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escort ads detroit

Published on: December 31 2022 by pipiads

How to make sure a prostitute is not a cop

so you've decided to get a prostitute,well you don't want to go to jail for,soliciting prostitution so how do you,make sure the prostitute isn't a police,officer well I'm gonna help you out when,you find the prostitute that you like,you get her in the car with you or,whatever private area you guys are in,simply quite simply ask her to show you,her breasts I know that may seem silly,but there's a reason for it,if the prostitute is a police officer,she won't show your breasts for a couple,reasons first reason is police officers,obviously have follow the law or they're,supposed to not just that they have to,follow by a moral code there's a lot of,things not necessarily written in the,law that they just can't do like showing,a pedestrian or standard citizen their,breaths not just that a female officer,is just not gonna show you her brick,she's not gonna do that now say she is,an actual prostitute at first she's,gonna be like if you say Oh show me your,breath she's gonna be a little taken,aback and then she's gonna ask you why,simply tell her I want to make sure,you're not a police officer once she,hears you say that shoe also be happy,because just as much as you don't want,to get arrested for prostitution neither,does she,she wants to make her money for whatever,reason go along her way so when you ask,her to see your breasts that shows her,that yours will not police officer mail,to do this officer you know in some,sting operation because for the same,reason female police officer can't show,you arrest the male officer can't,solicit such activity again for more,conduct reasons also I wanted to give,you guys other tips so how you can know,whether,prostitutes a police officer not one of,the main things is is a police officer,has to make sure that a trans,she has to make sure you are actually so,this soliciting prosecution so an,actually police officer will always try,to get the money upfront she'll always,make the money a big deal oh do you have,the money on you you know she asked you,what kind of sexual favors you want and,then she'd say oh you have money on you,she'll keep asking off money where's the,money where's money have you have money,then you'll notike an actual police,officer will make more big of a deal,about the month whereas a real,prostitute won't because she doesn't,want to lose you as a customer she wants,to she's a regular human being it's not,nice officer so she's gonna wanna tok,about a conversation with you maybe a,little bit and then obviously ask what,kind of sexual favors you want so on so,forth so just certain things to watch,out for and also also I want to be known,this I'm not saying that you should get,a prostitute but people do anyways and,if you are be careful just think to,yourself this this prostitute that's a,job that's what she does for a living is,have sex for money that's what she does,so you have to think to yourself that,not only does she have sex she probably,has sex a lot with a lot of different,people so the chances of her having some,kind of sexual disease are sexy,transmitted disease it's very high I'm,not saying she will but it's very high,so I just encourage everybody to use,protection for your safety for her,safety and otherwise just be careful but,hope the tips helped and good luck stay,on top

No escort section? No problem for prostitutes on backpage.com

channel 2 Action News investigation,reveals that despite a highly publicized,move by a classified ad website the site,still plays a big role in prostitution,and busts Channel 2 investigative,reporter Mark Whitney live at the Fulton,County Jail tonight mark you've learned,serious crimes tied to all of this,possibly even a murder and you know this,story this problem transcends county,lines we happen to be in the Fulton,County Jail because of the text,MacGyver's story we just did but we shot,this report with a crack DeKalb police,Vice unit it involves prostitution busts,a murder and the role a classified ad,website may play in both put themselves,in harm's way on the daily basis it's,about helping those who want to be,helped this story isn't just about how,the cap police say women some very young,I responded to a half a female who was,24 years of age she is 14 years aged use,backpage.com,online classifieds to get paid for sex,it's about the price some young women,wind up paying,a January Backpage press release quoted,a victim's hotline founder about the,unique way the website bent over,backwards to help police but it,proclaimed quote as the direct result of,unconstitutional government censorship,backpage.com has removed its adult,content section and yet so back page is,still a vehicle for prostitution it is,vice commander Curtis Williams says ads,for prostitution though they use code,words simply migrated elsewhere on the,site some of the dating site at this,point cab police face at a motel,we're an undercover man a detective says,made a deal for prostitution by calling,the number in a back page ad,how come you turn down that officers,offer of help detective CD King tells us,the motel where that bust went down is a,quick walk around the corner from,another one to cap police visited in,November investigating the murder of,Ashley Mayes an indictment charges to,recall raped and strangled or a document,says she'd been zipped hands and feed,quote the victim advertised on,backpage.com the indictment alleges,aggravated assault and more on another,woman this one it says contacted through,backpage.com and a document describes an,alleged assault in Eastpointe on a third,woman who advertised on backpage.com,his lawyer says Hall pled not guilty to,all counts how many clients have you met,the Beveridge detective King tells us,all 16 arrests a cab vice made in three,days of undercover operations we covered,stem from Backpage ads investigators,calling existing ads for women we're,placing their own de leur John's that,donation will be $60 a letter to members,of Congress from backpage.com lawyers,said Backpage agrees human trafficking,should be eradicated in that Backpage,has spent thousands of hours and,millions of dollars working with or,training law enforcement now we know,some suspects basically said they didn't,do it now detective King in fairness,says Backpage does block some ads that,the site blocked a female undercover,detective at one night we were out with,them in fact but the Vice unit still has,he says an inexhaustible supply of ads,to investigate that appear to be posted,by prostitutes now tomorrow on channel 2,Action News at 6:00,why Ashley Mae's death hit so hard at a,local shelter zip tied hands and feet,reporting live in the Fulton County Jail,mark winning channel 2 Action News well,and as you pointed out mark I mean these,are young people vulnerable not ready to,make some good choices and a lot of,culpability to go around here thanks,mark

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Prostitution is real in Detroit

Michigan Avenue just three miles from,downtown Detroit what in the world is,going on here this is no movie set,they're not shooting an ad for,Victoria's Secret,these girls are hookers get this it's,six o'clock in the morning and the,hookers they're not your neighborhood,crackers it's a pretty obviously girls,are imported absolutely and their,blatant as hell they strut around like,they own the streets if a simple wave,doesn't do the trick they'll crank it up,a notch,it's an x-rated freak show but if you're,trying to make a living or raise kids,here it's not entertaining,by 6:45 the hookers are nearing the end,of an all-night shift suddenly our,undercover camera catches a bizarre,scene unfolding men start showing up in,Cadillacs most with out of state plates,they buzz around hurting the women like,cattle right into the middle of the,screen before long they're on foot,chasing the hookers around hurling,insults and threats these women aren't,afraid of the cops but the men in the,caddy strike fear into their hearts so,who are these guys neighborhood,vigilantes not by a long shot,keep watching you'll get the picture and,it's not a pretty one right now let's,back it up a few hours to the beginning,of their show it's a Friday night at,Michigan & Liber noise they start,showing up around midnight neighbors,have seen the men in the Cadillacs,dropping them off are you starting to,get the picture the girls are all decked,out in kinky outfits they don't leave,much to the imagination look at this,she's flashing cars but why bother even,with a top on she's showing way too much,for TV remember this isn't some back,alley it's one of the Troy's busiest,streets and most of the sex goes on in,cars on side streets people in this,neighborhood are constantly finding used,condoms in the street the police are out,there but let me put it this way if this,was a war the cops would be General,Custer they're clearly understaffed and,overwhelmed,see for yourself through the lenses of,our undercover camera 1:20 a.m. the,hookers have been out there for more,than an hour,Detroit cops roll in and start writing,tikets problem solved yeah the hookers,keep right on rolling a half-hour later,the cops make a curtain call this time,they fill up a paddy wagon and fall them,off to the police station they're under,arrest but not for long two hours later,they're back out on bond now it's worse,than ever,the circus goes on and on and on long,after the Sun comes up so why can't the,cops just get out there and clean this,up I've asked and I've heard a lot of,excuses for one thing Detroit as a 50,dollar bond for hookers but the cops say,even if they did hold on to him the,judges would let him go anyway because,there just aren't enough jail cells but,you know what the people who live around,here are getting tired of excuses,can you blame them you don't see this in,Dearborn you're not seeing it in Livonia,you're not seeing it Westland it's,coming here and it's been going on for,far too long I first exposed this,problem two years ago my investigation,got the attention of the Detroit City,Council they voted to double the fines,and jail terms for hookers people were,telling me they're there witnessing sex,acts in front of their houses and,finding condoms in the street my reports,even got national exposure on the Montel,Williams show that none that this record,has changed some of things in ways the,police handle reports though induced in,Detroit absolutely we're not done yet,and that's why our undercover cameras,are out here again because two years,later Detroit still has a fifty dollar,bond for hookers and not only is the,problem still here it's worse than ever,it needs to be cleaned up for the people,who are trying to raise families and run,businesses in this area and how about,the prostitutes aren't they victims too,you really think they want to be out,here in these ridiculous up that's,having sex with strangers I can tell you,this wherever you see the hookers these,guys in the Cadillacs are hovering,nearby and it's clear from our,undercover video they've got some kind,of hold on these women,[Music]

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prostitute Jessi interview ( working on the track doing dates)

all right so I'm here with Jesse Jesse,how old are you 27. are you originally,from Arizona yes,what part of AZ,Phoenix or Whitman,Whitman Whitman Arizona yeah all right,so how'd you grow up how was your,childhood,um pretty exciting was it yeah why did,you say I mean,I was a kid,you know,um we had you know the quads the horses,the you know trampolines the pools so,you had a good childhood growing up yeah,pretty damn good,um do you work out here on 27th Ave,recently no,sometimes sometimes,how did you get to that point of working,out here on 27th,uh actually my kid's dad died and,I was a single mom so I just,wanted to make a lot of money,okay,and um it worked did it yeah you make a,lot of money out here,oh yeah yeah yeah what's like uh,like a typical night,uh typical I don't know,no less than 500. no less than 500.,that's some pretty good money yeah I,think I'm in the wrong business,what do you make,me yeah I make that but in the whole,week,so 500 a week yeah not bad,not bad um,so what's your current situation right,now are you homeless yeah yeah,how did you end up homeless,uh,um I gambled at the casino I guess you,could say,what casino is your favorite one,I like wild horse,okay,well I also like vaquiba actually,vaquiva,yeah,yeah so what you just gambled all your,money away,no,um,I don't really know what it what it is,but it was like,some people were saying it was like I,gambled with uh Satan I guess yeah you,could say that I made it bet,I guess but it wasn't me,per se I made a bet,yeah,so I kind of just get in for a minute,so how did you end up on this like um do,you have,a substance abuse problem,s with anything yes what do you do Blues,everything yeah how long have you been,messing with the Blues,[ __ ],I really don't know I had my first one,when I was like,11.,11 something like that I had a really,bad ear infection like yeah,yeah so what was it prescribed by a,doctor or,well yeah you could say that my dad gave,it to me your dad gave you the first,blue,that's crazy man I had an earache I was,dying,okay,it was the weirdest ear infection ever,actually so what he just decided to try,alternative medicine or what no there's,no alternative medicine for pain,medicine yeah I had an ear infection,no I've had women hit me up for dates oh,is that right yeah I don't do that,yeah I know,so you're straight yeah okay yeah it's,pretty cool,I meet a lot of people though that's,what I like about it no I think I think,it has a lot to do with um how you,present yourself a lot yeah,so probably say if I'm walking probably,how I'm walking down the street,or maybe to sound like what I'm wearing,or if my hair is done or,you know or if my dress is clean you,know yeah my legs are shaped you know,what I'm saying like just different,things and then like,if I'm like out somewhere probably again,how I treat them probably my manners,but do you also do the internet or did,you just do the blade out here,uh I actually,haven't done the blade,a long time actually I'm just,prance I guess around,her Frolic I haven't really done it in,like two years a year I've just been,doing online stuff online,I mean I quit,it's a long story they don't have,backstage no more where do people go,nowadays,honestly you could you could go anywhere,there's like um,some people use Facebook still,yeah,some of you use tagged like,um,Craigslist I think they removed it,they got uh Mega,they got,um,I don't even know what else they got,skip the games,they got all type of stuff actually okay,you only work out here or do you travel,around the country there's a lot of,girls that travel around the country,travel around the country yeah well,Texas,New York,yeah I've been there I just haven't,worked out there are you independent or,do you work with someone I'm pretty damn,independent,I mean that way,yeah do you have people I mean I have,people all the time yeah I have people,chase me down the track okay,yeah what do you usually tell them,I don't I don't work like that,that's not how I work,or,probably cuss him out,I don't know it just depends how I'm,feeling,or what they've said to me triggered,something,so how long have you been doing this,type of work,I guess say like three years three years,three years four years the most have you,ever been in a dangerous situation where,you thought you maybe you were gonna,lose your life man I've had guns pulled,on me I've had,I've had guns they're trying to shoot me,in the head for a like seriously like,they're seriously they got issues yeah,there's a lot of issues out there that,[ __ ] is crazy,what else has happened,yeah I think that's pretty much it I've,been,I've gotten scared in some situations,like they've gotten intimidating,so what's up,that's a family tree family tree,cherry blossom tree this is Dakota it,says K Vicky,uh Timmy Denny are those your kids no,it's my family like my dad my mom my,grandma all right brother sister grandma,my son's over here,um why does it is that his birthday yeah,okay and his name,Zachary zakari zakari,um do you have your kids right now,uh they're with my mom I'm trying to get,them here you're trying to get them back,no I'm trying to get them here I don't,lose I was my kids I think I lost them,once and it was like,very quick,um do your parents know what you do,yeah,what did they tell you,uh my mom she's not really thrilled,about it,um,she's like a workaholic,yeah weird I like I made her quit,it's crazy,um,my dad apparently,um he's he's okaying it for the sake of,mankind yeah okay,do you have sittings,yeah I have a brother and sister do they,know what you do yeah,what do they tell you,what do you mean they they can't tell me,anything you can tok to them do they,they just want or or my brother doesn't,but you see like what the [ __ ] are you,doing or no no no people just want or,need so they don't,I don't have much to say other than can,I have this or can you can do this for,me,advice for the younger generation if we,have any younger viewers watching this,video and they're thinking about trying,blues or G what kind of advice would you,give them,um don't depend on it I guess,like,I don't know I don't have anything,against medicine yeah so I really,I really don't know I mean in moderation,um,Maybe,with doctor's advice,I guess,um I really don't you know like there's,some things that you can't control just,like my kids you know what can you do,about it,there's nothing you can do about it all,right well thank you Jess I really do,appreciate it thank you,and are you okay with me using it on my,YouTube channel yeah thank you I,appreciate it thank you

Female Backpage Escort Tells Her Chilling Story On Being Gang Raped

okay anyways back to what I was singing,[ __ ] I go on a date or whatever the,[ __ ] call I mean it was one dude he,called he told me he wanted to see me,for an hour so I go to the date or,whatever the live driver pulled up he,was like how long you gonna be here I,was like an hour he was like i'ma stay,close,he was like cuz you kind of far from,where you had and I was like all right,so [ __ ] so the dude outside he got on,a black hoodie it's a dark dude this is,the one I don't know yet [ __ ] he,outside and he like I open the lip door,and I'm like hey are you for me it was,like yeah so I get off the car and I try,to live driver or whatever is good or,whatever text me when I get in there and,I was like all right so I go up in there,and [ __ ] and when I walk into one,bedroom I don't see nobody in the,kitchen so cool I'm not tripping I don't,see nobody in there I walk to the back,room well he lead me to the back room,and [ __ ] ain't nobody in the bathroom,either so when I get up in there I take,off my like I'm bout to take off my,jacket like how long do you want to see,me for and he's like I want to see for,two out he's like two hours and it,instantly drew read back to me because,the [ __ ] had something he wanted to see,me for one hour already,so I'm like oh no baby I don't do that,that's too old or whatever I was like I,could do a quick video I could do I'm,half an hour so he was like all right I,was like can we exchange the donation,he's like all right so he walked out the,room and could you like that for me when,he when he when he walks out the room I,check around and check out my jacket and,as I check on my jacket I heard the door,open so I turned around and this is this,is when two [ __ ] come in the room,which is Jason was the first one he was,in front of Brandon he was little he had,on they at first the tuna the the black,dude didn't have nothing on his face the,[ __ ] with the Jason and Brandon they,had the man they had like shirts rocker,on my head and a bandanas or something,on her head so we're on the casitas but,the craziest thing is right when I first,flew out here I flew into Charlotte and,the the girls me she's like we would,make our go to Fayetteville you know,they call it Vietnam and I'm like what,no I thought it's military you know I'm,trying to say but instantly when I seen,them [ __ ] I was like oh [ __ ] this is,[ __ ] that they toked about out here or,whatever some [ __ ] there was like a,[ __ ] give me your money give everything,and I was like I don't got nothin please,don't shoot me my baby birthday tomorrow,but really I was lying like my big,birthday December 4th,I was December I'm saying and we all the,way another but I'm hella scared I'm,like just like I know I don't got no,money on me from me I would never take,no money to a concert y'all [ __ ] is,dumb callin [ __ ] thinkin it they,gonna bring everything that they didn't,mean to yo house like I don't make no,sense to me,but anyways he the [ __ ] snatched my,jacket but the dark Nagar never had the,gun he just branded into boy Jason,Jason was the one running the situation,Brandon was just toking to most [ __ ],that's the one that hurt me the most,like that he had okay let me tell it in,the I'm so sorry I'm so sorry,okay so anyways they was pointing a gun,at me and it was going through my army,Jackie I only had two cigarettes,and I had a knife he took the knife out,he was like oh you're not gonna need,this and they took the cigarettes or,whatever and I was like I'm not tripping,like in my head I instantly went into,survival mode like you know what I'm,trying to say I don't know how I did,what I did but but you know I'm trying,to say I played the road to get back,home like you feel me I was like oh I'm,not tripping with a white blob like I,played it off like I was in cool but the,whole time in my head I'm like damn,they're my Young Saeng I stik up for,black people so much it's crazy because,I would never think that a [ __ ] like,somebody like my people you feel me it's,all these white girls mentors not saying,it's acceptable or okay for nobody you,know what I'm trying to say but you got,all these girls and then you call me I,got all these pads on my fish I don't,think I'm from somebody somewhere for,reals come on now,so I'm sitting on the floor like this,because when they can when the [ __ ],came in I feel I got scared I fell on,the ground I was oh my god oh my god,please please my baby with my please,please I'm so sorry like I don't have,the money I don't have the money and the,[ __ ] was like this [ __ ] lying I'm,about to beat this [ __ ] up or something,when he said that I instantly get scared,I'm like cuz I really don't gotta not,letting these [ __ ] really might beat,me up like you feel me I'm trying to say,so I instantly I look out one of the,windows they had it won a cooler like a,cooler and the windows tok like damn I,came I was like damn I can't jump out,this window it red so I look at the,other window it uh it got this big-ass,marathon like damn these things about,them they like it is to these three of,them they got guys it's not what I'm,about to be able to run or nothing so,the [ __ ] was like take off your clothes,so I'm still sitting on the floor and,shark Loki like what the [ __ ] is going,on I don't have no money these [ __ ],guy I'm behind some woods I'm I'm gonna,Cumberland and carbine like off boom,[ __ ] and I'm like damn I'm right here,behind these woods,anybody like the the live driver,probably ain't gonna come back cuz I,ain't gonna request to live my homegirl,that's out here with me,you know Santana ain't gonna know where,I'm at what's going on you feel me like,it like it like this should be just,crazy hellish it was booked in my mind,my baby,I just hellish it like just me just,trying to get some money and it's crazy,cuz [ __ ] toking about lying,and [ __ ] who lies about [ __ ] like that,that should that [ __ ] on that she don't,make no sense to me like my [ __ ] like I,don't know everybody Chile they are like,like and don't be worried about other,people like and always coming and that's,why people don't be toking about,getting raped or anything that happened,cuz [ __ ] like y'all always got,something to say live your own life,don't be worried about mines mine again,the only law that you should live by is,not to transgress oh no one's freewheel,like you should be able to do whatever,you want see Monica got [ __ ] running,around here [ __ ] all day for free,[ __ ] and sucking catching STDs,getting pregnant by [ __ ] I don't even,want y'all but soon as Sony wanna trace,the back my [ __ ] [ __ ] gonna,call me hos [ __ ] oh mama ho you a ho yo,[ __ ] yo yo they pre hos,if y'all ask me so I'll do a [ __ ] I'm,gonna defend what I do to the end of the,day I live a dangerous life my [ __ ] I,don't care what,say I don't I don't give a [ __ ] run,again at the end of the day them [ __ ],called me over there they raped in a,robbed me money then and then and then,listen and thank y'all for posting the,videos right cuz I just shows that I was,really there I'm from California I'm in,North Carolina how do I have a video of,me why is it messages of y'all telling,me oh once you start crying in um I felt,bad for you all that [ __ ] why do I have,video I mean messages and [ __ ] like that,and I don't even know how she speak what,I thought toking about me saying I,deserve a see my like just hell is [ __ ],like I just live different,I just feel different and with them,[ __ ] took from me today like I don't,know I can't even explain it but nobody,don't gotta lie and crazy thing is right,this is what I really make alive okay,okay anyways let me finish on the story,I'm so sorry I'm guess I checked the,[ __ ] is crazy I'll keep you seen in the,shade and then I'm looking damn I could,let me turn the story straight,so the first thing to come in and they,gonna call me or whatever this is how I,was able to take the lymph driver what,was going on so four [ __ ] I,think I'm lying

Top 2 craziest sexual request from men by tranny

look out on guys now right now we have,like a really fun topic but today I'm,gonna try to see what you guys think of,it um I'm on my webcam as we speak and I,wanted to share with you guys some of,well two of my like most kinkiest where,does craziest freakiest experiences from,requests you know sexual requests for me,okay and let's just get into it I'll,just get right into it yeah okay so the,first one no no no I McGee number two,number two friends cuz I want y'all to,listen so number two was I had a young,guy okay very young okay thank you was,like maybe 23 or somethin and he wants,he wanted me to tie him up and he wanted,me to basically you know top him which I,did and it was just crazy to me because,like I actually had to well he brought,me the bondage rope but if you don't you,know you don't know what you're doing,with behind the rope you can really hurt,somebody so you know you can cut off the,circulation you can you know give them,burns you know or whatever so it's so,for me I had a class um well a little,learning class wasn't you know anything,too big on you know how to properly you,know do bondage you know but then I did,a little look at a couple YouTube,tutorials so that was like that was dad,that was how that works okay and I just,was like I couldn't get into it like,because it was so annoying because it,took so much time and effort to tie this,[ __ ] up you want to say add,I am here time their time here Tama and,then I to make sure that the the nuts,were just so and that he had enough,space in between a my listen this is too,much,you feel me so that was I wanted to,crazies things you know like my videos,to be too long gone so now about the,getting to know one dad to me this ain't,to me really like out of all the stuff,people do you know it's not really all,that crazy but to me the [ __ ] was,[ __ ] weird it just I don't know for,what reason the [ __ ] where to me the,[ __ ] out my neighbor like that [ __ ],weirded me out so bad hold on I mean let,me have a I'm sitting there she just,weirded me out so [ __ ] bad okay from,me something like he's like um he like,well we was doing you know toking to,text or whatever you like oh you'll have,to wear a Bonnie you got a bond and I'm,like oh we're bonding you know I'm,saying like oh we're bonnets I just,don't like I don't like the look of a,Bonnie I just I don't like those you,know I don't I would never wear that,[ __ ] not even the sleep like especially,if I have a man spending the night with,me I'm not wearing nothing on my heat I,like to look like this when I wake up in,the morning say I woke up like but I,thought I like to do anyway so it,wouldn't stand and I no way but I'm just,saying so and then I'm sitting next to,me and he hasn't like these sweatpants,not see some rubber gloves not rubber,gloves but like latex you know I'm,saying I doctor gloves whatever like I,know it was a poking out they wasn't,hanging out it was just I could just see,him cuz his pockets was opening never,zipper pockets and I was open,oh my god what the [ __ ] I'm like one and,I'm like I hope it's [ __ ] don't,charge strangle you're not [ __ ] I did,like what in the [ __ ] you know I'm,saying and then trying pulls out their,own the [ __ ] gloves he said can you,give me a [ __ ],I'm like yeah you know,he's like here put these on and I'm like,why you want me to put these on you know,who've it you know oh now mind you this,[ __ ] like 20 21 22 [ __ ] going,all the people [ __ ] ain't now,so he's like and then he pulls out a,violet of his own I'm like I hope that's,not no bond addiction you know nothing,that you two brought from no [ __ ] house,what you them you would you stop them,brought a brought a barn it all on your,way over here and I put the [ __ ] I'm,like [ __ ] baffled at this moment,please forgive my you know all this,cussing off on it that's how I was,feeling I was so bad what am i what the,hell and I'm looking at him as he gives,it to him because I don't even like,putting them shits on my head I - you,gonna [ __ ] my hair up you know it's,pretty good so um I'm like all right,whatever so I put the [ __ ] bottom on,I put the [ __ ] gloves on and I made a,I like he was like you made a face I,what are you thinking and I was like,[ __ ] what I'm thinking is Joe,has probably got molested when he was,little you know or when you was younger,he's like nah I get molested and I'm,like well why the [ __ ] you want me see,here looking like an old [ __ ] with some,[ __ ] gloves on and don't want don't,want no fingerprints and no residue on,you you know I'm saying like [ __ ] what,the [ __ ] you you know he's like well I,was 15 years old and she was older and I,was like okay then it's weird it's,[ __ ] this word is some nasty ass,kink that you got coming from the chokes,freaky ass I couldn't believe it in him,night for me at this point you know like,I say he's 22,so he's groans of age I'm grown I'm of,age so wasn't like doing anything wrong,but for me the [ __ ] felt wrong you feel,me it just felt like it was just doing,something wrong this was my feeling that,shade into me that was like one of the,weirdest,kinkiest craziest kinks that someone's,had in I'm not judgmental at all with,the world oh I'm very open to people's,you know,different kingpin things like that me,personally I'm not like that I I'm,pretty you know I'm pretty um I mean I,get sin sexually yes but I'm pretty you,know vanilla it's what they call it,where it's like I'm not really trying to,do know a whole bunch I don't need to be,in bondage or I don't need to be in,another that [ __ ] just give me some good,dick give me some good [ __ ] you know,I'm saying give me some good ass,whatever and we good you're not I'm,saying you know with a good stroke but,y'all [ __ ] I don't know what,the [ __ ] I was going through I don't,know but that's the top two that I have,I have other own stories but I just kind,of want to see what type response I get,from this and then we can go forth,okay so remember to Like share and,subscribe,I thank you so much for hanging out with,me tonight this evening I hope you guys,have a wonderful weekend and please,remember always they sex