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elon musk space ads

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

SpaceX, the renowned space exploration company, has entered into a partnership with a Canadian technology startup to launch a digital billboard in orbit. This satellite, called a CubeSat, will have a massive screen on one side where people can bid to display their logos and ads. The footage from the screen will then be live-streamed on YouTube and Twitch for people to watch back on Earth. In this article, we will discuss the implications of this partnership and the advantages and challenges of space-based advertising.

Advantages of Space-based Advertising:

1. Wide Reach: The major advantage of space-based advertising is the sheer scale of reach. Billions of people across multiple countries can be reached through an advert orbiting Earth.

2. Valuable Advertising Capabilities: Space advertising can provide valuable advertising capabilities, though relatively high startup costs have prohibited this from becoming a commonplace in media.

3. Enticing for Companies: Companies are willing to spend millions for short Super Bowl commercials, and the sheer benefits provided by space advertising are very enticing for companies for advertising purposes.

Challenges of Space-based Advertising:

1. Difference in Marketing Regulations: One of the challenges of obtrusive space advertising is the difference in marketing regulations across different countries. These differences in advertising regulations make it pretty hard for obtrusive space advertisements to remain legal across multiple jurisdictions.

2. Infringements on Property Rights: Infringements on property rights also create a challenge for space advertisers since most space advertisements will be bright, it might create a nuisance for property owners.

3. Difficulty in Blocking: Blocking in the future is going to be increasingly difficult when space advertisements become a part of our everyday lives. Things we have to do to block them out of view include closing the blinds, shutting the door, stop looking into the night sky, and even some countries might take hostile action towards the board in orbit.

Space-based advertising has both advantages and challenges. Though relatively high startup costs have prohibited it from becoming a commonplace in media, the sheer benefits provided by space advertising are very enticing for companies for advertising purposes. However, the difference in marketing regulations across different countries, infringements on property rights, and difficulty in blocking may make it impossible for us to see space advertising in the future.

Why people are wrong about Elon Musk and ads in space

Are Elon Musk and SpaceX really going to put huge billboards in the sky? Let's see why this may not be entirely true.

Several articles have circulated around the web about SpaceX's plan to put advertisements in the sky. While many people express criticism towards this idea, some did not read the fine print. Let's take a closer look at what SpaceX's plan really entails.

What is a Cubesat?

A Cubesat is a small satellite belonging to the nanosatellite class. They are meant to be cheap, small, and easy to make, typically 10 centimeters per side and weighing a little over one kilogram.

Size comparison:

To put it into perspective, the largest artificial object in space, the International Space Station, is around 100 meters wide like a football field and is barely visible from the ground. If this big ass space station is barely visible from the ground, how do you plan to see such a small Cubesat?

Spacex Cubesat:

Spacex plans to work with Geometric Energy Corporation, a Canadian startup, to put advertisements in the sky using a Cubesat. The Cubesat has a display on one of its sides that shows the ads, and then a selfie stick takes a video of this kind of display, but it's not seen from the ground. Therefore, this kind of advertisement does not affect us that much.

Hundreds of satellites:

To make such a huge billboard visible from space, you will need hundreds of satellites that work in constellation to form this giant billboard, which is not a new idea. A few years ago, the company Start Rocket thought about something similar using hundreds of Cubesats with unfurling sails to create a surface big enough for this kind of purpose. Unfortunately, or fortunately, this project was dropped due to heavy criticism.

While the idea of billboards in space may not be ideal, it's essential to check twice before dismissing it as utterly ridiculous. The level of misinformation surrounding this topic is annoying, so it's best to stay informed before forming an opinion.

Elon Musk's Plans for Space Advertising!

Ellen Musk Plans for Space Advertising

Ellen Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, is partnering with a Canada-based startup to make space advertising a reality. The startup, Geometric Energy Corp, and Musk's SpaceX plan to launch a satellite into space with a pixelated display screen. The content displayed on the screen can be used for advertising, logos, and artwork.


- The satellite, known as a cubesat, will be sent into space onboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

- The display screen will be recorded through a selfie stik attached to the side of the cubesat.

- The content displayed on the screen can be live-streamed on platforms like YouTube or Twitch.

- Tokens can be purchased to determine the brightness, tone, and duration of the advertisement.

- Samuel Reed, the CEO and co-founder of GEC, tried to contact Musk's company in 2018 but received no response. He eventually showed Musk's children at the Ad Astra school at SpaceX's office, which helped SpaceX pay attention to GEC.

Ellen Musk's aspirations around space travel and investigation continue to grow and diversify. The partnership with GEC to create space advertising is just one example of Musk's innovative ideas. This project also aims to democratize access to space and allow for decentralized collaboration. With the cubesat's display screen, individuals and businesses can share their work and promote their products on a global scale.

10X ENGINEER QUITS TWITTER: Elon Musk vs George Hotz (Twitter Space)

Breaking news: Self-proclaimed 10x engineer and celebrity programmer George Huts announced his resignation from Twitter last night on Twitter. However, he was unable to save the company, which is currently facing financial difficulties. Elon Musk had to show up at 11 pm to do some damage control, and interesting details about Twitter were revealed, including the fact that the company only has about four months of runway left before running out of money.

George Huts, a self-proclaimed 10x engineer and celebrity programmer, resigned from Twitter last night after just four weeks on the job. Despite his claims to fix Twitter all by himself, he was unable to make any significant impact on the company's code base. Twitter is currently facing financial difficulties, with only four months of runway left before running out of money. Elon Musk had to intervene to do some damage control, and some interesting details about Twitter were revealed.


- George Huts is a hacker and security expert, known for his work on various exploits and AI startups.

- Twitter's code base is complex and difficult to navigate, with three different database centers and a custom technology stack.

- Refactoring the code base is not a priority, as it is expensive and does not necessarily lead to better performance.

- Twitter is working on new features, such as a view counter for tweets, to boost engagement and audience usage.

- Simplicity and consistency are key to tackling systems-level complexity in software engineering.

Despite George Huts' claims to fix Twitter, he was unable to make any significant impact on the company's code base. Twitter is facing financial difficulties and is currently working on new features to boost engagement and audience usage. Simplicity and consistency are key to tackling systems-level complexity in software engineering.

Elon Musk Is Now Sending Advertising Into Orbit

Elon Musk and SpaceX are planning to take advertising to the next level by putting up a billboard in space. This may seem absurd, but it is a concept that has been around for decades and is now becoming a reality. In this article, we will delve into what space commercialization is and how advertising in space will be achieved.

What is Space Commercialization?

Space commercialization is the use of outer space for promotional marketing and revenue creating activities. This concept has been around since the 2000s, with private companies and corporations leading the way in space commercialization efforts.

Advertising in Space:

Advertising is one example of space commercialization, with satellites being the starting point for the normalization of corporate activities in space. Geometric Energy Corporation has been trying to convince SpaceX to work on an advertisement satellite project since early 2018, and the two companies recently signed an agreement to Bring space art to the moon.

The Satellite:

The advertisement satellite will be a modified version of a CubeSat design, with a large screen for any desired advertisement or visual. The satellite will be launched on SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket, and the opportunity for advertisement won't be limited to just SpaceX or their business partners. Anyone able to last in a bidding process can win the ad space.

Bidding Process:

The bidding process will be organized in the form of selling pixel space, with five different tokens to bid for corresponding to specifications named after Greek letters. These tokens determine aspects such as brightness, color, x and y coordinates, and advertisement running times. The final process for paying customers will not be complex, and bidding figures could push into the tens of millions of dollars.

Critics and Detractors:

Despite the achievement this will be for Elon Musk and the aerospace and marketing industries, there are detractors and critics. Environmental consequences, space debris, and ethical concerns are all factors that need to be considered. We must ask ourselves, what would a floating advertisement in space look like, and would it be tasteful?

Space commercialization has been a concept for decades, and advertising in space is now becoming a reality. The successful completion of this project will serve as a major marketing boost for Elon Musk and his ventures SpaceX and Tesla. However, we must consider the potential consequences and ethical concerns that come with this initiative.

Elon Musk Is Putting Advertisements In Space! Ads In Space?!

Welcome back, sinners! It's your boy, the Savior, here with another amazing video. Today, I have some crazy news to share with you all. But before we get into that, let me remind you to grab your Turbo drivers and hold onto them tight. And if you're new here, don't forget to subscribe for fresh content four times a week.

The Decline of Humanity:

Let's face it, sinners, humanity is on the decline. Our planet is slowly decaying, and we need to find a new home before it's too late. That's why space exploration is so important. We saw Jeff Bezos go into space recently, and while it's exciting, it also shows that only the mega-rich can fund these operations. But with the potential to explore space comes the potential for corporate greed and monopolization.

Elon Musk and Space Monopolization:

Elon Musk, the grand wizard of SpaceX and Tesla, is now proposing to put advertisements out in space. This is a disgusting idea, as space is one of the few places that humans haven't yet destroyed or influenced. Putting billboards in space shows Musk's true intentions, which are to monopolize space travel and make the most money. This is just another example of the hyper-capitalist society we live in, where corporations and mega-rich individuals control everything.

The Need for Individual Rights and Freedom:

We need to promote individual rights and freedoms, rather than letting corporations and governments control and influence us. We need to take climate change seriously and start using natural energy sources. But sadly, this is idealistic thinking, and the reality is that these massive corporations won't stop using fossil fuels anytime soon.

In conclusion, sinners, we need to be aware of the potential for corporate greed and monopolization in space exploration. Putting advertisements in space is a disgusting idea, and we need to promote individual rights and freedoms. We need to take climate change seriously and start making changes before it's too late. And remember, let's not let the mega-rich control our future.

DISASTER CALL Elon Musk being contradicted by engineers in a recent Twitter space call/interview

Maximizing Relevance in Advertising Campaigns on Twitter

Twitter advertising campaigns have undergone significant changes recently, with a focus on relevance optimization and micro-targeting. This has led to higher CPMs, and advertisers now expect a high level of precision in their ad targeting.

Key Points:

- Advertisers can choose between Impressions and Clicks campaigns on Twitter.

- The focus is now on relevance optimization and micro-targeting for higher CPMs.

- It can be challenging to add new features due to the complexity of the stack.

- Subscriber and back-end business revenue are crucial for the company.

- Elon Musk recently commented on Twitter's financials, stating that the company has a burn rate of $3 billion and only $1 billion in the bank.

- The acquisition of Twitter by Musk's company has put a billion dollars of debt expense onto the company.

Twitter's shift towards relevance optimization and micro-targeting has led to higher CPMs, but it has also made it challenging to add new features. Subscriber and back-end business revenue are essential for the company's success. Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter has put a significant debt expense onto the company, but he believes it was worth it to save the company from running into the ground.

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