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Ebay Tips & Tricks...

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

Ebay Tips & Tricks...

Ebay Tips & Tricks...

hey ball King human here and I put up a
video a few days ago about ebooks and
one of the things that I do to make
money and high every time I do a video
on how to make money online that kind of
thing I just get swamped with emails so
I thought I would do a couple of things
and this is one of them I thought I'd
make a ongoing series on how to do ebay
and how to do it right because a lot of
people do ebay but very few of them do
it right and I'm an ebay master I've
been on ebay ever since he they first
started it was free when I joined now
it's v-day I mean it's you but everybody
can do ebay but not everybody can do it
well or do it right now I'm gonna teach
you guys in the next you know few months
how to do it how to do it right I'll
share share some anecdotes and show you
some tips show you some tricks to help
you get it right um for instance I have
a friend he's a science geek he's got a
garage full of electronics partisan and
industrial things and you know he came
to me and he said Dave I want to learn
how to do ebay and make some extra money
so they go in your garage grab something
bring it over and we'll ebay and i'll
show you how to do ebay
right way he showed up with the box of
electric motors what electric motors and
they spun really slowly I mean what the
hell can I do with electric motors the
only option he thought was to put them
on ebay in the industrial section and I
knew if we did that we'd get maybe a
dollar apiece for these things and then
he comes and he says you know Dave I did
try to sell these things because I go to
the electronic flea market and I put
these things out and I have you know the
guy had several dozen of these things he
couldn't get five bucks for the whole
lot of so that told me it was for real
dog oh my god I got a self of it so what
I did was thought about it for a few
minutes then I took the motor took some
kick ass pictures and and made a kickass
ebay ad in an HTML editor a good HTML
editor put my verbal spin on it and I'll
show all of you guys this in upcoming
videos anyway we cross marketed it I
didn't put it in the industrial section
I put it in the Halloween section
Halloween collectibles and i took that
motor and instead of selling it for fun
i sold it as an animatronic monster
motor and you can use this to animate
your statik props for halloween and you
know what those motors sold like
gangbusters he was selling them for I
think on the low side he was sown for 25
bucks a pop
and on the high side 75 bucks or 50 or
75 bucks apiece so that box of crap that
he couldn't get five bucks for before
now all of a sudden that thing became
worth I don't know three four thousand
bucks him and it's all because we took a
thing and instead of doing the obvious
we cross marketed and found a new niche
market and a new way to market that
thing so that's your first lesson you
have to think abstractly when it comes
to selling things on eBay so if you're
going out there and you're looking for
something to sell on eBay you can't just
think on the superficial level you have
to think on several different levels and
again I'll show you more about that
later but I just want to wet your
whistle here and see if there's any
interest in learning more about how to
do ebay the right way all right people
think on that and hopefully i'll be
doing more of these and get you guys
into making money for yourself cheers

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