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face anything ads

Published on: January 14 2023 by pipiads

Face Book Ads 101

hi, this is Craig Collins, and in this video, I'm going to walk you through the concept and strategies of running facebook advertising and why that gives us an edge for our clients. so I'm on my personal profile on facebook right now and on the right side of the page. if you're familiar with Facebook and you've likely seen these ads on the right side. these are all sponsored ads that marketers and businesses are paying for to show up over here. so, as you can see, the basic element, elements of an ad include a headline, include an image and then you've got body copy here to essentially entike people to click through on the ad. so now companies spent over two billion dollars in 2010 and that spend is estimated to only increase over time because of the success it's marketers and businesses do have with Facebook advertising. however, a lot of businesses lose money because they don't know how to do it. so you know they're they're fairly easy to set up. however, there's a lot that goes into it in terms of selecting the right imagery, the right headline, the right copy. so there's quite a bit of testing that goes on and it max my social media. we've literally run hundreds of campaigns and have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on facebook advertising to essentially perfect the, the system that we have in place to give our clients the highest click-through rates, the lowest cost per click and, therefore, and also the most targeted fans on their page. so what I'll do real quick. so I'm just going to show you how, how we select the elements for creating ads. so I'm just going to go down to the bottom, select advertising. I'm going to click on create a new ad and then I'll just show you some of the elements that that we work with to create a successful campaign. so, for starters, all we want to do is select the destination, which is going to be the page. i'll just select my fanpage as an example. we're going to just send it to the default landing tab, which is, you recall, in the previous video. we'll send traffic to my custom tab that I've created that enables people to get that free facebook book that I've, that I've offered. so, anyway, we've got the, we've got the default landing page. the title, of course, is the name of the fan page, and then in the body, we just want to write some sort of copy that's going to be consistent with what is what is shown on the fan page. so i might say something like: download your FREE copy for facebook marketing strategy. so that would be consistent with the book that i'm giving away on on my partikular page. and of course, i would write much better copy than that. i would select a different image. so what we do is will also create typically 10 to 15 different ads for clients, using different imagery, different copy, testing the headline. so we'll have 30 different combinations of ads for the clients to test those out. so you know, obviously this is not copy that I would use again. this is just for demonstration purposes. but we do use some some very effective marketing copy when, when running ads for our clients, then of course, since a lot of our clients are local businesses, they do want to target a specific geographic region. so of course we can target by the entire United States, by a state or by city. so, as an example, I might just say that this would be an example for a car dealer in Denver. okay, so I'll just enter the city of Denver and let's include everyone within a 25-mile radius and let's just say that we've gotten information from our client, the car dealer, who has provided some, some intelligence on the makeup of their ideal client. okay, so we have some demographic information, we know who to target, so maybe we'll go after they have the most success, with males between the age of 24 and 32 as an example. we only want to target men and we want to target that exact age and then precise interests. okay, so they might also know that their purchaser- people who buy their cars- are typically football fans. okay, so we might select football as some of the interests and then we can say, well, these guys are probably interested in fantasy football flag. then we might just say NFL as as an example as well. and then we also know that they have a partikular interest in the rolling stones as an example. okay, and again, this is I'm making this up as I go along, but just to show you that we can get really granular in the targeting for these fans. so if the client provides this information, we can target fans based on these demographics and the specific likes and interests. if not, then what we'll do is we'll go through a series of tests on these ads to find out who that ideal client is. so by testing these things, we can determine what their likes and interests are, once we have enough data to work with. so over time. what we'll do is we'll test these ads and we'll figure out who their ideal demographic is, the age, the gender, their likes and interests, and then, of course, we can even move on and select folks who are in a relationship. maybe the dealership said that, yeah, you know what we? we have more success with guys who are married, then then the single guys and then maybe college grads or our best customers as well. okay, just to provide an example. and then, once we've selected that, that information, we will basically just select an ad budget. we do recommend most of our clients spend twenty dollars a day at a minimum. we do have clients that spend much more than that, but just to see some traction and to see some some success on the fan page, we do recommend a daily ad spend of twenty dollars. and you can see down here: if I were to run this ad this would cost. you know, the suggested bid is between a dollar $200- 68. my bid is a dollar thirty-five. it's not going to be that much. it's always less than the bid, but that just gives you an idea. so in this case it might be a dollar per click to get this partikular fan. now what we're going to do is we're going to send the fans, when they click on the add, to the landing page on the Facebook fan page. so, as I mentioned previously, we do have another client, as I showed you in the last video, where we have a custom landing page where the fans can win a hundred dollars. so what we've done is, for all our clients, we will create these targeted facebook ads and send the traffic to this landing page. so that's going to significantly increase our opportunity to get people to like the page. so, if you recall, we were giving away four hundred dollar gift certificate from McGee. so when they land on this page, they'll click like they're now entered into the contest to win four hundred dollars. we also have a highly targeted fan on that page. so we've targeted it based on their specific clients, who their ideal clients are, based on demographics, likes, an interest, etc. so we get very granular in targeting those folks. so what happens is when we run these ads to a targeted community, they like the page. we now have a highly engaged and highly targeted group of fans on this page who are their ideal customers. so now we can stay in touch with them every day by posting engaging posts on the fan page actually asking, engaging questions and basically bringing them into our community. so therefore that's going to substantially increase our ability to get these folks to do business with our clients. so facebook ads are a big part of our campaign and the success of running facebook ads and essentially having a successful Facebook ad campaign. I also want to mention that we run ads to the fan page because the cost per click is much less if you run the ad, for instance, to an off-site page. so if we ran the ads to mcgees website, as an example- McGee calm or whatever that may be- the cost per click on Facebook would be much higher. so we are essentially helping our clients spend less money to advertise by sending the traffic to Facebook. and here's another big one: when we, when we advertise to the fans of the page, the cost per click is substantially lower and the click-through rate is much higher. ok, so I'll jump back to to my profile to give you an.


Sailors got invited to a movie premiere tonight, for a movie she's actually in and there will be celebrities and a huge audience watching her perform ance, but the dress she ordered from Amazon didn't arrive. so we have three hours to buy her entire outfit for the premiere first time. let's go, let's go. these look formal to me. this one's backwards, this one's backwards. what about these two? no, why it's not self-explanatory? you don't like the poop? no, she shouldn't be welcoming. she's still little. maybe a little poofy's not bad, I don't mind a poof. no, usually it's a school I wear like jeans, a cute shirt or leggings and a sweatshirt, but today I mean, I didn't get dressed out of my pajamas. so I think we gotta do a little bit better. for a movie premiere, what about something like this? do casual. what about this? too casual? casual can be kind of cool, right? no, um, I was so excited about the dress I ordered on Amazon but it didn't come, so I have to find something here. these, I feel like, are not formal, too sparkly that matches my pajamas. sailor's best friend, Nadal, was actually supposed to take her to this Premiere tonight for their very first night out ever, but he had to go to Lebanon, and she's really bummed out about that. so I have a very big surprise for her at the end of this video. this is so cute. because it's cute, it's got a skirt, but then it's got a hoodie Burger, a chicken, a turkey. is this too young for you? yeah, just a little, because she's a teenager now. no, no, no, Cindy, please, don't do that sad music with the black and white. actually. no, Sandy, please. indeed, last month I acted for the very first time in a movie with Darman Productions. everything was new and it was all a little crazy at first, but the other kids and the crew were super supportive and it made me feel so welcome. tonight is the red carpet Premiere. I have no idea how my acting will look on screen until I see the movie in the theater with a thousand people watching there too. I'm gonna try in front of you guys, because I've done so many videos with you and you. you've made me feel so comfortable. but I'm a little bit scared to go in front of a big audience, because what if they boom? that's actually not terrible with, like, a cute jacket. sadly, it's too small for me. kids clothes used to be too big for me, but now they're too small for me and adult clothes are too big for me. does that make sense? you guys need always supposed to come to the premiere tonight with me and he can't make it and I was supposed to style him, so instead, I'm your style of. my dad said: what do you think about the dish? we can do that look, that would fit you, this would fit me. what do you think we're gonna style him? and that? um, I spent all my own money on my own clothes and I used almost all of my money on the room makeover a couple of weeks ago, but I have 200 left in my savings, so let's try to find something, since I can style you. we're gonna be matching, we're matching. find you and me an outfit matching. I found something perfect, he found something perfect. you only have like two and a half hours left. does this not just Scream movie from here to you? does this mean if I wear this, you're gonna wear this in a short skirt? why would I wear it? because we're matching. that might fit you. let's just focus on you. if you like sequins. no, that was the thing like a million years ago, Dad, when you were born. do you want to wear this. this is a movie premiere. it's a big deal. there's a red carpet. I'm not going to wear a dress. it's not my personal style. I'll take your thoughts into consideration. Nadal, you're lucky you're missing this event. Salish absolutely insists on paying for all of her own clothes by herself, so even if I offered to help her, she wouldn't accept it. so therefore she has 200 to spend, no matter what she likes. she can't go over on me. no, no, no, no. matching means: if you wear black, I wear black. if you wear blue, I wear blue. matching doesn't mean: if you wear that Blazer, I wear that. dressing means whatever. I think no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. next door, this could definitely make a statement: let me go look. it's too expensive. wait a minute, this could look great on my dad. what do you guys think? it's better than a dress? I think no. let's keep looking. [Music]. this is difficult because I've never shopped for four more clothes before and I don't fit into the adults, but I don't faint to the kids. I'm like right in the middle. once I get a dress, I have to match everything to that dress: shoes and a jacket, because it's pretty cold here, even though it's Ella, and I'm not saying my dad's outfit to mine, not mine to his, because who knows what I'm gonna pick for him. there's nothing fancy enough in the kids, so we're gonna check women's, but it's probably gonna be too big for me. no, I don't like leather. two sparkling, juicy, squidsy- too big. it's so satisfying easy. I have Hulu's today. usually I would want my dad to look like really funny, but you know I kind of want him to look nice for this event. my dad also has a 200 budget, so let's see how much this is. oh, it's 200, this is 200, this is 200.. sorry, it didn't work. next up is h m and they have like a lot of pink. you guys know I loved pink, but like I can't wear pink in the winter, that just doesn't match with hair colors. there's brown, black, green, white. spring is yellow, orange, pink, light green, and summer is yellow, orange, pink, and fall is like darker orange, darker green, brown. not sure if that's gonna help you guys in your style, but there you go. Hot Topic is usually not by style, but I'm getting really desperate. I did not see this coming. [Music] hope this is the place. oh no, I really like ripped jeans, but I can't get distracted, kind of want to get like a plain black dress. let's see, they have a bunch of good dresses here. these are interesting, oh my God. my niece not a big fan of the fluff, but it's dressy, it would make a splash. you know, my favorite thing about the spot is: I think I found what's the no, never mind, this is black, that's pretty. no, dude, we gotta find something over here that could be an option. okay, that's pretty. no, you can't wear a well-fitting sweater with ruffles or else the Ruffles will like Bunch up in the sweater. no, no, no, no, no, no, no, maybe. oh, Salish, I don't like pink. your favorite color is pink. no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. wait a minute. maybe no ruffles at the top so I could wear a tight fitting sweater if I wanted to. not too much, but like perfect, it's a medium. did we find it? because we're running out of time, I think it's a maybe, thank you, thank you. her favorite color is a tween and now as a teen. does every parent feel this way? yeah, yeah, oh. actually, what do you guys think I should do? long sleeves or straps? well, how much are they? 30 and 20.. so I would have 150 left to spend. I think I'm gonna buy both. you guys have to wait to see which one I wear. I think when I choose it looks like my dad's wearing black. at least it's not sequins, so I got my. really anything goes with black. ooh, I like the 13.99, maybe not. it would be cute as a dress. kind of running out of time here, kid, that could become pretty open this up. 1499. keep you on budget. I need to find one more option, but this can work. I don't know if I'm gonna rock the green look. no, no, no, no, no, no. that one's kind of pretty looks too big. wait a minute, this could work. do I want to make more of a bold statement or should I be like simple? usually you do not like call attention to yourself, so maybe you'll be more comfortable with this. I kind of like this one. I need someone fashionable. I need to call Eliana randomly. Salish has a question for you, okay. okay, she thinks you're more stylish than I am. I have this black dress that I think I'm gonna wear. does this look good enough with it, or is it too bold? yeah, it would look good. are you sure it's like? not too much. should I just wear a white sweater? okay, I'm gonna do it, thank you. people are already standing in line for the premiere and soon Salish will be watching herself act in front of all of them. we just got all the clothes from my dad. it's gonna be so good, I can't wai.

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hey guys. so in today's video, as you can tell by the title, I'm going to be testing out makeup from my Instagram, and I know I think Sofia Nygaard does this video and a couple other people or something similar to it, so I'm definitely not going to take the credit here. I've been gathering all this stuff for months now, anyway. um, a lot of these ads were very looked kind of too good to be true, or look very interesting, to say the least, so I'm really, really excited to try all the stuff out of. it's just like everyday stuff, and I just had a knack for it. I really it was hard to find a full face on ads, because it's all just random, obviously so, but this is kind of what I was able to come up with. I'm gonna go ahead and get started. so, basically, the first thing, I usually start with eyebrows. the one thing I didn't get, though, is like face makeup, so I could not find like a foundation, concealer, powder, everything else, so it is gonna be from them, or actually, I don't know if I got bronzer. I'm already filling out the video, but I tried, guys. trust me, it was really hard to find stuff for the bad video. anyway, the first thing here is this looks like an eyebrow pencil pen type of thing, looks like this and apparently it's supposed to give you like a microbe lighting effect. it has like the three prongs on the end there [Music]. okay, so I just zoomed you guys in a little so you can see, but this is what the actual product looks like, in case you guys were interested. right, so I'm gonna attempt to do this. I don't really have high hopes for this. we'll see. my pen is pretty much dried out at this point. I definitely got this like a few months ago, kind of filling it in. can't really tell if it has those little strokes. I wonder if this will work better on people who don't have as much eyebrow hair. but you can definitely tell it fills in my eyebrow compared to this one. so there's that it's definitely not gonna be something I reach for. I don't think. just remember the video. we could tell it was weeping like kinda like those micro bleeding the hair, like strokes, and it definitely is leaving them a little bit. I don't know if you can tell. on this one it definitely did leave some. so I mean, I do think this product could be beneficial for some people, but maybe not people who have fuller eyebrows. so also, it is definitely like not waterproof, but it's harder to get off because I had it on my hand and it's like not really coming off normally. I would definitely fill in my eyebrows a little bit more than this one camera. it actually looks pretty good. okay, only with that I'm gonna really quickly conceal my brows. so just because I can't not do that step so BRB. okay. so I went ahead and put on concealer to kind of tidy up the eyebrows and then I put on a little bit of bronzer just to brighten up my face a little bit. I don't know if those were doing all this stuff out of order. the next thing I got is definitely not something crazy or anything, but I did get an ad for it, so I thought I'd include it in this video. it's just a morphe palette. this palette in partikular that I did get an ad for, that's their 35mm palette. looks like it had a lot of interesting colors, cute, oh my gosh. this actually kind of inspires me. feel like I really want to do kind of a different look today. should I do like a purple? I think Purple's are really pretty. also the green kinda inspires me, but I don't think I'm old enough to do it. I'm gonna go ahead and experiment a little bit. I'll just show you what colors I'm using. so I'm gonna go in with this start and then I'm gonna use a little bit of this purple shade than matte purple. we'll see if this turns out purple. [Music]. does that even look purple? maybe like brighten it up with a little bit of this? I don't even know that's called a color like a reddish. I'm gonna keeping it with this color right here, starting out a lot more red than I wanted, but I think once I add the Purple's on the lid, it's gonna be really pretty. gonna actually go in with my finger and then I'm gonna take almost. I just want to go in with this bright purple right here at the bottom. okay, this actually makes me want to do more colorful eye looks. this is so pretty. you guys see this shade. I didn't even think it would like show up on my eye like that. so, okay, mark me, but I definitely think this finger tiknique works the best on these kind of shadows. you guys, as I'm literally basically done with my eyes, i remembered that i bought brushes to test out for this video from an ad bill, but i literally only use one brush and my fingers for the whole look. so, okay, I'm not gonna lie this brush that smells like paint, like a wet paint, so that's a little bit alarming. but I'm gonna go ahead and proceed to use them and use this little baby brush that was in the kit to apply some of this darker red shade that I used in the crease on my lower lash line. I'm gonna go in with a little bit of that sparkly purple. okay, morphe, and that's how it's really nice. I mean, everyone knows Murphy's good close on that. the next thing I think I'm gonna do is mascara. I'm actually really, really excited for this one because I add on Instagram, y'all had me fill in some type of way, like let me just insert the video right here. it just had me dying at the part where she like tried to cut her lashes or something, where they were like super, super long. I'm like, okay, first of all, no one wants that look. um, and also, I don't know if this was a video that I saw or not, but it looked like everyone had a different mascara brush, so you could just tell that it was not this mascara that they were using. but anyways, this is what got sent to me after purchasing that. so it's this heavy, full-figure membrane force eyelash - cream membrane. I'm sorry, but membrane, I'm confused. it says beauty is always accompanied by a legend, by inside and the fashionable glamor. and then I love this up here. a beautiful legend, ok, like I said about me, Niko's. okay, this is what comes out, that's it. oh, it says something totally different than the box, but it's a secret Express control. and then this is brush. okay, I'm a little hesitant with this exercise. I'm not, I don't how you guys, but I'm doing it for this video, cuz I'm genuinely curious what they are like trying to promote here. so I curl my lashes really quick. so let's just, let's just see how this goes. [Music]. so far it's like an okay mascara, can you guys tell? probably hard to dealt with, the PERT bowl, but yeah, something about this formula I don't know. I'm really picky with mascaras though. so this is two coats. it's actually not too bad. I mean, I think my lashes are actually pretty long these days. I've been using beet Rodan and Fields ash serum. I just wonder how many people actually like boxes because of that. like, I'm confused. that didn't make me want to buy it. I don't know, it just was super weird. anyway, next spot, some lashes, but I'm kind of going through all my stuff here. I kind of failed. have you guys gotten those ads for smoulder cosmetiks? because they always pop up on my feet and they look beautiful. this isn't really gonna go with this look. I don't think, but I did end up picking up one of their loose pigments and I guess you can like mix this with water or something to get the effect on there. add, I'm not really sure that's really pretty. okay, she's cute. I'm like how could I add that to my look though, cuz my looks already like purple, put it like in the middle baby. so, yeah, these ads for this brand always pops up for me and I always am so mesmerized by their post. they're just so pretty. okay, that's actually really pretty. I think they blended with the purple and that's the smolder and pink gold loose glam dust. okay now, moving on, I did purchase some lashes from an ad as well Instagram. they are just the. I've never heard of this brand before, so they're called barela's lashes. using these here, I'm just gonna go ahead and apply these and be right back. okay, you guys. so now the lashes are on, or actually really, really pretty. I am kind of obsessed with them. so cute, cute, cute. I'm definitely going

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Revealing New Business Partners | "Shady Situations" People Face While Dealing With ADs | S2 Ep.60

so so you're finally ready to join the dark side. i am. what made you? what made you decide that? so, yeah, we've just been selling watches. i mean, you kind of know a little bit when you get started we've been flipping watches. when we get started, uh, it's been like three years about. damn, you've been playing the aed game for three years, sort of. i mean we so, yeah, that's. that's just, we've been going everywhere. so i mean, yeah, we've been doing the ad thing, but we've kind of been doing like the wholesale thing, like we got connected with wholesalers too and dealers, so we've been doing that behind the scenes, but we haven't basically like exposed us as like dealers. like your guys, instagram is littered with your face and stuff. we would completely hide that stuff in hopes that nobody's pulling ads out of there. we're swingling. yeah, we're paying ads to take their watches. it's crazy, bro, it's disgusting. yeah, every time- and that's that's the part that sucks- every time you go to an ad, you're like you think you'd be excited to buy a watch, but you're kind of sitting there like nervous because every any second they come out and be like you're selling. yeah, we have that thought every time. we're just sitting there and we're like: and we're wearing our. we've been, we've been in 80s wearing our hats. oh, yeah, we're like, yeah, we'll take that one and we'll take that one. and what do you have in the back? they're like nothing. they're like, okay, we'll take that one. now, what do you have in the back? they're like: oh, look, we found this. yeah, found a root beer, right? what else did you find? yeah, it would. we need to be on 60 minutes, right? yeah, no, what made us want to come out is on it, or just to like, just basically like, yeah, but basically what got us to do it was, uh, just long story short, like i mean, i was really into watches, uh, and when i wanted, i had saved up some money and when i went to go buy it, no rolex place had any watches. so i was like what the heck? so we sat there and they make you feel like a criminal for asking for a watch. but we're like, okay, so you think, all right, i have to play the game. it's kind of the same thing with other you know luxury brands like arames and stuff, so it's whatever. but you know, you go to these places, you're excited to buy your first watch and they're like: oh, here's this wonderful cellini has been sitting on the shelf for like 50 years, yeah, so that was annoying. and so then i ended up going to a gray market dealer to buy my watch. and then i was like man, this is a lot of money. because i kind of grew up poor and so i was like man, there's a lot of money. so in my mind i was like the only way i can justify this is if i can, like, wear it and then get out of it, right? so i kind of did some research, bought my first watch, and then i sold it a few months later because i, you know, i enjoyed it but i kind of was ready to move to something else. and then i made some money on it and then i just kind of repeated that process- and that's how i justified it at first- and then people just kind of started recognizing me, like, oh, you sell watches, right. and i was like, well, yeah, sure, yeah, also watches. you know, i've always been a little entrepreneur, so, uh, yeah, that's what got me excited. but what's really sucked is, if you're trying to grow a business into watches like, it doesn't make sense to be hiding, because if you're trying to get one or two watches a month, it's just better to like the amount of money. yeah, so basically the amount of yeah and you don't know what they are and when they're coming. yeah, the cost of opportunity to to hide is is way higher. every time you make a rip and you get a rent from an ad and you can make 10 grand on a watch. it may take you a month to do it. you made 10 grand in that same amount of time. we've sold 20 watches and made 20 grand at a thousand bucks a pop. and guess what we've done in the meantime? we've picked up 20.. well, that's just like that, even from like a collector, or even just like like somebody who likes herology and likes watches. like life is short, you know, i might. if i just played that game forever, i might never have the opportunity to hold and wear some of these watches, whereas like this, i have the opportunity to literally pick whatever watch i want. you buy it, right, you get out of it, you move on to the next watch, instead of having to go to every single id and play their game and then, who knows, like i've been on the list for a whole nine, the hulk got discontinued before i could even get the opportunity to buy it. yeah, i've been on the list for seven years for a sub first up. we haven't gotten a stop just from certain ads, yeah, and i mean we've bought like jewelry and stuff, thinking that was going to help, you know, or whatever, that right now with 180- and i spent right, i actually added it up- there's. there's a watch she's waiting for me to buy and if i buy it, it'll put me over the 400 000 threshold threshold. the only watch i've ever gotten from her was a no date sub. i got offered. she offered me a date, but i turned it down. yeah, you know, part of the game. part of the game was i was just like, eh, i, i wear my date, i wear my no date. i'll probably never wear that. i don't know two of the same one. give it to someone that will appreciate it more than i will. right, well, i just feel bad for that. yeah, but you have the money to do that. i feel bad for some of these people that, like, have been saving for their first watch forever and like i won't say which ad this was, but we walked into a local led one day and, uh, they were like, oh, you wanted daytona. and i was like, yeah, a two-tone daytona just for my grandpa, because it's my grandpa's anniversary this month- 54 years of celebrating- and so he's actually want to got me to watches. so i walk into this id going: okay, i'm going to ask for something easy, a two-tone daytona, because usually those would be sitting on shelves or they. i thought they wouldn't be as hard to get. yeah, they kind of laughed at our face and they're like: um, how about you spend 500 000 in our store and then maybe we can have a conversation about a daytona? is literally what he told me. all right, outright said that yeah, i would have gone on every form. and i mean, no, i know, i know it's frustrating and it sucks and i feel bad for people who are stuck in that game because they might never get to own that watch. i mean, it is what it is, but that's that's why i enjoy what i do, because you know you have these people who looking, you know they've been looking for a watch, they've been trying to play the game and they just get fed up with it and they come and they're look their face lights up whenever you get that watch in their hand, they're like: oh my gosh, it finally happened that. yeah, yeah, so. and then, like this, like this is dude, you got more watches than probably 15 ads combined, more sport models than every ad, yeah, which is sad. like you, you like you can never go to an ad and see all these watches put together like that. [Laughter]. yeah, for real. so become a dangerous collector, but anyways, yeah, that's, that's basically it, man, just trying to trying to expand the business, and i felt the best way to do that was just to forget: come out, yeah, just come out. like i said, every, every, every watch you're getting from the aed at retail, we're flipping 20, right, 25. well, same here, like there. so i had somebody tell me that they were going to give me a white face daytona and they said: wait four months. in that time that i waited four months, i slinged like 10 or 15 of them. well, dude. [Music]. you know we've done. yeah, congratulations to y'all. yeah, thank you. get on the youtube thing, like, get your videos out there, come in, come into the store. you'll shop with us all the time. it's annoying having to block y'all out of all of our videos. it's a work on darby's inn too and having to hide people on camera. so you're going to do better. you're going to do better. coming out like this, you're going to get way more business dealing in the great market than you are waiting on aeds to right to stroke your ego a little bit for sure, bu.

The Nations Biggest Collection Of Racist Objects Are All In A Michigan College Basement

I started collecting racist objects when I was a teenager and the stuff was everywhere. At a certain point I ended up with thousands of pieces. I didn't know what I would do with it. I just thought a lot about what it meant to be a person of color living during Jim Crow. I had no intention of creating a museum, but the collection kept growing. so in the 1990s I gave my collection to the University. I took 15 years, but in 2012 we opened this museum. I have lots of respect for museums that celebrate african-american history, that celebrate african-american accomplishment, but that's not what this facility was. I wanted to create an actual racism facility to have people focused on this specific topic in terms of our history. So if you just have a society with millions of postcards like this, Does that reinforce certain ideas about black people and white people? Some of the best discussions we have in the museum are about the word nigger, Which sounds kind of weird, by the way, because I'm a sociologist and we don't believe words have any inherent meaning. They're just sound science that we give. but we do believe that people- once the meanings are given that they are shared- I mean, no piece is inherently racist. It's a racist society which will create racist objects and will racialise other objects. That's why the watermelon is- has- a race. so there's nothing inherent about a watermelon that makes it racist. But you know darn well that it's been racialized. someone looking at ancho mama objects or other "mammy" images, They don't think of that as offensive. They think of good time spent with the families. It's very nostalgic. Someone else looking at those same pieces, They see the vestiges of slavery and segregation. So often we're not deciding that something is Racist, but what we are doing are collecting pieces that help us tok about racism. We have lots of friends at the museum and we receive hundreds of pieces a year. The first director of museum: He said to me one day: "Hey, there's a couple of guys I want you to meet". Here we go, here's some Jim Crow related materials. These are the dolls and Some of them are older, some are newer. These are like 1950s, Male and female. Yeah Well, those are really interesting. Our group of friends were all collecting this because we realized what it said about our society and what it said about Where we were in the past and where maybe we still were When we met David Pilgrim in the whole Jim Crow Museum and all of that it was like- Finally, there's a place where we can put- The sense of relief that we could let go of these objects so other people could learn from it. We have some understanding of bigotry. we have some understanding of Being the outsider Or not being accepted, or being told that we are not welcomed, We can't be accepted, you, you have no place here. I Think, because we've experienced that in our own lives, because we're gay. There's a little transference there to trying to help understand the even bigger question of bigotry. and then, likewise, racism. Wow, this is really racist. This is an ashtray where the black washer woman- She has her one breast stuck in the wringer and so she's hollering: my god, That's also sexist. I think that Jim Crow would love that. This is the Jim Crow. This is on multiple levels. This is a wonderful piece. Once we finally discovered the Jim Crow Museum, it give us more impetus to go out and find, collect, save. They now have at least 500 things from us. By collecting those things, we get a broader picture of how racism continued all the way up into the 60s and 70s and still continues. I've seen things about President Obama that were horrible. I think people who go to the Jim Crow museum are often surprised when they see something from 2015 as racist as many of the things from a hundred years ago, and we've had friends who are a complete mess after they left because suddenly they've been confronted with the truth For many years. when I traveled, I would say that the United States, despite its history of enslavement and Jim Crow, that we are today more democratik and more egalitarian than we've ever been, and I stopped saying that about two years ago. I'm not suggesting that we are back in the Jim Crow period. don't get it twisted, It's not like that. But what I am saying is I hear and see a level of racist rhetoric that is reminiscent of when I was growing up in Alabama under Governor George Wallace. People say they don't want to tok about race, but they're doing it all the time, But they're not toking about it in places where their ideas can be challenged.

Facebook Ads | Expensives Problems 99% of Facebook Advertisers Face 👀

hello guys, and immediately we're gonna see a couple of things that are very costly every time that we run ads and that's why we are calling this. just let me show you the top most expensive problems 99% of Facebook advertisers face but they don't want to recognize. okay, guys, let's go for it, just let me know days. we're gonna go through the different scenarios, some numbers just to go through a little bit on why we say is a. 57% of Facebook users say that Facebook Ads influence their shopping purchases. basically, some people start looking at ads and they can, they are influenced and they finally shop or they buy something on Facebook. 78% of American consumers say they discover products from failure cuts ourself. sadly- at least myself in our agency- what we do is we play a lot of Facebook ads and in many cases- this is just a tip I will give you- is run a lot of activity on LinkedIn and my community. from LinkedIn, I bring it to Facebook and I create custom audiences and I start targeting, retargeting them from a social point of view. on LinkedIn we tok about work strictly and I retired them saying: hi, I'm miss charlie game here, but sharing some social point of view, let's say ads. then 28 percent of users have made a purchase from Facebook ads. well, that is something that and the numbers that we manage to Facebook ads really huge is. that number is quite expected and 93 percent of social media advertisers use Facebook Ads- 83%- I would say that most of them used failed cuts, but really, laser is a huge number. imagine the number of people that is used in facebook and 93% of social media advertisers use Facebook ads. this is something very important. it's clear that most business make the most money online through Facebook Ads. however, I found that many users, especially beginners- and this is very important because this is really targeting beginners- is very costly at the beginning when you are running Facebook ads if you don't go on the right way. that's why we say: however, I found that many uses, especially beginners, face some key problems and we will jump on that just now. let's go for the kind of problem that you will face and maybe you denta fight that. you are ready going through this. okay, guys, it's show time. as we are saying, let's jump to this number one. one thing that we found out is that everyone is targeting the same interest, and this is very important because, if you see in the description of this video. you will see a link that is is going through my dashboard. what we are showing you there? well, I believe- and either one of them my main source of income- is, we believe a lot of automation and outsourcing in the automation side of our business. we use a lot of software to bring that in many cases, Facebook is now giving you. that's why- and I'll give you a very clear example- when we say that everyone started in the same interest, if you go today and you are a beginner and you don't have any kind of software that help you to go through the different interests that you can target on Facebook and you go to the keyword- for example, Fitness- when you go to the Facebook ads or the business manager and you go to the interest, you will see that you have available just 25 interest related to that Fitness keyword. now, if you explore the Facebook API, you will find that you have available 407 interest that you can target related to fitness. that means that we go from 25 to 407. what is what it's saying? that is basically saying that you are missing more than 90% of the pie and you are just competing with people they started in the same interest. that's why, in many cases your ads are so costly- that's why we say here so- and many niches. they are saturated and, to be honest, in most cases they weren't even relevant to start with. Facebook assign interest very easily to people based on their Facebook page likes, comments, likes, shares, website visits- in this case is the pixel. but I think, but think a little bit about it. how interest is someone in dogs if they like a friend picture of their new dog just to be nice? that's why it's so important. once you identify the interest that you want to go with, then we jump to something different that we call fact-based interest and not just algorithm, a lie, something that I will explain in a different class. okay, guys, I hope this helped a little bit. let's jump to the number one. number two: add cost only keep rising. at the moment, there are around six, seven or eight millions advertisers run running Facebook ads and that number is growing a lot. that's why one thing that we always say is the average CPM or CPC, cost per million, per thousand clicks, or cost per per click across the industries. they are just going up. at the moment, in our highly optimized campaign, we see cost per thousand clicks between 30 and 50 bucks, certain $50. if you need to pay $50 to show your ad 2,000 people and assume on average conversion rate on your website, it means that you really can't afford irrelevance. that's why in many cases we advise people to be very relevant and the way that you target in your Facebook ads and that's why, in a different class we're gonna speak about layering- you're targeting how you go in, deep targeting and not just general, general targeting. let's go to number three then. number three is a testing is an expensive process. if your process is like man was before, because at the beginning I think that we all go through the same process, because we follow what thousand of gurus are telling us. we are going through the same process. you are creating many assets that target just a single interest per ad set. then you set a low budget, like ten bucks, five bucks and in some cases people place with one or two. they put at set times and let's say, 20 ads. that's $200 per day, $200 per day just to find an interest that work. there's one very expensive testing process and you probably need to run these at sets for some day if you want to draw any conclusion some days. that's why data is our best way to go. but to get that information you need to run that for a couple of days. that's why it will be a little bit expensive for many small advertisers. these testing process is just too expensive. all that is left is our gut feeling is like a casino experience is when you say: okay, many people is going for 20-odd sets. they run the ads is for a couple of days, or maybe they run that's for one day and they just go for something. they waste a lot of money on this process and this is one of the mistakes. that's why we are numbering these. number three, and this is one of the mistakes that we do quite a lot at the beginning. number four is bad targeting will cost you again. Facebook need to balance the objective of generating revenue with their mission to be a platform where users wants to spend time and engage. this means that if you show an ad to an audience that is not interested, basically you will see a low click-through rate- Facebook will punish you with a high ad cost. well, what I'm trying to say here is that that low click-through rate is because Facebook is trying to find people that's interested in your ad. but if you don't find that interest, every click and your ad will be very, very expensive. let's be clear: your ad is important, but up but a very mediocre ad targeted at exactly the right audience- my work, while the perfect are targeted, are the wrong audience- will never, ever work. you just paid the price and ice, you can have a wonderful ad, but if you are not right in the targeting- and that's why is so important, why we call in our agency the five winning pieces and the number one piece of our process is the research part. you need to research, you need to understand who is interested in your product, offer or whatever. that's why, if you don't go in that way and you jump steps or you will pay a lot of money with- and then I number, number five is not number four, is number five: lack of proper competitive research. again jump into the research part. despite the multiple available free tools on Facebook to review existing ads and, and you can go thr.