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dropshipping uk 2015

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

Dropshipping UK Suppliers You Need in 2021

[Music]. hello and welcome to another video from conversionskitchencom. today we are going to be taking a look at uk drop shipping suppliers- drop shipping suppliers in the uk in 2021 that you need to know about if you have a drop shipping business. so we're going to. we've got 10 of our favorites here. i'm going to fly through them, uh, and give you the prices, a little bit about them and some pros and cons. so let's get going straight away. so first of all, we have avasam- appassam. so abassam is london-based dropshipping uk platform, officially launched in 2019.. um, it's an automated platform. it has all the necessary tools and to source all the products that you want. um, it's got. let's see some pros and cons here. it's got great customer service, reasonable pricing, has a supplier verification program, offer 60 integration programs. only ships in the uk, so it only doesn't do worldwide shipping and it doesn't accept payment by paypal. so let's have a look at them here. this is avasam, so go check them out for yourself at amazoncom, okay. so next we have sale. who sale? who traces it? it's got a gyro origins in new zealand, but it's established in the uk now. uh, it was founded in 2005 and it's got 8 000 suppliers. uh 2.5 million different products and it's helped a lot of businesses get started. um, it's got in-depth scanning, 16-day money-back guarantee and it's got customer service guarantees as well, and we have. so they have a plan for a seven-day trial for one dollar. so you have to pay a subscription fee. some of the some of these you down, some of them are free platforms, but then this one you have to pay. let's see, um, have a sam, we have. the pricing is, yeah, starter advance, so they have nine to 149. so you have to go check out what your needs are and check out. this is salehoo here. so they have, and they're in the general category, so they have all sorts of different products there. okay, let's move on to print device, or something more specific here. printed by is a popular print on demand platform, so they have clothes, gifts, accessories and novelty items to anything to print on uh cards and all that kind of thing. so, um, so they have the pros here: easy integration with e-commerce platforms. printf is a worldwide recognized brand: lower production cost. faster filament with over 250 products, inconsistent in the print quality, fewer customization and branding offers. so you, that's for you to decide for yourself, um, but they're a big deal in that part of town and that part of the industry. i should say um, so printed by, so sinky. next, sinki is a global b2b uh platform for drop shipping, retail and supplies. establishment 2 in 2015. it's not just limited to uk, provides services in other countries as well, so sinky. so we've got 29 a month here, 79 a month for pro, 129 a month for business um pros free to use for stores having less than 25 published products. so if you're a small store, that's something to think about. a global platform: unique price settings, ai best based, fast product search. uh, the tools dashboard. so the the actual platform itself apparently is a little bit hard, difficult to use. i haven't used this one myself, but, uh, go check it out for yourself. here is sinky, so go and check what they have. so next is aliexpress. everyone has heard of alibaba and aliexpress. it's headquartered in china. uh, it has an enormous marketplace for online business, uh, by direct sourcing and products. so they they deal with all the huge amount of suppliers and and the quality ranges from very bad to very good. so you have to be careful with ali, ali express and everybody can see um what everybody can get access to: the products, and and people are out competing each other to sell their products at a smaller price, so higher profit margins can be. secure payments with various payment options, free shipping for the majority of their products, an easy and convenient platform for new drop shipping businesses. many poor quality suppliers. so that's one thing about aliexpress that you have to watch out for. um, cj drop shipping is one all-in-one platform that allows you to source and ship your products. the chinese e-commerce website was established in two in 2014 and has website has warehouses all over the world. um, so convenient, user-free interface with an account provides sourcing service for products that are not found in their catalog. so you can, you can ask them to source uh products if you can't find that there. so there's no membership or setup fee for them. good, poor customer service, um fat, but fast processing time. so go and check their cj drop shipping. so they have all sorts of things here you can see. uh, we have wholesale deals next. uh, so that's establishment in 2004. deals with more than 400 000 wholesale and dropship suppliers. so, um, they uh are suitable for drop shippers for the uk. um, the platform is a massive, massive drop shipping wholesale directory with many years of experience in the industry, um. so let's see what we have with them, pros and cons. one of the oldest uk dropshippers, dropshipping companies. uh platforms access to free wholesale deals newsletters so you can get a newsletter from them. uh, hey, um, fast customer service, high profit margins ranging from 45 to 95. doesn't have any integrations for other platforms like shopify. i suppose. uh primarily focuses on wholesale only and they per month: 14, 6 months, 34, 44.. so go and have a look at them. wholesale deals- that's the one. okay. so now we have tb trade, uh, or tik box. um, tik box is the best platform to find unusual products. so we see tb brackets here. um, with it's a trading company but also offers a drop shipping platform. you'll be able to find um kitchen bathroom products, all this kind of thing at a low price from them. they're based near cambridge in the uk. uh, the platform is always adding new items to their range. so let's see how much they cost. or let's see the pros and cons when the best suppliers for home products. so if you're looking for home products, uh, go to them. so product categories are limited. so, yeah, that seems to be that they're more for the uh home-based products, but they've also got toys, cars, diy tools, all that kind of stuff. so you can have a look at tik box tv trade dot, co, dot, co dot. uk hello, alola, alola, um is. alola is a chinese-owned company, um, and that's mostly phone accessories or maybe gadgets and uh games as well usually falls into that category, um. so you don't have a minimum order with them. no, moq, you can use their product from the information and pictures for free signing up. delivery time, uh is reduced from five to 12 working days to three to five working days for customers based in the uk. so it's good if you're based in the uk. from them, free product information and pictures, a global supply chain, up to 95 percent of rrp and fast, fast shipping. so some products are poor quality, but anything i suppose that's mass produced in china can be hit and miss depending. i mean, aliexpress is definitely has that problem, um, but i suppose you get that everywhere in the world and that's alola there, so you can see all sorts of products there. okay, aw dropship, uh aw, established in 1995. aw dropship is a uk supplier in companies. they're encompassing their niche on giftware. so finally, this is: it is the last one of our 10. and it's giftware, so this is mainly gift products, not just gift wear, but products. so gifts- soaps and bath, bath things and candles and all that kind of things that you you buy at christmas or, um you know, for somebody's birthday. typically you can find at aw dropship and they have, uh, let's see, access to all the features with a free account, established brand and giftware, no subscription fee. so basically, if you're looking for giftware in the uk, this is probably where you want to go, aw dropshipcom so just to fly through them, and our picks for uh, the best ones are avasan, which is paid, and cj drop drop shipping, which is free. so if you want to go check out those uh, that would be a good thing to do, for if you're a new drop shipping business, go and have a look at them all, dig into them.


this video is going to be breaking down exactly how you can do things in the most cost effective way possible when it comes to a lot of the important parts of starting a Drop Shipping business. for example, finding a winning product, designing your website or even getting customers onto your website in the first place for them to even buy your product. all of these different elements are very important when it comes to you starting your dropshipping business, and I'm going to go through exactly how you can do it with the smallest amount of money possible. and the reason why I decided to make this video is because I wish someone made a video just like this when I first started, because I didn't really have a big budget to start off with myself, but since then I've been able to grow a lot of my Shopify stores from 10 000 pounds to over a hundred thousand pounds, then eventually 200 000 pounds, so on and so forth. so make sure you watch this whole video from start to finish so that you don't miss anything that can help you understand exactly how you can start your dropshipping business with the least amount of money possible. so, as always, I don't waste any more time. I want to get right into it if you find any value in the video. at any point, don't forget to press the like button. I really appreciate that. thank you so much in advance. don't forget to subscribe as well. hit the Bell notification so that YouTube can let you know when a new video has been released. let's not waste any more time, let's get right into it. so, jumping straight into it, what I'm going to show you now is how to do product research without necessarily having to pay any money. so, first things first, what we need to do is head over to Amazon, and I know right now you're probably thinking: Sam, I'm not going to be drop shipping on Amazon, so why am I looking for a product that's selling well on Amazon? well, the reason for that is because you can actually use Amazon when it comes to you getting an idea of which products people are buying. and even though you're not going to list the product on Amazon and you're going to build your own store around it, you can still kind of use it as a way for you to kind of get a rough idea of what product you can drop ship if you've got no clue. and the way that I like to use it is quite simple. so I go into the home page and I click on best sellers and from this stage, you can click on whatever category you want when it comes to trying to find a winning product, but in today's example, I'm going to click on electronics and photo and then, on this page, Amazon is going to be able to show you all of these different items that people are buying right now. so it's going to give you a rough idea of exactly what type of items you can potentially go away and find on your Drop Shipping suppliers website, and I found this item right here, which is a VR headset. so now that I know that this item has some potential, the next thing that I'm going to do from this day is head over to Google Trends and see exactly what the data shows me in terms of the interest that people have when it comes to searching for this partikular product. okay, so I've typed in VR headset right there, I've left it to worldwide and I've also set it to 2004 at the present time, and we can see, since 2004, no one was going onto Google to search for this partikular item because, of course, it didn't exist yet. however, since 2015, 2016, around the same time every year, which is October, November, December. people have been going onto Google to search for this keyword without fail every single year around this time of the year that we're in right now. so, using Google Trends, it kind of gives me an indication to let me know if there's any interest in the item that I'm looking at. so now that I can see that there is some interest in it and it might be the best time for me to build an entire store around it, the next thing that I need to do is see if there's a supplier that's going to be able to Source me with the product, and I'm going to be using AliExpress as an example in this case. AliExpress isn't the only Drop Shipping supplier out there, but it's one of them, and it kind of proves my point, because I've just typed in VR headset right there and we can see that they've got all of these different options available, and there's this option right here that also has 15 day. every now, you can't guarantee the delivery when it comes to using AliExpress, but I would say 50 of the time. I've notiked that they are able to get the item shipped, delivered to the customer within 15 days, so this might be the best option if you are looking to drop ship this partikular item- and just for the record, I'm just using VR headset as an example. by no means am I saying that you guys should go away and drop ship this product. I'm just simply showing you the step-by-step method that I personally take when it comes to me finding a winning product. so now that we know that this item is available, we can also get a decent delivery time as well. the next thing that you want to do from this point is figure out if someone else is actually Drop Shipping this product right now on a Shopify store- and I've already found this seller right here. we can see that they're charging around 142 pounds. however, on AliExpress, it's currently being sold for around 33 pounds, which means that this seller over here is making a decent amount of profit. so once you found a product that you're happy to build your entire store around, the next thing that you obviously need to do is sign up for a Shopify account, and the way that I would recommend that you guys do it is to sign up for this trial over here by clicking the link in my description down below, because you're going to be able to pay around one pound or one dollar for a total of three months and, to be very honest with you guys, when I started my Shopify store, I never had the opportunity to pay only three dollars for me to be able to use Shopify. for a total of three months I had to pay a total of 90. so you guys are definitely saving a lot of money. but once you've signed up for your account and you've gone through that entire process- after you've clicked that link in my description down below, the next most important thing that you're going to need to do is obviously design your website, and there's two ways that you can do it. you can have a pay a website designer to do it for you. it's not that expensive- maybe a hundred dollars, maybe two hundred dollars- and they're going to be able to do it perfectly. and the way that I find my website developers is by going onto websites like upwork, freelancercom. and the second option is that you could just save all that money and do it yourself, because Shopify actually have a lot of free themes available, and then all you need to do is add it to the back end of your Shopify account and from there it's going to be easy for you to customize it, and there's going to be no coding needed so you can select any one of these themes right here. all depends on what product you're going to sell and what type of brand you're trying to build. let's say, for example, you decide to go with this one. all you need to do is just click on ADD and then, from this stage, all you need to do is go through it, add all the images. you need to change all the information right here, because the way that Shopify has done it, they've made it very simple for any beginner to go in here and make any changes. you can simply click on any one of these boxes, change the text, click on these different sections over here, add an image if you want to, and when it comes to you finding the best images to use, I would recommend that you go into a website called pixelscom and, for example, I've just typed in VR headset over here and, as you can see, all of these different images will be perfect. when it comes to me structuring my home page, all I need to do is find another seller, kind of replicate their website, but change the images around by using all of these different stok free images on this w.

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How to Start Dropshipping in Ireland - THE RIGHT WAY!

[Music]. many people dream of a profitable business that serves customers all over the world. if you are one of them, this information is exactly what you need. drop shipping is the business that provides equal opportunities to everyone. it doesn't matter whether you are an islander or a resident of a busy metropolis. if you want to secure a better future for yourself and your family, you can easily set up an online business that will bring you money at any point of the globe. you don't need to manufacture products or to buy them from someone in advance and stok them, paying all related expenses. all you need is stable internet access and an online store. starting here, your business journey begins. let's see how drop shipping business model works in simple 6 steps. step 1: find an online supplier who has the products you want to sell. step 2: show the suppliers products with marked up prices on your website and advertise them. step 3: receive direct payment from the customers who buy from your website. step 4: redirect the orders to your suppliers and pay them their original price. keep the profits to yourself. step 5: do nothing. the supplier will ship the order directly to your clients. step 6: repeat: find more products and suppliers, if you like, and enjoy greater earnings. as an ireland resident, you have lots of benefits that let you start this business smoothly and quickly. easy internet access and growing smartphone usage let you stay in touch with your suppliers and customers 24: 7 and guarantee a brilliant business performance. globally trusted payment gateways such as paypal and 2 checkout are available in ireland, which is why you can safely receive and manage your well-earned profits. unique social and economic environment lets you learn more about the life and issues of various ethnic groups and tailor your offers to various customer segments, so there is nothing that would stop you from launching a money-making business that breaks geographic boundaries and lets you run your venture on a global scale. how would you like the idea of selling products to customers widely spread across the world and staying in the comfort of your own home? if you're residing in ireland, you can chose this country as your target region. ireland is not only your home. it is one of the wealthiest and prosperous countries in the world, which means your target audience has enormous purchase power. online shopping is very popular here, so you won't have problems reaching out to your prospective customers. however, why limit yourself with a narrow customer segment if you can easily contact any client from any point on the globe. drop shipping business model lets you deal with buyers across the world, whether it be a student from japan or a housewife from the usa or a citizen of any other developed country. there, the infrastructure is perfectly optimized for e-commerce, so you can enjoy both easy business management and a healthy profit level. launch your online store with alidropship and become a 100 owner of a profitable business. ali dropship is the world's number one drop shipping business platform that provides you the wordpress plugin and customized store creation service at very affordable price. create your own drop shipping store with the most powerful plugin for wordpress, or let the alidropship team create a store for you. ally dropship's unique solutions are creating a wave of buzz with drop shippers just like you. whether you're a total newbie or a seasoned expert with a multi-million dollar turnover, ally dropship has the exact solution you're looking for. when you invest in alidropship plug-in, you can easily build your own professional aliexpress drop shipping store. the plugin offers all the features you'll need to build your own highly profitable business. the best thing about dropship is, unlike other drop shipping platform, alley dropship lets you enjoy the 100 ownership. whether you build it yourself or have alidropship build it for you, you will have full ownership of your drop shipping empire. you keep all the profits and have complete control over your store. an alley dropship doesn't limit you on the number of products you can have or the monthly sales you can get. even if you have tens of thousands of products and millions of orders, you pay no extra fees. an alidropship has a wide range of high quality services to help you succeed through every phase of growth. ally dropship offers free personal support for every solution you order, so you'll always have them as your secret weapon. are you ready to start your drop shipping business today? the link is in the description below. go to the description, click the link and start your drop shipping journey today.

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How I Started The UK's Fastest Growing Company: My Gymshark Story | Ben Francis

i'm ben and i love to make things, and one of those things is jim sharp, which i created when i was 19 years old. i'm now 24 and i've never had so much going on in my life. [Music]. gymshark is officially the uk's fastest growing company, and i'm traveling a lot. we're about to take some huge leaps to compete with some of the biggest companies, so i've decided to document this journey. i think the best place to start is with the gym shot story, where i started and how gym shots started. as a young teenager, all i did was make websites. my first fully functioning website sold license plates, so the first bit of money that i earned i bought plates and sold them online with my friends. next i got my first iphone and i was absolutely fascinated by it. i instantly downloaded the iphone sdk and started to learn to develop. i made four iphone apps, two of which were fitness apps, and both of them made it into the top charts in the uk and several other countries, and they were about teaching you how to work out, populating your calendar and diary with workouts and things like that. next i made a fitness social network, a website called twotonecom. it got several thousand members, but it just wasn't getting the traffic for it to be sustainable. and then the next website i made was the gymshark website. i incorporated gymshark in 2012 with my friend lewis. another time i'd spend all my day at university, then after that i'd deliver pizzas for pizza, and any time in between the two i spent in the gym on working on gymshark. now we couldn't afford to stop because we had no money, so the solution that i thought up was to have every single supplement you can ever imagine on the website and we didn't stok any of them and what i did was, when people would order off the website, it would automatikally trigger another retailer to drop ship the supplement to them and we just add a small margin to it. i think it took about two months to get our first sale, um, and we've done a lot of world tours and we met a lot of people, expos and stuff, and a lot of people ask me advice on starting a business and i think the key thing that i would say, based on um, the way that we started gymshark- is that you have to be creative with both the front end of your business business- and the back end, because if we weren't creative enough to think of the drop ship shipping solution for the back end of the business, then gym shop wouldn't exist at all. so it's from doing this that we earn enough money to be able to stok other people's brands of clothing. and when we got it i realized that there was nothing out there like what we wanted to wear. so we spent everything we had on a screen printer and a sewing machine and we started to design our own answer to fitness wear which is longer, stretchier and more feared. this says that every single gymshark product was custom made. i remember spending hours and hours printing the t-shirts, sewing the t-shirts, designing all the logos and then printing them off, burning them into screens. it was just this was the most manual time for gymshark, and i remember going to body power around this time and just walking around and seeing sort of the bodybuilders the more. i guess it was a little bit more boring than what it is now and thinking that this expo is missing something huge. so i went straight to the show office and i just said to them: like what can we afford? what can we get? we have to be here next year. and i remember literally emptying the bank account on the floor space for body power the following year. so, after signing up for body power next year, the following year was spent just non-stop work again, just packaging orders um printing, sewing, just non-stop custom making product. it was really, really tough. the hours were long, it was non-stop, but it never really felt like work because we were always just creating what we loved. i was absolutely obsessed with youtube whilst i was working. i remember watching scott herman and scooby- every single video that they would ever upload. um matt ogres, chris levardo, jeff side, lex allen- just watched them all the time and, as massive fans, we decided to send them the gymshark product. lex was the first person to ever get jim sharp product, the first gymshark athlete. i remember when he got it and he gave us his feedback and he uploaded a video in it. it was just the coolest thing ever. at the time no one else was doing this. uh, now it's called influencer marketing, but at the time it just came totally natural to us as we were just fans of the guys. i guess at the end of 2012, we started to design the luxe fitted tracksuit, the tracksuit and the product that would shoot jim shark into huge growth. when we finished designing it, the minimum order quantity was so high that it costed again everything that we had at the time, but we loved the product so much and we knew that it was such a game changer that we just went with it. we ordered it and it was due to arrive may the following year, ready for body power. i remember receiving the samples of the lux tracksuit on christmas day 2012 and it was the most excited i had ever been to have this gym sharp product in our hands. that we hadn't had to physically make ourselves was just incredible. we invited matt, chris, jeff allen, lex to the body power expo. they all said yes and it was absolutely awesome. so we headed off to the body power expo and my dad and my brother, joe, stayed back to package all the orders and cover things whilst we were away and there was nothing that could prepare us for what we were about to experience at this expo. we went from just sort of being an online business. we'd have never actually been able to see physically the people that we were affecting in person, and i remember turning up to the expo and the second the doors opened we were flooded. i have never seen so many people just draw into a stand at once ever. it was absolutely incredible. it was unmanageable. we spent the whole weekend toking, just helping people. obviously people were buying loads of gymshark product and we were with the guys. it was so crazy that dan and craig, our two friends, dropped their final university exams and lost their degrees so that they could come to birmingham to help us out that weekend. it was just so busy. dan blackwell and ash grant came and they helped us out all weekend as well. i remember they brought their friends who we didn't even know and they helped us out. it was so cool to be a part of. we didn't even realize it, but at the time we were revolutionizing the way that experts were done, like in this industry. it was just the best experience for our entire lives. everyone went home and i remember being sat in the living room. it was late one night because during the expo we turned all the stuff down so there wasn't too many orders. i remember doing a post and i flicked all the stok back on. i put the luxe track suit on the website and the website literally blew up. we had more traffic and had more sales in the first 30 minutes of me putting the stok back on the website than we had in the entire of the gym shark history and i remember being sat there with sold out. i was clawing at my laptop to try and turn all the stuff off that night and afterwards i was sat there on my own in the living room thinking, wow, we have made something incredible over the next few years. tons happened. we kept creating the product that we loved. we went on a huge expo world tour. loads of stuff joined jim sharp because we were growing so fast. lewis decided to move on because he wanted to do other things. we launched our women's range, which at first wasn't great but now it's a huge part of our community and business. we brought on our first female athlete, nikki blacketer. we invested heavily into the gymshark women's brand and community and that's been great. i think anyone that saw the flex launch a few weeks ago will know just how crazy the growth is right now. we thought we'd have enough flex leggings to last us maybe a month or two and they sold out in minutes. so we're really workin.

8 MUST-KNOW Dropship Supplier Contacts (FREE) with Winning Products & Fast Shipping

hey guys, sean here from saleh, today i'm going to give you eight free uk dropship suppliers with their contact info and why their products are great to start dropshipping today. they are from eight different niches that are fast delivery times within the uk. if you're looking for suppliers that ship quickly to a partikular country, just comment below and we'll be sure to make a video just like this for suppliers that have fast shipping for winning products to that country. just remember to subscribe so you don't miss the video. if this is your first time watching, welcome here at cell who. we are drop shippers and business owners ourselves who have scaled multiple five, six and seven figure businesses. throughout the team and using our knowledge and experience, we have helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs grow their online businesses with our e-commerce tools and our expert online education. before we get started, i want to remind you guys of the lucky draw this month where you'll have a chance to win a one-year free membership. the saleh directory or sale who dropship. all you have to do is comment below and tell us what is the biggest issue you're currently trying to solve in your dropshipping journey. at the end of the month, we'll choose one lucky winner and announce that person in our latest youtube video. now let's get into the 8 uk suppliers and their winning products. [Music]. use the chapters in the description box to skip to the suppliers if you want to jump right to the eight suppliers and their winning products. i just want to go over why having dependable local dropship suppliers is so important right now. high quality suppliers with quick shipping times are vital because they have a direct impact on the customer experience you provide. an unreliable supplier can hurt your business by providing your customers with long shipping times, low quality or damaged products or even sending the wrong size or color, resulting in back and forth returns and a lot of wasted shipping expenses. okay, here's all the suppliers and their contact info, which i will be going through in this video. you can take a screenshot to get all their contact info for each supplier. i will also go through why their products are great to sell. the first supplier, pound wholesale, is in the kitchen niche. the kitchen niche is a niche that is popular amongst dropshippers, especially since it is evergreen, so there is always demand for products in this niche. pound wholesale is a great local uk dropship supplier, especially if you want to have fast shipping times within uk- as fast as one to three days shipping. they also arrange international bulk drop shipping, but it's only limited to south africa, morocco and norway, just to name a few. this is your contact info, email, phone number and website, which you can take a screenshot of and contact them directly. you can find the contact info of other suppliers, too, using this salehoot directory, by the way. okay, they seem great and all, but how do you know you can trust this supplier? well, our seller directory already did the research on the reliability for you. as we can see on the supplier page in the salehoo directory, they have been in the business for 11 years. their site is ssl secured, which basically prevents criminals from stealing information that you are providing to the site, and they, just like all the suppliers in the salehoo directory, have been tested and filtered out by the salehoo team. now let's take a look at their product catalog by visiting their website. they sell all sorts of products from different niches that you can drop ship. the winning product of theirs that i want to show you, though, is this lunch box with phone stand. it is an untapped winning product that is worth testing, since it is multifunctional and unique. you could use the lunchbox for your kids food, and your kids could rest their phone on top of it at their canteen. or if you're going camping or bringing lunch to work daily, you could use this lunch box the same way also. this is a great product to sell, given that it is already summer. by the way, if you're interested in finding out about more products that are great to sell for summer, check out our other youtube video. six profitable products to drop ship for summer. the next supplier is in the jewelry niche. their name is yoko's trading and here is their website, email and phone number. the reason why i decided on featuring this supplier is because their jewelry is very unique and could even be sold right now, given that it is summer. based on the supplier information on the salehoo directory, we can rest assured that you're in good hands. if we take a look at the safety analysis, we can see that they have been in the business for at least eight years and their site is ssl secured. we can dig deeper and find out what it's like working with them through the overview section and supplier information section. in the overview section, we can see that they ship internationally and they accept paypal and credit cards as safe payment methods and orders less than 10 000 pounds plus vat are shipped the next day, and they offer free returns, if requested, within seven days of receipt of orders. we can visit their product catalogue in their website, too, and see that they do indeed sell all sorts of jewelry. also, their necklaces are suitable for the beach, as they kind of look like a hawaiian lei and can be marketed in that angle. this is an untapped, unique, winning product that you can try selling. if you're interested in working with the supplier, you can then email the supplier with the info i provided, or, if you already have salehoo, you can just contact the supplier from within salehoo by clicking contact supplier and then send email, or you can send a direct message to lidawang via email or call their showroom at this number. the next supplier, new temptations, is in the intimates and swimmer niche. here's their website, email and phone number. they are a great supplier to work with, as swimmer is something that has high demand at the moment, according to google trends. swimwear is highly seasonal, though, and only sells well during summer, so if you want, you could sell their intimates. if you're looking for evergreen women's products on the salehoo directory, we can see that i bookmarked them as a favorite supplier so that i can easily find them. i even made a note about them saying what niche they are into. let's check out the supplier in detail now by clicking view listing. we are familiar with this type of page. if we take a look at the overview, we will find out that this supplier has been around for 26 years, which is very reassuring that we are working with an established business. however, you cannot blind drop ship their items. in the supplier information section, we can see that they say all products must be named as their respective brand. that's okay, though, because you can start a general or niche store to sell their products, which is fast shipping. by the way, turn around time is three to four days if we place the order after 5 pm on a friday. by the way, if you want to learn about the other ways you can drop ship, like blind drop shipping, marketplace drop shipping, etc. you can check out our youtube video on the different types of drop shipping out there. now let's check out their website. we can see they mainly offer women's intimates, but also offer swimmer. if you're watching this video in the summer months, we recommend you sell their swimwear. that would be our winning product recommendation for this supplier. however, if you're watching this, after summer you can go for selling their intimates. the next supplier is in the kids and baby niche and their name is sleep no more. this is their contact info that you can take a screenshot of. the reason why i chose to showcase them is because they actually offer adult sized versions of their products that are meant for kids or babies. this allows you to match your outfit with your kid for a really cute family photo when you go out. however, the product we wil

Watch THIS before Dropshipping | 27 Year Old Millionaire | Davie Fogarty

- Usually, I'm a huge advocate for just jumping in and getting started with business, but dropshipping comes with warnings. (drum booming). - What were my failed businesses and why did I fail? - [Voiceover]: Show me something that you thought that would sell. - Biggest takeaways from my failed drop - $220,000, but I failed. - Drop shipping is riddled with payment bans and ad account bans that could affect you for your entire life. This is a message to my younger viewers: Make sure you watch this video before you get started with dropshipping. - [Man], That's cool. - Cool (upbeat music) (shutter clicking). Hey everyone, I'm Davie, I'm 26 years old and my Shopify brands have done over $270 million in sales. Today is a really special video. We're gonna break down the dark side of dropshipping. The other day, a kid came into my office. He is 16 years old and just dropped out of school. He is incredibly smart, driven and ready for success. He was telling me stories about how his stores were doing huge volumes, making more than his parents and his teachers combined. I've seen some of his Shopify dashboards now and he's doing over $20,000 in sales a day. The problem is he's doing dropshipping. His main challenges right now is that his Facebook ad account keeps getting banned. He needs to set them up through agency accounts or his friends and family. All of these headaches with account bans stops people from finding success with e-commerce. Even when you find success, those account bans are gonna keep following you and stopping your momentum. They stop you from focusing on the main things, like fixing your advertising and your website. Instead, you're focusing on where my next ad account is going to be. I personally was incredibly lucky When I started the Oodie. I custom branded my store and focused on customer experience from day one. This means that I've never had an account ban. However, I'm very, very familiar with it And I'm gonna tell you exactly how to avoid it. today, As the Internet became more mainstream, globalization happened, China became closer and dropshipping was born. Western economies were able to contact Chinese suppliers easily and ship products directly from China to their country. Dropshipping, as you know, is a pretty simple business model. All you need to do is acquire a customer and then the Chinese manufacturer will ship it directly from China. You hold no inventory, So the risk is much lower. The fact that it is so simple is the main problem of dropshipping. Basically, anyone with an internet connection can do it. Online gurus are busy selling courses, but they don't actually tell you the main risks of the business model itself. So these are the reasons why people think dropshipping is such a good idea. The first and foremost is that low barrier to entry. It requires very little capital to get started. The second thing is the simplicity. You don't have to handle the freight component and setting up the 3PL. The logistiks is much simpler. All you need to worry about is acquiring the customers and also the customer service component. The other benefit that often isn't toked about is the tax component. A lot of countries have thresholds for their duties and by shipping directly to China you can actually avoid those duties by shipping under that cost. If that's the case, why don't we hear about more dropshippers on the Forbes list? There are some major disadvantages about this business model. Let's get into them Before we keep going. make sure you like and subscribe. The first major disadvantage of dropshipping lies in its simplicity. in that it's super, super competitive With low barriers of entry. people flock into the market. It's basic economics. The standard business model for dropshipping is going onto a tool like Adspy and then finding a product that has high amount of some social proof. Because this business strategy has been standardized. what will happen is, when a product scales quite well, lots of other people will flock into it and your margin will drop. The competition will increase. This is the same for other tools like E-com hunt, Because everyone is using them. everyone is launching the same products. While you may be able to arbitrage Facebook traffic initially, what will happen is that if you do not differentiate your product, people will keep undercutting each other and the ad costs will keep going up. Pair that with the Chinese suppliers actually listing their products on Amazon themselves and you're in real big trouble. Basically, your trend lifespan has been shortened. The other negative of dropshipping is my biggest pet peeve. There is no customer connection. In e-commerce you have two elements. You have acquisition- acquiring a customer- and then retention- keeping them around. Dropshippers generally only really care about the acquisition pace. They're trying to make profit on the first purchase of the transaction. So basically, they're buying ads, they're buying the one product, they're shipping it to them minus the courier costs, and you get your profits. Often brands are actually opposite. There'll be willing to lose money on the first acquisition cost so that they can retain their customers, bring them back to repeat purchase and make money over time. There is actually two reasons why this is the case. Because of the really competitive nature of dropshippers. Often, what will happen is the product quality will continuously drop. Suppliers will continuously reduce the quality of their product to increase the margin. Drop shippers will then gravitate to this supplier And eventually the product will just break. We all have that experience of just buying a product as cheap as possible, getting it and it barely even works. The second element around retention is the shipping times. If you buy a product from a store and it takes over 30 days to get to you, you're never gonna buy from it again, especially when there's an alternative that has treated eight days shipping time or even one day with Amazon. Now this continues a chain reaction. With the delayed shipping times comes negative reviews. These negative reviews can be in the form of the automatik Facebook survey that Facebook sends your customers after they purchase, or they can be on sites like Trustpilot. with all these negative reviews, The next step is platform bands. all platforms out there, whether it's Stripe or Facebook ads, want to make sure that their customers have a good experience. They invest millions of dollars in preventing this negative experience from happening to their customers, whether it be fraud or scams. if a customer buys something off the newsfeed and it comes and it's really bad experience, chances are that you're not gonna buy something off the newsfeed again. This is why Facebook would rather just ban the account straight away, then risk their user experience. Now, once this ban happens, it's very hard to get your accounts back. Even when you make a mistake when you're 12 years old, it's gonna haunt you for the rest of your career. I was banned off a payment gateway when I was very young selling headphones, and it lost me so much money when I first started Oodie. Before I get into mitigating the risk with drop shipping and account bans, I thought I'd jump on the phone with The ECOM King (bell ringing). This guy is a beast in the industry. He's got brands and dropshipping stores, So he's gonna be an expert on the topic. Let's give him a call now. So, Kamil, you're one of the biggest advocates for drop shipping, I know. Can you please tell our Subscribers a little bit about yourself? - Yeah, so my name's Kamil Sattar as The ECOM King. I started my YouTube channel about three years ago and I started e-commerce back in 2015 buying and reselling sneakers and clothing, And then in 2017, that's when I came across dropshipping And then, ever since then, I've just been doing dropshipping And since then we've been building a few dif.