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dropshipping sources exporter

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

Seller Insights: How to Source Products in Bulk via File Export

hello and welcome to amazon insights. my name is mark and today i'm going to tok to you about bulk sourcing products from the catalog in amazon. obviously you understand that in order to sell products, you need to source them from our, adding them to your inventory. these can then be listed and linked back so that when your orders are placed on the channel and downloaded by avasam, it knows what to invoice you for. now, normally you would go into search products to access a catalog, use the filtering options and the categories in order to sort the list and then, for each product you want to add to your inventory, you would source it by clicking the button. as you can imagine, when you start getting past five or ten products, this could probably become quite monotonous. so an alternative is to download a file containing the products, find the products you need from there and either delete the ones you don't want or copy them into a new file. this can then be imported and add all those products to your inventory in bulk. so to do this, we start off by going into settings and to exports, because we need to export a file with the product in there. so under export, we're going to go with full product details. this may take a couple of moments. if you're doing this for the first time and then click here, we'll download the file. so it's a csv file. this is basically a text file, but the way it's organized it is normally or normally opened by excel or another spreadsheet program to make it easy to understand and easier to work with. so, as you can see, it shows information such as the supplier id, the sku, the category and title, as well as other information that's stored by the system. first thing i would recommend is for this column- here the barcode- to format it as number without any decimal places. this is because excel- trying to be helpful because it's these long numbers- will format it, as you saw, as what they call scientific notation, and if you save it like that, it will lose the actual barcode. this may be you. this is going to be something that may be useful later on. always, when using a file like this, use that to make sure that you don't lose the barcode. so in here you can either delete the products that you don't want or you can copy the products into that you do want, into a new file, so you can do a new, a new excel file. always copy the title row first, but then copy out the rows that you want to import to create a new file. this file can then be imported whichever way you choose. so i'm just going to get rid of this moment now to bring in the file. once you've got a file with the products you need, you go back to settings and we'll now go into imports. so i'm just going to add a configuration. if you've already done this, there may be a list of configurations with an add button at the top right. so the configuration just tells the system how to handle the file and what form of relationship the data should be brought in as so always need a title. this should be descriptive so that you know later on what you're supposed to do. we tell it exactly the purpose. so we're bulk sourcing products. then we need to upload the file. so i've got one i prepared earlier just for example. so it will confirm the file name. confirm is selected. if you then analyze and map, it will have a look here and show you the preview. so in this situation it can understand everything that's there. so if you now click add configuration, the system will now show that it's lined up that file and it's waiting to import it. after a short wait. this will change to reflect that the import has become has been completed. if there are any errors showing, you can click on the logs option here in order to check what the problem was. you can always check with support if you're unsure what that means. later on you can reuse this configuration by hitting edit and point it to a different file. if later on you don't need this configuration anymore, then the x at the end will allow you to delete it. thank you for listening to this video and watching. i hope it's been of help. if you have any further questions, you can, as always, contact us through live chat. you can email us on support avasamcom. you can use the tiket system as well to raise queries or you. and, above all, good luck, and we look forward to working with you.

Register Company in turkey to export products worldwide #dropshipping or for Amazon sellers

hello and welcome to the bazani channel. my name is mike besso. last time we spoke about how to pro import the product, so how to control why you should be careful. all this stuff. if you don't see the last video, check the channel, check the video. see the last video. today we speak about how to register not just the company- this is another video- but how the process will be to export the products from turkey to another country. in the next video we will tok about where to sell all these products that you can buy here in turkey. so subscribe this channel and follow us. don't miss any video. it's very, very important. so let's start with the video. sellers shop on bazanicom: t-shirts from 1 euro, handbags from 2 euros, bits from 5 euros, natural soaps from 0.25 euros and much, much more- the best marketplace for products made in turkey. so i hope you subscribe the channel in this time. first step, if you want to export products from turkey and if you want to make a legal business, you need to register a company here in turkey. it's a ltd company, a limited company, like in england limited company, hong kong limited company company or something else. so you need to register a company, otherwise it's not possible to export the product legal. if you want to register a company here, you need the warehouse or you need the office. so otherwise it's not possible to register a limited year. it's not like in england. you can rent anywhere something for one year. you pay like 100 or something like this. so you need a real company here in turkey. they will come also and check. if you have a real company. they come to our office, they come to our warehouse. they checked: are they real desk, are they people are? so so, so on. if you want to hire also people here in turkey, before you hire foreigner here in turkey you need five turkish people. otherwise it's not possible to hire any people without turkish passport. so this is something you need to know. after you register your company, you need the account and the accountant cost about 50 euro per month. to register the company you will pay maximum, maximum 1000 euro only from one time. after we have the accountant, you need the broker. the broker is like someone who do the export documents for you and you can't choose anyone. so if you go to the to a broker, you need to go with him or take the documents and go to a notary and tell the notary. this is my broker. you sign everything. after this you can use the broker. otherwise you cannot do any export or anything like this. the broker will do for you the export document. he need your invoice where you buy the product. in the invoice you need to pay the tax. this is also important because the broker and the accountant will notike that that you can also get the tax back. so this is also important: to get your tax back. and you need the invoice where you sell the products. who is your customer, how you make the payment and all that stuff. so if you want to make business here, it should be a real business. after we have all that, you need the cargo company. cargo company can be ptt. it's like dhl, but much lower prices than the hl. but in the most, or i think, we just use cargo shipping by truck so you can use also by plane. but all that is expensive. so your customer don't want to pay like 800 or euro for for shipping. so you need the best price and because of that we mostly choose cargo or shipping by sea to germany. i know the most things about germany because we ship so much to germany. we pay, for example, for five pellets about 500- 600 euro from istanbul to germany near to dusseldorf. this costs will depend. if you want to send, for example, just one pallet to germany, you will pay about 350 euro if you pay. if you send 20 pellets, it's again a different price. so if you sell more, you get the better price. if you sell just one sample at just one pallet, it's very expensive. one pellet is the wood pellet is 80 and 120 centimeter and mostly 2 meter 2 meter 20 high. after you have the shipping company, you have your limited, you have your accountant, you have the broker, you have the export document, you need to control the products and you need the hs codes. it depends on when, on where you want to export these products, but you need them also for for turkish. so if you have an invoice, you need to be careful what they've wrote on the invoice. they write exactly what it is. so if you buy a t-shirt, they should not write just clothing one second [Music]. yeah, this is so. my son is today in the office. uh, it's boring for him. so where we stopped? okay, cargo all that stuff. you can also come to turkey and try to export with ptt this like the hl, if you see it's working. you can start do the business. you can start register the company and all that stuff. we have this. we do this business for 18 years. this is why we come directly. you came to turkey and we guess the company is the office, warehouse and all that stuff, because we have the customers for for many years. so we just bought, buy here the products and sell them to our customers, to our amazon seller, to our retailer and all that customers. so but if you don't have any customers and you come to turkey, i will not recommend you directly to rent office, hire higher worker, rental warehouse, registered company [Music], have a broker account, because all that costs you a lot of money. so you need to have it first the business, you need to do it, first the money, have it first the customer. if you come to turkey, put your products, take pictures, put them in any facebook groups, make a website, put them on the website, do something like this. and after that, after you have the customer and see, oh, there's some, there's business, there's something to do. after that you can register the company. you can also contact us if you have customers who want to pay, also by bank, because many times if you are private person, you have new customer, it's they will not trust you to send you the money. so if you can also work with us, you can connect us. you cannot say: i want to sell your product. your customers can pay to us. we give you the money, we can do the shipping for you. we can do the export documents for you, so you don't need to spend all that money for to register the company to do business in turkey. we do all this, everything is done. you can start your business directly and after it's working you can do your own company, register your own company. it is also important: if you have a company here and you want to do the export documents, you have to pay tax here to the supplier. so if you buy something for 10 euro, you need to pay- depends on the products- about 8 or 18 percent tax. if you don't have a company, you will don't get this tax back. there are also a lot of supply. you can buy products without pay tax, but is nothing for the big business, just for small things. so for the future, if you want to start business, check our products on bazani, follow us, subscribe this button, subscribe. subscribe this channel and, uh, if you are interested to do business with us, just connect us and we'll start selling this products everywhere. we ship the products all over the world, to china, to germany, to europe. it's not important for us, we can send them everywhere.

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How to Easily Find Wholesale & Dropshipping Suppliers for FREE [5 Methods]

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Sourcing Wholesale Dropshipping Items using Inventory Source and ZIK Analytics (2021)

so the most frequent question i'm getting asked is: tom, how do you find wholesale drop shipping items for your wholesale dropshipping store? but be sure to smash that like button. let's get this video up to as many people as possible, because in this video i'm going to show you exactly how to do just that. i have a step-by-step method. one of my methods that i'm gonna be showing you in this video is how to find them very quickly and a lot all at once. these items are gonna be hot selling items too. they're gonna be have sold at least five to maybe even 30 times in the last 30 days, not just the bulk upload and hope method, although that does have a time and a place. in this video, i'm going to show you how, as a beginner, you can get started and find hot selling items that you can compete with and then from there move into expanding your store. so if you like the sound of this and you haven't already, check out, down below we have a free wholesale drop shipping mini course. check that out and also be sure to subscribe. hit the like button and hit the little bell notification to be notified any time i drop a video like this. if you have any questions, ask them as you go, and we're going to go inside of my computer. i'll see you there, all right. so here we are, inside of my computer and, as i said earlier, please be sure to smash that like button. let's get this video out to as many people as possible. so how are we gonna go about finding these wholesale items for our wholesale dropshipping stores as quickly and as easily as possible? so number one way to start here, or one of the methods that i use, is starting on inventorysourcecom. if you don't know what inventory source is, it's a website that pretty much integrates in wholesale drop shipping suppliers. it's really only made for wholesale drop shipping. they have an adult or a bigger program called flex point, and they've been around for a while. they're probably one of the biggest in the game for wholesale drop shipping in general, automation and things like that, and one thing they do do is they provide you integrated suppliers. i believe there's about 260, maybe 280 of them for the you, for the united states, and what you can do with this is also look at their items. so we're going to use what they provide us as a way to find other people selling items, other items to sell, and use specific tools in order to scrape these people's stores. so what do you want to do? you want to create an account. first off, it's free, so just do it. put in your email, you'll be good to go and then we can get started. so once you put in your email, create the free account. then you just log in. so we're right here. and when you log in, you want to click on supplier directory. you don't want to click on browse all suppliers, because they do have a wholesale directory. that is helpful, but this is not the purpose, or you know the method that we're going to be using in this video. what you want to be doing is click browse integrated suppliers and when you do that, you know you get a whole bunch of different suppliers. i'll click it right now just just to show you. so there's 250 uh suppliers and basically you can scroll through. you don't want to pick anything that is, you know us, direct is like their own type of supplier, it's kind of an aggregator. you don't want to pick anything that is a wholesale aggregator, you want to just pick a supplier that's, you know, a supplier like cwr, honest, green, cc, wholesale clothing, rsr premium or rsr standard, doesn't really matter. uh, zanders, things like that- but on a screen by us direct it could be helpful. yes, and for the purpose of this video it doesn't truly matter, but just to get used to it. you want to be finding items you know from suppliers themselves, because if you're finding them from an aggregator, then it's going to be marking them up. you might not be able to compete with other people that are going straight or they have gone straight into you know these suppliers. so what did i do? i scrolled down and i clicked on fragrance x. uh, it's just one that i don't really use. i know other people do use it. i know they have a bunch of different supple products. they have 24 000 of them. you can pick whatever you want. i just scrolled through and i clicked on fragrancex, so we're gonna show fragrancex here. so i clicked on fragrancex and here it is, and one thing that you want to be doing is you know they have specific categories. none of this truly matters. you just need to be finding somebody that's selling this supplier. and what i did was i sort by oldest, because the reason is, if you sort by newest, some of these people probably haven't listed these brand new items onto their stores yet because people aren't always listing the items. there is some bit of lag time between when an item's gonna be put on, say, fragrance x, into inventory source and when somebody's gonna possibly upload it to their own store on ebay, amazon or anything like that. so i sorted by oldest. you just gotta click that right there and that gives you a higher likelihood of finding an item that's already listed on a marketplace. once we find an item that's already listed on the marketplace and we know it's coming from that supplier with specific ways that i show you, then all you need to do is kind of go into the person store and just pick it apart, whether this is on ebay, whether it's on amazon or show it both ways. you could probably do it on walmart, but it's a little bit more confusing. so i'm going to stik with ebay and amazon in this video and really double down on ebay. so i clicked on this one first. but one thing you want to realize is that if there's zeros in front of the upc, it can get screwed up and messed up in the listing process onto a specific platform, which might make it show up or not show up when it should or shouldn't show up. so i i would just avoid it when we're searching for items here, and what i did was i clicked on this item right here, so it's the third. one could have clicked on that one. i don't know why i clicked on this one. so i clicked on this one and all you want to do is copy the upc. upc stands for universal product code and basically that's the barcode of the item. each item has its own upc. so if somebody is uploading straight from inventory source into ebay, into amazon, into whatever you, they are most likely going to include the upc in the listing, because that's how you find a specific item. it's a great identifier of the item. that's pretty much what we're going to pray off of here. so you want to just copy it- ctrl c- and then all you need to do is go to ebaycom. so we're gonna click on ebay. i'm just gonna paste it in. i already did search this just to make sure i wasn't wasting time on this video. and we want to go back and we want to look at the actual title of this item. so it's gonna say: john paul gothier got here, i don't know something french by john paul gaultier. oh, oh, day toilet. uh, sent to the toilet, i don't know, it's toilet spray 1.6 ounces for woman. so if it says this exact title, which you could literally copy it- i didn't actually do that- you could copy it. you could do a control f and then a control v. so if we click enter, well, we found one right there which is one i recently viewed. here's one. so exact title. because if it's not the exact title, maybe you know they bought it and they're doing whatever they're doing here with it. maybe they're trying to make it seem like they don't drop ship it. you know you want a 100 definite that they're drop shipping it and if they have the exact title it's going to be the easiest way to do it. so i didn't really go into anybody's store. so this is gonna be as far as i've gotten with my preliminary research. and now that you just have the item here, we know that somebody's selling it. we know there's a very good chance that they're selling it from fragrance x. same item, same title. we want to go one step further. um, well, the upc as well. same upc, although they have a different upc. so you know, sometimes it might be different, but it does say here it's they ha.

Inventory Source Dropshipping Review: Pros and Cons

hey, what is up guys? it's Brendan here, and today we're going to be going over inventory Source, doing an inventory Source review, taking a look at the pricing pros and cons and really everything you need to know when getting started with inventory Source. now, first and foremost, I do want to mention that they are available on the Shopify App Store. so if you are brand new to drop shipping e-commerce and you're looking to get started with an online store, Shopify really is my favorite eCommerce platform and you can go ahead and check out that first link down in the description box below what you set up with a Shopify free trial. ring and start with Shopify today with a free trial. that's that first link down in the description box below at bremluskeycom: forward slash Shopify. without further Ado, let's go ahead and take a look at inventory source. so, first and foremost, as we are looking at the website here, inventory Source has been around the block for a long time in the Drop Shipping space. I've mentioned them on other videos on the channel before, and so essentially they are A Drop Shipping automation software and an integrated supplier Network. as you can see here on their home page, they automatikally allow you to upload products, sync inventory route orders with Drop Shipping suppliers to your online store or a Marketplace platform. so inventory source is compatible and has Integrations with Shopify, as I already mentioned, big Commerce, Magento, woocommerce, as well as some other Marketplace platforms such as Walmart or Amazon. and then you can Source your products from a variety of different suppliers that they have Integrations with, as you can see here, as some of them are mentioned, as DNH and a few of these other different suppliers, they do have quite a wide variety, so you can find of any type of supplier, such as doba. you can even use doba as a supplier wholesale clothing. they have a variety of different wholesale companies that you can Source your products through, depending on what type of products that you like. you can go ahead and take a look through the different product Drop Shipping suppliers. as you can see, they have over 230 integrated suppliers and a free Drop Shipping supplier directory built into inventory source. so, as you can see, you can sift through all their different sourcing options. and then they have a couple of different. you know Drop Shipping software. as you can see here, they have flx point. so that's you know, drop shipping and Marketplace solutions for Enterprise retail Brands. that's a bit more expensive. I know most you guys watching this video are probably just more interested in the traditional inventory Source software option. we'll be diving into the pricing in just a second here. as you can see, inventory Source really is that, you know, Drop Shipping automation software for startups or smaller businesses, not necessarily like Enterprise level or higher level drop shipping companies, as you can see here. then you can just it automatikally upload your products in sync inventory and Route your Drop Shipping orders with wherever you are selling them. they also have Integrations with ecwid and shift for shop as well. those are a couple other popular e-commerce platforms, along with, as I already mentioned, Shopify, Bigcommerce, woocommerce and Magento uh as well, which I mentioned all those other e-commerce platforms on the channel before. when you're looking at building out your dropshipping online store now, taking a look at the Shopify app store Page, I think this makes the most sense, just because most of you guys watching this video are probably interested in getting started with Shopify. of course, they do have those alternate Integrations as well, for depending on what platform you already use. now, inventory source does have a free plan available. uh, it just depends on what your specific needs are as far as which level. we'll also take a look at some of these photos to kind of give you an idea of the back end as well. when getting started with inventory source, as you can see here, the pricing is as follows: now, of course, this pricing is accurate as of the make in today's video. be sure to check out inventory source to get the most up-to-date current pricing information. of course, uh, whenever you're watching this video here today- so we have your free account which you can get access to their supplier directory- you can view different policies, products, filter through suppliers, depending on what type of Niche that you are in, what type of products that you sell. then you also have inventory sync. so this is the entry level paid plan. you have more Integrations. you can automatikally uh sync your inventory, do bulk feed management, and then you also have full sync, which is even more expensive. that's their higher level option, where you can automatikally do the order routing and really more management, for if you're scaling your online store and things like that, so you at least get access to the products. you can kind of filter through things, get an idea of what types of products that they have. so maybe if you do want to use inventory Source, you can at least try them out with a free account and if you do want to end up using them, they are, you know, I will say, one of the more expensive options in the Drop Shipping space. that is kind of a con with inventory Source. they definitely are more expensive than some of the other cheaper options out there. however, it's still somewhat reasonable when you compare it to maybe even Zen drop or something like that. at once you start sourcing- you, you know, you can expect to pay some sort of monthly fee, uh, depending on where you're sourcing your products, from what company, what suppliers, um, you know it's. you can at least try things out with the free plan to get an idea of what types of products and then, if you do end up choosing to use them, it is still somewhat comparable to other Drop Shipping suppliers out there, but it is something to keep in mind that they definitely are more expensive. but it does give you a bit more variety compared to something that just allows you to import AliExpress products, for example, such as maybe like de-essers or something like that, on the marketplace. now, as far as the back end, we'll also take a look a little bit into the reviews as well. this is what the back end of inventory Source looks like. so this is within the Shopify App Store. you feel free to look at this yourself as well. basically, you have the ability to check out your products. you know import things. look at the catalog, as you can see here. these are some like bug out bags. maybe if you're in survival space or outdoors and stuff like that, then maybe you already know what an emergency bug out bag or something like that may be. so you have kind of prepping space, as you can see, camping and outdoor. that's one of the like product categories. they have products within, as you can see, like the cost or MSRP and the quantity as well as your overall profit margins. you do also have, as you can see here, you can customize things. you can add in your own descriptions, titles, uh, type up really whatever you want for your specific product pages. then you can also set up catalog rules. so this is really nice. a lot of the higher level Drop Shipping option, uh, products or drop shipping companies and suppliers allow you to set up your various pricing tiers and markups, whether you have fixed dollar amount, a tiered markup with a percentage or just like a, a minimum. so you can really add in nice pricing tiers, uh, depending on how you want to set up your profit margins based on your wholesale cost as well as your retail price that you sell it within your Drop Shipping Store. really no different than any other type of- you know, retail business, Drop Shipping uh business as well, depending on how you want to go about doing things. so that's kind of what the back end looks like now. as far as reviews, it's somewhat mixed, I would say for inventory Source. you know, of course, you know, take a look at things yourself, uh bu.

Dropshipper: Export orders to excel file #facebook ads #shopify #aliexpress #alibaba

aloud today. I will show you how to export your orders in order to send it to your sailor and in order to fulfill its true customer first for all. you can do it just by make exports and make all orders and click export, but you will not get to the correct excel file. you will get the presentation of of lines. so what I did? I go to applications and I will choose this application export shape. you can search it by winchell app store. so I click it and I go to make in the order. my change opened up. I will show you how to make a city, how to, how to create your own excel file. so I go to source sitting or, before I go to explore sitting, what I do here, I should check this, create header row and I will choose what I want to see in file exit so I can choose any element from here: taxes, you can select, you can make top or make down what you need and you can change the title of the header. so, as already I, I have make it, made this the bus, so I wish you between shown. so now I will. I made like this: I I want to share to see the date of order. the name of Allah. the name is the number line named Conchita, shipping address, shipping others, one for City zip code, address, Street, country, phone number and total price. that will help me to see how I get from, said the Trostle saying I will show you how it will be useful. this, this one, okay, when I make all in order, I click Save and add. we need save it. then I go back, I go to source. I can name the source like this: I check what I want. if I won't receive it, I want to receive it via email or via payday or anything. I can see email. but no, honestly, this is just a secondary role of this option. I will show you how to do it. I make my, my soul. I can name my straw and they make separation like this: I choose the extension, then I go, I choose the fine. when I finish I click update. I want to see the date before the name. ok, I click update like this. so in finish I will click export, Excel, click okay, so I will see here my file. okay, now the fight would be good. now I see our orders, so now I have other. if you already ship, we'll make like this: if you already ship this order. you can delete them like this, for example: delete them like this and you keep just what you want to send. if you are, if you have a different for that, you can source byproducts. if you walk in just one product, you can keep it like this. so I have the date, I have the country, cheese, what I need. so I will answer this. you would understand what I do. like this: like I have the name and the shipping, I will make like this: okay, shipping, shipping price [Music]. so, yeah, I will put device, for example. the product cost me, for example, two dollars, okay, two dollars. the ship in the a package for is in three dollars to total order. I should make like this: I [Music] should make like this the number of the countries which replicate by the number of the price per artikle they make like this, like this: you will need this when you start scaling, plus the shipping price. okay, then I make like this: now I have on what I need [Music]. so the total will be likeness, shipping price expectations. so for child, I came into this: what I will pay, what we pay, to zero the total [Music]. I make this tracking number when I send this letter he or she should present me the same file with the tracking number and for example, like this: normally he or she means troops presented within two days. for example like this: this is make it by name, by Sara. okay, so now you have, you know how much you should pay. the sinner should pay this and when you have a conjugal you have the total conscious. you can negotiate with them. we didn't move there. you can say, oh, I get, for example, one thousand. you should make. revise the price, make it one point five. okay, one point five, not. not not through dollars, because I buy in or st. look before we should pay one hundred eight. when you're ready to see the price, you would economize some money. now we'll show you how much you can economize. you can raise $12, but we it's about a thousand of orders. you will save much money, okay. so with this you will ask the seller to create for you efforts in Aliexpress or ebay or- I'm sorry, or any Baba, and you pay it. so the cedar should be sent for each name and address by the pen. you can hide this cotton. why I put the cotton to total? I put it to now what is the range of buying to the total cost. I can make like this: I divided by the total, okay, that means that means 25%. the cost represent 25% of the total sales normally purchasing cost. also the ads: the ads cost cost. net profit should be like this: net profit should be net profit 25 like this: thank you for watching and see you in the next video. with this you can save it and send it for your fire. thank you, bye.