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Dropshipping VS E-Commerce Wholesale (Which Business Is Right For You?)

Published on: December 4 2022 by Baddie In Business

Dropshipping VS E-Commerce Wholesale (Which Business Is Right For You?)

Dropshipping VS E-Commerce Wholesale (Which Business Is Right For You?)

hey buddy full family my name is
isabella i'm the owner of two six figure
online businesses and today i'm gonna be
explaining the difference between
e-commerce store buying in bulk and drop
shipping you guys know i teach both of
those types of businesses on my youtube
channel which is why i wanted to make a
youtube video showing you guys the
differences and the pros and cons of
each that way if you're at a crossroads
and you're not quite sure what business
model you want to get into hopefully by
the end of this video you'll be able to
make that decision so let's get right
into this video so having your own store
and buying involved and drop shipping
are two different types of stores drop
shipping is when you don't have any
products on hand and in buying in bulk
you obviously would you would have to
have a place in your house to keep them
like we do i like having them in bulk
because i like to make more videos
because content equals sales the better
your content the more sales you're going
to get as long as you're marketing them
through tiktok and instagram
correctly you do not have to buy ads
with dropshipping that can be a little
bit harder because you do have to
purchase samples if you want to make
your own original content which i
recommend with dropshipping you can
always get content from the chinese
suppliers but it will never be as good
as your own content one good thing about
buying in bulk and making your own
content from out of your home and
showing the products that you have on
hand is that the customers wind up
trusting you more because they see that
you have a lot of products on hand in
your videos but of course if you guys
have inventory you guys will need a
place to keep the inventory in your home
in an organized manner not only for your
inventory but you also need a place for
shipping supplies as well on the other
hand drop shipping you're really only
showing one product if you buy that
sample so there may be a lot of mistrust
with the buyer this is another reason
why a lot of drop shipping stores wind
up failing is because there's just not
enough trust to the customer i think the
most important thing is building a
community around your brand which is
what we have done if you guys have seen
my instagram or my tik tac account is
we've built a community around our brand
so even if our items wind up on amazon
one day people will still want to buy
from us instead of just buying on amazon
it's all about how you market the
products so if you guys are subscribed
to my youtube channel you guys know that
we buy in bulk and ship our own products
we also manufacture and design our own
products to make them stand out i have
videos about this on my youtube channel
so if you want to learn about that
specifically you guys can watch those
tutorials i actually have a step-by-step
playlist that will show you guys how to
do that as well so you guys know that we
like to have this business because we
like to have control over our products
and with buying bulk and shipping
ourselves we wind up profiting more not
only because we're able to get these
items for a lower cost than if you were
to drop ship but we are able to make
even more fun content since we have all
the items here you guys know content
creation is the number one reason why
our businesses blew up this year and if
it wasn't for me making tiktoks of my
business i would not be sitting here
where i am today and if you're new to
this video then you guys know i have
tutorials on that as well of how you can
do that too i even have a video breaking
it down with how we create our content
so you can check that out as well so if
you're interested in buying in bulk
you'll wind up using websites like
alibaba or made in china drop shipping
on the other hand uses sites like
aliexpress since aliexpress is good for
just buying one item at a time with drop
shipping you don't have the products on
hand so if you're a drop shipper you are
basically the middleman you find a
product on aliexpress or on another
website and then you advertise that
product by making your own content so
the customer will buy that product from
your website at that price and then
basically all you do is you go to the
other website that you found the product
on and you ship that product from the
other website directly to the buyer that
bought from your website then you keep
the profits drop shipping and buying in
bulk and keeping the items with you is a
completely different experience when you
have items in bulk at a store like ours
you do wind up bonding with the
customers and having a connection with
the customers more than you would if you
were just drop shipping you're able to
do a lot more customizations and do
things like how you want when having
your own store and buying in bulk but i
recommend drop shipping for anyone that
wants to start with a zero dollar budget
that's actually what i did when i was 17
and 18 years old is i actually started
my own drop shipping store and that's
how i raised the funds to go to college
and to be where i am today when i was 17
and 18 years old i wasn't really working
with a big budget either so i wound up
starting drop shipping for zero dollars
not only because i didn't have money but
i just didn't want to risk anything
that's why my method of how to drop ship
with zero dollars i think is great for
anyone that's just starting out in the
game it allows you to gain experience
and to to know how to promote products
and it just gives you so much experience
without you really risking anything but
if your hearts in it and you have money
to spend i would definitely recommend
buying in bulk like we did not only does
it motivate you to get them sold when
they're sitting in your house but like i
said you really do get to connect with
the customer much more since you are
shipping the items yourself it's
tiknically a little bit more work than
just drop shipping but
in the long run it's good you guys know
they also say that dropshipping
sometimes can't have a long-term
business model if you don't start
branding it and if you're someone that
you started a dropshipping store and you
are seeing consistent sales that is when
i would recommend you actually start and
own your own store while buying in bulk
this is because you'll wind up profiting
more because you can get those products
for a cheaper price when bought in bulk
and you know that you have consistent
customers so you can continue building
your business from there so i know a lot
of you guys are remote or you like to
travel and that's why you want to start
drop shipping but we actually love to
travel too and we are able to get our
business managed when we are gone as
well which i also have a video about on
my youtube channel if you're interested
in learning if you're someone likes to
travel but also wants to buy in bulk and
have an actual store i have a video
about that on my youtube channel as well
but drop shipping is pretty nice since
you don't have the concept of actually
having the products i definitely think
there's more of a reliable long-term
business model when buying in bulk and
running your own store rather than drop
shipping which i've toked about in my
other videos but i still recommend
dropshipping especially if you're
someone that wants to start with a zero
dollar budget just to gain new
experience and if you are somebody that
you want to buy in bulk and start a
business out of your home like we have
do not let the shipping and handling
part of all of that scare you away from
wanting to do that shipping your own
products really is not that difficult we
spend about an hour to two hours every
day packaging ours and we also get a lot
of orders day to day so it's definitely
not as time consuming as you may think
once you get in the routine so back when
i was 17 18 years old i wound up
actually quitting on my drop shipping
store because back then there actually
wasn't as many us suppliers and shipping
did take quite a long time there was a
lot of miscommunication between me and
the customer and that trust was broken a
lot of times especially because when
they did not receive the tracking number
right away
that's why i said if i were to start my
business up again which i did this past
year that i knew that i would want to
have full control over it and make it a
legitimate business not saying that drop
shipping is not a legitimate business
but it can definitely just have some
barriers since you don't have the
products on hand everyone's situation is
so different which is why i encourage
both of these types of business models
depending on your situation either way
if you start driving with zero dollars
you're not necessarily risking anything
and you're learning as you're going as
well i hope this video helped you to put
drop shipping and e-commerce bulk buying
in separate categories so you understand
the difference between both of them if
you're just starting as a beginner i
definitely have no regrets and i'm so
happy i decided to take that chance to
buy products in bulk because now it's on
another level that i never even thought
it would get to in less than a year but
again it's all about how i marketed my
products and how i put them on tiktok
is what really made my website stand out
from many others if you guys have any
questions at all that i did not cover in
this video just leave me a comment down
in the comment section and i always
answer all my comments and of course if
you're new here hit that subscribe
button and like this video so i can
continue making videos just like this
one and i will see you guys in my next
video bye everyone
hold me close till i get up
time is barely out of
which sight

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