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facebook ads on mobile

Published on: February 8 2023 by pipiads

How To Create Facebook Ads On Your Phone In 2023 [Updated Version] | 2023 Facebook Ads Tutorials

hello is Eunice here. so in today's video, I'm going to show you how to run profitable Facebook and Instagram ads with your smartphone. so, let's say, you don't have access to a desktop computer, but they still want to run profitable Facebook and Instagram ads. I'm going to show you how to do that, step by step, in this partikular video. so the first thing you are going to do is this: you're going to go to your Google Play Store, then you search for metsa as manager. remember that Facebook have not changed their name to meta, so you're going to now see Meta ads manager, do you understand? so what I'm going to do is you're going to download it and install it, you know, on your phone, right, but right now. I've actually done that already, right? I already have it installed on my phone. so when you install it on your phone, you just have to open it up, right? so look at all the things you're going to be doing with your Facebook ads manager, right? so once you just install it on your phone, the next thing is for you to open it. so I'm going to now open it on my phone. so I'm going to open it now, right now. this is the ad I'm currently running right now. right, I have an Adam running right now. but now let me just show you something. see, this person said Unity wallabies. that is actually my ad account. so once you just click on this drop down arrow here, you're going to see different ad accounts that are available. just select the one that you want to use for your ad, right. and then, if you don't want to create your ad, what I'm going to do is this: look at this plus button above right. look at this plus button here. now what I'm going to click on if you want to start creating your ad. so you click on it right to create a new campaign. so once you click on this, you're going to see this partikular window open for you, right, they are going to tell you to first of all select your marketing objective. so, as you can see here, there are different marketing objectives that are here, right, the first one is post engagement. so when you want to get more people to see and engage with your post, you just select post engagement as your ad objective, right. so for the video views, it's when you want to promote your videos, to get people's attention. so if you want to pick more people to watch your videos. you want more people to see your videos, right. you select video views, right. so if you're a comedian, for instance, and you want a lot of people to watch your videos, you can actually select video views. I use it to promote your. you know your post right now. the next one is website traffic. so, if you want to send more people to your website, right. if you want to send more people to your website, just select website traffic so you can drive traffic to your website. even if you want to drive traffic to your WhatsApp group or your telegram group, right. or even to your WhatsApp, like your WhatsApp chat can actually use website traffic to do that. so, for the rich objective: if you want to show your ads to a maximum number of people, like you want to, like create awareness for your business, right, you want to show us to a lot of people. that's why you're going to select which objective right now. for the website conversion is when you want people to buy your products. like you want to optimize for sales, you want to sell your products. you can now select websites conversions. so you want to get people to take valuable actions, like buying something from your website- right, you have to select website conversions now. the next one is messages- right. so if you want people to send you message on your WhatsApp right, or on your messenger or on your Instagram DM, you can select messages as your campaign objective right now. for the page likes, if you want to get more people to see and engage with your page like, you want to increase your Facebook page number of followers? or maybe you want to get more people to like your Facebook page? I want more people to follow your Facebook page- you have to select page likes right now. I get a lot of people ask me this question: I want to send people to WhatsApp. I want also to make sales. well, which objective is the best option for me now? if I'm to tell you? I will tell you to choose, you know, messaging objective if you don't have a website. so if you want to send people to your Instagram DM, or you want to send people to your Facebook Messenger, or you want to send people to your WhatsApp, write your WhatsApp chat. just select messages as your campaign objective right now. even when you want to send people to your WhatsApp group, you can actually use website traffic right now. another thing I want to tell you is this: make sure that your Instagram, like your Instagram page- the one you are using right- is linked to your Facebook page. right now, you can see that this is my Facebook page, but it's actually linked to my Instagram page and that's why you're seeing my Instagram username here, as you can see: Wireless sales, right. so you have to make sure that you link your Instagram page to your Facebook page. that is, if you want to run your ass both on Instagram and on Facebook, make sure that you link that partikular Instagram account you know to your Facebook page, right, as you can see here, actually linked into my Facebook page. right now. we are going to be selecting messages as our campaign objective, right? so I'm going to click on messages. so, when you come over to this place, you can actually create your ad from scratch, right? or you can just decide to select a post that you made on Instagram or on your Facebook page, right? so the first thing you're going to do is this: I'm going to now look at the formats. look at this place. they said single image: right, click that arrow that is pointing up and you can change it either through your post. so I'm going to create an ad with an existing Facebook post, you just select it as post. right. then you now be able to select the post you made on your Facebook page. or you can actually decide to run a carousel ad, right? just select Carousel. or you can decide to go with single video. so you just simply select single video to create the ad. right now. the next thing you're going to do is this: I'm going to go back to your camera row right to select the image you want to use to run the ads- allow, or you can click on ADD images to select your images, right. for instance, I'm going to select this one. let me just select this one as an example. so I've selected this partikular one right now. the next thing I'm going to do is this: we are going to now click on next right- or you click on this pencil icon that is here, and then you click on this Arrow here right- this arrow that is pointing to the right- or you click on this pencil icon here- any of them, right? so once you come over to this page, the next thing you're going to do is disability: select your message destination. so what do they actually mean by message destination? they mean where they want to send people to do? you want people to message you on your messenger, right? or do you want people to send you a message on your Instagram DM? if you want people to send you a message on your Instagram team, you're going to select Instagram and then remove messenger, right? you just select only Instagram. now you put your primary text. your primary text is basically your sales copy. that is the sales copy you want to use to run the ads- is your primary text, right? so you put it here under primary text. so let me just add something here. get this now before gone. let me just add something, do you understand? let me just add something here now. the next one is my Instagram account. you see that that brought up my Instagram account, remember? I want to send people to my Instagram DM? so that brought up my Instagram account because I linked my Instagram page to my Facebook page, right? so you have to be very, very careful. make sure you always link your Instagram page to your Facebook page before you start running your ads, right? so now that brought up my Instagram account, right? and then this is how it's going to look like when I'm running t.

How to Create Effective Facebook Ads with just your Smartphone // 2022 Facebook Ads Tutorial

hi everyone, it's emmanuel here, and in today's video, i want to show you how you can run effective facebook ads from your phone, right? so maybe you don't have access to desktop computer or you, for one reason, audio that prefer running ads on your phone, then on a laptop. in this video, i'll show you how you can do that, and i'm not toking about boosting- and here you'll be able to see um, your ad manager, fully and get access to all the functions you would have gotten if you were using a computer, right? so the first thing you want to do is to open a chrome browser, right, so i'm here inside google chrome, and then the second step is to log into your facebook account on this browser you are about to use, right, so i've done that on this browser. the facebook account i want to use is already logged in on this browser. now the next you want to do is to visit businessfacebookcom, right, so, as you can see the address here, businessfacebookcom. now, if you click on this link, if you don't have a business account yet- right, if you don't have a facebook business account yet- you are going to land on a page where you can create your business account. so, once you create your business account and you log in, you are going to land inside facebook business suit. right here, i am inside facebook business suit. and then the next thing you want to do is to click on all tools here, right, so i'm going to click on all tools. so, right here, you can see all the functions we have: creator studio, inbox, right? creator studio, inbox, planner, posts and stories billing. so what you want to do is to come over to ads manager here, right, so just click on ads manager. so, as you can see right here, my ads manager looks like what you would have seen on a computer, right, and you can take it further by coming over here and, um, changing your browser, configuring your browser to desktop site- okay, so if i click on this all tools icon here, you can see i have all the functions i could have gotten on the computer as well: business settings, other account settings, audiences, events manager, billing and all those stuffs. right? so if i want to create an ad, for instance, all i have to do is to come over here and click on create, alright. so the next thing you want to do is to select your campaign objective, right? awareness, traffic engagement leads up promotion, sales and of course, you know when you're creating an awareness campaign. you just want to create awareness on facebook. if you want to create a traffic campaign, that means you want to take people to maybe your website, your blog, your landing page, your sales page, whatever. if you want to create an engagement campaign, you want people to engage with your page or with a post on your page. right then leads, to generate leads either on facebook or outside facebook. if you want to promote an app, use app promotion. if you want to make sales, you use sales objectives, right. so unless i want to run a traffic campaign, i'll just click traffic and then click continue. so here you can name your campaign um, just for recognition and identification. so i can just name my campaign example. right then special ad categories. you don't have any business with that. um campaign objective: traffic bind type option- right. if you want to run an ap test, you can enable a b test, but i'm not doing that right now. you can turn on campaign budget optimization, if you want. then at the bottom here you can see the next icon here, so i'll just click on. next then your ad setup. you can start to create your ad from inside art manager here, or you can decide to use um, a post on your page. so let's sound to use credit ad here. then you can add a full screen mobile experience if you want to. so i'll just select the media i'm going to use for this ad. let's how to use an image. so what i'm just going to do is to upload an image from my phone here that i'll use for my ad. okay, so click upload. so let's say, this is the image i want to use. so now that i have selected the image or the video you want to use, the next you want to do is to click the next button and, as you can see, the next button is just almost out of my screen by the side here. i don't know whether you can see it right. so, just in case turns out for you like this, what i'm just going to do is to try to change the orientation of my screen so that going to be a little bit bigger, and then i'm going to click it. all right. so, as you can see, i was able to get past that. then the next you want to do is to click on next as well, and then i don't want any enhancements, i'll just click done. all right, so back to normal view. all right, so the next you want to do is to enter the primary text for your ad. right, but you are using a post on your page. all you just need to do is to select the post you want to use, right? so let's say, for example, to say: um hi, check out my blog. all right, so let's see, that's my primary test. so what you want to do here is to enter your ad copy, right? so, um, you enter a headline for your ad, so the headline here is what's going to appear on your call to action button. right, so i'll just use um my blog. this is just an example, right? i'm not creating an actual ad, all right, so, for a description is absolutely optional, so i'm not going to do that. destination is my website, so i'll just add my website um the website url where i want to direct people to, where i want to take my traffic um to. so, once i'm done, i've done all the necessary um things i need to do at this step. the next thing you want to do, basically, is to click on publish and, of course, you would have set your ad budget from the ad set level. so you set up your budget, the amount you want to spend on ads, maybe daily or for the lifetime of the ad. then you enter your interest targeting here, the demographics, the education, the location you want to target, and you enter the placement um you want to send your ad to. right, so you can just download this at asset level. then, once you have everything in place, if you want to learn more about how to set all this up, check out my full facebook ad tutorial. learn about that. i also have a lot of other facebook ad tutorials on this channel. i'll just link them up in the description so that you can check them out right. so, once you have everything in place, the next you want to do is to just click on the publish icon at the bottom of your screen here. so if you hit publish, facebook is going to review your ad and, if it complies with the app policies that are going to approve your ad, and your ad will start running on facebook. so, guys, this is how you can create um ads, effective facebook ads, with your mobile phone, right. so if you enjoyed this video, give it a like, click the thumbs up button right now and let me know what you think in the comment section. was this video helpful to you or not? let me know in the comment section and if you are just visiting this channel for the first time, um, tap the subscribe button right now. on this channel, i create videos that help you make money online. i'll help you grow your online business, right? so tap subscribe button. turn on notifications so i don't miss any upload on this channel. thanks for watching. i'll see you guys in the next video.

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hi. um, i guess you've already downloaded the apps. i actually to download the facebook business suites and the facebook ads manager, so hopefully the network will allow me to actually walk you through this. i really don't know what's going on with mtn today, so we are going to go to the business streets first. see, right, this is even better so you can watch the tour so that you can understand how it works. okay, so i'm going to click on start, so now you can schedule and share instagram posts or more scheduling posts for your facebook page and instagram account at the same time. what this means is, whatever you post, or whatever you want to post, you can post it on both your facebook page and your instagram account. you don't have to go to the different apps, you can just manage it from here. then you can also draft post, which means you can create a post and decide not to share it right now and you keep it and also create a post and then set a time that you want it to go out, and that's from this icon that it's showing now. then you find more tools and settings on this icon that is highlighted. then you select which account you want to work on from a list of facebook pages and instagram accounts- great, so i'm going to start from the top. these are the facebook pages and business accounts that i manage so i can choose to work on anyone. for now, i have my web design company on set ops ball. i'll be switching it to one. i've used to run ads. i've used this one to run ads for someone before. all right, so from here you can select any account or page that you managed. great. so next thing is to um. we should look at these icons at the bottom. this one is similar to this one like whichever. whichever thing or whichever account you pick from the top is all to be displayed here. here is to create posts. you create your post here. it's be published to both your instagram and your facebook page, if you allow it. okay, then the message icon is where you, where you see the messages people send to your page, as well as comments. here you find your settings, notifications, ads, appointments, events, jobs, insights- most interested in. what i'm most interested in here is the insights, because it tells me how many people my page has been able to reach and how many people my instagram has been able to reach. i can also see my top performing content that i don't know if i'll be proposing those content and i can also check my audience. all right, next thing is settings. you can set automated responses so that when someone sends a greed, when someone sends a message to your facebook page, you don't have to be online to at least have a response for the person. so you can set a greeting message or an aware message. you can set frequently asked questions, contact information and all these other stuff here you can send confirmation notifications as well, or confirmation messages. so that's all okay. the edits page rules. you can add someone as an admin. you can see add person to page. if i click on it, they'll ask for my password. once i enter my password, they take me to where i can add someone and assign a row to the person. so that's the most important thing to know about the facebook business suite. now let's go over to the facebook ads manager. facebook ads manager is where you actually run your ads. so these are test ads i've run for some brands that i'm affiliated with, but i want to show you a few things in the side menu. first one is payments. you can see you have a prepaid balance. we have payment methods, business info, billing controls, payment activity, please- prepaid balance. you click on add phones. then what you're supposed to select is narrow payments with mastercard or visa card. that's what i prefer to use most of the time, but you can also use debit or credit card, although i will advise you to go with this pay you option. it's easier to use for nigerian cards. then, okay, before you even see this prepaid balance, you first of all see payment methods. if you've never added, uh, if you've never added money to your ad account before, so click on add payment method, then click on narrow payments with master or visa card, so you click on this and click on next. then you insert they said amount to add. you click, you input the amount you want add and click on next and proceed from there. it's a simple process you'll be able to follow along. so once you've added money using the um, the you option, you immediately have a prepaid balance. okay, then billing threshold- when and how you get charged- this one is set to none, so this one said you'll be charged each month. it is for those who are using post speed, because these are those for those raising input speed, not rows. they are using prepaid balance. okay, so that's it for the payments section. next we're going to settings. there is not much to do here in the settings, just you can manage notifications and let the app tell you what's going on. then you can check for third party notikes. so basically, this is just um facebook's license, whatever it is. they call it great. so now let me walk you through actually creating the ad. so to create ad, you click on this green plus button and it says create a campaign. now it says create new. let me explain what all these things mean: post engagement, for post engagement means you want people to like, share your post or comment on your post, and you have to be very careful when you're choosing a or an objective when you're on your facebook ads, because they will give you exactly what you're asking for. so if you're asking for post engagement, it means you want likes, you want shares and you want comments. if you want video views, it means you want them to view a partikular video. for website traffic, it means you want to direct traffic from facebook to your website. you want people to land on your website. for reach, it means you just want a whole lot of people to see your ad. you want to get to as many people as possible. and for websites conversions is different from website traffic. website traffic you just want people to get to your website. for website conversions, you want people to take an action on your website, like signing up for a form, or sign up for something or buying something, entering their details into a contact form, that kind of thing. then, for messages, it means you want people to send you a message, as you can see here: send a message on messenger, whatsapp, instagram, direct, whatever. then, for page likes means you want people to like your page. an event response is when you create an event you don't want a lot of people to be aware of that event and respond to, so we're just going to go with. i'm going to go with to reach to, you know, show you how it's going to be. so you're going to customize um, a and or you're going to put an image for your ad and you most likely just pull up something from your page. you can change the image. now i have all these images on my facebook page. i can decide to choose from one of them, but i can also decide to choose from my camera. you have to allow facebook to have access to your camera. i can decide to choose from any of these ones. let me just use this one, for instance. so you have this one here. next thing is to click on this button pointing towards the right and you can also set the format. you can set a single image, a carousel, a single video or a post. with a post, it means, like you have an existing post already and you want to turn it into an ad. if it's a single video, it means there's, you have a video you want people to view, and if it's carousel, you can add two or more images. so i'm going to stik with single image. he said: my image is too small for ads, so let's go back and choose another one. it seems like it's the same thing coming up over and over again. okay, let's choose the song. then the next thing you want to do is you want to edit your headline. so for you, i'm guessing it should be something along the lines of get your business discovered on google. now, this is not going to show up at the top or at the very top of your. it's not going to show up at the top of your ad. it's actua.

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Facebook Ads Tutorial 2021 - How To Create Facebook Ads For Beginners [COMPLETE GUIDE]

as a business owner, a marketer or an agency owner, running facebook ads is one of the most crucial aspects of driving traffic to your product or your service. but most times, facebook ads to some people might not work. they don't know how to get results from facebook ads. in this video today, i am going to be sharing with you guys a step-by-step process on how to set up a high converting facebook ad for your business. if this is something you want to watch, make sure you stik around till the end of this video. hey, what's up? guys? it's frankie mellow here. welcome back to my channel and here i do tips and tricks, reviews and strategies that will help you grow your online business and, if you're into this channel, considering the subscribe button right now and also the bell icon so that you do not miss any of my videos. yeah, today i am actually going to be tackling one very huge topic that you know, um, this problem that most business owners get to face, and this is all about facebook ads. so most people have actually reached out to me like: oh, franklin, how can i actually set up facebook ads? how can i get to? you know, i've tried our facebook ad and it's not working. it's not converting, i'm not getting this and that, and basically, i'll be answering the last question in this video today and walking you guys through this step-by-step process that i use to set up my own facebook ads, so that you can also replicate this for yourself and start getting super results. so this is for business owners out there. whatever business you're doing, your breakout matters. so you're looking to drive traffic to, or your own online business, and all this works for you. or if you're a marketer- either an athlete marketer, an internet marketer, for whichever niche, you sell these separate, and all this partikular process will work for you. and also, if you're an agency owner and you service a whole lot of clients, you're running facebook ads for your different clients- this partikular process is also going to work very well for you. so all you need to do right now is just stik with me right here in this video and you follow all through what i'll be sharing with you guys here. yeah, so make sure you subscribe right now to this channel. subscribe, if you haven't, and hit the bell icon. and, while you're still here, go down below and comment facebook ads. comment facebook are right down so that we can really figure out the algorithm to get to you know, uh, make a buzz around what we're actually doing right here. yeah, so, without further ado, guys, i'm gonna jump straight into my laptop screen now where i'll be walking you guys through this facebook ad tutorial process and, yeah, i'm going to say it's a huge one. if you watch through this video, i assure you this video is going to be worth more than any course you've ever made purchase for. so let's say it's a free course. yeah, it's a free course and you should actually make sure it's thick here till the end. and if you find value, make sure you actually drop your comment down for me down below so that i know that, yes, there's so much value in this and give it a thumbs up. so let's jump straight into my level screen right now. so this is the facebook ads for beginners. yeah, like actually said earlier this, i'll be walking you guys through a step-by-step process and now we are getting started. so, firstly, i would like to share with you guys some statistiks all right around facebook ads. so it's actually quite cool that your business owner gets to. you know, understand why i'm treating facebook ads and why it's one of, you know, the best options for you if you're shooting ads out there to generate more leads and traffic to your business. so the first one here says facebook advertising is highly effective, and this is super true because facebook adverts can gonna be very highly effective for you and for your business. the second one here is simple setup process and fast results. now, this basically means that setting a facebook ad can actually be as simple as you know. um, following up with what i'm gonna be sharing with you guys in this partikular tutorial and after this, you get to realize that, yes, it's a simple, step by step process that you should take and it also gives you fast results. you set up ads, you shoot it out there, it begins running and asap, you are getting results from this ads that you're currently running. third one here is the average conversion rate for facebook ad across all industries is 9.21. now, this is actually a huge one, and you know this is actually a good one for facebook ad because you're getting a conversion rate of 9.1 percent. wow, that is actually cool. this means that for every 100, you'll be getting a conversion of 9.21, so it's a good one, and for your ads it's quite, you know, a number that you know is good to go. so here i'll be taking you guys through the hierarchy of the facebook ads, and this is what i basically look like. we are moving from the business manager to the ad manager, to the ad account to add campaigns, to several ad sets and then to the ads. now, in the business manager, this is where you get to manage your pages and your ad accounts right, this is where you get to manage you know, your pages and whatever thing that concerns your business. your business asset is managing the business manager. you can give people access and you know um, get people into different aspects of business assets that you would want to, and from there, this is where you get to create, you know um, the next, which is the ad manager, and the ad manager basically just manages the ad accounts. this is where you see your other account and everything that is inside of it, and you move over to the ad account, and here you can really create several ad accounts for each of the business that you are actually you know i'm running, and the other account, basically, is where you can manage you know the different campaigns that you have in the business and move over to the campaign level. so the campaign level is where you get to choose your objective. why are you running the campaign? this is where you have to choose what purpose that pascal campaign is for and once you choose that, you can move over to the asset level and on the ad set level, this is where you'll be selecting the audience right. you'll be targeting the audience, picking people that you actually want this ads to get to. this way you can select that and from there move over to the next step, where we get to set up the ads, and here you get to put in your creatives, your copy and you know every other details that's really required for your ad set up. so this is basically the hierarchy and you can actually see here you can have multiple campaigns in an ad set, you can have multiple ad sets in a campaign and you can have multiple ads in an ad set. so this is the hierarchy. for your facebook ads and, yes, you guys can actually go ahead to themidnightschoolcom and you can join the community on facebook and also on telegram. this is a digital school where we would get to you know, teach you guys, you know different digital skills and help you leverage on the digital economy to increase your business and grow your brand. so go ahead and sign up using the link here, the midnight schoolcom, join us on facebook and on telegram. and also, guys, if you a business owner, i am going to be offering you guys free 30-minute strategy session for business owners only. it's really free, set ministry decision for business owners only, and we would actually figure out how to map out a strategy or a process that you can actually take to revamp your business and start getting more results for yourself. so you can actually go ahead through the link here, franklymattercom30, if you're a business owner- and, trust me, not everybody's qualified to get this free strategy session right. so once you're qualified, we're going to go on a call at your preferred time and i get to map out a strategy for your business. so, with all this being said, let's dive straight in to our facebook ads, all right? so the very first thing i really love to:


um. welcome everyone to digi test online training. is it so? continue the training. so what you want to look into now is how to use our ad manager, our facebook as manager up to run our facebook. advice is one of the easiest way- especially for those finding it difficult to use the ads manager, the web ads manager- to run us easily. you can use this facebook app to run your heart, but on a professional stand point of view, i will advise you to use the web um to run your hearts. so, for those of you having difficulties with the web, you can just come to the app. first, you need to download the app from play store. so you download the app from play store and click facebook and manchester city, please, facebook. can you see the logo? so you download. let me update. so you download from play store. so as soon as you're done downloading, you open so it will request you to sign in, to login so you log into your facebook account. he's asking for username and password. you log in. if he's bringing in that you're signing with your facebook account, you do what you're signing. so as soon as you are done, it will bring out the blank space like this, showing you've not created anything but before, but we created advert before you receive the advert you created here at this point. so if you have, if you created admin ads manager using the app- i'm using the web. if you come here, look at the top corner here, look at the top corner, can you see the pusa. look at the top corner. so the heart manager you created um, the other account you created to show, can you see? and you see all these are what ads i cannot be created with my face with this facebook account. so this is how to locate your heart account on your heart. i want to believe you are following step by step. so if you want to cancel, can you see your counsel here? so if you want to add payment with your app, you come here, can you see the push up so you click, you can see. you can see the campaign and say the payment. then click on payments. can you see if you want to add payments, click on add payments. you're feeling, depending on your country, where nigeria, the camera from ghanaian kenya, any contributions? you select the right information. if you have um card, you input your card. if it's local card, just get your atm ready. get your atm card ready. get your atm card ready. for those in cameroon, ghana, try and get your atm card, your visa card, your master card. get it from your bank or any financial institution that issues it in your home country. it will help you to navigate online um payments. mobile money might not is not accepted on facebook, so you need heat, so you need to get an atm card. you have your payments, then you make payment for your adverts. as soon as you are done with payment, you can explore a different part of this app to get yourself familiarized with it. so as soon as we are done, before we create the hard part, i want to show you one of my current campaign. now my currents come from some of the advert i'm running, so let me show you. can you see some of the adverts i'm currently running and this is the performance of the advert today? can you see? so your hard work? the other two are running- will appear here. are you with me to appear here? and if you've not created anything at all, you see new. it should look like this: nothing, but there's a new campaign to show. can you see no campaign to show? so if you want to create, you come here and create, so let's click. i'm assuming those watching this video are new. so, um, you click on create ads. okay, you see the first thing you do. what you click on create ads, then, okay, let's open the application. sorry for that. you click on create, or you click on this, you can see the creator and consumer push up. you can see the plus sign. so you click on what the plus sign hope you are following. so there are different options available here depending on the objective of what you want to achieve. so it's asking us: if you look at the top here, that is where you choose your page, the page you want to advertise with. so before now, make sure you create your page or your pages, so you select the page you want to use to run your advert. so if i want to use these terminologies to run the advert, so i will select it from using this. so after that, then you now come here- you select the objective of your hardback. if you want to send people to say, website traffic, what do you sell people to your? um, let's start from the for the first one, which is engagement post. if you want people to engage on your post, maybe for comments likes, you use this. it won't be put to view your videos. you have a video you want to promote, you use this. use video for traffic and if you want to direct with your website, just for them to check out your website, to use this. therefore, reach this one is more or less okay for people. okay, they want to create awareness for their products and they want to reach more people so that more people will see what they want to offer. they can use this. if you want people to be messaging you on whatsapp, on your messenger or instagram directly, you use this option. if you want people to like your page, use this option. event response: maybe you want to. you have an event that i want to promote. i want to see how people will respond to it. or use this: okay, get to me, so i'm going to use just one. then, on your own, you practike with the other one, then see um, try to monitor the results and post your progress to the group for us to guide you further. so i'm going to go with um. okay, post engagement, post engagement. okay, this post engagement has to do with. okay, there are posts that i already have on my page. those are the one that is showing here now. if i want to promote any of those posts, as on my page, i'll just click one. but if i want to create new posts, i will click on what create what new. so this is the first part of the advert where you will be asked to select an image. the image that will get everybody will see on your advert. i will advise you make your image to be around 1200 pixels by what has autoresponder if you want to use it, facebook advanced. so i'm going to select one of the um images i have here. then you click here to continue. so if you want to add, okay, the headline, the headline should be. so i'm going to explain this part. so this is the image we uploaded that time. so here, headline: this is what we appear as your headline on your advert. so you remove this and put yours. maybe click here, click here, register for free. do you get? you can make it in capital letter. then your primary text is the main text that we show. okay, let's go back. so your primary text is the main test that we show and the content of your advert, the content of your adverts, okay, the main thing that people will see. like, if you see digits, adverts, you see that text. initiatives- you will see on the adverts. so anything you want to write, okay, if you are selling, let's say, toothbrush for instance, okay, this is a golden toothbrush, you can use it to cure, to brush out your teeth, to brush this out. so the primary test is what we contain, all those things that you are entiking creative, that make people okay. they'll give them a brief kind of information about what you're advertising. so that is where you put your primary text. you can see so as soon as you are done, then website: this website area may be your website. if you have a website, it might be your websub group where you want people to, where you want to refer people to. then call to action. the common one is lemon. if you shop now, you want to use a listing now. so the one you are okay with, this one, that's if you want to advertise on instagram. for those of you asking about instagram ads, so i by now you should know how to connect your account, your facebook account, to instagram. so as soon as you are done with that, then there will be a preview of your advert to show here. add preview, can you see here. as soon as you are done with that we move to the next step, where we choose our audience. well, we choose our, what our audience? so here, you can create new audience. you can create new one, you, you give.

Phone Flipping Facebook Ads Step-By-Step Guide

what's up everybody? in this video I'm going to explain how to set up paid Facebook ads for phone flipping. if you haven't heard yet, I am ending my paid course and I'm re-uploading everything and repurposing all the videos here for YouTube. now there are a lot of gurus and a lot of people out there charging like 500 plus dollars for this type of information. so if you appreciate me making this type of content, if you want to see more of this type of stuff, please subscribe, please like this video and drop a comment down below and let me know. if you got some value from this video, let's get into it. first thing you want to do is you want to go over to facebookcom. one thing that's very important to know about Facebook ads is you need to set them up on a desktop computer or a laptop. you can't really set them up effectively on your phone, for whatever reason. now there's a Facebook ads app. there's an ads app that you can monitor how your ads are doing. however, you don't want to create ads on there. you don't want to create ads on your phone. you want to do it from your laptop. a lot of the settings that allow you to get really targeted with your ads, which is what you want, which is going to bring your cost of advertising down. all of those Advanced features are not available on the phone. so the first step to set up a Facebook ad is we're gonna have to create a Facebook page. if you go over here to the left side of your Facebook page, you'll see pages. I have a bunch of pages you'll see. this one is called Cash for phones, Philly. that's a good thing to name your Facebook page if you don't have a business name. cash for phones and then your city name is something good to name a page. to create a new page, you're just going to hit create new page over here on the left side of the page. you'll create it. let's say like, for example, I'm in Atlanta. I'll say cash for bonds, Atlanta. on the category part: uh, mobile phone shop probably makes the most sense. there are other options here too. I think. mobile phone, you can add multiple description. usually I will just say something like: I buy smartphones. it doesn't have to be super descriptive. you can be more descriptive if you want, but we're just going to be. uh, you know, really playing here, we're not gonna get too advanced. um, you do want to upload images here. the reason that you need a page is that your ads are going to run through your page, so paid Facebook ads don't run through your personal Facebook page. they run through a business page. so that's what you have to set this up. so you're going to want to add a cover photo and a profile picture, add a few posts- maybe like a cash for a couple cash for phones pictures. you can see my business, Dave Wireless. we scroll down. you can see like I just have a cache for iPhone's picture here and I have a logo. I have not posted on my profile since all my business- patients 2020- and it doesn't matter, although it is good to post regularly. so this is my personal business page. this is kind of how I set it up. you can see, like what kind of what I'm posting here and I run ads to this page and people message my Facebook page and that is how it works. so now you know how kind of how to set up a page. now we're going to get into the actual ads itself. so the next thing you're going to want to do is go to businessfacebookcom, which you can see here, uh, in the search bar, businessfacebookcom. now, this is my account and I already have everything set up, but you want to be logged in to the Facebook account that has your Facebook page that we just created in the last step. that way, you're already the owner of that Facebook page because you created it. we're going to hook up our meta ads to our Facebook page and we're going to run ads to it. so if we see ads manager here on the left, if we click that, uh, now this is going to take us to the ads section. now this is where we actually create the ads itself. so we have three sections here. we have a campaign section, an ad set section and the ads section. the one that I'm running is it's called November 2020, but I just haven't renamed it. I could probably rename it right now. just name it Facebook ads. so this is the one that I've been running. this is my best ad set. this is a campaign, so you can see the campaign here is called Facebook ads. now, if I want to select what's inside of the Facebook ads to see, to see what the ad set is, you're going to come over here and select this check and then we go over here to the ad sets and it will show you the ad sets that I'm running. now. here's the ad set that I'm running and we can view the charts here. in the last how long is the time frame? this month I'm paying about 450 uh per message and you can see it was performing much better uh in the beginning than it is currently. it was around like three dollars a message. now it's going up. I'm gonna have to make some tweaks on this. so let's go ahead and set up a campaign together, step by step, so you guys can see all the steps. so let's go ahead and make an ad together, step by step. the first thing we do is click the create icon in the left, there the green button, and our campaign objective is going to be leads. so this is a new leads campaign. so there's some special categories that Facebook wants to know: credit, employment, housing, social issues, uh, that you should declare if you're at, but that doesn't really apply to us and for this page, uh, we can pretty much just leave this alone. click next. okay, so now we're in the ad set, right, so we want to generate leads through Messenger. right, here is where you're going to link up your Facebook page, right, so I have other the cash for phones, Philly. uh, Dave Wireless is my business, which is why I have it hooked up here, but the Facebook page that you created in the last step, this is where you're going to connect it right here. so daily budget is something else that you're going to want to pay close attention to. this is how much you will be spending on ads per day, and over here it will tell you, uh, that your estimated audience, depending on how many people they think that your ads will be shown to- one of the major factors of how many people your ads will be shown to and how many messages you'll get is your uh location. so, if you just pick the all of the United States, your ads are going to show to the entire United States. but let's say, you live in Lexington, Kentucky, right, and you want to advertise in Lexington because that's where you live. you don't want to advertise in Florida or Texas. what you're going to want to do is come down to this location section and you can type in Lexington, Kentucky, okay, and now we have, uh, our ads are going to be shown to everybody in this area within 25 miles. now, I can increase this. I can say everybody within 50 miles, um, right and it will get everything in here and you can even drop a pin. let's say I want to. I, yes, I want to buy phones in Louisville, but I also want to buy phones and um Louisville. so you can drop a pin here in Louisville and do the same thing, but you know, maybe this one I only want to do 33 miles radius. so this is how you can set up where your ads are going to be shown. your ads will only be shown to people in this location. now, another thing is the locations. now, do you want people living in or people recently in this location? so I usually use people living in this location, foreign for ages. I usually narrow this down a little bit from. for me, my the best ages are 18 to 35. 24 to 35 is mostly as most of the business that I get, uh, so I would tailor this. placements: automatik placements are recommended, however, I usually do manual placements. the last step is the actual ad itself. the actual ad itself is going to look like this: when you scroll down on your ad, you're going to be able to create an ad using existing post. uh, you'll be able to create a single video or image or Carousel. usually I just use a single image and then you'll be able to add an image here. so if we just go ahead and add this image, you'll be able to see what it will look like. uh, when it shows in peo.