's move forward to the best product research and spy tools that will help you gain a competitive edge over your competitors, because with these spy tools and product research tools, you can reall.

5 APPS You NEED for Shopify Dropshipping (2022)

this video will be going over the top five Shopify Drop Shipping apps. you actually need to make your store look a lot more professional and just start getting more sales. for this first one, all you have to do is head to the Shopify app store right here and then, once you guys are here, you are going to press on search apps right here and this is where you guys are going to search in track one, two, three. basically, what track one, two, three is? it's a tracking link app. so basically, this one right here with the blue box. you guys are just going to click on that and what this does is is it looks up any orders- the orders, that is- and it tracks orders as well as shows you guys that you order delivery date even if you guys aren't getting orders. this is actually such a good thing that every single store needs so that your store looks more professional. I have this on my store and basically I'm going to show you guys the little view here of it on a computer and then right here at the top, you're gonna see a track your order page and all you have to do is press install app and then it will automatikally give you a link so that you guys can add that to your menu, and then this is what it looks like on the computer. it looks like a little bit better on a mobile view because you guys are going to get your traffic to your mobile devices, but all you guys have to do for the customer is put in their order number and their email, or just put in the tracking number that Shopify automatikally gives them, and this will make your store look a lot more professional and secure and actually not look like a scam. so more people will actually trust in your store and actually buy your products in hopes of it actually is looking to their house and them not getting scammed out of their money. now the second app on this list is basically a reviews app. it'll show customer reviews imported from AliExpress onto your store. so this is a very nice reviews app. all you have to do is search up alley reviews right there, and this is so beautiful that any store should have. I recommend that fully, and it is going to be this app right here which has 10, over 10 000, almost 11 000 good reviews. so this app is already started. there is a free plan which still shows reviews, but if you guys do want to have better reviews that actually show photos, just like these. this template is just absolutely really amazing and every single store should have this. just download that app to have the photos in there. it's going to be twenty dollars a month, which is a must-have, I feel like, but this little section right here without the photo, it will just show this. it'll show a picture, some, some stars and the text right there just won't show the photo. if it is a free plan, and you guys can definitely and should definitely take advantage of this app, all you have to do is install that, and it is a bit more difficult to actually set up on your store. so what you have to do is actually go back to Shopify here and click off of that, and what you're going to want to do is press on alley reviews right over there, and this is actually how you're going to set it up. what you're going to want to do is go over to the left sidebar here and press on import reviews, and what you have to do is go to AliExpress and actually search for a product, and even if you're not getting your product from AliExpress, what you guys have to do is find a similar product on AliExpress- I'm sure there's tons of them, because AliExpress has millions and millions and millions of products- copy that link and press import reviews and it'll actually show you the product and then, once you press on import reviews, it will show all of your reviews that you have. so in my case, I have 72 reviews and then when you do go to my store, the reviews are going to show just like this, but it does look a bit weird on a computer, so on your mobile device it actually looks a lot better, just like that, and these are actual five star reviews, and you can dictate which reviews you want to show. so if you don't want to show the one star reviews which is actually trashing on your product or your brand, you don't have to show those, which is a bit Shady, but people will never know because they're never going to see their bad review. so that sums it up for the second AB on this list. now, the next one on this list is actually Zen drop, and all you have to do for this app is basically just click, install and then create an account. the other ones you don't need to create an account, but this one you certainly do, and what Zen drop is is they are an auto fulfillment center. so if you guys do not know what that means is basically, when you get an order on Shopify, Shopify will automatikally send the address and the name to zendrop and then Zen drop will automatikally ship the product to your customer and pay from your credit card to pay for the product and shipping and then once you guys get paid by Shopify for that product- let's say ten dollars and you paid five dollars for the product- the ten dollars will be in your bank account and zendrop will take care of basically everything, instead of you having to actually type letter by letter on the customer's name and address to actually ship out the product. this app will help you so much. now I've actually used this on so many of my drop shipping stores and actually the video that actually got around 50 000 views in a month on how I try up. if I drop shipping for two weeks with no money, I actually use Zen drop to actually get that fifty dollars in sales. and you know this app is completely free. there is a paid version, but I recommend stiking with the free one because this app is just so good and with this app you guys can also find products, winning products, trending products, on any category, and it'll help you so much in your Shopify Drop Shipping Journey. so just install that app, create an account and you guys can actually get started in finding winning products and actually make your Shopify Drop Shipping experience so much easier and so much lighter for that. so there is a seven day free trial if you do want to test out any of the premium features, but you guys can keep that free plan available 24- 7 with that. now the last app that I actually have for this video is The tiktok app, and you guys can actually download the the Snapchat and Instagram apps too. but tiktok right now is what is blowing up and what's helping people actually get so much organic, free traffic to their store. so all you have to do is go to tiktok and actually download that app right there and basically, with this app, it's free to install, free to use and it's tik-tok ads. so if you do want to start making money on tiktok very fast, all you have to do is actually start by downloading this app, and for tiktok ads is where tiktok is not just good for organic, organic traffic. if you do want to start spending money on tik tok so you can get your videos to a broader audience instead of just random people in the hopes of going viral. this actually you can pay for advertisements so people will guaranteed see your videos and actually be directed to your store. so I actually did try tiktok ads. I sort of failed at it because I didn't know how to use it and you know what videos to post and at what times. my video was actually pretty bad, so that only got about two sales after spending 150 dollars. but once you guys actually Master tiktok ads and learn how to use it and keep putting on videos and videos and videos and actually targeting this to a direct audience, this app right here can help you get so much more sales and actually help out your your Shopify Drop Shipping Journey. so that is a must-have. along with all of these on the list, those were the four best apps I actually use on my own store and that you guys should use on every single store that you do have in the future. that is the end of the video. If you guys did enjoy this Shopify Drop Shipping video, make sure you guys do give it a huge like and if you guys do want to see more Shopify, job sh.

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10 Best Shopify Dropshipping Apps

hey, what is up, guys? it's brendan here, and today we're going to be taking a look at the 10 best shopify drop shipping apps: companies, suppliers. if you are brand new to drop shipping and you want to get started with shopify, i have a link down below in the description and that will get you set up with a free trial to take you right over to this page here so you can start selling online with shopify and you can get started with your free trial. so, like i said, link down below and today we're going to be digging into the 10 best shopify drop shipping apps. so drop shipping, especially with the recent announcement that oberlo is shutting down, which has been pretty much the number one shopify drop shipping app for years now, it now forces you to have to take a look at some other apps, some other alternative options to oberlo to now do shopify drop shipping. so these are the 10 best shopify drop shipping apps companies, suppliers so you can do drop shipping with shopify. so, without further ado, we're going to dig into the list- and these are not really in any partikular order, by the way, uh- and links down below in the description box as well, to all of the different companies mentioned here in this video today, some of which are affiliate links. full disclosure there and, without further ado, let's go ahead and jump into the first one the list, which is spock. it now no surprise if you've been on the channel for a while. spock- it really is one of the most popular shopify drop shipping apps. nonetheless, just a drop shipping app or company in general. spock it allows you to do drop shipping of original us and eu products, so quite different than the typical aliexpress model that you may have come to expect. like i said as well, if you want to follow along as we go through today's video, links are down in the description box below and each of these different companies. we're just going to be doing a basic overview. if you want to learn more about any of the companies mentioned in today's video, i have individual reviews of a lot of these different options on the channel as well, so feel free to check out uh more in-depth reviews if you're taking, if you want to see more details about them, or you can just go to their website yourself as well and take a look at different options, or you can get set up with free trials on some of them, or or get started if you want to learn more about each of the options. so this is at number one, spock, it is a great option. obviously, they have that shopify integration. really, shopify is probably the most popular e-commerce platform in general, so you can come to expect shopify integration with almost every single drop shipping app or company or supplier that you're taking a look at, although there are a few that shopify doesn't have integration with, but really shopify is integration with almost every single uh drop shipping app or company that you that you take a look at, just because they're purely the most the most popular and most, uh, really just the most popular that most people want to go with. so, yeah, shopify integration there, spock, it definitely worth taking a look at. they have a lot of different products uh as well, uh, so you can find various different categories, depending on what types of categories you want to drop ship within. they have the integrations there and, yeah, us and eu products, so something different than aliexpress. moving into the next one here at number two, we have dropified. now dropify i've also mentioned on the channel before- very, very good option if you're interested in doing more of the whole aliexpress model. they allow you to import aliexpress products. so you can do that. uh, you can also import from alibaba as well. if you're looking to do an alibaba drop shipping or aliexpress drop shipping, then you can also do that with dropified. if you want to check out dropify, link down below in the description as well. same with all the other companies mentioned in today's video. so, as you can see, uh, they do have the shopify, shopify, dropified uh integration. so, yes, if you're trying to do shopify drop shipping, you can do that with dropified. uh, so, and they also have a few other options. uh, beyond just sourcing products from alibaba, aliexpress, they do have a few other options, depending on what type of plan that you go with. they do have other product offerings as well, but that's really their bread and butter. you can import products. you know, you know the drill if you're, if you're familiar with drop shipping in general. uh, you know, you know the drill, how it works. you find import products, yada, yada. so that's another good option as well for finding products to sell in your store. moving into at number three, we have sinky. now sinky is also a little bit of a newcomer to the block. uh, sinky is also a fantastik option if you are just getting started with shopify drop shipping. they have, like i said, shopify integration there, so nothing to worry about. as far as sinky goes, they allow you to do more of the b2b setup. so if you're looking at doing maybe some more high tiket type drop shipping, uh, they allow you to import from other types of suppliers a little bit different. you also have alibaba, so that's one of their key players there as well. so maybe, like i said, if you're trying to do high tiket drop shipping, maybe sinky would be a good option for you. they also have variety of other types of suppliers beyond alibaba or you know what you may expect with a typical aliexpress, but sinky, uh, really is a good option for alibaba and b2b drop shipping. so, syncing those products, they are good, as is the name sinky. they are good at syncing products, as it should be. so you can also bring your own suppliers as well and you can easily import with csvs. so, depending on the type of drop shipping that you're going to be doing, what type of suppliers, you can easily import things, uh, which is really really nice. like i said, shopify as well, shopify plus, uh, if you're doing, if you're at that type of volume, then they also have the shopify plus integration, which makes a lot of sense, since you know they are a little bit different, but, uh, yeah, shopify integration. so, yeah, sinky, another good option to take a look at and definitely worthy of being in this list as well. so, yeah, feel free to check out sinky- link down below in the description. yeah, sinky, pretty solid. moving into, at number four, we have de-essers. now, if you really are just looking to do aliexpress drop shipping, then dsers is probably the best option for you because they are the official e-commerce uh solution for aliexpress. so i know every company wants to put themselves as the official official, but dsers is great for aliexpress drop shipping. if that's what you're really trying to- just stik to aliexpress and that's all you care about, then cool, de-essers is good. but they don't have as many other product offerings or options uh, as maybe some of the other alternatives in this list, depending on what types of products you're trying to sell, uh, what type of categories, what pricing points. but if you're familiar with aliexpress already, maybe if you're coming from a tool like oberlo, then de-essers is probably the closest. uh, if you're coming from something like oberlo, or if you're familiar with oberlo already, then de-essers is a good option since oberlo's shutting down, like i said uh at the beginning of this video. so de-essers is a good um replacement for that same same with uh- spock it as well. uh, they do have a migration um section here if you're interested in migrating uh, so they've got that as well if that's what you're interested in doing. but de-essers is a good option for aliexpress drop shipping and of course, they have the shopify uh e-commerce integration. so nothing to worry about there and aliexpress really shopify, aliexpress drop shipping. de-essers, that's the tool. so, moving into number five, we have something a little bit different. this is printful, which is a print on demand company, so i know this video is more focused on drop shipping apps for shopify, i figured. i

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How I Run My Dropshipping Business (All Software Explained)

in this video i'm going to cover all the software that runs my drop shipping business. for me, the primary goal of this video is complete transparency, so you can understand exactly what software works for each part of my drop shipping business and why i use it. so the first side of my business runs mainly with z-drop. z-drop is a software that pulls listings from sites like amazon, walmart, ebay and so on and lists them with the same pictures, titles and descriptions at a markup in price. i typically mark most of my products up about 40, and that seems to work pretty well for me. any software that copies listings and marks them up like this is a must for anyone that's trying to scale drop shipping. i currently use z drop to copy listings to facebook marketplace, facebook shops, poshmark and mercari. z-drop copies to a number of other websites too, but i mainly use it to copy to the ones i just mentioned. i also use e-drop to copy and paste addresses for me so i can process orders quicker. that's yet another feature. then, from there, i use list perfectly to cross post those same listings. list perfectly is a software that will take listings from site to site and repost them. this software is a complete time saver and also allows me to list and drop ship on other websites zdrop doesn't post to. i use it to list to grailed tradesy, depop and kittison as well. this gives my listings more exposure and leads to other sales for pretty much no extra work. i also have virtual assistants move facebook listings to mercari and poshmark using this software. after using z drop initially, to help my vas log into my computer and use my ip address to avoid facebook flagging my accounts, i use a software called splashtop. splashtop is a software that allows them to remote into my computers from anywhere in the world. this is crucial because not only are they now using my ip address- and facebook is super sensitive to ip addresses and locations- but they can also use my accounts software password credit cards. that means that i don't have to give them passwords, i don't have to give them access to my accounts, i don't have to give them credit card information and i don't have to buy them each a version of their own software so that they can use it, because all that's already installed and input on my computer already. it streamlines pretty much every part of the business and in my opinion, it's a lot safer, and i honestly love the fact that at any point in time, i can just look over and see what they're doing. yes, we're in different locations, obviously, but they're basically working here in the office right next to me. i then use a software called interguard to monitor the productivity and computer usage of each employee. this software has the capability to track everything they're doing, give me productivity ratings based on how active they were, and has a lot of data points and has an algorithm that explains how it calculates this productivity score, and it also lets you restrict certain applications and websites if you want to. now, i barely ever check this or restrict pretty much anything, but it's good to know that i can if i want to. it's also great if you're paying someone hourly, because you can literally see how productive they are in the hours you're paying them for. you can see how much their time working was idle, moving, changing pages, and the list goes on and on. this is great for measuring employee productivity against each other if you're looking to test out different people or make a new hire. it's also perfect if your va is located in a different time zone and they're working at night. moving on to the amazon side of the business now, drop shipping on amazon is a very different approach than drop shipping on pretty much any other platform. to find profitable products, i start out using a software called source mogul. this software compares products against amazon's catalog on many different websites and then tells you which ones are profitable and which ones are. after i list the profitable ones and get orders, i make order fulfillment easier by using another copy paste software called spot and paste. this cuts my order fulfillment time significantly. i also use a software called sku grid to monitor stok levels on my suppliers websites and change the stok levels on my amazon store if a product goes in or out of stok. that way i don't sell a product that's out of stok. i also use the automatik repricer built into amazon- you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy repricer- and i also use a software called trackerbot to automatikally input tracking numbers for me. this software pulls tracking numbers out of the emails i get and inputs them into corresponding orders on amazon for me. so i pretty much never have to manually input tracking numbers. game changer. one software that i've yet to mention is a software that helps me make more sales on poshmark, and that is simple: posher. this 10 per month software automatikally shares listings on poshmark for me and, put simply, it automatikally brings more traffic to your listings and helps you sell more. you won't do well on poshmark without it. all of these are pivotal in my drop shipping business. they save me time and they streamline pretty much every process for both me and my va's, and i wouldn't have been able to scale to even close to what i have without them. all of them are linked down in the description. if you feel that you need them, i also put any deal that i might have set up with them so that you can either try the software for free or get some money off. and if you want to learn how to specifically use any one of these, i've made tutorials on all of them, so just search the channel. it's all there. but honestly, one of the best places to start drop shipping currently is facebook marketplace. i obviously drop ship on a number of places, but by far the quickest and easiest one to start and scale is facebook marketplace drop shipping. so check out the video linked up in the right hand corner right now if you want to learn more about how i was able to turn six figures in profit in just under six months dropshipping. i hope you enjoyed the video. if you got any value from it whatsoever, please give it a like. i genuinely appreciate it. until next time. [Music], oh, [Music] you.

ListQuick Dropshipping Software For Facebook Marketplace Shops And Shopify

what's up, guys? it's cameron and in this video i'm going to tok to you about the software for drop shipping called list quick. normally you only ever hear me tok about fbm fox, but i was given a chance to check out list quick. try it out. a lot of you guys have been asking. so i want to go ahead and just go over my first thoughts and what i feel about it. also, later in the video i will kind of go into my computer and show you a simple way of how it works. emphasis on simple. list quick is very easy to use. it's very simple, it's not. it's not so many features that it's not digestible, but it's, um, again, very simple, very easy to use. so let's tok about list quick, the app slash software, slash extension that you can use to drop ship very easily. to start, let's tok about what list quick says about themselves. list quick says it was created for the next generation of drop shippers. it is intended to give them the easiest and best experience copying products from walmart, ebay and amazon to facebook marketplace shops and shopify. so that's one thing. that's a little bit extra on this and you'll notike a lot of the other software is doing this as well, um, i don't know if the waves are kind of going towards shopify, but more and more of of all of our automation softwares like list quick are going to be adding shopify features. so something to keep in mind. um, you'll probably just hear the word shopify a lot, even if you've been avoiding it because, who knows, maybe that's coming. but, uh, shopify, shops and marketplace. let's focus on marketplace and shops. i've been using it and it is very simple and very easy. like what i said, i have been able to just simply find an item that i like, like what you would expect, and instead of having to manually copy paste everything, i can just hit a simple copy button, go to facebook, open up a marketplace or shops tab and paste an item in there again. i will show you examples of that here in a little bit. but what are some things i really like about list quick? uh, the thing i just mentioned. it's very simple and a lot of you maybe are just sick of other softwares or just really haven't pulled the trigger on any other software. so list quick is going to be one of those very easy ones. i don't want to compare it. i don't want to say like, oh, it's just like z dropper. it's just like fb fox or autods- i don't wanna, it's not really the same thing as those, it's its own thing and, um, i would say that it reminds me and gives me the same feeling that i got when i first started drop shipping and i started using z drop. i don't know if you guys remember a long time ago, z drop was just a very simple copy and paste quick tool, like it was just. it was just a tool for you to do things very quickly, and i think list quick is bringing that kind of feeling back to like the roots of just simple marketplace and shops. dropshipping again, shopify as well, but a lot of us on this channel are going to be thinking about facebook related things. this made me feel like that very, just, very easy, like if you want your hands on everything, um, like in a good way- i know that sounds like, oh no, i want my hands off of stuff, like no. if you want to do the listing yourself, um, or pay, i guess, a va, you can pay for this for them to have it. but if you want to do the listing yourself and really keep tabs on stuff, this is just a really easy way for those of you who don't want to spend a lot of time, who want to list things very fast, their name is list quick. i mean, it's very obvious what they do and that's what they focus on. it's not a bunch of tracking everything it's. it's none of that. it's none of the extra stuff that some of you guys probably don't understand anyway, it's simply just listing with an extension, as we all did when we first started. now- for i say we first started- if you're somebody who's new and is just getting started, this is one of those really good softwares i want you, if you're new, i want you to be doing the work, but you can use something like list quick to simplify the work and take less time rather than copy pasting everything, saving all the photos yourself and doing all of that all right. so pros of list quick: it's very easy, it's very simple, it's not over bloated with a bunch of features. it is just to the point. list quickly on marketplace shops and shopify, before i move on to cons, i will say that i opened a shopify store not to actually drop ship from, but i'm opening it just to create a website that i'm going to tie to a shop that i'm creating and letting bake for a little bit, for like over a month. i'm basically doing this long-term experiment, but i'm actually creating a website that looks like a real store. and you know, i was like i don't even really know how to use shopify at all, i really don't um- and i knew i needed to add some products to it. i was like, okay, i know i'm testing list quick out and they said they do shopify. i'm going to try that out and this is the only software i've tried this with. i will honestly say that, out of all of the options for like listing quickly on any kind of website, the shopify one was very simple and very easy and it got my website up and running very quickly because i just needed to add like four products to make it look real, even though it's not real, and this quick made that one of the fastest parts of me setting up the shopify store. so that was, if you're here for the shopify purpose and you're looking for that and you came across my video- great, it is a very good tool for shopify um, one of the some of the things that i think that list quick could be better about, um or that you guys might find kind of- i don't know if i want to say irritating, but just kind of like: oh, maybe it should maybe tweak a little bit. and again, these are: it's a new, new software to me. i don't know how new it really is, but it's. it hasn't been on all of our radar for very long. so keep that in mind, um, and i imagine they'll be updating and fixing some of these things down the road. but i i will say that, um, it is back to. it's one of those softwares that you have to like refresh things a lot. so not that you have to refresh because it's not working, it works perfectly. let's say you want to copy it and i'll show you this. you, when you go to list on the actual page, the buttons aren't there yet and you have to refresh the page for it to like register and pop them up. and that's just. it's very much intentionally that way. um, it's not like that's an accident that they don't say they're like you, when you go here, refresh the page and then they'll pop up. but sometimes that refreshing can seem a little like dang. i wish i didn't have to refresh the page, but it keeps you still. i mean, if you're counting pros and cons of like the shortcut of not having to save everything and then add it manually and all that stuff. a simple one-click refresh and then another click to paste the data- isn't really that big of a deal, it's pretty easy. i notiked that. i like it a lot on marketplace. um shops gave me just a tiny bit of trouble when i was first messing with it, especially if you're copying something from amazon that has a video. when you go to select copy, it will sometimes just pull up the video screen in amazon and then you're like: oh, did it copy? it's not really sure, like i'm not quite sure. so you have to go check the extension to see if it did, because- and i only that way, i'm only saying that because if you haven't used it at all before, when you're doing it for the first time, it wasn't super like intuitive, i guess, other than the copy paste buttons, of course, there were a couple things that would happen that made me be like: oh wait, did that work? did it not work? and it did it just like it didn't tell me super clearly that it was working because it, you know, it has to interact with amazon. weird, and yeah, i'm assuming that's why. anyway, let's jump in the computer and i'll show you kind of what i'm toking about and what i'm experiencing and why i think it's a pretty decent software to use and i think you should get it, okay. so we're in the compute.

How To Automate Your Shopify Dropshipping Store (Step By Step)

so in this video, I'm going to be teaching you, step by step, on how you can start automating your Shopify dropshipping business as a complete beginner, and the reason why you want to automate your Drop Shipping businesses: so you can spend more time on the money making tasks and not the boring tasks that are not generating income. hey guys, welcome to the YouTube channel. my name is Camille Simon, is the Ecom King, and in today's video, I've got a very important video for you, which is going to teach you, step by step, how you can stop automating basic tasks in your dropshipping business so you can spend more time on the money making tasks, like running ads, like tiktok organic- anything that's going to generate the business income. as you do not want to be wasting hours a day spending time fulfilling orders, replying to customers, doing your retargeting. you want to spend as little amount of time on those tasks as possible, and the best way to look at this, guys, is you can either work in the business or on the business. working in the business is things like customer service or a targeting. all the Fulfillment and those types of things when working on the business is actually generating more income and growing the company, especially as a beginner, because if you've only got one to three hours a day doing this and you spend half of your time on customer service order fulfillment, then what time are you really spending on growing the Drop Shipping Store? in this video, I'm going to be teaching you exactly how I automate every single one of my drop shipping stores- as a complete beginner or a brand new store- and what I've also done for you guys is I've created a free Google Docs that's going to have copy and paste templates that you're going to need for certain parts of this tutorial, and to get access for that, we need to hit 2 000 likes on this video and then it'll be in the pin comment and in the description below, and I can't emphasize this enough. this video is extremely important if you want to see success in your Drop Shipping Store, because you are generating more time to generate more money on money making tasks, so you should watch this video in full, if you can. foreign [Music]. I'm inside of my Shopify backend and this is a brand new Shopify account because I'm going to be reacting what you should be doing as a beginner, and if you want to get a 14 day free trial to Shopify, make sure you use my link in the description, as you can get better discounts and better offers using that link. now, as soon as you're in your Shopify store and you've created an account, you want to go to the app section and you want to download the first app, called Auto DS, and there will be a link to all of these things I'm going to be mentioning in the description of this video. for those that are wondering what this Shopify app looks like, it's this one right here: Auto DS, all-in-one Drop Shipping, and this is the icon once you've downloaded the app and connected to your Shopify store. this is what the dashboard should look like and what this app does- for those that don't know- is it's going to help you sync products from AliExpress, CJ Drop Shipping- any of your drop shipping supplies- into this software called Auto DS and, as the name States, it's automatik, meaning that every time you get an order placed on your Drop Shipping Store, instead of you having go into the app and click fulfill order, fulfill order- this will automatikally fulfill your orders for you without you even having to click a button. now, before this up, we'll start automatikally fulfilling orders. we need to set it up correctly so we can start doing that. so the first thing that you want to do is find a product on AliExpress, CJ, Drop Shipping, whatever Supply that you want, and I'd recommend that you download the Chrome extension for auto DS, because as soon as you've downloaded the Chrome extension, you're going to see that when you go onto one of the support suppliers it's going to show you an icon scene: import to Auto DS. you're just going to click that icon. now, once you click that button, head back into Auto DS and you're going to see where it says drafts. on the left hand section you're going to see create drafts and then it says in progress. that means that that product has now published into your auto DS up so you can see. here. it said it should say your Drop Shipping Store name, it should say the supplier and then it should say the amount of variance. now, once you've done that, you're going to see an input button on the right hand side. you want to click import and once you've done that, you want to head over to where it says products and it should show your pro that you've just imported. and once you've done that, you want to click the little three dots here and you want to click edit. now, once you've clicked edited, this should be your page here. it should show product description, variants, images and item specifications and if you go to the bottom left hand side, it should say monitoring, stok monitoring, price monitoring and auto order. make sure that auto audit is turned on. and what you can also do in this section is you can actually change the title of the name. so instead of you having to go into shopify's product description editor or product editor inside a Shopify, you can do it all through Auto DS and then it will synchronize into Shopify. instead of you having to do it both ways, you can just do it all through Auto DS. so you can also do the description through Auto DS as well, and you can change the variants, the images and the item specifications all through this app. now, once you've done that, there's another way. you can import products as well. if you want to do it really fast and really effective, you can go to where it says add products and you can add multiple products at one time. so let's say you've got like 10 products that you want to import. you can just add them all in here and do them all through this one and button, or you can upload as a CSV file. that way, you're going to do it a lot faster, and this is great if you've got loads of products that you want to import. now, if you head over to the settings section in the bottom left, this is where a lot of the configurations need to be made to make it automatik. so when orders come through your store, you don't need to click a button. they're all getting fulfilled. so as soon as you come in here, you're going to see Store settings and you've got Lister. now here you're going to be able to change where you want your shipping methods to be: the cheapest for track and the fastest we're tracking. I'd always recommend that you take a look at the AliExpress or CJ Drop Shipping or whatever Supply you're using and see what methods they've got and then Interline it with the ones here, and you can also change a lot of stuff in here about auto fill, brand and stuff like that, but you don't need to worry too much about that. if you head over to the automations button, this is where you can start to create automations that are extremely powerful, and the first one you can do is pricing automations, and I use this feature a lot, and what this feature enables you to do is it enables you to automatikally adjust your prices based on certain Behavior. so let's say we're going to call this one number one and then you click next. what you can do is you can click raise prize by sales performance. now I like to do this because, let's say, for example, I'm testing a product. it gets over 20 orders at the current price that I'm selling at. I might want to increase that price to see if it can still sell at a higher price. that way you're making more profit margin. I might want to change this first box to numbers of sales higher than 20 per week or per month. I would change this to a month. so you can see here, if I'm getting number of sales 20 per month and you're going to want to change it every single time when you adjust it- but this is the first one that I do- you're going to see that you're going to increase the price. you can see here: add, increase the product price.