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dsm dropshipping

Published on: December 28 2022 by pipiads

Dropshipman DSM ‑ AliExpress Dropshipping Review

hey what is up guys it's Brennan here,and today we're going to be going over,the Dropship man,DSM AliExpress Drop Shipping app yes,quite a mouthful but this one is a,really great AliExpress Drop Shipping,tool it is really one of the most,popular ones available and I do want to,mention it is available on the Shopify,App Store so if you're brand new to,e-commerce Drop Shipping and you're,looking to get started with a Shopify,online store you go ahead and check out,that first link down in the description,box below we'll take you right over to a,Shopify free trial ringa started with,Shopify today at brandveleski.com,Shopify that's that first link now in,the description box below without,further Ado let's go ahead and dive into,DSM the Dropship man AliExpress Drop,Shipping app so drop Shipman or also,known as DSM really is like I said one,of the most popular Shopify apps for,Drop Shipping so if you're brand new to,drop shipping and you want to import,AliExpress products into your Shopify by,dropshipping store then the DSM Dropship,man tool could be good for you in your,eCommerce Drop Shipping business so you,can basically what the tool is right,what DSM Dropship man allows you to do,is to import those AliExpress Drop,Shipping products or AliExpress products,really into your Drop Shipping Store,they also offer additional sourcing,because they are also a sourcing agent,so they will do order fulfillment and,provide you with sourcing if you request,that from them we'll be diving into the,specifics as well as the pricing of the,drop Shipman app as well taking a look,at that how it Stacks up and compares to,maybe some other Drop Shipping apps that,you're familiar with as well in the,marketplace so as you can see here you,know basically what they offer like I,mentioned the sourcing and personal,agent order fulfillment they allow you,to do automated you know profitable,products updated so you can test out,your margins there they are A Drop,Shipping service provider so there's no,minimum order quantities because it is,through AliExpress at the end of the day,you know it's not like Alibaba where you,have those minimum order quantities to,fulfill your,um supplies or to fulfill your orders,you do also have faster shipping uh,delivery depending on how you get things,set up in the back end you know they,have the range here from 7 to 15 days,globally as you can see here they're,available on the Shopify App Store that,is their primary integration I do not,believe that they are available on other,e-commerce platforms but you know,Shopify is most popular it's the one I,personally recommend so you know it's,available on a Shopify app store which,is pretty key there as well so they do,have a free plan diving into the pricing,here as it is listed on their Shopify,app store listing as you can see the DSM,or Dropship man is available is free to,install for the basic version so you can,get your orders fulfilled by Dropship,man of course you are required to pay,the cost of the ordered items just like,you would on AliExpress of course that,just makes sense but they do list that,out here you're able to do bulk,importing so you can bulk import those,products to your store you can also use,them as a sourcing service so you know,you can send them a listing from,AliExpress and they will help to source,that and get better shipping times in,the long run as you continue to scale or,anything like that you know no minimum,order quantities there you can place,unlimited ores to AliExpress and you,also have that order tracking number,updated they do also have an advance,plan of course the pricing is accurate,as the making of today's video be sure,to check out you know DSM and drop,Shipman their app listing just to get,the most current and up-to-date pricing,whenever you're watching this video the,advanced as you can see here currently,is 1990 a month so you have the orders,you basically are able to update those,AliExpress products up to 500 so you can,keep them more updated depending on if,prices change if you set up your pricing,set margins then that can also update,there as well as far as like updating,your margins depending on how you set,them you also have a Shopify inventory,update so you can easily say hey if this,product goes out of stok through,AliExpress can automatikally update to,Shopify and they also have like hey this,is low on inventory you'll get an update,on that as well so this is nice just to,kind of stay on top of things within,your Drop Shipping Store depending on,what supplier using on AliExpress right,if that supplier has various varying,inventory you know this will help keep,you up to date so and and really at that,price point fairly comparable uh it's,comparable to other options out there I,would say really if you're comparing,um different apps I would say DSM since,it is primarily an AliExpress Drop,Shipping app I would say it Compares,closest to de-essers because that is,their main focus as well over at,de-essers so I do have a review of that,as well an overview of that on the,channel as well so feel free to check,that out but DSM is probably closest to,them as far as how they operate just,really focusing in on AliExpress Drop,Shipping for those of you guys who want,to do that of course if you don't want,to do AliExpress Drop Shipping then you,probably want to look elsewhere for,other apps that offer various different,products or other sourcing options for,your Drop Shipping Store but you know,AliExpress pretty much is the most,popular of course so as you can see here,they have a variety you know you can,import pretty much anything you want,from AliExpress you have those variety,of product categories all the different,products you know no minimum order,quantity for every product and if you do,their sourcing you can get things,shipped much faster within that one to,three day period or seven to fifteen,days globally it just depends on what's,available depending on where it's being,shipped it may vary and if you also use,them as a sourcing agent then you also,have that as well of course it's free,for finding products so you can at least,find products there as you can see here,pretty pretty Sleek setup here as far as,ordering and fulfilling orders and,whatnot in their setup here,so you can send those sourcing requests,as well and you can import products in,bulk so you know you can use the plugin,to import those AliExpress products,directly to your online store and then,you can list those products in bulk even,to your Shopify store which is pretty,nice uh just to save you a bit of time,as well when you're importing those,products to your Shopify store you also,have the product detail editing,management so you can edit the cop,margins and everything like that as well,or titles or categories things that you,may want to organize your store,depending on how you're setting your,store up you can also manage your orders,so you can of course you know do,payments and batch and do real-time,tracking so this will ultimately save,you a lot of time in the long run so,you're doing things more in an automated,fashion versus super manual and piece by,piece like having things more automated,more efficient is going to save you a,lot of time in the long run at the end,of the day as you can see here this is,kind of what the back end looks like,within Shopify within the Shopify App,Store so this is what the app would look,like you see you can search different,products so you have as you can see,here's some some slides or some shoes,sunglasses you've got some flowers some,rings this little seat belt type looking,thing some drill uh some pants yoga,pants and stuff like that as well as,like,a little phone case type of thing,so really quite a wide variety of course,you do have various different categories,such as pets and animals Beauty and,fitness uh toys and hobbies Sports,clothing a variety of different types of,product categories that are really you,know it's the same as AliExpress for the,m

AutoDS v DSM Tool v Yaballe v Web Seller Guru v Dropship Beast Dropshipping Automation🔶E-CASH S2•E68

i want to quickly tok to you about how,to automate your drop shipping business,and in today's conversation i want to,compare and contrast,five software tools great ones we have,auto ds,dsm tool jabale web seller guru,and dropship beast don't go anywhere,you're gonna love today's conversation i,guarantee it,[Music],welcome back folks to another edition of,uh the awesome sweaty kiwi show how are,you today i hope you're all doing,fantastik i'm doing marvelous if you,already asked me,if you are doing as great as i am go,grab a cup of coffee or tea or,vodka and let's roll in today's,conversation we are actually,addressing an important topic how to,find the best,drop shipping automation tool and to do,that we're going to actually uh,compare and contrast five big players,we have auto ds dsm tool,yabale web seller guru and dropshippist,i just hope that,i'm pronouncing the yabala tool pretty,well and i think i've done a lot of,research about that but,yeah so it's important to understand,that whether you choose,yabala dsm tool auto ds web seller guru,or or dropship beast there are some,features that are kind of important,and that you need to pay attention to,when choosing drop shipping software,especially if your goal is to ultimately,automate the whole thing and,automation is really important because,automation helps you,save time save energy and actually scale,your business,and there are a few features you need to,pay attention to you got to pay,attention to,product search and import this is very,important,listing management order and fulfillment,automation,there is no way if you are trying to,automate your drop shipping business,if you don't take care of the outer,order and fulfillment,automation aspect of things because,that's where,a lot of time and energy and resources,are spent,you also want to think about inventory,automation in other words you want to,sync,product data directly from your,suppliers with your listing tool,including things like sku processing,information and stok,got to think about pricing automation,this is very important as well,you want to think about shipping,tracking and reporting so,if you want to decide on your drive,shipping software tool,please just make sure that you remember,that the software tool that you are,choosing,must be in sync it must be easily,integratable into the e-commerce,platform and marketplaces you want to,sell on,okay so if the integration doesn't,doesn't work then we have a big problem,and you don't want that,you got to think about where you want to,source your products and suppliers from,you want to think about whether you want,an all-in omni channel management tool,or,a simple integration it really depends,on you okay and depends on the scale of,your business,it depends on the vision and the the,niche you're in,you want to think about your budget for,tools software and services,and you also want to think about,scalability what are your plans for,future growth,those things those factors those metrics,will play an important role in the kind,of uh,drop shipping software drop shipping,automation software,you ultimately choose,so when we speak about drop shipping,automation,obviously you're gonna get a a pure,software tool,but the successful uh players the,successful,drop shippers we have interviewed and,now during our research have told us,that,you need not only a primary tool that's,the uh,the the yaba led the tsm tool the auto,test the web seller guru and the drop,ship beast,but you also need ancillary products,so you have the ancillary so you have,the primary,tool and the secondary or ancillary,tools for example you need,you you need a aliexpress for product,sourcing,you can choose the oberlo for product,sourcing and importing,you can choose a sprocket for machine,learning product sourcing and,fulfillment you can think about ecom,dash for order management,spark shipping for order inventory and,shipping management what i'm saying here,is that it's not mandatory,but it's it's kind of helpful to have,one or two,extra tools that way you're beefing up,your,drop shipping automation system and you,can actually focus your energy on other,stuff,and that's the bottom line here that's,what you really need to care about,if you are a professional drop shipper,you got to think about the tools you're,using,so that you can scale you can scale you,can also think about,inventory source for a listing order and,inventory management this is pretty cool,also,ali2 for all in one woocommerce tool,you have dropified all in one shopify,tool,you have importified all in one shopify,tool also,you can also think about volusion and,pollution is kind of cool evolution is,not really a tool collision,is like e-commerce website store and,shopping cart software,that makes drop shipping simple with uh,their,constellation of integrated tools okay,so before i get into the actual compare,and contrast here please check out our,short evaluation video,this tells you our approach when it,comes to evaluating categorizing and,listing,e-commerce solutions including drop,shipping automation software tools,on this show check this out,[Music],[Music],do,[Music],all right folks let's start now with uh,autods it's kind of important to,understand that autods,is is a simple tool it's it's a it's a,great tool,it's an automation platform that allows,merchants to build and run successful,drop shipping,businesses so it's a tool that helps you,save time and takes the stress of,handling key activities out of your,shoulders,okay so the idea here is to actually,automate everything,and auto ds post they actually have a,customer base of more than 3 000 to 4,000 sellers all right so they have great,features,so they have a product finder,product listing price and stok,monitoring,they have automated orders they have,great customer service management,we love that i mean the um this feature,is really important because,it helps you serve your customers better,you can manage your cancellations,product returns refunds and more in,addition,as a merchant you can send automated,messages to customers,this is quintessential if you are,running a dropshipping business and you,want it to be successful and you want to,scale it you got to take care of,customer service management,this is really important another feature,that we love on,the auto ds is the suppliers so they,actually um,they actually will uh the uh,the software tool will help you,support i think,a constellation of suppliers a,constellation of marketplaces,and uh the thing here is that you have,overstok you have amazon you have a,home depot you have walmart,you have china brands you have,aliexpress and more and you also have,integrations,you have reports and analytiks you have,non-api,okay in terms of pricing you have uh the,jerk started,the new drop shipper as you can see on,the screen here,you have the professional drive shipper,the expert dropshipper,that's the 10k the professional draft,dropshipper is 4.5 k,the new driveshaper plus is 400,variations and the judge started 100,variations,and we love the fact that autods,is very user-friendly their customer,service is responsive,they have a mentorship program that's,wonderful especially they have a system,where,experienced dropshippers will actually,mentor and coach,the newbies they have they also you can,manage your customers using the customer,management system that i was speaking to,you about before and they have auto ds,manual non-api feature this is pretty,cool and so this,is for the um how do i say this those,are the pros right,what about the cons now we've seen that,the paid planes are expensive and,on top of that they don't offer free,trial so you have no way to,test the products first because the free,trial will cost you a dollar,and the customers can only access,support via email,as of today they are not providing fun,support,let's now tok about dsm tool folks,dmcep,dsm tool when you think about dsm tool i,want you to think about i want you to,picture,a leading dr

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How To Fulfill Amazon To eBay Drop Shipping Orders With The DSM Tool? | DSM Tool Chrome Extension |

hi viewers,how are you all i hope you all are fine,and well,in this video i'm going to show you how,to process amazon to ebay dropshipping,orders with the dsm-2,let me tell you first that what is the,dsm-2,dsn 2 is a software which is used to,manage ebay,or shopify adoption products in factory,new products uploads ip protection,and many more things like that,let's start before working ahead,our number lookers to all of you guys if,you're new to our youtube channel,[Music],this is dsm tool dashboard you have to,sign up dsm tool to do that task,you can get the sign up link from the,video description below,click on sales and orders,now open amazon source link to purchase,item from amazon to send it to your,customer,now click on add to cart,check the box where is written this is a,gift,because we don't want that customer get,any receipt of our amazon purchase,now click on proceed to checkout,click on add new address,here is the thing that we can use gsm,tool chrome extension to copy the,customer address and paste it here,automatikally,[Music],this is dsm tool chrome extension you,can get it from the google,right on google dsm tool chrome,extension,open the top first link you can install,it from here,i have it already that's why it's,showing remove from chrome,[Music],now copy the address from here,close it and click again,to add new address,i think need to refresh the page,[Music],yeah that's fine you have to put state,name manually,[Music],[Music],okay click on use this address,now you can put your desired customer,message here as gift message,i'll leave this message in the video,description below so you can grab it for,your customers,by doing small implementations,[Music],write the customer name here,[Music],now write the store name here okay,now click on save gift options and,continue,now select your desired payment method,after selection click on use this,payment method,[Music],okay it's arriving saturday 16 january,now just click on place order that's it,now confirm it from your orders tab,[Music],good it's right here,now come to dsm tool and click on mark,as,purchased,[Music],now we just have to keep an eye on,tracking number,[Music],after a day i'm just gonna check if,there are tracking details,to show you how you can put it too,[Music],here are usps tracking number if you,have dsm tool,chrome extension then you just have to,wait here it will automatikally copy,tracking details,and will get you into that dsm tool to,put that tracking number,[Music],now you can see here that above message,showing,find your relevant product to put your,tracking number,now i'm gonna scroll down and click on,this icon,and you can see i got a pop-up window,click on,auto paste tracking number now click on,add,that's it it's done,i would like to tell you the most,available feature of the dsm tool,about amazon fba dropshipping business,that is,you can convert amazon logistiks,tracking number into bluegear express,tracking numbers,free of cost by just using gsm2,chrome extension currently i don't have,items with amazon logistiks second,number,that's why i'm unable to show you that,right now,but if you want me to make video on that,then please write down in the comment,section below,i'll definitely make it for all of you,and if you have any questions then,please write down in the comments,section below,i will try to reply as soon as i can,if you still get unsubscribed to our,youtube channel easy tutorial fun,then please subscribe and press the bell,icon to get more informative views,in future thanks for watching this video,we will meet soon in the next video,to take care of yourself,you

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eBay DropShipping With DSM Tool Set Up

[Music],now let's go into the video,for now let's go over to the top where,it says your name and click here and,click on settings,this first page is where you're going to,set up your ebay account with dsm tool,so just make sure all this information,is correct,and down here where it says ebay,connection just click connect you follow,the prompts sign in to ebay and it's,very easy to connect dsm tool with your,ebay account,now one thing to keep in mind is if you,ever get locked out of your ebay account,or have to reset the password you might,have to come back in here and reconnect,dsm tool to your ebay account,once you're done doing that just click,update,now you can come up to the next tab it's,called dashboard and go ahead and click,there,on the dashboard tab you can choose how,often and when you get alerts about out,of stok or underperforming items for,now you don't really need this too much,you could play around with this later,but i'll let you do that later and let's,move on to the next tab which is called,the lister,under lister you first want to select,ebay.com,so that all the items that you list are,being listed by default to your ebay,account,see there's several options here for,other ebay accounts that are like ebay,uk ebay france,but if you're just listing under one,choose this as your default it'll make,things go a little bit quicker,for your item location you want to write,in multiple locations so what this is is,that ebay requires you to,mark on your listing where your item is,coming from,so if you actually hold inventory in,your home and let's say you have,a home in california,then you want to enter your california,zip code in there but since we are drop,shippers and we,ship our items from all over the country,we don't really have one zip code that,we ship from,so the smart thing to do is write in,here multiple,locations next two boxes can be a little,tricky so for the first one it's your,break even percentage,so what this is is,how much,more you have to charge for the item on,ebay in order to break even,so you have to take into account ebay,fees paypal fees,sales tax,and any shipping if it's not free but,most of the sources will be free so what,i do is i put this at zero and then for,the next one the desired profit,percentage i put in 30,and this covers the break even,percentage,so it encompasses everything,and we'll go over more later how to,price your items better but for now you,could just put in 30 and you can play,around with it later on,for this one that says block vero brands,you want to make sure it's green and,checked off,vero brands are certain brands,that do not allow people to sell their,items on ebay if you're using their,images,or their item descriptions which are,copyrighted so those are copyright,infringements you want to avoid those,and avoid getting your listings,removed by the vero program by making,this box green because if you try to,list one of those vero products dsm tool,will not let you do it,and then you want to make sure this one,is green as well,for your return policy you want to set,up how you want returns to be handled,um either 14 days or 30 days for new,sellers i suggest you do 14 days until,you get a good idea of how easy it is to,return items to your source,and then,it will ask you do you,who should pay for the return,shipping either the buyer or the seller,now this is only for items in which the,buyer has buyer's remorse that is they,buy the item and then decide they don't,want it or they don't like it that's,buyer's remorse,in that case you can have the buyer pay,for the return shipping,now even if you have this marked even,though i do have this marked for my,store,most of the time,i,go to my source such as home depot tell,them i want to return the item and they,send me a free return label which i then,send to the buyer,so even though it's marked you don't,have to have them pay to return it,now even if you have this marked if the,item arrives to the buyer as damaged,you'll be responsible to pay for the,return shipping costs but like i said,it's very easy for you because your,source is going to pay to return it not,you,so i just leave this one on buyer,and this we can set up later,once you get your first sale these are,your business policies so just click,update for that one,and then we'll head over to the next tab,which is the monitor,the monitor is the part of dsm tool that,will change the price of your item on,ebay,if the price of the item changes on your,source's website so for instance if you,have a 10 item,on ebay that costs you eight dollars on,amazon and then all of a sudden the,price on amazon jumps up to ten dollars,you want the price on ebay to change as,well and dsm tool will do that for you,automatikally now one thing it wants to,know is if the item goes out of stok on,your source's website,how do you want dsm tool to handle that,there's two choices one you can have dsm,tool mark the quantity on ebay as zero,or two dsm tool will change the price of,the item to double the price,so in other words if the item is,originally 50,on ebay it will jump up to a hundred,dollars and the thought is that no buyer,is going to buy it for a hundred dollars,because that's a very high price,i always choose zero option,and there's a good reason for this,because if an item goes out of stok,and let's say you weren't able to,fulfill an order because it's suddenly,out of stok and you had to cancel an,order with a buyer,the buyer is going to,possibly go to ebay and see that you're,still selling it for twice the price if,you have this marked,and if that happens now the buyer thinks,that you canceled the order because you,had a wrong price on your ebay site,and this has happened to me before and,the customers get very angry and there's,a possibility they'll leave a negative,review which you really want to avoid so,i always leave it at zero,and down here for amazon settings i make,sure this is green so what this does,is it will only let you,list an item if the item is available,available for prime shipping,and there's different settings for each,source,and you can play around with this,as well,finally the last thing you want to do is,click here on the left where it says,templates,these are the free templates that are,available for your listing if you're,still using the free store,it's only going to be the first three,or so,i think it's actually the first five and,these vip ones get unlocked when you,actually have a paid plan so what are,these so every time you list an item,on your,ebay store you can use one of these,templates to make it look nice,so in other words this one,called big sale,this is an example,what it would look like,and this looks much nicer than just,having a block of plain text,now in partikular i don't like,many of these,i think,some of them are a little cheesy and,um,like i think this halloween one,you don't want to list an item with this,halloween template because once,halloween's over,you know they're not going to not going,to be very useful,so what i did is i edited one of my,templates,so if you come to one that you think,looks okay like this one we just looked,at,and right in the middle is a blue button,that says edit template when you hover,over it and has a picture of a pencil,so i'm going to click that,and it allows you to make some changes,to it,so first you want to rename the template,and i rename my default that way i know,that this is the one that i go to as a,default,right here where it says title,this is going to default to the name,that you have for the listing so this,will automatikally be filled in,this where it says image will,automatikally fill in one of the images,from your source,this will automatikally fill in the,description from your source,and the dimensions and,some mobile content,scripts that will make it look nicer on,your phone,now under shipping,there's a couple things you want to add,to your,template so let me show you what i added,to my template,i'll come up here,and

DSM Tool dropshipping with eBay - Shopify - How to use DSM TOOL

hello guys and welcome to my video um,this is,ani and today i'll be toking about the,dsm tool,um i will,tell you about how to use it um,the features and everything that you,need to know so dsm tool helps you grow,and scale your drop shipping businesses,it works with,shopify we'll tok about pricing,testimonials resources and so on dsm as,i said before integrates with ebay and,shopify,then one by one we will check later on,here we see everything that it does,offer and shopify it's worldwide,suppliers it works with suppliers from,50 websites,here we have also the list of um,where,can we find the products that we want to,to sell on,ebay and,on,shopify so here as we see it works with,cj banggood it's c china brands walmart,target,so we have a lot a lot of options to,choose,which,with which one to,to collaborate uh which one will be the,best one uh for the needs that,we,we have,um,here we see how it works it help us find,products for dropshipping find what to,sell we use the dsml to paste from,extension to explore 50 plus drop,shipping suppliers in single click on,the bottom,then,we have,maximize sales add the products to your,store save time and list items quickly,from 50 plus drop shipping suppliers,with the click of a button,we have the bulk lister and so on,reprice and optimize stay up to date,maintain high salary ranking with price,and quantity monitoring from drop,shipping suppliers smart filters,advanced edit options and alerts that,will help you optimize your store,then we can go and learn about or,reprice her it will tell you everything,you need to know process orders manage,sales are,auto paste com extension will set you,free that,daily copy paste hassle keep your orders,organized with smart orders and tracking,information status we can go learn about,the sml to paste and then the last one,give customer support excellent ranks,receive customer message directly to,your private dsm message center become a,pro,with our automatik message,our pricing plans,here we see that we can go for free,basic,19.97 business 79.97,and enterprise,399.97,and here we have everything that one of,these um,plans does offer um all the features,that they do offer what we can have or,not have in a certain plan so what we,have in uh,free if we go for basic we will have,more than uh what we have,on the free version and so on here we,have also testimonials of the drop,shippers that do actually uh use this,dsm tool then we can go for ebay drop,shipping course and so on so if you do,not have um a account you have to sign,up or log in after you log in login this,is the dashboard the first thing that we,have to do is to go and connect,our store to dsm tool i will try which,with ebay for today i will i will show,you only ebay here we choose the domain,we put the name,of the domain here we can choose from,different,the names click on sign with ebay,and now let's see,let's go and accept,to,grant application access dsm tool with,our ebay account then we will go and,we will go,and set up,our account so as we see the store is,already connected,we go on,on setting up,policies,also we have to add the dsm,extension on chrome and later on i will,show you how to,how to do it,because it also have,it will help us do a lot of,things,like in production products from more,than 50 suppliers to our online stores,in one click out to meet the orders uh,processing flow using dsm add products,to your online store,and import posts easily straight from an,entire category search page,so here are some of the features that,this extension,does offer to us,and after we do it we will go and check,the the policies,for,ebay so as we see,the extension has been added on chrome,so now let's go back and go and add,business policies otherwise it will it,won't,allow us to,um,to list on ebay,we choose a payments policy we can,choose the one that we do actually have,on,on ebay so shipping policy,and also default return policy um every,account needs to have this on ebay,otherwise your account won't,uh,you you cannot sell here we can put the,prices the percentage that we want to,earn uh on this routine um,item we can choose also by default item,location so maybe in some locations we,had this presentation another one we add,another percentage so here we can go and,import,uh our items,here we have also a video that will help,you step by step add your existing,listing or publish new here we have also,templates where we can add the templates,for our store to look more professional,on ebay our own payment some our own,payments some,if you have a pro version you will going,to use it without,the need to pay them,so you just click on it and if it is to,pay you pay if it's not to pay you're,going to use it like this one it says,buy now and you can go for it,you pay and you'll have it also you can,you can preview you can edit it it gives,you a lot of options on,how,to use it to better use it,so,now this is for the templates now we'll,go back to rapidli lister,here um,it tells us how to list,an item and,it needs to have credits and needs to,have,to have a pro version to,to use it anyway i will,i will show you some i'll give you some,informations about it too,uh here we choose publish to ebay here,we can choose that template we can edit,it and so on,here,we will go on,a supplier,take a,link and then,add to,to dsm to import so now go to cj drop,shipping here as you see it,it gives us the,to list it automatikally we just click,on a dsm,icon and as we see here we have the link,on,the sm tools so you need for copy paste,it just it's auto copy paste it will go,to import but as i said before we need,to have a pro version uh to,to use this um,to automatikally list on,ebay,so uh,here import your items it's it's the,same we have to,upgrade our version,and it's worth it absolutely it's worth,it,and here it will,give us sales statistiks account alerts,if we have any alert account details,details um,out orders sales upcoming events,update so here we have everything that,we we need to know,now we go on,price monitor here we will have,more information about the,pricing lister if you remember at the,beginning of the video you will have,everything that we need,prices sales and orders,here we have a overview of shipping,performance selling history and so on so,it will,give us all the information all the,sales that we had all the orders that,are waiting to purchase waiting for,shipping,total profit total sales,we can go for auto orders we can,pay um,that,for 30 orders we we pay uh 11.97 so we,just go for out orders and they do,everything we just have to sell and then,they,automatikally will list will excuse me,will,send,the,the item to to the customer a cashback,website so you will have these websites,where we can,they have a great reference plan and,then,we will have the cashback from sales,so the dsm chrome extension we already,had it we did it before,and we have also how to use it um,the best thing that is in this,dsm is that for everything it will show,you how to use it,dsm tool,the extension will help you,to copy tracking number mark item as,ordered,product research we can,choose,favorite suppliers to select on this,list will appear first on the product,search of uh sources list so it,we will have a lot a lot of options on,how to,how to uh,offer a a better,um service to our customers so it's,everything thanks to,thanks to uh dsm tools so,we go and copy the sm tool and we have,it yeah they also have it at the a uh to,the um,training program that will help you uh,monetize your,um,monetize your uh,account your,your store and everything you need to,know so so this is the video thank you,very much and,i'll be waiting for you in the next,video thank you,you

What is dropshipping? The CEO of DSM Tool explains [2019]

[Music],what is dropshipping this lesson is,great both for beginners and experienced,dropshipping sellers for beginners,you're going to learn the theory behind,drop shipping and the steps of the drop,shipping flow that every drop shipping,business has to go through for the more,experienced sellers we're going to,discuss in one of the sections the,different types of drop shipping drop,shipping as a term has a lot of meanings,around the world alright,I prepared a presentation for you let's,jump right to it so hey everyone and,thank you for much for staying with me,and joining me ah it's my computer here,and I'm gonna do the presentation of,what is drop shipping let's get started,the process of drop shipping is when you,when a buyer buys a product online let's,say you buyer buys from your store it,starts on your store doesn't matter if,you have an eBay store Amazon store,Shopify store someone got to your store,and purchased a product and now what you,do wants someone bought the product from,you is you process the order using an,automation software like DSM tool from a,supplier and then the supplier handles,the package all the way to your end,buyer so basically drop shipping a drop,shipping business is business that is,focused on marketing the products and,generating sales rather on providing the,products to the end buyer saying that it,is important to mention that there are,many types of drop shipping many types,of drop shipping businesses for example,the what I just showed you the the,method that I'm going to present in this,presentation in the upcoming lessons and,and general,probably the most used used type of,dropshipping,it's called drop shipping arbitrage,there are other types of drop shipping,as well,which you can find information about,online for example retail arbitrage,which is going to actual stores two,clearance sections for example in the,United States it's very very common to,go on Walmart and go to the clearance,section and then check if products are,that if product has demand on wherever,you want to sell them and then purchase,those products and sell them online,either send them to Amazon warehouses or,just sell them on your eBay store you,can people also do that online they find,a clearance product and then they,purchase them send them to their own,homes and then try to sell them online,and there is something called wholesale,drop shipping which is where people,actually go to conventions to find,wholesalers and buy stoks big stoks of,products and then once they bought it,and they have they make an agreement,with the supplier to purchase let's say,I don't know 100 units of something and,the supplier will fulfill it for them,they will sell it and the supplier will,fulfill the for them and then they,purchase it for wholesale prices so the,prices are relatively low and they have,higher chances to sell them online,because what they get lower prices is,also online wholesale drop shipping,which is something partially supported,in dsm2 were wholesalers offers to,online drop shippers to sell their,products and then they will fulfill them,and then you don't have to pre purchase,the product like in house of drop,shipping is something called second hand,flipping like going on second hand shops,it's off it's done offline and then,trying to sell those products on eBay,and even private labeling is which is a,method of selling on Amazon like,creating a product usually in China and,literally creating an entire business,based on a product and trying to create,a brand sometimes on Shopify sometimes,on Amazon which sometimes is also,considered as drop shipping because,usually people that do private labeling,and manufacture product and send them to,a warehouse to fulfill it for them they,dutiful filming themselves therefore,some type of dropshipping but since,we're toking today about drop shipping,arbitrage I do want to mention the five,steps I think it's five the five steps,and to start a drop shipping arbitrage,business or the flow we call it the drop,shipping flow the first step is to,perform market research and to find,products that you want to sell market,research can go from two different,directions either you start from the,supply and go to the demand or the other,way around for example when I recorded,this video it was recently just recently,Game of Thrones aired their left episode,and therefore I understood that products,of Game of Thrones must have been,selling better so according to seasons,there are multiple multiple ways to,figure out what products has demands,then what products has a demand and in,this example I I randomly went on eBay,and looked for a product I checked that,it was sold this is you can see here,that I've marked it and sorry that I,marked only sold items and then I found,this product which is candles that are,being that have been sold it's a day ago,in May 30 for 33 dollars and 55 cents,and then I looked for a supplier for,example Aliexpress that might have it,for a cheaper price now there is a lot,longer discussion about whether this,pricing is good or bad or whether this,is a good demand analysis but while I'm,trying to show here is an example of,going from supply to demand and not,actually finding I didn't try to,actually find good drop shipping,products I do not know to tell you if I,would dropship this specific product,just because of the analysis have done,it's more about explaining the concept,same way we can go from supply to demand,remember that I told you about clearance,sections so here is a product that I,found on Walmart I can already tell you,that you cannot dropship it I mean it's,not easy to dropship it because I went,in to check specifically this one and,you can't just order it with a free,today delivery and you will have to pay,for the delay,and then it makes it and not a good deal,you have to purchase products over $35,in Walmart and in order to get free,shipping but again this is just for the,example of like how I go from the supply,from the clearance section where I,assume that the prices will be lower so,deals that I can find on websites,clearance section this is where I would,start from and then I go and I check if,there is demand fraud or for those,products and this example I checked in,this example I checked on eBay it,doesn't have to be eBay right away in,both cases of from the men to supply and,supply the demand it doesn't have to be,eBay and those suppliers it can be any,website to any website and here I found,the product being solved for 1295 which,I believe if it would be with free,shipping for these products would be a,great drop shipping opportunity and I,would actually try to dropship this,specific product but again just for the,sake of the example that that's not a,product you can actually dropship I just,want to mention that for both of the,steps sorry for both of their methods of,for market research the Athan ttle,provides awesome features that i am,going to tok about entry in the,upcoming videos in this video I just,wanted to explain to you the general,theory behind market research the second,step is listing your products usually,listing your products manually would,mean that you have to copy and paste all,of the information from the supplier,website so for example that product from,Walmart I'll have to take the picture of,that product the title of that product I,would have to calculate and the price,that I want to sell the product for but,if you think about it for a second and,the price have to include some some,measurements for example when I sell a,product this this is on this example I,sell the product on eBay and eBay has a,marketplace fee they take a fee for,every sell that I make they also,sometimes take a fee for listing the,item so it would cost me money just put,the item on eBay for sale Amazon is,another example where they take I think,on eBay it's usually 9% on the average,is 9% in the marketplace fee and I think,20% or 30% depends on what you're,selling,the listing fee on Amaz