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dropshipping vs amazon fba reddit

Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

The TRUTH about reselling from Marshalls for Amazon FBA in 2022

guys, welcome back to the channel. before we get into the video, i just want to let you guys know that about 10 minutes into shooting this i realized that the sd card wasn't in my mic, so i had to improvise, edit a little bit, but the basic premise of this video is me going into marshalls and scanning basically every single product to show you guys what the truth of retail arbitrage actually is, because a lot of people on tiktok have been posting these very inflated numbers. oh, we made 500 in 15 minutes at marshalls. we make 300 000 a month profit going to marshalls and tj maxx and it's just simply not true. so i decided to show you guys what the reality of going to these stores trying to resell is. if you could hit that subscribe button and like the video real quick, that would mean the world to me and i hope you guys enjoy the video. i just went through, like most of the shoes they have, how many pairs of these cleats they got so many of these? they have like 15 different pairs, but they're, they're trash. no sold listings. this is i mean, since i'm here, i might as well pop up uh 13 for these track spikes. now see, i got to see if they even come with the little spikes, because these don't have them. so these are 60 on ebay, though, so potentially a good footballer. nothing else is good. you see a lot of them. people on tiktok be scanning all this stuff. i'll tell you guys, this right now is actually pretty decent, but a lot of the other stuff is going to be restricted. we're going to go through this little section and i'll show you guys what we found so far. i'm going through these. i've actually sold these before, so i know those. what this sent is not on amazon, uh, neither was this one. so we still have these to go through and we'll see if we can find any more. there's a couple of these i'm able to sell, like this one. this one is: they're asking nine bucks for it. it's going for 24 on amazon. personally, that's not enough margin for me. 15.82 after fees, after shipping and everything, 10 bucks to make live. i'm not really into that. this brand over here ended up being restricted for me, but a lot of these products weren't worth anything anyways. marshalls is charging like five to seven dollars for them and they're like 10 to 13 on amazon. so after fees you can't make anything. went through all the hair dryers and irons didn't find anything worthwhile. we ended up with uh minus. this is for me, and they also have one of these. this is also for me. i'm not gonna make money on those, but everything else here we should in theory be able to make money on. of course there's gonna be returns and whatnot, but just conservatively speaking, like ten dollars per each one. so 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90.. like about 100 bucks here, 120 conservatively, after shipping and everything. and then we're going to go through this stuff they do have. oh, i didn't even see this brand. this is a really good brand that i could sell. that, um, new people for sure can't sell. and then i mean i'll just tell you right now, as seen on tv, is a sketchy brand to sell in general. even if i was ungated for it, i probably wouldn't buy it okay. so this is actually kind of lit. but tiknically i think this is flammable. so i'm not sure if you could ship this. nothing in this entire section is really even worth looking up. this little jeep puzzle thing looks kind of cool. i really had high hopes for it, but nope, they had a bunch of these little games and cards that i was scanning. this one was 15 after fees, but they were asking like 14 for it, plus amazon is on the listing. so this one for sure is probably gonna tank. well, the toys though. right, they make a killing off the toys. oh look, it's a cute little llama. this harry potter lego thing surely got to be worth money, right? 760 ftps. they're asking six bucks. i'ma just fast forward through a lot of this, because it's gonna get very boring to watch. there was not a single toy in marshalls that i could make money on. i scanned every single toy, every single one of them scanned, not one of them. i could make a profit on. [Music] nike waist pack thing was actually pretty decent- asking 14.99 for it, 22 after fees. you can make a little bit of money. new sellers- you can't sell it, i could sell it on my account- and a bunch of random socks and stuff- absolutely nothing. they wanted ten dollars for these. pack of socks at marshalls, pretty good rank, solid reviews, 12 after fees. would you spend ten dollars to make two? i wouldn't just more me aimlessly scanning all these: beard trimmers, hair clippers, basketballs- nothing profitable here. so, yeah, i went through the entire store of marshalls. basically, i went through a little bit of the clothing at the end. but honestly i got a little bit sick of it and i just wanted to call it quits. but that's how it actually works, right? nobody's making 300 000 a month from marshalls. think about it like this: if somebody's really making 300 000 a month from marshalls, do you think they would let you know what they're doing? there's five or six marshals in the city of las vegas. there's no way in hell. if i was making 50k a month profit from just marshalls, no way in hell- i would be telling people that here's the takeaway. marshalls can be a great side hustle. you want to make a couple hundred bucks here and there. it's great to get your feet wet in. it is not a long term play, in my opinion at least. but the numbers on tiktok are insanely exaggerated. like naughty it's. it's not even. it's just- oh my god, it is just so blatantly obvious that it's just trying to sell you. you know a little group, private group, get rich quick course, whatever, right, that's what it is. there's much better ways to start. if you really want to go resell, learn how to resell. you go garage selling. nobody wants to do that though. right, it doesn't sound very appealing. i should make some videos about like i made five hundred thousand dollars a month going garage sale, just so that people actually go garage saleing right. like that is the way to learn. everybody gets caught up you trying to make a hundred thousand dollars a month before you even know how to make ten. bro, get real with your life. you gotta- really you gotta- reframe your thinking, son. but i hope you guys enjoy the video. if you guys wanna see me go through another store, i know this video i filmed on a gopro. i hate gopros, honestly. but if you want to see me make another video of a different store, another thing that you've seen on social media that maybe you just don't know is a real side hustle or not, drop it in the comments down below and i will try to fit that into my video schedule.

How To Rank For Keywords On Amazon Using Reddit Ads - 3 Strategies STEP-BY-STEP AMAZON FBA TUTORIAL

are you looking for unique ways to drive external traffic? sure Amazon listing to spiked ranking. in this video I'm gonna look at three different strategies using red and ads that I've used to successfully launch products on Amazon. and if you're tired of crappy Facebook rebates losing you money, make sure you stay through the end to see the last strategy. here we go. I've built and led multiple 70 parens on brands. now I'm setting out to share how I did it with radically transparent, with detailed, weekly videos. join the journey with you and Gregg premium. welcome to Heist. okay, so let's go over my shoulder and create these three different ad types using reddit ads. for the unacquainted, this is basically reddit com. it's one of the most popular news and interest oriented websites on the Internet worldwide, and so you've got kind of a home page here which will list the most popular topics on reddit. so this is gonna be a lot of new news items or kind of key things happening in the day that you're looking at this. but what's really cool about it? similar to Facebook groups or interest targeting or forms on the internet that oriented around niches, there's sub reddits or directories. within this main platform of Reddit com. we're very hyper focused. niches or interest groups can go to find artikles about things that they care about. so let's use. you know we're coming into summer. let's use darting as an example. there's a ton of like passionate gardeners. it's a passion based niche, which I like it on Amazon. let's just assume that we're gardener and we were on reddit calm. so if we go to gardening- let's a subreddit- there's basically 2.6 million members that are interested in gardening and that basically flagged this as an interest that they like to come to is a subreddit. and when you come into here, you can kind of see here there's 2.7 million members. there's over two thousand online right now and this is gonna list all of the top posts of the day that are oriented around this gardening subreddit. so if you kind of scroll down here, you've basically got a green house. now here's what's interesting and what we're going to be targeting with this exam, as you see here that there's this promoted. it's pretty subtle, but there's a promoted to you thing here, and then this is basically an ad. so it's you know, as you scroll down the feet of post for the day, there's an actual ad here which will highlight an offer and we're basically gonna go in and create one here. so let's show you how this looks to create one. so you're gonna come into ads dot redditcom. you're gonna create an account. you got a sink, a credit card and validate your email- all that fun stuff. but once that gets sorted out- and it's a couple minute of process to get signed up- you can basically create a campaign. so if you've ever run a Facebook ad, this is very similar to Facebook Ads, but instead of typing in an interest within Facebook, you're looking at a subreddit interest within Reddit. so we'll go ahead and create a campaign and can over go over my shoulder here. so let's call this kind of gardening launch. there's a bunch of different ways or behaviors that you can target. so you can look at reach, traffic, conversions, video views, app installs- I typically do this conversions- one right here which is kind of oriented more around people with buying intent or that have shown an interest in buying products, and they've got pixel data very similar to what Facebook has to track those kind of behaviors and what kind of start off from there. again, we'll just kind of call this gardening launch, gardening product launch. so here's an important area. you can basically select the location. so all those 2.7 million members aren't all going to be within the United States. so I'm going to target the United States here. if you're doing a uk-based launch or a germany-based launch, or Japan, any of those regions, you can target within the, within the group here. so I've targeted in the United States and then again communities. so this is the subreddit that I was toking about: gardening. so I'm gonna come in here and it looks like there's 500,000 members within the United States that are fans of that gardening subreddit. so that's what I'm gonna select here and know, basically, sure, this daily impression. so I'm gonna have the opportunity to tap into north of 580 thousand eyeballs a day with my partikular ad. you select a budget. you can select a bit amount, kind of similar to Amazon click. this 50 cents isn't gonna be what you're gonna bid every click. it's gonna be a maximum of 50 cents. so if they can find an opportunity to bid below that, this, this ad platform will find bids no more than 50 cents, but many of the averages will be be less than that. I think most of my campaigns run around that 40 cent range per click and then basically run continuously and then hit, continue and then you basically get into the actual creative. so you can either do a link based post or URL based post that clicks through to something, or you can do a video post. I typically do these link based the base posts. so let's kind of find an actual example on Amazon of what what a product might be that we may want to do. I don't know what people buy. there's gardening bag. let's look at gardening bag. so let's say you're passionate about gardening and you want to get your bag for the summer, just for fun. let's actually see what this, this market- looks like. okay, so the average revenue for products in this niche is just shy sixteen thousand. average reviews is 380. you know what. this is actually a pretty decent product. so there's a product idea for somebody if you want to sell a gardening bag. but let's kind of come down here and find this one's kind of super colorful. I like that, let's see cool. so this one's actually pretty cool. let's let's pretend that this is our product for this ad. just download this image about it being about a bang. okay, sweet, alright. so let's just pretend that we're doing like a 50% off launch. so this product is is 44 bucks. let's say for this launch that it's. let's say we make it 30 bucks and the average price is 59. so let's like without even a coupon code. let's assume that we're doing a 50% off discount on this one. so if we come down here, 50% off launch special. now for this link section here to help with ranking, whenever I'm sending external traffic to my listing on Amazon, I use a a link service called pixel Phi dot me, so it's P IX e LF y dot AME. I've got a link down below. it's cheap, it's like 10 bucks a month. you'll get a bit of a discount, I think, if you use that link and maybe pay for a half cup of coffee for me. but but that's the service I use and it helps some reenact some buyer behaviors on Amazon to give your listing some rank credit or some rank juice. the link that I like to use if you come down here to create tracking link is the supreme URL 2.0. what that basically does is is it reenacts the organic behavior, somebody typing in a keyword, but it will only show your listing versus the entire- you know- multiple pages full of results. so using this example of this product here that we've kind of looked at, you basically take the ace in here. put your gardening bag launched reddit. you put your Aysen right here and let's say, we want to rank for gardening bag in this partikular example. you basically generate a link, boom, that quick copy it. I'll show you basically what it looks like when you click through. so when somebody clicks: sir, you're ready. dad, this is basically what happened. so it reenacts somebody that just typed in gardening bag, except instead of multiple pages full listings and distractions, it's basically gonna show you here your your Aysen that you're targeting, and if somebody ends up clicking on this, it's gonna give you click-through rate ranking juice, which amazon likes, and if somebody ends up adding it to cart or buying it, it's gonna give your a some credit, as though somebody was typing in gardening bags. so this can be a very powerful tool, especially it launches and especially when you're driv.

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Is Amazon FBA Still Worth Starting In 2022? TRUTH Revealed

it's too late to start selling on amazon fba if you're going to try to use the old school private label methods or wholesale tiknique, and that's because amazon is oversaturated. china: all the amazon fba fees and two other reasons i'll tok about in just a minute. and right now amazon has over 9.5 million sellers and over 2 000 new sellers are joining every single day, which means selling on amazon is starting to get really saturated. but keep in mind, amazon is a 1.7 trillion dollar company. last year they did over 400 billion dollars in e-commerce sales and the crazy thing about that is two-thirds of all sales that happen on amazon are from third-party sellers, that's, people like you and me selling on amazon's platform. but what's most exciting to me about selling on amazon is this one graph: this is the total amount of sales that amazon has done for the last 10 years and you can see it's growing like crazy. and remember, two-thirds of all these sales are from third-party sellers. so not only is there a lot of opportunity with amazon fba, the opportunity is actually growing. the problem is most people are actually doing it wrong and i'll tok about that later in this video. now still people will say that it's oversaturated, that there's too much competition, and i do think that's true if you're trying to do boring private label or wholesale. and yes, there are 9.5 million sellers on amazon, but only 2.3 million of those sellers are actually active sellers. and of those 2.3 million active sellers, only 1.1 million are actually selling in the united states on amazon. and the crazy thing about this is that 43 of all active amazon sellers in the united states have made over a hundred thousand dollars by selling on amazon. that means there's over 400 000 people that are selling on amazon that have made over a hundred thousand dollars, and i'm one of those sellers. my name is travis, if you're new to the channel, and i have one product that i've been selling on amazon that's done over a million dollars in sales, and i'm making this video to show you the truth about amazon fba. so hit the like button. and i've personally tried a lot of different ways to make money online and amazon fba is by far the easiest way i've found to create a legitimate passive income business, and that's because amazon fba stands for fulfilled by amazon, and it's a way for you to sell products on amazon's website where you basically send in the inventory that you want to sell on amazon's website to their warehouse, and whenever a customer on amazon's website goes to the search bar, they search for your product, your product will come up at the top of the search results. they'll click on it, they'll buy it and you'll make money off that sale. now it's called fulfilled by amazon because amazon actually picks, packs and ships your products out for you, which means you can live wherever you want. you can spend your time traveling or doing whatever you love to do, because amazon is handling all the shipping and fulfillment of your products. and this is a great business model. but the problem is most people are doing it wrong. this is a chart of e-commerce growth in the united states and you can see people are buying things online more and more every year, and since people are buying things more and more online, it should become even easier to sell things online. but the problem is most people are using tikniques that used to work three, four, five years ago, and there's four main ways that you can make money selling products with amazon fba, but some of these are better than others, and the first one is retail arbitrage. this is where you go out and you find products that are deeply discounted. you buy those products and then you flip them on amazon where they're selling at a higher price and if you're tight on cash, this is a good way to make some side income. but the problem with this business model- and why i don't recommend it- is you're not really building a business and you're not ever going to be able to have passive income, because every time you want to make some money you have to go out and hunt for some deals and then you got to do the work of putting those items on amazon to sell it. so you're constantly having to do more and more work to make money. the second model that some people do, but i personally think is dying, is wholesale. this is where you buy products in bulk at a discount. let's say, a hundred pairs of nike shoes that are normally a hundred dollars. you buy them for fifty dollars. you then take those shoes and flip them on amazon for their full retail price of a hundred dollars and you get to keep all the profit after all the amazon fba fees and everything else. now the problem with this is usually you're not the only one that's wholesaling that product, which means someone else is going to come along and they're going to lower their price by a little bit, which means you need to lower your price by a little bit, and it ends up being a race to the bottom where no one ends up being profitable. the same thing is true about private label, and this is where you buy a product from a website like alibabacom. you slap your brand, your private label, on the product and you sell it on amazon. now, this can work if you can create a really cool, really strong brand around your private label product. or maybe you find a product that nobody else knows about, but the problem is, as soon as everybody else starts finding out about this private label product opportunity, they're going to come in and again they're going to lower their price. you're going to have to lower your price and it's going to end up being a race to the bottom. what i recommend doing instead is creating a passion product. this is where you create a unique product that's better than the competition and you create a really cool, really strong brand around it, and, ideally, you try to create a product that does not yet exist that you wish existed, that if it existed, you would actually purchase. and this is what i did with my product and this is what i teach other people to do and i'll share some real examples of this, including how much people actually make doing this, later in this video. but the second reason why many people think it's too late to start selling on amazon fba is because of china, and it's true there are a lot of chinese manufacturers that are selling their products directly on amazon for way cheaper than you or i could ever sell those same products for, and that's because they can cut out the middleman. and this is one of the big reasons why i do not recommend trying to do wholesale or private label, because if you're trying to do private label and you're trying to compete against your own manufacturer, they're always going to be able to sell their products lower than you can sell your products for. and it's true that these chinese sellers will sometimes use dirty tricks to try to get american sellers blacklisted or banned from amazon again. this is why i recommend staying away from private label, because if you're going to a manufacturer, just taking their product, putting your label on it and trying to sell it on amazon, that manufacturer or another manufacturer is going to see what you're doing and they're going to just sell that same product on amazon directly. but if you create a product that's better than the competition and you create an amazing brand around that product, your product is going to be on a completely different level than the competitors, which means that you're going to get more sales, which ultimately means more profit for you. but still a lot of people don't want to sell on amazon because of all the amazon fba fees, and this is reason number three why it might be too late to start selling on amazon. and it's true, amazon charges a 15 fee just to sell on their platform, meaning if you're selling a product that costs a hundred dollars, they're gonna charge you 15 when you get a sale of your product. on top of that, if you choose to be part of the amazon fba program, you're going to have

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£3,000 a month reselling Argos products on Amazon | NOT doing FBA | Dropshipping strategy

let's just imagine that you have 20,000 items on your Amazon seller account- okay, 20,000- and only 0.5% of those items are winners. well, that's still 100 products. I didn't care about the VSR, I didn't care about the sales rate, because I want to list everything. if the product only has one cell per month, or one cell every three months, I'm still gonna list it, because, hey guys, it's joe from profit wolf in this video. I want to show you a strategy that you can apply right now, today, to start making 3000 pounds per month in revenue- not in profit, in revenue- consistently, with about 40% return on investment. now, if you're an experienced seller, making 3,000 a month in sales probably doesn't sound like a lot of money. in fact, you're probably doing that already. but if you're new to this, if you just started your Amazon journey, then making 3000 pounds per month in sales on your own, without a boss, without having a job- it's money that you made yourself- then it probably seems like a lot of money and in fact it is a lot of money, because if you apply the strategy, you'll see that you'll be making between 500 and 1,000 pounds profit per month, and that's just at the beginning. then you do that consistently and every month you reinvest those profits. those 500 or 1000 pounds, it could be even more than you made your invest at every month and, with the power of compounding, very soon, in a few months, you'll be able to replace your day job. now, obviously, the interesting part about this strategy is that you can scale it. now I'm gonna show you that you can make three thousand, and three thousand is a bit of a number for you to achieve. it's like a goal. first you need to have a goal, but then you can do it for six thousand, ten thousand and so on. the only difference is that once you reach a certain threshold, you're gonna have to delegate some of the tasks you're gonna have to higher VA is to do some of the stuff for you, but, honestly, up until 10,000 in revenue, you can actually do this all by yourself. so, before I introduce strategy to you, what do most people do on Amazon FBA? they either do private label or they do online arbitrage. now you know that on this channel, we focus on the second, which is online arbitrage, and within this business model, what do most people do? they do online arbitrage with FBA fulfilled by Amazon, which means that they're going to find a product that sells for 20 pounds at Argos and they're gonna send it. they're going to order it and send it to Amazon, and they're not just they're not just going to send one unit, they're gonna send maybe three or five units of that one specific item to Amazon and then they hope that the item will sell for a higher price, probably like 40 or 45 pounds. now this strategy is great if you have a lot of cash, but it's not very suitable if you're just starting out, if you're a beginner, or if you haven't broken through 1,000, 2,000, 3,000 a month in sales. and here's a few reasons why this strategy is not suitable for beginners. so, first of all, it requires a lot of money in order for you to diversify. let me explain it. if you only have, let's say, 500 pounds- I say 500 because that's the number that most people start with- if you only have 500 pounds to invest in Amazon, on Amazon- then it means you can only buy about 20 units- 20, 25, 30 max units of of products. now you've bought your of 20 units, but that doesn't allow you to spread your risk, and that's something very important is that when you sell stuff, you want to spread your risk and with 20 units you cannot do that. mistakes are really expensive because you can be get it in one of those products when you're a beginner. a lot of people they don't check if they can sell the item before buying it. you know it's a common newbie mistake. that's easily avoidable, but a lot of people do that mistake and you're gonna- let's say, you buy five units of an item you can sell. then you're only left with 15 units you can sell and out of those 15 units, then maybe you made some wrong decisions, maybe products that don't sell, and in the end you're gonna be stuck with products that don't sell and you're gonna have spent all your money. so that's why this strategy- doing FBA with online arbitrage- is so hard at the beginning. that's why, if you have less than 2,000 to invest in inventory, here is a strategy that you should do. you should do online arbitrage, web fbm, online arbitrage fulfilled by merchants, which means that you are going to fulfill your orders. it means that you only buy products once you get an order. you only buy once someone buys from you, and there's so many advantages to doing this, especially at the beginning. now what does the process look like? here is the step by step process. you first add a lot of products- from Argos in this case- to your Amazon inventory. if you don't know how to do that, don't worry, I can show you how to do that, just to reach out to me. and then, once you've added a lot of items to your Amazon inventory, you just wait for an order to come through. you wait for a customer somewhere in England or wherever to place an order on Amazon. once a customer places an order, you receive a notification from Amazon that says: hey, you got an order, please send it to your customer. remember, we're not doing FBA here anymore, so Amazon is not gonna ship your product because it doesn't have it. it's up to you to ship your product now. you haven't bought the product yet, so what you're gonna do is you're gonna go to Argos and or whatever site or retailer that you source from, and you're gonna buy the product and you're going to send it to your customers. now there's two ways to do this there, step the step where you buy the part and you send it to the customer. the first step is a way that violates the Amazon terms of services, but honestly, I do it. I know a lot of people will do it, and nobody ever got suspended for doing this. I don't know anyone who got suspended. if you know anybody, let me know, but I don't know anybody who got suspended. so in this method, what you do is you go to the retailer's website and you place an order and you ask for a home delivery, but now, instead of having the product delivered to you so that then you can ship to the customer, you have the product shipped to the customer directly. very important things to do. when you do this method, the package must not contain the invoice or any type of price on the product, because obviously, if the customer receives a package and there is an invoice for 20 pounds, but he paid 30 pounds or 40 pounds or whatever, then he's not going to be happy. he's going to ask for a refund of the difference and it could be even worse. he can give you a one-star rating and then you can actually get suspended doing that. now, if the package says ESCO or gute or whatever, that's fine. personally, the packages that I sent, they all have the name of the retailer, it doesn't matter. now there is a second way to do things, and this method that I'm going to show you is 100 percent compliant with the terms of services. this method is very simple: you just go to the store physically- to Argos in our case- and you buy the products, you bring them home, you package them and you send them to your customer. so the only thing is that you're gonna have to spend an extra five to ten pounds, depending on the type and size of product, for shipping, but it's 100% safe. if you live next to an Argus, you have no excuse not to make 2,000 pounds in sales per month because it's so easy to do this. and here's what's so great about the strategy: it's that there is no limit to the amount of items that you can list on Amazon. in theory, you could list millions of products on your seller central account and it's going to cost you the same as you, as if you listed 10 items, and we really need to take advantage of this, because it's not everywhere that you can do that. for example, on ebay, you can only list 100 products at the beginning and then, if you want to list more products, you need to buy your store and that's going to cost you money. so really take advantage of the fac.

Alibaba To Amazon FBA Explained! Product Shipping Tutorial

i'm gonna show you exactly how to buy products on alibaba and sell them on amazon. we'll go over the terms. you need to know what method of shipping you should pick, and then we'll get right into my computer and build out a real-life amazon shipping plan. shipping is really not that hard. it just seems complex, so we're going to simplify it. you really only have one goal: you need to get your product from the supplier's warehouse all the way to the amazon warehouse. the only problem are all these tiny little bitty annoyances that come in between, but when you understand how the four key players work together, it's really not that hard. player number one is the supplier, this guy right over here, the one that is creating your product. the supplier may also be known as the exporter or the seller, because they are exporting the goods from their warehouse to you. right, they are selling the goods to you. they may also be known as the consignor plan. number two is you. you're the opposite of the supplier, so you may be known as the buyer or the importer or the consignee. now play number three: the carrier. this is simple. the carrier is the person or company that carries your goods from point a to point b, carries it. it's in the name, whether it's truck, plane or boat. if they're carrying it, they could be the carrier, so that it could be ups. that is fedex. they could be both known as carriers. now where it gets confusing is between the carrier and the freight forwarder. so what is this elusive freight forwarder? the freight forwarder is going to be your best friend. they do everything that a carrier does. they may even call themselves a carrier, but they also do a whole lot more for you. so when you send your product over from china to amazon- it's not as easy, unfortunately, as sending an email. your product is made and now it's sitting at the supplier's warehouse. you're going to get it from there onto a truck. that truck then takes it to a port. from that port, you've got to get it onto a boat. you're going to cross international waters, so you're going from one country to another. that means customs fees, paperwork, documents. then it goes, lands at the port in america, has to get picked up again by another truck and then finally to an amazon warehouse, and what your freight forwarder can do is all of that. and your freight forwarder will also include the fifth player, your customs broker. now what is that? like i said, you're going from country to country, so there's a lot of paperwork involved and your customs broker will handle that for you. now, if you were to just get a carrier and a customs broker individually to handle this process, it's probably going to be more expensive than if you got a freight forwarder who would do it all for you. now we're going to ask the question: do you ship by air or by sea? well, how fast do you want to go and how much do you want to spend? air: it's going to be a lot faster, but it's also going to be a lot more expensive, whereas c it's cheaper, it's slower. if you're placing your first order and you've got a lower quantity, i always suggest go by air. it's going to get you into amazon faster. it's going to let you test your product out faster and, assuming that your first order is a lower quantity- less than a thousand units- the price savings probably won't be that much sea shipping: you start saving a lot when you're ordering in the thousands of units. so if you're not there yet, don't wait 40 days for sea shipping. get it by air in 7 to 14 days and get testing right away. then, if your product proves to be great. then order your bigger shipment from c. time is money, exw- this is a shipping term you're going to see thrown around when you're toking to suppliers. the shipping method determines how much responsibility you're going to take on. with exw, the supplier finishes the product and leaves it at their warehouse. so from there you got to get your freight forwarder to pick it up at the warehouse, get it to the port, get into the sea, get to the other port, do the customs do everything, and then get it here, get it to the warehouse. if anything happens in between, that process, that's on you. so you're relying on your freight forwarder to pick up the entire process. fob- that stands for free onboard. now this is a much better option. with free onboard, the supplier finishes the product, gets it onto the truck, gets it to the port, gets it on the boat across the ocean and lands it in the port in america, passing customs doing all of that. so the supplier is then responsible for the first half of the journey. so now you just need to get your freight forwarder to pick it up from the port already in the states, pick it up with a truck, take it to the amazon warehouse. a lot less pressure off you, a lot less pressure off the freight forwarder, because the supplier is doing the first half of that work. now this applies only when you're shipping by c. so what happens when you take the plane? if you're going by air, you're going to hear: ddp delivered, duties paid. now this is going to be the most easy, most hands-off way to ship your product. your supplier will do everything: make your product, get it onto a truck, get it onto a plane, get it to the amazon warehouse period. hands off, you're done. it's the most expensive but least mentally taxing. now this is what you're gonna be doing. if it's your first order, you want that speed. you're going ddp. you'll also hear it called door-to-door, so meaning literally from the supplier's door to amazon's door. you now understand all the theory that goes behind the shipping process. so let's jump into the computer and create a shipping plan in real life. so now i'm on my computer and now the first thing you need to click is that like button. tap that right now for me, and then we can get going. so now we're in: manage inventory, right. so we logged into amazon seller central. you go to inventory, manage inventory. so at this point you already have a product listing created. right, you need to have your product listing created to then create a shipping plan for that product. if you don't have a product listing created, then that's beyond the scope of this video. but keep on watching so that, when you're ready, you know exactly how this is done. so what you're going to do, you're going to click on your product. i can't show you this product right now, but i will one day on this channel. it's a case study that i'm going to show. okay, so now what we're going to do, we're going to click, send, replenish inventory on this drop down. so now they're asking individual or case pack products. but before we get to that, we need to cover the ship from address. now i'm gonna assume we're doing ddp, delivering from air, directly from the chinese manufacturer to amazon. so in here you can see i have a beijing address. that is my supplier. okay, then we're gonna click case pack products. individual pack products means you're putting a bunch of different items in this box- hammer, scissors, glasses, all in a box and sent to amazon. we're obviously not doing that. you're ordering multiples of the same product. all the same product, all in one box. so now we can go continue shipping plan. so now they're asking you how many cases and how many units per case. in this example, this is one case, two units per case. let's say 50 units per case and two cases, that is a hundred total units. make sure you don't put it backwards and say two units and 50 cases. so now we're done this, we're gonna go ahead and press continue. now it's asking you who is going to prep these products and you're going to select merchants. you're prepping them yourself. you're getting your supplier to prep them for you properly. packaging of the boxes: adding the fn skus. amazon can do it for you, but it's going to be more costly. you're going to click choose category and for some reason my screen doesn't record these pop-ups, but there's a big drop down here and i'm clicking on no prep needed. so now you can go ahead and click continue. now on this page, amazon is giving you your fn sku. the fnsku is the bar code that you're gonna p.

Best Amazon FBA Reddit Communities (Grow Your Business)

[Music] video about ready and why I think it's such a useful tool if you're interested in learning more about Amazon FBA. so, whether you're a complete beginner or you're an experienced Amazon seller, I think that reddit is a tool that you should all be using. so, yeah, in this video- I've just put together sort of a small presentation- we're going to go through the best Amazon FBA reddit communities- so the ones I've been sort of involved with and the ones that are given me most value- and then I'm going to run you through really how I've used read it to grow brands and how you can use reddit to grow your business, because, yeah, it's a really, really powerful tool. reddit is basically the modern-day version of forums. forums, obviously, can continue to exist, but that's what read it is. it's a collection of tiny forums or communities, reddit subreddits that are just full of people that are interested in a partikular topic. yeah, so what I'll do? I'll start with what I use reddit for. so I use it to learn, and by learning I mean look and listen to what other Amazon sellers are doing, the problems that they're facing, how they're dealing with their problems. I use it to network, so I've actually created a couple of sort of decent collaboration opportunities for us here at a business boss, so it's been really useful for that and in other niches. yeah, I've also spoken to people that have gone on to really help help me with things I've been struggling with, so it's a great place to network. and, yeah, I use reddit to help people out. so that probably sounds a bit strange, but what I mean by that is- and I'll explain at the end- I use it to just help people out across reddit with indonesia's I'm involved with and, yeah, I won't be expecting anything in return. that builds brand and it builds my following, which which is what we want. so, my favorite reddit communities now, these are all Amazon FBA specific. the one that comes up at the top is is called fulfillment by Amazon. so remember, with subreddits, it is case sensitive, so you can see on the screen that's exactly how you need to put it into ready. this is the biggest Amazon specific reddit community that I found. anyway, yeah, it's full of information. so, yeah, and within this subreddit, I actually started a thread and, yeah, it became pretty popular and and, like I said, this is proof of what I'm using reddit for. so what I decided to do was run a QA and I do these quite often and, yeah, they're basically an opportunity for me to ask anyone in the in the subreddit if they've got any questions that they'd like me to help them with. so, in relation to Amazon, FBA- and it's where a lot of our YouTube followers, our YouTube subscribers, our Instagram followers have come from- they've been people that I've spoke to on reddit and maybe help them out with something and, yeah, in return, they've thought, yeah, that informations of value, I'm gonna follow them and maybe they've got more useful content for us. so, yeah, I put together this thread. I was very upfront. I said I've set up a YouTube channel. I want to help people learn about running an Amazon business. so, if anyone wants, you know, if anyone wants the link, I ask them to send me a message rather than putting the link to my youtube channel on this thread. well, that that's one way to just get me banned from from this reddit community, which obviously I don't want. so you can see, yeah, there's a hundred eighty-two comments and I spent a long time helping people out with questions and, yeah, it does take time, but it really does help you build your brand and build your following. so, yeah, obviously, if you're a complete beginner, you can learn from people like me and people that are far more experienced than me. I'm ready. so, yeah, that's a part of Reddit I really like. another one of my favorite reddit communities is, yes, called entrepreneur, and you can see in the screen there there a bigger community, but that's because it isn't just a specific Amazon FBA- read it. it's. it's more of a general entrepreneur sort of community. so there is still loads of useful hammers and related information in there. and, yeah, I picked out my favorite thread from within this community and, yes, this one here by ya guy black mirror. he posted it and I I just thought this trip was cool because it basically pulled apart a lot of these people that are selling courses. no, I think selling Amazon courses are a bad thing. I've invested in courses myself, yeah, but this thread- I mean you can only see a snippet of it here- is actually incredibly useful in terms of product selection and helping you find niches that maybe don't have too much competition. so any sort of threads or links that I've mentioned in here I'll leave in the description below. you can check this partikular thread out. as you can see, it had 106 up votes. it was very, very popular. yeah, and some of his rules for looking for a product is brilliant. he toks a lot about finding a product that might fit into a brand and, yeah, this is part two. so, yeah, it's a really really long thread, but well worth, well worth checking out. yeah, off the back of this, obviously, I've been spending a lot of time helping people out in different reddit communities, so I've decided to start some- my own one, our own one here, and it really is just for anyone that wants help with Amazon FBA. so that's what the community is called: Amazon FBA help. yeah, and basically, if anyone's got any questions or anything like that, actually know you can always leave a comment on any of these videos, but you can also get involved in in this community, ask questions there, because we just fill it with content. that's gonna help you guys learn more about Amazon FBA. yeah, I, speaking to the other guys here, a business boss and just saying, well, I think they said, let you spend so much time on reddit helping other people, why don't we start our own one? and, yeah, that's exactly what we've done. so, yeah, if you're interested in Amazon FBA and you've got read it, make sure you subscribe to that community. this is my favorite reddit thread of all time, and mainly just because it's nice. so, yeah, this was posted in a group called flipping by a guy called marshmallow Matt and yeah, really, how it just says. it's a letter, basically from, yeah, an older person, and yeah, it said hi. I found many old VHS tapes recently and wanted to see what was on them and I realized I had no player. so I went to ebay for the first time and discovered your offer. I brought your VHS and you shipped it in a few days. the VHS looks new and unused- amazing. I had some issues getting it going which were mine and not the player. I'm 86 and perhaps not up to my game, but I do get there eventually and I did and discovered the VHS works perfectly. thank you so much for your caring efforts and your promise. I watch tapes of my retirement party from 25 years ago and which I've never seen before. geez, we were young then. a tape of my wedding with all the family and friends- many of which are no longer around then: skiing trips, kids growing up, travels and, most importantly, the gentleman tearing of my family, each one more fun than last. all thanks, you're generous and selling of the VHS player. I thought you'd appreciate how much someone has enjoyed your offer best regards. that's just nice. I didn't. I didn't cry when I first read that. before any of you think that I'll leave a link to this, definitely below and just check out the comments as well. it really is. yeah, a lot of comments are just as heartwarming as that. but you know, as a someone that sells products online, we've never received a hand written or typed out letter from someone. so, yeah, that sort of generation of customers really won't last forever, and I just thought that was. that was a really cool thing, probably one of my favorite other things I've seen on reddit. so, yeah, pretty cool. let's finish with how you can grow whatever you're doing- and it might be Amazon, FBA business. you might be trying to grow an audience, teaching people about Amazon like ass or whatever Nisha is. if you want to build your audience, you can.