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Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

TikTok Copycat: Make $55K Per Month (Without Lifting A Finger!)

step number one: copy this link. step number two: come over to this website, paste it over here and click on generate. step number three: you can get paid money online for this incredibly viral Niche right now. you don't need a camera for this. we're not going to be creating any of our own content. in fact, we don't even need any social media following whatsoever on tiktok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook. I'm gonna teach you how to do this without creating any single content of your own, thank you. all you need is the ability to copy this link over here, whether it's on your mobile phone or your PC, and then come over to this website where we're going to paste this exact same link and click on generate. both these platforms are completely free and anybody can do this and make multiple streams of income online. in fact, every second of this video is bringing you closer to ten thousand dollars a month utilizing tik tok, without even creating your own content. I suggest, pay close attention to this video and watch every single step that I'm going to be showing you, because I'm going to lay out this entire tutorial in the most simplest step-by-step tutorial for you guys, so that you can easily understand this by the end of this video and get rolling and do this yourself. you'll see. this person over here called worldlock is approximately making anywhere between five hundred and three thousand dollars a day through their tiktok content that they're not even recording their own. as you can see over here, most of these videos are simple views, natural videos from stok video websites that they haven't even recorded their self and all they're doing is is putting their simple text over these videos, making their own simple little motivational videos, posting that on tik tok and getting hundreds of thousands, even millions of views which they are using to go and which they are using to generate tiktok ad Revenue, affiliate commissions and to grow their YouTube channels, which also holds a lot more YouTube ad Revenue. so, on top of tik tok being the backbone of the entire business, it opens up various different streams of income, which is exactly what I'm going to be showing you today. and this is really easy, also because it doesn't take a lot of time. to put a tik tok like this together. maybe takes 5-10 minutes. that's all it requires out of your day, and then you can continue with whatever you're doing, whether you work on idle five- still a student. so this is a great side hustle and become a main income stream as well. that hardly takes up any time of your day. here's another good example of another page: just taking stok videos and creative comments videos on YouTube and adding their own motivational quotes over different speeches that they've found off YouTube. You'll see, over here, if I click on the link in the bio it will take me up to: um, let's just click on open this link. anyway, it will take me to some kind of affiliate link over here. so here you can see, uh, they've got their Instagram. they're obviously promoting different music albums, so they're obviously some kind of artists. they're using music to make money off of their tiktok. I see also over here they've got different affiliate links to games such as wallpaper, engine, bus, Road Runner, uh, one of the games on the Play store and the contact button over here. so they're making various streams of income through music and affiliate links in the link of their bio on their tiktok page. that again is getting hundreds of thousands, even one or two videos, over a million views. and I can actually show you one or two smaller pages also doing this, such as this page over here called the inspirational daily, with only 33 000 followers, and they are pretty much getting way more views than the amount of followers they have. their third latest video had over 400 000 views. seventy thousand views. yes, only one or two get five thousand or six thousand, but not every single video is going to take off. but, as you can see, if you remain consistent at this, you will get to a point where the algorithm is going to push you and every single video is going to be getting more views than actual followers you have. and, the best part about this, you don't only have to do this on tiktok. you can replicate this on Instagram, Facebook reels, which I really recommend- YouTube shorts to get monetized on YouTube, and all they do is is copy and paste and post the same video that you made on all these platforms and how you open up to four different platforms, helping you go viral. so this is another great example of a smaller page doing this and more or less what you can expect in the beginning if I click on one of these videos. take a look at this. let's just have a look at their latest video. as you can see, this is a simple stok video of a snowy mountain and all the quote they've got is here is: there are people in this world, uh, who faces lights up when they see you, and that's not because of what you can do or what you can provide or how they can benefit from you. it's just because of who you are. and this simple little quote with a motivational background music attached to it- I just muted it because you won't be able to hear me. um has gotten over 112 000 views and I posted this one day ago. so to get a hundred thousand views in one day, I mean, if you picture a hundred thousand people in front of you, I'll kind of put an illustration on the screen. this is what you can imagine: how many people you are actually reaching out to with this video. so how exactly do you get started with this? very simple: come over to pinterestcom or just go and search Pinterest on Google and go and click on the first link. and you want to go and search up on Pinterest some of the best motivational quotes, if you come over to the home feed on the top left and you click on the search bar and you go and search motivational quotes or inspirational quotes or best quotes yet, and over here, for example, this is a great one that you can go and use for a tiktok video. um, over here it says: if you don't sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice. that, I think, is an epic quote that we can build into some kind of video like this. so let's say this in this tab: um, this is the most important part of this video. so I really recommend you pay attention with me now, because I'm going to go over how you're going to build your tiktok. step number two is to come over to pixelscom. you can also use pixabaycom. you can go and search up any free stok video website on Google and let's go and search over here, for example. let's just come over to videos. click on enter and over here you can see all sorts of different videos. let's go and search Drone footage or any kind of drone videos and take a look at this one over here. if I click on this video and I click on play, as you can see, you've got perfectly stok video of a drone flying through the mountains. we can go and free download this video to our PC. make sure to click on the highest quality possible. click on download and this is now downloaded to your PC and you're allowed to completely use this video as your own, use it in your own videos, repost it on YouTube, tiktok, without any copyright issues, because stok video websites are there to post content that don't have any copyright issues attached to them. so once this video is downloaded, all we need is now a quote to go and edit onto our video and come over to a free editing software called V Dot IO. it's veed veed dot IO. it's a free online video editing software. you can go and click on new video. click on create project. this is what your dashboard will look like once you've signed in with your account. I'm not an affiliate for this website. I just often use it for my tiktoks and Instagram videos. so you can just head over straight to the website over here, click on upload a file and go and upload that same stok video we just uploaded. what's pretty cool about dot IO? that actually provide you with your own stok videos. if you want to use that as well, just click on media and clic.

How To Dropship For $0 With TikTok... (TikTok Organic Dropshipping)

the most common struggle when it comes to drop shipping is ads. most people really struggle to understand facebook ads, snapchat ads, tiktok ads and recently, over the last couple of months, i have been focusing in on something that really has changed my opinion on ads, and that main thing being is that you can spend zero dollars and make it just as an effective store. paying tens of thousands of dollars every single day, testing and running different ad sets, which the fact that this is true and is an opportunity that literally every single person can do, like there's no reason why you should not be drop shipping right now. so today, i'm gonna show you exactly how you can find a product, be able to market it completely for free and be able to achieve your first ten thousand dollar day. pretty simply, it's really not that difficult once you kind of step back and take a look at it, but i do have a great example in this video and show you exactly why this person is succeeding and how they're doing it correctly. all right, guys. so right now you will see my screen and this, right now, is basically the product research method that you could go ahead and do. so, basically, what you're going to do is at the top of tiktok. you're going to go ahead and search up amazon must-haves. you could even search up something along the lines of like must-haves, like something like this would work just as effectively. and well, now, what you're gonna do once you have this is you're gonna use the little little uh filter setting in the top right and once you go ahead and click on that, the number one thing i highly recommend is go to more right here and you want to select videos posted within the last three months so that this is showing you relevant content that's going viral right now. and you can also filter in between sorting by relevance and most liked. you can kind of just switch between them and let's see if that increases some new products you might find. but i do recommend products within the last three months. even if it's within the last month is even better if you can find something, because the less competition you have now, the better, because that opens up such a big market for you. so really, once you're here, you're just gonna scroll down and take a look at all these videos and just keep going through them, and the number one thing i highly recommend- like, let's say, this video right here with the kiwi. what you're going to do is click on the comment section, because the comment sections actually give you such an idea of how the people that are viewing this content react to it. and so if people are saying, like, where can i find this? this looks so cool. that is something that you want to hop on immediately, especially if it's people saying where can i find this? if you see a ton of people saying where can i get this, then you're in for a really good time, but right now, like for this example, it doesn't really look like there's that many comments regarding like, where can i find this? that's the general product research method that you can do. it's the most effective one i recommend doing for organic tik-tok drop shipping and it's pretty simple. now, basically, right here, we have ourselves a uh a store right now on tiktok that i came across the other day. another alternative you guys could do is if you actually have a like separate tiktok account. i recommend you make a separate tiktok account and just engage with products in the amazon must-have section. you'll start getting it on your fyp page and then also you'll tiktok will start servicing you a ton of similar stuff, like product related tiktoks, and just see ones that go viral could work. so right here we found one. this is a company called everlock. this is clearly a drop shipping store right here and we're gonna kind of break it down right here. so, kind of first thing off the bat, um their actual bio and all that. like everlockcom, um, i personally, i i like this, though i will say i've been following this account for the last few days just kind of watching it see what they're doing, and on tiktok, you actually cannot add a link into your bio until you have achieved 1 000 followers on the the account. you want it in your bio. so this person just got access to have this right here. um, now i will say, if you guys can't put your link in your bio- which sometimes is understandable, doing something like this, putting this at the top, free us shipping and buy here- is the best thing um you can do now. before this, they actually had buy it or link in my instagram and you could actually attach your instagram account to your company instagram, to your tiktok account. that's what they did and i highly, highly recommend it. actually, right here is their company instagram and something that they're also doing that i want to do a little plus. one is they're actually re-uploading all their tiktok content right here on to instagram reels, and i just wanted to say that some of their instagram reels content actually has been going viral- not like relatively viral, like 500 likes, a thousand likes, um, and it's instagram. you get the link in the description immediately. so that's another opportunity. it's it's potential free conversions right there. but this tok account was initially pushing to their instagram to get to the link. now they have the link in their actual tiktok page, but what is actual content and what are they selling? so right here, um, let me pull up their video that i came across that i thought was great. i will say this account like spam uploads, which i'm not the biggest fan. i'm really about quality over quantity, um, they're really just going for a crazy quantity amount of uploads right here and just hoping that one hits the algorithm. basically every single video they upload is pretty much identikal. i mean, you guys are seeing all the thumbnails right here. they're pretty much the same thing every time they upload them, but right here, this video actually ended up hitting 1.3 million views. it's basically a very simple. it's like mom, why are you always in your room, um? and then it shows them showcasing off the product, which is like a door handle that has a fingerprint lock id on it, um, and it's just really shareable. and you guys are going to notike in the comments right here like: does it work on any door? where can i get them? you have a lot of people saying i want this now. if this was me, i'm not going to compete with this product because i'm using it as an example. but this product. right here i see a video with 1 million views. it's very, very simple marketing. this is nothing crazy. it's really got to put this on a door. you could go ahead and, you know, do something similar to this product right here. everyone wants one in the comment section. so, um, you know, you already know there's a demand for this product and they basically just kept running the same ads. they did another one, like the next week, that got 600 000 views. they have another one recently got like 60 000. um, but not a lot of their videos are popping off recently. i would just recommend really, really quality uploads. i'm again, i'm not the biggest fan of this crazy quantity push of uploads right here. i would add some more variety to the actual content. but basically what they're doing is they're getting just a ton of views on tiktok, getting people interested and then pushing them to their site right here. now, if we go ahead and take a look at their site right here, this is their website, this is the landing page. i will say that obviously this is desktop version. on mobile, this looks a lot better and a lot optimized. with tik tok, organic 99.9 of your traffic is going to be mobile. that is just 100 facts. desktop you should not even optimize for uh, yeah, i mean you should. you can if you want to, and i always recommend it, but your number one priority should be mobile and mobile conversions here. so this looks really good on mobile. that's why, like this blank space right here on mobile is not there and all that um. but yeah, they have some good photos. the only thing i notiked with th.


We Paid People on FIVERR To Make TikTok Dropshipping Ads

what is up, you guys? for this video, i have paid three different fighter designers to create one sick tok ad about this product right here. they all had different prices. they have all delivered their ads. they are right there on my laptop. let's check them out. so, guys, a little bit of a backstory. as i told you in the beginning of the video, i have messaged three different guys from fiverr to make me three tiktok ads for three different price points. what you see here in front of you is the result of that. they have all delivered and i have kept the ads in a google drive file. now we're gonna review them now, just for a matter of fact, here, here and here are the messages. they have all responded instantly. i never see something like this. it might be some automatik robot stuff, but i always get late messages from fiverr and nobody has ever responded to me like this. all three of them responded instantly, which is a high thumbs up for me. i really like continuity and working fast. so, without further ado, these are the adds at number one. this is the cheapest one. let's just play it and let me tok about the ad after that. they're so amazing [Music] and very comfortable to wear stylish and modern designs. alright, so this was the first, and leave a comment in the comment section below telling us what do you think about this ad. now, in my opinion, this is an okay ad. they only had to do a voice over and and small stuff like that. but what i don't like is the fact that they have only used one single footage. right, they use it. i think they use this from aliexpress. they got it from the video section of the product and nothing more. it's basically the same movie running and some text in here and, uh, a voice over. it's an okay ad. we can use this. it's only ten dollars. that's really worth it. the length of it is really good. is is close to 30 seconds. is 20, 28 seconds. now they don't have voice over on the call to action. i don't know why didn't they do that. it was just like a 10 second job extra. i don't understand why didn't they do this. they did voiceover on every text, but, uh, not on the call to action. one. overall, it's a good ad. i will give it a thumbs up. let's check out at number two. at number two, this was twenty dollars. let's check it out mid women's shark slippers. let you relax and enjoy the comfort. non-slip and waterproof, breathable, sweat flexible, more stylish [Music]- lightweight and convenient. use it everywhere. i do gift for your loved ones. shop now. alright, guys, so you can clearly see that they have put a little bit more effort into this ad than the first one. they have, uh, multiple different scenarios. they have different crops, as you can see. it has this lady on the stairs, it has this thingy doing, it has them in the bed like checking out the quality: dancing, b-rolls, crosswork- i really like this crosswalk one. so they they did a lot of crops. they did a really good work. they haven't used the same footage as they did in the first video, so they have put a little bit more effort into looking for new footage. the voiceover is good. i like the fact that. listen to this shop. now. they have used the voiceover over the call to action button, which is really important. you want your target audience to hear that they can click on the shop now button and shop your product now. also, the music is better, because if you're targeting younger people, you would target them with better music, and this is better than the first one. i really like the music in this one. now there is something in this video that i think is really bad, and this makes this ad for me a little bit below the first one. it's only one detail which ruins all the video for me: the text. man, look at the text. it's really bad. it's like it's made in. everything is made pretty professionally, pretty nice, and and the text it looks like it's made from paint. somebody just throws some letters in there on a white background. that's not how you do it, man. so overall i think this video is better than the first one, but on a whiteboard i would put it below the first one only because of the text. so if i were to choose between the cheapest one and this one, i would choose to use the cheapest one on my tiktok ads. now what i said as a rule for this video: i only gave them one chance. i i have some revisions with these guys. i can make a revision with them, but that's the main rule: no revisions. i take what they give me from the first try. of course i could message this guy and tell them that hey, the text is not that good, please change it, and i'm sure that they will change it. they would change the text in something better, but uh, it's only one try, baby, no second tries, just like my ex. so these guys fall below the first one. let's check the final, the most expensive and the third tiktok add from this video at number three. here we go: get foot comfort and relief with the shock. slipper, lightweight and thick, great to wear inside and outside. they come in so many different cute colors and sizes. get yours now. now, where should we put this video? right here, i would say it's a good video, not a really good one, but it's a good video. i would say it's like equality between the first one and the third one. now, this video, as you can see, it's only 15 seconds. like, what's up with that? as you can see here, on the announcement that they made, they clearly stated that the video is 30 seconds. they, they just said that- and their announcement on fiverr. and i would totally prefer a 30 second and if i don't like beats from that, i can just cut it myself, i can crop it myself and play with what i have, but i paid you 30 and you're only giving me 15 seconds. and even so, even these 15 seconds, like, like, check out the ending, get yours, get yours and it dies there. it's like half a second more. like what? what are you doing, man? is somebody behind you telling you to finish it that, right at the 15 second mark? if you're being held hostage, man, just blink twice. but no revisions. man, i'm sorry. if you're being held hostage, man, that's your problem, but this is my money. like why did you send me only 15 seconds for 30 dollars? that's, that's a lot of money. let's move on to the video now. the voiceover is the same as the second video. looks really good. it's not something special- they have used the same voiceovers over and over again- but it's it's. it gets the job done. i'm not saying something bad about it. the music is also good. this is also young people music and it's something like really known. it's engaging entertainment. you're targeting young people. so this is really good. the crops in this video are minimal. they haven't done that many crops as the second video, but it's good. it looks good. i'm not saying that. i'm not saying that it's not good at the crops area. they haven't done that well as the second one. in my opinion, to close up this third video, this is not worth thirty dollars. i don't think it's worth thirty dollars. it's too much for what they gave me. they only gave me 15 seconds. the other two ones gave me 30 seconds. they gave me a double, a duration of a video for maybe half the price and even less than half the price- a third of the price the first one and i don't think it's it's. it's worth 30 overall and uh, other than that, it ends really early. i don't know why they have decided to do this. they are not on a time limit. i haven't told them anything about the time limit. so if i were to classify these videos, i will put the first and the third one on the first place equally, and the second one after them. if i would have a revision and if the rules would be so that i can make a revision for each and every video, i'm sure that this would be the first one. but if i were to put them like that, i told you maybe, maybe, if you would select what's best from the second video and what's best from the third video, if we would combine the second and the third video, we would have something perfect and nothing should be changed.

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Tìm Ý Tưởng Kinh Doanh Shopee Với REDDIT & TIKTOK - Người Mới Cũng Làm Được| DROPSHIPPING SHOPEE A-Z

Ừ, thì chắc có. để lại các phần Credit này, thì thì nó sẽ rất mới. các bạn mà thảo linh chi ở Việt Nam thì đang phần nó. bạn nhấn này, thì thì nó dành cho dân công nghệ là nhiều và những cái dân business là nhiều. thế vào đây là một cộng đồng. mó Tập hợp tất cả những cái nội, dung, những cái câu hỏi, những cái wesson. họ là những cái bạn hội thảo, mà những người có kinh, nghiệm. họ lên đây ho chia sẻ hoàn toàn bộ luôn, toàn thế giới được các bạn nhé. nhưng các bạn vào thread này, các bạn với tao một cái tài khoản, sau đó các bạn tìm hiểu về cái đít mà các bạn muốn video, các bạn muốn Xuân là shopee đi. các bạn lên qua shopee, thì các bạn hãy cho khách bám shopee như thế nào thì bán, làm sao bán được đơn shopee. thì các bạn vào đây Đức Thành mạng chia sẻ quan hỏi ấy, thì người ta sẽ comment này. các bạn in chuối là nhiều bằng tiếng Anh, nhá tiếng Việt mà không trả lời được đâu. rồi cái gì, đừng đi. mày chia sẻ các bạn ở cái đít. nó là Vì sao là một diễn đàn mở, là là một cộng đồng. họ sẽ có những cái nội dung bài viết Tập trung vào một chủ đề, quyết định các là họ sẽ chia trước khi chủ đề nó và họ sẽ gợi ý cho bạn những chủ đề liên quan. cái ví dụ như bàn tay của anh có. anh có đưa ra một vài ví dụ, như là Jack to, là cái thu thập những cái bình luận và vuốt nhiều nhất ở trên website cảng hạn, ví dụ như thế. hoặc là nơi tụ tập những cái ý tưởng nó điên rồi Những tưởng mà nó làm thay đổi cả thế giới, thì nó nằm ở trên này hết. thì các bạn anh khuyên là lỗi, nhưng các bạn là bị suýt nha. bạn nên vào nên ít này các bạn tìm hiểu chưa. Đây đây là cái dao viên mà khi các bàn vàng các bạn có thể như cho vay rất nhiều Ngày nào, voi rất nhiều Nhiều lý nhóm. Ừ, tao đi không ờ, ờ Ừ. anh giới thiệu cho các bạn một cái tre hoặc là Trang Spike về tiktok. thì trang này nó các bạn sẽ chủ yếu vào nên nên chiến lược là chính. sau này nó Spike toàn bộ sản, phẩm, những ngành hàng, hạt, Linh, xray, tất cả những cái, những người, những trang nên xảy ra trên tiktok, thì các bạn vào với Trang ích tóc này Em thích chẳng ai à a, a, a, acom vào đây. khi các bạn đăng kí một cái tài khoản, làm nó bởi vì nó là miễn phí. mà miễn phí, ừ, ừ, ừ, ừ, Ừ, thì nó kêu: nào đây không ê, ê à, à, à, à, ừ, ừ, ừ, ừ, ừ, ừ, ừ, ừ, ừ, ừ, ừ, ừ, anh, em thấy Facebook à à, à, à, à, ừ, ừ cách tạo tài khoản vip. a, ừ, ừ, bộ công an vào, thì tao mà tài khoản ạ, ừ, ừ, à, à, ừ, ừ, à, à, ừ, ừ, anh trai, chợ hoa kích hoạt tài khoản, nhân dân số, tài khoản. sau khi các bạn đăng kí gì, Nó xảy ra như thế này: đây chưa Cái gì, Cái kiểu này, nó có trẻ con, những cái gì đấy tiền qua một chút nó sẽ con đi, nó sẽ ghét cho bạn. hãy video hấp dẫn này, những cái âm thanh hót này, nhưng theo tắc nóng, tức là thép khác, mà đang chủ đề đó còn nóng, chủ đề đó là hot, thì không để khi nó sắp ghét. là những cái khi Hoặc là những cái video trên hệ thống và cái ứng nữa, thì đây là những cái chủ đề và giúp cho các bạn lựa chọn ra những cái âm thanh, những hạt đi ứng, thì các bạn làm video nó tốt hơn. thứ hai nữa là về cái phần tiktok Style này. nó sẽ giúp cho bạn tìm ra những cái gì, tìm ra những cái người có tầm ảnh, hưởng, đến khi bạn biết là đối thủ của mình Họ đang sử dụng người nào và bạn làm sao mà có thể qua được không và sử dụng một cái chiến lược này. nó sẽ có các bạn danh sách này. rồi cái cuối cùng là và có thể tìm ra những video, người video video và so sánh cái những cái người nói với nhau, So sánh Hoài Linh, mới lại một bạn là đấy hoặc là sau đánh em chú một nghệ sĩ vào đấy, các nghệ sĩ khác nhau. Vì thế thì việc đầu tiên, nhé, người, anh Thắng, thì việc đầu tiên là các bạn tiktok em làm cái gì đây này đi tìm kiếm trước nhà. ở đầu tiên là tìm kiếm người cùng Trước giờ đây cũng người cùng các bạn chú ý là các bạn chọn những khu vực mà các bạn mong muốn thì làm Việt Nam. các bạn muốn chọn cái mô hình, cái bang ở đây? á, thì nó chưa có rành mạch về những vấn đề liên quan, không mệt, mà nó chỉ gạch chủ đề liên quan đến về video, về những, về một số cái, đến cơ bản thôi. có thời trang nữa. thì các bạn ở đây gọi: có thể này, các thể chọn cho mình thời trang đi. thì cho các bạn chọn người ta, bạn thì nghỉ ổ cứng, từ khóa là ví dụ, như là Các bạn chọn chìa khóa là trung ương, nghệ sĩ, Âm Nhạc. Nghe ca nhạc của Trung Quốc, Trung Quốc à bộ phim võ thuật ở thời trang. ah, Ý, em sao ừ, ừ à, à à à, ừ, ừ à à thế này Ừ, thì các bạn chú ý nghĩa này: các bạn chọn ngành thời trang không truyền thông video, ô, ồ, video, ngày một trang không có các bác thế này à à các bạn ạ, ở trường giang này có rất nhiều người, Trường Giang Không thì nghệ sĩ và nghệ sĩ, thì các bạn chẳng thèm nghe từ nghệ sĩ. Ý, xe Mercedes cho mình không có luôn. khi liên tục tất cả linh à Hì, hì, hì đi tìm 1 à Vì sao khi nó bạn nên chọn là như thế này các bạn sẽ biết là bạn này anh như thế nào chúng ta dam YouTube bạn đến đâu, đúng không. Nếu bạn sẽ xem các mức độ người theo dõi tổng trong video của 1 ở đâu mà nó viết ra đây, cái trường giang này có này mà không phải. nhưng mà các bạn chú ý là để tin một người như thế này, các bạn phải xem chứ chắc được chưa. chẳng chính xác, có phải nghĩ sĩ Trường Giang hay không ở đây? đúng là, không phải không. Bạn Trường Giang, sinh năm 87 Ở trang này, là Trang đi học à bộ phim tìm việc từ từ Hiệp Hòa. bạn thấy cái mũi cho là gì từ việc các bạn chọn ra được những những người này. bà sẽ biết anh lại tìm ai để họ review cho mình, thì mai để họp đó có sản phẩm cho mình. Họ giới thiệu chồng của mình ra đến kí kênh đi tóc này, thì đó là cách thứ nhất anh chị hát hay bạn có thể tìm cái danh sách cho Việt Nam đi. khi bạn tìm danh sách Việt Nam, ở Việt Nam tìm việc, thời gian, thì bạn sẽ biết là bạn ở trong những ngành thời trang này. Đây là những ai, là những người mà sau này hưởng có sức mạnh văn hóa ở trên mái tóc này. cái này thì từ những cái người như thế này, thì đây mà có thể gì. Bạn có thể liên hệ nhiều nhé. Bạn quảng cáo sản phẩm của bạn, đúng không? Thì bạn tao đồng ý một chút. bạn có thể là yêu cầu cho khách về trên cái sai của mình, như các bạn, bạn bán được. bạn cũng thu cần thiết là bạn phải đi lên 12 gì để mà làm cái này như thế này, bởi vì nó sẽ có những điều chi phí khá cao, rất là, nói tao là nhiều và các để xem Lực Tăng trưởng. đây nó rất là nhiều thứ hay ho trong này. thì đây mình giới thiệu cho các bạn. cứ sai vậy, thì có bạn tìm rồi, Hoặc là bạn thì có thể so sánh, so sánh này nhập khẩu, so sánh à à. bạn có thể chọn bất kỳ một cái gì, thêm một danh sách này, kia, một danh sách để so sánh giữa sự ảnh. hưởng. tất nhiên ở trong này nó có có cả phép, nên các bạn, nhưng mà các bạn ở đây là các bạn cũng chú ý, Tìm nhóm thật kỹ bằng à mọi người thấy, Các bạn nhìn thấy không ai là người mà không cách lực, không có nhiều nhất là thích thấy nhiều nhất ở Ca sĩ Hoài Linh, lúc sau lại nghệ sĩ Việt Hương. Ừ, nhưng mà cái gì? Vì sao phải? quý khách đã bảo về lâu dài, thì hiện tại mình hãy quan tâm nhất là trong những thời gian gần nhất, là ai là người ảnh hưởng nhất trong đây. tức là, nếu bạn làm ở đây, thì mình sẽ cho nghệ sĩ Việt Hương và chưa tất cả các nghĩa sĩ. Vì sao phải? vì trong 30 ngày gần nhất, cho 30 ngày gần nhất, thì các bạn, gì đâu đó nó tăng trưởng một cách rất là khủng khiếp. thì chưa ở đây hết thông tin tài khoản. Các bạn nhìn Em không biết cái này, cũng rất là cái này. mà người nghĩ tôi không một mình biết tài khoản này, nó còn us cũng ra. thì như thế này, như thế này, anh nghĩ cho khách rồi Đúng, thì đúng là, như thế này trúng tài khoản này cũng bị hư luôn, tại, vì chắc, như thế này đang ở bên Mỹ, đúng rồi, Ở đây có bạn có thể xem vào đây mà xem ăn gì chưa Hôm nay. là một trong những cách, bằng việc So sánh sau khi bị tập hợp được một list. người khác theo trong sách này cho sáng là: à, ừ, ừ, ừ, ừ, à, à, ừ, ừ. anh đi cho rồi. em mệt, chị. sau khi bạn tìm được một lít và các ứng dụng dùng rồi và một clip về kol rồi, thì bartholin này đi lên xong thì nó bắt quay lại. các bạn này xem là, đàm phán về giá, là khám về cách thức làm việc, đồng thời nó là gì? Đồng thời nhớ là các bạn làm, tìm sang những cái công cụ khác để các bạn biết là cái Follow này nó cút 20 này nha. các bạn nhìn đánh giá về bút Follow đ à à Ê, mấy thằng kia các bạn liên hệ với một mạng kols, đấy bạn làm một cái, thì bạn phải xem xem là cái phần bút lông này thực, thực, tế nó họ có biết hay không, hay là, hay là những cái video thật đấy chúng.

Copy & Paste Reddit Videos And Make +$3000 Month | Affiliate Marketing 2022

hi guys, welcome to my channel. today i'm going to show you how you can make money with reddit and affiliate marketing as a beginner. and don't worry, we will not spam reddit with our links. we will not spam read it with our posts. we are actually going to use reddit stories and we will publish them on tok because those stories go really really easy viral on tiktok and when you go here on tiktok, you will find this page here reddit, that stories here. you will see that these guys have 3 million followers and their videos are getting millions and millions of views every day and they publish one video every day. and when you go on tiktok and here in search bar, when you type, for example, reddit stories and click search and you will see and click here on accounts, you will see that there are other people who are doing exactly the same thing and these people have lots of views and lots of followers: 786 000 followers, 300 000 followers, 400 000 followers, 175 000 followers and so on and so on. and that is because these stories are going really easy viral on tiktok and that is why all of these people are doing that. and there is still room for you to do exactly the same thing. and if you think, well, that is difficult, how do i do that? and actually, when you go back here and when you open one of these videos- let's just say this one here, for example- you will see that these are actually really simple videos. it is just video in the background and text in the foreground and a voiceover. now, if you can do your own voiceover, that would be the best, but if you can't, don't worry, there are free solutions. and when you actually go back to their profile, to their page here, you can see that they have a link in their bio and they are promoting different kind of products on this link and they're making lots of money because their videos are getting millions, of millions of views. but how do you find these reddit stories? well, you can simply go on google and here in search bar you can simply type best reddit stories and here you can find reddit stories. and when you click here on my travel, you will see best subreddits for for reddit stories. so let me just scroll here. you will see relationships and relationship advice stories. am i do? okay, this is not appropriate word, okay. and here you can see confessions and confession now. confessions are amazing. they are going viral really, really easy because other people like to read and hear other people's confessions. people hear confessions of people who did something that they didn't supposed to do. that is why these stories are going viral really, really easy. and, let's say, i wish to click here on confession. when i click here, it will open this subreddit where i can find lots of great stories. now, some of these stories are true, some are not true, but that is not important because these are really great stories. then here you can see that this subject has 3 million members and here you can see stories. now you can sort this story to get stories to get best and top stories. just scroll here on the top and then click here on top and you will get top stories of today. and you can also sort them when i click here on today, by this day, this week, this month, this year and all time. so let's say, i wish to use top stories of this week so you can literally create videos every day and you can upload videos every day on tik tok and it is really easy to make these videos. i'm going to show you how you can make them in just five minutes, totally free, and here you can see lots of great stories. let's say i wish to use this first one here. i used to steal from my store when i was a manager at mcdonald's, so i need to click here to open this story. and this is the story, as you can see here. this is entire story. and now i need to convert this story into a video. and first thing you need to do you need to find a video for your background, and for that you can go on pixels and here you can find royalty free videos that you can use as a video background for your tiktok videos. and you need to search for vertikal videos. and because this guy stole from his store, i searched store related videos and here you can find there is lots of store related videos and you can download any of these videos on your desktop to use them as a background. next thing you need to do, you need to convert this artikle into a voiceover. like i said, if you can, you do this voiceover by yourself. that would be great, but if you can't, then you need to use a bot, and for that we are going to use this website here. video with w dot co text to speech. this is a free software. so what you need to do, you need to go back on reddit and you wish to actually spread this in multiply voiceovers. you don't want to make them one voiceover, because you want to make them watchable and readable, so i will just copy this. okay, ctrl c, go back here and i will paste that here and here you can choose a voice artist. i will just stik with this one and here you can choose speed, and when you click here on preview you can hear how this sounds. so we just click here on preview. okay, this sounds really good and this actually sounds like a tiktok video. so all i have to do now is just click here on download mp3 and download this voiceover and on my desktop as an mp3, and next just go back on reddit and i can also copy this. so just copy this to make another voiceover and go back here and i can replace it. and again, just click here on preview and then click here on download and download this as mp3 on your desktop. so next thing you need to do, you need to make a video, and for that you can use canva. you can register for a free account on canva and now you need to upload that video that you downloaded from pixels and those voiceovers that you created in videocom. i already did that and this is my template. so all i have to do is just drag this video here into my template. okay, just give it a second. it is a bit slower and i will just move it here and i will make it fit to my template. okay, just like this. and now what i need to do? i need to click here on audio and i will just drag this audio here again onto my video to edit that audio, to add that voiceover to my video. now, if necessary, you can cut this video, you can trim these videos and, as you can see, my video is longer than my voiceover, so i can simply just drag this slider like this. okay, and now my video is exactly the same length as my voiceover and because we have another voiceover, i can simply click here on this plus and i can just go back on the video and i can add same video because i wish to create a loop. now, if you want, you can add another video, but i like to add same video because i like to create a loop. again, just make it fit to your template, just like this. and again. you just need to go back on audio and you need to drag audio number two to your video and just move this slider and this audio is actually this voiceover is actually the same length as my video. so this is my video and when you click here on this plus, you can even add some transitions, but you don't really need any transitions for this kind of videos. and when you click here on play, it will play this video with the change. but what you need to do again, just click here this video. you need to click here on elements and you need to add text, just like those guys that i showed you in the beginning of the video. and after you finish everything, all you have to do is just click here on download and download this video as a mp4 on your desktop and then just go back on tiktok and upload these videos. but how do you monetize these kind of tiktok pages? as we saw, there are subreddits related to relationships and you can find great relationship stories in those subreddits. so what you can do is you can simply come here on clickbank and here you can find relationship related products that you can promote, and you can promote just one product or you can promote multiple products by using link tree, and then you can simply go back to your tiktok page and you can add your link tree link here.

Revealing My $2.6M Winning Product With TikTok Ads (Shopify Dropshipping)

very often in the e-commerce space. we see screenshots of Shopify dashboards and crazy Revenue numbers, but we never get to see what's going on behind the scenes. so what is a very successful tik tok brand actually look like? hey everyone, Dylan, here in this video I'll be revealing A 2.6 million dollar one product Drop Shipping Store of mine that I've scaled with tiktok ads. only if this video gets 1.5 K likes, I'll be dropping a in-depth media buying scaling video revealing literally all these strategies that we have used to hit 100K plus days with tiktok ads. also, if you guys have any questions, please make sure to comment them down below and send me a DM. I'm going to try to answer as many questions as possible, alright, so let me go ahead and refresh the dashboard just to show you guys this is legit here and, as you can see, 2.6 million dollars in sales. so if you look at the sales graph over here, you see there hasn't really been much consistency with this brand, and that's because this is really just like a side project for me. I run this brand by myself, but nowadays all the brands I run are with my partner, Ben, so this brand doesn't really get much of my attention, with that being said, every couple months or so, I'll come in and refresh the creatives, maybe put some more time into it, and that's when things usually start ramping back up. so, before I review the product, I want to explain to you guys how I found it. so this product was a very big winner on Facebook at the time. it was extremely saturated, but it wasn't really on tik tok. keep in mind this was an early 2020, so The tiktok ads platform was- I don't even think it was- in its beta stage at the time. however, I chose this product for tik-tok Organics specifically. so, just like most of the other winning products on tiktok, this product had a very big wow factor. it was scroll stopping and it serves a very broad audience. combine all that with creatives that are very native to the platform and an irresistible offer: you're able to really scale things up with tiktok. this product is priced above 45 dollars and we've had roughly like a 50 aov throughout the lifetime of the store. however, we've only maintained a 60 gross margin, and that's because I've tested increasing the price a lot, but the conversion just dips off so hard about fifty dollars. so, like I said earlier, I started out this product as a tiktok organic brand and I hit multiple, uh, high five figure days. I've done that with some other products as well and I'll show some of the organic and influencer videos very shortly. I didn't start running ads with this brand until June of 2021.. once I started running ads, it was working so well, so I just stopped doing influencers and organic videos. so when I found this product, there was really only one main competitor on tiktok and they were doing well, but they just weren't posting that often on their page. so I knew, if I came in and I posted a lot more and I also posted better content- that I could do a lot better than them. alright, so now the port you guys have been waiting for. this is the product reveal. it's the Galaxy projector and the brand name is juice LEDs. so here's my tiktok page right here, with over 250k followers and 9 million likes with this brand. I've really only ever ran tiktok ads. I've had short periods of time where I ran some Facebook and some Snapchat, but it's been pretty much tiktok. and just to proved you guys that this is my brand, this is literally my face in a creative of mine. so, yeah, also, this brand has one of the most viewed and liked ad creatives on the entire tiktok platform with a 114 million impressions. so the funny thing about this brand is pretty much all of the content has been made by myself. there was a period of time in early 2021 when I was paying someone to make some organic content and they did pretty well, but it didn't last that long. the creative I just showed you guys that had a 115 million impressions was literally made in my bedroom myself. that just shows you guys you really don't need much to be able to scale with tiktok ads. so, as I said earlier, we did multiple high five figure days with tiktok organic on this brand and I'll go ahead and show you guys a few of the videos. so this was a video that was actually made by one of the people I hired to make organic content for the brand product itself was the wow factor. we didn't have to do a lot of external things to the videos to like make them go viral. so that's why it converted extremely well. and here's another video that I did extremely well with Organic. all we had to do was really show off the products and pair that up with, you know, clean, transition and trending audios and most of the videos would go really viral. so, as far as the product page goes, I've always kept that like extremely Simple and Clean and haven't had too much of a problem with the conversion rate. I definitely prioritized page speed and also pricing and testing cross-sells, so we've tried having a one-click upsell whenever they press the add to cart button. that didn't work very well. we have a post purchase cross-sell now. that does work well and, as you can see, here's the product page it's it's really clean and simple. so now I'll be going into the ad account to show you guys a strategy that I scale with. so I've always ran one ad account for this product and it's been the same ad account that I've had open since late 2020. I've never had any spinning issues. it's been suspended a couple times here and there, and our rep has usually been able to handle that very quickly. so if you guys have a very aged tiktok ad account that you made a while ago, try to scale with it. you usually won't run into any spinning issues at all. so nowadays, this brand only does a few thousand dollars a day, maintains good margins though, but back in early January, when I was really scaling this product up, here's an ad strategy that worked extremely well. now this strategy is extremely hard to actually run nowadays because tiktok will ban your account for it. but pretty much we'd have a campaign with a 50 campaign budget limit. so it's not a CBO, it's an actual campaign budget limit. within that campaign we'd have 800 ad groups and each of the ad groups would have a hundred dollar budget. so obviously the campaign spends that- uh first fifty dollars extremely fast and once it's spent it, you want to bump the campaign by 10 or 15 dollars every 30 minutes and as you start bumping the budgets, tik tok sends extremely cheap traffic to your site. as you can see here, we were getting 10 cent cpcs in under 80 cpms and I would literally duplicate just tons of these campaigns and this was how we scaled. like I said earlier, you may be able to get away with running a method like this nowadays, but most of the time tiktok's gonna flag your account and you may even get banned. so I apologize if this seemed like a brief video. very soon I'll be making in-depth product research, midi buying and creative videos. so other than that, I hope you guys enjoyed this and I'll see you guys soon.