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dropshipping virtual assistant jobs

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

Watch Me Interview a Virtual Assistant for eBay Dropshipping!

what kind of questions should you ask a virtual assistant if you are interviewing them to hopefully hire them to work on your ebay drop shipping business? well, today, you and I are sitting down to interview a virtual assistant that I might be hiring for my ebay drop shipping business, specifically to help me list items onto ebay. now, full transparency here. all the virtual assistants that I've hired and interviewed in the past don't want to be on camera or don't want the video recorded and put on YouTube. so what I did instead is I specifically made a job post saying: hey, I'm looking to interview a virtual system and we're going to pretend that I'm interviewing you for an eBay dropshipping job. but I also want to ask you some questions about what it's like to be a virtual assistant and what it's like to live in the Philippines and be of VA from the Philippines. and the reason I chose the Philippines is really just because I use a website called online jobs to hire all my virtual assistants, and all the virtual assistants on that website are from the Philippines. and the reason I love it so much is because they're really fair to the virtual assistants other websites. when you hire VA 'zed through that website, they will take a percentage, a cut, of all the money that you pay your VA s with online jobs. on the other hand, you just hire the VA through the website and then all the payments are arranged just between the two of you. so, in other words, a hundred percent of the money that you send the VA gets to the VA. the website online jobs does not take a cut of it. in addition to that, I've just hired some fantastik virtual assistants through online jobs. so I really love the website and I highly recommend it. if you do want to check it out. I do have an affiliate link to it and that will be in the description of this video. all right, so let's get right into this interview. I learned a lot about virtual assistants by toking with this potential candidate, and I learned a lot about what is to live in the Philippines from her as well, so I think you're really going to love it. well, thank you for taking the time to let me interview you. so why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself, like who you are and where you live? and okay, first of all, I am SATA antibody and I lived here in general santos city, philippines. i am currently taking up by second degree, which is bachelor of science in architecture, and i am doing a or I am working online for almost four years now. so that's it, sir, cool. so do you like being a virtual assistant? yes, sir, I like it a lot. what do you like about it? because it is a flexible work for me, sir, because I am studying and also it helps me a lot when it comes to my daily finances. so what kind of work have you done as a VA so far online? so far as I started working as a fertilizer system, I have done a data entry, which I collect some data from the websites and put it in the spreadsheet. later on, I started working as eBay lister or drop shipper, which I used some different tools, such as a DSM tools, Zeke analytiks, web seller guru, what called is Auto Diaz and gear bubble. I also do a video editing. I am using a Vegas and also I am doing a photo editing as well, using Photoshop- great. so I want to hear more about what you do, what you've done for eBay dropshipping. you said you do listing. you've done listings before, right, yes, sir. so tell me how long you were doing that for and what you remember about that okay, for one lease or for one. this thing, I am doing it for 10 minutes to 15 minutes, it depends on the item. so first of all, I would, or the first thing that I would do, is I would research for our best seller item in Amazon and then I will search it on ebay so that I can. I would know that, how, how many solved items per 30 days. so if the items, if the item is good, I released it in eBay using the tools such as GSM or Auto. yes, cool. so to do that, would you use Zeke analytiks? yes, sir, as a research, great. so how long have you been, or how long did you do eBay dropshipping or helped with that for eBay dropshipping? I think it's almost the years now. okay, and are you still working for someone doing that? yes, sir, okay, cool. so do you like that, like doing that work? yes, sir, what do you like about it? because it's more on the research and, aside from that, I am loving the items that I have found from different sites such as Amazon, Walmart and Home Depot- cool. have you used any other websites besides those three? no, sir, only those three. so where would you be doing this work? do you have a good internet connection where you are. oh, I am doing this work, sir, here in my office center, because they have a shop here in Philippines. it is a salon and barber cuts- it is what? sorry, salon and barber cuts. okay, yeah, so you do it like haircuts and things like that. I have my stuffs are doing it, okay. so you, you're in school, right? yes, sir, and you work in a salon and your virtual assistant, yes, sir, anything else, that's, that's it, sir. that's a lot. how do you, how do you handle all that? how do you handle all those different jobs? it's all about time management, sir. if I do have a free time, I am managing my business at the same time for night, since I am working from 9:00 pm to 1:00 am, so that's my working time. for the daytime, I am studying, and what do you want to do once you're done with school? by today, when you, when you finish with school, what job do you want to get? I want to be a successful architect, sir. oh, very cool. so is it pretty common in the Philippines to have many jobs like you do? why didn't mr you have three jobs? is that common in the Philippines, or do most people have one job. it is most people with one job, sir. okay, so we toked about this beforehand. now I'm recording this. I'm going to put this on youtube so people can learn about virtual assistants and hiring one. what do you think is important for people to know if they're hiring a virtual assistant from the Philippines? okay, first and foremost, they should know that virtual assistant is really serious about the job, because if the virtual assistant is not, the job is become useless and really hard to take from the both of you. so if you're in Auckland and the virtual assistant- I am NOT working hard and your business will be- will get lost, or something like that. that makes sense, yeah, so, in other words, well, I think what you're trying to say is that if you don't do the work, the business will fail and then you won't have a job. yes, sir, yeah, and at the same time, the virtual assistant assistant should be a trustworthy one, because he will be, or he or he will be- handing your personal information. so you should be careful on hire, on hiring a virtual assistant. and how do you think people can like, how could I be careful when hiring a virtual assistant to make sure that they will be trustworthy. okay, in that case, sir, you should put some restrictions on your accounts. maybe you should not give all the personal information to your virtual assistant. you should have a limit or given limitations. that makes sense. so how do you think the culture in the Philippines is different from like here in America? do you think that there is any issues that come up because your culture is different than the American culture? do you understand what I mean? a little bit, sir, because for me, the difference or not, that the difference. but Filipinos are accommodating, sir, and Filipinos are really hospitable. so I think that's, uh, a little bit erratik all this. that's stopping that I can say proudly: my. so when you first started working with your employer, were there any difficulties you had with the job? yes, sir, the time management, because most of my former employers working graveyard or working at different times or time schedule, that's I. I am having a hard time on adjusting myself, but it's I got used to it. is that because the time difference? yes, sir. so how do you handle that? I handle that by doing a rest at day time and I'm just taking a lot of food, eating a lot of food at night, so you have to stay up later so that you can work.

Finding The Best Dropshipping Virtual Assistants

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How To Hire A Ebay Dropshipping Virtual Assistant For $2 Per Hour!

what's up everyone Carter, here I'm with million dollar eBay dropshipping, Paul J Lipsky, and we're gonna go over how you can hire a virtual assistant to help scale your ebay drop from your business to do some insane, insane numbers, and how you can get them for extremely cheap- I'm toking about two or three dollars per hours. so, Paul, do you want to go a little bit more in depth of you know maybe, why someone would need a virtual assistant and how virtual assistants have helped you kind of pick up some different tasks you no longer have to do, so you could scale your business to do six, seven figures a year? yeah, totally so. when I first started dropshipping, I was doing everything by myself, which it worked for a while. I think most people should do everything by himself for a little while so they understand how everything works. but I got to a certain point where my business was scaling up. we're doing more sales every day and I was finding myself just spending so much time fulfilling orders, getting the items to the customers, and I wasn't spending enough time, you know, listing items into my stores or trying to find new strategies to make more money or to increase my profit margins and plus, I was just kind of getting burnt out a little bit. it was a lot, a lot going on, especially if you're working a job, like I was at the time. so I took this kind of risk. I hired someone who lived in the Philippines and he started helping me place orders and what I found was that I was really, really nervous about it at first. I was like he's gonna mess up, like no one can do it as well as I can do it. but really, like it's a very simple job- placing orders. it's not that hard. if you can buy something on another website, you can do it. and so, of course, this guy was able to do it. he did a great job and once I- I still remember this day because I was constantly like looking over his shoulder, so to speak, checking all his work- and just one weekend I got sick and just got burnt out and just messaged him. I said: just take care of everything, I'm gonna sleep all weekend. huh, and I woke up like Monday morning and he did everything- keep doing hair of it. and that was a moment when it really clicked like, yes, I can trust these people, yes, they do a great job, and so now I can give him more work and I kept giving him more work and more work and then hired more virtual assistants. and then, kid you not, every time I hired a virtual assistant you could see my first year on PayPal. every time I hired one it was like boom spike in sales. a spike in sales. it just allowed me to grow, allowed me to concentrate more on growing the business instead of running the business. you mentioned. you have more virtual assistants currently. how much do you have right now? so currently, for each of my stores, I have two per stores - pretty bay - for Amazon. there was a time I had a lot. I close to ten and that was just a mistake. who's way too many for my business and I don't recommend that for most people. it's just, it's just a lot. you don't need it. so, most these virtual assistants, you're gonna hire them. they want, they want more work, so don't feel like you have to hire another one to take on another role. it's kind of better when one person is doing more and that's what I found. it just helps streamline the business and makes it more efficient. so what if someone out there is already making sales in the ebay drop shipping business? they have the process down. but you know they're looking to scale. they're looking to, you know, create more sales and make more money in their Bay drop shipping business. so how can they go about hiring a virtual assistant? you know, maybe, what tasks so they have them do, or where can they find them. how do you go about with that process? so the first thing you need to know is what you want them to do, or what is that you don't want to do anymore. so for me, it was placing orders. I got sick of doing it, so I wanted a VA virtual assistant who could place orders for me. and then the second thing for me was helping me add items into my eBay store. that's, those are two very popular kind of starter roles when you hire VA virtual assistant. so once you have that task in mind, you should go to a website where you can hire virtual assistants- and there are a lot of them out there, but I really think the best one that I found is called online jobs. maybe we'll have a link to it in the description. I'll link it below this video: cool, so online you're hiring people directly from the Philippines and the benefit of that website is that once you hire them. you are working directly with them. so these other websites- you first have to pay the website and then the website pays the VA, and so the VA ends up making a lot less, which I don't think is very fair, or you end up paying more, and usually you end up paying more. so online jobs does have a monthly fee, but what you do is you sign up, you've you put out a job posting, you find virtual assistants to hire, and then you cancel your plan for the month, and that's fine to do, and so you only end up paying for one month and it saves you money. so, without a doubt, that's the website you should do and you should sign up for now. once you sign up for the website, you just put up a job posting explaining the job that you want done and say: hey, I run a successful ebay drop shipping business. I'm looking to hire a virtual assistant who has experience. you must have experience in order to apply for this job- and then just list down some questions you want to ask them, like: what experience do you have? how long have you been doing this? what different software are you familiar with? and then I usually ask them a strange question like: what's your favorite movie, just to make sure that they're paying attention. and then you'll start getting a full Ludd of responses- like a lot of responses. so once you start getting the responses, the first thing I do is I just start cutting people out. if they don't have experience, I am NOT interested. now look, eBay dropshipping has been around for a while. there are a lot of virtual assistants out there who have experience. they already know how to do it. they know how to list items. they know how to fulfill orders. they know how to do customer service. don't hire someone without experience. it's going to waste your time. you should find someone who can start today with your job, with just a little bit of kind of you explaining how you want it done. but don't try to reinvent the wheel. don't try to make this complicated when or there's already people out there with a ton of experience man. so, without a doubt, you know just about everything when it comes to hiring a virtual assistant: what tasks you need them to do and how they can help you scroll and and scalable your image option business -. you know six or seven figures, years. it's insane. so, Paul, where can, where can someone go to maybe learn more about the process. you know where they can learn a little bit more in depth on how they can hire a virtual assistant, maybe what specific tasks they can have them do, maybe some templates or some messages that they could send those virtual students to looking to hire? where can someone find something more in-depth that they can just watch and learn from to hire their first virtual assistant? sure so I do have a course that teaches you how to hire virtual assistants. it's called super simple, vaz. I'll have that linked in the first link in the description of this video as well, so you check it out awesome. so the cool thing about that is that that will walk you through how to pick the right tasks for your VA to do and through the whole hiring process. I kind of hold your hand. I have written out job postings. you don't have to make a job post, just copy and paste it. and then I have interview questions. for what you set up interviews, you have the right questions, ask them, and then the probably the most valuable part of the course, or the two most valuable parts, is: first is a whole section that teaches you how to let your virtual assistant work on your eBay b.

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Who Are Virtual Assistants (VA) & Why Do We Need Them As Dropshippers? - Full Guide And Marketplace

so your drop shipping stores are up and running, you're already making sales, you're taking care of your product research and you're also taking care of customer service. now there only seems to be one main problem: it's hard to grow and scale from this point because you are very much limiting yourself with the time that you are putting into your drop shipping business. that is why we are going to be toking about virtual assistants, who are employees that will take care of your store and allow you to invest your time in really growing your dropshipping empire. quick intro and let's begin. [Music]. what's up? everybody. hope you're all having a wonderful day today. my name is lyron from autods, i'm the content manager and i've also been dropshipping for the last several years, and in this video i'm going to tok to you guys about virtual assistants. what are virtual assistants, why do we need them, where can we hire them and which virtual assistants can really get the job done for us at an affordable price? so first of all, let's tok about: do we even need virtual assistants and why so? if you're in the beginning of your dropshipping journey and you really just began- you're creating your store, you're starting to learn about the product research, how to fulfill your orders and take care of customer service, and all of that. this is not the right time to be hiring virtual assistants. you do need to know how your store runs. you do need to be able to scale it to a certain point where you do need that virtual assistant. you need to learn all the ins and outs of your business before you teach everything that you know to someone else who will start taking care of these tasks for you. so if you haven't been around the block yet, if you don't have enough experience in your drop shipping business, if you haven't managed it from beginning to the point where you're making great sales, great profits, you know how to take care of your customers, you know how to conduct product research and you know how to take care of everything that is happening in your store from a to z. that is the point where you know you need a virtual assistant to continue growing and scaling. so if you're not at that part yet, if you're still in the beginning of your drop shipping journey, do not hire virtual assistants yet. remember, you cannot teach someone to manage your business if you haven't managed it yourself. so once you know you're in the right spot and now is the right time to hire a virtual assistant. let's tok about all of the different methods where we can find them, how we can negotiate prices and simply get them on our side. i'll start with the five best tikniques for finding and hiring virtual assistants. the first one is a website called upwork. upwork is a freelancer website where freelancers create their profiles. they write down what their area of expertise is, and that's how you can find them. let me show you an example. so here i am at upwork and under search field i'm going to search for ebay virtual assistant. it can also be for shopify or any other selling platform that you are using. so i search for ebay virtual assistant and here you can see that i am getting some results. so i got this guy who's doing it for seven dollars an hour, another amazon ebay manager, seo expert, marketing specialist- eight dollars an hour, another one for twenty dollars an hour, another e-commerce va for eight dollars an hour. and if you continue scrolling, you'll find all types of different price ranges, like this va over here. she is an ebay lister and she's taking only four dollars an hour. so is this va virtual assistant? va, ebay product lister, drop shipping, customer service and more. on and on and on and on, and the more you go, the more you'll find them. now we're looking at rates of four to five dollars an hour, which is very reasonable if they do a good job. so upwork is one place to find them. let's say i want to take this zandra person, so i'm going to click on her link. i can see that she's from the philippines and here i have a rating of the success, of how successful she is, taking care and finishing all the jobs that she's getting. so once again, here's a brief intro: who she is, what she knows, her area of expertise, her work history, jobs that she completed and jobs that are in progress. so she hasn't done that much work yet for upwork. this is another place where you have to do some research. just like we're doing product research for our drop shipping stores, this is research for finding the right employees for our store. so one great place to find them once again is through upwork. don't just go to anyone that you see, click on their profile, see their history, see how long they've been doing it, how much money they want, and then start to negotiate with them through messaging. so upwork is one place to find them. now let's tok about another place called gurucom. guru is another place where you can hire freelancers to take care of your dirty work. well, it's not exactly dirty work, but you know what i mean. so what skill are you looking for? and, by the way, you can do anything beyond virtual assistants, like if you want someone to take care of your cover photo or your profile photo, graphic design videos for your drop shipping products and so forth. you can also search up those freelancers in these sites. but now we're toking about virtual assistants. so, on guru, i'm gonna search for virtual assistant. okay, that was a little bit too general. we need to give them a selling platform. so once again, ebay virtual assistant. okay, and here we go again. ebay lister virtual assistant- eight dollars an hour. another ebay virtual assistant: five dollars an hour. let's click on this guy. so once again, we're getting their profile, all of their skills, how much they've earned on the platform. so this guy hasn't earned yet, but he is starting with a low starting price because he wants to get some work in. he wants to build his profile and then he may raise his price. that's how you people usually start off on these platforms. so once again, you continue scrolling on and on, start toking to these people. you can get a quote, you can send the messages, create an account on these platforms- it's absolutely free to do it- and reach out to these virtual assistants, read their profile history and start your negotiating skills. another great place to find them is a website called onlinejobsph. here you can search for jobs if you are a virtual assistant yourself, or you can look for filipino resumes and search for the vas right in this text field. so i'm going to write ebay, va. okay, and here are the results from people in the philippines, by the way. online jobs ph- ph is for philippines, so we're only getting filipinos over here which have a lot of workers who will do it for a good price. they are like secret, hidden gems once again, just like finding a winning product. so we're not gonna do any mini mining mode. we're not picking them out randomly. we are really working to find the right virtual assistants to take care of our business. so here you can find people who are more experienced. they're more professional, a little bit less amateur than the websites that we've saw up until now, but, on the other hand, you will be paying more money for these virtual assistants, but you can be more sure that they will take care of your business. this again requires a lot of research and a good amount of skill when it comes to negotiating, because you will need to negotiate for a better price, at least in the beginning, until you get the ball rolling. now remember one thing that you do need to keep in mind: if today, you're making a profit of, let's say, 1 000 per month on your drop shipping store and it's hard to scale because, once again, you're wasting all of your time, or not wasting, but you're spending most of your time adding products, searching for the next best winner, taking care of some returns, and you're really not growing your drop shipping business, but you are making 1k a month, so here you need to know exactly how much of that 1k you can give to you.

How To Hire A Virtual Assistant For Outsourcing Jobs For Your Dropshipping Store 👨‍💼👩‍💼🤑

people ask us all the time. this is a really important point. they want to. they ask about hiring and like: what position should they hire for? but i think that's not the right question to ask, because you should just hire someone and teach them as much as you can and just they'll naturally fall into a role based on where you're at and then, once you're able to build up a bigger team, then it's like you're right, joe, if we wanted to hire someone and like get this done in a a start to finish fashion with with hiring someone new, that would have been so much more stressful and so much more annoying, because they're going to come in, they're not going to know anything. at least this person, they're doing one job. we can just easily slide them over to another job because they already know what the business is. yeah, that's the whole point of hiring is that they. you just have someone there that understands what the business is and they can do whatever it is you need to do within the business. yeah, that's that's very, very important, even if it's a new business. like it's like because now we have va's that they're doing something for. like, uh, like joshua, maybe listen to this podcast. thank you, josh, he edits the podcast, and then i can contact him and say, hey, can you help me out with this totally unrelated thing, and he goes, yeah, and now i have someone that i know can help me because they've done another job well. so it's uh, really the biggest pain of hiring is getting that person through the door, qualifying them and making sure that they're just a good worker, um like when it comes to va's and doing things at the general level, that we do them, and so once these people are through the door, they can do whatever, and james schramko is a big proponent of that. he toks about, um, you know, just might just give whatever role you want, mate, just make up rolls, yeah, so, you know, mike, i want to relate this back to something, uh, that we did this week. so, as some of you know, we're working diligently on growing our land selling business, and so we recently, uh paid for a consulting with someone that's, you know, doing it much, much bigger than us, and i found it interesting how, uh like, almost how- intuitive it was to her to have all these things like. like. it's hard, it's hard to communicate exactly what your business is doing and who's doing what, and i find that i find the way that she was communicating to us- even though you know she was- she's very helpful and we're basing around, uh, a lot of stuff around what we toked to her about. i feel like it's similar to the way we communicate to our students, because we're not going to necessarily realize, like, the struggles that they have when they get to that 50 000 mark, because there's so many weird niche situations, and so that's why it's important for people to be in our membership, because when they reach that point, when they reach that you know point where they run into a little roadblock or like a speed bump, we've probably been there before. so then they asked the question: oh, how should i structure this? and structure, and sometimes the answer is so simple. it's like: just have a va do this, and that's kind of like what it was. it was like we were toking to this, this, uh, this woman about land. it was like, yeah, i just have a person do this and then i use, uh, air table to for this, but it's like you still have to go and implement that, and that's that's. that's the hard part really is the implementation. but, um, yeah, i don't know where i was going with that, but in my head it's interesting. no, you're right, because i, whatever stage you're at and whatever you know you're doing in your business, it's usually a pretty unique situation. you're gonna have problems at zero dollars, you're gonna have problems like ten thousand dollars, you're gonna have problems of fifty thousand, you're gonna have problems at a hundred thousand, and it's all gonna depend on you, your skill set, your business, your niche, the suppliers you have. and so, yeah, you're right, joe, our membership is important because we can take all those things into consideration when we tok to you. like, that's the most frustrating part of whenever we try and and learn from people. you know, when we were doing this ourselves and there was no build assets online, we were trying to just figure out what we were doing. we couldn't go and tok to someone who knew our business. we had to go and we had to go to a million different places and kind of glean what they were saying and then distill it down into um, something that made sense for us and that we can actually execute on, and that's the hardest part. so, yeah, i mean this is not, you know, a blatant sales pitch, but that's why our membership is so great. that's why our students are having so much success, because there is finally someone that understands your business extremely well. i can give you that pinpoint, accurate advice as far as what you need to do at any stage. absolutely- and you know it is a blatant sales pitch- you should go, uh, you should go, sign up. you should go sign up. and it all starts with going to build assetsonlinecom playbook and learning about our methods for building a million dollar online asset portfolio. very nice, all right. so do we have any more questions? i feel like we gotta, we gotta ask, we gotta prompt people to ask questions, because if we don't, then they, they just don't do it, even though it's an open forum the whole time. this is the drop shipping, uh.

How To Hire A Virtual Assistant For A Dropshipping Store (Easiest Way)

all right. so i'm going to turn this into a course, but sum it up really quickly for you guys. we're going to do a couple things, one of them being how to find applicants, how to train your applicants and how to make sure you're getting the most out of your applicants. and obviously, you want to make sure you're not getting any applicants that might be doing sketchy stuff, and i'll kind of show you how to shorten those types of people and ask them the right questions so that we don't run into those issues. hey guys, so you're just about ready to hire a va, and i'm guessing that's why you've clicked on this video. you're probably nervous, you probably don't know how to go about it, but there's actually a couple simple steps and once you do it, you're going to realize, like you know, there's really nothing to be worried about. but of course, you do have to be careful and you do need to make sure that you're going to hire the best person for the job. guys, be really specific with tasks, because you want to make sure that the applicants know what they're getting into and you want to make sure that they can handle those tasks right. so on the retail arbitrage side, we have people that do product research, order fulfillment and all the above and sometimes even run their own individual accounts, and that's when that sales percentage kicks in. if they're running their own accounts. we've also hired, like video editors and things like that, and if you want a good one, you're going to have to pay like on the upper end, like on the 500- 400 level, and you're going to get really quality work and yeah. so just be really careful and when you're picking your applicants, ask them questions such as: are they willing to work for you long term? how long was their past job? why did they stop working their past job? and get a better feel? for if they're willing to work for you long term, if you think they're going to be a long-term employee really, and in that way you know you're putting all this effort into training them and they become like a long-term asset and a really great investment over time and you guys can work together and create a relationship. first question typically is: how much is a va gonna cost me? and, spoiler alert, it is really cheap. it's gonna cost you anywhere from 250 to 500 per month. now, if you're paying on the lower end, right, typically they have a smaller skill set or they're really. you know, it's a job that doesn't require a good skill set, but maybe they have a lot of experience. so the way to incentivize them typically is either with daily, weekly, monthly bonuses, and if they hit certain objectives, we typically give them bonuses. also, um, you can incentivize them with like a percent of sales. you know, i notiked like my employees just do much better when they're getting offered bonuses. then we suggest you do your job posts on onlinejobsph, because that's obviously where the cheapest labor is in the philippines and they have a good connection with the philippines. next thing: after you've done your job post, you're going to do your skill set and side note guys, we actually suggest you do something in the description, such as like write like lion in the subject of your post or when they send you a job post, right, right line. so that way you're going to get a bunch of people that apply and a lot of it's going to be automatik from the website and you want to see which people are actually applying personally, and that will lower your applicant pool. the next thing we suggest is picking your top five applicants right. so later on down the road, if something doesn't go right with your current employee. well, you have four other ones that you also thought were really, really good, and you can go back to them later on and say, hey, are you guys still working? and then you know, if they are working, you can be like, hey, we'll give you 50 bucks more, and if you're offering them 250 to 300, it's really not that big of a deal for you guys and you don't have to go through the whole job application thing again on onlinejobsph. so the 250 to 500 a month is a lot more money to someone in the philippines. like that is a salary and it's going to get them a long way. it's going to put food on their table. so this is not unethical, guys. this is really like a good thing. you guys are helping someone out. guys are providing food and putting food on the table for someone in another country. don't stray away from this because you think it's unethical, because, trust me, it's not, and it's a great way to grow your business. when i'm searching for my employees, i'm typically just looking for general intelligence. if they can, you know, communicate properly, if they have experience in customer service and, like i said, long term employees are awesome and that's really what i'm looking for. also, guys, remember, bonus structure is super important. have that laid out, have that ready to go, so that way you can really inspire them and make sure they know they have room to grow over time with you guys. and i think if you guys do this and execute properly, it's really, really, really going to help you guys grow your business and move on to something else or continue to grow this business and other avenues. so onlinejobsph is actually not paying me to say this or, you know, put this out there- but we use them just because it's the easiest and they're not really an intermediary. so once you have your employee, you know they're kind of out of the picture. there is upwork and there is fiverr. if you guys want to use those, that's fine as well. but we also use online jobsph because filipinos have the best english, they're really great at customer service, they're really nice people and generally we really just don't run into that many issues. so i highly suggest using it, since it's been pretty successful for us. so when i'm training my virtual assistants, i'm typically hopping on zoom calls and explaining things very, very slowly. you'll notike when i tok on the youtube channel. i'm going really quick and you could slow the youtube video down if you really wanted to- and you had to listen to me- but you're really going to want to slow down and make sure, because your employees- they might be doing certain things that they've never done before and, although you're hiring them for something that's already in their skill set, you may be doing it a totally different way. so you have to remember that. you're putting all these expectations on a new employee, so the least you can do is go through things super, super slowly. the next thing i recommend is actually recording your zoom calls. that way they can refer to them and go back to them if they ever run into issues and have questions, and they're not bugging you, asking you a million questions throughout the day. so if i missed something and you guys still have questions, feel free to get me on instagram- it's jared, underscore platka- and then do me a favor: just like: subscribe, comment and i'll see you guys next time.