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Efficient AliExpress Dropshipping with ePacket

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Hey guys, it's Ako from Daddy Fulfill, and welcome to our daily fulfill channel. In our previous videos, we talked about the top shipping methods to the US market and EU market, their shipping times and costs, and the differences between these shipping lines. Today, I am going to talk about the worst shipping lines that we should never use.

What are these shipping lines and why should we avoid them?

1. A Packet:

At first, A Packet seemed good. Sometimes, it could make a delivery in several days, but it can also last 60 days. Each package was made for cross-border mail and was never meant for reliable e-commerce shipping. This shipping line depends on passenger flights, and passenger flights don't want to flex their capacity to send out more impacted parcels, especially in Q4. You're going to have a lot of issues with packages getting onto flights, and they'll be stuck in a warehouse waiting for it to move. It has very little control over the processes. It starts from China Post and turns into local posts. The longest shipping time I have seen by a package is about 90 days. Yes, 90 days! It is crazy, but it did happen. Some checking information is all in Chinese, and customers are not going to understand a lot of it. So, it is not a great experience for your customers to use A Packet shipping.

2. AliExpress Standard Shipping:

It is a logistics company owned by Alibaba Group. This method of delivery you will meet when ordering from the site of AliExpress and other sites owned by Alibaba Group. The average delivery time for standard packages is around 15 to 45 working days. For some buyers, this may be too long, takes way too long to reach the destination. Sometimes the packages are lost during shipment, and there's nothing to do about it. We have many clients complaining about its long shipping time by AliExpress Standard Shipping, so they have to deal with a lot of disputes if they are using this shipping line.

3. Shipping Line Without Checking:

Each shipping company has their cheapest shipping options, which is without checking. The cost is very cheap, and the shipping time is acceptable, around 10 to 20 days. But there are no checking details, which means you cannot see your puzzle status if it is delivered or when it is delivered. If the puzzle got lost, we cannot tell because we cannot see all those checking details. And there's a case that what if the puzzle is delivered but customers claiming not receiving their orders. They will start disputes and want their money back. And you can do nothing about it then.

All these shipping methods sometimes are fine, and the cost is relatively cheap. But the shipping time is not guaranteed, let alone after-sales service, especially in Q4. So, if you only care about or only looking for cheapest prices to ship out your orders, these shipping lines are totally fine. But if you want to scale up to seven to eight figures and want to provide a better shopping experience for your customers, I would still recommend you to choose fast and reliable shipping lines like Unipress, 4PX, and Skynix, etc.

It is a shorter video, and I hope you guys enjoyed it. If you did, please subscribe to our channel and join our Facebook group as well. I will link to our group in the description. I would much appreciate it if you can also give us a thumbs up. And if you are interested, please check out our website, dailyfulfield.com.

What we Daily Fulfill provide is one-on-one VIP service for each professional job trooper's data. Fulfill is your solid support, and you just focus on what matters. We make your business easy, and we scale together.

This is Ako from Daily Fulfill. Thanks for watching. See you soon. Bye!

How to find Aliexpress Suppliers that offer ePacket Shipping

Hello and welcome to this tutorial on how to find Aliexpress suppliers that offer packet shipping. My name is David and I'm glad that you're here to watch this video.

Finding Aliexpress Suppliers that Offer Packet Shipping:

- Aliexpress is a smarter and easier way to shop if you're doing drop shipping.

- You'll need an application, plug-in, or extension on your browser to see products that offer packet shipping.

- If you're looking for a specific product that offers packet shipping, you'll need to navigate to the free shipping option.

- There are also paid shipping methods available.

- To find suppliers that offer free shipping, you can install a Chrome extension called Orbelo.

- Once installed, simply refresh the page of the product you're interested in and the extension will highlight which suppliers offer packet shipping.

- This is an easy way to find out which suppliers offer packet shipping without navigating to individual product pages.

I hope this tutorial has been beneficial to someone. If you liked it, kindly like the video and share it with your friends. Thank you very much and until next time, bye bye.

E-Packet AliExpress and Shopify: Dropshipping Deliveries Explained

In this video, the speaker discusses the importance of choosing products with ePacket shipping when sourcing from AliExpress for your online store. They explain that ePacket shipping is a method created specifically for e-commerce by China and Hong Kong, and it offers faster shipping times and affordability compared to other methods.

The speaker points out that it is crucial to check for ePacket shipping when selecting products to sell, as it is generally the most affordable and fastest way to ship a product from China to other countries. They also share a Shopify article in the resources section of the lecture for further reading on package shipping.

The speaker demonstrates how to find ePacket shipping options on AliExpress when searching for products. They highlight that ePacket shipping can deliver an item from China to the US in just a few weeks for a relatively low cost. In comparison, other shipping methods may take longer and cost significantly more.

The speaker advises viewers to use the Dropified app to make the product selection process more comfortable, as it can show which products have ePacket shipping available and calculate prices automatically.

In conclusion, when sourcing products from AliExpress, choosing ePacket shipping can save you time and money. Always check for this option when selecting products to sell.

How to Filter Products for ePacket Supported Items in AliExpress

In this video tutorial, we will learn how to use the Dropified Chrome extension to filter out Aliexpress results to show only the products that have a package shipping.

How to Use Dropified Chrome Extension:

1. Look up a product and you can see borders around all products.

2. Anything outlined in green supports a packet shipping.

3. To hide products that don't support a packet, go into the Chrome extension and enable hide products without it.

4. This will gray out everything that doesn't support a packet shipping, making it easier to find which products do support it.

5. Once you find the products that support packet shipping, you can offer quicker and cheaper shipping to your customers from China to the United States and other countries.

Benefits of Using Dropified Chrome Extension:

- Cut down on wait times for customers

- Offer quicker and cheaper shipping

- Find products that support packet shipping easily

- Increase customer satisfaction

Using the Dropified Chrome extension can be a great way to filter out Aliexpress results and offer packet shipping to your customers. This feature can come in real handy and can help you increase customer satisfaction. So, start using this amazing feature and see the difference it can make to your business.

How To Use Easy AliExpress ePacket Finder

Welcome to EZ Aliexpress Packetfinder! This tool has been created to help you find products on Aliexpress that use package shipping. In this article, we will show you how to use this tool and how it can make your life easier.

How to Use EZ Aliexpress Packetfinder:

1. Install the EZ Aliexpress Packetfinder extension.

2. Click on the Chrome extension and enter your email address to activate the extension.

3. Enable the ePacket identification feature to show processing time and hide products without ePacket.

4. Hover over the ePacket information to see the price and country of origin.

5. The prices of products with ePacket shipping will be highlighted in green.

6. Click on the extension to turn on/off the processing time feature or hide products without ePacket.

7. Use the admin tab to enter your Aliexpress affiliate account ID to earn commissions.

8. Add multiple countries or target specific countries to see ePacket shipping prices.

Benefits of Using EZ Aliexpress Packetfinder:

1. Save time by seeing all ePacket information at a glance.

2. Avoid clicking into each product to check shipping information.

3. Visualize ePacket availability with highlighted prices and greyed out products without ePacket.

4. Choose multiple countries to get a sense of ePacket shipping availability.

EZ Aliexpress Packetfinder is a free tool that can make your life easier when finding products on Aliexpress that use package shipping. By installing this extension, you can save time and visualize ePacket availability for multiple countries. Try it out and see how it can help you in your Aliexpress shopping!

How To Find Fast Shipping Products On Aliexpress

Welcome back to the channel! Today, we will discuss how to find fast shipping products on AliExpress for dropshipping business. As you know, AliExpress is a popular platform for Chinese-based suppliers, but sometimes products take months to arrive, which can cause issues for dropshippers. However, we have a solution for you! By using UPS expedited shipping, you can get your parcels quickly and efficiently. In this article, we will discuss how to use UPS expedited shipping for AliExpress dropshipping and how it can benefit your business.

Using UPS Expedited Shipping for AliExpress Dropshipping:

- UPS expedited shipping can deliver your parcels in just three days, even if it's an international shipment.

- You can sign up for UPS using your Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, or Twitter account.

- Once you have signed up for UPS, you can track your parcels, which is necessary for customer satisfaction.

- You can use UPS expedited shipping to improve your dropshipping business by providing faster delivery times and better customer service.

In conclusion, by using UPS expedited shipping, you can find fast shipping products on AliExpress for your dropshipping business. This will improve your customer service and delivery times, which can lead to increased sales and success. Sign up for UPS today and start using it for your AliExpress dropshipping needs! Don't forget to subscribe to our channel and give this video a thumbs up. Thank you for watching!

Is ePacket the Best? AliExpress Shipping Methods | Shopify Dropshipping

In this video, the speaker discusses Aliexpress shipping methods and provides information on which methods to use, how long they take to arrive, and their cost. The speaker gives their opinion on which method is best and recommends a supplier for the pet niche. The main focus is on the China Post, ePacket, and Aliexpress standard shipping methods.

Bullet Points:

- China Post airmail is usually 20-50 days, but tracking may not always work

- ePacket is created between USPS and Hong Kong post and can be tracked door-to-door

- Aliexpress standard shipping is similar to ePacket but may be more expensive and slower

- Non-delivery equals return to supplier, which is good for dropshippers

- ePacket is trackable door-to-door and can be tracked through Aliexpress, China EMS, USPS, 17 Track, and Royal Mail

- ePacket is max value of $400 and max weight of 2 kg

- Receiver pays custom charges and import taxes

- Customers may argue delivery if no signature is required

- Consider selling in other countries besides the UK and US for faster delivery times and potential market growth

Overall, ePacket is the recommended shipping method for dropshipping and is trackable door-to-door. While non-delivery may occur, it is beneficial for the supplier to receive the package back. It is important to note custom charges and import taxes and consider selling in other countries for potential market growth.

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