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EASY Amazon Product Research Tutorial - Helium 10 Tool

Published on: December 2 2022 by Tatiana James

EASY Amazon Product Research Tutorial - Helium 10 Tool

The above is a brief introduction to EASY Amazon Product Research Tutorial - Helium 10 Tool.

Let's move on to the first section of EASY Amazon Product Research Tutorial - Helium 10 Tool!

EASY Amazon Product Research Tutorial - Helium 10 Tool

hey guys welcome back to Lux fizz I'm
Tatiana and today have the pleasure of
having bradley sutton here with me today
bradley is the success manager at helium
10 and we're gonna share with you how to
find profitable amazon products using
helium 10 so bradley thank you so much
for being on this video with me today do
you mind sharing a little bit about
yourself before we dive in sure sure
thanks nice to meet you and for you guys
out there wondering who's this guy and
why should I listen to him well I'm not
I'm nobody special but that's part of
the reason why I think I resonate with a
lot of people I came from nowhere like
you know maybe three years ago I really
wasn't you know into Amazon I was
working for a company that was selling
Amazon and then they didn't open many
things up to me they didn't really tell
me how things work they just had me do
like the logistiks of the company and I
split with that company and then I just
dedicated myself for a whole year just
learning taking all these courses on
Amazon and I became a consultant for
Amazon sellers and long story short I
became an expert in like keyword
research and launches for products and I
personally launched over 400 products in
the last two-and-a-half years before I
joined helium 10 which was last year and
I came on as the success manager and now
I do all the training I help all the
affiliates I do all of the live
broadcast and live videos for helium 10
and the whole Amazon game I guess you
could say is really my passion and I
love you know spreading the knowledge
that I've learned and also helping other
sellers you know rise to the top that's
what we say helium 10 you know helium
helps you rise so that's what that's
what I'm helping you do and and through
these videos that you'll see me on it's
not just you know I'm not trying to push
helium 10 I want to give you guys
tactiks and tikniques that you can use
regardless of the tool that you're using
or you even if you're not using any tool
I know you're going to be able to come
out of these come out of these videos
with a little bit more knowledge on how
to you know search for products how to
validate them whatever the case may be
and I love to hear the feedback so is
this gonna go on YouTube yeah so guys
please make sure to comment on these
youtube if you guys have any follow-up
questions and I'll be sure to get to
them thank you alright so today we're
gonna tok about how to find a product
to sell on Amazon
and a lot of people you know I'm sure
you get this tatianna but a lot of
people ask sometimes who are new to the
game they're like hey I've heard that
it's impossible now you know there's too
much competition everything is saturated
you get that a lot right all the time
yeah so the answer is no there are some
categories in some places of course that
yes it is very competitive and it would
be difficult to scale as opposed to how
it was like three or four years ago but
there are still thousands of niches
available for example well first of all
before I go
are you a niche or a niche pronunciation
I moose me okay good I have to but then
sometimes I see it's like appropriate
which one's right I think it's just you
know whatever floats your boat yeah okay
good so you and I are the same are the
same boat there so that's good all right
so there's thousands of niches that are
available still to sell on Amazon and so
the question is how do you find them so
let me show share my screen here and
show you the process because we can
actually see exactly what you're toking
about instead of just toking about
something exactly alright so you can see
you can see my screen now the helium 10
screen alright so you can see black box
right in my screen alright so black box
is our product research tool I mean
helium 10 as you guys will know
throughout these videos we have the most
extensive tool suite this is just one
part of it we actually have over 25
tools in our entire suite so this is
just one small part of it now here's a
trivia question you know some of you
users whoever's seen my videos might
know the answer but I bet Tatiana
doesn't know this answer how many
products do you think how many Amazon
products do you think we have in our
helium 10 database just a random guess I
have no idea guess just throw out a
number mmm ten thousand ten thousand all
right tons more zeroes we've got 450 not
thousand million products that just
blows people's minds or I have been like
you think like ten thousand sounds like
a regular number right but we have
millions of products on our database
actually the most Amazon
products in our database other than
Amazon itself basically so basically if
it's out there you're gonna find it here
in helium ten black box now I like to
search at category level so tatianna is
there a specific category that you would
like me to search for opportunity in I
really do like the fitness category okay
so that would be like health maybe more
sports let's uh yeah let's do sports
instead yeah okay sports and outdoors
all right so we're gonna do sports and
outdoors category now I like to search
anything and everything that I do here
there's it's not like to say it's the
right way or it's the wrong way all
right this is just my way of doing
things we have tons of filters woops I
lost my page we have tons of filters
that you guys can use right here um and
then you you played around with them you
know and do whichever whatever filters
that you like alright but this is just
the the Bradley method right me
personally I like looking for things
that have an estimated sales volume of
at least $10,000 all right now this is
just me but I'm looking for a product
right now that's already selling at
least $10,000 but has some
characteristiks that is that either
let's makes me think that there's low
competition no competition or that maybe
something I can improve on so that's
what I'm looking for um the price uh I'm
gonna do is like let's say you see
between fifteen and twenty five dollars
now just a little bit of background why
I'm picking this price again you guys
pick whatever price you want but I want
the retail to be around this price now
why is that if I have a product that
retails for like nine dollars or ten
dollars with shipping yeah you know I
might be able to sell some big
quantities but if you think about the 15
percent Amazon fee your manufacturing
fee the the cost to get it to Amazon the
cost for Amazon the ship it's your
customer I mean your profit margin is
probably gonna be pretty small if it's a
ten dollar product so I like to put
fifteen minimum at the same time most of
us are not millionaires you know we
don't have just hundreds of thousands of
dollars that we can just put down on our
product so if I had a product that was
like $60 retail price
maybe it cost me fifteen or twenty
dollars to make it and then if I have to
do a minimum order quantity of a
thousand or something from a factory
well we're toking about an investment
of you know more than ten thousand
dollars so a lot of us I mean me
personally I can't afford you know just
to put that kind of money down so that's
why I'm limiting to here the price of
the product that I'm looking for I'm
sorry especially with your first product
exactly exactly especially with your
first product now if you're if you're
just like some stok market millionaire
and you have all the kinds of casual
actually you should go after the sixty
and seventy dollar products for that
reason because most of the people who
are like us are not looking for that
kind of product because they can't
afford it so there's less competition
all right but I'm just trying to make
this video for the majority of us who
are not all super millionaires all right
now let me get into this part right here
review counsel Athena I know you're out
of the country right now but when you're
you don't really live in the USA
actually I'm from Canada but I do spend
some time in LA every year thank you
okay Canada so when you're in Canada or
while you're in LA are you shopping on
Amazon yourself as a buyer in Canada I
would shop on amazon.com yeah but not on
amazon.ca mm-hmm okay so what is I mean
I know it may be it's been a while since
you purchased something but what is
something that you searched for on
Amazon less as a buyer completely
separate from your seller mentality I
bought a squat pad for when you're doing
squats like the barbell pad or at the
gym squat pad or weight bar barbell pad
maybe it's better barbell pad let's see
how do you spell barb ed barb there a
barbell pad yeah okay
all right so baby you know when you
search for it you had something that
looked like this now if you saw let's
say okay now if I'm looking here I see
this twelve hundred and ninety two
reviews you've got 816 reviews
what else do we have here we've got and
then okay so let's say you had those two
the 1200 reviews and 800 views and right
next to it you saw this that had six
reviews all right psychologically from a
buyer's mentality which one would you
have felt more comfortable clicking on
of those three 1200 reviews 800 reviews
or the six reviews this is a trick
question the more reviews because
there's more social proof exactly and
that's one of the biggest mistake that
sellers make sometimes is they try and
think too much from a seller's mentality
but all of us who are sellers were
probably buyers too I mean we all have
Amazon accounts we all bicep and you've
got to think you got to put yourself in
the customers mind set so if you saw a
page that had twelve hundred eight
hundred and then six well just
automatikally you might think I'm going
to pick one of these so if we are on a
page like if we are trying to sell an
item where everybody has these number of
reviews and we're just coming off with a
brand new product that only has four or
five six seven or eight whatever reviews
it's gonna be hard for us to get clicks
you know because the the buyers
mentality is they're gonna pick the one
with the higher review all right so what
I'm gonna do right here is I'm gonna say
show me something that has a max review
of ninety all right now the reason why
I'm doing that is how about this
let me where's that one that was six
okay now let's say you had one that was
nineteen one that was seventy two and
then that one that was six now still
maybe you might be more likely to click
on the 92 or the nineteen but isn't the
difference why is this microphone just
like but isn't the difference a lot less
than twelve hundred and six as opposed
to 19 and six yeah like maybe you would
click on the one that was six because
like one that has six reviews 19 reviews
is kind of the same so that's what I'm
looking for is there something that's
selling well that has less than less
than 990 reviews now let me see what
else here all right trying to see okay
perfect perfect this one is for I'm just
trying to look at some bad performing
ones here all right so if you were on
this page and you saw here we go
you saw one that had five stars you had
saw the one that has 4.7 stars you saw
one that had 4.5 and then you saw this
that only has three point three stars
regardless of the count of reviews again
which one would you probably oh my god
this thing's attacking me which one
would you like Lee be more likely to uh
choose probably five stars yeah and why
do you think most buyers are probably
the same as you like why what why does
that make sense it gives me more
certainty that the product I'm going to
receive is good quality that it works
that I'm not gonna have negative
feedback has most of the other people
who have left a review left positive one
exactly exactly so again that is
something that just makes sense
all right so if I'm gonna say max three
point five so what would this tell you
now here's where we start getting tricky
right let's say I could show you a
product that's making at least ten
thousand dollars a month but maybe it
has less than 3.5 stars so maybe it only
has three stars but it's still making
$10,000 a month what might that tell you
like what might you think then or what
might that imply would you say tells me
that there's a lot of demand and people
are still buying it even though the
reviews aren't great exactly exactly so
that could mean one of two things in my
opinion maybe you can think of others
but in my opinion it's like either one
everybody has bad reviews on that on
that niche like everybody's got three
stars or 3.5 so it's like it doesn't
make a difference the ones that would
bad review still get still get sales or
number two maybe this is the only option
for whatever reason and like this is
there's no competition all right so it's
got to be like one of those two things
are the main are the main reasons so
again that's definitely a product that I
would want to look at like
I is it getting 3.5 stars because does
that mean that if I come in with a
five-star product guess what I'm gonna
be able to steal some sales this whole
exercise is kind of like how do I find a
product that I could steal sales from
all right oh one more thing let me just
look at this I like that you're sharing
this because this is what I tok about
when I tok about finding those golden
nugget products oftentimes I'll review
people's product lists and it's like the
same products time after time it's
always the same products but you have
old garlic press or spatula yeah very
very generic but you have to get nishan
you have to kind of think outside the
box and with a tool like this you can
literally input this information to pull
these results for you rather than just
skimming Amazon and hoping to find
something exactly exactly now take a
look at this this is a you know this is
a pretty nice listing they've know I
like it there easy making good use of
emojis they got a muscle emoji right
there and tons of images different
angles lifestyle shots a lot of
lifestyle shots that's great all right
now I'll compare that this with let me
see this
all right now which one would you more
likely to buy this one or this one the
red one the right way and why because it
just provides more images it looks more
professional it gives me more
information about the product if I'm
buying something online I want to read
and I want to see as much information as
possible because I'm not able to
physically touch it and look at it and
inspect it so the other listing just
doesn't seem as as good exactly exactly
and usually if you see something if you
can find a listing that only has one
image usually that means the seller
doesn't know what they're doing and the
listing itself is also bad and like look
you know this is a very bare-bones
listen but look at look at this product
description this is it that's it alright
so usually if you can find products I
only have one image that means the whole
entire listing is bad so again it's a
very similar thing if I can find a
product that's making $10,000 a month
but only has let's say three images or
less well again might be the same thing
maybe everybody else has only bad images
or maybe there's no other opportunities
out there so this one gets all the sales
yeah their way if I come in with 7 8
images and a great listing another way
that I can come in and steal the sales
love this of this customer so let me go
ahead and look here this is extremely
valuable because this is how you find
these these special products and this is
quite common where you see manufacturers
they just throw the product on Amazon
because they heard about Amazon they
know you can get more sales but they
have no idea about how to enhance it how
to improve that how to optimize their
listing nor do they pay someone to do it
for them so you have these like crappy
listings up there and this is an
opportunity for you to come in and be
like hey well there's demand here you
can see there's demand and I can improve
it and so that means that I could get
the higher rating and my sales will
increase exactly exactly and and up a
lot of these things are very similar
well whatever tool you're using it has a
similar feature so even if you're using
another of my competitors tools that's
totally fine just make sure you you you
think about it in this way because so
many people approach product research in
the wrong way um the one thing that I
think is unique to helium 10 is like the
the number of images I don't know that
if other tools have that but it's also
it's also a very powerful way that you
are able to have visibility on listings
that are not optimized so I'm not sure
if we're gonna find any here excuse me
oh wow they found three products which
is kind of surprising because this is a
pretty narrow search like - I'm
literally looking for products budget
that doesn't just have one of these but
has all of these wrong with it so I'm
actually surprised I was able to find
able to find three products here now is
this I'm assuming this is a brand name
maybe skunk ok yeah probably a brand
name but let me just show you guys it
looks like the BSR is very low or
right now that means that the main one
that was driving these sales is now out
of stok but let me just show you guys
how to read this alright so for example
this Beachbody obviously is a brand name
I don't want to look at brand names I'm
looking at private label so I would have
changed you know some of these so I can
look for more private label but let's
just you know for this video let's just
pretend that this is a private label
product and just to show you the process
of what I would do so I'm gonna go here
and I'm gonna take a look at the product
alright it meets those criterias it has
less than 90 reviews as you can see
right here it only has 58 it has less
than 3.5 stars just like I said it has
3.3 and it only has two images right
which are pretty terrible images and
just like I predicted if it only has two
images usually the listing itself is
also garbage which is right here like
this means nothing to me let's take a
look at their um they have some EBC
which is kind of nice but even their ABC
is not very good looking alright so the
question is is this a is this up how do
we validate this as a niche that there
might be opportunity so what I would do
is I would be like wondering what maybe
is driving the sales of this of this
keyword so what I'm gonna do is I'm just
gonna go and I'm gonna look into cerebro
which is our reverse Aysen lookup tool
now cerebro what it does is if I paste
this here um this was doing maintenance
this morning so I hope they fixed it
alright good it looks like it's working
alright this is gonna I'm gonna show you
just real quickly we'll make another
video really in-depth on this but what I
want to do is I can actually see with
helium 10 the where they are ranking for
in the top 306 position so there's
twelve hundred and twenty nine keywords
that they are ranking for in the top 306
alright now here's the thing you when
you when you bought something what was
that thing that you search for a barbell
pad right if you went to this barbell
pad let me look how many pages are
there's like six seven pages here of
of 40 each did you find what you wanted
like on page six or seven no it was
probably the first the first one first
page yeah it's probably the first I mean
that that's what I do too I mean hey
ain't nobody got time to look at six
seven pages I mean maybe my mother my
mother is like the biggest bargain
hunter in the world so she'd probably be
the person who would sit and go through
twenty pages of Amazon search results if
she knew how to use Amazon to try and
find something but 99.9% of the
population we're just like looking for
stuff on the first couple pages baby
page three rights to be honest when I'm
looking for a product like that I'm just
I'm such an efficient person I'm like
okay it's got good reviews it's on the
first page I'm buying I don't even read
the description or anything I just
exactly exactly and somewhat so many of
us are like that you're not unique in
that so from black box I saw that their
estimated sales are around twenty to
thirty thousand dollars per month so my
question would be is like wow they're
making twenty to thirty thousand dollars
a month on this product but my question
is like what keywords could be driving
the sale because that's what I'm looking
for I'm looking for is the keyword
competitive or not competitive in order
for me to decide am I gonna go in it so
my question the logical question is if
this product with this terrible listing
is making twenty to thirty grand
where could some of their sales be
coming from and Amazon doesn't tell you
exactly I mean Amazon doesn't even tell
you your own listing like hey fifty
percent of your sales are coming from
this keyword and they're coming from
this keyword all it does is like if
you're doing PPC yeah you know where
your sales are coming from but PPC is
only maybe twenty to thirty percent of
your sales you have no idea where these
other sales are coming from so what I'm
using it like let's let me just give you
an example here's a keyword right here
band exercises resistance alright so
this might seem relevant you know this
might seem okay this is a resistance
loop but it is ranked 305 all right that
means that for me to find this product
is product on this search
where did I find it where is it bad yeah
this search term I would have to go to
like page 16 or 17 or something so
here's my question you were Tatiana do
you know they're dating twenty and
thirty thousand dollars with the sales
do you think a big poor part of their
sales are coming from this keyword bean
on page 20 no no
exactly because nobody other than my
mother is going to go to page 20 to find
this so with helium 10 what I can do is
I'm gonna say hey show me where not only
are they in the first page but they're
like on the top half of the first page
all right so now I'm gonna hit apply and
now I have 244 results okay so but
here's the here's the other thing
alright here's one where they are ranked
number one so that means they are page 1
position 1 all right but the estimated
search volume per month is only 17 that
means that we estimate that somewhere
between like 10 and 30 people a month
are searching for this so like not that
many people so here's my other question
loop resistant bands 9 inch they are
page 1 position 1 but do you think
they're getting a lot of their sales
from this keyword no and why not your
every month
exactly alright so the next filter I'm
gonna want to do is show me something
that's a search for like at least 500
times let's just say and now I have a
interesting list of keywords here now
look at this beachbody resistance bands
search for 1200 times a month
they are page 1 position 1 do you think
they're getting a lot of sales from this
keyword yes absolutely
all right there everybody who searches
for this word is seen it the very first
thing that comes up plus its search for
1200 times a month now the reason why
this this is the reason why we don't use
search for brand names because I could
have you probably could have predicted
this as well and I could have that I
knew that the top searches is
going to be Beachbody because that's the
only way a listing like this can really
get a lot of sales but you guys could
get an idea let's just say this wasn't
this wasn't a brand name keyword all
the same theory actually apply so what I
would do is I would like wow this
keyword totally is a nugget keyword so
let me look at this
alright so now this comes up under
Beachbody resistance bands alright so
then at this point how do I validate it
again we're playing make-believe and
we're imagining that this is not a
branding all right buddy we use the same
process then I use x-ray the Chrome
extension to just take a look at page 1
because if my competitor is getting a
lot of sales from this exact keyword and
my product is gonna be similar I know
that I need to get sales from that
keyword too so I know what this guy is
doing but the question is what is
everybody else on page 1 doing so I know
how difficult or how easy it is for me
to get to page 1 so let's take a look
here beachbody resistance bands and then
what I do is I take a look at the
organic results this espe these are
sponsored these are people trying to get
on this page but I don't care about them
I'm looking at what the organic results
are and I hear so here this has the
estimated sales so 1120 thousand one
thousand thirteen thousand so for me
right off the bat I'm like wow this is
kind of a competitive competitive area
because for me to be able to play with
to be able to play with this keyword I
would have to have some pretty serious
sales velocity because look at the big
players here are in the thousands now
one thing that makes me feel a little
bit good is look at this one that's only
64 and they're like page one position
like five the other thing I look at is
the rating alright here's the one that
we saw right three point five if I saw a
whole bunch here that were three point
five that would make me feel good and it
actually is one that's three there's one
that has zero stars but you know it's
average what I would have liked to see
if a whole bunch of ones had three or
three and a half stars the next thing I
look at is the review count all right
now this one actually is pretty good
only two guys who are absolutely killing
it with the reviews 8000 and 4,000 but
look look at number 1 and 2 only have 58
and 19 this is the kind of thing that
you're looking for
were the top organic positions they
don't have that many reviews so that if
I come in here with like six or seven
reviews I doesn't look so bad you know
but if everybody had like 8000 reviews
then I'd be like well that would be
impossible for me to get any clicks um
the other thing I look at the number of
images and again this is something you
need to helium 10 and I like look at
this the very top to organic list
results only have two images so to be
hey there's opportunity here that you
know if I come in with five or six
images it's not like every single person
has eight or nine images so again that
shows opportunity but this is just
really briefly you know something that
you know would take you or should take
you hours to do this just shows you the
process so you this is just one product
alright then I go back to black box
I change my filters I look for another
one I keep looking for another one I
might find like eight or nine products
before I can really find one that is is
good and then I'm like wow okay now I
know can I be profitable selling this
because if you try and get into a garlic
press or a kitchen spatula or collagen
peptides or tactikal flashlight yeah
you'll see everybody on page one has
like 3000 reviews everybody's selling
like 5000 units so like those ya know
don't get into those markets you're
looking for for the ones that other you
know big sellers are not really you know
concentrated on now yeah yeah for sure
that's extremely valuable I mean I I do
coaching for people and I can't even
express how often people struggle with
the product research phase because like
I mentioned the beginning of video like
you mentioned now it's just the same
products that keep coming up and what I
do is when they send me their list of
products to review and give feedback for
actually do exactly what you just did so
you did a great job at explaining it but
I use helium 10 and I actually search
for their product I use the the Chrome
extension I go into that to the web app
and I basically do the research to see
okay is this you know is this a
profitable product and then I get my
feedback based on that but it's
extremely valuable to make sure that you
are looking at okay what are the reviews
like how many reviews you don't want
products that have so many reviews
because you're not going to compete with
and I think sometimes people do the
opposite they look for the ones that
have high reviews because they're say oh
there's a lot of demand here but really
that's not necessarily the best way to
go about it it's like you want to be
able to compete and you want to be on
the first page like you mentioned
because most people aren't going to go
to the second third fourth page to buy
your product so this this is extremely
valuable in the fact that all the tools
are inside helium 10 is really cool too
because I know in the past I'd have to
use like so many different softwares to
do this research that was well that was
what I used to do when I was a
consultant for Amazon sellers before
helium 10 had all the tools I would have
like one I would have like five Chrome
extensions and I would have one tool for
my my inventory one tool for my
financial tracking one tool for keyword
tracking one tool for keyword research
one for pry mean I had like $250 or the
subscriptions all these chrome
extensions that were slowing down my
micro browser and then and then helium
10 came along is like whoa everything's
in one so I guess all these descriptions
you actually have a discount for for
users who are interested right yes if
you guys are interested in trying this
out you're gonna get 50% off your first
month I'm gonna link the discount code
below for you guys the reason you know
if I would just say try it out because
you're gonna have 50% off your first
month so you're gonna get it at a great
discount if you don't like it then you
can cancel your subscription if you do
continue but I'm sure you're gonna love
it so at least try it for the first
month for that 50% off and it's
risk-free like even even if like let's
say at the end of the month you guys are
like you know what Amazon is not for me
I'm gonna sell on eBay or I'm gonna sell
on Etsy or something all you have to do
before 30 days just ask for your money
back and even even though you're already
getting a discount you'll get the other
50% back too so it's risk-free but I
really think if you're serious about
selling on Amazon take take
for a test-drive and you can ask
tatianna for help you could ask me for
help you know here on youtube or tag me
on Facebook Aslam in and we'd be happy
to help you guys yeah yeah for sure so I
believe that the coupon code is Lux fizz
but I will link it in the description
I'll also pin it in the comment section
for you guys and if you do have
questions the best place to ask is in
the comments section so it's much more
efficient for you to ask there and then
to send an email because I'll be active
on there I'll answer questions and
Bradley also volunteered to answer
questions so that is a great place to go
and this is a video that I would
recommend you watch twice three times
because there was so much value here so
thank you so much Bradley because the
way that you go about product research
is very unique I think and it's things
these are things that are taught and of
course that people pay for so you
delivered a lot of free value today so
thank you so so much well thank you for
inviting me and I hope to come back to
the channel and interact with your with
your users maybe if you guys do a whole
bunch of questions in the next video we
can you know tok about some of those
questions live or something yeah that'd
be great so yeah you guys post your
questions below and then we'll tok
about it we are gonna be doing more
videos together to share with you more
Amazon FBA tips so make sure you tune in
to that hit the bell symbol on my
channel so that you do get notified when
my videos come out and you don't miss
any valuable information alright guys
thanks for joining and have an awesome
day bye thanks

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