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dropshipping with wayfair

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

Can You Dropship From WayFair?

can you drop ship from wayfarer onto eBay or Amazon. we're going to cover that in this video: all the pitfalls to avoid and how to maximize your profit on every single sale. hey, what's up? Paul, here from drop shipping Titans, comm, where I teach regular people, just like you, had a dropship onto eBay and Amazon from other websites like Wayfarer. now, I've never really toked too much about Wayfarer, but I do get a lot of questions about it, so I put together this little slideshow for you guys, and if you want to follow along with me, I will have a link down below where you can download this slideshow in a PDF form. and the great thing about this is I go through my six criteria that I look for every time I look at a new supplier, and since I haven't really worked with Wayfarer before, I'm going to be applying these six criteria to Wayfarer. but you can use these with any new supplier that you are interested in drop shipping from, because with the program that I teach, the method that I teach, you can drop ship from pretty much any online retailer out there. but I would run through these six so that you know it's in store for you before you get started. so, real quick, a brief overview. we're gonna look at what products the website has for sale, the shipping times, the cost and the shipping policy, the returns policy, will look at their customer service, we'll see if we can get any discounts which will maximize our profit as dropshippers and we will also check if they are dropship friendly. so, like I said, if you want to follow along with the PDF, click the first link underneath this video. so this is wayfaircom right here and again. the first thing we're looking at is what types of products do they have for a sale? and if you explore their website, it's pretty clear right away that they have a large variety of home goods- furniture, chairs, tables, decorations- and this is really excellent for us as dropshippers, because these types of items don't have what I call an inherent value. so look at this table and chair set right here. you don't know just by looking at it what the price of these would be where. if you have a television, like a Sony television that has a set price, every website that you visit is going to sell it for the same price, and consumers are pretty savvy. when it comes to electronics, they know how to shop around and find the best price, but when it comes to home goods like this, because there's really no set price. it's really determined by how much the buyers are willing to pay, so that allows us to mark up the price and sell these items on eBay and Amazon also. the great benefit about products like these is that they're less likely to break, less likely to have problems down the road like electronics do, and less likely to have some sort of fraud on eBay, like you would get with electronics as well. now I've done a little digging around and I also know that Wayfair has over 800,000 products, so that's something else you want to look for: how many different products they have for sale. they actually have a much greater number than that, but I'm looking specifically at wayfaircom. they have about 800,000 products for sale. they're also very competitive with their pricing. that's something you want to look at. you can look around at some of their items and see what the prices are and check what the prices of these items are or similar items are on different websites, and by doing that you can see that Wayfair here does try to be competitive with their pricing. now, another thing that I like- and you can see this just by opening up a few of these different categories is that they sell a wide variety of priced items. so if we come here into maybe like wall art, we can probably see that some of this is pretty cheap right here. some of it's like $45, but others more expensive- $300- this one is $26- 47. so some of this is really cheap and some of its really expensive, and that's really good because allows you to have room to grow. as a new seller, you want to sell some of these cheaper items because they'll be easier for you to move. but once you start leveling up, so to speak, getting more experience and you get the ball rolling with your stores, you want to start selling some of the more pricey items so you can make more money, and wayfarer gives you room to do that. now, another thing I like about selling home goods is a TAS, a very popular category on eBay, and the way you pretty much determine this is: you can go onto eBay and search for a category and look at recently sold items. if you see that a lot of items in that category are selling, then you know it's something that people are going to buy more of from you. now the second thing on my list here is shipping times. you always want to check out what the shipping policy is, and luckily, Wayfair gives us that information right here on the home page, and they say that there is free shipping on all orders over $49, and anything under $49 you'll get a flat shipping cost of $4.99. so that's very good to know. this is not a deal breaker- that there's not free shipping on all orders. it's just something you want to be aware of, and it's great that you can do this without buying into a program like you have to do with Amazon Prime, for instance. they also tell you that there is fast, two-day shipping on thousands of items- also really helpful to know, and that makes it even more appealing to me as a drop shipper. now, one thing I always look for as well is whether or not they offer free shipping when you combine two different items into one order and whether you can ship those to different addresses. so, for instance, two twenty-five dollar items, put them into one order but ship them to different addresses. can you do that and will you get free shipping if you do that? well, tiknically you can with Wayfair, but you have to call in to place the order and that's not really sustainable. that won't really work. so the answer is pretty much no. you don't get to ship to different addresses within one order with wayfarer- not a deal-breaker, just something you want to be aware of here now. the other thing you always want to be aware of is if there's any exceptions to these rules, like: are there some items that don't get free shipping? are there some items that don't get two-day shipping and that they're almost always is with every supplier? and just to show you an example here, I've opened up wall mirrors and the good thing is that they tell you right here: free two-day shipping or just free shipping. see that right here so you'll know right away. I wouldn't even list any items that don't get free shipping or just $5 shipping, free shipping, free shipping, free shipping, free two-day shipping. so I wouldn't, in this case I wouldn't limit myself to just two days shipping. maybe at first you want to do that because you know what the items are going to get out quickly, but I would only sell the items they get free shipping or $5 shipping. if it's under the threshold now for any items that don't get two-day shipping, you want to make sure that it still will arrive within a reasonable amount of time. some items might be specialty and specialty orders and they won't arrive within a few days, so you have to be aware of that when you're listing the items as well. but if you stik to these items or the items that have the shorter handling time, shipping time- then on eBay you can set your shipping and your shipping time to about 1 to 5 days, and that would be ample time with a website like Wayfarer. so the next thing I always look for are the return policies and what the return policy is, so you can find that right. here it says easy returns, but I wouldn't just take that at its face value. what does that mean? so there's always going to be a button here that's that takes you directly to the return policy page where you can get some more information. and here it says: all you have to do is open up the website, click a couple buttons, you get a return label and you ship the item back. so I really like how easy it is to return items, but it doesn't answer a big

WayFair US & UK as a dropshipping supplier - FULL OVERVIEW

hello everyone. in this video I want to make a full overview over the side of wafer calm and the wafer co. uk weather is a new supplier which we integrated in Auto deer, so I want to create a full video about how to use this site and what to show you know about this site. so first of all, let's tok about what is this site. what do they sell on this side? so welfare are selling anything which you need for home. they are sending home goods so you can find out anything which you need. this is very, very good for us as eBay sellers because actually these products are much less dangerous, for example, than electronic products. and also the prices there are very, very good because you can find a product with very cheap prices and also very expensive products if you want to make much more profit with a more profit margins. so let's go first of all about the shipping. now let's start with the number of products. actually, wafer has have around 1 million products in depends on the marketplace, but here, for example, in wafer that in whether she- okay, they have around 800,000, and also in wafer comb, the hair balls or something like this. so it depends on the marketplace, but this is the range of the numbers between eight hundred thousand to 1 million and depends on the a season of the year. so this is about the number of products. the cool thing is that in the United States they have over a half million products which have two days shipping. this is amazing for us. you don't need any subscription. therefore, this like prime minima zone. the only thing which you need to know is that on ebay comb, on a Solon wafer comb, you have free shipping only for all those other ativ: $49. for any other order which is less than this, you need to add $5 for shipping. now you can't ship here. two different other says it will not work as it worked on the past, for example on Amazon, or it works now on other suppliers. so any product which cost you over $49 you can send without any shipping cost. but products which cost less than this you need to aid to add another $5 for the shipment. about wafer co uk: it's the same, but for products over 40 pounds you don't have any shipping cost. so for products over this amount you don't need to add shipping cost on your eBay listings. the next thing which I want to show you is the same. you have here the sell a tab on wafer. that comment on whether you okay, it doesn't matter. here you can find a great prices for products, which is amazing, for because the origin monitoring toaster can just upload here products with a huge amount of discount and make much higher profit margins. for example, this product: you can make over 100 pounds only for this discount, which is amazing for us. the net thing is that welfare supports paper. if we go here to basket, which is actually our code, we can see here the payment method of paper. this is amazing for us. as eBay sellers, we can just take the same money from paper and pay here, without need of any gift cards or something like this. you just get the money on ebay, buy paper and then you just go to this side and you can order directly with paper. so this is also an amazing thing which we have on this side. so we have the free shipping, the two days shipping on a wafer comb, we have the paper option and we have the sale here, which is amazing for us. we also know that we have over 800,000 products on this side, which is very, very, very cool. and the next thing which I want to tok with you is about the break event when you walk with wayfaircom, I recommend you to add around 5% for taxes on different states because this is the average of the taxes. so always add to your breakeven around five percent of tax because you will not have it on the price. you just need to add it on the price and this way you will be covered. so just add another five percent for your prices when you walk with wafer. the other thing here is that we have here also home extension which works for both a co uk and come, where you can just grab full pages and get here using this excel button. just get full pages of products and then you can just upload all of these products to autodesk using bulk uploads. OTO dear supports also variations for these products for this site and the auto a address copy extension. so using the auto Diaz helper can also go and just add the address using one click from auto days to FL and this is very easy and helpful. the next thing which I want to show you- is not to show actually just to tok with you- is about the returns policy of wave. when you walk with very, for me to know that welfare doesn't accept free returns and just the customer need to pay their return. so all what you need to do is to write to your customers when they open a case on ebay. also, put it in your policy that the buyer pays the shipment if the product came damaged, so it can just contact whoever and then we will get this money back, which is very, very, very helpful and easy. so if the product is damaged, they will just create an exception for you and they will still return the money, even for the shipment. so I hope that this video was helpful for you. don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and write down in the comments if you have any other questions about this side. while this supplier and the hobbit', you will make a lot of sales using this site because they have really great products, really great ship shipment time and also they have expensive products, which can bring you a lot of money per set. see you on the next videos. bye mine.

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How to Sell on Wayfair Marketplace 2023: Complete Guide to Making Money on Wayfair.com🔶E-CASH S2•E74

i'm very happy today because i want to tok to you about how to sell on wayfair marketplace. don't go anywhere. this is a complete guide to making money on wayfaircom. don't go anywhere. [Music]. welcome back, folks, to another edition of the awesome q show. how are you today? i hope you're all doing fantastik. i'm doing marvelous. if you ever ask me if you are doing as great as i am, go grab a cup of coffee or tea or vodka. ls roll. in today's conversation, i want to speak to you about how to sell on with wayfair marketplace, and this is a complete guide to selling and making money on wayfarercom. now, wayfair has been dubbed the new amazon of home goods market, and for gazillions of excellent reasons. i'm going to explain those in today's conversation. one thing that's very important to understand is that wayfarer is part of a market that is worth 600 billion to a trillion dollars, okay, and we're toking here about the home goods market, and so in today's conversation, i want you to see on the screen right now that this is the skeleton of today's conversation. so i'm going to tok to you about the overview. i'll i'll give you an overview of the company and we'll tok about selling on wayfarer, the wayfarer benefits, wayfarer fees, leveraging uh the wayfarer delivery network, growing on wayfarer and getting paid on wayfarer. so what is wayfair? welfare is a well-known company in the us. okay, so they sell furniture and other home goods and they were created in 2002 and they were formerly called csn stores. okay, and they work with uh more than 11 000 global suppliers to offer more than 14 million items- 40 million items. okay, and wayfair offers its services in canada, the united states and the united kingdom, where they attract a lot of potential customers, and they also are in europe, in other parts of europe, including germany. and you want to choose to sell on wayfarer for a constellation of reasons. first, they have a myriad product categories and department- okay, so, as you can understand, the the e-commerce industry is uh growing uh day by day. okay, and because wafer has been recognized as the largest marketplace for home furnishing the us, you want to be on that platform because, especially if you are in that, in that department, if you are in that niche, rather, you want to be on wayfarercom and as a seller, you have uh gazillions of benefits you can you can expect on the platform, including direct shipping, because they have a direct shipping method and they have. you have the um, you have the uh, the growth that you can expect, right, you have the exposure- this is very important, right- and you also have the fact that you can use, you can actually uh grow on multiple channels. in other words, you can sell on wayfary while selling on etsy, walmart and amazon, for that matter. so you have a multi-channel growth strategy here. so how does wayfair work- and we're going to go very quickly here now with her- they have something called a self logistiks system and this is the wdn, the wayfarer delivery network, and what they do is they offer an overall, an overall increase of the shipment while reducing the losses to serve quick shipping. okay, so this is an important and so, if you want to learn more about wayfarer logistiks, there is an excellent piece about wayfarer delivery network and the supply chain dive magazine, written by emma cosgrove fantastik piece, and you can per use the artikle at your convenience. we're showing you right now the link on the on the screen right now, and this is great. what i want to say here is that wayfarers strategic work includes the drop shipping model. this is something that they really appreciate. they love that because, as you can understand, drop shipping means what? it means that you're sending the product from the supplier to the end merchant, post, receiving and confirmation. okay, and at wayfair. one thing that is very great for sellers is that there is no structure for carrying the inventory or the warehouse, so third-party shipment couriers or retailers can use wayfarers. account for saving the time and cost through reducing the bulk rate. right, this is fantastik, because in e-commerce, the first thing you want to do is you want to reduce your uh fixed cost when, especially when you start. okay, so wafer does not get indulged in any kind of inventory cost, which which saves you money. also. okay, so you can easily opt for white label in your products for increased profits, using as using uh as wayfair works through the automating of the retail industry, and you can also use their integration. they have uh, they have their integration api, so this is fantastik, and we love the fact that uh wayfarer is constantly innovating, especially when it comes to a global marketplace. so even though you're based in in the united states or canada, you can still ship, as i said, to uk and other parts of the world, including germany, and it's a. it's very important to understand that wayfarer wants to do this by keeping a healthy relationship with the sellers, because they understand that this is- this has to be- a mutually beneficial uh relationship. if a wayfarer is too big is to make money, and for the sellers also to make money, you have to understand wayfarer, as of today, is a- is actually attracting more than 60 to 65 million unique million unique visitors, and those visitors- guess what? they are active consumers. so think about the growth of your potential uh market there, your potential audience. this is awesome. this is humongous. so now i want to tok to you about selling on wayfarer. so you have to understand that third parties can sell on wayfair, no problem, okay. third party suppliers sell indoor and outdoor furniture, rocks, kitchen goods, bed and bath products, storage options, pet items and a whole lot more on wayfarer. so you have to understand the. the platform boasts more than 18 to 20 million products for the home across the site. think about that. and so what are the requirements? there are two main requirements, really, so you must have drop shipping capabilities as well as product liability insurance covering at least one million dollars per occurrence and two million dollars in general aggregate- very important, okay. so, uh, as you know, drop shipping on wayfarer works like this, so someone will place an order right. wayfarer will actually uh send the order to you, the seller, and you have to fulfill it. you pack and send the item to the, to the customer. wayfarer pays for shipping. okay, so this is pretty good and so. but before we get into all this, you need to sign up, all right, so we're showing you on the screen. right now you have to go to uh the at partnerswayfaircom so you put your your. so the first screenshot here: contact information, your primary name, your first name, last name, your job title, your email address, your phone number. and second uh screenshot: here we have the business information. so they want to know more about you, so about your business. so the legal business name, the address, the country, the, uh the city, the state postal code and, uh, the state where your business was registered- pretty standard information. and the third screenshot: here they want to know more about the logistikal information- for them is very important. so they want to know countries where you have uh warehouses, so fulfillment centers, and they want to know whether or not you could sell to. you can ship directly to the to the customers. as i said earlier, the quintessential element here, when it comes to wayfarer, is what drop shipping? so you have to answer yes to that question and they want to make sure that you can also accept returns, because for wayfarer is very important as an important tenant in their customer service mission. so you got to be able to accept the returns and you have to select your top online retailers that you're currently selling on. okay, so if you sell, for this example, we put home depot and walmart and they want you to show a link to that market. so once you do that, those three steps you click apply and you get a confirmation, so wayfarer will reach out to you. you s

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Dropshipping Furniture... Is It Worth It?

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Dropshipping From Overstock: The 9 Facts That Makes It A Huge Opportunity (Full Overview)

Dropshipping from Overstok became very popular and a lot of drop shippers started to work with this supplier as their main dropshipping supplier. In this video, I want to show you 9 interesting facts and reasons Why this supplier became so attractive and so interesting opportunity for any drop shipper, Hello everybody. So in this video I will show you really everything that you need to know to start working with this amazing dropshipping supplier, Overstok. You will know everything from products finding, shipping methods, shipping speed, prices of shipping, special programs of overstoks, special policies, how do the returns their works, which type of products can you sell from there and how it works, the customer's support of overstoks. So let's go. The first thing that I want to tok about is that, for sure, this is an American supplier, so we have up to 5 shipping days to any location in the United States. The second interesting thing here is that the shipping is actually free, so we can send all of the products of Overstok- with one condition that I will tok about soon- To any place for free, and this is something really amazing for us and gives us the opportunity to be much more competitive. The third thing here is their amazing customer support. So if I go to the bottom of the page, contact customer care. I will see here on this page the option for chat so we can see the chat is open for most of the time in the day, which allows us to communicate easily with Overstok and gives our customer the best customer support that we can give, because they give us a live chat in Overstok, so it's much easier. They actually have great customer support compared to any other American supplier that you already tried. Now I want to tok about about the fourth interesting thing, and this is the Paypal that they allow to pay. If I go here, I click "check out" because I already have some products in the cart. One second, let me go back and add the product to the cart. Okay, so I will just take any product here and click "add to cart", And here I can see that they actually support PayPal, which is great for us. we don't need to have a headache about how to transfer money to our credit card and about cash flow. we just get money by Paypal and we can pay using this PayPal directly to Overstok. This is something very interesting and very amazing. I think many people really prefer a supplier that works with PayPal over any other supplier. Let's jump into thing. number five: The thing is that Overstok doesn't have a lot of the warehouse, which is good for us Because the shipping time is fine and we don't have taxes to most of the states in the United States. So actually it means that when we work with Overstok, we will save in many cases money for taxes because we don't need to pay taxes when we send to other states And because they don't have warehouses in all of all the states. So in many cases we will not need to pay these taxes and the amount of taxes is really really low when we work with this supplier. Now let's go to the really interesting thing: the club O program. The club O program is a program of Overstok that actually their loyalty program, where you can first try it for 30 days for free and then it's just $20 for full-year. it's nothing. if you compare it to Amazon prime or to any other site, you can see that this is really really low price and really worth it. Using this program, We will really have the free shipping for all of the products. we will get 5% cashback for any our order. this is amazing and I really like this thing because this thing gives us the opportunity to get even more profit per sale. Let's jump into the last 3 things. The first one is the price match guarantee. we can see here that actually Overstok promises us that we will get the lowest prices of the market. So if we find the product cheaper in any other supplier, we can just contact Overstok and get money back for the price difference. This is amazing for us because we know that we will be able to be always the cheapest for any specific product, because if we find it at a cheaper price with any other supplier, we can just compete with them. Now let's see what we have here more. if I go to their return policy, I will find something more really interesting. Their return policy says that they have 30 days returns, but you can see here that after 30 days they still offer you a partial refund. Now this is actually the decision that you should take, but eBay promotes much more product with 60 days returns. so if you compete with someones else who do drop shipping from Overstok, you can put higher return policy, returns time, And then you will be ranked over and much higher than they are in the search algorithm of eBay. I check this. you can also check this for sure. it depends on many other criteria, like the level of the account, but this something that will really help you, And I recommended you to put for overstoks 60 days returns, even if it means that sometimes you will lose money, because you will not lose all of the money and all of the price of the product because they offer a partial refund. Let's jump into the last thing that I really like with Overstok, and this is their sales and deals. This category in Overstok sorted in very organized and a very interesting and very easy working method. You can see here products with discounts and I can just go to gift under $100, find here a lot of interesting products and I can even sort it by on sale. Now look at how many different products we have now on sale on Overstok, because not alot of people are working with this supplier. we will be much more competitive than any other of your competitors because if you go to this category every day and find products that are right now with good discounts, you can just list it using the monitor, using AutoDS, and you will be sure that when the price will be increased, your price will be also increased because you are covered by the monitoring system. other people may be not covered or not working with this supplier. So you can list products with this category. start selling them immediately, because you will be much cheaper than the competitors and then you will make a lot of profits. I really like this supplier. I really recommended you to at least try and work with them. you can see that you also have coupons for them using price blink and many, many interesting things with this supplier. Just jump into the water. don't afraid. take the risk. may be in the beginning it will be hard, but I promise you that's for the long term. it will worth it and it will really make profits. See you in the next videos. For any questions about this supplier or any other drop shipping related questions, just ask me under this video. Subscribe to this youtube channel, Share the video with your friends, like this video and see you the next time. bye-bye.

Don't Dropship from Amazon, Walmart, eBay, or Home Depot [Use These Sites Instead]

so i get a variation of this question frequently, so i wanted to kind of tackle it now. one of the things that i said recently- not just in the last video, but a few videos from then and then a few videos from then as well- is one of the things i recommend for facebook drop shipping specifically is not necessarily to always use the same three. you know retail sites that everybody else uses, right? so to recap what i was basically saying before we answer this question more in depth for you, i was basically saying, if possible, don't always use amazon, walmart and home depot. the reason being is they are great sites to use. don't get me wrong, right, you can start with them. you can build, you know, a lot of good listings with them, because you're going to get a lot of. you're going to be able to use the variety, like all sorts of their listings, all sorts of their products, and they have so many products. they have great low prices, they have fast shipping, they're reputable companies and their product catalogs are just like there's so many products to list from right. but, that said, chances are a lot of other beginners that get into this as this gets more saturated, and everybody else that's doing it right now- also are drop shipping from those same suppliers. right, so you can still use them. i'm not saying don't use them. i still list from time to time from walmart, amazon and home depot as well. right, but i'm moving away from that. i try not to, and the majority of my listings are not on those three retail sites. okay, so you can go out and find wholesale suppliers. you can go out and find other retail websites. i'm going to cover specifically how you can do all of those here and how to find other suppliers that nobody else is really seeing here in a second. okay, but the main thing i was saying is you don't necessarily have to avoid them 100. but i'm saying: don't build. if you're starting to build out all your listings, you don't want to spend all this time building out 500 to 1000 listings just on amazon or 500 to 1000 listings just on walmart or something like that. right, don't just use those. you can still use those, but also use other retail websites. also use other wholesale websites potentially, if you want to go that route as well, because long term, over time, as you build this out, you're going to be able to get other listings and other products that nobody else is listing and therefore you can carve out a specific niche product for yourself that you don't really have a lot of competition for and nobody else will necessarily be using that supplier and that product. okay, so that's all i was basically saying, which leads me into today's question, which is, if not those three big retailers, then who? okay, any suggestions? and this is a question specifically from dave, as you can see, but i've been getting a variation of this question a lot ever since i put that first tip video out, and so my main answer: literally any site that is reliable, obviously, and ships out within three days. why ships out within three days? because on facebook you have to input the tracking within three days after you get the order, okay, so if you do go to the z drop website- let's x out of this really fast- and you go to the mainz drop website, you'll see all of these websites listed on their home page and you can use any one of these websites. they're all great websites to use. some of them are better than others. some of them, you know, have in a group like they all integrate with z drop, meaning if you're on a listing on overstokcom, for example, any of their listings. you're going to see that z drop button somewhere where it says copy over to facebook, copy over to um, to etsy, and recently they put in copy to mercari- although i haven't really tested it out too too much yet. i think i listed like two things like that just to see if it worked alright. but so you can use any one of these websites here and they all integrate with z drop. so if you're using z drop, this is a great place to start. use some of these other websites that aren't amazon, walmart and home depot. okay, now you don't just have to use these. obviously you can list a lot faster with these. okay, but you can also list from other random sites, right. so i just pulled up randomly like i, because it's it's uh, moving in like spring now and it's getting nice out. i was thinking like originally, like okay, where who else has like patio furniture that i can list, that nobody else is listing from, that i know will ship out fairly fast, and so i was basically just googling like patio furniture, ended up on raymore and flanagan's website, just to give you a random example of another website that you can potentially do it from right. so, for example, if you find that like patio furniture- and i'm not saying go, go, list patio furniture, because while it is a hot item right now, everybody else is in that mindset and everybody else is listing patio furniture right. so you don't want to necessarily be listing that right now, in my opinion. i have listed it. i think i've got a lot of views and like a couple sales, but nothing really has taken off crazily for me. you can list it, you can try it, you might find success with it. what i'm saying is chances are everybody else is also listing that right. but i just wanted to give you an example of how to find another website. if you find something like you know, i don't know, like, uh, you free, if you figure out like lights are hot right now, it's a terrible example when i'm looking up in the corner and i see a light right. so if you find that that's a hot item, then you can just google, like you know, lights or something like that, it's a terrible example. or like you know, i don't know, bedside clocks- another random example, but you get the picture right. you go to google, you type in like bedside clock and see what suppliers pop up: pottery barn, you see hack, you see wayfair, wayfarer also integrates with zdrop as well, and there's a number of other ones. okay, so you that's ways that you can find websites to do this from. but if you were listing from a website where z drop does not integrate, then it's simple. obviously- let me drag myself over here. you just take the snap, the screenshot or the snippet of the actual pictures, and this takes a little bit longer to do, but this is how drop shipping used to work before there was like integrations like z drop, right. so then you take the picture, you save it. you want to take all the pictures, you just copy and paste the description. and then another thing is you have to, you know, have some kind of inventory system. right, because it's not going to store in z drop, because you're not using z drop to actually pull the listings. so with z drop it actually stores all your inventory, so you can go back and search through it and find that piece of inventory and you don't need an inventory system to keep track of it. but if you're not using z drop and you're taking it from a random website like this where you're not using z drop, then obviously you need to have an inventory system, so i'm not going to cover that specifically here. go watch a tutorial that i've done in the past on facebook drop shipping and you can watch my inventory system and how i do that with numbers and then folders. it's very, very simple. anybody can set that up, okay, so that's an example of any other website, any other way that you can find products like this. okay. now, if you're on a site like amazon, for example, drag myself over. if you're on a site like amazon, for example, right, and obviously this is a bad example because with z drop it integrates up here so you can just move over and copy to facebook. but you can also, if you're not on a site like amazon, you can download another like ecommerce plug-in for for google chrome, like ecommerce image downloader right here, and you'll see it pop up with something like this where you can literally just download all the pictures super fast and you don't need to take screenshots, right, and you can get one that integrates on, like a number of websites. i just hit download instead of dow.