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facebook ads network

Published on: January 26 2023 by pipiads

This article is a tutorial on how to earn money from Facebook ads using Audience Network on Makeroid io in Bangla. The article includes an introduction, bullet points, and a conclusion.

- The tutorial is about earning money from Facebook ads using Audience Network on Makeroid io.

- The tutorial is in Bangla.

Bullet Points:

- A video was seen about a scary predator, and the author mentions that they are already using Makeroid io for Android.

- The author mentions a burning question and an actor announcement.

- The author talks about adding magnetik Ascalon to a group and suspending with a sonic.

- The author talks about coding and using the RFP builder.

- The author talks about using Audience Network and designing their own ad network.

- The author mentions a company called Burton goolies Hagen.

- The author talks about using a link to their Facebook page and sending emails to subscribers.

- The author talks about uploading videos to their channel and promoting their content.

- The author talks about signing in with Google and accepting terms and services.

- The author talks about joining a community and connecting to a project.

- The author talks about implementing code and using Facebook interstitial ads.

- The author talks about getting a replacement ID for Facebook.

- The tutorial is a helpful guide for anyone looking to earn money from Facebook ads using Audience Network on Makeroid io.

- The tutorial covers a range of topics, including signing in, joining a community, and implementing code.

- By following the steps outlined in the tutorial, users can start earning money from Facebook ads in no time.

Facebook Audience Network tutorial | How to create Facebook audience network properties and ad id's

In this video, we will learn how to get Facebook Ad IDs for monetizing our app. Follow these simple steps to get started!


1. Login to your Facebook Business account at business.facebook.com using your credentials.

2. Click on Create Property and provide a customized name for your property. Click on Create Property to proceed.

3. Click on Add next to Android and provide the Google Play URL of your app. To get this URL, go to your app dashboard, click on the Link button for your app, and then click on Open App. Copy the Google Play URL of your live app and paste it here. Click on Next to proceed.

4. Choose your payment account and follow the tutorial to create a Facebook Business account and add a payment account if needed. Once you have selected your payment account, click on Next.

5. Click on SDK Integration and select Mediation Platform as MAX. Click on Create Placement and type your banner placement ID name. Select Display Format as Banner and click on Create. Your banner ID has been created!

6. Now create an interstitial placement ID name by clicking on Create Placement. Select Display Format as Interstitial and click on Create. Your interstitial ID has been created!

7. Update these IDs in Appio for your app. Go to your app dashboard, click on the Edit button for your app, and select Facebook under Monetization Options. Copy your banner ID and paste it over Facebook Banner ID in FU. Copy your interstitial ID and paste it over Facebook Interstitial ID. Click on Previous and then click on Verification. Copy your property ID and paste it over Facebook App ID in RPO. Click on Submit and then click on OK.

8. Click on Submit for Review and wait for your app to be verified.

9. Your app has been verified! Click on Next and then click on Done.

10. Go back to your app dashboard and you can see that your app progress has reached 200%. You have successfully enabled monetization for your app!

Congratulations! You have successfully learned how to get Facebook Ad IDs for monetizing your app. Monetizing your app can help you earn money and grow your business. Thank you for watching!

BEWARE of the Facebook Audience Network!

Facebook's Audience Network: Why Advertisers Need to Be Careful

- Discussing Facebook's Audience Network and its issues for advertisers

- Request for viewers to like and subscribe to the channel for more content


- Explanation of placement options across Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, and Messenger

- Default recommendation of automatic placements

- Manual placement options and deselecting Audience Network

Issues with Audience Network:

- Poor quality clicks and traffic

- Fraudulent clicks and difficulty in policing

- Accidental clicks, especially on mobile devices

- Estimates of up to 60-70% of clicks being accidental

- Waste of money and ineffective results

Campaign Objectives:

- Importance of considering campaign objectives when deciding to exclude or include Audience Network

- Traffic objective requires exclusion due to focus on link clicks

- Conversions objective can leave Audience Network on and use automatic placements

- Reach campaign may have more impressions on Audience Network due to cheapness, but may not result in desired actions

- Audience Network can be problematic for advertisers and requires careful consideration of campaign objectives and placement options.

Facebook App Monetization payment proof |ফেসবুকে অ্যাপ মনিটাইজেশন | Monetize apps with facebook

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Facebook ads - How to EARN MONEY From FACEBOOK/Meta Audience network ?

Hello friends, have you ever wondered how Facebook game creators earn money? In this video, I will teach you how to earn money by creating Facebook games.

Steps to create Facebook games:

1. Open Chrome browser and search for GDevelop.

2. Click on the first URL to access the free software.

3. You can make game designs online or download the GDevelop software.

4. Click on try it online to access the editor page and start building your game.

5. You can use the default games available or create your own game design by clicking on create a blank project.

6. Customize your game design by changing background color, shape design, obstacle design, game over design, and button design using the GDevelop software.

7. After creating your game, go to your Facebook developer account and create an app.

8. Select instant games and type your game name and email address.

9. Click on Audience Network and Monetize Manager to create ad placements.

10. Type your placement name, select your layout, and click on create placement.

11. Copy the placement ID and paste it in the GDevelop software.

12. Add a new event, add condition, and type at the beginning of scene.

13. Add action, select Facebook, and click on load and prepare an interstitial.

14. Paste the placement ID and click on OK.

15. To add video ads, create a new placement, select rewarded video, and copy the placement ID.

16. Go to events, add a new event, add condition, and type at the beginning of scene.

17. Add action, select Facebook, and click on load and prepare a rewarded video.

18. Paste the placement ID and click on OK.

19. Copy the code and paste it in the menu and try again buttons.

20. Publish your game, export it to instant games, and upload it on Facebook.

Creating Facebook games is a lucrative business. With the help of GDevelop software and Facebook's Audience Network, you can earn a lot of money. However, it requires hard work and dedication. If you are interested in this topic, leave a comment below. Thank you for watching and see you in the next video.

Using Facebook Ads To Grow Your Network Marketing Business

Running ads for your business on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms can be a tricky decision. It's not always easy to know whether it's worth the investment or not. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of using ads to scale your business and what you need to have in place to make it worth your while.

Pros of running ads:

- Helps scale your business

- Allows you to reach a wider audience

- Can generate leads and sales

Cons of running ads:

- Can be expensive

- Compliance issues in certain industries

- Can be a waste of money if not done properly

What you need to have in place:

- A process to capture leads and information from interested prospects

- A funnel or lead magnet to guide them through the sales process

- A system to follow up with leads and continue to provide value

Tips for success:

- Don't rely solely on automated systems

- Make sure you have a strong leadership presence in your business

- Use a variety of platforms and ad types to reach your target audience

- Have a clear understanding of your target market and their needs

Running ads can be a valuable tool for scaling your business, but it's important to have the right systems and processes in place to make it worth your while. By following these tips and being strategic in your approach, you can generate leads and sales and reach a wider audience.

Earn $2000 per month - 30 days Facebook Audience network earnings

Hey, what's up guys? Hope you're doing well. Today, I'm going to show you the statistics of one of my audience network accounts that is currently being used with bidding. I'll be showing you the statistics of this account for the last 30 days. The main reason for making this video is to motivate you towards Android development and making your own applications.


- The ECPM and total earnings of the account are shown for the last 30 days.

- The video covers statistics for the last 28 and 14 days.

- Detailed statistics for categories like music, last 24 hours, and last 48 hours are shown.

- The earnings are not fake, and the statistics are real.

- The main focus is on using banner ads and employing mediation and Facebook bidding to increase earnings.

- The price for the idea and guidance is $250.

In conclusion, if you're an Android developer and want to earn the same amount of money as me, you can contact me on Fiverr. I'll guide you on how to advertise your application on Facebook and other platforms. The statistics show that it's possible to earn a lot of money with proper guidance and strategy. So, if you're interested, don't hesitate to contact me.

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