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Earn Unlimited $1 - $50 In PayPal Cash | Make Easy PayPal Cash Uploading Images

Published on: December 1 2022 by Littlemama

Earn Unlimited $1 - $50 In PayPal Cash | Make Easy PayPal Cash Uploading Images

Earn Unlimited $1 - $50 In PayPal Cash | Make Easy PayPal Cash Uploading Images

hello everybody thanks for coming to my
channel today my name is grace I'm also
known as little mama and I'm from the
blog work anywhere now calm in this
video today I'm going to show you how to
earn $1 to $50 over and over again
unlimited amounts and earn some PayPal
cash and this could be a easy way to
earn PayPal cash and not only that is
gonna earn in a passive way so let me
get started right now
all right guys in today's method it's
gonna be a worldwide okay it's gonna be
available for a lot of people and it's
sixteen and up so teenagers can be
involved with this and if you're
thirteen to fifteen then I think if you
just have your parents or an adult set
up for you you can totally do this and
have them get paid out have them set up
their your bank accounts for you this
coming easy because you're not even
going to need to do any selling okay so
that's called easy and you don't need
any experience and you go on the PayPal
or a bank account if you're in these
countries or if you just use PayPal is
basically whoever has access to PayPal
you can use this so this is why this is
gonna be worldwide and so this should be
available for a lot of you guys but of
course there may be some P of you who
don't like this method and in that case
then check out the second link in my
video description for a much much better
way and it's a way that I use myself to
make money online using this business
model that also produces passive online
income where you can actually learn some
online skills and really rocket of
online business for yourself like I have
so if you want to follow my path check
that up in the second link in the video
okay so let's show you the site I'm
toking about here okay it's gonna be a
red bubble at red bubble calm this is a
print on demand website meaning this is
also a marketplace which is a very very
important piece of the puzzle guys okay
when it's a marketplace you don't need
to do the selling they do the selling
they put on ads they drive traffic they
get ranked on search engines so you
don't even have to build a shop to and
advertise you just need to add designs
okay so here you have to get the
products you don't have to make the
products you know I'm gonna ship the
products you want to do payment
processing you don't have to deal with
customers eat this is why this is going
to be an easy method if you want to sell
a product on bread bubble calm
and they have tons of different designs
for you to check out look at all the
different products that they have
available for you to sell okay so what
this site is is that they really
concentrate on selling artists artwork
but you don't have to be an artist you
can literally pay somebody if you have
money to invest so this can be free or
you can pay a little bit of money and
have somebody do the designs for you and
then you can just upload it and price it
the way you want and make money okay
that's that simple the products are
amazing here you got you know water
bottles t-shirts you know just posters
artwork so you have your artwork on
anything that you can think of basically
you know they have kids clothes you know
bedding stuff or home and living phone
cases all sorts of accessories and
stationery and gifts that you can put
your designs on and if you even have a
whole shirt done for you like that so
what's great about RedBubble is that
they will handle everything and all
you're doing is supplying the artwork
okay that's all you are doing so if you
are somebody who is really good at you
know drawing or making artwork you can
do it by hand you can do on your
computer it really doesn't matter how
the artwork is generated as long as I
believe in essence meet original of
course and if you have somebody make it
for you they need to also give you the
copy right so you just need to make sure
that whoever designs for you will allow
you to sell it okay so I want to show
you how this works and all you got is
let's click on this sell your art button
link on the top right and here is the
page that you're going to need to kind
of study okay so a global marketplace
for independent artists and this is a
little video about what this is about
but look at the product range is
everything that you want to sell
basically your are always belong
so you you would never lose your own
copyright of your artwork and then
RedBubble gives you total control what
you can sell your art for and current
removal artists actually earn an average
of 17 percent of retail price but
whether it is 10 or 30 percent you get
to decide how our base prices work so
there's a base price which is don't be
like the cause of them doing the
customer service cost of them doing the
whole business like producing the
product for you shipping the product for
you and everything involved so that's
gonna be the base price and then you can
set your own margin meaning this is the
amount that you're going to actually
make but it's gonna be set as a
percentage off the base price so if the
base price is say $10 you could mark it
out and if you want to make $5 from that
item then you need to mark it up 50%
because 50% of $10 would be $5 and so
the total price for the customer buying
this product will be $15 so that's how
it would work so look at this so you all
you got a dude so your your job is this
one step and their job is these other
four steps so that's why I say this is
easy in this sense and it will be even
easier if you don't even do the design
and go him and buy it from somebody
right so all you gotta do is get the
artwork either you created or get
somebody else to create it like on
fiverr.com or something like that or
upwork.com or freelance or calm or
people per hour calm so there's at least
four resources I just told you where to
buy it and then all you gotta do is
upload it to your rippable profile
choose your products and set your
pricing products can be found by the
millions of people who visit rippable
each month okay or you can also so you
can also of course sell it yourself if
you want to make even more money okay
so they handle everything else so once
you upload it and you set everything up
then you're done okay then you'll be
earning passive online income by letting
them handle everything else so they're
going market for you they're gone you
know when things get sold the gun print
it for you they're gonna deliver it for
you they're gonna handle the money and
everything like that and then you go and
get paid so people do want to check out
how they are getting paid so I just
won't go over how the payment processes
work so you've officially made money
life is sweet isn't it so basically you
set up the shop with the design this is
your only step remember and when the
things get sold then the order ships
that while they make this they make the
product and the orders get shipped then
there's a paste-like hope it begins
after it is shipped so this pay cycle is
very important because they're saying
below here that once the order ship and
it's only to this point when this pay
cycle begins so the official pay cycle
begins every fifteenth of the month you
are paid for every ship sale you made
through once your earnings reach the
payment threshold of $20 if your sales
have not shipped by the 15th or reach
the $20 threshold they carry over to the
next page cycle you can double check the
sales ship date and your earnings in
your sales history under the ship date
comp and it's all in your dashboard
basically so orders that have been
cancelled before shipment do not get
paid out at all also there is not an
option to be paid earlier than the
regular pay cycle at this time okay so
once the pay cycle begins on the 15th it
will still take a few days for the
payment to process so for PayPal is
gonna be an additional five days and if
there's a bank account is seven business
days so that's it for the how it works
and there are a couple of things that I
want to show you here there are actual
people making money
from RedBubble and I just want to show
you just a few very short proof you know
where I am now I've made over $600 I'm a
boy and then this one has earned over
$4,000 and this one over $2,000 and so
people are making money and some of
these people who have made money they
have several sources of income and not
just from RedBubble so if you were to
just concentrate on reparable then you
may earn a lot more money than what
these guys are doing cuz I was listening
to the whole thing and they all have
kind of different revenue streams and
that's the problem when people do that
when they have a bunch of different
revenue streams you are not concentrate
on any single one so you not gonna earn
a lot so instead of earning 4,000 a year
you could be earning 4,000 a month if
you actually concentrate it on rebel and
actually upload a ton a ton a ton of
look of designs and you can if you want
also if you want to market on your own
in addition to their marketing you can
make a lot more money so these people
are just using it for passive income and
they're not actively marketing these
products themselves so that is the
advantage of marketing yourself you can
make a lot more money of course so you
can definitely earn on this site and
this is what I want to show you today
but you know if you don't want to sell
anything like this or make your own
product that's kind of how I went away
from this actually I started using
e-commerce when I started making money
online guys but I do I didn't like the
whole headache of being a shop owner and
no rebels gonna take that away from you
so in that sense I would if I were to
start over again ecommerce I would
probably start with
rippable and some other print-on-demand
sites there are many other
print-on-demand ones as well but you
know there is actually a better business
model that I've been using since 2016
guys okay
and it's Bobby not involving anything to
do with my own products at all so I
don't I have not needed to make my own
product or sell my own product or think
about my own product and all I'm doing
is using other people's products instead
so why should I make it when there's
already tons of products online already
so that is the business model that I've
been using and you can check that out in
the second link in the video description
below and so I hope you follow my path
and make a lot more money and remember
if you concentrate on one method you can
make a lot more money than spreading
yourself thin across a bunch of
different methods which I don't do so I
hope you liked this video and gotten a
lot of value from it if you did please
give me a big thumbs up underneath this
video and you haven't already subscribe
to my channel subscribe to my channel so
you can learn more ways to make money
online and don't forget to hit that
notification bell so you can see when my
videos come out I hope I see you on the
next one bye

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