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Facebook Ads A/B Testing

Published on: December 7 2022 by Paid Media Pros

Facebook Ads A/B Testing

Facebook Ads A/B Testing

many of you are probably familiar with
the google ads campaign experiments and
all that they can do either because
you've used them or because you've seen
our video on them if neither of those
apply to you and you're interested in
learning more about them you can check
out this video right here
but not as many people know about the
facebook ads campaign experiments and
all that they can do they've been around
for quite a while but over the past
couple of years there have been a change
in how you set up campaign experiments
on facebook ads so in this video i want
to tok about what you can test with
facebook campaign experiments and then
we'll run through an example of how you
can set one up in your account
there are three different ways that you
can set up campaign experiments within
facebook ads and it all depends on what
you already have existing in the account
you can create just a slight variance on
a campaign or ad set that you already
have active or you can set something up
completely from scratch if you don't
have anything existing that you want to
test just yet for this video we're going
to go in the reverse order of what i
just said so we're going to start off
with an example that we don't have
anything set up yet that we want to test
so let's go ahead and create a new
campaign and then this account for some
reason has the six simplified campaign
objectives so for now just to keep
things easy we're gonna click traffic
and we're gonna click continue over the
course of this setup i'm gonna be pretty
quick about skimming through all the
different settings all that sort of
thing but the one that you cannot miss
at the campaign level is going to be to
opt into this create a b test you'll see
that when i hit the toggle we have a
little window that popped up that says
this campaign will be version a in your
a b test after you publish this campaign
you'll be prompted to edit a duplicate
version to test against it so you have
to publish your campaign before you can
then duplicate a version of it to run in
your a b test you cannot just leave a
campaign in draft and set up the
experiment just an fyi that you'll have
to publish to create the a b test so
let's go ahead and click next there will
be a number of different variables that
we get to test for facebook a b tests
for this specific example i'm going to
show you how to test a different
audience rather than go through all the
different settings on this ad set tab
all i'm going to do is come down here
and customize the audience just a little
bit i'm going to add in a couple
detailed targeting options that are
about ppc that sort of thing
overall that's good enough for me so
we're setting up to target search engine
marketing and digital marketing within
this first ad set that we have now that
i have my audience set up i'm going to
click next and just so we can keep
things moving i'm going to use an
existing post that we have from our
facebook page rather than creating
something new from scratch so let's just
go ahead and use the latest video and
we'll click continue now that we have
this campaign set up all ready to go
it's got a proper ad set proper ad we're
going to click publish now we need to
get started with the a b test portion of
the setup so here you can see it says
that we can test different image
audiences and other settings to see how
the impact the performance of the ad so
we're just going to click create a b
test now the language on this page is a
little bit misleading start by setting
up an ad to test against the one you
selected we can decide either to make a
copy of this ad or pick another existing
ad they keep using the word add when
what they probably really mean is
variable or campaign or something like
that just trust that this will set up
what we want it to for now i'm going to
say make a copy of this ad which is the
default rather than pick an existing ad
we'll tok about that in a little bit so
for now i'm just going to click next and
now we get to pick the variable that we
want to use for this new version to test
again it keeps saying add but it'll
encompass the entire campaign so let's
choose from this drop down and as i
mentioned earlier there are a number of
different variables you can test
creative audience placement or a custom
variable but for this example i'm going
to use audience you're then prompted to
choose which ad set you want to copy so
new traffic ad set is the one i set up
just a little bit ago that's the one i
want to use because that's the only one
in this campaign but if you had
published multiple different ad sets you
could open this drop down and choose the
one that you wanted to use that'll be
even more important when we get into the
other setups of existing audiences and
ad sets but for now let's go ahead and
click next and in this portion of the
test builder all we're doing is giving
this test a name and then setting up
different settings around this test
itself we're not updating the audience
just yet so first thing we would do here
is want to give this a name that would
describe to us what we're trying to test
in this experiment again i'm going to
skip over most of these for right now
but then the next thing we need to do is
tell facebook how we want to determine a
winner what are the metrics that we're
looking at to try and optimize on for
this traffic campaign experiment we get
to choose from a number of different
metrics cost per result which is going
to be linked clicks is recommended which
is a pretty good metric to try and
improve upon or we can use cost per link
click we can use cost per thousand
people reached or cpm cost per purchase
or you can choose from a number of
different standard events that are down
here so whichever metric you're trying
to improve upon choose that one from
this drop down if you are in a
conversions campaign you might say that
you want your cost per lead or in a lead
generation campaign you might want your
cost per lead form to go down whichever
metric you're trying to impact choose
that from this key metric drop down
you'll see that this toggle here is
switched on that says include upper
funnel metrics in this test report if we
click on this little informational piece
here it's basically saying that metrics
can help gauge user activities that
precede the metric that you're
optimizing for it gives an example and
says a test may not find a winner using
cost per purchase as a key metric but if
the test was able to find a top
performer based on cost per link click
you could use that information to make
decisions in my opinion there's no harm
in utilizing this function so i'm just
going to leave it on for now you can
also add additional metrics if you want
to add in different pieces into your
experiment you get up to nine additional
metrics to include within the report so
if there are other things that you want
to see alongside the cost per result
maybe we decide that we do want to see
that cost per lead something along those
lines you can include that in here as
well if you then decide for whatever
reason that you change your mind you
don't want to include that before you
hit duplicate you can just click the x
and it goes away the last piece that we
have in terms of the settings is going
to be this test duration we can tell
facebook how long we want this test to
run now choosing the right test duration
is mostly going to be a function of
volume and how much data you want to get
and i say that because there is this
little metric down here that's estimated
test power basically what this is saying
that at 65 the way i have the test
currently set up with all the different
settings and the different options
there's only really a 65 chance that
we're going to improve upon the metrics
that we have the longer the test runs or
the more specific the test is or the
different metrics you have the better
chance your test is going to end up
yielding a better result if i come up
here and change this day's duration to
something longer let's say 14 days
you'll notike that the estimated test
power went up to 71 percent because in
theory we are going to have more data to
work with over a period of time that is
longer and with more data leads to a
better chance that we are going to have
confidence in a test the last thing we
get to do is choose whether or not we
want to end the test early if a winner
is found effectively facebook is going
to run this test for the duration that
we have it in place the 14 days which is
currently set at unless it decides that
it has a high confidence in one of the
different audiences based on the cost
per result that we're trying to hit
overall this is one of those things i
will leave up to you as the advertiser i
personally will always turn these off
because i want my test to run for the
full 14 days or however long i have it
in place but i know a number of people
that when you run a lot of tests or you
have a lot of things going on it can
help to have some automation in there to
end your test when a winner is found
once you have all the settings in place
you just need to click duplicate ad set
now you can see in the breadcrumb over
here that we are still in the new
campaign that i use to create this
campaign experiment but we have the a
version which is new traffic ad set and
then we have the b version or the copy
of it which is the new traffic ad set
dash copy which isn't super helpful so
i'll just name this one version b so now
it might be a little easier to look at
at this point we would just scroll down
make the changes to the audience that we
wanted to have in place so let's say my
test is that i really only wanted to see
if detailed targeting expansion works so
i'll check the box here now my targeting
options are the two interest that i had
originally and detailed targeting
expansion so let's see how that works
now that everything is set up i would
just click publish
now back on the campaigns tab you can
see that we have the new traffic
campaign set up and it now has this
little icon next to it that toks about
it being in a test it's got that little
chemistry bottle next to it that's an
easy way to identify when something is
set up as a test if i click into it we
can see that we've got the two ad sets
the first one that doesn't have a
version name and then the second one
that has version b and then if i go over
to the ads tab you can see that they
both have the same ad in place
as this test progresses we can see
performance of the different audiences
at the ad set level if we want to go
there or we can head into the experiment
section of the interface which is going
to be heading up here into all tools and
then i already have it up here in the
shortcuts but if you scroll down the
experiments are going to be in the
analyze and report section under
the home page of the experiments tab is
going to launch you onto tests where you
can set up new tests and we'll get to
that in a second but to see the tests
that you currently have running you need
to click results and then here you'll
see scheduled i have the a b test that
starts on seven nine it is an audience
test and then i can view the progress of
this test
since i just set this up and i'm going
to turn it off here in a minute because
i don't actually want it to run because
it's a terrible example you'll be able
to see all of the different metrics that
are available we've got all the
different insights around the key
metrics the objective the type of test
what's running and then there will be
results down here that actually show you
the performance of a test but for right
now i'm just going to abandon this one
and let's move on to the second type of
setup the second way we can set up an a
b test in facebook is by duplicating an
existing variant within the account and
utilizing it as the a version and the
new duplicated version as the b option
so let's head into this other stage
traffic campaign and let's say that i
wanted to test against this us18 plus ad
set the easiest way to set this up is
going to be to come up here and click
duplicate and then under select a
campaign for your ad set you just click
new a b test then let's go to continue
to test setup that drops us into one of
the later stages of the a b test setup
process where we get to pick the
variable we want to change for the new
version of our ad if we choose from the
drop down the options are going to be
the same creative audience and placement
and the setup process for each of these
is going to be very similar to what we
did for audience basically we would go
in we would make an adjustment to the
audience itself and then have it set up
that way for the sake of trying to make
this as impactful a video as i can let's
see what it looks like when you do the
custom option because effectively all
you get is to choose which ad set you
want to duplicate and then you get to
make all of the changes that you want
you're not opting into any specific type
of test whether it's creative placement
or audience you basically get to do
whatever you want change anything to
your heart's content to set up your
experiment so here i've chosen the ad
set that i want to duplicate and then i
just get to click next i would then go
through set up all of the same types of
settings that i would want around the
key metrics the test duration all that
good stuff so right now i'm just going
to go ahead and click duplicate ad set
you can see in the upper right portion
here that it shows that this is in the a
b test it tells you the ad sets that are
in this test and it gives you the
information around the test itself the
test name the test schedule the key
metrics all that good stuff if you want
to change any of those settings after
the fact you can click edit test
settings right here but then with this
custom a b test setup you could change
any of the other variables that you
wanted to in this ad set and then once
you were ready all you had to do is
click publish and you would then have an
a b test running between this original
us18 plus and the copy version of it
with all the different changes that you
had in place so if you already have an
ad set or a campaign running that you
want to use as the a version of your
test this would be the way to do it
there is one final option which is
assuming that you already have
everything built out in your account
that you want to test against each other
you can set up a campaign experiment
with existing assets already but we have
to do it from the experiments tab so i'm
going to head back in there i told you
we'd come back to this page we're back
on the test section and then for this
option we just come over to the a b test
and click get started this option is a
bit different because again everything
is already existing that we are testing
against each other we can decide if we
want to choose campaign groups campaigns
or ad sets i'm pretty sure you know what
campaigns and ad sets are but campaign
groups are a little bit different let's
go ahead and click that one and here
you'll see that the campaign groups
option basically lets you group
campaigns it's pretty aptly named using
campaign groups would be a good idea if
you have a series of campaigns that has
similar settings similar objectives that
you want to test against another group
of campaigns that has a group of similar
settings and objectives maybe you want
to test a bunch of your video views
campaigns against your traffic campaigns
and see which ones have the better cost
per link click or perhaps you have a
number of different campaigns set up
based on different targeting types and
you want to use an experiment to see if
lookalike audiences are performing
better than your interest audiences
whichever one makes sense to you but
i'll be honest for myself i'm probably
almost always going to stik to the
campaigns or ad sets so in this instance
let's just assume that we want to test
two different campaigns against each
other i would then come down and choose
campaign a which is going to be from the
account that we had set up already i
know i have these names blurred out i'm
sorry for that but i'll just choose the
ones that have the most generic names so
let's say we want to choose the new
traffic campaign which says it's in
review and then as the b version we want
to choose that stage traffic campaign
that i mentioned earlier there are going
to be some errors here which will tell
you some of the things that you need to
know when you're setting these up
obviously the first is that your
campaigns need to be active so the fact
that i have one that's in review it
doesn't like that so much but let's
assume that you have all your campaigns
active so we'll close that then the
other pieces says your attribution
settings do not match to continue
setting up your test make sure all ad
sets in your test use the same
attribution setting just as a note you
cannot set up a test amongst different
campaigns that have ad sets with
different attribution settings but once
you had all those issues resolved you
would then come down here and set up the
remainder of the test so you get to have
the schedule we can schedule it to start
ahead of time or effectively right away
we then get to determine if it has an
end date so you kind of get to determine
the duration but you don't get to tell
it duration you just a start and end
date you can still opt in to end the
test early if a winner is found give it
a test name you get to choose the key
metric and you do still get the option
to choose up to nine additional metrics
as well and then at the bottom it'll
give you the estimated test power of all
the different campaign settings and test
settings that you have in place i went
ahead and made a quick tweak to it just
so i can go ahead and review the test
effectively you get to review all the
different settings you have here you see
that it does give you the duration in
bold available at four days because
that's where i set it up at you get to
see all the other options that are in
here and then lastly you would just
click create test once you were done i'm
not going to do that because i don't
want to run this test but that's what
you would do and then again any and all
tests that you have running would show
up in the results portion of the
experiments tab within facebook setting
up a b tests across different ad sets or
campaigns can be a really powerful tool
in facebook to get you data backed by
statistiks that tells you which of your
creatives audiences placements or any
custom combination thereof can perform
best across your account for the key
metrics that you have in place they're
relatively easy to set up and it doesn't
matter if you want to test things that
are already existing in your account or
if you're trying to create something
from scratch there are different options
for how you can set those up hopefully
with this rundown you feel a lot more
confident in going in and setting up
your next a b test on facebook but if
you have any questions feel free to
leave us a note in the comments below
thanks for watching our video if you
thought it was useful give us a thumbs
up below we release a new video at least
once a week so if you want to get
notified of when a new one comes out be
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