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facebook ads for page likes

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

How to Use Facebook Ads for Page Likes and Followers

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms with over 2.7 billion monthly active users worldwide. As a business owner or marketer, having a strong presence on Facebook is crucial for building brand awareness and reaching potential customers. In this article, we will discuss how to use Facebook ads to increase your page likes and followers.

Using Facebook Ads for Page Likes and Followers:

1. Determine Your Target Audience:

Before setting up your Facebook ad campaign, you need to define your target audience. You can choose to target specific cities, countries, or a broad audience. It's important to keep your target audience in mind when creating your ad to ensure that it resonates with them.

2. Create Your Ad Campaign:

To create an ad campaign for Facebook page likes and followers, go to Facebook Business Manager and select Create. Choose Engagement and then Page Likes as your objective. Name your campaign and set your budget.

3. Set Up Your Ad Set:

Select your Facebook page, set your budget, and choose your target audience. Keep your target audience broad to get more followers at a lower cost. You can also include specific interests and behaviors to narrow down your audience.

4. Choose Your Ad Creative:

Your ad creative should be visually appealing and eye-catching. Use a high-quality image or video and include a clear call-to-action to encourage users to follow your page. You can also add emojis or other graphics to make your ad stand out.

5. Publish Your Ad:

Review your ad and make sure everything is in order before publishing it. Once it's live, Facebook will review and approve it within 30 minutes. Monitor your ad's performance and adjust your budget or targeting as needed.

Using Facebook ads is an effective way to increase your page likes and followers. By defining your target audience, creating an eye-catching ad, and monitoring its performance, you can grow your Facebook presence and reach more potential customers.

How To Increase Your Facebook Page Likes and Follows

In this article, we will discuss the importance of Facebook page likes and how to increase them. We will differentiate between page likes and followers and explain why page likes still matter in today's digital landscape.

Benefits of Facebook Page Likes:

1. Credibility: The more page likes you have, the more credible your business appears to potential customers. This can help build trust and overcome common objections customers may have towards small businesses.

2. Facebook Group Invitations: With Facebook page likes, businesses can create niche communities in the form of Facebook groups. This helps create a warm audience that is more likely to engage with your brand and content.

3. Retargeting: Businesses can create custom audiences of people who like or follow their page and target them with conversion ads. This helps familiarize potential customers with your brand and nudges them along your marketing funnel.

Ways to Increase Facebook Page Likes:

1. Facebook Page Like Ad Campaigns: Businesses can create ads with a call-to-action (CTA) button to like their page. They can target their desired audience and exclude current page likes to avoid wasting ad spend.

2. Consistent and Valuable Content: Posting consistent and valuable content can help build trust and keep current page likes engaged. Businesses should focus on creating content that is helpful to their audience and makes their page appear valuable.

3. Collaborations and Giveaways: Collaborating with other businesses or influencers and hosting giveaways can help increase page likes and engagement. These tactics can help reach new audiences and incentivize current page likes to invite their friends to like the page.

In today's digital landscape, Facebook page likes still matter. They can help build credibility, create niche communities, and aid in retargeting efforts. Businesses can increase their page likes through Facebook ad campaigns, consistent and valuable content, and collaborations and giveaways.

How To Generate 000,000s Of Facebook Followers With Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads for Generating Page Likes and Followers

In this video, the speaker explains how to use Facebook ads to generate a large number of page likes and followers quickly and easily. The speaker shares tips on how to set up the Facebook page and how to create a successful ad campaign that generates thousands of followers.

Steps to Generate Facebook Page Likes and Followers:

1. Set up your Facebook page with a cover photo and a few posts.

2. Use Facebook ads to generate page likes and followers as organic methods are ineffective.

3. Go to Ads Manager and create a page likes campaign by selecting Engagement and then Page Likes.

4. Choose the Facebook page as the conversion location and set a budget.

5. Target the audience by location, interests, and behaviors.

6. Use eye-catching images and clear messaging in the ad.

7. Monitor the ad performance and make adjustments if necessary.

8. Use the generated followers to drive engagement, boost brand awareness, and drive sales.

Using Facebook ads is an effective way to generate a large number of page likes and followers quickly and easily. By following the steps outlined in the video, businesses and individuals can grow their audience, increase engagement, and boost their brand awareness on Facebook.


Are you struggling to get more likes and followers on your Facebook page? Creating a Facebook likes ads campaign can be a great way to quickly increase your audience. In this tutorial, I'll show you step by step how to create a profitable Facebook page likes ad campaign.

1. Importance of Images:

When it comes to page like ads, images matter. Choose an image that resonates with your target audience to get the best results. You can find royalty-free images on sites like Pixabay, Pixels, and Unsplash.

2. Split Testing Images:

To figure out which image works best, create multiple ads with different photos. Split testing is crucial to ensure you're getting the lowest cost per like.

3. Daily Budget Method:

I recommend running one dollar per day per ad for the lowest cost per like. This forces Facebook to spend their budget more selectively and target the right audience.

4. Setting up a Facebook Business Account:

Before creating a Facebook likes ads campaign, make sure you have a Facebook business account. If you don't have one already, check out my tutorial on how to set one up.

5. Creating a Facebook Likes Ads Campaign:

To create a Facebook likes ads campaign, go to your Ads Manager account and click on the create button. Under consideration, select engagement and then page likes. Name your campaign, select your page, set your budget, and target your audience.

6. Monitor Your Ads Daily:

It's important to monitor your ads daily and cut them if they're not performing well. This way, you can adjust your strategy and ensure the best results.

Tracking your expenses is also crucial for budget management. Use tools like spreadsheets or apps to keep track of your spending and stay within your budget.

In conclusion, creating a Facebook likes ads campaign can be an effective way to quickly increase your page likes and followers. Remember to choose the right image, split test your ads, use the daily budget method, and monitor your ads daily for the best results. Additionally, tracking your expenses is crucial for successful budget management.


How to Get 160,000 Facebook Followers: Tips and Tricks

- Ben Heath from Lead Guru

- Share tips and tricks to gain 160,000 Facebook followers


- Don't buy Facebook page likes or followers from external sources

- Don't rely on organic reach to gain followers


- Run a Facebook page like campaign through Facebook's ad manager

- Have an established and professional Facebook page before running the campaign

- Post relevant content regularly

Steps to Set Up Facebook Page Like Campaign:

1. Go to Facebook's Ads Manager

2. Click Create and select Engagement

3. Scroll down and select Page Likes

4. Choose the campaign objective and buying type

5. Target the audience and set budget

Tips to Monetize Facebook Followers:

- Promote products or services to the followers

- Generate value from the audience

- Running a Facebook page like campaign through Facebook's ad manager is the most effective way to gain followers

- Having an established and professional Facebook page is crucial to attract and retain followers

- Monetizing Facebook followers can generate value for businesses and individuals.

UPDATED 9/2022 ~ How To Create A Facebook Likes Campaign

In this video, the presenter shows how to create a likes campaign using the new September 2022 Facebook protocol. The presenter demonstrates how to use the new Ads Manager back office to create a likes campaign.

Creating a Likes Campaign:

1. Select Create and scroll down to see the different campaign objectives.

2. Under Engagement, select Get more messages, video views, post engagement, page likes, or event responses for a likes campaign.

3. Name the campaign and select the target audience, such as an e-commerce audience.

4. Optimize the campaign for page likes and create an ad with a positive statement and yellow background.

5. Resize the image to 1080x1080 using a tool like Simple Image Resizer.

6. Publish the campaign at the ad level.

Tips and Tricks:

- Use Canva templates to ensure the image is the correct size.

- Pick a statement that someone would agree with for the ad.

- Use the same name for the campaign, ad set, and ad.

- Start the campaign at a round time if you have OCD.

Creating a likes campaign on Facebook is a simple process using the new Ads Manager back office. By optimizing for page likes and creating a catchy ad, businesses can increase their social media presence and engage with their target audience.


Hi guys, it's Heath from Lead Guru and in this video, I'm going to share with you my strategy for generating over 80,000 Facebook page likes. This step-by-step process works incredibly well, and I'll show you the evidence by sharing my own page with you.

Why You Want Facebook Page Likes:

Despite the negativity surrounding Facebook page likes, there are two major benefits to having them. First, you can invite anyone who likes your page to join a Facebook group, which can be incredibly valuable for your business. Second, a large following on Facebook gives you credibility, which is essential for generating business on Facebook.

The Strategy:

The best way to generate Facebook page likes is through a Facebook ad campaign specifically designed for this purpose. The process involves three levels: the campaign level, the ad set level, and the ad level.

Campaign Level:

At the campaign level, all you need to do is give your campaign a name and change the objective from traffic to page likes.

Ad Set Level:

At the ad set level, you need to set your targeting and delivery criteria. Choose a daily budget that you're comfortable with and select worldwide as your region if you want the highest volume of page likes. If you have a larger budget, you can be more specific with your targeting.

Ad Level:

At the ad level, you need to choose your ad format and create your ad. Choose an image or video that will catch people's attention and write a compelling headline and description.

Generating Facebook page likes is essential for building credibility and growing your business. By following this step-by-step process, you can generate tens of thousands of page likes and achieve fantastic results.

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