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facebook ads for musicians

Published on: February 6 2023 by pipiads

Facebook Ads for Music Artists: Finding Fans Online

In this article, we will discuss a highly effective Facebook ad campaign for music artists to grow their audience in expensive countries like the US, UK, etc., while also building retargeting audiences to sell merch, grow mailing lists, generate social proof, and get people to shows.

The Video View Campaign:

The campaign revolves around running a video of your music or content and generating watch time on the video. Based on how far people watch the video, you can retarget them later. Ideally, you want to optimize for minutes of watch time instead of just a 15-second view.

Creating the Campaign:

1. Create a new campaign objective and select the engagement option.

2. Choose manual instead of tailored and name the campaign.

3. Keep campaign budget optimization off to have more control over audiences.

4. Create an ad set and select conversion location and engagement type.

5. Choose the United States and be specific with age and music genre targeting.

6. Select Facebook feed and video feeds for placements.

7. Use an existing post instead of uploading a video to stack up social proof.

Testing Different Audiences:

You can test different audiences such as electronic rock, Depeche Mode, 30 Seconds to Mars, and others. You can also create custom columns to calculate the cost at different video view percentages.

By following these steps, music artists can effectively grow their audience, build retargeting audiences, and sell merch, grow mailing lists, generate social proof, and get people to shows. The key is to optimize for minutes of watch time and be specific with targeting audiences.

Facebook Ads For Music Artists | $100 Budget Campaign

How to Successfully Market Your Music on a Budget Using Facebook Ads

- Facebook ads are a great way to market your music, but can be expensive

- Many musicians may not have a large budget for marketing their music

Case Study: AHA Rock's $100 Facebook Ad Campaign

- AHA Rock won a contest for a $100 Facebook ad campaign

- The campaign resulted in a 137,000% increase in Spotify profile activity

- The song promoted received 12,500 streams, 8,200 listeners, and 900 saves in a week and a half

- 81% of the streams came from Spotify algorithmic playlists, 7% from first-time listeners, and 11% from repeat listeners

- The campaign gained AHA Rock 33 new followers in a week and a half

How the Facebook Ad Campaign Was Set Up

- A conversion objective was used with a landing page that sent users to Spotify

- The campaign targeted all Spotify countries except India, with an age range of 15-44 and all genders

- The campaign was split into three ad sets targeting related artists (Deadmau5, Zombie Boy, Skrillex)

- The ad sets were placed in Facebook and Instagram story, feed, and explorer placements

Results of the Facebook Ad Campaign

- $99.75 was spent on the campaign, resulting in 664 results, 100,000 people reached, and 214,000 impressions

- The cost per person who went to the song on Spotify was 15 cents

- Facebook's campaign budget optimization automatically allocated budget based on which ad set got the cheapest results

- Facebook ads can be a cost-effective way to market your music

- Targeting related artists and using multiple ad placements can improve results

- Setting a reasonable budget and using conversion objectives can help maximize results with a limited budget.

I Spent $500 on Instagram Ads to Promote My Song.. this is what happened

Advertising Music on Instagram: A Guide to Success

- Advertising music on Instagram through sponsored posts is a popular strategy

- However, a lazy and ineffective approach can result in wasted money

- To create a successful ad, consider the elements that grab your attention in ads and implement them into your own

Creating an Effective Ad:

- A real person addressing the camera directly can make the ad feel more natural and less like an ad

- Keep the ad short, direct, and to the point

- Use an overwhelming or shocking factor to grab attention

- Ask people for their thoughts rather than overselling the album

Testing the Ad:

- Start with a trial or test campaign before committing to a larger budget

- Connect your Instagram account to a Facebook account and set up a business account

- Choose relevant age demographics, interests, and location

- Focus on specific interests and genres, and think outside the box

- Use estimated reach and link click rates to determine budget and duration of the ad

- Consider a conversion campaign instead of a traffic campaign to track successful conversions


- A test campaign yielded solid results with 76 link clicks and 7,728 people reached

- Target market is males aged 13 to 24

- A conversion campaign may be more effective in tracking successful conversions

- Test different data metrics and ad copies to find the most successful approach.

Made 1k Fans using Facebook Ads for Music Artists | $4k Profit Strategy

Hey, what's up everyone? It's Solo E here and today I'll be sharing with you how I was able to finesse the Facebook ad for my music strategy. I'll show you guys how you can profit over $3,000 from the same strategy that I use and I only spent $600 for a 30-day Facebook ad campaign. It overproduced phenomenally and I'm very transparent when it comes to it, so you guys will see every little bit of pieces. So, make sure you comment, like, and subscribe and I will see you guys.

In this article, I will be discussing how I was able to accumulate over 1,000 fans on Facebook and turn them into dollar signs through a successful Facebook ad campaign. I will walk you through the data of my fan page likes, the amount I spent on the ad campaign, and the overall picture of how it produced after the ad campaign was completed.

Bullet Points:

- Die-hard fans came from the ad campaign

- Five to ten percent of fans will purchase something

- Fans can be turned into money

- Investing in your music or brand is necessary

- $623.45 for a 30-day campaign isn't a lot

- Merchandise products can sell from $35-$50

- Generate fans to be interested in your products

- Tell your fans when you're dropping new products

In conclusion, a successful Facebook ad campaign can be a game-changer for any artist or influencer trying to turn their fans into dollars. By investing in your music or brand and generating die-hard fans, you can turn them into money through merchandise and product sales. Remember, it's more business than entertainment when it comes to the music industry.

How To Run Facebook Ads For Musicians

In this video, Charles Clayne, a singer-songwriter and producer, discusses how to run Facebook and Instagram ads effectively for music marketing. He emphasizes the importance of building a fan base and audience through paid ads and then using that audience as a home base for future retargeting campaigns. Clayne suggests starting with a reach or brand awareness campaign on Facebook and being specific with targeting parameters such as location, age, gender, and interests. He also recommends creating a video ad that matches the dimensions of the platform and using it to retarget viewers who engaged with the ad for a longer period. The key to successful ads, according to Clayne, is constant optimization and building a specific, engaged audience.

How I Promote My Music on Spotify Using Facebook & Instagram Ads - Instant Growth!

How to Promote Your Music on Spotify Using Facebook Ads

- Adrian introduces himself and explains his recent travels and music collaborations

- He shares his knowledge on promoting music on Spotify using Facebook Ads

Investing in Yourself as an Artist:

- Growing organically through viral content is difficult

- The easiest and most effective way to grow is through paid advertising

- Set a monthly budget, even if it is small, to allocate towards promotion

Running Ads on Instagram:

- Switch your personal account to a creator or business account

- Add a payment method in settings

- Click the Promotions button on a post and select More Website Traffic

- Input the link to your song on Spotify and select Learn More

- Create a custom audience by naming the audience and selecting locations and interests

- Set your budget and duration of the ad

Running Ads on Facebook Business Manager:

- Adrian shares his personal results from running Facebook Ads

- Create an ad with a logo and a call to action to listen on Spotify

- Set your target audience by selecting locations, interests, and behaviors

- Set your budget and duration of the ad

- Facebook Ads can be simple and effective in promoting music on Spotify

- Start small with a monthly budget and grow as you see results

- Don't forget to allocate some of your earnings towards promotion to continue growing as an artist.

3,290 Followers for $53 With Facebook Ads (For Music Artists)

In this article, we will discuss a Facebook ad campaign that was used to generate 3290 followers on social media for only $53.58. We will explain how the campaign was set up, how to modify it, and the applications where it might be useful.

Campaign Setup:

The campaign was a Facebook page like campaign, optimizing for as many page likes as possible. It was targeted to people interested in modular synthesizers and automatik placement, aged between 18-59. Originally launched at $10 a day, it was later reduced to $1 a day, targeting the entire world.

Campaign Modification:

To improve engagement, it is recommended to target specific countries with higher chances of selling or playing a show. Targeting English speaking countries like the United States and Sweden can help reduce problems with bots and click farms. This will cost more, but the quality of followers will be significantly higher.

Campaign Applications:

This campaign can be used to inflate social proof on Facebook, useful for meeting with labels or negotiating tours. However, it is not recommended to make your whole page just worldwide followers as engagement may not be real. The campaign can also be used as a warm-up campaign for conversion campaigns like Spotify.

Facebook ad campaigns can be an effective way to generate followers and inflate social proof. Targeting specific countries can improve engagement and reduce problems with bots and click farms. However, it is important to consider the applications and potential drawbacks of this type of campaign.

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