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Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman



oh hey I still get mail emails about
chroma keying and animated backdrops and
where do I get animated backdrops and
you know a lot of you people are going
out and spending a lot of money on
animated backdrops and you don't have to
you can do it yourself for free and
that's real easy all you need is Sony
Vegas if you got Sony Vegas you got
animated backgrounds in there that you
don't even know you got so I'm going to
show you how to make them it takes two
minutes two minutes it's wicked cool and
you'll be able to make as many as you
want so here we go let's go check it out
and if you don't have sony vegas you can
go in the links and download the free
trial version use it long enough to make
your animated backgrounds and whatever
hey I think it works free for 30 days so
you know there you go give it a shot
anyway let's go make some backgrounds
it's fun it's easy it's cool like me
okay let's go okay guys pay attention
I'm gonna go really quick on this no
fancy just don't fall asleep
because I'm only going to show you this
once and I'm going quick okay the bottom
obviously you've got your saw your Vegas
software open up at the bottom here all
your project tabs from Explorer project
media transitions video effects click on
media generators and go over here to the
left and click on noise texture and all
these pictures are in here what the hell
are these things I never notike these
before what are they used for I don't
know they're just pictures well here's
one use you can aunt use them as an
animated backdrop so I'm gonna pick lava
wrap it on to the video line because I
like fire fires cool yeah and this
window pops up it's an event FX window
in fact let me let me actually stop that
right now because i want to show you if
I play this let me make it a little
longer if I play this nothing happens
look it doesn't move it's a brick
nothing it's not interesting it
just sits there ting human how do we
animate this thing I want it to move and
be cool ok very simple here we go let me
open up the event window again and
you've got three steps very simple come
down here to the bottom this is a
keyframe timeline grab your scrubber and
move it all the way over to the right
come down right underneath that and
double click and when you do that a
little diamond will appear right there
you've just added a keyframe now don't
get all freaked out what are key frames
it that's a whole nother video you're
going to have to come back next week to
see the video on keyframes I'm just
giving you what you need to know to make
this thing animate and use it as a
background so there you go that's step
two yeah first step one you slid your
scrubber all the way over step two you
double clicked and added a keyframe step
three come over here to where it says
progress in degrees and slide this thing
over i'm going to use all the way to the
maximum 10 point 0 because i like a lot
of movement what they're toking about
when they say progress in degrees
obviously is progress of movement now
there are other parameters over here you
can play with later I'm not going to get
into that that's for you to dick around
with and close the window and you're
done you're done you just made an
animated backdrop so let me play it now
and check it out look at that thing move
oh man it's fire it's moving its motion
it is so cool
and who taught you how to do it me King
naturally King Newman showed you why
because I'm cool because I rock because
I am just the greatest thing you've ever
freaking seen on YouTube okay I think I
made myself sick there that was wow that
was pretty harsh Oh yuck all right I'm
full of myself yeah but the point is you
just made a cool animated background
that you can use in your chroma keys now
all you have to do is render it and use
it the way you would any other animated
backdrop in your chroma key sets you
don't need to go out and buy a bunch of
different chroma key sets you've got
them right here look at all the ones
you've got clouds turbulence blood cells
camouflage marble microscopic threads
lightning starry sky you got enough to
play with right there I mean so there
you have it people okay subscribe to
King human come back in a few days I got
a lot more tutorials for you guys I'm
going to show you how to make animated
lower thirds i'm going to show you how
to make a cool animated logo set and
your youtube videos are going to rock
they're going to rock you're going to
look so much better than any other
schmuck out there that people are really
going to like your crap okay have fun
play with that and sign our people

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