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earn money for watching ads

Published on: January 4 2023 by pipiads

Earn $7.40 Every 30 Seconds WATCHING ADS (Make Money Online)

this right here is a payment i received,for 30 seconds of clicking,this is a swell bottle now in order to,get payments like these,you won't be needing a swell bottle but,you will be needing a phone or computer,and to go over to www dot,[Music],hey welcome back this is ryan hildreth,now before i show you exactly how to,earn seven dollars and 40 cents,for watching ads and clicking go ahead,and hit the subscribe button down below,this video,and make sure to click that little,notification bell next to it so it can,alert you on the latest ways,of making money online but check this,out right over here as you can see,a payment was sent to me simply for,watching a few advertisements now,results are not guaranteed you may earn,more than this the same or a little bit,less but,i can tell you one thing if you don't,follow the exact steps throughout this,entire video,then results like these will not be,possible for you so make sure to stik,all the way through,and do not skip over any of the steps,now,the three steps to earning 7.40 cents,every 30 seconds for watching ads are,step number one i'm going to be,revealing the number one site,that is paying people to watch little,ads okay step number two i'm going to be,unveiling how to cash out your earnings,with this site and then step number,three i'm going to be showing you how to,automate your earnings on this site,and get other people to watch the ads,for you okay so let's go ahead,and get right into this i'm going to,show you the exact website,and then two separate strategies on how,to earn the most money,on this partikular website okay so let's,go ahead and go over here,this is oju.com okay ojoo.com okay,now this is where you can earn money by,viewing,advertisements as you as you see right,here watching ads will pay you,for viewing advertisements um from their,advertising partners okay so businesses,come here,they want to advertise their business,they pay oju,and oju splits the profit with you okay,they split that,revenue with you um just for viewing,those advertisements you don't have to,buy anything it's totally free,um so what you're gonna do is register,okay earn watching ads you're gonna set,up your account,all right and i'm going to show you some,ads that you know,are going to look like this it's going,to be like mcdonald's maybe you know,their mcburger or whatever,you're going to simply watch their,little video campaign and,boom money lands straight into your,account okay so,as you see you'll get a 20 bonus just,for signing up,earn watching advertisements and uh you,know i'm going to show you multiple ways,to earn on the site so let's go ahead,and go,into the exact strategy now when we go,over here okay this is gonna be our,dashboard now the first thing you're,gonna want to click on okay there's lots,of things to click on but what you're,gonna do,is click on paid to click ads okay,because that's what we came here for,we want that quick cash and we want to,make that money simply for clicking on,little ads and as you see,right here okay here's some you know,businesses,that are paying you to click on their,advertisements okay you have,unit systems smart trade coin time bucks,uh halloween promo okay lots of,different ads and they're paying out you,know very small amounts but literally,the ads are five seconds you don't have,to watch the whole thing just let it,play in a separate browser okay you can,click,on every single one of these ads okay,that's going to take you 10 seconds,and then what you're going to do is,refresh this page so that new ads,come up and your money starts filling,into your dashboard okay so this is a,very quick very quick and easy way to,start earning on this,partikular site now the money is not,that great just for clicking on the ads,you're going to have to do a lot of,different ads so i'm going to show you,even,better way to start earning on this site,okay so what you're going to do is,you're going to click on offers,and you're going to go to oju grid okay,and that's gonna take you to this page,now this page,pays a little bit more as you see right,here they're paying about a dollar,just for clicking anywhere on this,picture okay,you're just gonna click all these,advertisements little ads are gonna,start popping up and you're gonna earn,even more with this,strategy okay so this is very easy to do,um and you know honestly this is one of,the easiest ways to start earning money,watching these little ads now i'm sure,you're probably like well i can't be,watching these ads,all day so how am i going to earn even,more well as you see in the left-hand,corner,they have a contest that they're giving,away 700,okay so you're gonna click on this,contest right here,and they do this daily okay and i'm,going to show you how to win the 700,very easily okay so what you're going to,do is you're going to collect,points it says contest invite new direct,referrals,collect points and get money on your,current balance okay so,how are you going to collect more points,well you're going to have to get,referrals meaning people come to the,site,okay strangers we're going to invite,strangers on the internet to this site,they're going to watch the ads for us,and we're going to get paid not only,based off what they earn but we're going,to get this 700,bonus okay and i'm going to show you,exactly how to do that as you see right,here these are some of the prize winners,this guy right here,one 200 bucks this 100 bucks 50 bucks,for third place fourth place 40,right and so on okay and then once you,place anything lower than,uh you know 15th place you're gonna get,five bucks but hey,you know any extra money is great and,i'm gonna show you how to get,thousands of people to come to this,site and watch the ads for you so that,you can earn not only from what they,earn,you can also win this contest every,single time okay and get in the first,place spot because this guy,honestly is not even doesn't even have,that many points i'm gonna show you,exactly how to get more points,um and win this contest every single day,okay so,um direct referrals now you're probably,wondering what that means well when you,refer someone to the site and they sign,up,and they start earning money watching,ads you're gonna get paid out okay,now if you have 40 direct referrals okay,this is their benefits calculator,you're going to earn 679 per month,recurring right every single month,you're going to earn 679,based off of your people the referrals,that are watching the ads okay,now let's type in like let's type in a,safe estimate now let's say we get 500,people,to this site okay you're going to earn,1714 people,1714 monthly,from people watching ads on the site now,this is a safe bet,i can easily show you how to get 2 000,people to this site,within the month and that's gonna be,five thousand dollars,in pure profit from this partikular site,so,i'm going to show you exactly how to do,that so let's go ahead and do that right,now now let's go ahead and click on the,um if you go back here and click on,affiliate program okay that's going to,take you to this page,and basically you're going to earn 30 of,whatever your referrals earn so if your,one referral earns 100 bucks you're,going to get 30.,so imagine having a thousand referrals,each earning 30 a hundred dollars you're,gonna get thirty dollars,times one thousand and then obviously,that,grows exponentially then you get two,thousand referrals three thousand,and you get more and more and more money,without you having to physically log,into the site and watch the ads yourself,so,i'm going to show you exactly how to do,that what we're going to do is scroll,down,and you're going to see this little link,right here okay link to promote,now this is my special link you're going,to have your own special link,and when someone clicks on this special,link and signs up to oju,and starts watching ads you're going to,get paid for it so,what we're going to do is we're going to,copy this link and we're going to go to,two,separate

Earn $635 From watching ads | Earn money online | Earn money online by watching ads

0.6,okay,account,bangladesh,you don't need to add a payment,to option baba registration and click,corba,then,sign up with google eclipse sign up with,google then i can click call upon,detectable budget,google account,sheet,foreign

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Get Paid $2.48 Every Min Watching YouTube Videos (🤑 NEW Website) | How To Make Money Online

watching One video you will get 61 cents,watching second video will earn you 32,cents watching third video will get you,47 cents and so on and so forth and,using the trick shown in this video you,can make 2.48 cents every minute,watching YouTube videos and this works,in every country United States Canada,United Kingdom India Philippines and all,countries around the world and in the,end of this video I will show you a,bonus trick that will help you to make,600 a day in pure passive income using,this new website so step number one is,to come over to this website where you,can earn money by watching YouTube,videos online I will reveal the name of,this website in a minute but before that,I want to show you how this website,actually works so you watch videos such,as commercial ads YouTube videos movies,and TV and all or you can earn one,dollar per refer whenever someone joins,the site using your link and once you,reach the minimum amount in your account,you can transfer the money to your bank,account PayPal account and other,withdrawal options available here over 6,500 Brands including these ones featured,here have partnered up with this website,so that they can offer you new videos,each and every time you can read more,about this website if you want to by,clicking on about us option on top right,corner of the site otherwise to get,started with this website just click on,the sign up button over here now all you,have to do is enter your first name last,name your birthday your gender email,address and password next make sure you,tik this captcha and then click on,create account as you can see we have,received five dollars as a sign up bonus,to my account that's awesome now let me,show you how we can earn even more money,to our account so as you can see on the,left hand side there are five videos,which we can watch starting with the,first video we will get 61 cents for,watching this video which you can see on,the screen right now so let us click on,the play button on this video,immediately we are going to be shown an,ad so we simply close it and click on,the play button again the video will,start to play but we do not have to,watch the whole video we just watch it,for 34 4 seconds as the video is playing,look out for the countdown timer that,shows the amount of time remaining when,the seconds are up we will just click on,complete button under the video and we,will be shown another ad but we will,simply close it and click on complete,button again and on our dashboard a,message will appear that says,successfully completed you have received,61 cents all we have to do now is to,refresh the page so that the amount can,reflect in our account so as you can see,our account balance has become 5.61 now,I want you to repeat the process for,video two three four and five so just,click on the second video we are going,to be shown an ad again so we simply,close it and click on the play button,again the video will start to play so,just wait for 34 seconds to complete,then just click on complete button under,the video and we will be shown another,ad but we will simply close it and click,on complete button again so after,refreshing the page again we can see,that now my account balance is 5.93,sense however one thing you must have,notiked is that you can only watch five,videos in every 24 hour period so if you,click on first or second video again it,will show you that this video will be,available after 24 hours but do not,worry I will show you how you can still,make 2.48 cents every minute again and,again but before that like this video,give it a thumbs up and comment down,below your country name from where you,are watching this video right now so,that I can make more videos for you and,others watching from your country so,step number two for making 2.48 cents,again and again with these five videos,only all you have to do is create,several accounts on this website for,example you can create five to ten,accounts One account will earn you 61,cents plus 32 cents plus 47 cents plus,52 cents plus 56 cents and this will,give us a total of 2.48 in less than a,minute so if you have 10 accounts you,will earn a total of 24.80 within a few,minutes easily and effortless don't,worry if you do not have a lot of email,addresses because here is a bonus tip,just for you to create multiple accounts,let me show you something real quick but,first let me log out of my account and,we can start the process of creating a,new account by clicking on sign up again,now on next page you can just enter a,different first name last name birthday,and gender when we get to the email,address box here is what you have to do,when you have just one email address,previously we used video Master,78901 gmail.com if we try to use it,again the site will say the email is,taken try another so here is the trick,all you have to do is put a dot right,here and it will be accepted as you can,see we have just created a brand new,account using the same email actually,you can put a dot anywhere on the email,address here or here or even here all,these variations will be accepted and,the good thing about this is that all,the emails that will be sent to the,email variations which I just showed you,will be redirected to the original email,address which is video Master,78901 gmail.com that is how Google works,and it is a trick that many people don't,know now to make six hundred dollars in,pure passive income step number three is,I want you to go to the top right corner,and hover your mouse on my account then,just select the referral option from,there we will be taken to this page,where you can see that every time,someone signs up using our link we will,earn one dollar per referral now the,name of the site is called winthub.com I,will leave the link to this website in,the description of this video so you can,easily find this website and start,making money with this now let me share,with you the secret bonus trick that you,can use in order to be able to get a,thousands of people online who will,register through your referral link so,that you can make six hundred dollars a,day in complete passive income but,before that subscribe to my friends,Channel Finance girl she is uploading,latest and working make money online,videos I will leave a link to her,channel in the description of this video,okay so for this step let us go over to,Facebook book.com and in the search box,search for make money online and press,enter now let us scroll down a little,bit and select the groups option from,here and then select public groups right,here this will help to find various,public groups which are open for anyone,to use and the good thing is that we,don't need any permission to join the,groups and we can easily join any one of,these groups for example if I click on,this group right here I will be taken to,this page where I can see a lot of posts,with various offers to make money online,so all you have to do is to create a,post just like this one here as you can,see this person created a post few hours,ago and they got a good amount of likes,and comments on their post from people,who are interested so if only 600 people,out of thousands of people from this,group sign up using your referral link,you will be making an easy six hundred,dollars a day on windtub.com now let me,show you the best way to create a,Facebook post for our referral Link in,this group so let us click right here so,I am going to write I earned eighty,dollars from the site by just watching,ads it is totally free just comment how,below and I will send you the details,and now for the image let us go to,Google and search for when tub proof of,payment let us click on images option,right here we are going to see all these,images which contains the proof of,payment from wintub and because we had,written eighty dollars payment in our,post let us select this image right here,with 80 as payment proof save this image,to your computer device then next we,will go back to Facebook and click right,h

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Earn Money Watching ADS ($0.67 Per Ad) For Free | Make Money Online

each ad is going to pay you 70 cents and,you can use however many computers you,want there is a lot of money to be made,and i'm about to show you exactly how,hello go get us on the calories and i'm,sure you're all tired of those annoying,ass that always show up on every youtube,video but instead of letting them ruin,your time what you can do is make some,serious extra cash by simply watching,them you don't need any previous,experience you don't need to have a,partikular skill and i'm going to walk,you through the entire process one step,at a time in other words today's video,is going to be a tutorial that will,allow you to earn money by watching ads,and i'm toking about 70 cents per ad so,basically if you watch 100 that you will,be able to earn 70 bucks,and so if that sounds cool to you and,you would like to give it a try then all,you have to do is simply drop us a like,hit the subscribe button and we can get,started right away now i want you guys,to have different options and choose the,best one for you and so i'm going to,provide you with three different,websites that you can use in order to,monetize your time online by simply,watching ads and moving right over to,the first website this one is called,lightgpt.com and i want you guys to,connect to their homepage in order to,get started and do not worry you don't,have to earn hundreds of dollars before,being able to withdraw your money,because these guys have got the minimum,threshold of about 50 cents so 0.5 us,dollars that is the amount that you need,to collect in your balance before being,able to withdraw and you can get your,profits straight into your payable,account or you can also use bitcoin if,you're passionate about cryptokurrencies,but i know you all want to see exact,figures so let's actually take a look at,their payment proof,and just by scrolling down to the bottom,of the page we can see that they've got,a dedicated page just for that and take,a look people from all over the world,are earning money as we speak this user,has just withdrawn their profits and,they are definitely taking full,advantage of their time now of course,some people are going to withdraw their,profits as soon as they hit the minimum,threshold of 50 cents but some other,people are going to be more patient and,wait until they've got several hundred,dollars perhaps in order to withdraw now,that is going to be completely up to you,but i'm here to walk you through the,entire process so you don't leave any,money on the table and you take full,advantage of your time and so in order,to get started what you need to do is go,over to the right hand side in the top,corner and click on register,and once that is out of the way all this,will for you to do is enter in your,credentials such as your username email,and password,now the platform is fairly new they,haven't been in the business for too,long but they have rewarded your users,over 11 000 so far but above all they,are going to offer you plenty,opportunities to monetize your time,online and that is the best part now,some of the ads that you will have to,watch will resemble those annoying,guests that everybody hates but you will,also have to watch youtube videos,regular videos that you would watch for,absolutely free on youtube,and that is because different,advertisers will actually connect to,live gpt.com they will pay these guys a,certain amount of money and in turn,light gpt is going to share their,revenue with you you're just going to,get a percentage of their ad revenue and,as mentioned you've got multiple ways to,withdraw your profits and if you're,passionate about cryptokurrencies you,might want to go for a bitcoin because,in the long run if you have the patience,to keep that money in your wallet you,might be able to get some extra profits,as you know we like to keep things very,simple and straightforward so we are,moving right on to website number two,and that is called boxingside.com,and right away the first thing that you,probably spotted was that you can get,paid every 10 seconds and that is,completely true you can also cash out as,soon as you've hit two dollars in your,balance but that should be a matter of,minutes so you don't have to worry about,it and in a very similar manner to the,previous website you are going to watch,ads and that's all you have to do you,don't need to record the screen of your,computer you don't need to record your,voice or show your face on camera you,are basically just watching those ads,and after the time has passed you've,earned yourself some money and the best,part about this whole process is that,you can open multiple tabs at once and,if that sounds good the next step of the,process would be registering so click on,that button in the top corner on the,right hand side and that will take you,to this form or you can just simply,enter in your credentials but i'm going,to illustrate the process because there,is a catch here unless you take full,advantage of the website you are leaving,a lot of money on the table and as i,always say your time is your most,valuable asset so you don't want to,waste any of it when it comes to making,money online you need to make sure that,you use your time efficiently and if,you've done everything correctly so far,here's how your dashboard is going to,look like as you can see they're going,to have multiple upgrades that you can,do to your account in order to earn more,money in the long run but we don't care,about those as promised you don't need,to invest a single dollar in this method,to make it work if you're just starting,out and you have zero dollars in your,bank account do not worry because you,are perfectly suitable for the job now,what i want you to do is simply go over,to the view ads section and that is,where the magic is going to happen,and once you're here the page is going,to look rather confusing and as you can,see they've got multiple ads going on,and that is how they are generating,their revenue so we don't really care,about those but what we do care about,are the fixed advertisements so i want,you guys to click on view fixed,advertisements and that is how we are,going to get rewarded,you will be redirected to another page,but what i want you guys to focus on is,the earn section so click on that and,then click on view ads,and at this point you've got plenty to,complete as you can see some of them are,not going to pay so well but some of,them are going to pay better up to 50,cents per ad and all you have to do is,simply watch a video that is a few,seconds long this is just one example of,those i have just clicked on a link it,has taken me to this other page where i,can see a certain artikle now i don't,necessarily have to read it i just need,to stay on the page for about 30 seconds,and once i've done that i can move on,and complete another offer but the best,part is that you can open as many tabs,as you want in order to maximize your,profits,and if you've got multiple devices you,can also use those and just take a look,at these people who are collecting money,from the website are from all over the,world it doesn't even matter where,you're from because as long as you have,a stable internet connection you can get,started and indeed there are some people,from the united states but there are,also people from europe asia and a lot,of other places and they are withdrawing,decent amounts of money as you can see,50 bucks here 20 bucks 15 so people are,actually making serious profits and of,course the more time you invest in this,method the more money you are going to,make you're not going to become a,millionaire overnight but you can,definitely build up a stream of income,and last but most certainly not least,the third website that we are going to,cover today is called hideout tv,and this is one of the biggest platforms,out there that you can connect to in,order to watch ads and get rewarded,the sign up process is going to be,really straightforward you just need to,enter in your credentials or you can,


earning money online has never been this,easy with just a few clicks you could,earn up to three dollars and fifty cents,it's that simple just click on an ad and,follow these few instructions and voila,you've earned your money just like you a,lot of people were doubtful at first but,after trying it out for themselves they,have shared their experience and it's,all positive what's cooler about this,you can earn money from this tiknique,no matter where you find yourself on the,planet finally an easy way to generate,descent income and it is not restricted,to certain locations,just when you thought it couldn't get,any better you can do all these without,having to pay for anything it completely,free all you will need is a device with,internet connection like a laptop tablet,or a smartphone and you're good to go i,would love to share with you this easy,tiknique right away but before i do so,welcome to the money game,we upload videos regularly teaching you,how to make money online the easiest way,please remember to hit the like button,and subscribe,we enjoy teaching people how to make,money online in the easiest way possible,so hit the notification bell to be,notified first anytime we upload a new,video this is a community and if you'd,like to make any contribution ask a,question or just say hello please leave,a comment down below we would love to,hear it all now back to teaching you,this simple procedure attiklix.net is,the name of the website i will be,toking about now make sure your device,is connected to the internet open your,web browser and type a tik clicks.net,in the search bar now make sure you,stik with me throughout the entire,videos and pay wrapped attention to the,steps i will be teaching you as they,will be crucial for you to carry out,before you can start earning some cool,cash now this is the home page of 80,clicks and as you can see right here it,says earn extra cash from your online,activities right below you can see some,of these online activities which include,competing in contests finishing high,paying surveys completing offers,accomplishing paid to promote activities,which is also known as ptp task bonus,refereeing others and a lot more you can,observe that attiklex has a wealth pool,of activities for you to partikipate in,to generate income but for now let's,concentrate on clicking on ads to make,money this opportunity seems too good to,be true for some people you can skim,through the home page to learn more but,don't forget to take it right here right,at the bottom where they provide numbers,for analytiks right here we have total,amount paid total members total offers,completed and total ads visualization,you can tell they are very open about,their operations looking at the bottom,right corner here click proof of payment,now you can see the list of users who,have been paid by this website the flags,by their usernames indicate which,country they are from this confirms that,these tikniques i am about to show you,works in different countries as well if,you follow my steps carefully your name,will soon be part of this list looking,at the middle here you can see the,payment method and there are a variety,of them this means the mode of payment,for this website is very flexible as you,can choose to be paid from a wide range,of options now let's go back to the home,page here we can see that we can accept,payment through skrill paypal coinbase,and a lot more now i first want you to,create your own account by clicking the,register button at the top right of the,home page that will take you to this,page where you will be required to fill,in your details it's very easy but make,sure you fill them with the right data,now i'm very much sure all your doubts,about this website being legit have been,cleared and now i want you to cross,check the information you provided again,to make sure there are no mistakes now,tik the box right before i am not a,robot and carefully solve the cap chop,provided it won't take any time at all,you see it's very easy now check the,book right before i have read and agree,to abide by at click's rules in case you,are wondering what those rules are just,click the right above here it says terms,of service just as i said earlier this,process is absolutely free so go ahead,and click register,congratulations you have now,successfully created an account with the,tik licks.net now that you are logged,in you have access to more features and,insights just like this leaderboard,right here all these usernames you see,are the people that have earned the most,money since they started and it's with,respect to each category isn't this,amazing that's a nice place to get,inspiration from you could be one of,these soon look right on top of the page,here all this section is used to display,banner ads the more ads you can click on,the more you will generate now let's,click on this banner right here make,sure to pay wrapped attention to steps,as missing any of these could affect,your ability to successfully make your,money now you will be taken to this page,where you will have to wait for just,about 30 seconds while waiting make sure,to move around the page a little bit but,do not click on anything this is to help,the website know you are not a robot or,machine they thinking otherwise would,mean no payments for you and i'm sure,you wouldn't want any of that so just,scroll up and down just like this this,is the step that a lot of people take,for granted and end up receiving no,money but you will not be one of them as,i am here to make sure you get your,money smoothly as i said earlier you can,earn more money by clicking one more,banner ads repeatedly this process is so,simple right and it is all free now to,the next method with this one you are,required to click on daily fixed ads,waiting for a couple of seconds which is,about 10 to 15 seconds and then voila,you receive your payment guys this,actually works and it's so,straightforward now let me demonstrate,it to you click on this daily fixed ad,right here and you will be redirected to,any random page just wait for 10 to 15,seconds and you are good to go please,take note just like the banner ads make,sure to scroll up and down the page for,the website to know you are not a robot,but a human being the last thing you,would want to experience is having,issues receiving your payment what makes,a lot of people love this process is,that you are allowed to repeat it as,much as you want making your ability to,earn more money endless now clap for,yourself you have done so well by,stiking me through to this point now do,not stop i will be sharing a bonus tip,with you soon you will be able to make a,lot of money again and again and again,but before i do so please give this,video a thumbs up and subscribe do not,hesitate to shrew hats on your mind by,leaving a comment down below now to the,bonus tip are you ready for it i am sure,you are this tip is actually not known,by so many people so consider yourself,among the lucky few now to multiply your,regular earning by tenfold make sure you,complete at least five daily fixed ads,this gives you access to standard ads,you are able to repeat the process,unlimited times with standard ads it's,the same process i told you about click,on a standard you will be redirected to,a page wait for at least 30 seconds,while waiting browse through the page by,scrolling up and down to make the,website know you are a human being not a,robot and receive your cash being able,to repeat this over and over can,generate a lot of cash for you,incredible right i want you to know,there is another bonus tip yes another,bonus tip that can increase your,earnings significantly take a look at,the leaderboard again you will realize,that a lot of money was made from,referrals now can you also make that,much money from it it's pretty simple,just refer ada clicks to other people it,could be your friends family co-workers,or even perhaps random people you think,might be of help to them by doing so

How To Make Money Online By Watching Ads in 2022 (For Beginners)

so in this video revealing how to make,money line just by watching ads and,check this out all of these ads are ads,that you are watching right now and,instead of just watching them what if,you just got paid 100 to 700 a day,simply just watch these ads with no,experience mark that after the intro,[Music],hey guys how's it going mike fasil here,welcome to this video before we actually,remind you that several spots have,opened up for this week's free workshop,it's the fastest and easiest way to make,money online sign up for it in the link,below we literally have a 62 year old,woman go from zero to 160 000 profit in,90 days so check it out now so one of,the things when it comes to people,learning how to make money online is,they need to understand one crucial,concept and that is you cannot create,money you can't make money okay the only,people that can make the money and,create the money is like the federal,reserve okay at the end of the day when,you want to go ahead and make money you,need to take money by literally go ahead,and being in between a transaction where,money is already flowing does that make,sense and people don't understand this,you know when they're like oh i want to,make money i want to make money i want,to make money little do they know that,they're not opening their eyes the fact,that there's opportunities of money,transacting every single day from like,the videos that they watch the products,that they consume and all they have to,do is just understand how money works,how people are literally going ahead and,selling things how people are buying,things look at your own buying materials,as well as like what you do habits wise,on how you consume and just find a way,to get in there right and the moment you,start doing that you realize oh wait,i'm watching these youtube videos,already i'm watching these ads already,why,can i just not find a way to make money,from these ads because i see these ads,right all these people that are creating,content they're making money from,selling ads youtube's making money from,selling ads the people that are spending,money on the ads they're making a bunch,of money on the back end why can't i be,the one that just takes a little bit of,that pie but of course people are like,well mike i don't understand it i don't,have the time i don't have the money i,don't know exactly how to go to do this,well this is exactly what i would do if,i want to go ahead and make money step,by step just by watching ads and it's,not just me i mean we literally have,people in our community people like dina,a stay-at-home mom at age 47 years old,go from zero to 30 grand a month in five,to eight weeks as well as hundreds of,other people that are literally going,ahead and doing this exact same method,for themselves as well so what would it,be step number one literally watch ads,now you're probably wondering well mike,where do i go ahead and watch ads well,do i have to watch every single youtube,video and then wait for ads to come no,you could literally go ahead and go to,vidtok.com and you could see that they,already have,all of the ads,in youtube up and running look at this,70 million views 52 million views some,of these of course are music videos and,some of these are like ran in india,right but there are a lot i mean a lot,of video ads here that you could go,ahead and make money from this right,the second step you need to understand,when you watch a lot of ads is you then,you need to understand the business,model behind why people are are running,these ads okay well it's very simple the,reason why people are running these ads,is because for every one dollar that,they spent,that turns into three dollars,in about profit right now really just do,the math every single time you spend one,dollar on a machine and you made three,dollars would you just stop putting,money in the machine no you would find a,way to put the three dollars back in the,machine and then you get nine dollars,and then you get the nine dollars back,you put it in the machine and then it,turns into thirty dollars right and you,could see that it ends up scaling really,really fast now ads is a very,interesting business because it's,exactly what i used to go in one of my,businesses from zero to five grand in 30,days to 1.6 million that first year,because essentially i took the money,that i made and i would constantly just,throw that back in there right and,that's why all these people are willing,to spend money on ads because they're,they're in that process does that make,sense so the next step that you need to,understand is decide where which place,do you want to be in do you want to be,the one that creates the contents and,sell the ads or do you want to be the,person on the back end that takes the,ads and turns it into money for this,sake of this video we're going to do,this so you don't have to show your,facebook camera at all it's to literally,just be in the back end where you're,making money by just modeling the ads,that you're already work were already,working so the third step would be,finding ads that you could simply model,so what i like doing is i just like,scrolling down seeing which ads caught,my attention and you can see if i see,some that works i'll literally go ahead,and pull that up and here's an example,of this check this out this one video,was like literally modeled by a lot of,different you know different types of uh,like people and channels with no like,subscribers whatsoever and one of these,videos let me just play this if you wear,glasses or contacts you must see this a,japanese nobel prize winning scientist,and you can see that that ad was made,from robot voices and no one was showing,their face on camera so every now and,then you'll see one of these ads blow up,right and you could tell because they,just use stok footage and robot voices,these are the ones that i would want to,go ahead and model when you go ahead and,find one of these you literally just,pull up the url by just grabbing it from,like for example vidtok.com right and,what i like doing is the fourth step is,i like writing down word for word what,this person said because the ads are if,they said this and were able to get 26,million views that means they did this,dance a lot meaning they made a lot of,money right and all you got to do is go,ahead and model what already is working,now the fifth step once you have that,script is you want to find a product,that you could go ahead and mold that,script to a different type of industry,right so you could literally sign up for,clickbank for free now i really like,clickbank because clickbank was one of,the ways that i went from zero to eight,grand in 30 days with no product with no,service with no delivery with no,customer service with no back end with,no um inventory right and you can see,when you sign for free you can literally,go ahead and check out their marketplace,and they have a bunch a bunch of,products they'll pay you even upwards of,a hundred dollars plus per commissions,to sell a product where they do the,shipping they spend the money on,inventory they do all that hard work and,all you got to do is a little bit of the,marketing right the sixth step that you,want to do is take the words that they,use say this is weight loss right and,then take that the script that you made,when you made the script see this one is,like restoring vision replace all of the,words,that's toking about like oh i want to,get better eyesight to losing weight and,they'll tell you exactly what to say by,just pulling up their affiliate page,they have a bunch of different,copywriting and emails you can go ahead,and plug and play the emails that they,have written for you that gets them to,sell to people that have email lists but,instead you just use it for example in a,youtube video ad right now the moment,you have that script and you change it,up to all the new words that you get,from the affiliate page you then just,take that for example script put it on,lobo.ai and t