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ebay shopify integration

Published on: December 28 2022 by pipiads

Shopify integration with eBay: your choices

using Shopify for your eCommerce store,has gained in popularity hugely over the,last couple of years and is now the,go-to choice for many businesses wanting,an effective e-commerce offering Shopify,is easy to use quick to get up and,running and can be expanded with,countless extensions making it an,attractive offering for many,one way you can expand your store is by,integrating with eBay to add an extra,sales Channel but what integration,options are there that keep your,e-commerce setup future proof and,flexible,[Music],thank you,the e-commerce landscape is constantly,evolving and Shopify is a highly,competitive and popular choice,the number of Life stores has increased,by 200 since the start of 2020 and now,sits at over 200 000 in the UK alone,ultimately it's not as versatile as a,self-hosted solution you can see my blog,post which is linked to here for more,about that but with low startup costs,quick setup without the headache of,finding and managing your own hosting,and strong functionality and countless,extensions Shopify is a front runner for,many stores,the rapid increase in take of the,Shopify since the start of 2020 probably,reflects people's reaction to the,pandemic and wanting to get online,quickly with minimal upfront time and,money investment,the pandemic after all saw an,unparalleled increase in online spending,and many people for obvious reasons,wanted to take advantage of that so,there's a definite attraction to Shopify,but what are the downsides to consider,you can't host Shopify yourself and this,means there's always going to be an,ongoing cost to use it with this cost,increasing as he still grows,in addition you'll also be charged,transaction fees for every sale and many,extensions also have an ongoing cost,so you could quickly end up with monthly,costs that far outstrip those of an open,source framework you hosted yourself,such as Magento software or woocommerce,if you're thinking about using Shopify,for your store I would suggest looking,carefully at all the costs involved and,how they would scale as your store grows,make an informed decision based on your,business right now but also for future,growth forecasts and see if the numbers,work,if profit margins for many of your,product lines are low then Shopify may,not be the right choice for you,[Music],there's a few different options you can,look at to integrate your Shopify store,with eBay previously I've looked at the,benefits of using external services with,your eCommerce store but the basic idea,is that the less you rely on additional,functionality sitting inside your,Ecommerce framework the less critikally,you depend on it,this means that if you do find a,business requirement in the future to,move to a new framework the easier it,will be,so here I'll just be looking at more,versatile solutions that support more,than just Shopify meaning you can better,future proof your e-commerce offering,first up is seller Dynamics seller,Dynamics is a versatile solution that,supports Shopify and Magento and allows,integration with both eBay and Amazon,there's a monthly cost which scales,according to total sales but it seems,reasonable starting at 85 pounds per,month up to 100,000 annual gross sales there's also a,free trial so even though there aren't,many reviews around it's slightly worth,a look,Channel,supporting a host of e-commerce,Frameworks and Integrations with many,different sales channels including eBay,and Amazon Channel offers a highly,versatile solution for eBay integration,with your Shopify store,it's a solution that can come with you,whatever e-commerce framework you might,decide to move to in the future,pricing is a little higher than seller,Dynamics at around 100 pounds a month to,start and it's feature based rather than,sales based,they also offer add-ons to give extra,functionality that might not come with a,package you choose,could be more expensive than other,options but they do have overwhelmingly,positive reviews so you know others have,found their services to fit their needs,well,base Linker,base Linker offers a similarly wide,range of Integrations to channable,with many e-commerce Frameworks and many,marketplaces including eBay Amazon and,Etsy it supports Shopify but oddly it,does seem to lack Magento 2 integration,basilinker has very positive reviews and,the starting price point makes it highly,accessible to all at just nine pounds,per month for up to 100 orders and 29,pounds per month for up to 500.,pricing is based on order count and how,many product lines you carry with a,maximum listed price only going up to 10,000 monthly orders and a hundred,thousand product lines,so it may not handle stores with many,product lines and typically lower value,average orders but for higher value,takes and lower product count the price,point and positive reviews make this a,pretty attractive option,fadeenomics phenonomics perhaps has a,little more of a U.S Focus supporting,channels like Walmart and Macy's but it,still supports all the main e-commerce,Frameworks including Shopify and,integrates with eBay Amazon and others,like Etsy,the vast majority of reviews are,positive and some big name brands such,as Samsung Dell and Puma have chosen to,use freedonomics,they don't openly advertise their,pricing and instead will quote when you,submit a form,this immediately makes me think the,solution is going to be priced well,above the competition but being the,choice of some truly Global Brands,they're likely at least worth a look,they have overwhelmingly positive,reviews but I would advise caution if,cost is going to be a key,decision-making factor for you,[Music],have a look at the solutions I've,covered here and bear in mind that there,are others if you don't mind your eBay,integration tying you down to your,Shopify store and so impacting your,ability to easily change e-commerce,Frameworks in the future then you might,want to look at the official Shopify app,if you're still not sure which is the,best solution for your business then you,might want to enlist the help of one of,the high quality and experienced,developers we list at developer,connection developers from a number of,different e-commerce Frameworks,including Shopify list with us and,they'll be able to advise you on the,best approach for your partikular store,as well as do the actual integration,with eBay you can find us at,developconnection.co.uk thanks very much,for watching and I'll see you next week,[Music]

Import eBay to Shopify

in this video i'm going to show you how,to export ebay products to shopify in a,few easy steps,hi i'm ben from exportyourstore.com,so you currently have products on ebay,and you want to list them on shopify in,the most efficient way this video walks,you through exactly what you need to do,so you can export your products and sync,them with shopify you'll be amazed at,how easy it is and it also looks great,so let's get started with the setup flow,here you can see a small explanation,about the process and i'll just click,next and here you need to connect your,source channel it's actually the,marketplace or the shop that you want to,import your products from also be aware,that it will be your source for any,update which means that any update that,occurs on this platform will update the,target channel you can change exactly,what you want to sync later on in the,settings,i'm choosing ebay as my source,selecting the ebay country and the,nickname that i will choose for this,platform just so it's easy for me to,remember that later by clicking connect,ebay a pop-up opens and if the pop-up,doesn't open for you just check that,it's not being blocked by your browser,i'm going through the ebay steps and,have approved export your store to,import the products from ebay after ebay,is connected i'm clicking next,now it's the time to connect the target,marketplace meaning the marketplace or,website we want to export the products,from like in our example to our shopify,store,here i'll assign my shopify url website,and nickname for this channel and it can,be anything that i'll recognize then i,click connect,after connect i click next here we can,see our sync settings and i'll walk you,through this very briefly the first,option is autofix sku which is a unique,feature to export your store,if you don't have sku on your source,which in our example is ebay it means,your sku is empty or you have sku but,most of them duplicate when you click on,our system will fix it for you,automatikally please note that it will,update the new sku on your source which,in this example is ebay the other,options are very easy to understand so,we click next,okay so we've finished the setup,now we can see your ebay products and,they're ready to sync to your shopify,store now before i export i suggest to,map your ebay categories to shopify but,this step is not mandatory usually you,only need to do it once now what this,means is that we want when we are,exporting products to shopify that it,will export with the same category on,shopify,if you didn't create categories on,shopify i suggest that you do so i would,suggest google searching shopify,collections for tips so let's map out,ebay categories to our existing ones on,shopify click categories mapper click,map on the category and now you can see,all your shopify categories if you don't,see them all please click import,categories from shopify all you need to,do is map the same ebay category to the,shopify category okay now we can start,the export all you need to do is click,export on the product that you want to,be in shopify after it's exported the,status is changed to done so let's watch,our ebay product compare to the same,product as shopify that we just exported,so you can see all the images,descriptions and variations move to,shopify and it's looking pretty amazing,this is another great feature the whole,exporting process can be fully automated,so if you list a new product on your,source which in our example is ebay it,will show automatikally on shopify and,there you have it in just a few steps,and in under five minutes you could,export and sync all your products to,shopify from any marketplace,if you didn't subscribe yet please go to,exportyourstore.com,thanks for watching,[Music],you

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List Product on eBay Directly from Shopify | Add Item on eBay from Shopify Full Guide 2022

you can manage your ebay amazon and,walmart seller account from shopify,itself,hello ladies and gentlemen hope you all,are doing well are you an ebay seller,and you also own a shopify website then,there is exciting news for you you can,manage your ebay amazon and walmart,seller account from shopify itself so,stay calm hold your seat because you're,in the right place in our previous video,we have already shown you how to manage,walmart business from shopify yes it's,your host sakib and welcome to another,brand new episode of ecom clips now,let's make up to something amazing again,in today's quick search tutorial we will,show you how to publish new products in,ebay marketplace from shopify we will,also show you how to manage pricing and,quantity automatikally there are some,steps you have to follow while passing,those listings from shopify to ebay,let's go to the screen and we will show,you the in-depth process,on our shopify website we already set up,the ebay app if you don't have one just,download the app from the store to,install it,also you have to scan your ebay store,with your shopify website inside the,ebay app settings,after that,let's click the ebay bar then click,listing,you will find all your unpublished,products that are ready to be published,on ebay,we will try to publish this item today,so click on the item,as you know shopify and ebay algorithms,are not the same so we should click,custom ebay title then click custom ebay,descriptions,now we can edit the title descriptions,as they should be on ebay,but,if we think the shopify descriptions,title and categories are fine we also,can go with default settings,so today we are going with the default,setting,so we are scrolling down to the category,section,inside the category bar,we have a suggested category but,if this does not define our product,accurately,we have to find the category that fits,here,so this is the category that defines our,product perfectly,now let's fill in the brand name,then fill in the type of the product,by scrolling down we have to check the,shipping payment and return policies,we can see our shipping payment and,written policies are accurate,after that comes the image section,so the image are perfect as well the,important part is the inventory bar,we are now giving the inventory of this,product to one,and the ebay price will be the same as,your shopify prices,but,you can use conditions on these terms,everything looks great to us,we are scrolling up to click the save,and publish,now our listing is proceed to publish,into our ebay account,it's very simple isn't it but you can't,replace any of the items that are,already published in ebay from shopify,so if you want to know how to manage an,already passed listing or you want to,know the listing customization process,please comment below we can make a new,video to solve this issue thank you so,much for watching this video if you feel,our videos are helpful give them a,thumbs up subscribe to our channel,because it's totally free for you you,can also check our website,www.ecommclips.com that's all for today,see you in the next episode of peace,[Music],you

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How To Use Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment For Ebay Shopify Etsy | Amazon Shopify Integration

selling on amazon is changing day by day,because amazon's developer wants you to,make more money hence they are providing,you more and more tools to expand your,ecommerce business so in today's video,i'm gonna be toking about how you can,fulfill uh your shopify orders hc orders,walmart or ebay orders from amazon let's,suppose you are selling a product on,amazon and you are having the listing on,amazon and you are having an inventory,in amazon fba warehouse and on the same,plan you want to sell your products on,multiple platforms on some other,marketplaces like shopify hc walmart or,ebay and you don't want to purchase an,extra inventory uh for those platform,and you don't want to hold up that,inventory on your house and ship that,inventory when you get an order on,shopify or hc so uh to do so amazon,launched a program a long ago which,called mcf which means multi-channel,fulfillment so today i'm gonna be,toking about that channel that is it,worth using that channel or not and how,much it is gonna cost you and,and how you can use it to fulfill your,shopify hc or any other marketplace,order so in short your inventory will be,on amazon fba warehouse and you list the,same product on shopify or any other,marketplace and when you get that order,uh that product order on shopify or any,other marketplace you can simply use mcf,order from amazon so amazon will fulfill,your,order or shopify to that customer to,that address,so all the information you will get in,this video so keep on watching,but before getting started i'm user and,i sell my products on amazon ebay,shopify click funnel and redbubble and,on this channel i share my knowledge,with you people so you can do the same,and build your online business so if,you're interested in learning about the,fastest and easiest way to make money,online which can give you profit in your,first seven days then make sure to sign,up for my free 30 minutes webinar from,the link below so you can also achieve,financial freedom like me and leave a,nine-to-five job so without any further,delay let's start the video,all right so as you can see here on my,computer screen i am on the amazon mcf,page so you can just log into this page,by typing amazon.com mcf and you can,when you scroll down to this uh you can,see that all the details are present,here that why you have to choose mcf and,what will be the benefits you will get,so when you go down you can see all the,faces and all the pricing and you will,be able to know that in which country,this mca program is available so let me,just first of all tell you that how much,it's gonna cost you to fulfill your mcf,order so for that we need to first to,understand the two pieces the fba fees,and the storage fee of amazon and then,i'll break down that fee so you will be,able to know that how much it's gonna,cost you to store your inventory to,amazon fba warehouse and delivering that,inventory with amazon fulfillment to,your shopify customer or any other,marketplace customer so for example if,we go on amazon.com,and from there we can just select any,product uh let's suppose we can select,this garlic press and we just copy the,asn of this garlic press,and then we go to amazon fba calculator,you can see that this product is selling,for 14.97 dollars so we put the asun of,this product here,and then we put,14.9 dollars and when you click on,calculate we will be able to know that,amazon is charging three point seven,seven dollar fee for the amazon,fulfillment and two point two four,dollar fee for the amazon selling fee so,this amazon selling fee is like a,commission which amazon is getting from,you whenever you get a sale from amazon,so this commission amazon will charge,you only when you get a sale from amazon,but if you get a sale from shopify and,you are just fulfilling your order from,amazon so amazon will charge you only,the storage fee and the shipping fee not,the amazon commission like amazon,selling fee so for example if you are,selling this garlic press from on amazon,and you list the same garlic press on,your shopify or hc store and you got the,order on your sdh store and you want to,fulfill that order from amazon so amazon,will not charge you this two point two,four dollars selling an amazon fee but,amazon will charge you only three point,seven seven dollars which is amazon,storage fee and amazon shipping fee,amazon can ship your product from ups or,uh amazon prime vents so i just,explained this information with this,example and if you want to learn about,information i like how many ounces how,many weight how much packaging dimension,you need to follow to get the x amount,of cost so you can just read this whole,page and you will find plenty of more,information from here so now as you have,already understood that how much amazon,is gonna cost you uh when you ship your,order from amazon for any other platform,so now i'm gonna tell you that for,example if you list a product on shopify,and you got the order so how you will,fulfill uh that shopify order from,amazon mcf so as you can see here i'm on,my sales central and i'm having this,product jumbo plastik non-roasting cloth,packs so if i list this load pack on,shopify and receive one order i receive,the order order number the customer's,name and customer address so now i want,to fulfill this order from mcf so first,of all i need to copy the asin of this,product and then i have to go above and,from this order step i have to click on,create mcf order and here i have to,select the country in which i am selling,so for example i got the order from uk,uh so here i have to fill all this form,for the customer information like the,customer name the customer address,customer city phone number email and all,the information and here i have to type,the asian of that product which i want,amazon to ship to my customer and i have,to click on search and when amazon,search i have to click on plus so amazon,has added that jumbo plastik non-resting,clothes tags here so for example i,receive uh order for four units so i can,change the units here,four and then i have to uh like type the,order id of the shopify or hc and you,can leave it blank but if you are having,the your order id on any other platform,so you can just copy and paste that,order id and then you can just write a,message to your customer like thank you,for your order or any optional detail,and then when you fill out all this form,you just click on place the order that's,it when you click on this place the,order amazon will pick your product pack,your product and ship your product to,your customer outside of amazon so look,how easy it is to sell your product your,inventory which is currently present in,amazon fba warehouse to some other,platforms like shopify walmart ebay and,etsy so in that way you can just expand,your business to other marketplaces as,well while your inventory is still in,amazon fba warehouse so it's a super,important super powerful and super cool,tool that you can use to expand your,e-commerce business so you can get more,and more sales and you can get more and,more revenue so that's it for today guys,i hope enjoy the video you can just,watch my video again if you don't,understand anything and you can try this,method to increase your amazon revenue,and if you found any difficulty in this,method or any other program you are,facing on amazon then you can just,contact me anytime you can just write,down your problem in the comment box,below or you can just book a 15 minutes,call with me from the link in the,description below so i'll try my best,with my knowledge to help you out in,your amazon business or in your,e-commerce business problem because i,always try to help you out in increasing,your amazon or e-commerce business and i,always make the videos which helps you,to increase your sales and increase your,e-commerce revenue so let's meet in the,next video till then take care bye,wow

How to Connect and Import Shopify to eBay

how to export and sync your shopify,products to ebay with a few easy steps,you'll be surprised how simple this is,so let's get started with the setup,we'll be using shopify store as our,source for our products and connecting,it to ebay,updates will come from our shopify store,and any changes to shopify will be,reflected in the target channel in this,case ebay,now i'm choosing shopify as my source,this is where i put my shopify url and,nickname,it can be any nickname that i recognize,when i click connect a shopify popup,appears and says you need to install our,app,click here to install,once shopify is connected i click next,we'll use ebay as our target channel,this is where we want to sync and export,our products to first i click on the,ebay logo then,i select my ebay store country and the,nickname i want to use,and i click connect,the ebay popup should be open if not,verify that it hasn't been blocked by,your browser,now i'm going to the steps for ebay to,approve the export your store,application ebay is now connected let's,click next and choose our sync settings,here we can see our settings i'll walk,you through this very briefly the first,option is autofix skus,this is required if you don't have skus,in your products,or if you want export your store will,automatikally assign skus for them,these settings will fix skus on the,source channel which in our case is,shopify,by hovering over the info button you can,learn more,the next options are very easy to,understand i click next to move to the,next step,okay we finished the setup and our,products are ready for export,we're now getting to the products page,where we see all the source products,let's do a few things before we export,our products ebay we want our shopify,categories to be the same as our ebay,categories so we'll need to map them,prior to exporting you only need to do,this once for each category let's say i,want to map the category rings i want to,find the ebay category that's closest to,my shopify category of rings,looking at the search results the ebay,category rings is the best match for our,shopify category these categories can be,remapped at any time you may want to,change how your products will appear on,ebay this is easily done in the rule,settings any field can be manipulated,you can remove html from the description,for example,change pricing for ebay by adjusting the,price by a set percentage from your,shopify pricing,and so much more check out our help,center to learn more,let's try exporting a shopify product to,ebay start by clicking export so this is,our first product we'll need to,configure our ebay export settings,here we can configure the payment,profile shipping profile return policy,and default location for the product,we're exporting to ebay you can go back,and change this configuration at any,time if you've not yet created your,profiles in your ebay account go ahead,and set them up now it's a quick and,simple process that should only take you,a few minutes,as soon as you've selected your profiles,click save,now when i click export my shopify,product is on its way to ebay,now let's see how our shopify product,actually looks on ebay,as you can see all the images,descriptions and variations from our,shopify listing have been seamlessly,imported into ebay it looks perfect and,professional,in under five minutes and with only a,few simple steps you can expand export,and sync all of your products from,shopify onto any marketplace,subscribe for more and don't forget to,visit us at exploreyourstore.com,thanks for watching

Using Shopify to Control My Inventory that I list on Walmart, Amazon, Ebay, Facebook and others.

[Music],hello everybody mike here with flipping,goodies today is thursday,so i'm going to show you an update on,the kitchen just in case you all wonder,for the last video,so most of the stuff's done we got crown,molding under the counter molding,uh we had to move the dishwasher back,over here that didn't work out so well,but most of the stuff is done,hopefully the electricians are coming,tomorrow we'll wrap this all up,and then counter tops will be another,three weeks but,that being said this,here might be,the biggest mistake i made,in my ebay business starting out,and hopefully if you watch this video,you'll avoid this mistake,i'm going to show you what it was okay,so here's what i'm at,all right when i first started,reselling i started on ebay,right that's where i started where i had,all my listings i never,thought of expanding nor did i ever,think i would be,expanding to this level right so,if you're on ebay only okay you,definitely want to connect bonanza,it's not a great selling platform but,you will get sales from there,okay and they link automatikally your,listings automatikally go up there,and it's just free and well worth it,because you don't do anything except,set up the account you're done right,so got bone answer,right so that's just a side thought,really but bonanza is fine,ah it's not wiping off that great but,anyway,okay so then you'll start thinking,yourself well,ebay is going well i got let's say,let's say you have a thousand products,up there right,and you're doing you know maybe a few,thousand dollars in sales a month or,maybe a little bit more,who knows right so then you say yourself,well,i want to look to expand okay,and then you might say yourself okay,makari might be the next step,okay and this is entirely up to you,i'm not a big fan of akari i don't have,time for it really,but makari could be an option we're,already in,ebay and bonanza then,you know you might set up mccarty or,decide maybe you're gonna do,facebook marketplace right,and you do all that,facebook marketplace right so facebook,marketplace,is what i consider to be one of the,future platforms to be on,so you decide to go to facebook,marketplace right,and you say yourself well i'll take my,listings from ebay,and put them on facebook marketplace,now when you started ebay you just start,off small maybe 10,15 items right you really weren't,thinking too far ahead,and next thing you know you're up to a,thousand,and you don't have sku numbers in place,no upc's none of this stuff because this,is not,you know a needed thing really when,you're just starting out so you don't,think about stuff like that,but then you throw in,amazon right,you throw in amazon on the plate now a,sudden you have,items on the car you have items on,amazon ebay and facebook marketplace,to do it right and get the most sales,you want to cross list everything so,what's on facebook places on ebay is on,amazon it's on the carry,problem is you sell something on makari,right now you have to run around take,one off at amazon,one off of ebay and one off a facebook,marketplace otherwise going to sell,something you don't have,right so how do we resolve,this problem this is a huge problem and,i'm in this problem right now because,there's other platforms you can sell on,to keep expanding your business right,so as we're getting to this stage right,and then i look back now and say myself,wow,that was a huge huge,mistake and probably using this cloth,was another one,but anyway you're on ebay,right just starting out,and you're doing everything right you're,listing you got your skus,you got your upc codes right you have,the listing correct you have the,description you have,uh how many you have what the price is,how you're gonna ship,all this good stuff right,one day you wake up and say time for,expansion and your next venture and i'm,going to leave makari out of it because,this doesn't really,work with makari but the solution that,i'm doing right now because i sell on so,many marketplaces,and i want to cross list right,that is my goal but my goal also is,i do this part-time i cannot sit here,all day long and say oh,something sold on amazon right,i need to pull it off of ebay i need,something to automate that process,now there are quite a few apps out there,that will automate this process for you,but and this is just for me,what i've done with my business okay,is now my center hub is now,shopify shopify runs,my business for me i have ebay,right it doesn't run facebook,marketplace per se,but i also have listings on facebook,marketplace,but it does run my facebook shop,okay my facebook shop,right so shopify is running facebook,ebay amazon,right right here okay,and a few other sites that we're selling,on now um,and it runs it right from here,and on top of that i have,cell celebrate that i use with shopify,okay so now what happens is,if i sell something on on my facebook,shop,let's say all right and let's just say,that that is a,face cloth right,and i have 10 of them i sell one on a,facebook,shop it then goes to,celebrate we'll grab that look at it and,say,we need to update how many we have,because we had 10,right but we just sold one so my number,on amazon will go to nine,my ebay number will go to nine and,obviously my facebook one will go to,nine,my shopify store will go to nine,facebook marketplace,i'm still waiting for that integration,but,one two three four,like seven platforms can be run right,from here,you got another one here that i'm,selling on google,right so um,i mean you got another one instagram,right so now you're all over the map and,all these products you want to have,out there for everybody but you also,don't want to have to worry about,one selling here let's say this number,was one,okay now all of a sudden i only have one,in stok everybody's showing one for,that item,right um get this nine out of here,one this shows one that shows one,this shows one okay now god forbid,this cell's here i'm in big trouble,because i need to know that right away,because i have to manually go in and,pull them off all these other sites,but if it sells here on amazon,okay we're gonna get notification here,which sends it here okay and then what,happens is this goes down to zero,then it goes back out puts this back to,zero,ebay will go to zero google will go to,zero and instagram will go to zero,so now i can't sell that product again,right,so this stuff here,is something that you really need to,take into account,way way ahead of time if you think that,you're going to expand your business,and get to the point where you're,selling on so many platforms,that i don't know if shopify is the only,answer google,i mean uh godaddy has one you can use,godaddy,i think it's uh marketing it's a godaddy,shop plus marketing,so and there's other alternatives to,this vendo and there's a whole bunch you,can look through them and sift through,them and decide which one's best for you,this is best for me so shopify,and then all my,marketplaces sitting off the side of it,okay,running celebrate,that is how i have conformed my business,over the last,month i guess i've been doing this but,see it's taken away from all my listing,because,as i said in the beginning when i,started on ebay,i didn't worry about sku numbers okay,why is sku number so important so right,shopify they use the sku number,to link your product so let's say you,have a sku number of 1-1,okay for an item when you,listed it on ebay okay because you have,so many listings you have to pull these,listings from ebay into shopify you now,start all over again,this sku number let's say you're on ebay,and you're on amazon right and you,listed the same product on ebay that you,did on amazon that was your first,expansion,you didn't have a sku number associated,with it here,and you didn't put one here okay,but now you're a thousand items in,and you're deciding that i want to,switch over to something that maintains,my inventory for me,well next thing you know if you don't,have a skew of 1-1 here,and t