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facebook ads cpm

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

Facebook CPM Too High? Here's How To Lower It...

are you currently running facebook ads and you're finding ways to lower your cpm? if that's the case, then keep watching this video. [Music]. what is up everybody? fred lam here and welcome to my next video in my youtube channel, where you get to learn everything from building a business online to learning how to generate traffic for your website. now, in today's topic, we are going to tok about the cpm of facebook ads, how it works, how it's actually being determined and what are the top five ways that you can actually reduce your cpm with your facebook advertising. but before we begin, make sure that you smash like button, subscribe to my youtube channel and hit that notification bell so that each time i release a brand new video, you're gonna get notified right away. so first thing first, what is cpm? after all, when you are advertising on facebook or google or any other advertising platform, ultimately you are paying for every 1000 times your ads have been shown. that's why it's called cpm: cost per thousand. so at the end of the day, you have to understand that facebook is all about an auction based platform. so how your cpm is really determined is really based on how many other advertisers are actually bidding on the same targeting as you are. so when there are more advertisers that are bidding on the same targeting, then the cost will go up and this is why in the last several years, you have seen that facebook ad costs have been skyrocketing because there are more advertisers that are advertising on facebook, more competitors going into our space, and that really results into the rising cost and higher cpm. but at the end of the day, it's not because whoever pays the highest will ultimately get all the impression. there are other metrics involved that's going to really affect the cpm and also how much you are paying for advertising now. at the end of the day, there are not many things that we can actually do to lower the cpm, but we can actually do something to actually lower the cpm for their advertising costs on facebook and i'm going to share with you exactly what they are. number one is simply running automatik placement. so when you are setting up your facebook ads, you are simply asked to run automatik placement or manual placements. on facebook, there are actually multiple places that you can advertise. it's not just the facebook news feed. there are the desktop right column, there are simply reward videos, there are marketplace ads, there are simply audience network, instant artikles, instagram. there are obviously a lot of places that you are advertising on now. at the end of the day, when you start to narrow down with manual placement, you're basically making facebook's job harder, and that's the case. your cpm will be a little bit more expensive than running automatik placement and, as a matter of fact, when it comes to really scaling a facebook ad, it is very important that you actually run automatik placement. even when you run automatik placement versus a manual placement of just the facebook news feed, you will actually see that the cpm is actually cheaper when you are running automatik placement, although you are running into multiple placements, but overall you are going to be paying a much lower cpm. the second is to have a larger audience size. at the end of the day, when you have a smaller audience size, once again you are making facebook's job harder to actually go find your audience and, in fact, if you use flex targeting or narrowing down your audience with their specific feature, your cpm will be more expensive as well. so at the end of the day, when you have a larger audience size, the cpm oftentimes will be a lot cheaper because you can actually reach to a wider variety of people within your targeting, whereas if you have a smaller audience size, and the smaller it is, the more expensive it actually gets. so, especially when you are scaling, it is very important that you absolutely have large audience sizes so that you can actually scale up and, at the day, you're still getting a better cpm. now, number three is simply your ad rank. now, like i said earlier, yes, at the end of the day, it is an auction based platform where whoever pays higher gets obviously more impression, but it's not always the case where whoever pays the most money are gonna actually have all the impression. after all, facebook is a platform where they really protect their users and ensuring that there are more spend time on their platform so that they can actually serve more ads. and in order for that to happen, facebook actually ranks every single ad to actually see exactly, even when they're running ads. is it really affecting their audience or not, and is it ads that their audience actually wants to actually see? because if they serve ads that people want, that means that people are going to spend more time on facebook. facebook can serve more ads, but then, at the same time, if people are not liking the ads, people are seeing that facebook is not relevant to what they actually want to consume in terms of content, they will spend less time on facebook. so, at the end of the day, for every single ad, there are something called the ad relevancy and with the ad relevancy you can actually go into your ad reporting to actually see if it is below average, average or above average. what these metrics are basically telling you is the fact that if you have above average, that means that despite your ads is simply an ad, people are actually liking the ad and they're really engaging with the ad at the same time. so when you have everything as above average, then your cpm will be actually a lot less than those ads in comparison that are below average, where people actually don't want to actually see your ad. so at the end of the day, you have to make sure that you have a good offer and a good ad that is really relevant to the audience, and if you have all these three in place, your relevant score will simply be average or above average. and your goal is to try to have at least two above average and one average so that at the end of the day, you are paying a much more better cpm than below average. so remember that and, at the end of the day, if people are not even engaging with your ad, then ultimately it really means that you need to really rework on your offer and the ad at the same time. number four is simply having an active facebook page. now, yes, ever since a couple years ago, facebook completely destroyed the reach of facebook pages. so when you're posting stuff on your facebook page to actually share to your followers or your subscribers, they don't really see it often. however, it doesn't mean that you should not be posting on your facebook page and, in fact, it's actually superbly important because, if you think about it, facebook is simply a platform for people to consume content, and that's why they actually named their platform, the newsfeed- because people want to actually consume the latest news, latest updates and what is happening. and if you play within the ecosystem as a facebook page truly share value, share posts, share things that your followers absolutely engage with, that means that you are helping facebook's ecosystem as a business, and if you do that, pages that have great posts, that are engaging with their followers, you will actually get a much lower cpm than a facebook page that absolutely have nothing on it and rarely anyone interacts with your facebook page. so it's very important that, yes, we are using facebook to advertise, but we still have to help the ecosystem by providing content, and the more content that you have that are engaging to the facebook users, you are gonna get rewarded. now the last piece, number five. it's a little bit advanced. it works for some people, it doesn't work for others, but i want to actually share this with you at the same time, because we have tested it. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. you can actually test it out. so number five is simply running a post engagement ad of the same ad you are advertising to really boost up the ad rank. so, le.

Are your Facebook Ads CPMs Too High? Here Are 5 Reasons Why.

are your cpms too high? are you seeing it? increased cpms for the audiences that you're targeting? relax and take a deep breath, because in this video i'm gonna give you three reasons why your cpms might be higher than usual. but before we get into the video, make sure you smash that like button if you get any value from my channel, because it really helps the channel grow and that way i can continue to make more free content like this for you guys. and if you're new, please consider subscribing, because i'm always releasing new videos to help small businesses like you with your facebook advertising. so let's not waste any more time and dive right in first. let's start with what i feel is the most obvious, and that's your audience size is too small, which may or may not be an area of concern for you, depending on where you're using this audience within your funnel. so, for example, if you have a custom audience in your bottom of the funnel- retargeting- that's all your abandoned cart, customers who added to cart, initiated a checkout but didn't purchase, etc. naturally this audience size is going to be small, just based on the total traffic that is coming to your store and the average number of people who actually intend to buy something. so if your cpm is high for this partikular audience, that's perfectly fine, you have nothing to worry about. however, if you are prospecting with a very small audience- let's say less than 10 000 people- then this would be a problem for you, especially if you are using conversions campaigns and you're optimizing for leads or purchases. you want to have a much larger audience so that you're not constraining the algorithm to find your best customers for you. so think of it this way: a potential reach of 10 000 people is already pretty small- right, it's not huge. and if you're using conversions, you're telling the ai, within that group of 10 000 users, find people who are most likely to purchase. we're going to stik with our example of purchases here, because it knows you're optimizing for purchases, so it's not going to show your ads to everyone. it's going to show your ads to people who are most likely to perform that action. so immediately that drops your audience size to 60 or 70 and, by the way, this is just an estimate and so essentially, there are only so many people that facebook can show your ads to and, as a consequence, your cpm goes up because it's going to show your ads to just a handful of people, and that handful of people is going to see your ads multiple times pretty quickly. so that's reason number one. oh and, by the way, if you're struggling to scale your ads right now and not seeing the results you want due to the ios 14 issues, we'd love to help you out. we've adapted to the new changes and our clients have been seeing a record-breaking month since ios 14 dropped. so if this sounds like something you're interested in and you're doing at least 20 000 a month in sales, go ahead and click the link below to book a discovery call with me. we've been implementing plenty of new strategies to help our clients continue to scale, and we'd love to help you do the same. the second reason your cpms might be high is competition. let's not forget that facebook ads is an auction platform where, as a business or advertiser, you are effectively bidding on ad space on either facebook or instagram. so in an auction it can be quite competitive, but ultimately whoever spends the most money wins, and that's not only because you can afford to spend more to acquire a customer, but also your ads will have a higher chance of being shown to your target audience because you're effectively able to outbid other advertisers who aren't spending as much. that being said, it's very possible that your target audience is one that a lot of people are competing for, so when everybody, and their moms- is trying to reach one partikular audience, the cost to reach those people is naturally going to be driven up. and i'm going to use bitcoin as an example, because we're all familiar with bitcoin at this point. so let's say that everyone wants to own bitcoin, but there's only a limited supply of it because there's only a certain amount in circulation, but there's a lot of demand for it. the price of bitcoin is going to go up, so just basic supply and demand here and so, going back to facebook ads, a good example would be something like engaged shoppers or high net worth individuals or people who live in high income zip codes, because these groups of people are known to spend more money online, are wealthy and have more purchasing power. for these reasons, advertisers want to place their ads in front of them, based on the assumption that it will be easier to convert people with more money versus people with no money. i declare bankruptcy and i know it sounds super obvious, so sorry for dumbing it down now. if everyone is operating with that same mindset, facebook is going to charge you a lot more to advertise to those users. again, it's basic supply and demand. the third reason why your cpm might be high is that there is simply a disconnect between your audience and your brand. when i say disconnect, this could mean one of two things. it could mean that your target audience is not aligned with your offer, in which case that's a signal to test different offers and potentially different audiences, or it could mean that there isn't enough demand in the overall market for what you're offering with facebook ads. there's a lot of things that need to be working in unison in order for you to have success and, that being said, not only do you need to have good creatives, but also your brand needs to connect with your audience. for example, if you have a jewelry brand and you're trying to target- i don't know- people with pets, you're probably not going to see a lot of results from that. sure, you are going to have pet owners who also like jewelry, but that's probably not one of the primary characteristiks of your customer profile. in this case, you're targeting the wrong people. another example would be that there just isn't demand for your products or services with your audience, so i'll use netflix as an example. their growth has been pretty stagnant in the last few quarters and this is because at this point everyone who wants netflix already has a netflix subscription. they've been having a hard time adding new subscribers because there isn't enough new demand for their service. another example: let's say you sell athletik apparel and you target people interested in fitness, weight lifting, etc. all of that is fine, but the problem is that there are a zillion athletik apparel companies that sell the same thing. so unless there is something partikularly special about your clothing or you have an absolutely irresistible offer where you have ridiculously low prices, it's going to be very difficult to sell. so your targeting is fine, but there just isn't demand in your market. you keep toking like it's something that i may be interested in, but i'm not. in each of these examples there is a disconnect between what you're offering and what customers want. fix that and your cpms should improve. the fourth reason why your cpms might be high is a little less obvious. for this one you'll have to dig a bit deeper into your data and analytiks and it has to do with your demographics. so if you're advertising to everyone above the age of 18, that's fairly broad, but you'll notike that the cpms are quite different depending on the age group. 18 to 24 is usually going to be the cheapest among them all. 24 to 35 gets a little bit more expensive. 35 to 44- even more expensive than the age group before that. 45 to 54 again is more expensive, and then you have 54 and up. that is where the cpm is going to be the highest. i'm toking anywhere from 50 to over a hundred dollars to reach people who are much older. so you'll notike that there is a pattern here: the older your audience, the higher the cpm, which isn't all that surprising if you understand why this is the way it is. so let's break it down. 18 to 24 year old.

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Paano Tumataas Ang CPM Sa Facebook Ads #facebookads #facebookmarketing #askjingo

hi everyone, this is jingle and why we are getting high cpms and uh. this video i made specifically for business owners and advertisers so that people can learn, especially business owners, shortcomings facebook page and to the overall performance of your facebook ads. hi cpms- yuma behind the scenes, hindi nakikita- is not cost per message. [Music] per messaging is cost per messaging, not cpm. all right, if you understand the facebook's uh, facebook acronyms, cpm and messaging. anyway, cpm is cost per thousand. impressions is how many times facebook is showing your ad to the platform. so impression with 1 000 impressions. i don't know how facebook do that, but that's the way it works. targeting more engagement, quality, but targeting uh, engaging. there's enough audience for every advertiser, so most of the people in that demographic is expensive because so many advertisers are targeting them. there are competitors wherever you are- in the us, in europe, asia- there's always thousands or probably hundreds of thousands if somebody hired you from the us and you are targeting all these continents and all these countries. there are global brands that are targeting almost every country. now, if you want to access the demographic beauty, let's say, for example, global branding- if they are targeting every country and tina target mourinho among areas, nyon- well, you are competing with them and that is why mata has an cpn. now, if you want to access the demographic, what fb will do is figure out how much they are going to charge you in a way that you get attracted to spend more, but, at the same time, make sure that they still give the users the best experience. so, on, dynamic facebook ads is, yes, of course, [Music]. if your ad is really good, it has a really good user experience. if your ad is more engaging than those and people are giving you a lot of positive feedbacks, good comments and good reactions. brands, even they, are spending millions. they probably have all the money because facebook not only favors the ones that spending fortunes, but, uh, they favor more. it's not actually facebook. facebook is not human. facebook is a machine and it is, uh, working using an algorithm, and this algorithm is the one telling facebook that a certain ad is very good. it is the one that's pushing it upwards. we should remember that facebook is not human, powered by an algorithm, and algorithm is not favoring anything except by the ones that's been programmed to them is very engaging and people are reacting to it really good. it's getting a lot of reactions, good reactions. it's very engaging. people are commenting nice to your ad and the people are sharing it. of course, facebook is going to favor. you is giving joy or people are liking it, and that is what facebook is after. so hindi um [Music]. this is:

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How to reduce your CPMs (FB ADS) Post IOS14.5

going to lower your cpms and by far this will lower it the most. out of any of these other things that we've mentioned today, this is what we found to be the biggest lever with facebook ads. hey everyone, my name is chase chapel and welcome to the video on how to lower your cost per cpms after ios 14.. so, first things first. one of the things that you can do is actually broaden your audience. so, with your audience, if it's too small, there's a very good case that you're going to be lifting your own cpm costs, making them much harder than they should be, because if you're going after a smaller audience, then you're going to run out of that audience a lot faster and it's going to be more competitive because other advertisers are also going to be in that pool. if there's less people, there's less opportunities for you with other competitors. therefore, your cpm costs actually start to rise. the second thing is: is the time of day that your ads are running. there's a good chance that if you're running ads during q4, during the holidays, you're going to see a higher cpm. that's natural because there's a lot of advertisers online. big companies are pushing out their marketing budgets. people are ending, you know, their marketing budgets at the end of the year, so they got to get rid of that money anyways. and it's very competitive because the offers are off the charts with black friday and towards the end of the year with christmas. there's so many different types of offers that people are doing in order to really boost their overall sales for the year, so it gets highly competitive. so you'll see a very high cpm. that is normal. but there are things you can do to lower your cost per cpm. this doesn't have to be a game of chance. there are data driven methods you can actually take. facebook does have a list of 10 of them and we're going to be covering those today, and one of the things are is overlapping audiences. if you have two audiences- and they are you know, let's say they're converting very well, but your cpms are quite high and if you had lower cpms, you could reach more people and likely get more conversions. well, if your cpms are in the 50 to 100 range, that's insane. one of the things you can do is actually mitigate overlap by actually stacking your audiences, that's, taking a single audience and another audience that's performing, that have high cvms and combining them together so that way you can lower your cpm. the reason this works is because you're already out over bidding yourself. you're essentially inflating your own cpm costs because you have overlap within the audiences and your budgets are controlled on two different levels, therefore rising your overall cost to begin with. stacking them removes that overlapping, gives you more audience opportunities because, going back to the time of day that your ads could run, people are going to be active at different times. some, you know, in that audience it might be a million size and a hundred thousand people might be active that given day, or there might only be 20 000 active out of that million audience, you know, ever. some people don't log into facebook every day or instagram every day. some log in every two days or some are in every hour. so the opportunities for you to show your ad is going to be, you know, based off of the size that you're going off, of the type of offer you have in your ad and how high of a quality your ads received, which is another thing. the ad perception quality is huge in lowering your actual cost per cpm. if you have a bad feedback score on your page- let's say you have a five out of five feedback score- you're gonna have beautiful delivery. you're gonna have really low cost per cpms because people really like your ad, they're engaging with it, they haven't negatively rated you, they're receiving their product, they're happy with it's high quality. now if you have a feedback page score of two out of five, well, facebook's going to automatikally lower your actual- you know- reach and spike your cpm costs. you quite literally could be paying ten dollars to reach, you know, uh, a hundred people and somebody else could be paying ten dollars to reach a thousand people. um, so they're getting much more reach for the same amount of money as you all because people are negatively reviewing your ads and product. so it's really important to maintain a great feedback score on your ads and on your page so that way you can have wonderful delivery and actually get really low cost per cpms. some of those other things actually include your frequency. let's say that you're going after cold audiences, which are new audiences, people who've never heard of you. if you're running ads and you see your frequencies rising on a cold audience, that's not a great sign because that means essentially you're reaching the same people more than once. in a cold audience, you want to be reaching only new, so that can raise your cpms about you having to pay to reach the same person multiple times. so what you could do is exclude, say, your retargets from your cold, which automatikally makes it to where any new person who's ever came in contact with your brand before it's putting them in a retargeting bucket. now it's important that you have a retargeting audience for those people so that way you can have those high cpms over there. it's totally normal to have high cpms on retargeting. that's fair because you have a very small audience. it might only be a couple thousand people, which is totally normal when you're starting out. so having a high cpm there is fair. but you also have a much better conversion rate because it's quality. now in the cold, if your frequencies are rising, that's not necessarily a good sign. that just means that you're not doing enough retargeting, you're not doing enough exclusions. so that's really going to help you on your cpm side if you are able to actually write in with exclusions from your retargeting audiences and vice versa. the other thing is your objective and optimization events. now you know we could just say, hey, go do engagement or traffic campaigns and you would be paying. you know, one to ten dollar cpm's all day long. yeah, wonderful, but you're just reaching people and not really getting anything back in turn in terms of conversions. what you need to focus on is actually going after the goal that you would actually like. if it's purchases, then go after purchase conversions and then figure out how to lower your cpms with these steps. now you know you could just do the opposite and go to traffic, but you might not see any conversions. so you need to make sure that you try to lower your cpms based off of what your conversions are doing and making sure your conversion rates are actually going up. if you're only reaching more new people and not really getting any better results, then it's not really necessary, you know, to chase that kpi because it's not impacting you that much. but if you have a conversion campaign that's converting at eight to ten percent and every single time you reach more people that conversion rate holds well, then you know cpm's become quite an important kpi to start lowering. the other thing is budget. you could be overspending on your audience. there's a very good chance that you know if you've raised your budget substantially and your audience can't handle that scale because not enough people are active or not enough placements are able to be happening, you could be, you know, overspending and therefore raising your cpms. you might reach, you know, forty thousand people for eighty dollars and then, next thing you know, towards the end of the day, it dumps two hundred dollars of your budget and you only reached an extra thousand, therefore spiking your cpms at the end of the day. so you need to make sure your audience can actually handle the scale. now also with that, in order to make sure an audience can handle scale is having good placement. some people only go in with video which quite literally could be insane, because you're essentially raising your cpms automatikally because yo

WHY Does Facebook CPM AFFECT Our Facebook Ad RESULTS?

Hello Facebook ads people. I'm Konstantinos, and today we are going to tok about CPMs. How do they influence our ads? So what are the CPMs? It's cost per 1000 impressions. Why is it important? Because Facebook is working with impressions. It's not working with cost per click, like Google is working. So when we have cost per 1000 impressions, we understand if the ads that we are running right now we are paying a lot, If it's expensive, if the marketing cost has risen all of these years, and so on. If you are running ads to different countries, you can see that the CPMs vary from country to country. It's cheaper to advertise in certain countries. It's more expensive to advertise in other countries, like the United States. Why? Because of the competition, The more people advertise in a specific country or in a specific interest or in a specific niche, we have higher or lower CPMs. It really depends on how many people they are targeting, what you are targeting in a certain period of time. That being said, we know that the CPMs has risen all of these years. The average CPM, most of the times in the United States, let's say that it's between 18 and 30 around this, depending on the niche, product, how expensive your item is, and so on, And we are seeing this, that it's consistently rising. Even if we have less people advertising now on Facebook because of the iOS changes, we can see that the CPMs are higher. This is because it's more difficult for people to get sales because of the competition and everything. Also, keep in your mind that the CPMs were much lower before, So it was 10 dollars or 15 dollars in average, And we know that. this is the reason that a lot of people are crying about Facebook and they say that it's not effective anymore and they don't want to advertise. it's because they are spoiled from what they used to have in 2015,. but now the situation is different. This is why we're toking about advertising costs in this channel, because it's not only about what Konstantinos is going to say about the Crazy Method or something else. If the CPMs- the CPMs are the average CPMs- are standard, okay, So I know before I even start an account if it's sustainable or not. You need to understand the CPMs. You need to understand how much money you're going to spend in order to get a sale And if your numbers don't add up, it means that you cannot advertise on Facebook, Because- guess what? The average CPMs are going to stay like this. They're not going to change unless if a lot of people are going to stop advertising on Facebook. So what you need to do and why I'm doing this video is because I'm mentioning several times that if your numbers don't work for Facebook, you need to make it work. okay, And you need to make it work because nobody invited you on Facebook, And we have also my video with a letter from Zuckerberg: Dear Konstantinos, please come to advertise on our platform and we will give you exactly the CPMs that you want and the return on ad spend that you want, so that you can be happy and profitable. We promise Yours sincerely, Mark Zuckerberg. But other than that, I need to say that the reason behind that is the CPMs. The CPMs are dictating that Facebook advertisement is expensive. We know that Facebook advertisement is expensive. We know that we are not saying anything based on just theory or just toking about inflation and general economy. We are toking about actual numbers and data. We know from CPMs and the numbers of a company if it's sustainable or not to have sales there, Because if you want to have a business model that you need 5 dollars CPM in order for you to be profitable. it is not going to happen. This is why you see sometimes that I'm super straightforward and I'm saying that this is not okay. this is not okay. If you want to advertise like this, you cannot do it. You have to adapt and you need to have a business which is going to be able to be competitive enough to compete with the others, that they have fixed their numbers in order to advertise with these marketing costs- And I know that the marketing cost has increased a lot in the last years- but there are several companies that they have adapted and they are making money out of it. At the end of the day, watch your CPMs. CPMs are very important. You can see also in a period if the CPMs are increasing, how this is impacting your ads and that you're having less ROAS in that period. You can have a sense by just monitoring the CPMs: which period is better for you, which period is worse, If there is a period which is very bad for Facebook in general, and how you're going to combat this. If you start to see less ROAS, for example, start seeing also your CPMs. Have they increased? If they have increased, it means that this is not your fault. Can you do something about that? Not really If the CPMs are rising- and you used to have certain CPMs and stuff- you can try with other creatives and stuff to lower it down, But if this is a general thing, you can do nothing about it. Never think that you can just drop the CPMs magically just because Konstantinos will show you a strategy or someone else is going to show you a strategy. It is not going to happen like this. You need to do ads. You need to do ads- decent ads, good ads. Follow me, other people test strategies and see what is your average CPM. This is the number that you have- And then try to adapt to it and make the actual numbers of your business to work for this CPM. That's the magic deal. okay, So I was actually watching the video before it got published and I think that I have some extra remarks just so that it can be more clear the situation about the CPMs. The thing is that here we're having one account which is extremely successful, United States, very high spends daily, Just today, for example, spending 5K, super profitable- And you can see that the CPM here is 28,- 52, you know different numbers over here, So I give you a number of 18 to 30 something- I don't remember what. but there are a lot of cases that when the pixel is actually trained and we have an account that is working very well And of course if you adapt your numbers, the CPMs then are going to drop because it's working better and you have a better deal. So the numbers that I'm mentioning are just the average numbers and, most of the times, the numbers that people are going to see if they're starting now on the platform. Of course there are ad accounts, like this one, for example, that are having much lower CPMs. but this, just for your information, is an established company which is advertising for the past 8 years and it has a crazy powerful pixel. It's also a company that's having crazy organic traffic. It's advertising on every other platform. So it's not necessary that you're not going to have the CPMs if you're having a business which is doing marketing in several platforms. It has very good deals, a very passionate audience that is buying again and again. but I'm toking a little bit more in the video about the average CPMs for most of the people and not for the super trained account, because if in this channel we're toking only about the super crazy good accounts, then there is no point for everyone else who is struggling and they're trying to find help with a video. So, yes, you can have 3 dollars CPMs. you can have 8, 5,. okay, It's not like it will never happen, but if you're a beginner, if you have a new pixel, if you're struggling, having good results and consistency and spending good spends with your ad account because it's working and it's profitable, then you're most probably going to be in the range of the average CPMs. I'm just making this video just to explain that. yes, there are accounts that are working very well. then they can be extremely profitable, even with higher CPMs. or there are other ad accounts that are having lower CPMs. okay, I hope that this is going to help you understand more everything that I'm explaining in the actual video, If you want.

Giảm CPM Facebook 2022: Yếu Tố Nào Tác Động & Cách Giảm CPM Quảng Cáo Thế Nào

giảm cpm số một nửa là chi phí trên mỗi tin nhắn của bạn có thể giảm tương ứng một nửa. bạn thấy nó quan trọng rồi, đúng không? nhưng giảm cpm thế nào? thì không phải bạn nào cũng làm được, và video này tim mình sẽ bóc tách và làm rõ cho bạn từng yếu tố ảnh hưởng đến chỉ số cpm này để bạn có thể cải thiện được nó và giảm chi phí các chiến dịch quảng cáo của bạn xuống, đặc biệt là giảm được chi phí trên mỗi tin nhắn. chào bạn, mình là Thu Minh, là trợ lý của anh Việt Đức từ Hoàng Việt đứccom. video này mình sẽ thay mặt tin để giải thích cho bạn về các yếu tố ảnh hưởng đến chỉ số cvn trong báo cáo của bạn, điều gì khiến nó cao và bằng cách nào để bạn giảm được chỉ số này xuống thấp nhất có thể. rồi mình bắt đầu nhé. Trước hết, bạn cần biết là chỉ số cpm liên quan mật thiết đến cơ chế đấu thầu trong quảng cáo Facebook. nghĩa là, nếu bạn dành được chiến thắng trong cơ chế đấu thầu này, thì cpm của bạn sẽ rẻ. dành cho những bạn mới chưa nắm kỹ chỉ số cpm này, thì cpm là chi phí Facebook tính cho quảng cáo của bạn trên mỗi 1.000 lượt hiển thị quảng cáo hình dung. đơn giản thì: nếu cpm quảng cáo của bạn là 200.000, khi bạn tốn 200.000 để quảng cáo của bạn được hiển thị 1.000 lần, còn cpm của bạn chỉ 50.000, thì quảng cáo của bạn sẽ được hiển thị 1000 lần và chỉ tốn 50.000. Thôi. thì rõ ràng là bạn sẽ muốn quảng cáo của mình với được hiển thị càng nhiều và với chi phí càng rẻ, Càng tốt. rồi cpm và cơ chế đấu thầu liên quan thế nào? trước hết mình giải thích về cơ chế đấu thầu cho bạn hiểu nhé. số lượng người dùng trên Facebook Tuy là nhiều, nhưng cũng có giới hạn và trong khi đó có rất nhiều người muốn hiển thị quảng cáo của mình đến cho đối tượng khách hàng tiềm năng của mình trên Facebook. nghĩa là các nhà quảng cáo sẽ phải cạnh tranh với nhau để được hiển thị quảng cáo. cạnh tranh khi các nhà quảng cáo đấu giá với nhau, thôi Ai Sẵn sàng chi ra nhiều tiền hơn cho Facebook thì giành chiến thắng và được hiển thị quảng cáo. nhưng như vậy thì nếu nhà quảng cáo chi nhiều tiền và tháng đấu giá, Nếu nội dung quảng cáo của họ làm phiền người dùng Facebook, thì sao? và có rất nhiều những trường hợp như vậy- thì lúc này Facebook được ra thêm một luật chơi khác nữa, đó là chất lượng quảng cáo, trải nghiệm người dùng và phản hồi từ người dùng đối với quảng. cáo. và thế là, trong cơ chế đấu thầu có thêm hai yếu: tố: thứ nhất là tỷ lệ hành động ước tính và thứ hai là chất lượng quảng cáo. Vậy là, trong cơ chế đấu thầu quảng cáo trên Facebook này, chúng ta có 3 yếu tố: một là giá thầu- nó chính là cpm, hay là tỷ lệ hành động ước tính, và thứ ba là chất lượng quảng cáo. nguyên tắc đơn giản là: tỉ lệ hành động ước tính càng cao và chất lượng quảng cáo càng tốt, thì cpm quảng cáo của bạn càng rẻ, và ngược lại. rồi, Giờ mình đi tăng tỷ lệ hành động ước tính lên nhé. tỷ lệ hành động ước tính hiểu một cách nôm na là nếu quảng cáo của bạn nhận được nhiều lượt hành động mục tiêu trên tổng số lượt hiển thị, thì quảng cáo của bạn có tỉ lệ hành động ước tính cao. có vẻ hơi khó hiểu, nhỉ? đơn giản thì thế này: ví dụ, bạn chạy chiến dịch quảng cáo có mục tiêu là tin nhắn và nếu quảng cáo đó của bạn nhận được nhiều tin nhắn, thì quảng cáo của bạn có tỷ lệ hành động ước tính cao. tùy thuộc vào loại mục tiêu chiến dịch quảng cáo mà Facebook tính tỷ lệ hành động ước tính: với chiến dịch tin nhắn, thì hành động được tính là lượt Gửi tin nhắn. với chiến dịch quảng cáo tăng like fanpage, thì hành động được tính là lượt like trang mới. với chiến dịch doanh số chuyển đổi trên web, thì hành động được tính vào tỷ lệ hành động ước tính là lượt chuyển đổi. rồi thì Facebook nhìn vào yếu tố này để tăng hoặc giảm cpm cho quảng cáo của bạn. là vì nhiều người nhắn tin khi bạn chạy tin nhắn, nghĩa là quảng cáo của bạn khiến người dùng Facebook thì hứng thú. họ hứng thú, họ mới hành động. Facebook Thích chuyện này. trải nghiệm người dùng là thứ rất quan trọng với Facebook. nó thay đổi, cập nhật thuật toán liên tục là vì mục tiêu cải thiện trải nghiệm người dùng này Và tất nhiên là ngược lại, quảng cáo của bạn nhận được ít lượt hành động mục tiêu, Facebook sẽ không thích tí nào và nó sẽ phạt quảng cáo của bạn bằng cách tăng cpm quảng cáo của bạn lên chỗ này nó cứ ngược ngạo. thế nào, ấy nhỉ. Mình đang đi cải thiện chỉ số- là chi phí trên mỗi tin nhắn- bằng cách giảm cvm xuống. và rồi muốn cải thiện chỉ số cpm, thì mình lại bảo bạn đi tăng số tin nhắn trên quảng cáo lên càng nhiều càng tốt. nhưng mà nó vậy đấy, các chỉ số trong báo cáo quảng cáo Facebook nó liên quan mật thiết với nhau. cải thiện chỉ số này là một loạt các chỉ số khác được cải thiện và ngược lại để tăng tỷ lệ hành động ước tính, nghĩa là tăng số lượt gửi tin nhắn càng nhiều càng tốt. khi bạn chạy quảng cáo có mục tiêu tin nhắn, thì bạn cần đưa đúng lời chào hàng đến đúng đối tượng khách hàng tiềm năng mục tiêu, với một lời đề nghị khó để từ. chối. và thực sự thì đây là cả một câu chuyện dài, vì bạn phải làm chủ rất nhiều thứ để đạt được điều này. Đây là một vài trong số đó. thứ nhất là tư duy bán hàng, Ví dụ như khách hàng không cần cái khoan, mà họ cần những cái lỗ, hay là khách hàng mua bằng cảm xúc và lý giải bằng logic. thứ hai là kiến thức gì? marketing? đó là kỹ năng giúp bạn định vị sản, phẩm, phân khúc, khách hàng, nghiên cứu insi, đối tượng, vân vân. thứ ba là chiến thuật bán hàng. Ví dụ về chiến thuật bán hàng là có cách để chạy quảng cáo, tặng quà, giảm giá, nhưng không hề lỗ, mà Thậm chí còn bùng nổ doanh thu nữa. Thứ tư là kỹ năng copy writing. nó là kỹ năng giúp bạn Viết tiêu đề cuốn hút và nội dung quảng cáo thuyết phục. Thứ năm là hiểu được thuật toán hiển thị quảng cáo của Facebook, nghĩa là cơ chế vận hành để Facebook đưa đúng nội dung đến đúng người dùng trên Facebook Hay hứng thú với nó. và thứ sáu là thiết lập chiến dịch quảng cáo chuẩn dựa theo thuật toán quảng cáo của Facebook. đó là 6 thứ mà tin mình cho là quan trọng nhất để bạn làm tốt được công việc. nếu đúng lời chào hàng đến đúng đối tượng khách hàng, tiềm, năng, mục tiêu, với một lời đề nghị khó để từ, chối, giờ, thì bạn thấy đấy, nó là một câu chuyện dài, lê thê luôn, nhưng tim mình sẽ từ từ và lần lượt sản xuất các video tiếp theo để giúp bạn nắm bắt từng kỹ. năng. 1, bạn theo dõi kênh rồi bật thông báo để cập nhật video mới nhé, Và nếu bạn muốn làm chủ các kỹ năng đó nhanh chóng nhất, áp dụng ngay trên sản phẩm của bạn để ngay ngày mai, ngày kia, quảng cáo của bạn rẻ đi rõ rệt và doanh thu tăng nhanh chóng. khi tim mình có dạy một kèm một, bạn có thể tham khảo chi tiết ở dưới phần mô tả của video này nhé. còn trong phạm vi của video này, mình có thể giới thiệu qua cho bạn một vài mẹo để giúp bạn cải thiện một vài yếu tố. thứ nhất là: để đưa quảng cáo đến đúng đối tượng khách hàng mục tiêu, thì thứ bạn cần làm là một hình ảnh thu hút một công tiêu để đánh đúng in sai khách hàng và sau đó là thả trống hoàn toàn, tán hết, không giới hạn lại tuổi, giới, tính, gì hết. Facebook tự biết ai đang có nhu cầu với nội dung quảng cáo, với sản phẩm của bạn. nó nghe ngóng liên tục các hành vi của người dùng trên Facebook. điều này liên quan đến thuật toán hiển thị quảng cáo của Facebook. bạn tìm xem video trình bày về thuật toán này trên kênh của team mình nhé. Thứ hai là khách hàng không cần cái khoan, họ cần những cái lỗ. nghĩa là khách hàng không cần sản phẩm, mà họ cần giải quyết cái vấn đề của mình. nên khi bạn bán hàng, nội dung quảng cáo của bạn sẽ cần phải tập trung vào cái mà Khách hàng cần, chứ không phải là sản phẩm của bạn. do bình dân, thì Khách hàng muốn biết họ nhận được ưu đãi gì, tiết kiệm được bao nhiêu đồ gia, dụng, Candy- thì Khách hàng cần biết sản phẩm của bạn, nó tiện lợi thế nào, giúp cuộc sống của họ tốt lên thế nào. dịch vụ giá cao: thì Khách hàng cần biết dịch vụ của bạn giúp đỡ họ thế nào. họ có thể kiểm chứng, trải nghiệm sản phẩm của bạn hay không, để không phải ném ra một đống tiền và có khi là không được gì. Vân vân. bạn có thể tìm xem chủ đề này trên kênh tin mình ở video 3 cách bán hàng thuyết phục. rồi. thì đó là một vài chia sẻ của team mình về cách để tăng tỷ lệ hành động ước tính và giúp bạn chiến thắng trong cơ chế đấu thầu trong quảng cáo Facebook và giảm được cpm quảng cáo của bạn xuống. yếu tố thứ hai: bạn cần l.