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facebook ads for app installs

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

How To Connect Your App To Facebook (Mobile App Install Ads)

hey, how are you today? I'm gonna show you exactly how to connect your app to Facebook so you can run mobile app installs or do whatever. I notiked there isn't any training on YouTube and I got a couple questions and comments asking for this video showing you exactly how to connect your app to Facebook. so I'm gonna go ahead and do that. do me a huge favor and hit that like button real quick, because this is gonna solve any problem you are encountering right now. and if you haven't subscribed yet, please consider subscribing and hitting the notification bell, because if you watch my videos, you're gonna become very advanced at Facebook Ads and you'll be able to grow your mobile app very, very quickly. so what you're gonna want to do is you're gonna want to go over to developers dot- facebookcom. so that is developers dot they spokecom, and if you couldn't hear me correctly there, I'll make sure to put a link below and you can also Google Facebook developers. anyways, once you get to this page- Facebook for developers- you have to register your app, so I'm gonna start from the start. if you've already registered your app, that's awesome, just keep watching. anyways, I'm gonna show you everything, including how to connect your app and how to actually run the app, install ads. so you go up here to the top right and you click my apps. then under my apps you click add new app or you select your app from the dashboard. I'm gonna click add new app and pretend this is a brand new app. you're gonna put in, you know, your email here. you're gonna put in the display name of the app. so, whatever you want the app to be called, I'm gonna just call this app heads up test. I'm gonna use the app heads up as a test to just show you everything and then you can go complete it by yourself. so you put in that little CAPTCHA. hopefully, I did it right. okay, perfectly. now we're gonna move on to the next step. you actually skip this select a scenario. I'm assuming you're doing this for mobile apps. if you're not doing it for mobile apps, that's okay. you, it's still the same process. but let's just click skip for now, and most of the work here is going to be done inside of this page, here, and when I get, when it loads, let's see here. okay, we're here. it's gonna be under settings, right, and then basic settings. this is where most people get stuck. this is where I got stuck, so don't worry if you're having a hard time. this is the tricky part, and what you're gonna do is make sure your display name is here, your contact email is there. if you have an app domain like a website, put it there. make sure to put a privacy policy URL here. it's not gonna hold you back from getting started, but eventually Facebook's gonna ping you and say, hey, we need your privacy product policy URL. so go ahead and put that in same with the Terms of Service. then pick your app category. in my case it's gonna be games, and then it's gonna be like a trivia game. so there we go, and then you want to upload your app icon. now it has to be 1024 by 1024. they're very specific about this. so go ahead and do that, and then you know if it's for your own business- like it's a game, or you know nutrition app or health and fitness- if it's for your own business- like that one. if it's for somebody else's- like that one- then you want to make sure to have your business verified on Facebook so you can just follow this, get started. you have to sign a couple contracts- really simple to do- and once you do that, you want to fill in all your information here for the data protection. so it's pretty much your personal information, your email, your address, all that stuff. it's all safe, don't worry. but down here is really where you get set up. so you click add platform and you're gonna want to add. if you have an iOS app, obviously you want to add iOS. a lot of people, most developers, have an iOS and an Android app, so you want to add those two. now if it's for, like, a Facebook game or something, you can add this one as well. I didn't mean to click that, so I'm gonna exit out, but let's just for this example, this ad iOS and then also let's add Android, because I feel like that is the most typical. and I'll go over all of these, because this is where I personally got confused: bundle ID: this is where this is inside of your iTunes Connect. on the actual app page, you have a bundle ID. it usually starts with, like you know, comm, dot, heads-up, dot, whatever, but it's inside of iTunes Connect. you can pull that directly from iTunes Connect. this URL scheme is optional. ask your developer if you need that. I don't think I put mine in their shared secret. you also need to ask your developer if you need it. you sometimes don't need it. these two things are perfect. log in app purchase events. I recommend this as well because then it shows how many people purchase, write, and that's very good for analytiks and all of that good stuff. then you want to go ahead and grab your app ID. so for your app ID, there's a link here, you know, to the actual app and you can go ahead and see that. this is the link to the iTunes app of heads-up, right. so this is the ID, that part right there, and you just put that in right there, just like that- I'm gonna change it up a little bit because you know that's not actually my app- and then you just hit save so you will get your bundle ID in there. you'll get your iPhone store ID in there. of course, it's gonna throw off an error because it's not actually my app. now for the Google package name. this is found inside of your Google developer console and then the key hashes. you're gonna need to ask your developer how to create that- really simple for them to do, but the package name is actually found in the link as well. so if I grab the link here, you can see that. come that heads up. that is going to be the package name, I believe, so you're gonna want to put that in there and just fill out all this information- and this is where most people mess up, because it's kind of hidden down here. right, it says ad platform. you have to add these two platforms. fill out all this information and you're good to go. now. you also want to take note to the rolls, right, because possibly you want to add an admin. as you can see, I'm already an admin, but I can add another admin. you can add developers, you can add testers and so on and so on. then the last step you really want to take here is make sure that it's not in development anymore. you have to provide your privacy policy, like I said before, in order to make it out of development. it has to be live in order to start running Facebook ads. one more thing I want to show you here is, if you go to basic, you want to make sure to upload all of the images as well. so they ask for the app icon, right, and they also: maybe it's under advanced, oh, it's, it's under platform. you want to add different cover images. you want to add all the assets that they require. so you know, after adding platform iOS, platform Android. so you just do those two things: fill out all of this information, hit live and then you are good to go. your app has been added to Facebook, just like that. so it's not too hard to do. but now it's time to go to your actual ads part and set up your ads right. so let's go ahead and dive in here- sorry about that- and let's jump into the actual ads section now. so if I go over to create ad, I go like that right, and you want to select app installs and make sure to stik around, because I'm going to show you a lot of really good strategies here, now that you can run app install ads very profitably. I see a lot of people teaching app install ads and I my minds actually blown sometimes because they show you ways to run app install ads and it's not a very profitable way. I spend millions of dollars every single year on app install ads. so let's go ahead and just name this ad, chill test, and then you can skip these two sections here and hit continue. there's a couple points I want to just show you, and let's just go ahead and use this app right here and it's for Google Play, right. you can also say iTunes and I could select the different app. I could select this.

How to Run Facebook App Install Ads and Boost Your Facebook Reach

all right. so in this video, we are gonna learn how to use a facebook ads manager- if you are familiar with this dashboard- to run your own app campaigns, or if you want to promote your own app, or if you're working somewhere and and your founder has, or your ceo or your boss has told to increase the scale of the app or market an app- how to do that using facebook- and this is this is step by step- i'm gonna teach you, i'm gonna assume that, okay, you don't know anything and so it's a beginner score. so if you already know it, just skip this video, all right. so first things first. this is something called as, uh, facebook ads manager. so what we are gonna do, we are gonna click on create here. there are three things on facebook ads manager. one is a campaign, one is an ad set, one is an ad. then you create a campaign. under campaigns that are headsets, you can have multiple ad sets for adsense. you can. you can get- uh, you can understand it as um- audience sets. so so one campaign can have multiple audience sets and one audience set can have multiple ads. you will get a hang of it once we start. so what we are going to do? we are going to click on create and what facebook asks first is: choose a campaign objective. there are multiple campaign objectives, but for this specific video, since we are toking about app promotion, the name says it. all, right, we are going to click on app promotion and then what you do? you click on continue, easy, till now, okay, perfect. so what we do here first is this is called nomenclature or a campaign name. whatever you make you might call. if you are in a company, your company may be following a style of nomenclature or a style of naming, for the ease of ease of reporting and for the ease of everyone. so either you can just follow that, or or, if you, if you don't, then what we can do is let's name this as okay. let me make it very simple. let's assume that we are promoting an app which is like a headspace, which means that the app is into meditation, to improve sleep and everything right. so let's call the campaign as let's say. let's call the. let's call the app as med [Music]. we'll put the campaign objective- since the campaign objective is app um- after motion. so we are just going to call it app installs, and then there are some marketers who put the date. so, for the ease of it, if you don't want, just don't put okay, uh, just ignore these parts. uh, you can just google it to understand what is. what is, what is exactly an auction, um, and what is an advantage, plus campaigns and everything. but let's just proceed. so, once you give the campaign, you click on next. here is where the main action happens. here is where you need to spend your most of the time. so, just as i told you, one ad set is equal to our one audience set, which means that you have to first decide who are you gonna show this at. right. so let's say, i decide that i want to show this ad to people who are interested in meditation, so i'll name it accordingly: interest. here is where you have to type and just input your admin, since that space is not my own app, so i will not install. but you, you, you have to. you have to put your app's name here. here you can do, uh, city-based targeting. you can do a pin code based targeting. you can do a country based targeting, whatever it is. you can put your language, so you can put in the english, whatever you want. let's spend slightly more time here to understand what are these optimization controls? we will be toking more about app events and app install campaigns- with app events, in the later videos, but let's stik on this specific video. this is what app installs. so the moment you create an app install campaign, what objective are you giving to the facebook that, hey man, i want maximum install volume in whatever budget i have asked you to give? right now let's tok about basics. if you tell facebook to give you maximum app installs, but if your objective is, let's say, account creation or registration or sign up, there is a very, very chance of 60 to a 70 percent. your objective will not be met because you told facebook that, hey, i'm only interested in volume, i'm not interested in people who will do an app install, and we'll also take an action. the second part is called an app events campaign. we'll be toking in the next video. i'll be using that soon. but both have their own significance and the right way is this: if you are someone who has less, less budget to start off with, if you're a first time founder having a less budget, don't do an apple app events campaign. do an app install campaign. if you are a small business founder, don't do an app event campaign. if you are launching an app for the first time and you have to get the initial traction, my suggestion: start with an app installed campaign. get the first thousand or two thousand installations, with good targeting obviously. then, once you have at least 10 000 installs- bare minimum 10 000 installs- then you can start doing app events campaign. do not ever start app events campaign whenever you launch if you don't have money. okay, because what will happen is the moment you do app events campaign, the costing- the cost per install versus the cost per app event- is massively different. like, you can get a cost per install at 12 rupees, but your cost per event might be 90 rupees, 150 rupees, 200 rupees or whatever. okay. now what will happen is, if you have, if you're, if you're short in money, if you are extremely, extremely less than money and you are running an app event campaign, you are basically, uh, not letting the facebook's algorithm to learn. they will get two to three events passed per day and they will not learn anything. okay, i'll just take a positive. we'll not tok about events and anything, as i promised, because it's a slightly advanced topic. next video promise, all right, so we have set here app events. what you can do. you can set up bid cap also. let me just slightly explain you about the bitca. bitca basically means that if i put app install campaign, if i do not set a bitcap, what happens? that means you are allowing facebook to build automatikally. they will do automated bidding. one day you might get 12 rupees app installed cost. one day you might get 20 rupees. one day you might get 25 rupees. if you have are again tightened budget and you are like you, okay, 18 rupees, super, i will not be giving. then just click on 18 rupees, uh, and facebook will not spend more than 18 rupees. okay, that's a, that's a bit cap. then put your logic: either you can do a lifetime budget or you can do a daily budget. depends on companies to companies. if your company does not care about every day how many installs you get, please go ahead with. lifetime daily budget is generally for the people who have to have a basic daily volume of installs because they have a mandate. so put your daily budget here. let's say, i put my daily budget here as 2000 and what we do we click on next. so here we go. 80 percent of the job is complete. we are done with the campaign setting. we are done with the access setting. we're at last page. here is where the main magic happens. your ad is creative. your ad is the lifeline. what are the two parts of the lifeline? two parts are your copy, which is the content, and your creative. generally, in my experience, let me tell you what works for app install campaigns. please use it as a growth hack. please use it as a playbook, because no one is going to tell you. you can. you can share it with anyone, i won't mind. okay, uh, carousel ads will cost you higher. video ads will cost you lower if it's a good video. video ads of 15 seconds will cost you lower. video ads of two minutes will cost you higher. image ad versus video ad. video ad performs better. video ad that are extremely crisp in four to ten seconds performs even better than a 15 second ad. yeah, yep, i just told you all of the learnings that i have learned in last five years. all right, so just play around. have a good text, have a good headline. i won't explain this part. i want you to. i want you to figure it out and just feel free to play around. and yeah, some extra learnings. put an emotikon ins.

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App Install Campaigns On Instagram: Tutorials & MORE!

if you have an app, you need to advertise online in order to keep it alive or to give it any life at all if it's new. if you want to learn how to run successful app install campaigns on instagram, keep watching [Applause]. hi, i'm morgan, a digital marketing professional at life marketing, and i'm excited to show you how to do app install campaigns on instagram. i'll show you in-depth tutorials later, so stik around for those, but let's get started with the basics first. what is an app install campaign? an app ad campaign is a campaign that- you guessed it- you run to promote your app. if you have an app at all, you should definitely be using these. you can use app ads to find new users. these would be app install campaigns. re-engage existing users, like encouraging them to take a specific action. these are app engagement campaigns. you can also get users to sample your app and give it a try right in the ad so they know if they want to download it or not. in order to get the most out of your app ads, you'll want to make sure that you register your app. i'll go over the steps for how to do that briefly, but it is more advanced so i'm not going to cover in depth. if you have in-house, freelance or agency help with your ads, i would let them do this part for you. oh and, by the way, if you're looking for an ad agency to help you with strategy and execution, give life marketing a call and we'll be happy to help. so the first step of registering your app is going to the app dashboard and making sure that you've followed the steps there. be sure to set the platform for your mobile app, like ios or android. you'll select your business manager by going to business settings- advanced business manager. you also need to provide your ad accounts. you'll do this by going to settings- advanced advertising accounts, and you need to check availability. you'll need to make sure that your app is publicly available in the correct platform. then, on the dashboard, when you click on app review, they'll ask you to make your app public and you'll say yes. this will lead you right into an ad setup and i'll go over ad setup later, so hold on for that. first, let's tok about what types of ads that you can run for your app. each ad type will have different objectives available. i'll go over each and include instructions for setup, and my best practikes also include any things you need to be aware of before you get started. so here are the types of ads you can use to promote your app: automated app ads, app install ads and app engagement ads. let's look up how to set up your ad in the ads manager before we get into any strategy and my tips. but before i do that, here's a quick message from one of our co-founders about our new online courses. hey, we just helped a small business make over 1.5 million dollars through facebook advertising and, after managing millions of dollars in ad spend for thousands of different small businesses, we have decided to give away everything we learn to you in a special program. if you want to learn the blueprint to success, the best practikes from some of the fastest growing companies in the world and all the different tools you will need, then sign up for our social ads training program today. so, to set up your campaign, we're going to do this in the facebook ads manager, since facebook and instagram are merging into one management platform. you'll go to your ads manager and choose the ad account that's associated with your app. you'll click the create button in the top left and choose the app installs objective. choose the app ads option if you wish to create standard app ads. i'll show you how to set up the automated app ads next, so keep watching for that. now you'll click continue. now there's a new option here for create ios 14 campaign that you should select if you want to run ads to apple users. toggle that on, if that applies to you. in the app section, choose the app that you want to promote. note that if your app isn't linked to your ad account, your ad will optimize for link clicks rather than app installs and it will be harder for you to track all those in-app activities. you won't be able to optimize for any app events until you link this to your account. so do this first thing. now. i recommend you toggle on both the a- b testing options and the campaign budget optimization toggles. toggle those on and then set your budget and click next. if you want to use dynamic creative, which i recommend you'll toggle that on here- choose your budget, audience and placements in the optimization and delivery section. choose your optimization goal. choose app installs to optimize for people most likely to download your app, or app events to optimize for people who are most likely to take a specific action within your app. these would be things like making a purchase or playing for a specific amount of time. click next. in the identity section, you'll select the facebook page associated with your app and attach your instagram account, if applicable, which it is here, since we're doing an instagram app install campaign. in the ad setup section, select single image or video, or you can do a carousel of these. in the add creation section, choose the image or video that you would like to use for your ad. add the headline, description and other text to include in your ad and include the call to action button that is most relevant to your desired action. complete the rest of your ad by adding information in the languages and tracking section, if this applies. when you're done, click publish to publish your app ad. now you can also create an app ad that uses the traffic and conversions objectives. you'll enter your app id in those sections and then continue with your ad setup. these objectives can't run automated app ads, though, which is unfortunate, but not the end of the world. speaking of which, let's look at how to set up automated app ads. now. these are also called dynamic ads, so if you hear those referred to, they're pretty much the same thing. some marketers might refer to these automated ads as dynamic ads and use those terms interchangeably, i'll be seeing automated ads, since that's what facebook is specifying for this type. now what's the point of automated app ads? these ads are all about achieving the highest performance with the least effort on your part. they use machine learning to create the best combination of creative to show to the right person in the right place at the right time. it's pretty much like having a marketer that works for you 24 hours a day and who doesn't want that? let's look at some of the benefits of using automated app ads. the first is automatik placements. these built-in options show your ad to people in as many places as possible on instagram and, if you choose it, facebook and facebook's audience network. facebook will do all the work to find where to show your ad for the best performance. the second reason is the ad creative optimization. now you'll upload up to 50 unique images and videos, five primary text options and five headline options, and then facebook finds the combinations that will work for the person that they're showing to at that time. this is great because you don't have to create 50 images and create all of those ads and look at them manually to see which ones are doing better, and you don't even have to create 50 images for this initial upload. you can upload up to 50 and i would max that out. if you have something like a product catalog- if you have that, you can choose 50 images from that catalog and then you're doing no extra work, it's just pulling directly from products from your website. the third reason automated ads are great is that it simplifies campaign creation. there are fewer inputs for you and there's only one ad set and add per campaign. that makes beginning advertising not so formidable if you don't know what you're doing and it makes it a lot easier to see what's working and what isn't now. the fourth reason is your audience options. you choose a combination of country, language and a store to show your ads to. to make sure t

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App Install Ads | Facebook App Install Ads campaign | Facebook app install ads 2022 #Marketingcourse

foreign [Applause]. okay, [Music]. say add-on column unlimited: asaytana is, thank you foreign. okay, it also automatikally and run your app campaign like i said. i mean it could happen. continue, corbin, i'm continuing google. um, it is [Music] to find your app above. refine your search by select county in which the your app is available. available target: [Music]: galaxy shooting. uh by. oh, recording in progress: b21: okay, i have the fast access web balancing account app. create mobile app. install that. optimize okay, okay, okay, audiences. you know we say okay, foreign. any item. action menu. action menu: okay, second action minutes: [Music]: okay, peace base space: okay, gaming. act of pssa, free gaming. [Music]. okay, okay, view attention single. okay, you can tell i'm gonna be doing. okay, they keep the immediate coordinate. okay, google play app store: okay, google play, thank you, difference audience defecation: okay, complete bangladeshi: okay it.

How to set up app in Facebook (iOS & Google Play)

hey, how's it going? in this video, i'm going to show you exactly how to set up your app in facebook. so if you maybe have an ios app for the apple app store or a google play app for the google play app store and you're looking to set it up in facebook so that you can do things like track your analytiks or run facebook ads or instagram ads, this is going to be a super powerful, straight to the point video, because i've done this over a thousand times, so i thought i might as well go ahead and show you how to do this. so this should be your one stop shop in order to set up your facebook, your app, inside of facebook, and it's super, duper powerful. if you haven't done so already, running ads to your app is the, you know, by far the most profitable way to grow your app, and in order to do that, you have to be able to set it up in facebook. so let's go ahead and dive in, and all i ask is you throw a like on this video, as this is gonna, you know, solve the problem you're looking for right now, and then, if you hit the like button, you'll see more videos like this one, and you know, i spend a lot of money on facebook ads every single year and i show all my strategies here on this channel and i'm always looking for new, uh, new apps to invest in as well. so comment below if you have a cool app that you're looking to grow and let's get into it. so the first thing you're going to want to do is you want to get going, to want to go to developersfacebookcom, as you can see developersfacebookcom- and then, once you're there, it's pretty simple. you go up here to the top right and there are some kind of difficult things through this process. so just hang with me here and all you'll do is you'll click add a new app. now it's a little tricky because there's multiple different options here and if you have an ios app or a google play app that you're trying to set up, you're going to use for everything else, you'd split, select that and then you put your email in here. so i'll put like john adchill, io, that's actually my real email if you want to do business at any point. john adchillio, this is where you put your app display name. so let's just call this: um, add chill tutorial app. so this is the at the name of your app and, don't worry, you can always change this later, in case you don't have your- no, your official app name set up yet, or, or whatever you could put, like test app, whatever, and then down here, if you want to connect it to a business manager, i would definitely do this. it's optional, but again, you can connect it later as well. so let me go ahead and click create app id. now what's going to happen? you know they want to make sure i'm not a robot, so let's go ahead and click all the boats. i get these wrong half the time, so bear with me. verify, looks like i was successful there. and then, once it's set up here, you know it's a little confusing. at first, your app is going to be in development, so before you make this live, there's some settings you want to set up. but if you're having trouble, like getting everything connected, and you're looking for a video right now to uh, troubleshoot, double check to make sure that your app is not in development, if you can't connect it to your ads or something, or later down the line, you have a problem with something. a lot of the times, people come to me and they'll say, hey, something's wrong with my app id, yada, yada, yada, and then it's just simply flip this switch and you can turn it live. but before we do that, we actually have to set up the ios and the google play settings. so i'm going to show you for both. you know you might not have both- uh, ios and google play, but this will be helpful for the future. what we'll do is we'll go to settings here and, under basic settings, this is where you'll go ahead and you'll need to fill in your privacy policy url, your terms of service url. so these, you know, can be set up on your website. pretty basic, but facebook's actually going to require it. what require you to do that? and then this is where you upload your app icon and you answer this simple question: make sure to verify your business on facebook and you can just click get started to do that. and once you verify it, it's just going to give you more permissions. you know, putting your name, email address here, they're going to need all of that information- and your country, of course. but then down here is where you actually set up the platforms. so let's click add platform and let's start with ios. your bundle id is going to be found inside of your itunes connect. your bundle id usually is like com dot, whatever your app name is, blah, blah, blah. so that's going to be found inside of itunes connect on apple and you'll just paste it in there. now the iphone store id is actually, you know, i'll just use candy crush as an example here- the id here is at the end of the, the link, so you can also find this inside of your itunes connect and you just paste it in here and you do the same thing for ipad- they're usually the same- and then make sure to put your bundle id in there- and again, i'm not going to be able to show you that part, but it's inside of itunes connect and then- this is optional- and then we'll go ahead and do the same thing for google play or android. you'll find your package name inside of the google play dashboard, the class name as well and the key hashes. you're going to need the key hashes for google play. so if you're not a developer, just ask your developer for the key hashes and you'll be able to paste it in there. and then, once you're done, you just click save changes and you're pretty much good to go. now, down here under roles, you can invite maybe one of your teammates. i'll leave this page for now. you can invite your teammates or whoever. you want to be an admin, or you want to add your developers here or testers. that's another pretty important part. and then you want to go to the app review as well and make sure to. uh, you don't necessarily need to get your app reviewed by facebook, but if you have specific permissions that you want like, you want like facebook login and stuff, you'll have to add them here and then get them reviewed. don't worry about this for the basic setup. but if you do have some like you need to see the facebook posts of a user or you need to manage their ads or things like that, you can do that here. but for most people, you're just going to go to basic and set up what i just showed you, um, on this page here and then, from your dashboard, you'll be able to see, like, all of your stats if you go over to view analytiks. this is a pretty powerful tool. i use it pretty much for all of my apps and i just look at the analytiks here and you can dive really deep into analytiks with facebook. so a lot of people think you need like a third-party uh analytiks dashboard. but you know we spend millions of dollars each year on facebook ads and we're pretty much only using facebook analytiks, so it's pretty powerful. if you want to know more about analytiks, let me know in the comment section and i can dive deeper into kind of an analytiks tutorial as well. because you know, being able to understand your analytiks with inside your app will change, change the game forever for you, because you'll understand how much, how much value does each user bring inside of your app and how much you can spend on ads. now, ads are like my number one thing and my favorite part of of having an app company is running facebook ads. so i have a ton of different videos on my channel about app install ads specifically. let me know in the comment section below if you want to learn more about that. and then the last thing i want to really tok about is make sure to click live once you get everything set up. if it's in development, obviously you can keep it in development, but until you hit you, turn it on and turn it live, you won't be able to run facebook ads. and that's really the most important part about getting your facebook, your app, connected to facebook is running facebook ads because, at the end of the day, if you're currently still using strategies like app store optimi.

How to create Facebook app install ads campaign || App install ads ||

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