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Earn Up To $2,000 Answering Questions | Earn Fast PayPal Cash Weekly!

Published on: December 1 2022 by Littlemama

Earn Up To $2,000 Answering Questions | Earn Fast PayPal Cash Weekly!

Earn Up To $2,000 Answering Questions | Earn Fast PayPal Cash Weekly!

hello everybody thanks for coming to my
channel today my name is grace i'm also
known as little mama and i'm from the
blog workanywherenow.com
in this video today i'm going to show
you how to earn up to 2
000 just to answer questions and it's
going to be
so easy to make this kind of money this
is going to be a way where you can earn
some really fast paypal cash because
you're going to be paid
weekly twice a week even possibly so
let's get started right now
all right guys i'm back now since you
are on my youtube channel i just want to
let you know something if you don't like
today's method
you can check out what i do online
instead which is in this
video right here or you can check out
link up top how to make a big
money here check that link out because
these are going to be programs where
um you're going to learn how to make
much bigger money than what i'm going to
show you in today's method
and not only that you'll be able to earn
a passive online income if you use this
kind of method
this is kind of thing that i've been
using since 2016
and makes me a full-time online income
so i hope you will join me
okay don't forget also since you're on
my youtube channel don't forget to
subscribe to my channel so you can learn
a lot more
ways to make money online and don't
forget to hit that notification bell so
you can see when my videos come out okay
and then if you find this video valuable
to you today
please give me a big thumbs up
underneath this video and thank you so
much for liking my video
okay so what i'm going to show you today
is pretty cool okay i have not seen this
site before it's going to be brand new
for my channel and this is called
at prolific.com okay
no m at the end just prolific dot
co what is this site about this site
is about researching for
brands and companies who want to know
about consumers
and what they think about products and
services and stuff like that
but this partikular one is it's not like
any other survey size or anything like
that so
don't click away yet this is worldwide
by the way
worldwide so that a lot of people can
use this
and they do pay out using paypal and you
could get paid
twice a week okay this this place pays
very well and pays a lot and i'm going
to show you a bunch of payment proof as
so stik around and watch till the end
okay so
on this front page this is gonna be more
you know explaining what they do
it's gonna be more for companies that
want to use their
service like these are the companies
that kind of use their service like
us oxford harvard stanford
yale like you heard of these schools
right you can find
any research partikipant anywhere in the
world and this is why
this is worldwide okay so you don't want
to read too much into
this this page where you want to go
because you're a partikipant
you want to click learn more right here
or right here so this button right here
will actually take you to the sign up
form which is right here
this signup form you just gotta click i
want to take part in studies
then you're gonna put in your country so
as you can see
big huge list of countries that you can
apply from
and then you need a date of birth just
email and password and then make sure
you agree to these things
and so forth okay the only other thing i
want to mention right here is that you
do need to be
18 to sign up okay now the other thing i
want you to
go to is now that you saw what the
signup form looks like
now you're going to click on learn more
so when you click on learn more you're
going to get this page where you can
learn more about
being a partikipant okay so join us on
our mission to improve human knowledge
researchers want to understand how
people feel
think and behave and then here you're
gonna get
cash paid and no silly points or
price draws and you don't need a phd to
do this because it's
very very simple the other thing
that people rave about the site is that
actually use your profile description
so in this partikular one make sure make
that you your profile it is act
as accurate as possible because you will
picked based on that and
not a lot of surveys or research studies
that you're gonna get you're not gonna
get disqualified that's
is what's so special about the site is
that you're gonna get less
and less of those types of surveys where
you're gonna go try
a survey and then you find out that you
disqualify it
it's not like that here at prolific so
that's one of the big
pluses that people are saying online
about the site
and so i want to make sure i have that
in my video
so because people get so frustrated when
they start a survey and then if they
don't qualify after or
after they spent time in it so not here
you go
you they're going to actually make sure
that you don't qualify
or if they don't qualify the chances are
very slim
as opposed to other sites okay how does
partikipating in studies work you could
get started in minutes you sign up
answer some screening questions
so make sure this stuff is accurate here
okay and take part in interesting
online surveys and studies from top
universities and companies
okay is that simple what kinds of
are there there's gonna be surveys games
or studies about scientific research
new products or public opinion from
minutes to hours
or to multiple multi-part studies over
long periods these will go and pay a lot
more okay
these ones i just want to give you that
tip because i was reading some stuff
they say you know you get these
multi-part ones you're going to earn a
lot more
and it's always up to you what you
choose what you want to partikipate in
and how much you're going to get paid
a minimum of 650 per hour
it doesn't sound like that great but i'm
going to show you some payment proof
that people have
had paid out to them so you do
get to kind of earn a decent size of
aside money
a good side hustle this would be okay
and so i'm going to show you some
payment proof in a second
and so you sign up for free any time and
in minutes and there's already a lot of
oh the other thing that i did read about
is that
when you do get surveyed you gotta
answer them that very fast or else it's
gonna be gone that's how
popular this site is at this time so
okay who can partikipate in the studies
prolific now i had told you it's
worldwide and it's gonna be 18 and up
this list will change all the time but
right now these
this is the list of countries but i
wouldn't go by this list because
it hasn't been updated for over a year
or almost a year
so i would just apply and then see what
happens okay
and then getting paid how do i get paid
you're gonna get paid through paypal
and you're gonna only need a minimum of
five pounds this is not gonna be hard to
fill out
you know you only this is the minimum
cash out that you need was which is a
low so if i convert this to us dollars
it's not it's like maybe seven dollars
or something like that
628 it's gonna be your minimum payout
for this site prolific okay so and they
pay out every tuesday and friday
so this is super super quick pay
since they're paying twice a week so it
depends on how many
studies that you qualify for and you get
respond to it and if you can respond
quickly that is
because these studies do go fast like i
said so
here i'm going to show you some payment
proof uh
so that all the payment proof is from
reddit because there's a lot of payment
proof on reddit so
i just went through a few of these so
this guy this person have been using it
every month and this
this person be averaging about that much
month and this person made from
basically may to end of june 110
almost and 110 here this is a monthly
capture and this one says that they
550 this month alone and have made a
total of 2
000 and they only signed up a few months
so this site definitely pays out as you
can see from several several people
they are getting paid but however you
can tell that this kind of site
can be inconsistent with the amount of
money you can earn because
you can only get a few studies a month
you you can't control how many you can
do so in that sense
you can only you may not earn
so if you want to earn consistently and
you want to earn
a lot more money that you can actually
depend on like a full-time passive
then check out the link below this video
it's going to be the first link
check out that first link and it's gonna
be a program where you can learn
online skills and learn a way where you
could earn
a lot more money and really develop an
online business for yourself
make a lot more money that you can
depend on so
that's something that i've been using
since 2016 so i hope you follow my path
this is something i've been doing
and it's been going great for me i love
do it
i love i love using this business model
because i can work on my own schedule
but earn any time of the day which i
really love so
i hope you uh will follow my path and
check out that first link in my video
and i hope i see you there so i hope you
like this video if you did please give
me a big thumbs up underneath this video
if you haven't already please subscribe
to my channel so you can learn more ways
to make money online and don't forget to
hit that notification bell so you can
see when my next video comes up
i come out with videos every single week
but no idea when they come out so
get notified okay so i hope i see you on
the next one bye

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